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5/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Next up we find a bunch of boys playing basketball. I think two of them are Jamie and Phillip.. Stem II.avi_000724791
Watching from a bench nearby…
Stem II.avi_000727961
Stem II.avi_000729963
Amanda! Dressed in disguise and hiding behind a newspaper!
We watch the boys play basketball a little more.. definitely Jamie and Phillip there playing too..
Jamie takes a tumble with another boy..
Stem II.avi_000732766
Amanda watches on..
Stem II.avi_000733166
Phillip seems to help him up.. and they give each other five. Good to see Jamie and Phillip here actually playing as a team- together! [I think this is a case of Phillip thinking: He’s my brother! I’m the only one who can knock him over haaaaa 😉 ]
Stem II.avi_000736269
Amanda watches on while the basketball game continues.. Stem II.avi_000738972
She then looks across the way and sees a couple of agents are staking out the boys.
Stem II.avi_000741875
Amanda looks back towards the boys.
The boys continue to play basketball.. then suddenly a couple of other boys run past Amanda with their own basketball. Looks to me they were not part of Jamie and Phillip’s game, but maybe they were..
Amanda quickly grabs the boys’ basketball along with the newspaper. lol. 
Stem II.avi_000749482
Amanda: Hi there.
Boy: Hi.
Amanda: You fellas know Phillip and Jamie King?
Stem II.avi_000751885
…Right over there, playing basketball—see ‘em?
[Great physical comedy here from KJ, she really gets into this – totally I love Lucy IMHO!]
Boy: Yeah.
Stem II.avi_000754487
[What do you think.. do you think blondie is the grandson of Eagles?

I don’t know..]
We see Phillip and Jamie continue to play unaware Amanda is near by..
Amanda: I got a note here. Could you give this to Phillip or to Jamie? But don’t tell ‘em where it came from.
Boy: Yeah.
Amanda: You promise?
Boy: I promise. [LOL why would they promise? lol I think they’d just say hey some strange lady handed it to us!]
Stem II.avi_000761094
Amanda: Here ya go.
Stem II.avi_000762696
(Amanda playfully jabs him in the stomach with the note.. and gives him back the basketball)
Amanda: Take the note. Take the ball. Bye. Stem II.avi_000764698
(Amanda playfully sends them on their way, and goes back to hiding behind the newspaper)Stem II.avi_000766299
The camera follows a woman as she walks past Amanda.. only.. Amanda has already left.
[Hey, she’s good!]
The scene ends here.

We see a night time vista of Washington…
Stem II.avi_000773707
And we find Lee holding Rostov at gunpoint still. LOL looks like they are in the dark, and Lee turns on the lights.
Stem II.avi_000775308
Did he just give Rostov a slide show or something?! [Visual aids! 😉 ]Stem II.avi_000777711
Rostov looks to be smoking..
Rostov: Your story would raise eyebrows in Moscow….The KGB central committee is toasting Sonja Chenko as a hero. (Heroine! And lol at someone who had to kiss Lee for a week being called a hero. So difficult! 😉 )
Stem II.avi_000789022
Lee: You believe that? You believe I gave her full access to Stemwinder and killed Phillip Dart to do it? [Oh my gosh. He looks so good!]Stem II.avi_000790523
Rostov: Heh. She is a beautiful woman.Stem II.avi_000795528
Lee: She’s also Alexi’s granddaughter.Stem II.avi_000797230
Judging by his expression, this seems to be news to Rostov.
Stem II.avi_000799733
He has another drink!
Lee: But Stemwinder was a nice, sweet feather in your cap, too, wasn’t it?Stem II.avi_000804537
Nice enough for you not to ask too many questions, not to worry too much about being set up for a meet at Emilio’s.
Stem II.avi_000810744
Rostov: I had to go. Order came by telex directly from Moscow. Signed by Andreev Krimsky. [You been used budski!]Stem II.avi_000815548
Lee: The chief of KGB Covert Operations… and Alexi’s lieutenant for nearly ten years when they ran the European station.Stem II.avi_000822756
[Wow. Alexi was a massive success for Lee! Ironic, he would have been a massive feather in Lee’s cap Winking smile   I like Lee’s approach here – not his usual approach! lol.. (much more subtle!) Lee gets Rostov ready to agree to help him.. By pointing out to Rostov that Sonja had been up to her own tricks, Alexi used him, and Alexi’s buddy in Russia used him – Rostov isn’t a king, he’s a pawn… Rostov isn’t winning half as much as he thought he was – he thought he was at least a bishop or a rook!
This leaves Rostov with a desire to take back some control here – maybe by working with Lee.. whooo I like it! ]
Stem II.avi_000824858
: What do you want?Stem II.avi_000826760
Lee: I’ve got a plan to flush the old bear…Stem II.avi_000828762
(Lee picks up the newspaper in front of him and tosses it to Rostov) … I’m gonna need some help in trapping him. Stem II.avi_000832065
The scene ends there.. and we’re left none the wiser about what is being asked of Rostov!
The suspense continues!
But I must say…. for a Russian agent, Rostov loves his fresh flowers! I never would have guessed it – rofl!
Thoughts anyone?
The scene ends.
As soon as Lee tosses the newspaper to Rostov, the shot cuts to another newspaper –
Stem II.avi_000833767
The classified Ad Section. We can see an ad highlighted in yellow –  [Love how another classified ad has written in capitals ‘JOB STRESS’ – lol! how appropriate!]
I’m going to pause here though before we continue with this next scene! Stay tuned!! 

