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1/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Ready for another episode? Three more episodes after this one, and we will have finished the walk through all episodes!!!!

This wouldn’t have been possible without the transcribers who have supported JWWM and Operation Sandstorm!!!  So special thanks again to all who have contributed!

Thanks to Clagjanet for transcribing this episode for Operatthankyou2ion Sandstorm, and sharing it with us all. I can’t see any comments from Clagjanet in the transcription, so it will just be my comments in this episodes’  posts.. and Clagjanet hope we hear your thoughts as we walk through the episode together (but no pressure!).

A formatting reminder as we get started:
Clagjanet’s descriptions are in this format- (xxx)
My descriptions are in this format- xxx
My comments are in this format- [xxx]

FYI I’ve decided to change how I approach writing up these final four episodes…  I won’t be watching them fresh as I write it up, I’m finding it’s too time consuming and I’m not engaged enough with the full content of these episodes! For the final four, the walks will be briefer, I don’t think there is much to be gained by delving in great detail – other than with Lee and Amanda scenes of course..
Still – if you love this episode, or a particular scene and you would like to discuss it in more detail than what I’ve covered in the walk, go for it and share in comments your thoughts. I recognise I may be missing out on some little gems and it’s a bit of a trade off. But it’s this or I take another year to finish this walk, which is not something I want!
So thanks for your understanding, and who knows maybe one day in the future me or someone else might like to walk through one of the final four episodes in full detail- never say never!

Anyway, let’s get into this!

The episode starts with war in Grenada 1983..
I love how we see this ruined mansion along with the title ‘All That Glitters’. Such irony!

We see a lone soldier with a too big helmet find a safe in the ruins. He seems to have been looking for it and knew where to find it. He blows it open.. and finds the contents:
Some earrings..

and a pouch with the agency logo on it.
Then, he gets out of there!

We move on to a party… seems this is high society..
We hear the blonde, who is centre of attention speaking..
Elisa Danton: Senator you don’t have to hide. It’s a beautiful gift. I take it all back. Your taste isn’t just in your mouth.
[we hear this line before we even see her.. and oh boy look out I seem to be in a mood while walking through this one!!!! Hearing this line I’m thinking- I already can’t stand her! And I haven’t even seen her yet!] The crowd sounds suitably amused by her [attempted] joke.

[I love how straight away they’ve dressed Elisa Danton in a gold gown.. What’s the title of this episode again?!!! Ah yes, All that Glitters (is not gold)- thanks William Shakespeare for that one!]

Ah. Dr Smyth is there next to Elisa, and has presented her with a birthday present..
Clagjanet describes this moment as follows:  
(She opens the jewellery case and looks slightly confused and disappointed before holding up a large military medal-style decoration)
Elisa: That is sweet. [Is it really? This seems to be pretty flat, and she’s pretty quick to hand it over to Dr Smyth rather than admire it lol.]

Doctor Smyth (taking the medal from her): I think the inscription might spark a little flyback. (He reads out loud as the camera does a close up on a man we will later meet as General Garrett) “Your fundraising in support of our men in uniform will always be remembered. Best wishes and Happy Birthday, Ron and Nancy”.
(The crowd applauds.)
Elisa: Thank you Austin. And please tell the President that I shall always have a special place in my heart for the military.
Garrett: You should – we gave your daddy his first billion dollar munitions contract.

[Seems Elisa is from old money, and has loads of ties to the USA military thanks to daddy’s business interests. Is this setting up some kind of theme about profiting off the US military?
This scene does have an ‘elites live in their own little world’ kind of vibe to me. but feel free to share how you see it…]

Elisa moves on to the next gift..
One of the earrings from Grenada.. the soldier, Carpenter, watches on with a super adoring stare.

[which is to me pretty creepy!!!!
I think Elisa seems pretty intrigued and to enjoy this mystery. Why only one earring???!!!!whooooooo]
She reads the card with the earring.

Elisa: ‘Some things are destined to be together. Only tomorrow will tell.’ And it’s unsigned – how romantic. I love it. This is absolutely wonderful! (holding up the earring in one hand and a champagne glass in the other): To my little scamp out there: here’s to tomorrow!

