Starting Early April: The Walk through 4.13 Promises to Keep

Hi Everyone,
I’m delighted to confirm, the walk through our next episode, Promises to Keep, will be starting the first weekend in April.
The episode walk is ready to go! Covered in 7 blog posts, I’ll be publishing a new post each weekend till the episode is done.
Thanks to Clagjanet for transcribing this episode!

Hope you can join us for the walk!!! Who’s with us???
A little taster to get us excited for this episode walk! 

Looking forward to walking with you all again soon.

24 responses to “Starting Early April: The Walk through 4.13 Promises to Keep

  1. I have to say — there is something about TP that reminds me so much of Ducky from NCIS. The actors really could have played father and son.

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    • I’m old enough to remember David McCallum as the original Lee Stetson type (although granted, he was a Russian!) so I can safely say I have never seen the resemblance!


  2. lielalreadysomeone

    Having just celebrated Passover, it occurred to me that while it certainly won’t be 40 years between when the Walk was paused and when it will resume (thank goodness!), it’s a bit like Counting the Omer (the 49 days between the second night of Passover and Shavuot)… sort of – LOL! And if the resumption of the walk is Shavuot, does that make the Just Walk With Me site the Torah?! In any case, pauses in the Walk feel like wandering in the desert!
    ~~ I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitstaff.


  3. I really like the Promises to Keep episode. Mostly because of T. Percival Aquinas, who is a favorite character of mine.


  4. lielalreadysomeone

    Yay! Looking forward to continuing the walk. Even though we’ll be at “Promises to Keep” and it might feel like we’re getting close to the end, we still have “miles to go before [we] sleep.” 😉

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  5. Gah! I still owe you a transcript for Mission of Gold! I will get on it asap although if you want just lee and Amanda dialogue, that’s … pretty light. :

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    • Hi Clagjanet, yeah if you want to just do the Lee/Amanda dialogue that’s fine with me. I’m grateful for whatever you can do in all honesty! I’m amazed by how everyone has done transcripts! Thanks so much!!

      You’ll see with Promises to Keep, I’m starting to cut down baddie dialogue because it’s kinda tedious!! but.. hold that thought and I look forward to discussing this with you all when the walk starts again in…. One Week!!!!


      • When I rewatch eps, I fast forward through all scenes that are just the villains. And same with excessive guest good guys like on Boy Who Would Be King.


  6. Wow…I really need to catch up on the rest of your blog then! Can’t wait though!

    (I don’t suppose you can jump ahead after that and do the wedding and Bad Timing next? LOL)


  7. I’m looking forward to it! I’m a looooong time SMK fan — loved it as a teenager in reruns and recently rediscovered it and love it even more now as an adult with my own kids! Absolutely LOVE your blog! Excited to finally join the walk in real time. Thank you for creating this blog where I’ve found “my people” who love SMK as much as I do! 😂❤️


  8. I’m really looking forward to the walks starting again! I’m new to this site, but have been reading all the episodes walks with great interest. I’m amazed at how much more understanding of the episodes I have after reading such wonderful analysis provided by all you wonderful SMK fans 🙂

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    • Hi Callyhua! welcome!!!! You’ve picked a great time to jump in and introduce yourself.
      I look forward to walking with you!

      yeah there’s some pretty awesome clever fellow smk fans here huh! Great people!

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  9. Yeh!
    But getting too close to the end though…..


    • LOL.. I hear ya!
      2 points in reply to this:
      1- don’t worry I’m walking so slowly it’s going to be a while before we reach that Khrushchev List!
      2- don’t worry once we are done, we can just start all over again!!! [ Only next time we can really take our time and dig into those season 1 eps that I started off covering in 3 or 4 posts – ha! This blog has evolved over time, so it isn’t what it use to be – and I honestly am looking forward to really dwelling on early season 1 episodes again!]
      Hope you will be able to join us for that Janetpc!


      • Haha, I actually just started over (again), is there a rule as to how often you can watch the whole series??


        • Hi Esther, welcome back! Great to see you return 🙂
          A rule? Hmmm.. only if you wish to make one I guess! lol. Whatever works I say!

          While we are on the topic of rules: here’s a reminder of the 3 rules that apply on this blog:
          -Keep things PG – just like the show..
          -Be respectful of all views, we are all real people here lol. 🙂
          -Don’t spoil what’s ahead in the walk.

          Maybe I should add a fourth rule: smk is for fun, and so no pressure to participate here or on you to do anything – do what brings you joy all!!! 🙂

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  10. LeeLovesAmanda

    Hurray!!!! I’m looking forward to walking with you (and everyone else too!) This episode is sad to me but I won’t say why as that would be getting ahead of the walk. I do like it, though. Be well, and see you soon!!!

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