Starting Early October: The Walk through Episode 4:15 Bad Timing

Hi Everyone,
I’m delighted to confirm, the walk through our next episode, Bad Timing, will be starting next weekend!!!
[Depending on your time zone it may reach you on a Friday.]
The episode walk is ready to go! Covered in 6 blog posts, I’ll be publishing a new post each weekend till the episode is done.
Thanks to Sara for transcribing this episode, and for all the funny comments I enjoyed discovering as I worked through the blog post. Open-mouthed smile Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Hope you can join us for the walk!!! Who’s with us???
A little taster to get us excited for this episode Smile 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001110276
I’m so so soooo glad I’m walking with my fellow smk fans again!
Looking forward to walking with you all soon.

15 responses to “Starting Early October: The Walk through Episode 4:15 Bad Timing

  1. As always I’m here to enjoy the wonderful insights of this group.


  2. Looking forward to your return, one of my favorite episodes, Bad Timing. Can’t wait for your post.


  3. This is such happy news, especially coming on the 38th anniversary of SMK! So glad to have you back, iwsod. I really love the plot of Bad Timing — it is definitely one of those episodes that stays with you. I am so looking forward to discussing it here with all these great people.


  4. Awesome! So good to have you back! Can’t wait for this ep — it’s one of three that tear me up every time I watch! (Also Murder Between Friends and an ep we haven’t covered yet)


    • Oh yes! It’s not a spoiler to say I’ve used the term ‘ugly cry’ multiple times in the walk through this episode!!!! I look forward to walking through it with you and everyone soon! 🙂


  5. Can’t wait!!!

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  6. Wahoo! Looking forward to it! I hope you have been well.

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    • Hello Cindy! I’m sooooooo happy you are able to walk through this ep. I’ve been okay my hand injury which made typing tricky has been recovering well.
      I hope you are well too?


  7. Yeah! Looking forward to it! 😀

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  8. Hurray! I can’t wait to walk with you again. And “Bad Timing” is one of my favorite episodes. I also love that I’m reading this announcement on 10/03 – the 38th anniversary of the SMK first episode! Happy anniversary!

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