Discussion: Which do you prefer? 1) Unfinished Business then Stemwinders? Or 2) Stemwinders then Unfinished Business?

Hi all! Have we all recovered sufficiently from that swoony goodness that closed out the Stemwinder 2 parter??!!!
Just in case.. here ya go: Breathe deeply smk fans!!!

We’ve just finished walking through Unfinished Business and then the two Stemwinder episodes.. The original airing order had the two Stemwinders first, and then Unfinished Business. Now we’ve finished walking through these first three episodes of season 4 – what do you think? which order do you prefer? and why?

To get the discussion started.. for anyone who is interested.. I’ll share my opinion… but – it’s just an opinion! I’m no authority here.. we can think what we like!

I prefer the I love yous in Stemwinder come after Unfinished Business.

The My Amanda moment while Lee is drugged, and Amanda wanting to ask a question but stopping herself?

I think she would have not been tempted to probe after Stemwinders. She’s secure, has heard the words.. and is content with the way things are..

Also the impact of ‘my Amanda’ is diminished when he has already said he loves her!

I also like the idea that Lee lets down those walls and shares this very person aspect of himself with Amanda in Unfinished Business, before he has said the words ‘I love you’ I don’t know why just seems more powerful – maybe that it screams he loves her.. but he hasn’t said the words yet. And it screams how much trust they have in each other that they can conduct themselves as they do in Unfinished Business but the words haven’t been spoken yet. Know what I mean?

I think either order can work at this point, I just share my preference.. but – maybe there is a reason why a certain order must be the way it is??

Do you think Billy would be so quick to disregard Lee in UB after what happened in Stemwinder?

Okay all.. what do you think? Reasons for and against changing the original airing order are very welcome!!!

36 responses to “Discussion: Which do you prefer? 1) Unfinished Business then Stemwinders? Or 2) Stemwinders then Unfinished Business?

  1. Well I finally did it. I watched all three eps with as open of a mind as I could. I’m really biased towards this airing when it did because it makes both “Just walk with me” scenes as airing the same day and I just love that too much so I’m thrilled they vhanged the airdates.

    And I really really was close to changing sides to the UB first camp. Honest!

    But there are just two things I can’t get past.

    1) Amanda has an official badge when she and Lee go to Blackthorne’s estate and to me that implies it had to be after Smyth made her an agent at the end of the Stemwinders.

    2) Most importantly — I find it incredibly significant that this is the first time we ever see Amanda push Lee to talk and let her in. Even on the Oz ep — she went behind his back to look up the Dorothy file but at no point does she attempt to force the issue with Lee himself. She waits until he comes to her. Yet on Unfinished Business, she tries calling him more than once to get him to talk and when that doesn’t work she refuses to wait and goes so far as to sneak into his apartment. That’s a huge action, especially for her, and I don’t see her taking it without there having been a big step forward in their relationship like him saying “I love you.” It just seems way too OOC to me. Especially since her actions come much sooner than when he finally opens up on the Oz ep. If she had gotten fed up and broken in maybe 3/4 of the way in or there seemed evidence that he was in actual trouble like Burn Out, then maybe. But really he was just acting like typical “I’m dealing with a personal issue” Lee. And under those circumstances In would expect her to give him more time. At the very least, wait for him to come to work the next day!

    I do find it interesting that she chose “care about” for her wording in the bedroom scene, but I think that was deliberate so as not to guilt him (and possibly scare him off) with the implication “I’m your girlfriend, you can’t shut me out anymore” and making it clear she’s thinking of him.

    So I’m still on the Stemwinder first side!


  2. I still need to watch these three back to back, but I tried thinking about it from a different angle the other day. Both Stemwinder and Unfinished Business are very similar — characters are falsely accused of treason. With them happening so close together, I can’t help but think that Lee especially would have to be seeing parallels, and since neither episode makes reference to the other, I tried to look at which way made me miss a mention of the other the most.

    Assuming Lee had been accused of treason first and then has to clear his parents of the same charges — I can see the lack of mention actually being realistic. I think the grief and confusion would be taking precedence in his mind and I don’t see how Amanda could sensitively bring it up without it sounding flippant “We cleared our names — we can clear theirs” sort of thing.

