Announcement–The Walk continues: Season 4, Episode 6: Night Crawler starts 1 December 2019!

Hi Everyone!

Get Ready – December 1st, 2019 the walk through Night Crawler is happening!!!

After such a long hiatus I hope that we can all reconnect here together! Who will be joining us in real time as we walk through Night Crawler together hmm? If you are out there please say hi!!

This blog is moving to an ‘episode event’ format. The walk through Night Crawler will commence 1st December 2019. We may continue with Night Crawler into January 2020. I don’t know when the next episode ‘Billy’s Lost Weekend’ will commence, it may or may not be straight after – I’ll need to see how I go.. I’ll keep you updated!

I’m happy to go with the flow and just enjoy with you all – no schedule to follow. Just fun! So, we’ll see how we go… I think some episodes or scenes can stimulate more discussion than others – so I like to keep the walking pace adaptable..

Real life demands mean we’ll continue with this ‘event’ format for the foreseeable future.  I am committed to walking through every smk episode! In between walks through new episodes, feel free to explore previous episodes as the conversation never really ends it just keeps on going! Smile 

I relish any time I can get to indulge my love of this show and engage with you all along the way, and am forever grateful to you wonderful people who stop by here and share their love for this fabulous little 80’s show that aired just a few years with us all. Thanks everyone! JWWM wouldn’t be here if not for you!!!! thankyou2

See you back here on December 1st!

smelling salts label

Get ready- Swoony times ahead!!!!!

22 responses to “Announcement–The Walk continues: Season 4, Episode 6: Night Crawler starts 1 December 2019!

  1. Hello everyone! After many, many months I’ve finally made it back here. So missed being able to read and comment. I am hoping to be better at contributing to this awesome walk. First I need to catch up to where you all are and then I will go back to what else I have missed.

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  2. Oh boy! More SMK with the JWWM crew! Getting my 🍫 and 🍷 ready to descend into the rabbit hole with side trips to the gutter.

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  3. This update made my day!

    So happy to be a part of this walk while it’s in progress!

    Looking forward to it!

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  4. I’m really excited! I was so happy to see your post. I’m looking forward to rewatching this episode. I love the idea of an “episode event” format. I’ve missed reading your commentary, iwsod, and everybody else’s thoughts & opinions too. Can”t wait for the 1st!

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  5. Iwsod, this is literally a Christmas present for me and something I am genuinely thankful for this Thanksgiving, which may sound odd, but things in real life have been really intense lately, and this will be just the stress-reliever I need. I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!! Yippppeeeeeee!!!!

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  6. Can’t wait

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  7. Hi Iwsod, I am so glad you have been able to find time to continue the Walk. I will be following along for sure.

    note from Iwsod: I edited your handle for you so it read ‘SilverCorvette’ hope that’s okay..


  8. Great news! I am in for the long run.

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    • Hello Steeldust – I see you’ve commented once before under a different name but with same email address – would you like me to alter the handle on your previous comment so it’s Steeldust? You are very welcome by the way – great to have you along for the walk!


  9. I am so in!

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  10. Hi everyone! Woot Woot is right!!!

    Hey for anyone reading and hoping to join in and comment for the first time – just a heads up:
    The first time you comment it will go into moderation.
    This is in place to keep JWWM spam free.
    Feel free to jump in and comment for the first time: But if you do – make sure you are showing me in your comment you are actually a real person who loves smk and knows who Lee and Amanda are – if you just say ‘hello’ your comment looks like spam (and believe me I get these comments a lot!).
    So tip: do say hi, and maybe tell us something about Lee, Amanda or smk that you love – okay?
    Any troubles you can email me.
    Newcomers are welcome! All smk fans are welcome!

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  11. So very excited to be a part of the walk in real time!!!

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  12. Looking forward to it,

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  13. Happy day. Hanging out in the background as usual awaiting all the insightful and fun comments to come.

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  14. Hi Iwsod!

    “I was born ready!” Ward Bond replied to John Wayne in the 1953 Western “Hondo”.

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  15. Hi. Yeah!

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  16. Hi! waves Thank you, Iwsod! I look forward to it! I may be busy too from time to time, but I’ll play catch up. 😀

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  17. Wonderful. I have missed this site so much xxx

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