SEASON 4 Quick Links

Listed below are all Season Four episodes in original airing order, with the following information:
1superhappy!The original airing date in the USA
1superhappy!The episode’s blurb on the DVDs (some are dodgy!)
1superhappy!And a direct link to the blog’s first post on that episode [ To be updated as the walk through season 4 continues]

Note – the walk will use the original airing order – with the following exceptions:
*Changed order for Episodes 1-3:
1. Unfinished Business
2. Stemwinder Part I
3. Stemwinder Part II

*NOTE… episodes 11 & 12 will be swapped so we will walk through episode 12, then 11.
12. Any number can play
11. Santa’s got a brand new bag [ Why? ]


1 – Stemwinder: Part I (19 Sept, 1986)

An espionage game of revenge and the Peacock Dance with a beautiful Soviet spy put Lee and Amanda in grave danger.

2 – Stemwinder: Part II (26 Sept, 1986)

A Soviet spy wants revenge, the Agency thinks they’re traitors, and Amanda and Lee are fugitives until they can prove their innocence.

3 – Unfinished Business (3 Oct, 1986)

Lee delves into his parents’ mysterious past and uncovers a plot to assassinate a presidential candidate from a small country.

4 –  No Thanks for the Memory (10 Oct, 1986)

A KGB agent with a passion for American candy bars and trivia desperately wants to defect. But first Lee and Amanda must pre-empt his top secret mission.

5 – It’s in the Water (17 Oct, 1986)

Don’t drink the green! Lee and Amanda tap a young PhD student to help stop a hired assassin from poisoning the water supply.

6 – Night Crawler (31 Oct, 1986)

Lee’s team botches the capture of a terrorist, who then takes Amanda hostage. Now Lee has 12 hours to save the love of his life…or lose his own.

7 – Billy’s Lost Weekend (7 Nov, 1986)

Bears, champagne, a woman in a turban. Billy’s bizarre memory fragments must mean something…and Lee and Amanda must find out what before their weekend getaway.

8 – Photo Finish (14 Nov, 1986)

When an old photo of Amanda at a radical student protest threatens her Agency status, she and Lee must attempt to clear her name.

9 – The Man who Died Twice (21 Nov, 1986)

Mystery and mayhem complicate the safe transport of a Chinese trade envoy, while talk of mortgages and marriage complicates life for Lee and Amanda.

10 – Need to Know (5 Dec, 1986)

Secrets are power. A maniacal news magnate plans to use his to destroy the nation’s security, and the ones in the back of Lee’s closet are making Amanda nuts.

11 – Santa’s Got a New Bag (19 Dec, 1986)

All is not calm when a disgruntled toymaker wants Lee and Amanda to help him prove that more than toys are being made at the factory where he once worked.

12 – Any Number can Play (2 Jan, 1987)

Like mother, like Dotty. Amanda’s mother falls for a mysterious gambling man…and lands in a world of murder and international intrigue.

13 – Promises to Keep (9 Jan, 1987)

It’s best friends or bust when Lee and Amanda investigate T.P. “The Professor” Aquinas, who appears to be involved in the deadly narcotics trade.

14 – Rumors of My Death (23 Jan, 1987)

The past won’t stay buried. A skeleton identified as Lee Stetson turns up in a demolished building…and Amanda’s ex-husband, Joe, invites her out to lunch.

15 – Bad Timing (6 Feb, 1987)

Amanda and Lee’s last days as single spies are spent searching for the antidote to the chemical PD2, a lethal gift the Russians injected into Lee.

16 – Do You Take this Spy? (13 Feb, 1987)

An elusive con man behind a $16 million art heist and a murder must be pinned down before Amanda and Lee can tie the knot.

17 – Mission of Gold (20 Feb, 1987)

Scarecrow and Mrs. Stetson’s California honeymoon turns lethal when they interrupt a feud over gold doubloons…and Amanda is critically wounded.

18 – One Flew East (27 Feb, 1987)

Lee and Amanda investigate when a famous poet and outspoken critic of U.S. nuclear policy disappears and the Agency seems to be the culprit.

19 – All that Glitters (7 May, 1987)

Priceless jewels, a top secret spy list and Lee’s seductive ex-girlfriend are among the international intrigue tying Operation Sand Pebbles to the invasion of Grenada.

20 – Suitable for Framing (14 May, 1987)

Code Name: Trojan Horse. The KGB Headquarters in Moscow have decided Francine is the perfect agent to deliver a humiliating gift to the Agency.

21 – A Matter of Choice (21 May, 1987)

When a prison escapee who murdered two Agency contacts resurfaces at the same time as Francine’s former lover, Lee works overtime to prove a link.

22 – The Khrushchev List (28 May, 1987)

Old Soviet spies never die- they just find jobs with the U.S. government. Lee, Amanda and Francine race against Russian couriers – and American operatives – to fin d atop secret list, and sparks fly as newlyweds Lee and Amanda blend their personal lives in this explosive series finale.

16 responses to “SEASON 4 Quick Links

  1. I am finally slowing down through my crazy fast series watch (I started like 3 weeks ago watching in revised order with TFT and am halfway through season 4). Since we haven’t gotten into most of season 4 yet on the walk, I have to save my specific thoughts. But I will say I am tossing around a really… inventive 😉order to the season after watching the first half of the episodes of S4.