    On the other hand, if Lee has just gone through clearing his parents’ names of the treason and that grief is still fresh in his mind, imagine how it would then feel to suddenly be dropped into the same situation himself barely a week or two later. I can’t imagine there NOT being a moment where Lee would be getting stressed out and saying something like “First my parents, then us. Where does this end?” To go through this episode with no indication that his parents’ experience is wearing on his mind as he goes through the same thing just doesn’t feel realistic to me.

    So in that respect, I’d have to go with Lee being accused first, then dealing with clearing his parents’ names.

    Although the angst factor if had happened the other way around is definitely something I’d love to explore and play around with!


  3. I hadn’t really thought about changing these two around until I saw this. I thought about it for a while and while I definitely see the arguments for swapping them I think I still have to go with the original order for a few reasons:

    1) When Lee is suggesting they ditch at the beginning it feels very light and couple-ish and in tone for what we see as they go on in the season in an established relationship. I think it’s a reflection of Stemwinder having brought them so close.

    2) Amanda’s phonecall with Joe seems to be a reflection of Joe spending so much time with the boys during her time on the run. We didn’t see any mention of scenes like that between Wrong Way Home or Stemwinder.

    3) I feel like the way Lee lets her in is a reflection of having such an established relationship and coming so close on Stemwinder. Yes he hesitates (I’ll go into that below) but given how he wouldn’t let anyone in before at all it feels more like he’s recognizing just how close they have become. I think the end of S3 Lee would have taken longer to let her in. To me the end of S3 made them a dating, romantic couple but relying on each other on Stemwinder made them more emotionally intimate so to speak.

    4) Amanda felt comfortable enough to pick the lock of Lee’s apartment to check on him, which she never did before. I thought this also tied in to the closeness that developed on Stemwinder — much like how Lee felt comfortable enough to sneak up to her room.

    5) Billy’s lecture really treated Lee & Amanda as equals, which fits now that she is a full time agent.

    6) Lee asks Amanda to read the diary allowed which is pretty personal. I think a pre-Stemwinder Lee might have instead opted to set it aside and read it later and that a pre-Stemwinder Amanda may have even suggested giving him privacy.

    As far as justifying some of the points that seem out of order compared to how close they got on Stemwinder:

    1) Lee claims he has never “relied on anyone, even when I needed to” and that seems to contradict what they just went through. But it also contradicts earlier episodes, particularly We’re Off To See The Wizard.” I think in this case the comment is specifically a reference to the death of his parents — his uncle didn’t allow tears and so he really closed that part of his life off from anyone.

    2) Going with that point — yes he wanted to shut her out at first. But again — he has NEVER been able to lean on anyone regarding his parents’ deaths. That wouldn’t be an easy habit to break.

    3) I’ve seen comments about the lack of affection/touching but I still noticed quite a bit. In the park, the way Lee reaches for her hand, going to his childhood home… Yes we don’t see as much romantic hints other than the “Let’s ditch” but considering what he’s going through I don’t think it would fit even post marriage for there to be lots of kissing, etc. (And he does call her “My Amanda” while under the drugs!)

    4) The “My Amanda” fits them being an established couple. And when I watch her reaction it doesn’t seem like she’s as surprised by the admission as much as finding it amusing that he’s that uninhibited. Even post-engagement Lee doesn’t really talk like that very often!

    5) I used to think wonder if her “Do you have time for one more question?” was relationship-related but the more I watch I’m not so sure. Her tone doesn’t really change like she wants to bring up an unrelated topic and she doesn’t sound shy or embarrassed, but almost like she feels like she’s gotten too comfortable and had to stop herself. I’m actually wondering if she wanted to prod him for more about “Why didn’t you ever talk?” or something else related to his parents’ deaths but didn’t want to take advantage of his drugged state.

    Just my take on it! Maybe someone can ask BB at the next fan event and we can get the truth!

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    • Yeah, since I posted my original thoughts on this last October (below), I have become more set in my opinion and pretty much agree with all of what you have written here. You have covered all of these points very nicely. I also continue to strongly believe that (1) Stemwinder must come immediately after All the World’s a Stage in order to preserve the flow of their developing relationship, and (2) Stemwinder should be the first episode of Season 4. I think it adds a great deal to the series to have a sort of “special” episode as the season openers. For that matter, were it not for that one scene in the Q Bureau, I think A Lovely Little Affair is perfect as the opener for Season 3. I guess, when it comes down to it, I like to keep the episodes in their original order unless there is a very obvious continuity error. As far as Lee and Amanda being less affectionate in Unfinished Business than we would expect after Stemwinder — well, perhaps that is true. But I really feel that this is true for many other Season 4 episodes as well. Pecks on the lips do not cut it for me. The way that Lee pushes her out of his office is indeed quite jarring, but for me, it still works. In that moment, he just can’t quite open up to anyone, even Amanda, about this very painful and personal trauma he is going through. When all is said and done, the relationship is still somewhat new. It takes time to undo some of these instinctive behaviors when one has spent a lifetime closing people off as a way to protect against pain.

