Blog Post for Organising ‘re-walks’!

Hiya everyone! I’m copying over this comments thread
[from the smk update thread] so organising a walk through of previous episode posts can be discussed in the comments section of this post.

Yes… More Danger.. Excitement and…. Innnnnnntrigue!!!!
Let the smk fun continue!



Amandarambler | November 5, 2018 at 10:53 am |

Hey JWWM followers!! As a newer follower of JWWM, I think it would be really fun to connect with those of you who have been part of the walk for years and also engage newer folks like me who didn’t come by JWWM until later on. I had an idea about something while we “just wait with Iwsod” , and threw this idea out to her. She suggested I add a comment to the blog to see how much interest we may have in this approach.

So…would any of you be interested in simultaneously and as collectively as possible going on a re-walk through an episode’s posts (or multiple episodes)? I’ve been going through a few throughout the last several weeks while I watched through the series in revised order (which is fabulous, and thanks to all who added to making it). But I watched it so fast I wasn’t able to keep up the same pace with JWWM and would love to go back to some episodes to kinda simmer on them some more. We could collectively decide on maybe an episode a week?…Watch it if possible, and go back through all the posts/comments for that episode, adding comments as we go through it that week, if so inclined? It has been really awesome to think through and appreciate everyone’s viewpoints on those eps I have binge-commented on recently, and would love to find a way to keep our “walk”ing legs active before we get back to Nightcrawler…

Anyhoo, what are your thoughts? Please share your thoughts by replying to this comment if you would like to re-visit maybe an episode a week or so, and if you have any suggestions for an episode or groupings of episodes or something….

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!


  • Nancy | November 5, 2018 at 1:16 pmBack in early September, after Gilby57 posted that she was in S1 going through the episodes, I’ve been doing the same, albeit slowly as RL permits. Like you, I am using the brilliant revised order, making comments along the way. Next for me is “I am not now, nor have I …”That being said, count me in, you have a great idea. An episode per week sounds incredibly ambitious as we are headed into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays. An episode each month perhaps?


    • iwsod | November 5, 2018 at 6:59 pm would you guys like me to publish a little post about this – so you have a post to comment on and discuss plans?
      I can do a super quick post and leave you guys to organise yourselves if you like.. just let me know. [If you are happy just to keep using this post that’s cool too]
      Great idea Amandarambler – and hiya Nancy – I’m so glad you are commenting along the way


      • Amandarambler | November 5, 2018 at 10:36 pmYay!!!!! So happy to hear from everyone!! Iwsod, whatever is the easiest way for you for this discussion to continue sounds great to me!Also, to everyone, I’m loving your thoughts and excited to get the ball rolling to form a plan! I’m thinking we could select episodes at random, not necessarily have to do back to back episodes in order – maybe skip around some, maybe highlight a couple per season or select eps that have a general theme – favorites, non-favorites, ALCE around Christmas?, excessive dimple or Duffy sightings, etc. (Not saying we would do ALL that I just suggested, but throwing out grouped ideas…”noodles” to work with, to quote Quidd…


  • Cindy Davis | November 5, 2018 at 2:17 pmHey I am in, I might be able to convince Clagjanet to run through it again.  
  • Gilby57 | November 5, 2018 at 8:13 pm |Great Idea! But as mentioned the Holidaze are coming so maybe we could start with an Episode every 2 weeks? And then when the January Blahs set in we could do an Episode a week. Just a suggestion. Not sure how to phrase this? Gilby57 is a He, Yes that is Me. 
  • sara | November 5, 2018 at 11:28 pmI’m in. The most I’ve been able to do these days is read and ‘like’ but I’m on board.  
  • clagjanet | November 6, 2018 at 1:48 amI’m in! 
  • jule | November 6, 2018 at 2:53 am
    Sounds like a lovely idea! I may not be able to comment much but I will definitely follow with glee!

