Get Ready – ‘Mission of Gold’ Starts Saturday 7 May…

Hey all, Ready to walk through the next episode ‘Mission of Gold’ ? I’m gettin ready now!!!!  Who is walking with me??? Anyone out there? 🙂
If anyone is new to the blog, you are very welcome to join in and share your smk thoughts..
This episode will be three blog posts – publishing on 3 Saturdays starting 7 May.
Yes! Three blog posts! They are quite long, but… these later episodes are likely going to be less detailed, as I don’t think they benefit from the detailed look we might typically give episodes – know what I mean??

Don’t worry I’ll include tons of Lee and Amanda detail though 🙂
Hope you can join us 🙂

15 responses to “Get Ready – ‘Mission of Gold’ Starts Saturday 7 May…

  1. I’m in! So happy the Walk is back!

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  2. I love this ep! All around well done and terrific guest actors.

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  3. It’s been AGES since I’ve seen this episode. Looking forward to walking through it with all of you! 🍷 🍫

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  4. I’ll walk with you – all of you. 😍

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  5. Sandra Schymocha

    Hip Hip Hurrah I’m happy

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  6. Can’t wait! I know there will be a lot of discussion for this particular episode🧐🙃

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  7. Looking forward to the walk through MoG.

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  8. I’m definitely walking with you, can’t wait, I have so many comments regarding this episode.

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    • awesome!!! I am hopeful someone walking through the ep with us all will be able to inject some passionate interest for this episode into the discussion! I’m not ummmm terribly enthralled by these later eps. It’s not that I don’t like them, they are just less engaging for me.. I’m really looking forward to hearing what you all think.
      One thing about the later part of season 4 is – they don’t each get talked about much as individual episodes, they tend to be put together and discussed as a whole. So this is going to be in interesting opportunity for more focused discussion..

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  9. I will be there with bells on 🙂

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