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      • Exactly. Lee has said he’s never leaned on anyone when it came to the deaths of his parents. As close as he is to Amanda, simply saying “It’s background about the death of my parents” would still have felt very awkward and difficult for him.

        And the pushing out of the office was I thought a reflection of he’s simply grieving and in shock. Had he been looking through the files first, had time to wrap his head around things, and then she came in I think we would have seen a more distracted “Uh Amanda I need to be out of the office most of today. Why don’t you go ahead and take the day off since we’re mostly caught up” and then probably been the one to make the beeline for the door like he did the second day


  4. So, for this watch-through of the series, I decided to try it your way: ATWAS, then UB, then Stemwinder. Based on my limited memory of UB, it definitely made sense to me. I do remember thinking that UB really should come before Stemwinder.

    But… I really did not like it at all! For two reasons. First, ATWAS leaves you with a real “high” in the Lee-Amanda relationship – they are finally going to get serious with each other. Stemwinder picks right up with that and lets us see them dating romantically, FINALLY. It just works really well for me. To put UB right in between them ruined the “flow,” for me.

    Second, I was watching with my two boys, who are seeing the show for the first time. And I realized not too far into UB that watching this episode first was going to sort of “spoil” Stemwinder for them, because they would know that everything works out okay for Lee and Amanda at the Agency. Stemwinder to me is a very great episode, and it was actually not entirely clear to me until the end of Part 2 that it would end with everything resolved. They could have had to remain on the run for a while, or they could have been estranged from their colleagues due to all of the suspicion, Billy and Francine having turned against them, etc.

    So if I have to pick between ATWAS-UB-Stemwinder or ATWAS-Stemwinder-UB, I would 100% pick the latter, especially if watching it with someone who has not seen the show before. But – I actually think UB would work best BEFORE ATWAS! The most logical place for it, I think, is immediately after The Eyes Have It. That’s the one where we see the picture of Lee’s parents. It would have flowed very well for me if they had devoted the very next episode to delving deeper into their life story.

    Just thought I’d offer a different opinion because I seem to be in the vast minority on this!

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    • I’m not entirely sure I follow you on the spoiling by putting UB first since there’s nothing in there to me that suggests that the events of Stemwinder couldn’t still screw up their Agency lives. However, I am completely on board with your reasoning that this should have been a Season 3 episode. I understand what you mean about it coming right after ATWAS seems like a drag, but for me, if it comes after SW, it undoes all the “I love yous” and physical closeness. How do you go from implicitly trusting someone with your life and telling them “I love you and I have for a very long time” to shutting them out of your life completely, literally pushing them out of your shared office and then not even taking their calls? That for me was a huge let down when I first watched it. I understand the powers that be wanting to kick off the season trying to pull the audience back in with obvious romance and adventure ( I mean, imagine the ads at the time!). So if this had been a Season 3 episode, it could have fit so snugly in a really revised order: Wrong Number (little fight because of all that time spent together during Lee’s recovery and then make up), 3 Little Spies (he starts with small compliments), The Boy Who could be King (serious public handholding) Unfinished Business (Lee withdraws and then finally really gives himeself over to trusting Amanda with his emotions over losing his parents) and then (bear with me!) season finale of Dead Men Leave No Trails with that perfect kiss in the tag. Then start Season 4 with ATWAS with a great adventure, a confident Amanda and a Real Kiss (TM) and then on to Stemwinder and watching them starting to date seriously.

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      • Yes, after I re-read my “spoiler” paragraph, I realize I didn’t explain it well enough. The reason it was a spoiler for my boys is that we are watching it on DVD and they know that Unfinished Business was originally aired to come immediately after Stemwinder. They are right on the same disc, and I am telling them, go to Episode 3 before we play 1 and 2. So while ideally they would imagine that UB was “before” Stemwinder, they know that it didn’t air that way. And if Stemwinder had ended without everything fully resolved, CBS would not have taken the liberty to order them in that way. If my boys hadn’t known I was reordering them, you are right, it wouldn’t have spoiled anything. We still would miss the great continuity between ATWAS and Stemwinder, though. I think I was mixing up two separate thoughts when I went on to say where I think UB should really have been — and that is in Season 3, before ATWAS. I hope that makes better sense.