    Discuss away – who wants to be involved.. and how you’d like to go about it. [real life means I will likely only be able to participate sporadically!] I’ll leave it in your hands guys! Iwsod.

121 responses to “Blog Post for Organising ‘re-walks’!

  1. June is coming to a close. It’s time to pass the baton. I’m tagging Sara to choose the episode for our July rewatch.


    • Sure! I’m leaving town and won’t be back before July begins, but how about “The ACM Kid.” ?


      • Our first look at Lee’s apartment and watching him interact with a kid; it will be great fun! I’m in for the first half of July; then it’s off to the land of Oz, taking a turn caring for my mother.

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        • Yay! Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple of weeks- 4 kids at home during the summer keeps me busy! 😊 So excited for this episode, Sara!


  2. Amandarambler

    Hey gang! We are on vacation this week so before I forget and while I have one quick minute, Nancy…TAG! You’re it for selecting our June re-walk episode! 😁


    • My siblings and I have been dealing with a relative situation for the past 14 months. We finally convinced our 90-year old widowed mother to move to the same city as one of her children. I love this episode for two key reasons: (1) we get the opportunity to learn so much about Lee Stetson’s personal background and (2) Lee opens up, inviting Amanda to interact with his only relative!

      For the month of June 2019, my choice is S2’s A Relative Situation


  3. Hey JWWM! S Manibhai picked an awesome episode for April – Saved By the Bells. If you haven’t commented, please feel free to do so over at those posts!

    So S Manibhai…it’s tag time! Who do you tag to select May’s episode? (It’s ok to repeat tag someone who has already chosen if you like.)


    • In that case, I choose you Amandarambler. I can’t wait to see what you choose for May!


      • Yay!! Thank you, SmanyB! (I see you are able to use that handle again. 😊)

        So how about for the month of May we skip a bit forward and all go crazy for spring cleaning and maids in May!?! Life of the Party, Season 2, here we come!!!! So many great moments in that episode! What do you guys think?


  4. It’s time to hand over the reins and crown as my reign of Ms. #2019 Rewatch Episode Chooser comes to an end. For the gorgeous spring (or fall) month of April, I nominate SmanyB to choose our next episode in the walk.


  5. Hello all you wonderful JWWMers! Sorry I haven’t been around as much as I’d hoped lately. We have had one unexpected major thing after another going on. But so very excited so many are participating in our rewalk and are commenting! It makes me giddy to see comments come through!! 🤗

    Cindy, it is your turn to “tag” someone to select an April episode, as the new month is quickly approaching! Can you guys believe we are almost in APRIL!?!?


  6. Wow – February was a short and very, very cold month indeed. For March Madness episode I am going to fire up the WABACK machine (bonus points if you know the origin) and choose * drumroll *
    “There Goes the Neighborhood”, which I contend is one of the best, if not the best second episode of any series ever shown.

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    • I lovelovelove this episode. Will start mixing the margaritas now!

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    • As a kid, I was a big fan of Rocky and Bullwinkle, who had a character with a wayback time travel machine, though I much preferred Boris and Natasha. No wonder I took to S&MK instantly … like a duck takes to water!

      S1E2 is a splendid choice! Lee barging into that creep’s office is a scene I cherish.

      No deep freeze here, just single digit negative temperatures overnight, but my home resembles an igloo with snow above the eaves and the garage has become the only entry-exit I’m able to keep clear. We’re in the double digits for feet of snow this 2018-2019 winter season. The ski hill just a few miles away from me got over 200 inches of snowfall thus far just in the month of February and more is on the way before the calendar turns to March.

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      • PS: For the mathematically challenged: 200 inches equals 16.67 feet

        That translates to just over 5 meters for those using the metric system.

        PPS: I’ll pitch in a bottle of white rum. Who’s bringing the fresh lime, sugar and ice so Lee can make daiquiris for us?

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    • Great choice!

