Time to Pause the Walk (Back soon!!)

Hello my fellow SMK fans! Just letting you know, the walk is going to need to pause for a few months. Real life is getting in the way – but I promise I will be back, and this walk will continue. I cannot wait to walk through Bad Timing with you all soon!!!! pause-the-walk-gif2_thumb.gif

Thanks to all who visit and actively join conversations on our walk together.  Thanks also to everyone who has helped transcribe the show’s dialogue – and helped keep this blog running (err I mean walking.. you know what I mean..).

In the meantime, you may wish to revisit some previously walked through episodes!!! Do share your thoughts as you go please Smile 

It’s looking like I’ll be back about Sept/Oct.
Once I know for sure the start date, I’ll update to announce the date the walk through Bad Timing will start. Make sure you are subscribed to get these updates in your inbox. I hope everyone will join me again once the walk starts again.
Thanks everyone for your understanding!!

11 responses to “Time to Pause the Walk (Back soon!!)

  1. Walking with you in real time; real life.

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  2. Walking with you in real time; real life.


  3. So sorry to hear that real life is intruding, hope all is well. Looking forward to the walk resuming, and in the meantime I’ll enjoy some older episodes. I’m amazed at how much more detail and nuance I get after seeing the detailed analysis. Can’t wait for Bad Timing!

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  4. We will miss you iwsod! Take good care. With the way this year is passing so quickly, I’ll bet that September/October will be here before we know it. You are the best.

    For myself, I am always happy to revisit older episodes, as I was late to this blog and never got to comment on most of them the first time around. I’m thinking I may take a look at Lost and Found over the next couple days and write a comment (or two, or three…). It is an episode that I adore, but I know that many don’t like it very much and find it hard to watch. Maybe in some small way, I can help to convince someone out there to reconsider it. I know that has been one of my favorite parts of this blog — reading insights about the episodes that I had never noticed or dwelled on before. It brings such a deeper appreciation to the show, for me.

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    • Hi, that episode isn’t bad, not one of my favorites. I’m back at binge watching season 1 again. Although, I haven’t gone in order. I’m on episode three, If thoughts could kill. I will proceed in order afterwards.

      I too joined the walk late and didn’t have a chance to comment on previous seasons. I just recently watched all of season 2 again and gained a whole new perspective which I previously said I really didn’t like.

      I’m looking forward to your comment on Lost and Found.

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  5. lol love your gif! I hope it’s a good kind of busy iswod, you take care!

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  6. If Thoughts Could Kill! is next. Watching There Goes the neighborhood. Love that episode. The kitchen scene is so cute! They act like an old married couple for real.


  7. So sorry things are getting so busy. Take care of yourself and we’ll look forward to seeing you again, hopefully in fall for Bad Timing!

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  8. LeeLovesAmanda

    Best wishes for you in the coming months. We look forward to your return!

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  9. Thanks for the update……… Take care of real life, that’s important. In the meantime, will be waiting for your return to talk about the “Bad Timing” episode (one of my favorites from Season 4). How ironic, the scene above with Lee is from the “Magic Bus” episode, which I watched earlier today.

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