Happy 6th Anniversary JWWM! :)

I can’t believe it!!! I just received an email from WordPress to remind me today is Just Walk With Me’s 6th anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary Everyone!!

Thanks to everyone who stops by and takes part in this community!!
Without you- this blog wouldn’t be! Smile


19 responses to “Happy 6th Anniversary JWWM! :)

  1. Happy Belated 6th Anniversary, iwsod! I didn’t come on board until you were already 2 years in, but I can’t image the last 4 years of my life without JWWM and the connections I’ve made from it. Thank you for all your hard work and time that you put into the blog! You’ve touched so many lives in doing so.

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  2. Wow!! Six years!! Happy Anniversary!! I was like many others with the lurking before commenting. I was so excited to find that there were others who enjoyed SMK as much, if not more than I did. Not only was it nice to find other fans, but nice to find a community in which to share (thanks to Ned’s). I love reading all the posts and comments and just hate that I haven’t been able to visit as much. Keep up the awesomeness!!!


  3. I just wanted to send belated Happy 6th Anniversary wishes and express my deepest gratitude for everyone here for keeping this show alive and well! I remember when I first stumbled upon this site in 2015. It was the first place I found after realizing I could search for the show on the Internet. I spent at least six months just reading the blog posts and the comments before finding the courage to “delurk” and introduce myself. It was wonderful to be able to walk through the show again as if it was the “First Time.” I have to make sure when I read this that I am in a room by myself because I always end up laughing hysterically between questioning those lovely plot wholes, comments on the fashions of the decade of large shoulder pads and even larger hair, to really how bad those baddies could be . This blog has gotten me thinking about this show in a way that just keeps me entertained. I may not comment very often but that is only because I am too busy just enjoying reading and more than likely someone has already thought the same thing. What a wonderful place to be!

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  4. i’ve only been around for a couple of months and it has been so fun! you have certainly made me laugh and love this show so much more than i thought possible. i was trying to work my way all the way through but decided to skip ahead and do both at the same time. thanks for the laughs and for the thought provoking questions!


  5. A sincere, big thank you to Iwsod, the moderators and contributors who have made this such a fun experience! I very much enjoy reading the comments and hearing different perspectives. Thanks everyone!


  6. Wow, I just looked up my first comment and it was in August 2013. Of course, I’d been stalking this site for awhile but I finally decided to stop lurking (No guts no glory!). JWWM has provided tremendous enjoyment and laughter. It was because of you Iwsod, that I resolved to create my own blog. You gave me an outlet for my jewelry and my own Amandarambles. Thank you and all our fellow rabbit hole (and gutter) devotees!

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  7. Thank you for all the time & effort that all of you put into this blog. All the insights & tidbits of information gives me even more to appreciate about a show I’ve loved since I was a little girl.

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  8. I’ve been around for nearly 4 years, and have loved both the SMK commentary and community I’ve found here. And met a couple of wonderful people through it. Has really brought lots of happiness and fun to my life!

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  9. Wow 6 years!!!! I remember finding it pretty close to its beginning, so I guess our anniversary is coming up soon ;-). Thanks so much for pouring your time, love and energy into this blog. It is always a welcome part of my life.


  10. I adore this blog. It has been a huge part of my life for 6 years now. I always get a thrill when I see an email notification of a new post. Thanks for giving me such regular joy.

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    • “I adore this blog. … I always get a thrill when I see an email notification of a new post. Thanks for giving me such regular joy.”

      I second what jane wrote! Even though JWWM has only been a part of my life for less than a year, it’s easy to see why it still draws in newbies while retaining the “oldies but goodies!”


      • Glad you joined in Nancy – it’s never too late to join in the fun.. heck we’ll go right back to season 1 and start the cycle all over again if there is an appetite for it! 🙂


    • Hiya Jane,
      thanks – glad you are still walking with us all!! 🙂


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