Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2020!

Hi Everyone, for a laugh (groan/huff/snigger), I’ve gathered together all the Christmas/Holiday Memes that have been created by the JWWM/SMK community over the years. And.. added a few new ones!! Ho Ho Ho!!!! Enjoy!!

1. Attributed to Liel:

2. Attributed to Iwsod:

3. Attributed to KC:

4. Attributed to Iwsod:
5. Attributed to Liel:SMKSweetDreams.Liel

6. Attributed to Iwsod:

7. Attributed to Iwsod:

8. Attributed to Iwsod:

9. Attributed to Iwsod:
Francine's christmas quarantine...

10. Attributed to Iwsod:


11.Attributed to Iwsod: Man in a Red Hat Christmas gif Meme12. Attributed to Iwsod:

13. Attributed to Liel:

14. Attributed to Iwsod:

15. Attributed to Iwsod:

16. Attributed to KC:

17. Attributed to Iwsod:

18. Attributed to Iwsod:

19. Attributed to Iwsod:

20. Attributed to Iwsod:

21. Attributed to KC:

22. Attributed to Liel:

23. Attributed to KC:

24. Attributed to Jenbo:

25. Attributed to Iwsod:
26. Attributed to Iwsod:
All I want for christmas..

27. Attributed to Iwsod:

28. Attributed to Iwsod:

29. [There is no excuse for this gif – it just made me laugh so therefore, it’s worth sharing!] Attributed to Iwsod:
Christmas Shimmy meme

30. Attributed to Iwsod:

31. Attributed to Iwsod:
santa tracking

32. Attributed to Iwsod:
office christmas party

33. Attributed to Iwsod:

34. Attributed to Iwsod:
If you are wishing for some more SMK Christmas Goodness, I can suggest you check out BJo’s posts on the stats for The Long Christmas Eve – HERE

Or, the walk through The Long Christmas Eve episode starts – HERE

If I’ve missed any, or wrongly attributed anything please let me know- thanks! Have a great holiday season and bring on 2021!!!


9 responses to “Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2020!

  1. Hahaha, so much fun. Thanks everyone. I sure hope Amanda gets her real ID Badge. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing these! I love them.

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  3. Thanks so much for the SMK Christmas fun, so glad you continue after all these years, IWSOD. Happy New Year to you and yours and to all our JWWM crew, past and present.

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  4. Those were fun! Thanks!

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  5. lielalreadysomeone

    OMG, all those men on the train in the “red hats!” LOLOLOLOLO!
    And bah-humbug Francine is perfect!

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  6. I love all of these — you are all so talented! I wish I knew how to make them.
    My favorites are the Joe King vs. Lee on the couch (soo wrong vs so right!), and “bah humbug” Francine in her safari outfit with the haunted house candle, LOL.

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  7. These were wonderful Iwsod. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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  8. Merry Christmas to all and to all a wonderful New Year.

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