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    • Amandarambler

      Yay, Cindy! There Goes the Neighborhood! Be still my Golden Circle Girl heart!! I don’t drink, so maybe I can see if there’s a giant boar’s head laying around that I can contribute…😂

      See everyone over at TGTN starting tomorrow!

      Iwsod, thanks for adding a link to the episode. Would you mind changing it to read “the episode for March” instead of “February”? 😉

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      • Thanks for letting me know re typo. All fixed- ugh you can tell I’m busy huh?! Hope you r all well, I’m loving reading everyone’s thoughts!!


        • Amandarambler

          All I can say is that March may be a loooooong month for my family. I haven’t even watched TGTN yet and here I am flipping grilled cheese sandwiches and singing, “She’s a golden circle girl, yes she is, yes she is, she’s a golden circle girl, yes she iiiiiiisss!” 🤣


  7. It’s a short month, so I’m going to do this while I’m thinking about it and tag Cindy Davis to pick our March Madness episode.

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  8. Hey all!! I hope those of you in the bitterly cold regions haven’t turned into icicles, and that the rest of you are also doing well.

    Since tomorrow is Feb 1, we will head over to To Catch a Mongoose, as selected by clagjanet for our #2019rewatch! This is my last crazy weekend for a few weeks, so it might take a few days before I can get there, but I look forward to seeing everyone at TCAM soon! And if you have never commented and/or it’s been awhile since you have, it would be awesome to hear from you!

    Iwsod, could you add another awesomely helpful link to To Catch a Mongoose like you did for Waiting for Godorsky? You rock!

    Thanks again to Nancy for her amazing job at researching some really interesting historical insights and guiding us through a fun January rewalk through WFG!!

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  9. #2019 rewatch

    After some thought… it’s January and I need something to lighten the mood of these short days in the Northern Hemisphere so I pick “To Catch a Mongoose” as our next episode. And for those of you in the hazy hot days of Southern Hemisphere summer, it won;t require too much concentration to enjoy! 🙂


  10. Hey gang! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying January’s re-walk through Waiting for Godorsky! I hope it has enhanced this episode for you as much as it has for me. If you haven’t had a chance to revisit WFG, I hope you will come on over and join the conversation!

    I have a few large real life events coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I wanted to go ahead and start up the conversation about the next episode for February’s rewalk. Nancy, it’s your turn to “tag” someone to choose the next episode. 😊

    Also, my two cents for (what it’s worth. Maybe less than 2 cents??? Haha): I have enjoyed the fact that we have been skimming through the series in order. What I mean by that is that it has been kinda neat to be rewatching without going back and forth in seasons, backwards in episodes, etc. Not saying we have to continue that way, but it could be cool to keep along that structure. It’s also been interesting to me to see the character development through this wider lens. So maybe a selection from the European episodes for February?

    No pressure. Again, just my opinion. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts.

    Whoever gets tagged by Nancy make a selection and we’ll go with it!


  11. Pingback: Current Episode for Re-Walk: | "Just walk with me.."

  12. Merry, Merry Christmas, JWWM!!!! May you have a very special one!!

    And Nancy…TAG! You’re it!! Would you like to choose the next episode for the rewalk for the month of January?😁


    • Seasons Greetings to everyone!
      I’m off to an evening candlelight service and stopped by to wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all, who celebrate Christ’s birth.

      I’ll accept your kind offer, Amandarambler. A favorite of mine is Waiting for Godorsky and if that is acceptable to everyone, let’s go for it in the new year 2019!!


  13. Hey JWWM gang!! Just a reminder….we will head our #2018rewatch over to The Long Christmas Eve starting this Sat, Dec 1!! In the meantime, feel free to continue to share your insights on ALAGHITM (and poor Bo’s chili)!!!

    You guys are awesome! Hope everyone is doing well.

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  14. Rewalking and discussing? This sounds like fun, esp since I’m a newby to this site. How shall I proceed?