  2. Long-time SMK fan here, but just discovered this blog a few weeks ago while I was starting my own personal rewatch of all 4 seasons of the DVD. I’m finally caught up to the walk, and look forward to participating!


  3. HI to waves to iwsod and learjet1.. and… It’s me Anne aka Amanda my code/username from the Scarecrow and Mrs. King forum over at Yuku which is now transferred to Tapatalk. Remember us discussing all the episodes of SMK over there at the forums. And I’ve been a Scarecrow and Mrs. King for a very long time. Yes. It’ll be easy for me to join in the walk for Season 4 and all the other seasons! You’ll probably also see me popping to comment on the other seasons here too. Was watching “Mission of Gold”. That episode is heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time.


  4. Love, love, this site! ♥
    Remember first seeing this series on TV way back in the 80s.
    And now I’ve got all 4 seasons on DVD.
    Just love the images posted here. 🙂
    Stemwinder is one of my favourite Scarecrow and Mrs. King episodes. 😉


    • Welcome, Amanda. I’ve deleted your “extra” comments. Look forward to hear more of your thoughts on the episodes 🙂


    • Hello Amanda!
      I’m sorry for my delay in sending a big hello and welcome your way!
      When you commented a few days ago I was thrilled to see you stop by, jump in, and say hi!
      Thanks for your kind words about this blog 🙂
      This site is what it is because of the smk fans who join this little community.

      Congrats on getting all 4 seasons of DVDs! do you think maybe you can join us on the walk? I guess it can’t be easy to start in season 4, but eventually we will go back to season 1 again 🙂
      No pressure to join in, but you are always very welcome – whether you share a lot or a little 🙂


  5. rofl!!
    Thanks to Janet who has emailed to let me know of a hilarious typo here in this post! All fixed now..

    In case you missed it –
    I had the date for Stemwinder Part II airing as 26 Sept, 1986
    and Unfinished Business as 3 Oct, 2986.

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing what you wrote Janet – it was hilarious!! Janet wrote that it “was terrible but I’m sure it only felt like it was 1000 years between episodes!” ROFL!!

    haaaaaaa!!! I confess I didn’t get to experience the original airing so it was probably about 25 years before I saw these episodes!
    Thanks for sharing the typo – if anyone finds anymore feel free to comment on the blog and a mod or me (the blog admin) can fix it no worries.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Believe me, the summer of 1986 seemed like forever – 1000 years at least, waiting to see what was going to come after the end of ATWAS. And I’ll relive some elements of that Long Wait with you, once we start walking!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I am in total agreement with the altered episode order for Unfinished Business then Stemwinder AND for Any Number Can Play then Santa …

    There’s one more swap to consider since the chain on Amanda’s open heart diamond necklace was broken in Nightcrawler. Amanda wore a gold cross in the next aired episode (Billy’s Lost Weekend). Then, in the next aired-order episode (Photo Finish), she wears the open heart diamond necklace; however, in the following aired-order episode (The Man Who Died Twice), she wears the gold cross necklace in the beginning and, by the end of that episode, she’s wearing the open heart diamond necklace again.

    Therefore, following Nightcrawler, in my opinion: Billy’s Lost Weekend then The Man Who Died Twice then Photo Finish. Does anyone else recall noticing that? Being a Christian myself, I noticed it and wondered ever since if Bruce, who is also a Christian, gave it to Kate.

    I am beyond thrilled to hear our walk through Season 4 is about to begin!


    • Hi Nancy – Great to hear from you!
      I’d be open to this if there is consensus amongst JWWM followers – but this is not the best place to discuss it. If this discussion could head over to Nedlindger’s – maybe others could take a look at Nancy’s ideas and share their thoughts? Can you guys take a look at this?
      I’d rather avoid reading your discussions about it if there will be spoilers (others walking with us may also be trying to be spoiler free)- so let me know if you guys explore it and if I can read the discussion. There may need to be a spoilery discussion about it to explore it.. I don’t know!
      I can’t look at it because I’m not watching episodes ahead of blogging about them, so I need to rely on the JWWM folks together letting me know if something is obviously out of order. ‘Obvious’ can be subjective though – so I’d change the order of blogging only if it was a consensus. Any future walks could very well walk in a different order.. but for now – the default is to walk in airing order.
      When we get to these eps Nancy, could you remind me about this please? (if we don’t end up blogging them in a different order) I’ll be keen to explore this and your ideas when we get there 🙂


    • A quick follow up. Nancy, I’ve quoted this comment and my reply to you over at Nedlindger’s on the thread ‘Season 4 and JWWM chatter’ – if anyone would like to explore these ideas there.. bye!


      • Thank you! I’m not yet spending time on Nedlingers because I’m away visiting family, friends and attending a wedding. Had a few minutes to respond when I saw S4 is soon.


        • Hi Nancy, no worries! There is no hurry! it will be ages before we get close to blogging any of the episodes you’ve mentioned.
          Enjoy your visits 🙂


  7. I am very excited! And I know some of these I have never seen, and others I have seen 30 years ago.


    • wow!!! so some will be very new to you Cindy! It’s going to be interesting to see how that changes your experience of the episode and the walk.
      so many discoveries ahead of us! 🙂


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