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Any blog posts referring to Operation sandstorm (complete transcriptions of SMK episodes) or JWWM’s project to transcribe episode dialogue only!!
Get involved if you like!!! :)

A Big Shout out to Transcribers on JWWM!!

Ta Da!!!!!

Okay.. now that I’ve got your attention Smile 

It looks like Petralit has been busy revamping her site SMK-Land, and Operation Sandstorm is being reviewed & revitalised.. with the assistance of Moderator AlaskaFan over on the Yuku forum. What a fabulous idea! I’d like to send to AlaskaFan (See the forum post on Operation Sandstorm HERE) any of the transcribed dialogue I’ve been sent.

So I’d like to check with all transcribers: Are you happy for me to pass on your work so it contributes to Operation Sandstorm?

If your work is utilised by someone else to complete an episode for Operation Sandstorm, you will be acknowledged as a co-transcriber on the episode. Or, you may want to go ahead and complete it for Operation Sandstorm yourself I guess! See the post on yuku for a listing of what’s needed.

I’m sorry I don’t have time to check what episodes are already completed for Operation Sandstorm, this may not apply to all transcribers –Just let me know if you are not happy to pass on your work (, no obligation! If you prefer, I will not pass on your work. Please let me know by November – I’ll start sending them to Alaska Fan then – once my big uuuugly deadlines have passed. No time for SMK at the moment – BOOO!!! but I thought I’d at least get this process of giving you a chance to opt out underway – I really appreciate your help with transcribing dialogue everyone!!

How are you wonderful season 4 transcribers going? [Season 4 Transcribers] I guess my hiatus is giving you guys a break! Or maybe, you are itching to get into smk – and some transcribing might help? Smile 

If anyone is unsure of what Operation Sandstorm is all about see HERE. Or you can post a question in this post’s comments. I’m sure someone will be able to assist you.

One more for the road..Cheers!

Bye all! I miss you guys! I miss SMK! I miss JWWM!!!! Bring on November!!!!!!!!!!woohoo-022



Would you like to contribute to JWWM episode posts?? (by helping to transcribe dialogue of Season 4 episodes?)

Hi Everyone! I’m trying to make sure that, no matter how busy life gets this year – the walk will be able to continue so I need to plan ahead a little for walking through season 4.
Firstly though – A
huge thank you to everyone who helthankyou2ped out with transcribing the dialogue for season 3 episodes – you have been a massive help. Thanks to Kiwismh, Learjet, KC, Debilyn, Cindy, Jestress, Lauren, Morley, BJo, Jule, Happycamper, Karyn, Bitsy Beans and Melissa R – we Salute You!!
It is no exaggeration for me to say that without you I’d probably still be back at the start of season 3 or something lol!!

Now that I am trying to get ahead before real life picks up the pace for 2016, I thought it would be a good time to put out there my request for assistance with transcribing the dialogue of season 4 episodes.
looking for some excitement

There is no obligation – but if transcribing is your kind of thing: It would be wonderful if you could help JWWM continue to chug along by supplying an episode’s dialogue. No need to provide detail of the actions in a scene if you don’t wish to (but feel free to do this if you like – Operation Sandstorm may be able to benefit..), really I’m just after the actual dialogue so I can get the posts together more quickly.

If you don’t want to commit to a whole episode, you could maybe share an episode’s transcribing with someone.. there are no set rules for this really – the only rule I can think of is please don’t feel pressure to do this, if real life doesn’t allow you to take part in this then feel free to not volunteer.. JWWM will continue at whatever pace it needs to Smile 

Who can help us

So here’s a listing of Season 4 episodes which are looking for some dialogue to be transcribed:

