JWWM in 2018: An Update… A Promise.. A Thank You.. And A Call For Authors..

Hi Everyone, Happy 2018! I hope you are all well! I can’t believe it’s February already!

An Update
It’s time for the walk to continue on again – and we’ll pick up right where we left off with post 5/13 of No Thanks for the Memory on 19 February.

Sorry for the delays! I’m fine.. and the Brownie is still fine Smile
The brownie is just fine..

A Promise
I have always said that JWWM will finish walking through the whole show. I won’t stop until we see this through!!! It will happen however it may happen rather slowly! Real life commitments are getting in the way, but I’ll do what I can to continue on.
I’m thinking the number of posts on an episode and level of detail is going to be less for most season 4 episodes.. Well, except for a few big episodes I cannot wait to get to!!

Thank You!
Thanks again to everyone involved here who help keep the walk happening!

A Call for Authors
I can see 2018 is going to be a very busy year for me, I thought I’d throw this out there – if anyone thinks they would have loads of fun writing up a season 4 episode – And you would like a turn wearing the crazy furry author hat – Let me know! 1

You would be very welcome –and I’m sure JWWM readers would love to see a new voice have a go if the mood strikes someone! I confess it is loads of fun, it’s just the time pressures that are getting in the way of me doing it as much as I would like… so if you’ve got some time up your sleeve, and a craving for giving writing up an episode a go (you can do it however you like and don’t have to do it anything like how I do it) – then email me and we can talk about how that could work. [My email address is in the side bar]. No pressure! SMK is for FUN!!!!

lol anyone want to guess how many episodes we’ll get through by the end of 2018?! It would be fun if we got to Santa’s new bag at Christmas.. Here’s hoping you are all well – and you are able to stop by from time to time and indulge your love for this little show and this couple with us all!!! So who is still around these days?  

21 responses to “JWWM in 2018: An Update… A Promise.. A Thank You.. And A Call For Authors..

  1. Samella McClary-Brown

    I would love to write one of these. Samella


  2. Samella McClary-Brown

    Hello I just saw this today. I would love to write up something for one or two episodes. Samella


  3. Just wanted to say that I am here too! Ready to walk whenever you are. Any pace is fine as RL always has a way of sneaking up on you. I am so glad you decided to start this amazing walk because now we have something to re-read and enjoy again and again with all everyone’s wit and humor. Thank you!


  4. Hi Guys! It is so wonderful to be hearing from you all again! I’m so glad you are still ‘out there’ in cyberspace and in this little tiny corner of the internet 🙂

    Yeah! a little smk time is a luxury huh Claudia!

    Cindy – yeah I am off to a good start.. said valentine’s day and posted the next day. I’m so busted 😉

    2Goldens – congrats on the new member of your family! Is that 3 Goldens now?!

    learjet – your ‘administrative support’ is greatly appreciated!!!

    Hi Gilby – oh good thanks for sharing that the slower pace works for you.. yeah let’s see how we go i 2018. I’ve finished writing up the current episode, so you’ll likely see a difference in the next episode… I’m making this up as I go along 🙂 thanks for being so supportive!

    Sara- wonderful to hear from you and am so glad you are here!!! I’ve missed you all too – you are right good to take a breath. I hadn’t planned on it being such a long one. but I really needed it!

    Hi BJo, no worries if I am writing season 4 by myself – I am prepared for this, and I really want people to feel no pressure to contribute any episode posts – but always wanted to be open should others wish to.
    I’m really happy that you guys are saying no – lol. It means you are being open, and hopefully you are not feeling pressure to write which is exactly what I wanted!! tee hee.

    Hiya Jule! wonderful to hear from you – thanks for the encouragement! A re-watch is a great idea! You guys should band together sometime and do an organised re-watch together or something! lol.

    Valerie – thanks for your kind words and understanding.. yep sometimes RL needs more attention than at other times in our lives..

    Everyone, I always figured things don’t stay the same in life you know? I started the blog at a time when I had loads of time to write and very little time in front of the computer for my work. I had no idea what I’d be doing years ahead and couldn’t guarantee it would stay that way. But there is no way to guarantee what the future holds right?
    I had to either not start.. or take a risk and see how things go. I’m so glad that I did take a risk and give it a go!!
    And all your participation and encouragement has been a massive help!

    So moving forward – I can’t make any guarantees about how often I’ll publish, or how regularly – but I do promise that I’ll do all I can to finish (and I really want to re-walk through season 1 in more detail).

    So I guess if you haven’t subscribed guys – be sure to subscribe so you’ll get an email when I publish.

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  5. So nice to get an email from you, Iwsod. I can truly understand the busy-ness of life. The last year and a half of my life changed greatly with moving and transitioning in my career. I appreciate the slower pace, but am happy with whatever pace you set. Hoping everyone is well and glad to know that while many are still here, new walkers continue to join the journey.