  15. Hey everyone! Our re-walk through Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth has been full of fun and great comments thus far! There’s still time to join in if you haven’t done so already. Maybe bring a bowl of chili along with you and brace yourself for a Thanksgiving miracle or two! 😂

    Just wanted to wish all of you, no matter where on the globe you are, a Happy Thanksgiving – a day where we can show gratitude for the good things in our lives. I’m thankful for special gifts of all shapes and sizes, and am so thankful for JWWM and this community that is part of it! Thanks to each of you for welcoming those of us like me who haven’t been around since it’s inception into this awesome place with open arms, and Iwsod, thank you especially for creating this fabulous outlet where we can talk about this wonderful show and also spend time just simmering in the journey – I’m finding I’m carrying that perspective over into other areas of life also. You guys rock! ❤

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  16. Hey everyone! Just want to make sure to clarify- we have commenced our re-walk through Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth! Just access the episode’s posts by selecting Season 1 links in the Menu, then select the episode from the list. And remember to start your comments with our #2018rewatch hashtag! Looking forward to hearing from you all over there! 🤗


  17. A rewatch sounds like a great idea- no matter how we do it, in order or by chosen episodes,count me in!


  18. Yes, count me in. Real life crazy and keeps me busy but will participate as much as possible. Just let me know how you guys are going to go about it.


    • We just started with Always Look A Gift Horse … Amandarambler chose it for what remains of November because it’s set during Thanksgiving in the USA.

      For the month of December, iwsod suggested The Long Christmas Eve and we start that December 1st.

      We’re posting a comment-insight on the episode blog. To highlight it’s part of this re-walk, begin your post with: #2018rewatch

      Hope this helps, samellatrent!


  19. Oh my goodness, you guys, I am so excited about the response to this I could pop!!!!!
    #2018rewatch, HERE WE COME!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    So, I guess we can start with ALAGHITM over the weekend and work through it until Dec 1!!! Maybe whoever is “it” for the episode set the pace through that ep’s posts…Since ALAGHITM is in season 1 and has fewer posts, we could linger at each post before moving to the next one – eps with more posts maybe we can open up a few posts at a time before moving ahead to the next several posts for that ep? That way it could be more similar to when Iwsod is walking through an episode and publishing new posts?

    So in other words, when you see the episode “leader” comment on a new post with #2018rewatch, that post is then considered up for commenting and we’ll all hang out there until the leader moves ahead? Does this make sense and/or sound easy to follow?

    Have I mentioned that THIS IS SO EXCITING!?!?!?! 🤗🤗 I’m so excited to be connecting with the JWWM, old and new, all over the globe. Iwsod, you are so awesome for starting and sustaining JWWM. THANK YOU!

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    • Sorry, the end should say “so excited to be connecting with the JWWM community, old and new…”


    • go Amandarambler! Lets see how we go with speed and timing.. some of us may be sporadic – but if we are all looking at the same episode in the same month – chances are we’ll be able to have some great exchanges together! As you say the coverage of different eps varies in depth so we’ll see. some of the early eps deserve more love and attention than they originally got that’s for sure!
      I’d be curious to see what insights come from the scripts as we visit these random episodes – often I never got to the scripts because I had no time.. this is a chance to dig in some more and maybe discover a few more gems.. If anyone is interested and has the time to review them – please share with us?!

      I’m guessing Amandarambler will be counting duffy appearances! lol.
      BJo will be looking for Jill appearances.
      I’m going to continue looking for the Hollywood sign!
      and Cindy is going to be playing her drinking game?! [Did I guess right Cindy?!]

