JWWM Transcripts Update -Oct 2021 *post updated regularly*

Hi Everyone, hope in these universally stressful times you are staying well and looking after yourselves.

Time to review where season 4 dialogue transcripts are up to, then we’ll get on with the walk Smile

Note: This list is a living document, and I’ll update it as things change. Here’s a summary of where transcripts are up to for remaining Season 4 episodes:

Completed: [Huge thank you everyone!!!!]
10. Need to Know – Sara transcribed
11. Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Clagjanet transcribed
12. Any Number Can Play –Learjet transcribed
13. Promises to Keep – Clagjanet transcribed
14. Rumors of My Death – Cindy D transcribed
15. Bad Timing – Sara transcribed
16. Do You Take This Spy – LeeLovesAmanda transcribed
17. Mission of Gold – Clagjanet has transcribed
19. All That Glitters  – Clagjanet transcribed
20. Suitable for Framing – Peacockdancer transcribed
21. A Matter of Choice – Peacockdancer transcribed
22. The Khrushchev List -Learjet transcribed

Assigned and confirmed to be underway:
18. One Flew East – BJo has volunteered

Sorry if I’ve made a mistake here – just let me know and I’ll update the listing. No pressure on ANYONE to do this – I can continue the walk without transcripts it will just be a bit different/shorter. For some season 4 episodes maybe that’s for the best?! lol. so many I don’t remember!!

I’ll publish a separate post – another living document- covering where Operation Sandstorm is up to very soon. So we can together work with Petralit, to figure out where Operation Sandstorm is up to (So anyone wanting to contribute can do so). This post is now published. See HERE. 

Take care all!! thankyou2

[Post started 29 August, 2020. Last updated 15 October, 2021]

54 responses to “JWWM Transcripts Update -Oct 2021 *post updated regularly*

  1. Now it’s not showing any banners for some reason.


    • Hi LeesMolly, I’ve just had a look and it’s working fine for me and showing random banners again. Try looking at the site on a different device or browser and see if that makes it work.
      LeesMolly, try what I suggested and maybe send me an email if the problem isn’t fixed. Good luck! 🙂

      FYI All- When people comment about technical problems, I will go back eventually and delete those comments so they aren’t in the comments threads in a few years time when they don’t matter anymore. Bit of housekeeping..
      I do want you guys to let me know if there is a problem so I can fix it 🙂 – you are also welcome to email me directly.


  2. Hi All, just updated this post today to reflect that the transcript for Mission of Gold has been done – Thanks soooo much @clagjanet !!!!

    Also, Suitable for Framing has been done also – thanks soooo much
    @peacockdancer !!!!

    The only episode we now need for Season 4 is One Flew East.
    @bjop1 – no pressure or anything, just wondering how you are going with this, and would you like some help transcribing this episode?
    I think I’ll maybe need the episode transcript in a couple of months.
    Let us know how you are going – no pressure SMK is for fun, give us a yell if you need a hand.

    Thanks everyone so so sooooo much for all your help with transcribing!!!
    This blog would not be happening without you!
    [Honestly, I would have given up a long time without the transcripts to reduce the time it takes me to do a blog post!]


    • I’ll just put it out there that I’m happy to do One Flew East if @bjop1 doesn’t have the bandwidth for it right now. I’d also be happy to add “action descriptions” if there are any upcoming transcripts that are missing those.

      For Project Sandstorm generally, I have finished my transcript of Pharaoh’s Engineer and will send it to you this evening (my time). I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually pretty much finished it 48 hours after I volunteered in March, but was lazy about putting in the “final edits” identified by my proofreaders, i.e., husband and kids. That episode is a sentimental favorite of mine and it was a joy to transcribe! I would like to take on Sour Grapes next, if that one is still up for grabs.


      • Wow! that’s incredible! thanks for the offer to transcribe One Flew East.
        Let’s give BJo ( @Bjop1 ) a chance to get back to us .. and we’ll see how we go. I can hold off maybe one more month before I’ll be needing it.. I think..

        Regarding Operation Sandstorm – thanks so much for offering to contribute!
        Petralit is organising it, and has different people who have volunteered to do different episodes and I’m not sure where the project is up to at this point other than what’s in the blog post on here updating on it..from Feb 2021.
        That post is here: https://justwalkwithme.com/2021/01/06/operation-sandstorm-transcriptions-update-nov-2020post-updated-regularly/
        Looks like Sour Grapes isn’t needed sorry. I only have this post to go by at this point.. [whoooo I need to update it to say Clagjanet finished Mission of Gold! woot woot!!]
        I might diarise to chase this up again with Petralit in feb 2022, a yearly update seems a good way to go!