      • I can get behind this, 100%


  5. I’ve just finished going through them both ways and I see I wrote here that I liked it better with UB first after doing it that way, and then after doing it the other way, I wrote in some comments of UB that I liked it better the other way. Apparently, I’m very good at mental gymnastics and can make it work and argue it both ways, lol! I really can see it both ways. I’m just glad we got the Stemwinders wherever they come. So much swoony goodness!

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  6. Sara – nothing has been posted here, Clagjanet and I marathoned Season 4 before the 35th reunion and some of the episodes felt odd in their airing order.

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  7. I agree that UB needs to come before the Stemwinders for me to enjoy it at all. Quick question: is there a list of recommended alternate viewing order for all of season 4 anywhere? I love the alternate orders for the first three seasons so much and am ready to start on season 4 so would love an order for all of it. Thanks!


    • There hasn’t been one started yet, but it’s entirely possible. I’m assuming that once the season 4 walk resumes, that discussion will come up. 🙂


    • Yes there is, but danged if I can find it right now. Maybe one of our other lovely members have it. I know that Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag definitely needs to be moved later, and IMHO The Man Who Died Twice definitely has to be moved after Santa’s Bag. I’ll poke around to see if I can find the alternate viewing order.

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    • Any Number Can Play should come before the Christmas episode since there is an obvious screw-up where Lee introduces himself to Phillip in the tag of ANCP which would be ridiculous after he just spent Christmas Eve with them the week before.

      I have Reasons for saying that The Man Who Died Twice comes after the Christmas episode that are more emotional journey related and nothing to do with script screw ups. 🙂 but was waiting for when the Walk resumes to tackle my reasoning.

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    • Oops… Well, ignore my comment then. Cindy and Janet have a better recollection than I do. I joined JWWM during the 3rd season and only vaguely recall some discussion on the topic somewhere in the comments.

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    • FWIW, Copied & pasted below is my input on this from awhile ago:

      I am in total agreement with the altered episode order for Unfinished Business then Stemwinder AND for Any Number Can Play then Santa …

      There’s one more swap to consider since the chain on Amanda’s open heart diamond necklace was broken in Nightcrawler. Amanda wore a gold cross in the next aired episode (Billy’s Lost Weekend). Then, in the next aired-order episode (Photo Finish), she wears the open heart diamond necklace; however, in the following aired-order episode (The Man Who Died Twice), she wears the gold cross necklace in the beginning and, by the end of that episode, she’s wearing the open heart diamond necklace again.

      Therefore, following Nightcrawler, in my opinion: Billy’s Lost Weekend then The Man Who Died Twice then Photo Finish.

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  8. “What are you doing here?”

    That one line voiced in Lee’s bedroom in UB has me firmly in the UB first camp. If UB was meant to come after, I think Lee might have reacted a little differently… 😉 Or at least said something differently.

    I think the way I view Lee is that he’s fallen off a cliff for Amanda here. Running hot and cold just isn’t possible anymore. He’s always gonna be “hot” 😀

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  9. When I watched this series as it first aired it felt really odd to me to see Unfinished Business after Stemwinder. I think that the powers that be wanted an episode to really pull the audience in and this two-parter would have been the one. But when I saw them, it was really jarring to me to seemingly take a step backward.

    When you see them in the reverse order it makes more sense. I’ve always felt that Lee had these firewalls and that Amanda sort of broke through those walls. The last one was the issue with his parents and him having to reconcile some things about his childhood and their deaths. It was only then that he would be ready to commit himself to someone. He moved forward by admitting that he wanted to get to know her better, but he was still hesitant in some ways and reticent about telling her anything more deep regarding his feelings.

    In Stemwinder he admits that he’s felt that way for a long time, but hasn’t ben ready to tell her. I think that when he finished his unfinished business he was able to express what he was feeling.

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    • “When I watched this series as it first aired it felt really odd to me to see Unfinished Business after Stemwinder. I think that the powers that be wanted an episode to really pull the audience in and this two-parter would have been the one. But when I saw them, it was really jarring to me to seemingly take a step backward.”

