Just Walk With Me Update!

Hi Everyone! Time to share an update!

If you are a regular visitor, you’ll have noticed my very slow progress and absences- I miss you guys!! I miss SMK!! So here’s a heads up on what is happening with JWWM. TheFirstTime-Banner1
The walk has been going now nearly 7 years! Whoa…
I can promise you, had I been on this walk alone – I would not have gotten past the first year (and the episode Lost and Found!). I value all who read and comment so I’ll share how things are looking for the walk and what is ahead.
I fully intend to complete the walk through all 88 episodes!

However… my online time (to reply to comments) and time for writing blog posts has pretty much become non-existent of late! Which makes me sad – but hey we can only do what we can do in life right? I can see that between now and the middle of 2019 I’m going to have even less time…Tegnersee-Banner3Final_zps879051d8  So here is what’s going to happen with JWWM moving forward: The walk is not going to be regular, I can’t be relied upon to post regularly (oh the shame haaa). Walks through season 4 episodes are going to be published irregularly – there may be long gaps between new episodes..but once I start a new episode I won’t have time gaps in episodes and I’ll probably publish for a week or two every few days. I will be aiming to walk through most season 4 episodes with much less detail than I’ve enjoyed covering season 1-3 too. However there are a few stand out season 4 eps which it would break my heart to not give it the love it deserves – yes like the next episode we will be walking through: Night Crawler!!!!

I suggest if you haven’t already – make sure you subscribe to the blog – and I will publish to update when a new episode is about to start being walked through and hopefully we can all meet back here around the same time to enjoy the episode together-ish! 

When I will publish the next episode I don’t know. This may be a one or two episodes a year kind of deal – I’m trying not to put expectations on myself and go with the flow, while giving all you wonderful people an idea of what’s going on.

I have the transcript for Nightcrawler all ready for me to actually write the posts.. and for anyone who has offered to transcribe dialogue – Thank you!!!! and I’ll try and give you an idea of when it may be needed (but if you can’t do it don’t worry I’ll just include less dialogue). Utopia-Banner6_zps08a4e6a0

If anyone would like to write some guest posts while things are very quiet – go for it!! We’ll be happy to publish your smk fun here!

Thanks again for an amazing 7 years – I hope there will be another 7 ahead! lol maybe we will get to the of season 4 by year 2025! haaaa!

Hope I will see you all stop by from time to time – I’m so grateful to have had you all to walk with!!! I thank you for your understanding and patience! Thanks to BJo and Learjet also for helping to moderate this forum and keep things running smoothly.

Any questions or suggestions, please share them in the comments below.

29 responses to “Just Walk With Me Update!

  1. Quick question: When do you think that SMK first became hand-holdy/ touchy with one another?


    • Welcome HappyBaby!
      What do we all think?!


    • I think there are displays of touching from the very beginning, like when Lee puts his arm around her on the platform to turn her around, or dances with her (First Time). But I think those touches change throughout the series as to what they imply for each Lee and Amanda’s feelings and where they are in their emotional journey. A spark starts immediately, IMHO, and I think touches play an important part of what moves them forward in their relationship journey. It’s been mentioned many times how Service Above and Beyond was such a pivotal episode for Lee. I find it interesting that he is able to explore touch (and thus, the feelings that come with that touch) freely without Amanda being aware, when he carries an unconscious Amanda down the stairs and then touches her hair in the ambulance (again, while he thinks she is unconscious). Then as they are internally exploring (and in Lee’s case, denying) their feelings throughout the remainder of Season 1 and into Season 2, their touches are perhaps their way of articulating what their words cannot or maybe aren’t ready to yet. I can only imagine how much more significant that made the slap in Burn Out! Season 3 touches are, in my opinion, starting to be a little more transparent, where words or other actions start to catch up with the physical touch (i.e. Wizard – the convo at lunch followed by the flowers he gives her in the tag). Then by Season 4 their touches have become a clear outward expression of their complete emotional connection.

      I hope that made sense. I chose Amandarambler as my handle for a reason. If anyone is scared that they followed that, thank you. Haha


      • Thanks for your thoughts! We love Amanda’s rambles! I love the subtle, familiar touches they have for eachother. Just very considerate. Lee guiding Amanda down steps, or in and out of the car. Simply holding hands naturally. The holding of hands while being chased by the bad guys.. things like that. Guess I’ve been conditioned to modern TV as opposed to what is displayed on SMK. Wonder if it was a natural thing between BB and KJ or were they directed to behave that way. I love it.. very romantic!


        • I totally agree, HappyBaby. It’s like it was just always natural for them…in the beginning maybe a subconscious response and over time grows into a beautiful, deliberate form of expression for them. Hand holds from season 3 are my favorites. They send my heart a flutter.


