JWWM – What’s next? *As of 18 Feb 2023-still open to input :) *

Hi Everyone, 
We now have 3 more episodes till the end of the walk through all 88 episodes of SMK. So I’d like to do a shout out and give people who stop by here a chance to share their thoughts on what they’d like to see happen next for JWWM and the walk through SMK episodes.

I will eventually need to make a decision about what to do, and how I will do it – but I value your input and wish to give you all a chance to share your thoughts, ideas, and if you are comfortable explore the pros and cons of the different options. Here is a place for us to do it. Of course, if you wish to share your thoughts off the web, feel free to email me directly your ideas. All ideas and input are enthusiastically needed by me the blog’s administrator to figure out what’s next!!!!

A few ideas I have.. [I’ll set them out as numbered dot points to make it quick to refer to them in your comments]

I did toy with starting a second blog for the second walk, but the $$ for storage problem isn’t solved by that as we like lots of images (of Lee in a tux.. of Lee and Amanda glances, of lip licking.. of bloopers.. of Francine nonsembles. you name it!)

I’m going to leave this post pinned to the top of the blog, till the walk through Season 4 is done. So no hurry, and have a think.. share your thoughts. Like I’ve said before – I will not delete any content from this blog without a warning so please don’t worry I will give you a heads up and time to keep your own copies of whatever okay?!

Be open and feel free to share what you think!!

42 responses to “JWWM – What’s next? *As of 18 Feb 2023-still open to input :) *

  1. Hi all,
    Thought it best I update on this!
    It looks like my storage and current arrangements are fine to do another walk through, provided I use the images already uploaded to the blog, and don’t add a whole new set for the 88 episodes.. It’s not going to save me $$ turns out I’m on the cheapest existing plan out there now, the one I had previously is gone so no difference. Plus, I don’t have the time or motivation to delete all images off the blog and start all over again so I’m going to reuse the images already on the blog for the next walk through, and supplement the existing images with additional ones for season 1 as we walk through these episodes in more detail this time around.

    I don’t see a reason to delete the images from the first walk through, if they are not adding to the storage demands, and it saves me work and time that I don’t have and I’d rather just get into the fun again of season 1 when the first walk through is done.
    Sooooo no need to save images you currently see on the blog. They’ll stay as they are.

    I’m going to reach out to BJO and Learjet once the walk is done, then I’ll come back and give a further update.

    I do intend to come back to a few loose ends on the blog – like finishing the vote for the best Lee in a Tuxedo competition, Lee’s apartment in season 4 if I have that?? Not sure. I have to check.
    And.. if Cindy has done a baddies teacup awards post for season 4 that would be a scream (but no pressure Cindy!).
    would anyone like to write a post about the episode order for Season 4?
    I would love to have someone else right it if there’s a volunteer! Let me know!! Or we can have a few people give different episode orders, why not?!

    Thanks for all the suggestions!!!!


  2. I would love a second walk too. I have only been following the blog for a couple of month. I live in Switzerland and watched the series on german TV and I always ran home from school not to miss a minute…my English is not that good, but the blog would be a good opportunity to practice:-) its very interesting for me how things are seen through the eyes of americans…

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    • Welcome Ziska!!!!!! 🙂 So glad you shared your thoughts and nice to meet you 🙂

      seems there is a consensus- a second walk (JWWM2.0) is something people are interested in… me too!!! 🙂

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  3. Here’s a way to solve the storage problem:

    Open a dedicated Gmail account. The free 15 GB should be more than enough storage space.
    Instead of uploading the images to the website, upload them to the Google Drive and give permissions for everyone to see them.
    Now, instead of the photos linking to the internal storage, just link them to the google drive address instead.

    Also, always use an image compressor like tinypng before uploading.

    I’m a web developer, so if you need any practical help in getting things to work like you want them to, I will be happy to help.

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    • Like (My like button isn’t working in WordPress)

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    • Great idea! Totally love this solution. I’d hate to lose any of the amazing screenshots that have been posted already.

