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The blog stays on topic – its the nature of the blog.. but.. at Nedlindger’s we are free to discuss whatever we like about smk anytime -regardless of where the walk is up to!!! :)
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Hello! I’ve started a thread at the Nedlindger’s forum, in the private section [you have to be signed in to see it], to check in with how we are going with COVID-19 related events currently unfolding around the world… stop … Continue reading

Looking for Feedback- time to slow down a bit?

Now the Northern Hemisphere is into their summer season.. things are getting a bit quiet around JWWM.. as seems to be the case the last few years.. (While us poor Southern Hemisphere folks tuck ourselves in for our winter!)

I’m thinking I may slow the release of new posts down a bit over the Northern Summer.. what do you all think?
I’ll definitely keep the walk going.. but maybe I should slow the pace and make it easier for people in the North to follow the walk?

I’m happy either way.. so I’ll throw this out there for your comments.. What do you all think?
Feel free to say what you think – I’m looking for honest feedback here and am open to listening to what the majority of ‘walker’s’ prefer! 🙂

Thanks for sharing your views!!! 🙂 

Happy Easter Holiday Everyone..

Hey guys.. just thought I’d say a Happy Easter to you all – for everyone who celebrates it.. any other religious observances taking place at this time?? Whatever you are up to.. hope you have a safe and enjoyable long weekend!

As you guys know, I’ve had to buy a new computer.. I am currently waiting for all my old files to be retrieved and returned to me (including smk files and programs I can’t blog without Sad smile) . This will mean that you won’t get any new posts about the current episode ‘The Wrong Way Home’ for about a week.. Crying face sorry!
New blog posts will take a break over Easter, and start up again on 7 April with Learjet’s part 2 of Francine’s fashion Faux Pas!!!!
If you are around over the holidays – don’t be shy.. say hi! feel free to go back over old episodes.. and share with us your thoughts!! Don’t forget.. Nedlindger’s is frequented by smk bar flies regularly also Winking smile 

Ahhhhh.. any excuse for a gratuitous revisiting of the earlier smk episodes.. oh how far Lee and Amanda have come!
(no more carrots now! Winking smile )

How could I not include a tuxedo pic?? Red heartand they both look gorgeous.. Red heartLove this dress.. I want it!

We should be walking through TWWH again in about a week.. so don’t worry- I’ll be back with more soon!!! This walk still has an amazing path ahead of it!!!! So thankful that we are on this walk together Smile All the best everyone!!! Stay Safe!