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  6. Yippee! (does a little happy dance) It’s Iwsod back in my mailbox! I hope things are good for you! I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but RL has overtaken my ability to do much, except of course pop down the rabbit hole once in a while (always with chocolate to share!). I decided to do a re-watch, and I’m up to mid S3. I forgot how many excellent, funny and insightful posts/comments there are! I can see where you’d want to cut the post for S4 since it doesn’t have quite the same flavor and goodness as the rest of the series. Do what’s best for you- we’re all along for the ride! I wish I could help, but health doesn’t allow much these days.
    Be well and happy everybody!

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  7. Hey iwsod! Welcome back! It’s so good to see a JWWM notice in my email inbox 🙂 I would love to commit to try my hand at episode writing, but I cannot commit right now. Strangely enough, real life happenings that caused me to give up Stats post writing have finally fallen into place for me, so in a couple of months once the dust lands from my (hopefully) stable life, I may be able to see if I can handle adding in some writing. We’ll see, but I will let you know!

    I’m so glad you’re back and so is JWWM!

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  8. I am super late to this party, but I just discovered this blog in mid January after rewatching the show for the first time since it originally aired in the 80’s. (Yay that it is on DVD and boo that the last time I checked was probably right before they decided to release it). I have laughed out loud so many times reading the recaps and comments and I am grateful you all have dedicated so much time, wit, and humor to this endeavor. In case you are wondering, here are the 3 main things I noticed following this walk after having had a 30 year gap in viewings:
    1. BB was WAY more charming than I remembered
    2. My affection for this show has apparently heightened my willing suspension of disbelief, as I missed sooooo many of the plot holes
    3. When the show aired, I was the same age as Amanda’s kids and I thought Dotty was kind of annoying. Now I find her hilarious, she is one of my favorite characters, and I attribute that to the fact that I am getting old. With age comes wisdom!
    Thanks so much for all the joy this has brought me – I will look forward to reading at whatever pace works best for you!

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    • WELCOME!!!!!! And I agree with all of your points – though was a few years older than Philip and Jamie when the show first aired.

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      • Welcome, Smanyb!! So glad you found us and jumped in to comment! And I find that I completely missed all the ridiculous potholes too! lol It’s part of the fun now to laugh about them together. I also agree about BB. He’s had many roles, but I think Lee Stetson allowed him to be his most charming for the longest period of time.

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    • Smanyb- welcome!!!! I’m so glad you discovered this blog and that you’ve been enjoying reading up on our smk conversations!
      Hopefully now you can join in and share your own thoughts with us 🙂 but.. no pressure! 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words! It’s wonderful to hear that our enjoyment of smk, and the fun here is being enjoyed by others and producing further joy! It’s like it pays forward or something! 🙂

      rofl at your affection for the show leading to a willing suspension of disbelief-haaaa I think many here can relate to that!

      your experience of the Dotty character was really interesting! I have also found that my love of Dotty has increased over the years – these secondary characters are part of what makes the show so great- even if the focus is Scarecrow and Mrs King – welcome again!!! and I look forward to hearing from you as the walk continues!

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  9. We miss ya, Iwsod! Take your time and I hope things get a little easier for you, so you can catch your breath when needed. 😉

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  10. Welcome Back, and Ditto Claudia about time going by so fast. I am happy that the Walk will continue. The ‘Slower Pace’ is fine by me, I am not the fastest walker these days…..

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  11. Been wondering when our delightful walk through the world of S&MK would resume. Relieved that real life was to blame, iwsod, not illness. Reaching “Santa’s … Bag” by December sounds do-able by maintaining the pace of an episode each month. IIRC, it was determined that “Any Number Can Play” rightfully comes before “Santa’s … Bag.” The weary have rested and stretched out the kinks. Let’s put on our sunglasses and pick up our bottled waters to follow Lee and Amanda into danger, excitement, intrigue …

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    • whooo sorry if I scared you! yep I’m not ill.

      Yeah maybe Santa by December! It’s likely I will do less detail on episodes ongoing.. but then.. I may be publishing less often sooooo we’ll see how we go!

      Rofl. Yep! Danger, excitement and Intrigue here we come!!! thanks for the encouragement Nancy – glad you are here!!

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  12. Great news that the walk is about to restart! Its absence has left a bit of a hole in my life. 2018 is going to be crazy for me to so I can’t commit to taking on an episode, but am happy to provide administrative support for anyone who is able to do the writing 🙂

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  13. I’m here, iwsod! I have to get my walking shoes away from our new puppy, but I’m ready when you are! 🙂

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  14. Happy (belated for you) Valentine’s Day and thanks for the update!

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  15. Hurray! Welcome back, I really missed your post‘s. OMG, time goe‘s by so fast. It‘s good too have a little „time-out“ our little SMK-time 🙂 back.
    So on with the show, a big Salut too you IWSOD 😉

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