4/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Time to catch up with the baddies!
Sonja: Tea, Grandfather? (Sonja offers grandfather some tea)
[That’s the first thing we hear from them? Oh Rofl!!!! this is too funny!!!  He’s playing chess? That’s what Russians do!! 😉 oh rofl at the chess set!!!! chess set + tea = Russian baddie, a cunning game player!]
(Alexi shakes his head)
Stem II.avi_000568935
Alexi: Chess is a fascinating game of contradictions, changing moment to moment. Hunter becomes the hunted… prey becomes predator.Stem II.avi_000583416
Sonja: What are you, Grandfather? Hunter or hunted?
[What is he? What are you?!! Why isn’t Sonja asking what she is?! To me she seems to be a pawn in her grandfather’s chess game! oh and I love these Russian family chats – so ominous and complicated! 😉 ]
Stem II.avi_000589322
Alexi: Both. Scarecrow is alienated and alone, but he’s got time to think—to plan. He’s a wounded wolf—desperate, but even more deadly.Stem II.avi_000602135
[I like Alexi’s accent! Not that I’d say I’m any kind of an authority on Russian accents- I just like it! and I like that he sounds Russian – unlike Gregory!]
Sonja: Forget about Scarecrow, Grandfather. 
Stem II.avi_000606639
[It’s twisted, but I’m happy to see Sonja in these super fugly ugly earrings!! 🙂 ]
…Please?!. Go home to Vladivostok—live your life out in comfort…
Stem II.avi_000613346 …You’ve earned it.Stem II.avi_000613646
Alexi: I will begin living again when Lee Stetson dies.
Stem II.avi_000619853
[Intense! A man with a singular purpose.

This scene ends there. Seems a bit of a random scene.. A little reminder for the audience of how obsessed and ruuuuuthless Alexi is.

Why is Sonja suddenly speaking with a voice of her own when in the previous episode she seemed more than willing to comply?! Hmm.. what’s going on here? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
I think up till now we thought Alexi had succeeded in his plan – to turn the agency against Lee. Wanting Lee to die is a new additional element to this plan I think. I’m guessing Sonja was fine with the turning Lee into a traitor bit, but has had enough of this and wants it to end. Maybe that’s why she suddenly speaks up (seems sudden to me) – maybe she doesn’t want Lee to die?? Is it possible she could have a soft spot for Scarecrow after all their dinners together?! Winking smile
Or.. maybe it was the good cup of tea that finally gave her the strength to question Alexi! 😉 Of course, Alexi is in this till the bitter end..

I guess Alexi is counting on the agency issuing the D-1 manhunt.. and he is waiting around to have confirmation (somehow) that Lee is dead? In the meantime, he is on edge waiting for Lee to enact his plan – not underestimating Lee is dangerous at this point. Okay, I guess I’ve gotten it straightened out in my head so far.. I guess?! How about you? If I’ve misunderstood something, if you agree, or if you see things differently- please share!]

