Current Episode for Re-Walk:

For the month of September, Cindy has chosen for JWWM to re-walk through:
Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now – See post 1/16 HERE


I hope you are all well – and I enjoy reading all the comments as they come through. Enjoy!
What’s the re-walk? read about it HERE

Please don’t forget to tag your comment #2019rewatch

Previously covered episodes in the re-walk:
September 2019 – Clagjanet chose: Times they are a Changin’
July/August 2019 – Sara chose: The ACM Kid
June 2019 – Nancy chose: A Relative Situation
May 2019 – Amandarambler chose: Life of the Party
April 2019 – SamnyB chose: Saved by the Bells
Mar 2019 – Cindy chose: There Goes the Neighbourhood
Feb 2019 – clagjanet chose: To Catch a Mongoose
Jan 2019 – Nancy chose: Waiting for Godorsky 
Dec 2018 – Iwsod chose: A Long Christmas Eve
Nov 2018 -Amandarambler chose: Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

-any errors? just comment and let me know!

23 responses to “Current Episode for Re-Walk:

  1. Greetings Iwsod,
    Would you please update our #2019 rewatch for October? Cindy Davis chose Utopia Now.


  2. Hey Iwsod! When you have a spare minute, could you update the current episode for August? Clagjanet has selected The Times They Are A-Changin’ for August. You rock! Thank you!!!


    • Hi Amandarambler – you rock toooooo! 🙂

      Hey see my comment in reply to Clagjanet here: Here

      I’ve suggested let’s keep ACM kid for August and then start Times they are a changin in September.
      any objections? I’m happy to go with consensus.
      Hope you are all keeping well!


  3. Hi iwsod ~ For the month of July, Sara has chosen The ACM Kid for us to revisit. So, when the time is right, will you please wave your magic wand?

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  4. Hi iwsod! I hope all is well with you as winter arrives in The Land Down Under. For me, in The Land Up Over, summer is gradually making its appearance after a winter of record-breaking snowfall followed by a very rainy spring!

    Amandarambler tagged me, Nancy, to select an episode for the month of June 2019. My choice has us revisiting S2’s “A Relative Situation.” Would you please find a few minutes to update our Current Episode for Re-Walk? Thank you very much!

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  5. Amandarambler

    Yay, atroposinthehouse!! So exciting to hear from you and that you are enjoying the rewalk! I personally highly recommend if you are doing a rewatch of the entire series using the JWWM revised order. It takes this show to the next level of awesome. 😊 It would also be awesome to hear your comments on the episode posts as you go through our rewalk episodes!

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  6. atroposinthehouse

    Really enjoying this rewalk. I started my own rewalk in March 2019 in preparation for a BB appearance at a local convention. Happy I dont have to walk alone anymore


  7. Amandarambler

    Hey Iwsod! When you have a chance, can you update the post for current episode to Life of the Party in May? 🎉😊 Thank you!!


  8. Amandarambler

    Iwsod, that pic for Saved By the Bells is PRICELESS!!! 😂😂😂😂 I needed that laugh so much! Thanks for the update to the post. I am hoping to re-watch and join the conversation very soon!! This is one of my fave Season 1 episodes!!

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  9. Psst, iwsod, in your “previously covered” rewatch, the November episode is missing. Always Look A Gift Horse …


  10. Iwsod, thanks so much for adding this!

    We are just wrapping up Christmas Break, so planning to get a chance to watch WFG soon and rewalk through the posts. Enjoying everyone’s comments thus far – I’ve learned a lot!

    Happy 2019 to all!!


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