Vote for the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment- Round 7

Hi Everyone! Time for some Tuxedo goodness!!! Are you ready for some more?!

So what’s the rules? All round winners will be represented in the semi-finals.. [which we’ll hold when the walk has gotten to the end of season 4 – we can’t miss any tuxedo goodness!]. In the rounds you can vote multiple times –  Then I’ll limit us to one vote each for the semis and the final.

In case you missed it, the winner of the last round was:
The ‘Yes Mingle’ Tux
So Drum Roll Please! Here is this round’s nominees!
[Still looking at TTAAC!]

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001964253
Sneaking Tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002048171
Tied up Tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002090004I’ve got a plan tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002248162
Looking for Haddy Tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002694650
Disappearing Amanda Tux

This Poll is Now Closed.


Would you like to share with us why you chose the Tux you chose?

If there’s something else you’d like to vote on- feel free to make suggestions-or create your own blog posts to share with us!

Happy drooling and voting!

38 responses to “Vote for the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment- Round 7

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  2. Hi Everyone! This Round of Voting is now closed..
    So is anyone surprised at the result?

    Disappearing Amanda tux is into the semi’s! 🙂

    Not sure when I’ll publish the next one.. maybe when we need some tux magic sometime in season 4 🙂 but there will definitely be another! 🙂 byeee


  3. Okay! I finally voted! (I only vote once during the rounds but we are all welcome to vote for more than one)

    I made my pick this time (LOL because I would certainly never claim to be consistent 😉 ) based on the tux in the photo alone – not based on the happenings in the episode. I just couldn’t go past the determination, the hair, the tux in the great outdoors!

    **** Gosh are there anymore pre-season 4 tuxedos I haven’t included in the voting yet? No idea! But this poll will be closing on 29 May – so if you’d like to have your vote and haven’t yet voted – please do so soon. byee!!! ******


  4. I very fond of the Disappearing Amanda Tux. I really liked that moment in the episode. This was during a time when Lee constantly kept Amanda off balance. He was still in that need to know phase and Amanda wasn’t prepared for everything that happened in this episode. She was even more off balance because her family was with her. So I think it was good that she was able to throw Lee off kilter a bit. I like that he also seems okay with it. I loved his line of “Hey, I’m supposed to do that”. He knows how it makes Amanda feel when he does it and now turnabout is fair play.

    Plus, I love the smile and his general casual demeanor. All that running around and he still looks clean as a whistle.


  5. Agreed that all the Lee Tux Photos look great, but I voted for ‘Disappearing Amanda Tux’. Why? The look on Lee’s face, could be a surprise smile, or a what is going on smile, or a come up and see me sometime smile. I am basing my vote on just the photo and not on what is going on in the scene.
    One Culture Note on the Tux in this scene. If I remember Amanda&Lee were in Germany for this episode? In Germany if you see a man wearing a Tux standing in front of some sort of castle or city hall(Rathaus in German) he is most likely getting married. I wonder if any of the extras in that scene were wondering the same thing? That is if they did not know a TV series was being filmed.


    • rofl. so Lee spends a large chunk of this ep looking as if he is a groom about to be wed? I love it!! haaaa..

      Thanks for sharing Gilby!


      • Yup, Lee as a groom (with Amanda as his bride?) in front of a city hall in Munich. That’s exactly what he looked like – at least for us Germans. Would he’d done it, if he`d known?

        That thought… 😀


  6. Ohhh, that’s a tough one Iwsod.
    They’re soooo nice to look at – all of them… swoon
    I, too, need some more time to decide which one I’ll give my vote.


    • I felt the same way L&A! I took ages to decide!
      Did you finally narrow it down to one vote?


      • Ooooops… Now that you remind me… – nope, I totally forgot about the tux-voting… 😦

        I’ll take another intensive look – or two or three…? – and I’ll do some more swooning and than I’ll give my vote soon.

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      • Allll done now. 🙂
        And yes, I limited myself to just ONE vote – I`m already practicing for the finals. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • Fortunately, drooling is not limited to one choice. 😉 😉


          • Ooooh yeah, Sara.
            That’s what’s saving my day(s). 😉
            [edited by iwsod – I removed the code that was creating that different type face. No idea how that happened, but it seemed to insert code when you put an apostrophe. never mind. If it happens again its easy enough for me to fix-bye!]


            • Thanks a lot, Iwsod!

              Yeah, it was apostrophe related, that much I realised. As long as I was writing the comment it looked ok it just changed when it was posted…
              I guess there are things I don’t need to understand… 😉


  7. Oh my gosh…how are we supposed to choose the best of this lot? They’re ALL good! I can justify choosing each one if I consider different criteria…sort of like a tux matrix – 😀 Maybe when all the voting is done we can have a tux matrix representing a two-dimensional continuum of the goodness of Lee in a tux 😉

    Okay…so here are my thoughts in order.

    Sneaking Tux – probably my least favorite of this lot, so not going to vote for this one. It’s an unusual angle and I’m not sure what I see in Lee’s eyes here. But whatever it is I’m seeing, it’s not making my heart pitter pat more than usual. Although perhaps if I could read Sara’s yet to be written fanfic, my heart might respond differently 😉

    Tied Up Tux – this one is a top contender. I absolutely love the fact that Lee is telling the Lint Picker with his eyes that he is one fine spy and that he will find a way out of this with the girl intact despite the fact that they are tied up and he is in a tux. I love that his hair looks slightly mussed and his cheeks look a little pinker than usual to me.