Moving on, we find T.P walking across a street..toward a food truck..’Delano’s Daily Delites’..
Stem II.avi_000627360
(We see a man in the truck at the grill.. )Stem II.avi_000640573
T.P.: It’s a neat cover, Lee. How’d you manage it? [Lee??!!! cool!! Whooo he’s good!! Smile I gotta say, from what we’ve seen of TP in SMK, a FOOD truck is the ideal cover to make contact with TP!]
Lee: Insurance money.
[Phew! that Russian frame up extras cover has come in handy Winking smile ]
Stem II.avi_000645178
T.P.: Heh.
Lee: How’s your tail?
T.P.: Oh, the dogs are getting better, but I lost them the second turn around the Washington Monument. [Is there anything T.P can’t do? He is just the best source ever no?!]
Lee: What do you hear?
Stem II.avi_000648381
T.P.: Mucho. You two have premiered on the Agency’s most wanted chart at number three… uh, with a bullet.
[Whoooo who is 1 and 2?! Want to make some guesses?]Stem II.avi_000652886
T.P.: And I suspect you’ll, uh… top the charts in a couple of days.
(Lee continues to make a hot dog and play the others walk by)
Stem II.avi_000664698
Lee: Well at least we know where we stand there.
Lee: Here. (Lee hands T.P a hotdog)
T.P.: Hmm.
Lee: I’m more worried about Alexi. He’s here, pulling the strings—I know it.
T.P.: Oh, uh, by the way… Sonja Chenko is Alexi’s granddaughter. [Why does that seem so anti-climactic to hear that now? I guess I was thinking it had already been uncovered..]
Lee: Who’s she working for? Rostov or Alexi?
[Oh my, finally we get a close up. Lee is lookin good! I like hot dog maker Lee!
Stem II.avi_000679446
This is definitely a ‘Daily Delight!’ Certainly can’t be referring to the food!]
Lee: Or both of them? [She’s Russian! Of course it’s going to be complicated! Smile ]
T.P.: I don’t know. [Mark your calendars all! TP doesn’t know something! 😉 ]
Lee: Our only hope is finding Alexi before the Agency finds us.Stem II.avi_000682849
[ROFL there’s something weird here with the sauces and T.P’s hot dog..
Stem II.avi_000681047
and then super super quickly this..Stem II.avi_000685051
Magic sauce!
Err focus on what they’re saying iwsod!!]
T.P.: Well, he probably feels the same way about you… uh, but how do two phantoms meet each other in the shadows? You can’t exactly advertise.
Stem II.avi_000691958
Lee: Maybe you can.
Stem II.avi_000698064
[Lee has a plan! Smile and he looks really good in that t-shirt.. me like.. and a man in an apron? Unbeatable!!! 🙂 ]

We see a large block of apartments..
Stem II.avi_000698665
Inside, it looks like Rostov is home from work. He puts down his brief case, we see Rostov take off his jacket and put down his mail. [Looks like he enjoys the finer things in life!]
He pours himself a drink..
Stem II.avi_000704971
Lee: Pour me one.
Rostov freaks out!
Stem II.avi_000716182
He turns toward a talking arm chair.. nah.. we see Lee give a dramatic and super sexy reveal Winking smile tee hee..
Stem II.avi_000716282
Done with such flair!
Stem II.avi_000719085
He’s even put his outfit he likes to get stun gunned in on again. I guess it could have been laundered by now..]
Lee: I’m American. I like ice.
Stem II.avi_000722088
Rostov looks nervous..
Stem II.avi_000722989
[I guess he’s not sure what Lee has come make me serve him a drink so he can then kill me?! Smile Is that Lee’s plan? Kill Rostov and prove to the agency he isn’t working for the Russians? The reference to ‘Ice’ I think implies he could be threatening to kill Rostov..
Hmm.. but Lee intentionally setting out to kill someone doesn’t sound like a plan he’ d come up with.. Guess this is that ‘advertising’ T.P was talking about.. but exactly what Lee is up to I don’t know. I really don’t remember any of this at all!!!!!! I’m looking forward to finding out how this unfolds!]

Here’s a gif to finish off this scene..
lee reveal
Peak-a-boo smk style! I couldn’t resist.. it gave me the giggles.. because he looks so super suave Winking smile And the arm chair is pretty ugly 😉 but then, I’m pretty sure no one was looking at the arm chair?! 

