SMK JWWM Christmas – Anyone wish to contribute memes?

Hi All!  2020 has been a tough year, so for a laugh I’m planning to gather together in a blog post, all the Christmas Memes that have been created by the JWWM/SMK community over the years and maybe add some new ones. Anyone want to contribute?

I’ll publish the memes blog post 26 Dec (my time)/25 Dec (most other people’s time)! So if anyone would like to contribute any SMKy Christmas/holiday/new year memes please email them to me and I’ll include them in the post. No pressure to- but thought I’d open it up to those who would like to take up this chance to have some SMKy fun! Email in the sidebar.

FYI- I’ve finished writing up Santa’s Got a New Bag [with Clagjanet’s massive help via the transcript!]
– starting 18/12 I will publish a new post every couple of days, covering the episode in 7 posts (with one meme post in the middle) – then the walk will pause for a break January/February. Thanks!

So what do you think??? :)

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