Operation Sandstorm Transcriptions Update: Oct 2021 *Post updated regularly*

Hi Everyone, for those of us interested, here’s a post to list where Operation Sandstorm is up to. What is Operation Sandstorm? If this is new to you – catch up on what it is HERE. Any previous posts about Operation Sandstorm can be found under the ‘smk transcripts’ category on this blog.

I published a post back in Sept 2016 [Wow!] to check people are okay to share their dialogue transcripts with Operation Sandstorm [See HERE]. Anything shared for JWWM is free to be passed on to Petralit and Operation Sandstorm giving credit to transcribers of course. If you are not okay with this – please let me know.
For Operation Sandstorm dialogue and events descriptions are transcribed. We have some episodes where dialogue is already transcribed, but the descriptions are needing to be inserted. In the listing below, where it says Iwsod has the dialogue –this is because other wonderful smk fans have already done some of the work here and shared it (not me! lol). If you volunteer to do an ep with dialogue already done, I’ll email you what we have transcribed so far for you to fill in the gaps.

This post will act as a living document, and will be updated when needed. If you are interested in volunteering please let me know in comments below (and I’ll update the listing to reflect this). I can forward your work to Petralit on your behalf (I don’t think Petralit has made their email address public so I won’t share it publicly).

Here’s the episodes looking for volunteers to transcribe:
Season 2:
2.15 A Relative Situation 
– Liel has volunteered

Season 3:
3.04 Tail of the Dancing Weasel – copperfield27 has volunteered
3.07 Utopia Now 
– LeeLovesAmanda has volunteered
3.10 Flight to Freedom
-Peacockdancer has volunteered
3.14 Playing for Keeps 
-dialogue available from IWSOD
3.18 Wrong Number 
-dialogue available from IWSOD
3.19 The Boy Who Could Be King 
-dialogue available from IWSOD
3.21 Three Little Spies
-dialogue available from IWSOD

Season 4:

4.18 One Flew East – dialogue is currently being transcribed by Bjo – TBA if will be needing descriptions

NOTE: This list is a living document, I’ll update as needed.

Any questions about any of this feel free to ask below – there are many fans here who have been involved and will be able to assist you Smile If anything here is incorrect please speak up!
Thanks everyone!!! Happy transcribing!

Updated: 16 October, 2021.

31 responses to “Operation Sandstorm Transcriptions Update: Oct 2021 *Post updated regularly*

  1. Hi Everyone, I’ve updated to show that Pharaoh’s Engineer is now completed – thanks Peacockdancer!!
    I’ve forwarded it to Petralit and asked for it to be credited to you when uploaded to http://www.smk-land.com
    Also, Peacockdancer has volunteered to finish off Flight to Freedom! Thanks again!!!
    Peacockdancer, I’ll email you what I have for Flight to Freedom so you can build on it and use it if you wish. Sara and Nancy transcribed all the dialogue – which was awesome!!!! Maybe we can submit it to Operation Sandstorm and with credit to you, Nancy and Sara?

    We are at the point where we probably don’t need to have a separate transcripts for JWWM thread and Operation Sandstorm thread – which is wow!!!! Means we have made huge progress!!!
    Over the next month or two, I’ll try and get a new blog post published to just focus on Operation Sandstorm – updating on what’s been submitted, and what’s being worked on.. what’s needing volunteers.
    I’ll just need to hold off and get an update from Petralit with the latest so I can update accurately. Stay tuned!!

    -I’ve followed up with Petralit to see how things are going since I was sending a new transcript anyway.. I’ll update if I hear back.


  2. Hiya, I think Petralit has uploaded some transcripts to http://www.smk-land.com -maybe?? Bad timing is there… but matter of choice, suitable for framing are not so I think it’s not fully updated…
    email me if you want a transcript that’s not showing yet, and if I have it I will forward it on to you.


  3. Hi all, just wanted to update Cindy D and Sara.
    I’ve edited out your (awesome) comments for the transcription for Rumors of My Death (CindyD) and for Bad Timing (Sara) & I’ve emailed the transcripts to Petralit to contribute to Operation Sandstorm.