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    • Whoooooohoooooo thank you for sharing your expertise with us! I will definitely take a look at the external image hosting idea and tinypng.
      I’ll reach out if I get stuck JollyGood! 🙂

      I could gradually move the images on here over to a new location over time, and that way I would be able to keep progressing with the walk again and not run out of storage.
      I have some time off over the holidays and might check all this out.
      wordpress went and updated the formatting for writing blog posts etc over the last year or so and I have not had time to get across all the changes so this is another project for the holidays. 🙂


  4. I only discovered SMK a month ago and your blog a week ago, but I am really enjoying the recaps! Eagerly awaiting the last few as I finish the show… 😀 I really do want this site to be around in 20 years!! With pictures. As they are what makes the posts. I’d love to participate in a 2nd walkthrough “as it happens”. If it has to be a new site, then so be it.

    I do have some perspective on Amanda’s lack of screen time in the back half of S4. The timing matches up with Kate Jackson’s first cancer diagnosis.

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    • Welcome to JWWM HyperCaz!!!!!!

      Really glad you discovered this little pocket of SMK good vibes!!!!

      Yeah not long to go now and we’ll have completed the walk 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what you would like to see this blog do over coming years. I hope in 20 years time you’ll still be stopping by from time to time maybe..and continuing to enjoy SMK 🙂


  5. First, you have done an amazing job Iwsod! Whatever you need to do to make this work, please do it. we certainly don’t want you to be over burdened problems because of storage. Thank you for all the work you do.

    Now, in response to your questions:

    I would love another walk-through! Season 1 is so good- going through it again would be fun

    I think this sounds like a good option, and then you could put a link to the first walk-through’s comments.
    I think a second walkthough with the ability to reference future actions/foreshadowing/irony would be great. Also, I’d love a fanfiction recommendation post at the end of each episode maybe? If people have a favorite fic that references the events of that episode? Just a thought.
    And I like walking through in the order that makes the most sense story-wise, not necessarily in broadcast order.

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    • That is a good idea xiolaperry, especially since I didn’t come into this blog until Season 4, so I missed the first 3 seasons. Season 1 was the best. Whatever is decided I’m all in.

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    • Ooh, I like the idea of the fanfic recommendations too!

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      • @Xiolaperry & @LeesMolly

        Fan fics have come up a few times over the years, and I’ve always suggested this would be an awesome idea for a blog!

        I don’t think i’m the one to write fan fic recommendations, and I would prefer that episode discussions not become interspersed with fan fic discussion.
        I would prefer to keep them separate. I prefer not to read smk fan fic, but appreciate that others enjoy it and would like a space to talk and share. So if there’s interest, JWWM could create a separate blog post for fan fic recommendations related to an episode.
        That would be doable.
        We would need someone else to write the blog posts though.
        I don’t read smk fan fic so I would leave this to others….
        If someone wants to write it, we can publish it here no problem. 🙂


        • I think a separate blog post after the episode with fanfic recommendations would be great! Can you post links in a comment? Or would all links have to be in the blog post? I am not a writer, and I’ve never done a blog post, but I could maybe write something up if there’s interest…


          • Xiolaperry…That sounds great! Go for it! I think there’s room for creativity, so whatever works. Then the comments area can include recommendations, maybe?


    • hi Xiolaperry – thanks!!!
      Thanks for sharing your ideas too!
      Continuing to be able to access the previous walk and comments seems to be a common preference. it’s mine too! If I can find a way to make it work, I’m pretty sure I will.. because I want to make it happen 🙂 and I really value all the comments shared here since this blog first began back in… 2011!!! Wow. That is crazy!!!

      A second walk through sounds like a given at this point!

      The question is.. how do we approach it..
      Do we go with the ability to reference future actions/ foreshadowing/irony?
      I see pros and cons here.
      Warning you now – I may get a bit long winded here! lol.