      My sentiments exactly!!!!


  10. hi all!!
    I’ve been loving reading your thoughts! will get back here soon as I can to reply..
    any smk time I’ve had I’ve been using to write blog posts so I can keep the walk going..
    Hope you are all well..


  11. Melissa Robertson

    I think Unfinished Business comes before the Stemwinders.

    Their relationship in UB seems like the pick up from season 3. The atmosphere just doesn’t feel right if it comes after the Stemwinders because they have become so close! In UB when Lee asks Amanda how she got in and she said picked the lock, he replied I need to change that. Now although I believe he was saying that about keeping enemies out, I think that after the Stemwinders, Amanda was given a key to his apartment.

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    • Totally agree, Melissa. I think that after the Stemwinders, there would have been practical changes to their relationship which mirrored the emotional progress they had made (eg, Amanda having a key to the apartment). I also don’t see Lee fiddling around with CIA old files on his parents on the quiet, after just going through the agency dramas of being a suspected Russian agent/source. Even though he had been proven innocent, I suspect he would want to “lie low” for a file. Plus I don’t see Amanda sneaking around when she’d finally been offered a job as a full-time agent. She wouldn’t risk having to go back to a guest badge 😀

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  12. “Do you have time for one more question?” Never mind, Ill just start talking. 😀

    Another thought about the order: this conversation when she wakes him up the first time:
    “This is something that’s very personal. Can’t you just leave it at that?
    Amanda: No, because when somebody that I care about hurts, I hurt too.
    Lee: I’ve never told anyone. I never leaned on anybody, even when I needed to.

    and his comment in the park when he asks if she wants to help him and then says: “Then you’re really…gonna have to trust me.”

    These make virtually no sense if they come after everything they just went through together in Stemwinder – an episode almost entirely about them leaning on each other to get through it because they only had each other and the trust to get through that whole he’s a traitor/no he’s not nonsense.

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  13. I’ve wondered a couple things. The badge that we don’t see in the Stems, but appears in UB. Is she an agent in UB, but not full-time??? But Lee initially pushing her away in UB seems like they’re not quite to the Stems stage (i.e., the ‘I love yous.’) And like Cindy points out, Lee could still be running hot and cold (just a little). It could also be that regardless of how he feels about Amanda, having to revisit what happened to his parents is just ‘too much.’ Amanda doesn’t back down and that’s because she already loves him.

    The thing that Amanda was considering asking while he was on that heavy drug (UB)… Yes, it could have been, “Do you love me?” But it could have been anything. Could have been, “When am I getting a key to your place?” I can see what you all see about UB coming first. I like what Janet points out about Lee getting closure with his parents first, before telling Amanda how he feels.

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    • Hi Sara, hi everyone!
      Seems overall most have identified their reasons why they prefer UB first.
      Here, Sara you’ve given a shot at considering the alternative.. Kudos! 🙂

      Yeah seems you can be a provisional agent without being full-time. The whole idea is ludicrous after the big cases and time she has spent on cases – seeing her as part time is a joke! [ And they don’t even pay overtime so Amanda use to say! I miss that fiesty Amanda 😉 ]

      Yes I’ve heard some fans (sorry I can’t specfic who) say it is realistic that it would be 2 steps forward and 1 step back in the development of their relationship sometimes. What you say makes sense Sara.. and..
      Revisiting his parent’s deaths could indeed be ‘too much’ – even after the I love yous and events of the stemwinders…

      I think there is another argument for why stems should be first and then UB – and I’ve used this logic myself from time to time.
      This logic being- the order of the episodes should not change, and should stick to the airing order as much as possible, unless there is a good reason to change it that is solid and can only be considered an error..

      But, there is also the logic – go with what you like best and what flows for you..

      I think either logic is fine! I’ve switched between these two lines of logical reasoning over the years.. and have walked through the blog overall mainly following airing order – [early season 3 was an experiment]
      but! for UB I switched them because there was so much consensus.. However – I don’t think I’ve heard a reason why they MUST be switched and UB must come first. It’s possible to watch stems first and then make UB work as the third ep.

      But- for me, I like UB first… so much so, unless there is a reason they can’t be swapped, I consider them permanently swapped in my own head from pretty much now on.. lol.