    I’ve Got A Plan Tux – I do like this one alse, but not as much as Tied Up Tux. I like that Lee is taking action, and I also love the look on Amanda’s face. When Lee makes Amanda look like this, he’s definitely doing something right and it makes my heart beat oh so slightly faster. He’s such a good spy he makes the tux look good.

    Looking for Haddie Tux – another top contender. I love the look in his eyes. Very intense. I miss the flexing masseter, but I think this is just because he is looking for Haddie and not Amanda. Had he been looking for Amanda, it would be flexing, upping the tux value. But his hair looks so gosh darn good in this one too!

    Disappearing Amanda Tux – Usually, this would be a top contender. Love the situation and the look on Lee’s face. However, it sticks out as being different than the others to me because the drama is done. And given where we’re walking through the eps at the moment, this lovely moment in TTTAAC pales a little in comparison. I want more! It is a very lovely moment though – I love that Amanda pulls the disappearing act over on him.

    So with these pics, context is everything. I might like Disappearing Amanda Tux more had it been lumped in with different tux photos. This is not a complaint mind you! It’s a result of working in consumer products research for 10 years and being married to a market researcher who used to design questionnaires and surveys for a living.

    Bottom line, I guess it’s either Tied Up Tux or Looking For Haddie Tux, not sure which I’ll choose. Guess I’ll have to vote for both of them!

    Thanks for this amazing tux post, iwsod!

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    • Oh my gosh…how are we supposed to choose the best of this lot? They’re ALL good!

      I know! It’s a sweet misery to choose! 🙂

      tux matrix

      BJo that is inspired! I would love to see that!!!!

      LOL yeah I rather liked looking for Haddy too 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts BJo!


  8. Whoa!!! 238 votes! You guys are going to find being limited to one vote tough! It’s rather cruel of me to make you choose a fave tux huh. Like choosing a fave child or something! 🙂

    I’m yet to vote.. I’m going to ponder this one for a while.. happy thoughts!!


  9. I’m so dizzy from that European hair that I find it hard to focus on the tux….On balance, I think I’ll go with the Tied Up Tux – the brooding look and layers of rope accessorise that tux nicely 🙂


  10. I like the smiles, but I’ll admit I’m very drawn to his, ‘I’m up to something’ expression in that sneaking tux. I could almost write a fanfic about that. Amanda’s already claimed having a headache and headed for her room. He’s checking to make sure Billy, Francine or no one else notices, while he slips up the stairs to meet her. Swoon Thud

    Still haven’t cast my vote yet. Also liking the Haddy tux. So the deliberation continues. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • I like the way your mind went there, Sara! You should definitely write a fanfic about that one!


    • I blame the power of the tux for the direction of those thoughts Sara!
      lol. I keep looking at that image and thinking Inga is waiting around the corner about to clobber him!

      I haven’t voted yet either. Yeah I’m torn between looking for Haddy and disappearing Amanda!
      Lee in a tux in the great outdoors is hard to pass up!


      • That sneaking tux is just like that one of Lee laying on the couch (a few rounds ago). Hard to resist. 😉 I went with the Haddy tux. I know the actual scene in SMK, but as you say, it’s the power of the tux that sends my mind in a different direction. 😉 😉 I do have some thoughts starting to come together with that sneaking tux and a fanfic, so we’ll see what I come up with. 🙂

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    • Sneaking tux fanfic is written. I posted the link in Neds. 🙂


  11. Melissa Robertson

    I voted for the disappearing Amanda tux because he seems to be amused and rather happy that she pulled one of his tricks on him.


    • Good point! Lee enjoying something Amanda did makes for a highly attractive Lee in a tux moment 🙂

      I wish we had seen a few more tricks like this later in season 3.. is it just me or have they been a bit absent lately on the walk?

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  12. Oh Wow! Decisions, decisions. I’ll go with Looking for Haddy tux.


  13. Once again, I’m torn. Guess this is going to take a little while. 😉


  14. I will have to admit I did vote for Disappearing Amanda Tux because I just can’t stop staring at that smile. I am such a sucker when he smiles. Swoon, thud, smiling like a school girl, this Cinderella needs to put back on her rags now finish cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping (Oh, I mean vacuuming) the house. Thanks so much for this wonderful distraction today.


  15. What a great episode, tux-wise! I was very torn between Tied-up Tux and Looking for Haddy Tux but had to go with the latter because although he’s equally swoon-worthy in both (thud), you can actually see more of the tux in the LfH tux. 🙂


    • What a great episode, tux-wise!

      Yeah if we had to vote for a tux episode this ep would get my vote!
      I think it’s a combination of the fabulous haircut, classic tux and European ambiance 😉

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      • Also, it was the Teflon tux – no matter what he did, Lee popped right back up looking as suave and debonair as James Bond every time.

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        • Lee popped right back up looking as suave and debonair as James Bond every time.

          I love it! I think the tux is self-repairing and self-cleaning. 🙂
          There is a moment where you can see Lee has a whole in the seam of his armpit.. but then I can’t see it again. Then again, maybe it’s there and I just don’t get to see it.


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