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For off topic discussions head to Nedlindger’s forum – see the sidebar for the link!
The blog stays on topic – its the nature of the blog.. but.. at Nedlindger’s we are free to discuss whatever we like about smk anytime -regardless of where the walk is up to!!! :)
Head on over and say hi!!

Introducing: Nedlindger’s -The Scarecrow and Mrs King Forum

Hi SMK Fans! Jenbo here!1_bouncy-smile5_thumb

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that comments on this lovely blog can spark a number of discussions about many things not directly related to SMK. It’s amazing how we can go from SMK to Lord of the Rings to Top Gear. All in  one episode 1Emoticon cheekywink

Sadly IWSOD’s blog can’t quite handle the off topic discussions, so in response to the need to have a little corner of cyberspace where we can chat about anything and everything, I would like to introduce you to Nedlindger’s.
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Pull up a bar stool, find a booth, order a drink of your choice and make yourself at home Smile The Nedlindger’s Forum is open for business! Smile

Registration to the forum is free and open to anyone and everyone, whether you are a subscriber to this blog or not Smile
The forum is in its infancy and depending on demand other boards can be created if needed. I thought we could start of with the basics and take it from there.

So far there are two boards:
The Off Topic board
I’ve set its contents to be visible only to registered members – as a way of providing a bit more privacy if people would prefer that. It’s easy to register and join in the fun, free chatter Smile
2) The SMK board
This board can be read by everyone and is for any Scarecrow and Mrs King discussions. However, please note.. The forum is not intended to replace commenting on the episode discussions here at JustWalkWithMe,  but to complement it and provide a home for off topic chatter.
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I am the administrator of the forum, so if you have any questions or issues,
please feel free to email me at:

So in the words of Tom Cruise in Cocktail
(the 80’s reference far too much of my life Winking smile )
“Bar’s open!”
–  Jenbo
Hi Everyone!  Iwsod Here!
Congrats Jenbo, the forum looks great! 2applause-appl

I’ll be stopping by to join in the chatter when I can 🙂 I’ve signed up as Iwsod Smile it was easy!

I’d just like to add that this blog will continue walking through all 88 episodes..discussing the show as we go. I hope that you will continue to stop by to discuss the episodes as we enjoy this walk together – I’m having a lot of fun! I hope you are too!

As always, if you would like to have fun with SMK and express yourself by doing a blog post of your own, I would be very happy to post it here for you Smile

I feel very lucky to have such insightful and friendly SMK fans as my travel companions as we journey through the show together!!thank-you[3]

Iwsod.wave smiliey!


Congrats Paula!!!

Hi Everyone! Paula emailed me to share with us all that  she 2Womanhas given birth to her 7th child! whoo hoooo!
(back in April- as you can imagine-she’s busy!!)

Lee likes that!

A little boy called Leo.

Paula wrote: I can call him ‘Lee’ for short Smile!!!!

Now that is SMK dedication right there Paula! I am sure Leo will be happy to see how fabulous his namesake is Winking smile one day!

Paula, I’m sure others will join me in wishing you and your family a big congratulations on your new addition!
We miss hearing from you and look forward to a time when you can once again stop by – in the meantime, glad to hear you are still reading all about BJo’s Plaid sightings, Cindy drooling on her computer and Raffie replacing windex with drool.. lol.. never a dull moment around here! Smile And.. we can all guess who that drooling was over right? Smile 
This was the best Scarecrow and Mrs King baby reference I found Smile ! tee hee.. [There’s an SMK reference for everything.. right?]

Nooo pressure at all to comment here Paula, just wanted to wish you and your family all the best – and thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us all!

All the best!