    Thank you!!! We Salute you 🙂


  4. Hi Everyone! Just letting you know I received a reply from Petralit after sending a bunch of transcripts for Operation Sandstorm her way – thanks to the wonderful volunteers here on this blog!
    Here’s is Petralit’s reply to one of my emails:
    “…Thank you so very much (and all of the followers of your blog, too, of course) for transcribing all these episodes! I’m so happy you all do this and donate the transcripts to my website. As soon as possible I’ll update my website and let you know when it’s done….”

    I just wanted to let everyone know that you will eventually see the fruits of your labor’s shared over on http://www.smk-land.com with an acknowledgement of all your hard work! Thanks everyone!


    • I have finally finished the transcript for You Only Die Twice! I just emailed it to you. It is not one of my favorite episodes, but I had a lot of fun with the action descriptions (“whisper mode,” LOL). I would love to do Pharaoh’s Engineer next!


      • Hi Peackcockdancer – thanks for sending this transcript to me – woot woot!!!!
        If anyone notices that Petralit has updated their website with all the uploads please let us know.
        If anyone wants a transcript that’s not uploaded on smk-land.com yet send me and email and if I’ve forwarded it on I can send you a copy no problem..

        Pharaoh’s Engineer is in the hands of peacockdancer – thank you!


  5. A big thank you to Lielalreadysomeone for transcribing Sour Grapes for Operation sandstorm. We salute you!!!
    I’ve forwarded your kind efforts to Petralit to be added to the resources over at smk-land. Thank you! Thank you!!

    I’ve not heard from Petralit in a few months so there may be a delay in seeing your transcripts at smk-land. but I’m sending them on and will let you know if I hear anything. I know Petralit has been extremely busy and so tends to do the updating in batches.
    Thanks everyone!


  6. Big big thanks to Cindy D for transcribing the dialogue and descriptions for the episode Rumors of my death!!!
    Cindy has also added comments along the way which I’ll add to the blog posts when it’s time to walk through this episode.
    If this is of interest to you too feel free to do it, just make sure it’s easy for me to discern what is you and what’s not 🙂

    Once we walk through Rumors of my death for the blog, I’ll delete Cindy’s comments and then forward the final document to Petralit for Operation Sandstorm. Easy!!!
    Cindy – we salute you!!!


  7. lielalreadysomeone

    Okay, I’m in for Sour Grapes… put me down!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks lielalreadysomeone! I’ve updated the post to reflect this. I hope you enjoy!!
      Any script insights? Maybe you could share them in the episode’s comments here on the walk? just a suggestion though, no pressure!

      Oh and please let me know if you would like me to send you the dialogue I already have for sour grapes – I think I have most of the dialogue thanks to a number of smk fans here who helped out with that ep as a team. but no descriptions. just send me an email and let me know if you wish for me to email you what we have.


  8. lielalreadysomeone

    Just wanted to share some thoughts “from the front lines of Operation Sandstorm.” I recently did the transcriptions for A Relative Situation and Odds on a Dead Pigeon, and it was SUCH an interesting experience! (Not to mention what a welcome distraction it was from the myriad items in the news from which I needed distracting!)

    Anywho… Between paying attention to the nuances of the dialogue and keeping track of movements/action, I feel like I have a MUCH greater appreciation of what goes into writing the show, making it, and the talent the actors bring!

    One of the things I noticed was the variance in the dialogue that was shown on the closed-captioning (and/or the “revised final draft” from Petralit’s site) and what was actually said — in the scenes with just KJ and BB, that is! But that wasn’t the case nearly as much in scenes with the guest stars (even if KJ and BB were in them), where the dialogue was almost spot on from the script/closed captioning. I thought this really illustrated the comfort level between KJ and BB and their feel for the characters.

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    • hiya Liel, very cool insights! thanks for sharing what you have gleaned from transcribing and comparing scripts. I had never heard this before!

      Anyone else noticed anything interesting while transcribing?

      Thanks to all transcribers!!!