1. Stemwinder (Part 1) -KC is transcribing for Operation Sandstorm
2. Stemwinder (Part 2) -KC is transcribing for Operation Sandstorm
3. Unfinished Business -Learjet has volunteered [Now hosted on for Operation Sandstorm.] -Received! Thank you!!!!
4. No Thanks for the Memory -Clagjanet has finished transcribing- [Now hosted on for Operation Sandstorm. Thanks Janet!]
5. It’s in the Water -Received! Thank you Cindy!!!!
6. Night Crawler -Jaemie has transcribed this whole episode for Operation Sandstorm and it’s available at Thanks Jaemie!
7. Billy’s Lost Weekend -Received! Thank you Kiwismh!
8. Photo Finish -[Now hosted on for Operation Sandstorm.] -Received! Thank you Ruth!!!! Thanks Learjet for helping!
9. The Man Who Died Twice -Clagjanet has finished transcribing- Received! Thank you Clagjanet!!
10. Need to Know – -[Now hosted on for Operation Sandstorm.] -Received! Thank you Sara!!!! Thanks Learjet for helping!
11. Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Clagjanet has volunteered – pending submission.
12. Any Number Can Play –Learjet has transcribed this whole episode for Operation Sandstorm and it’s available at Thanks Learjet!
13. Promises to Keep – happy camper has volunteered – pending submission.
14. Rumors of My Death -Kiwismh has volunteered – pending submission.
15. Bad Timing – Sara has volunteered – pending submission.
16. Do You Take This Spy – KC has volunteered – pending submission.
17. Mission of Gold – Melissa R has volunteered – pending submission.
18. One Flew East – BJo has volunteered – pending submission.
19. All That Glitters  – needs a volunteer
20. Suitable for Framing – Melissa R has volunteered – pending submission.
21. A Matter of Choice -Lauren has volunteered – pending submission.
22. The Khrushchev List -Learjet has volunteered – pending submission.

***Thank you to Everyone who has volunteered to help out!!!***

[Anything inaccurate here? please let me know, thanks.]

If you can help out please comment here or email me if you like.

Don’t forget: If your circumstances change and you find you are no longer are able to do this – please don’t worry (life happens!) -just comment here and let us know –  it’s perfectly okay! SMK is for FUN!!!  So give us a shout out if you need a hand!!!! 🙂

Happy Transcribing!!!!

Bring on Season 4!!!! Smile I can’t wait to walk through it with you all!!! Smile 

Would you like to contribute to JWWM episode posts? Part 2 (update on season 3)

Hi Everyone!

I thought it best I update everyone..share what wonderfully generous smk fans have been up to, check with you all that I’m correct – and give you guys the opportunity to sign on to transcribe a still needed episode if you like (but really- noooo pressure!!)
hey gurl
So far season 3 looks like this:
Wizard – Kiwismh has completely transcribed  – thank you!!!!
ALLA – Learjet has completely transcribed – thank you!!!
Sour Grapes – Debilyn, Cindy, Jestress, Lauren and Morley  have all contributed scenes – thank you!!!!
Utopia now– Kiwismh has completely transcribed – thank you!!!
Reach for the sky – BJo has completely transcribed- for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm  – thank you!!!
J.Edgar’s – KC is transcribing now..for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm – thank you!!!
Flight to freedom – Jule and happycamper have completely transcribed this episode – thank you guys!!!!
The wrong way home – Kiwismh has completely transcribed this episode-thanks Hugely Kiwismh!!!!
Fast food for thought – KC has transcribed this episode for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm – thanks KC!!
One bear dances – Karyn has completely transcribed for Operation Sandstorm & JWWM  thank you!!!
Playing for keeps – kiwismh has completely transcribed – for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm -huge thank you!!!!
Pharoah’s engineer – Happy Camper is transcribing – thanks!!!!!!
The triumvirate -Learjet has transcribed this episode for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm – thanks Learjet!!!
The eyes have it – Jenbo (bitsy beans) is transcribing now – thanks Jenbo!
Wrong number – Kiwismh has completely transcribed this episode for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm -thankyou!!!
The boy who would be King – Kiwismh is transcribing
[Kiwismh is also completing for operation sandstorm (whoo hooo A valiant effort!!] -thanks!!
Dead men leave no trails– KC has transcribed for JWWM and Operation Sandstorm –  Thanks!!!
Three little spies – Melissa R has transcribed this episode for JWWM – Thanks Melissa R!
All the world’s a stage -Transcribed by Karyn for Operation Sandstorm – thank you!! 

EDITED TO ADD: Seems all of Season 3 has been allocated! Wow!!! thanks everyone!!!
Don’t forget: if your circumstances change and you find you are no longer are able to do this – please don’t worry (life happens!) -just comment here and let us know –  that’s perfectly okay! So don’t put pressure on  yourself (SMK is for FUN!!!) and just give us a shout out if you need a hand!!!! 🙂

dialogue transcribing
Thanks again everyone for all your help! thankyou2if I’ve gotten anything wrong here let me know please!! You guys rock!!!!

I hope you have found the transcribing fun!!
Okay byee for now!!

(part 1 of this post HERE)

Edited 12 June 2014 to update.. only one episode’s dialogue is  left needing transcribing for season 3!! 🙂
Edited 13 June 2014 to update Operation sandstorm info.
Edited 28 July 2014 to update completed dialogue transcripts – huge thanks guys!!!!
Edited 28 Jan 2015 to update completed transcriptions – you guys are amazing!!