      I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and throwing this out there to hear if anyone has any reasons why certain orders must be correct.. but my overall conclusion at this point is – there is no ‘correct’ order.. and I’m going with UB first 🙂

      Still open to hearing a reason why a certain order can’t work though- so if anyone comes up with anything please share!!!

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    • Sara – Your comment got me thinking and now I have been mulling this over for awhile as a way to suggest UB does possibly come after the Stems. Since UB was aired after the Stems, then could her question be “Would you marry me?” I was thinking the way he says, “My Amanda” with that possession could mean he was thinking marriage and that Amanda wanted to probe a bit about what he meant by that. Also, if the “I love yous” were already said in the Stems, then Lee literally shutting the door in Amanda’s face to get her out of the Q bureau so he could read the report in private about his parents really becomes very powerful and poignant. I think it is possible to tell someone you love them and express those feelings, but not yet be willing to share everything about yourself or your past especially Lee who has bottled everything up for so long. He thought he was never going to see Amanda again when he says those words to her. I think he thought “This is it and I am not going to be able to see her again so I want her to know that I love her.” Then, in UB, he has to learn to trust that love from Amanda and she shows him that he can trust the love she has. I agree with everyone that you can view these episodes in either order and for me, I think it is just the mood I am in which way I do.

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  14. I can only make sense of their relationship by having UB come first. It was so incredibly jarring to end with that cuddle and That Kiss™ at the end of Stemwinder one week and then open up to an episode where they barely touch each other, even when he’s pouring his heart out during that walk in the park.

    I absolutely agree that if they had already exchanged the I love you’s the whole hypnosis conversation loses all its emotional punch and humor. She would already know she was his ‘Manda’ (single pullout bed in that flophouse, anyone? 😀) and she really wouldn’t have “one more thing” to ask.

    All of that aside, I think that Lee getting that closure about his parents really made it possible for him to tell Amanda he loved her. Whether he was aware of it or not, learning that your parents were good, decent people and that he once had a warm loving family like Amanda’s made it easier for him both to accept that he was lovable (which I think he doubted) and also able to love Amanda properly (which he definitely doubted, thus the “long, long time” of denial.)

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    • I agree with everything you wrote, clagjanet, Just want to add some of my additional thoughts to your last sentence:

      “… Whether he was aware of it or not, learning that your parents were good, decent people and that he once had a warm loving family like Amanda’s made it easier for him both to accept that he was lovable (which I think he doubted) and also able to love Amanda properly (which he definitely doubted, thus the “long, long time” of denial.)”

      Lee’s choice to date “no strings attached” girls for so many years is a reflection of his own perception that he was unlovable and even “lacked pedigree.” Then Amanda comes along and, as much as Lee is fascinated and steadily drawn to her, with backyard visits no less (first half of S1 “Sudden Death” & SBTB); it is her gentle guidance and love for him that matures him into knowing he is worthy of love (her loving forgiveness in “Burn Out” for example). Learning the truth of his early childhood family restored his pedigree (or sense of self-worth) and, having observed Amanda’s loving family, in “Unfinished Business” he finally realizes he can have that. Simultaneously, Lee has been (dual meaning here) critical in Amanda’s maturation as an intelligence operative and the poised woman Joe King no longer recognizes. I love that this hasn’t been a one way street; Lee and Amanda each had something vital to offer that facilitated the other’s growth as a human being. In the process, a business partnership grew into a loving personal friendship, which is blossoming into a “the two shall become one” type of everlasting love. Their honest, uneven progression from strangers to lovers is what keeps S&MK’s underlying theme timeless — for me, anyway!

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      • So beautifully stated Nancy and clagjanet! I’ve always watched UB first, even back in the day of rewatching worn out tapes because it was the only way the story made sense.

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        • Don’t have clagjanet’s expertise to use the “Liked by” jule, so I will reply here with a big thank you for your kind words. Also agree that it makes the most sense with UB viewed first.


  15. The thing that really bugged me about season 3 and 4 as originally aired was Lee was running so hot and cold (cue Katy Perry song) and that drove me nuts. There is no way I could get close to someone that was all over the place emotionally – way too exhausting, and it doesn’t matter how good looking he was. Having Unfinished Business coming before Stemwinders is just so much better. it was such a let down the other way.

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    • “Having Unfinished Business coming before Stemwinders is just so much better. it was such a let down the other way.”

      I agree, Cindy!


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