      Who is on fashion police patrol as we watch??!!!
      can we have a coincidence alarm while we are at it?! You know.. like whenever Amanda is in the middle of a case but it has nothing to do with her working for he agency?!
      What will you be looking out for as we go everyone? 🙂


      • sheepishly…I just watched Sudden Death & ALAGHITM, and yes, Iwsod, I did look for Duffy!!! 🤣 And the Hollywood sign! 🤣🤣🤣

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      • Yep, getting the drinking game tweaked as we speak (though you can substitute chocolate or drinking a non alcoholic beverage if you want) I modifying one I found on line and it now has over 90 “Take a shot when” — I think for the sake of everyone’s liver, I am going to pare that down a bit. 😛


  20. Great! I look forward enjoying SMK again. But, I will be on vacation til the 1st of December. I am visiting for Thanksgiving, last time I did Turkey Day in the USA was 1981. Anyway I will be back for The Walk in December.


  21. I’m in too! I’ve been wanting to start the walk over and go through each episode more slowly so I could catch the fun stuff I miss while crocheting 🙄

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  22. If it’s okay I’d rather not walk through the episodes in order – or in a revised order at this stage. I prefer the idea of doing a random episode, and going with TLCE at Christmas.. with the aim of walking through the whole show again in order once season 4 is finished (and I can then expand on the teeny tiny walks through early season 1 episodes!).
    I’ll happily go with the general consensus here as I know I won’t be able to participate as much as others..

    For the rewalk – the links are all in the upper menu. If anyone has trouble finding a link – you can ask someone to share it with you in comments of this post.

    I like the idea of marking a comment as being part of a re-walk!

    I too am thinking a new episode a month works.. And starting TLCE on December 1st makes sense..
    If we are settled on the timing.. how about Amandarambler gets the ball rolling and chooses the first episode to walk through?
    Then, after walking through TLCE in December – Amandarambler can maybe nominate the next person to choose the next episode? [like tag you’re it!]
    Best keep it simple I think!


  23. I would like to participate. This sounds like fun!!


  24. Hi eveveryone, just rediscover smk this summer and found JWWM at the same time. Living in a small french canadian town where nobody spoke english back in the 80’s, i had no one to talk about the show. Being very late to the party, i didn’t make any comments, but i loved reading them. Looking forward re-walking with you all.


  25. So loving everyone’s feedback and looking forward to more as we brainstorm to devise a plan! 😊😊😊😊

    Having come off just finishing up the series in JWWM revised order, I find so much value in the line of thinking of going through that together, but just wondering – is the right time to do so? If so, wonderful! If not, ok too! I’m up for anything! Just wanting a fun and not stressful or pressured way to keep the JWWM community connected. 😁

    If we did a series revised order, even at one episode a week (which may not be feasible for some, while others may be able to do more) it would be the end of 2019 or more likely into 2020 before we catch up to Nightcrawler. Which may be fine, if everyone’s up for that and if that’s a help to Iwsod towards her publishing those season 4 posts?

    If waiting until series end to start back at the beginning and re-visit posts ep by ep in revised order is better for Iwsod and everyone, fine.
    But perhaps we could try something similar but flexible. So, if you want to start now with TFT and watch through revised order at a pace of say, four eps a month, go! But if that’s an unrealistic option for you, perhaps we could all agree to definitely meet back at one particular episode a month on JWWM to walk through it’s posts and comments collectively over a particular week? So for example, if we began next week through mid-December, you could watch TFT, TGTN, ACM Kid, and Magic Bus. But if you only want to commit to one ep during that time, what if we all meet at Magic Bus by the end of December 8? Then anyone who wanted to keep a ep/week pace could proceed with the next 4 eps (ITCK, SD, Gift Horse, SAAB), but everyone meeting back at SAAB by the end of the first week of Jan? (Sadly, this plan wouldn’t fit TLCE in December, though. But Jan! Close! And watching SAAB is it’s own gift that keeps on giving, wouldn’t you say?😉)

    Does that make sense? If we want to stick with a revised order ep by ep plan, we probably need to have that order easily accessible as we start.

    Also, clagjanet, I like your idea of having some way to notate that we are commenting during the re-walk (like a hashtag or something). Any other thoughts on that?