Anyone have any thoughts they’d like to share?

3/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Back to Amanda’s..
: I’m Joe King, Amanda’s ex-husband. Uh, we’ve met before…? [He’s serious Billy, he’s not jo-king!]Stem II.avi_000416182_thumb
[Does Joe have a wedding ring??!!]
: Yes, when you returned from Africa. I’m William Melrose—Amanda’s supervisor.
(Billy holds his hand out to shake Joe’s, and Joe accepts and shakes).
Stem II.avi_000420687_thumb
Joe: Well, what’s going on? I get a frantic call from Amanda’s mother, and your people outside are acting as if… uh… Amanda were public enemy number one.Stem II.avi_000428294_thumb
[Joe is reasonable, but I think he conveys he is no pushover- thoughts?
He’s definitely not jo-king don’t let the name fool ya!]
: This is off the record, Joe. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. Stem II.avi_000429996_thumb
(Billy walks Joe to the other side of the room to keep this conversation from the ears of other agents..)
Billy: There’s a flap.
Stem II.avi_000439806_thumb
Billy: I’ve got 300 agents working overtime trying to find her and Stetson. It looks as if they might be playing footsie with the Russians. [Oh my gosh. there are 300 agents? Funny I had no idea how many there were- hard to judge the scale of IFF..  and… Lee is one of the best? and.. now he’s most wanted? mad!]Stem II.avi_000442008_thumb
Joe: Amanda? That’s impossible.
(Joe looks around realising this is as serious as it looks) [I think..]
Stem II.avi_000444511_thumb
[There is a ray of light though – I notice Billy says ‘it looks like’ rather than ‘Amanda’s been playing footsie with the Russians’- this is a good sign Billy is still a good guy working to help Lee and Amanda! I’ve not been too sure.. I think the story is portrayed to leave it vague and add to the tension and suspense.. then again, maybe it’s just me!]
Billy: I don’t wanna believe it myself, but this agency has issued a D-1 manhunt for Stetson.
[And a G-1 for Amanda, the ‘Grind her’ order! followed up by an S-1 (sweat her!)]
Stem II.avi_000448715_thumb
Joe: What’s a D-1?
Billy: Shoot to kill.
Stem II.avi_000451918_thumb

[Whoa hearing this Joe must be thinking he’s just done a C 1- because he’s just crapped his pants!!
I wonder if Joe is questioning just what Amanda has gotten herself involved in!
Then again, he got himself into a right mess through no fault of his own [Shamboga!], so he should know how these things happen in smk land and it’s the bad forces at work that are to blame no? Thoughts all?]