  2. I am glad that you plan to finish walking through all of Season 4. I have been trying to catch up to where you currently are in the walk (I guess you could say that I have been running.???) I have just finished reading the posts and comments for Season 3 Sour Grapes and am truly enjoying it. I still wish that I had found you all earlier; you all seem like a family, and I would love to have been a part of that. I am still hoping that I will be able to finish the walk with you all, and maybe get a chance to get to know you a little better. I really don’t have anyone around me that understands or shares my love for SMK, so it is nice to know that I am not alone. I guess I said all that to say that I am glad that I found all of you here, and I am really glad that you will continue the walk at whatever pace you are able to continue it. I understand RL issues – I work full time, am going to grad school, and babysit three little grandsons about once a week. I seem to find myself coming to this blog every chance I get. I think my daughter thinks I am obsessed. She may be right! Looking forward to the future, and thanks for this adventure!!

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    • WELCOME!!!!!!! Yep, we are still hanging around. And we are all obsessed, just a little bit. 🙂

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    • Happy that you found US! I too was a ‘Late Bloomer’ to this site. I was happy to find other fans of SMK, even in Germany. I sort of kept my fondness for SMK to myself. Then when I was in Munich and Salzburg(Yes, for the Oktober Fest, too bad they did not put Amanda&Lee in Traditional Bavarian Costumes that would have been nice and yummy) I took a few photos at places where SMK had filmed scenes. I then met other SMK Fans from around the World doing the same thing! So You are not alone.

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  3. JWWM has been to me and my life almost what Lee was to Amanda’s. That may sound dramatic, but I discovered JWWM during a tough time and losing myself in SMK goodness thanks to JWWM helped me get through that. Falling into the “rabbit hole”, I found some great new friends, had tons of laughs, and even picked up some tech skills that help me in my job today (No, I haven’t put it on my resume in case you were wondering 😀 )

    Like you, iwsod, my time in life to give to Lee and Amanda and JWWM is hard to come by. But like so many other commenters, I will always be around, commenting when I can. I too plan to be there to raise a glass with you and Cindy in 2025! Thank you for this wonderful blog!!


    • 🙂 Yep, it definitely has become more than just a blog about a 35 year old show.


    • I agree. Love the blog, love the comments 😀 I don’t like season 4, sorry😥 so I am not commenting as I don’t like being negative. But I will give my views when it’s completed. Thank you iwsod for all you have done, you are amazing 😉 this was a tv show, now it’s a movement 😀😀


  4. Hi All.. Been busy myself, but I’m still around. Currently working on transcribing ‘Bad Timing.’ I should be popping in a bit more here and there. Take it at any pace you need to, Iwsod. This show is meant to be enjoyed!


  5. Thanks for the update, Iwsod. Very pleased that it’s good RL stuff making you busier 🙂
    I have a bit more time than BJo and Iwsod at the moment so I’m happy to help with formatting and posting any guest posts that anyone wants. Would be great to have some guest posts! Please email us (see sidebar) if you’re keen. You don’t have to be a writer – just a keen fan…


  6. ❤ this blog and whatever you can do is great! Thank you for all you do.


  7. Thank you for this wonderful walk. I pop very very frequently to read an episode. I think I probably know them by heart now.
    Can’t believe it is seven years. Amazing dedication!


  8. I’m so appreciative of this walk Iwsod; Whatever you can do when you do it is fabulous! This has been an obvious labor of love and all who participate here get to soak up the joy. Hope life is going well for you and everybody!


  9. I am on the shy side when it comes to making comments and such, But I really do enjoy this Walk! So no worries about how long whatever will take. So far you have been doing a fantastic job. I am reading thru the earlier posts enjoying all the feedback and comments, and I am still in Season One.

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    • I am reading thru the earlier posts enjoying all the feedback and comments, and I am still in Season One

      Great plan! Having first discovered JWWM about 18 months ago, systematically starting over at S1E1 will be my strategy, too. My previous “strategy” was erratic.


  10. I’m a silent reader but I love this blog!
    Do not worry, good things take their time! See how long it took for Lee and Amanda to become a couple….
    I can wait patiently.

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  11. I don’t comment often, but I am always eager to read your posts and everyone’s comments. No matter how slow you go, I will be here, at the end.
    Do you remember I was doing a walk through Lee’s Apartments ? I have finished Season 3, if you would like to use it sometime to fill in a break. And I can hurry up and finish off Season 4, if I have enough motivation.

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  12. Love, love. love this blog IWSOD! I shall crack a special bottle of champagne in 2025!

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