  9. Hi Everyone just updated this blog post! This list of episodes is getting shorter and shorter! How exciting!!!

    I’ve emailed Affair at Bromfield Hall (Thank you Peacockdancer!) and A Relative Situation (Thank you Liel!) to Petralit, to contribute to Operation Sandstorm. And I’ve asked for Peacockdancer and Liel to be attributed.

    Petralit will update when they can – I don’t know when, there could be a delay.

    If anyone ever wants a copy of a completed transcript that isn’t showing on Petralit’s website yet (www.smk-land.com) – feel free to email me and let me know and I can email it to you no problem.

    If I don’t respond to you within a week or two do feel free to chase it up okay?? I am getting a ton of spam in my inbox so I may miss it.
    Lastly, don’t forget: I may get it wrong so please feel free to comment here and let me know if there are any errors needing correctly. Thanks!
    And thanks to all the smk transcribers!
    We Salute You!!!


  10. Iwsod, I finished transcribing Affair at Bromfield Hall and just emailed it to you. I would love to do “You Only Die Twice” next!

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  11. lielalreadysomeone

    I’m in need of some SMK distraction from the world right now, so now that I’ve finished A Relative Situation, I’ll take on Odds on a Dead Pigeon.


  12. I’m happy to give the weasel a dance. Are there any guidelines or is it a just have at it adventure?


    • Hi copperfield27 – go for it!!!
      For Operation Sandstorm we are transcribing both dialogue and descriptions.
      Formatting is not super complicated -you can see a transcript on the http://www.smk-land.com website as a guide (have you stopped by there yet?), or here’s an image of Sara’s Need to Know transcript to give you an example:

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask them here and someone will help, lots of people here have done transcripts. Thanks for volunteering!

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  13. A BIG thank you to all who work on Op Sandstorm!!!!

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  14. lielalreadysomeone

    I’ve definitely benefited from Operation Sandstorm, so I’d love to pitch in! I can do A Relative Situation and will get started asap!

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    • Hiya Liel, thank you sooooo much for volunteering. sorry for my delay in responding, and thanks for chasing this up with me via email 🙂
      I hope you’ve enjoyed sinking your teeth into an episode via doing the transcribing!


  15. Hi Everyone, just updated this post today…
    Thanks to Peacockdancer for finishing the episode Over the Limit – and for nominating to next transcribe Affair at Bromfield Hall.
    I hope you have your smelling salts/ drool bucket handy!!

    I’ve emailed the transcript to Petralit and asked that Peacockdancer be attributed on http://www.smk-land.com once it’s uploaded.

    I also asked Petralit to let me know when the listings are updated if possible.. as I can understand it is kinda cool to see your name listed there and your hard work acknowledged!!
    If I hear anything I’ll update this post. thanks all!


  16. Hi Everyone, just letting you know that I’ve forwarded to Petralit the following transcripts to be added to smk-land.com
    Stemwinder 2 (transcribed by KC)
    A Matter of Choice (transcribed by Peacockdancer)
    Suitable for Framing (transcribed by Peacockdancer)
    Thanks KC & Peacockdancer, I’ll be sure to ask Petralit to acknowledge your hard work on smk-land.com


  17. Pingback: Transcripts Update -October 2020 *post updated regularly* | "Just walk with me.."

  18. I’ll do Over the Limit! I am just putting the final touches on Suitable for Framing and will send it to you today or tomorrow. It includes descriptions and I would be delighted if you would forward to Petralit as well.

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    • Thank you Peacockdancer! I have emailed Petralit your transcript for Matter of Choice – thank you very much! Thanks for volunteering to transcribe Over the Limit!!

      I’m sorry this post doesn’t acknowledge the names of everyone who has already contributed -I wanted to keep the post brief.

      Everyone will be acknowledged over at smk-land.com where Petralit hosts the transcripts though.


      • I am finished with Over the Limit and will email it to you in a moment. Doing the run-through proofreading was quite a fun family project. Lots of good material in there, that’s for sure.

        If no one has signed up for Bromfield Hall, I would love to take that one on next. It is sort of a sentimental favorite because London is my favorite city.


  19. I’ll do Utopia Now.

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