Current Episode for Re-Walk:

For the month of March 2019  JWWM will re-walk through:

Season One, Episode 2: There Goes the Neighbourhood – See post 1/3 HERE

What’s the re-walk? read about it HERE

Don’t forget to tag your comment #2019rewatch

Previously covered episodes in the re-walk:
Season Two, Episode 1: To Catch a Mongoose -Find post 1/9 HERE
Waiting for Godorsky (January 2019)
A Long Christmas eve (December 2018)
Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (November 2018)

3 responses to “Current Episode for Re-Walk:

  1. Psst, iwsod, in your “previously covered” rewatch, the November episode is missing. Always Look A Gift Horse …


  2. Iwsod, thanks so much for adding this!

    We are just wrapping up Christmas Break, so planning to get a chance to watch WFG soon and rewalk through the posts. Enjoying everyone’s comments thus far – I’ve learned a lot!

    Happy 2019 to all!!


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