        You finished Pharaoh’s engineer?!!! congrats that’s awesome!!! and you have proofreaders?! that’s dedication right there!! [Doesn’t sound lazy to me!! 🙂 ]

        Have you sent it to Petralit? I haven’t publicly shared their email address but maybe you’ve reached out in some other way?
        you can email it to me and I can forward it on for you if you like.


        • I just emailed the Pharaoh’s Engineer to you — if you could pass it along to Petralit, that would be great. I do not have her email address.

          Sorry I didn’t see that Sour Grapes has been covered! If no one has signed up to transcribe Flight to Freedom, I’d love to do that one.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thanks so much Peacockdancer – I’m going to update the Operation Sandstorm thread and add a comment there about this. [I’ll copy this comment to over there too]
            I’ll email you what I have for Flight to Freedom so you can build on it and use it if you wish. Sara and Nancy transcribed all the dialogue – which was awesome!!!! Maybe we can submit it to Operation Sandstorm and with credit to you, Nancy and Sara?

            We are at the point where we probably don’t need to have a transcripts for JWWM thread and a separate Operation Sandstorm thread – which is wow!!!! Means we have made huge progress!!!
            Over the next month or two, I’ll try and get a new blog post published to just focus on Operation Sandstorm – updating on what’s been submitted, and what’s being worked on.. what’s needing volunteers.
            I’ll just need to hold off and get an update from Petralit with the latest so I can update accurately. Stay tuned!!


  3. Hi All, I’ve just updated this post.
    Latest Update
    No reply from Melissa R (if you read this Melissa hope you are okay) so at this point I think it’s safe to open the two episodes up to other volunteers.
    17. Mission of Gold – ??
    20. Suitable for Framing – ??
    If there are more than 2 people really wanting to do some transcribing – people can split the eps if you like whatever you want!

    Operation Sandstorm Update
    – I need to hold off publishing a post update on this at the moment. I’ll update when I can.
    There are eps needing transcribing but I need to confirm the current status before I publish a new list. I’ve emailed Petralit about it and need to wait for a reply. It’s only been a week and life is crazy so I’ll give it a month and if no reply I’ll chase it up then. I’ll update once I have accurate info.

    Apologies to Happy Camper
    Happy Camper replied to me and I screwed it up. Thanks for your efforts and again… I’m sorry! eek!

    Iwsod needs to make a JWWM Housekeeping Request
    You guys wouldn’t know this but, when you email me and share your real name privately – sometimes you guys have the same name lol. I got confused eek.

    Can I ask in future if you email me – feel free to use your real name but also if you can, please include your handle too
    This will help confused Iwsod to not screw it up again.

    Thank you!!
    Thanks all for your generosity in working together to get JWWM transcripts and Operation Sandstorm transcripts completed for us all to enjoy – Transcribers – I Salute You!!!


  4. Iwsod, if you haven’t heard back from Melissa yet, I can do Mission of Gold.


    • And I promise to send you the right copy this time…


    • Thanks Clagjanet!! I haven’t heard from Melissa R. I think I will email her one more time to see if she’s able to continue, if she doesn’t reply in a week I think it will be safe to allocate her transcripts to others. I would like to give her a chance one more time. Hope that’s okay and thanks so much for your very kind offer.

      I’ll try to publish an update on where Operation Sandstorm is up to soon!


  5. Iwsod, do you still need someone to transcribe A Matter of Choice? If not I would be very happy to do it. I just watched that episode the other night and enjoyed it more than I remembered.


    • Hi Peacockdancer, yes I’m still looking for a volunteer for A Matter of Choice.
      Yes please if you could do it that would be awesome thanks!
      I’ll update the blog post to reflect this.


      • I had a lot of time this weekend and managed to complete the transcript — I just emailed it to you. It was so much fun! Back around 1990, I transcribed “One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t” to send to my sister while she was at summer camp (we were both obsessed with the show). Let me tell you, it is WAY easier to transcribe using Amazon Prime and a dual-screen setup than it was using a VHS recording of the Family Channel!

        I loved doing the transcript and would be happy to take on any others if you would like.


  6. Hiya iwsod – Yes! I do still want to transcribe One Flew East. Any chance you could remind me what the requirements are? e.g. format, etc. It’s been a while since I’ve done a transcription and not sure what device my prior transcription is on to look.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi BJo, thanks for confirming you are happy to keep working on the One Flew East transcript!
      As for formatting..
      Well firstly – you can choose to just transcribe dialogue if you want, or you can do both dialogue and descriptions of events and contribute toward Operation Sandstorm. It’s up to you.
      Formatting is not super complicated -you can see a transcript on the http://www.smk-land.com website
      Or, here’s an image of Sara’s Need to Know transcript to give you an example:

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Everyone, I’ve updated the blog post to reflect the current status of episode transcriptions. If I’ve stuffed up please let me know!