    Now if Iwsod will be ready with Nightcrawler sooner, perhaps we should just go with a lighter plan, like an ep every two weeks, randomly selected or just skipping through the series (like a different episode every two weeks for a few months, selected from three or four episodes per season to get up to Nightcrawler).

    That was really long. Sorry. Was trying to keep it simple. But sometimes I can get a bit “enthused”…😂


    • Hi there:

      Would be all in to start the walk again from the beginning. Maybe two episodes per month, with each walk on a designated day of the week.

      So excited to be a part of this as I too am late to the party!

      Thanks so much for getting this together!


    • LOL, I am running on very little sleep and not enough caffeine so this is too complicated for my poor little brain. I think having an episode every two weeks and you can jump in or not is something I can handle. Besides the way the universe interferes with my life, I would get hit by a meteor and miss the monthly check in.


      • Cindy, you have me laughing out loud!!
        No worries. I wrote it and it hurt my brain, too. Way to make things complicated, Amandarambler…😉🤪


  26. I know one of the Facebook groups does Viewing Parties and try to comment in real time,but that’s not going to happen when we are scattered all around the globe in such different time zones. Perhaps we could treat like a book club? Try and watch the episode every second Sunday and then discuss from Tuesday on, so that everyone’s had a chance to see it?

    And are we we just adding onto the existing blog posts for each episode? Maybe add #2018rewatch to the newest comments so people can search them easily?

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  27. I am good walking through every episode in order because most of the them have nuggets of goodness in them and shows their developing relationship, however, I can jump around too, if that most people prefer.


  28. Definitely sounds like fun. I do try to read comments when I can. Those who’ve been around know that I don’t comment myself very much. Have been enjoying Amandarambler’s insights and would enjoy rewatching and commenting on episodes together.


  29. I’d be interested – I found this place kind of late and there were lots of posts on which I wanted to comment, but didn’t because it had been a few years since the last comment.

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  30. Yay!!! It is so exciting to hear from everyone!!! I can’t wait to connect with you all during this re-walk!

    Now, does anyone have any suggestions for which episodes we tackle or how we go about choosing which ones to do?


    • I’ll reply to myself here to say that I am happy selecting the episodes at random, or maybe highlighting a few from each season that seem pivotal or that stood out to me differently upon my recent binge series watch in revised order. Or we can decide of a theme of some sort – could be a funny or a serious theme. Thoughts?

      I do like TLCE during December. Maybe we could sneak one or even two more in before that. Next week is Veteran’s Day here in the states, so maybe we could watch one related to that connected more to the military (A Relative Situation? Artful Dodger (ha!)?)….too bad there’s not really any Thanksgivingy episodes.

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  31. Same here! Happy to follow and comment when I can! Great diversion from “real life”!


  32. Can I join in? Like SilverCorvette, I love ❤️ reading everyone’s comments but don’t often comment as everyone seems to take the words right out of my mouth.

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  33. I love the idea of walking through TLCE around Christmas time.. SMK’y Christmas here we come!

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  34. Now is a great time to join in and comment for the first time!!!!
    So, in light of this…
    An FYI to any new commenters
    Your first comment will always go into moderation for approval before it is published. This is a precaution to keep JWWM spam free and full of just fun stuff!
    If you are commenting for the first time – be sure to write a comment that tells myself or one of the moderators that you are a real person who has a real love for SMK and it’s characters. If you have a real love for it- then this should be easy 🙂

    Please be mindful of spoilers
    As we enjoy the show together – please try not to jump ahead of where the walk is currently up to (the end of episode ‘It’s in the Water’). I want to walk through upcoming episodes with fresh eyes. I think there are other readers who are doing the same.. I know it’s not easy – and I appreciate your patience!
    Let’s encourage each other to be strong and not jump ahead.
    Thanks guys! 🙂


  35. I will join in – I always read but don’t often comment, but I will try to do more.

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