Get Ready – ‘All That Glitters’ Starts Next Weekend!!!

Hi Everyone! Get ready – the next episode ‘All That Glitters’ is starting next weekend!!
Who is walking with me??? Anyone out there? 

Clagjanet- a huge thanks for transcribing this episode for us!!!!

This episode will be four blog posts – I’ll publish one post every weekend for the next 4 weeks (Saturday or Sunday)…

I’m super curious.. before we dig into the actual episode.. what’s your general opinion of it?

I struggled a little to get started on this one.. but overall I’ve found it wasn’t half as bad as I was thinking it was! lol…

Anyone love this episode and regularly repeat watch it?? Do tell!!!

If anyone is new to the blog, you are very welcome to join in and share your smk thoughts.. Hope you can join us 🙂

18 responses to “Get Ready – ‘All That Glitters’ Starts Next Weekend!!!

  1. Happy Just Walk With Me Day everybody! I still think it’s so awesome that both The First Time and Unfinished Business end up airing the same day.


    • 39 years — wow! I still remember watching The First Time with my mother. It was one of only three episodes I watched in “real time” (didn’t see the rest of the series until the early 90s on the Family Channel). My mom was a Kate Jackson fan from Charlie’s Angels. I remember liking the show very much. And 39 years later, I live in Arlington, I have two boys like Amanda does, and SMK is my favorite TV show of all time!


  2. I’m SO EXCITED to walk with you all through an episode! Your the first fan site I’ve connected with and here I thought I was too late to the party. Thank you!!

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  3. I am so happy that we finally get to discuss All that Glitters! It certainly isn’t a favorite episode of mine, but at least it is interesting. Because, let’s face it – most of Season 4 is not very interesting at all (with the obvious exceptions of Stemwinder and Night Crawler, which are IMO easily the best episodes of the whole series, Bad Timing, and the last five minutes of Do You Take This Spy).

    Probably more than any other episode of SMK, my overall opinion about All that Glitters has changed over the years. The first time I watched it, I was about 15 years old. I did not like it AT ALL. I was still disappointed and confused about what was going on with Kate Jackson (I didn’t know about her health crisis). It stuck out in my mind as a particularly uncomfortable episode to watch.

    Now, however, I find that I like it quite a lot. There are things I don’t like – mainly, the villains are meh and the plot is over-complicated – but there are other things I like about it very much. I’ll wait until the we get to them before discussing them. I also find that now I know not to expect as much, I have a lower bar for what makes for a good episode at this point in the series. I do think it could have been better, maybe even great, if Amanda had a bigger part. I’m not sure what they would have done with her, but do I think it could have been great. But Kate was sick, and we don’t get to have that, and that’s just the way it is.

    The first thing that this episode has going for it is the title. “All that Glitters” has always been my favorite title of any SMK episode. It is such a pretty phrase, and so very evocative – suggestive of glamor and intrigue. Immediately, it leads the viewers to complete that quote in their minds – “all that glitters is not gold” – and wonder what its significance will be. In the end, the title works on several different levels.

    There are also two scenes in this episode that somehow have burned themselves into my mind over the years (again, I’ll wait until we get there to discuss). So I like it for that reason as well. For whatever reason, it is a very, very memorable episode for me.

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    • I’m really excited to be walking through this one with you peacockdancer because I am super curious to hear more about how you’ve connected with parts of this episode.

      I have to agree with you – it is certainly interesting this episode. And my experience of writing it up has been more positive than I had anticipated (happily!).


    • The lack of Kate Jackson did it for me. It wasn’t the same.


    • Don’t forget Unfinished Business on the interesting list! Learning about Lee’s parents’ past was so awesome and Bruce really shines in that ep.


      • I had forgotten about the “Unfinished Business” episode. That was not one of my favorites. I tried to like it, but it didn’t do anything for me.

        I like the scene where Amanda reads the letter and says, “Like Father, Like Son.” Very sentimental. Also, when Lee is talking with “the monster” and Amanda tosses the plate, a great way to distract him.


  4. Not a fan at all. It and James Brand are my least favorites in the entire series. There are some cute scenes and the case had potential to be a good one but the one guest character ruins it for me.

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    • Agreed! I had issues with Season 4.


    • One of the things I like so much about chatting with other smk fans is that – we all love this show, but at the same time, sometimes we find we love episodes others can’t stand!!
      I really like Mr Brand… but I am well aware others don’t. It’s so interesting to me!
      let’s see how everyone responds to All that Glitters! 🙂


      • Agreed! I love this show. Although some episodes just didn’t do it for me, no matter how much I watched them and tried to like them.


      • Definitely! I love Season 4, including the dreaded “Man Who Died Twice” ep! I feel like I’m the only one in the Fandom who loves that one, but mystery marriage aside it’s great!


  5. I, too, struggled with this episode to watch it. I will give it another try.

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  6. Looking forward to this! Haven’t watched it in forever, so this should be fun!

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