      Everyone reading this by now will be well aware I’m no expert. Just a normal (somewhat normal) smk fan figuring out this blog malarkey as I go along..
      So the first walk through has been an experiment of sorts..
      It’s clear from the way the blog approached the walk through that it has changed over time, and tried out a few different things along the way..

      For the first walk through, the reason I went with not jumping ahead was because people would comment on a part of an episode, and that thought was based on something from another episode, that others saw differently so then the discussion became about the other episode, and not the one we were walking through. This led at times to the walk focusing on the bigger plot moments in other episodes (which would happen quite naturally without any encouragement!) or plenty of tangents..
      I was wishing to find the gems along the way that I had previously over looked being focused on the big moments..
      But.. what would a second walk look like?

      I’d be curious to hear the experiences of people who have come to the blog and read the comments years later – how did you find reading the comments when the discussion wasn’t happening in real time?

      Being a blog, comments are tied to the blog post they relate to, and there were times when we wanted to talk about other stuff and it was redirected to Nedlindger’s.. you’ve probably seen that come up a few times along the way…
      At this point though, it seems Nedlindger’s is very quiet, and I’ve not seen Jenbo around for ages so not sure if they are still moderating the Nedlindger’s forum or if they’ve maybe moved on to other interests at this point.

      I have never wanted to reduce discourse, so to keep conversation here focused I would direct the conversation not related to the blog post to Nedlindger’s to continue if people wished.. In hindsight it seems the conversation didn’t continue though!

      I did want to keep comments focused – so in 5 years time someone can read the blog post and comments and not get lost in tons of comments about something tangential (which at the time we were walking through the episode was no doubt super interesting!).

      I also really value people conversing with each other here about smk – and want to encourage this sooooo I’m not sure how to approach a second walk in relation to comments…

      I’m going to continue to ponder this one and would love further input if you have any additional thoughts about this!

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  6. Love all the comments so far. You know that I don’t comment much, because I don’t have the wonderfully analytical mind of you, Iwsod, and the other commentators, but I definitely hope you can retain all original commentary because we’ve had so many heavy hitters with marvelous observations and theories and life may have taken them in other directions so they are not with us presently. So my vote is to definitely keep the previous commentary, and in all other respects make it easy for you, Iwsod, because you have maintained a gargantuan task in keeping this blog going for so long. Whatever is most suitable for you, physically, emotionally and financially, is my wish for the blog. I am grateful for your perseverance and faithfulness.❤️

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    • This is a great comment! It says what I want to say, and in a much more eloquent manner than I would. I second your thoughts.

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    • Hi Ruth221, this is a really wonderful way of looking at things.
      I love your comment about ‘heavy hitters’ who may not be currently stopping by but whom we have been lucky to hear from in the past – I think the real gold of this blog is the people who stop by and share their different thoughts and ideas. and I do not want to lose that!!!! I want to grow that further.

      Thanks for your kind words Ruth221. It has been a labour of love.. and the people who stop by give me plenty of help (transcripts etc. have been a huge help). I could not have done this alone! I would have finished after a few episodes I’m sure. lol!

      I am grateful for everyone who stops by and shares their enjoyment of smk with others! 🙂

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  7. My first thought on saving space and money is… Is there a website where you could ‘archive’ the first JWWM with just episodes content and comments, but no pictures? Maybe that ‘archive’ can be given some SMK-reference name and a sidebar link? I have no idea if a storage idea like that exists or could work for this. Just thinking of ways to save you (IWSOD) time, money and still have good access. Since comments from the first walk will sometimes mention a picture, I know that gets tricky.

    For JWWM 2.0, you’d have the pictures and script, so we’d begin the walk sort of fresh. Maybe shorter posts with more room for thoughts? Sounds exciting. Still thinking on this.

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    • Thank you Sara!!!! 🙂
      yeah!!! I just replied to Mandalee thinking shorter posts might leave more room to share thoughts – I’m leaning toward this too!
      But also, with more frequent updates if I can get away with it.. we’ll see!

      yeah I’m continuing to think on all this too… we have time to ponder it’s all good..
      If you have any further thoughts please share 🙂


  8. I have been trying to think of how to do the continuation of this blog. I loved every minute of it, as well as SMK even more. Even when the series was on, for some reason, I don’t know why I never watched it, except for the very first episode. I am a huge KJ fan and always have been. The Rookies and Charlie’s Angles.