Moving on, we see this building..
Stem II.avi_000453920
Inside, we find Amanda, Lee and a man entering this home..[LOL at the house painting behind the front door!]Stem II.avi_000456890
: Hah. Thank you.
Ted Kurland: It’s not the Ritz.
Amanda: Oh, it’s nice.
Ted: But it’s a roof over your head… ‘til the police get back your car and things.
Stem II.avi_000469703
The man lifts the blinds.. which makes Lee jump a little.. I get the vibe Lee would have preferred they stay down!
Ted: Meanwhile, you’ll find everything you need, uh, sheets, blankets, uh…
(As the man walks into the kitchen, Lee and Amanda are very skittish, looking around and super vigilant.)
[I guess if they’ve just been the victim of a crime this is a good cover to explain it!]
Ted: Paper plates, plastic utensils and glasses, fridge, hot plate, uh… Stem II.avi_000485719
[I think Lee and Amanda would really love it if he just left Winking smile ]
Ted: AM/FM clock radio.
[lol love how he does a spin as he lays out all the features at this Ritz Smile ]
Amanda: Oh, yah. Thank you very much, Mr. Kurland.
Ted: Heh, that’s what the Traveller’s Friends Foundation is all about. [When you can’t count on IFF, you always have the TFF!]
Stem II.avi_000494227
[please just go – ooooozes out of Lee and Amanda!]
Ted: Helping the victims of misfortune and malfeasance, Mrs. Vanderhosen.Stem II.avi_000497430
[Sounds like a wonderful charity!]
Amanda: Hoosen.
Ted: Hoosen?
Stem II.avi_000498932
Amanda: Vanderhoosen.
Stem II.avi_000500033
(Lee gives Amanda a look like she’s a little nuts.)[lol I like that she corrects him! Why not be pedantic about your ‘real’ name?! tee hee]Stem II.avi_000501534
Amanda: Thanks a lot, we really appreciate that.
[Amanda gives Ted lots of big smiles and starts leading him toward the door!]
Amanda: Buh-bye.
Ted: Bye.
(Amanda closes the front door off camera, and Lee heads back to those windows to pull the blinds down again)
Lee: Cute place—you come here often? [Squeee! Lee gives Amanda a pick up line haaaaaaa…. okay so it’s a joke, but it’s still a pick up line haaaa!]
Amanda: At least it’s something.
Lee: Yeah. Well, it looks like a bad place to get surrounded in.
Amanda: Is there such a thing as a good place? Huh?
(Lee re-joins Amanda by the kitchen)
Stem II.avi_000521254
(He puts a small gun on the kitchen bar for Amanda)
Lee: Here. You may need this.
Stem II.avi_000525258
Lee: It’s that kind of a game.
Amanda takes the gun, and I guess she checks its loaded.
Stem II.avi_000527260
[These two are certainly professionally on much more of an equal footing now. Never thought I’d see the day Lee gives Amanda a gun, and he doesn’t even say be careful! No babying going on here! 🙂 ]
(Lee looks pretty worried.)
Stem II.avi_000529662
[But he STILL looks oh so good! This charity must give out emergency hair grooming the moment they see you or something! Now this is a charity I can get behind! 😉 ahem…
I think when you stop physically running, the moment you stop it all hits you. This is probably the first time they’ve had to think since they were set upon that morning]
Amanda (quietly): I hate this. Mother and the boys are probably worried sick.
Stem II.avi_000532866
(Lee doesn’t respond.. he’s thoughtful for a moment watching her.)
Stem II.avi_000535168
Amanda (quietly): I really need to get a message to ‘em.
Stem II.avi_000537771
Slowly, he approaches Amanda.
Stem II.avi_000538171
He kneels down in front of where Amanda is sitting, Stem II.avi_000545779
He takes both her hands in his..
Lee: Hey. I know how you feel.
[While Lee isn’t babying Amanda – I love that they are still being honest with one another. No babying doesn’t equal let’s pretend this isn’t a tough situation. They can still support each other!]Stem II.avi_000548481
(Amanda doesn’t say anything in response.)
Stem II.avi_000549082
[I think she’s thinking it’s not possible to send a message]
Lee: It’ll be a big risk…
(Amanda looks down and shakes her head) [As if she is thinking – yeah I know we can’t send them a message]
Stem II.avi_000550583
… but we’ll think of something. Stem II.avi_000555021
[I was thinking it was not possible too! but.. Lee understands how important it is to her, so it is worth it to find a way to do it. Lee is taking care of Amanda here – and it’s super swoony!!]
Lee: Okay?
(this gives Amanda a smile)
[Okay??!! It’s great!! Getting a message to them may be possible after all? It will give Amanda a lot of comfort!]
Amanda: Yeah.
Stem II.avi_000558625
(Amanda leans forward and kisses Lee,
Stem II.avi_000560427
then Amanda leans her forehead on Lee’s.
Stem II.avi_000563630
She lets out a big breath..)
Stem II.avi_000564931
(Lee looks at Amanda..)
and the scene ends here.
Stem II.avi_000565632
What do you think of this quick kiss and forehead lean? It looks a bit awkward IMHO in these pics but maybe it works better in the live action. I can’t think of a time they’ve done this before can you?

I’m liking that Lee isn’t going with feeling guilty at getting Amanda involved and all that.. though that could still appear I guess. but I’m kind of hoping he’s moved beyond that – this isn’t his fault or Amanda’s…

With Lee down lower and maybe on a knee or on his knees- was anyone thinking he might propose? Just wondering.. Now they are together, it’s the next big question I figure – Will Lee propose??!!! Suspense!! SmileI guess it’s possible Amanda could propose haaaaaa… but somehow I figure she’d want him to. thoughts?

Well I best pause here for a moment.. and we can relish the romance of a sweet little moment while on the run! Smile 

Any thoughts you’d like to share?? Please do! Smile