    At this point, I haven’t heard from BJo, or Melissa R – but these 3 episodes are quite a while away so I’m not too worried at this point. I might give it a few more months, and if someone really wants to do it at that point maybe we can re-allocate them.

    I love how our lives change over time, and sometimes people have time for this and other times they don’t – but when it’s not a good time for you, it might be the perfect time for someone else!
    You guys rock!!!!


  8. Iwsod – I just sent ClagJanet the transcript for Do You Take This Spy? so she can look it over. She will send it on to you once she’s done.

    Do you have any other episodes that need transcribing?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. OMG… grab the drool bucket and smelling salts! I just finished transcribing “Do You Take This Spy?” I don’t know how I got through transcribing this episode without major bruising from all the fainting due to the swooniliciousness that is this episode! I’m going to give it a day or two rest and then watch it again and make sure I have everything. I’ll let you know. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am not altogether convinced Bruce and Kate aren’t legally married after that ceremony. It is so simple and yet so heartfelt, it’s my fave tv wedding of all time.

      Liked by 2 people

      • (Hide your eyes iwsod) oh, my, yessss the looks they give each other, their smiles, the way their fingers intertwine, the breathiness of their responses… (faint) oh geez, there I go again… (thud)


        • I can’t hide my eyes. I’m the site’s administrator!
          You can always head over to Neds and discuss stuff there if you are busting to – link’s in the sidebar.


  10. Hi Everyone, thanks for your comments and emails related to transcribing dialogue for remaining episodes in the walk!!!! I am honestly blown away and had zero expectations here – so thank you!!!!

    I’ll just flag with you guys that the one transcript making me just a little twitchy right now is 4.13. Promises to Keep.
    I’ve emailed Happy Camper but haven’t received a reply yet. But it’s only been a week. So I’m going to hold off making any changes to allocations for another week. I understand there are way more important things in life than SMK and JWWM! 🙂

    I’ll be looking to start writing up Promises to Keep soon.
    (I’m about to start writing Santa’s new bag.
    Am walking through Any number can play, then Santa’s new bag, then Promises to keep)
    … so I will need to finalise things for Promises to keep within the next month.

    SMK is for fun!!! and if I don’t end up with a transcript I’m just going to write up the episode as best as I can anyway, while trying to have fun!!!!


  11. I’m a little of a fourth of the way through “Do You Take this Spy?” I should be done in a couple of days. I’m an insomniac who lives by herself and is isolating because of COVID. I needed something to do.

    Liked by 2 people

    • If you (or anyone else doing this) want to send it to me when you’re done, I can do the sanity second check of rewatching with it in front of me to check for errors. I find that I’ve ALWAYS missed something! Lol

      My email is clagjanet@gmail.com

      I use Petra’s site all the time for writing fanfic and needing the dialogue so this is entirely selfish of me to want these done! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ok great! I do have a question, though. Do I have to catch every “uh” that they utter? I’m sure I missed some lol


        • Do you have the option to use captions? If there are repeated words, that sometimes helps. Also, it has helped me when they weren’t speaking into the mic. Another pro tip, transcribe with headphones.

          Liked by 1 person

        • There are two types of “uhs”. The first kind are sometimes useful because they show that someone is thinking out loud and shows the conversational beats. The second kind are BB trying to remember his line and you can watch his delivery speed up as soon as he remembers. 😂 … So it’s up to you if you want to include them.

          Liked by 1 person

          • That’s really funny. It’s actually the guest star who plays Nick Grant that uh tends to uh put an uh in and amongst everything he uh says…


            • Oi! please no discuss future episodes. I’m going in unspoiled (it’s been literally years since I saw them) and I’d like to keep it that way as much as I can – thanks for your understanding! 🙂 – I know it’s tough!!


  12. clagjanet, LeeLovesAmanda, Cindy: If you need an extra pair of hands, I’ll be glad to pitch in. iwsod has my email address. 🙂

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  13. I can take a whack at Rumors of my death. I’ll check to make sure that DVD doesn’t have any scratches on it (horrors!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Cindy!!! I’ll update the post to reflect this.. if you would like Texaslady’s email address let me know. looks like Texaslady has given me permission to pass it on to you.
      [I’m happy to support you guys to keep private what you wish to keep private]


  14. There are a ton on the smk land site that will help you with format!


  15. I’ll take a whack at transcribing “Do You Take This Spy?”

    Liked by 1 person

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