    Anyway, in Walk 2.0 we can elaborate more on the show itself, still concentrating on the episodes. Anything that you decide I’m all in. In the meantime, before we get to the last episodes, I may have a better suggestion.

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  9. I too would love another walkthrough and #8 sounds good for me.
    #10 I would prefer shorter regularly posts but take and will enjoy whatever is possible without too much trouble and costs for you. Thanks for all your efforts over the years.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts mandalee! And.. everyone!!!

      I’m leaning toward shorter regular posts too. One reason is I that I have one eye on what the length of a post means for the episode discussion. I want to maximise the ease with which people can share their thoughts on episodes as we walk through them.
      I’m thinking it’s harder to comment on longer posts.
      We either pick one or two things to say and skip things we might have said if it were in a post of it’s own..
      At the same time, I think posts which cover bits where we don’t have much to say can be good to move on from promptly if you know what I mean. Sooo it’s a balancing act…
      Smaller posts more often can address this I think..


      • I agree with smaller posts. Pick out scenes that stood out, or that were relevant to the plot of each episode. I’m in for that, especially since I started the Walk in the fourth and final season. It was the episode before Bad Timing so, I missed a great deal of this blog.

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  10. One other idea that comes to mind — maybe leave photos that aren’t the main characters, especially not Lee or Amanda. We can always look at the DVDs if we need to see the guests or scenery.

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  11. As a recent “walker”, I would love another walkthrough, starting with season 1. My 2 cents [or is it 5 cents now because of inflation? 😉 ], I like your option #8 assuming it isn’t too much trouble for you to move all the original comments into its own post. Maybe we can each take an episode and compile all the comments into a document so that it makes it easier for you? And once you’ve posted the new version of the episode walkthrough, you can delete the original post(s). Hopefully this way, you can keep as many of the pics and kiss gifs as possible. 😀

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  12. Lots to think about. Thank you for all that you have done! We found the blog “late” and the tidbits, comments, and pictures enhanced our viewing pleasure. We went through each JWWM post per episode and all of your contributions and insights became part of our routine. My daughter and I had found our people and we knew many of you by code-name. It has been wonderful connecting with all of you during our downtime from each day. We really missed you when the blogs weren’t finished and we’re so glad that you’ve continued.

    I haven’t kept up much with the live walks this year (so sad!) because I’m dedicating tons of time to training my new puppy. But I know you’re there and I can catch up later.

    Is it okay to say I love you all?

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  13. I would love to see a second walk through that’s fresh apart from the transcripted dialogue, especially for the first season since, as you mentioned, they weren’t as detailed. And it would be so cool if you could time starting the new walk on October 3, 2023, since that’s the 40th anniversary. Given the speed of your posts this year I think you could do that for sure!

    I agree with keeping the old posts though for reference because I love reading them! Maybe take the photos out though of the old posts but leave us some warning so we can save the pictures and perhaps only take the photos down one season at a time?

    I’m so excited!

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    • I missed the other post about length. As long as it amounts to the same amount of detail it probably wouldn’t matter, although reading longer posts is more fun and it takes less time to back up that way!

      Just wanted to add that if you do fresh posts for each ep but keep the old ones, that might allow us to think of things ot perceive eps differently than the first walk through.

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    • Hiya! I’ll reply to everyone’s comments generally soon.. Sounds like a second walk is a good way to go!

      Just wanted to reply specifically to your idea of starting the second walk on 3 October 2023 LeesMolly.
      3 October 2023 is smk’s 40th anniversary!!!!! Wow!! That’s actually kinda hard to pass up as a start date. We’ll see 🙂
      I’m sure JWWM will celebrate this in some kind of way… Hmmmm…


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