[Seems Carpenter’s romantic gesture is a winner. Something tells me this Elisa likes romantic ‘games’!]

Moving on to the agency.. and hoorah.  A Lee and Amanda scene!!!! so of course I’m going to include all the dialogue! Brought to you by Clagjanet!
(Amanda enters the Q Bureau carrying two large potted plants.)
Amanda: Good morning!
Lee: Hi! How about a little hug? [Awhhhhhh]

Amanda: How about a little philodendron?

(she places the plants around the room)

[I love how it appears Amanda and her plants are taking over the room. I think this is a big improvement haa]
Lee: What are you doing with these? 
Amanda: Well these were looking a little bad so I took them home for a little tender loving care.

Lee: I could use some of that. (He pulls Amanda into his arms)

Amanda: I don’t think you’d like fish emulsion.
[Oh my. deadpan and KJ at her best. I LOVE this line!!!! Okay okay this episode is worth watching for this line alone!!!!!
What do we all think of Lee’s suit/tie combo today? I think he looks good in light gray. No fish emulsion needed here! 😉
And Amanda? what do you make of her? I like her in this red, I mean of course it’s way too 80s massive but the 80s were the 80s so what are we gonna do huh?!]
Lee: Well, I’ll tell you what I would like. [hoooooo haaaaaaaa do tell!]

Amanda: What?
(The door opens and Dr. Smyth walks in. They spring apart as he speaks.)
Smyth: We’re all ears, Scarecrow.

They quickly react..

Pulling apart – nothing suspicious looking in this reaction!

At all! haaaa

Uh help, a little help on the… uh..
(gestures to his desk)
[I love this.. uhhh help??!!..]

Amanda (talking over him): You need me to help you with… I said I would…

[Their hands and arms start flapping everywhere.. as they scramble… Very unconvincingly!

Uugh these two! If they were in a job that involved lying to save their lives they’d be dead already! haaaaaaa…. oh wait.. no that doesn’t work does it!

I do no like Smyth knowing about their relationship. Do you think he cares?]
Smyth: Boffo. Tune in. I’m already late. (He holds up the file he’s carrying) Visual aids, kids.

(He walks to Lee’s desk and they follow. )

[they share a look between them as Smyth isn’t looking at them. Uh oh!]
Smyth: Up to date on the Hale Collection?

[I love that zebra on Lee’s desk!!]
Lee: The Grenada Hales?
Smyth: Bonus points, Stetson. Go for the big spin.
Lee: Prominent Caribbean family. Lost everything when Grenada fell, including their priceless jewellery collection.

Smyth: Of which this was one piece. (He takes the file from Amanda’s hands and shows them the earring Elisa received last night.) We’d figured the family jewels had disappeared with some sticky-fingered Cubans until this sprinky-dink showed up as a birthday trinket for one of Washington’s top clique dwellers. Loop the circuit on this, King. I want verification of its authenticity muy pronto.

Amanda: Yes sir, I’ll get right on it. (She gathers up all the paperwork Smyth had dropped on the desk.) (to Lee) See you later.
(to Smyth) bye Sir. 
(She leaves and Lee and Smyth sit down on opposite sides of the desk.)

Smyth: Need I tell you that that jewel pries the lid off an old and very sensitive can of worms?
[uh oh. we have a spy! the Zebra has turned itself to look at Lee since Dr Smyth arrived! lol Or maybe it’s wanting to put his butt in Dr Smyth’s face to tell him to leave. haaaa.] 

Lee: Project ‘Sand Pebbles’. [Iwsod spits out their drink.. say what? Project Sand Pebbles???!!!! ohhhh my gosh that is sooooo flippin hilarious!!!!!
Operation Sandstorm outguns Project Sand Pebbles any day!!!! haaaaaa]
Smyth: What do you know about it?
[Lee knows everything and everyone!]
Lee: I mingled with Hale while he was peeling grapes with the Caribbean mainstream. The next wave of agents groomed him and suggested he start an ‘eyes and ears’ network throughout the basin.
Smyth: Indeedy do. Did a damn good job, too. Sand Pebbles was the cornerstone of our intelligence activities down there until Hale’s file disappeared with the jewels.

To summarise.. Sand Pebbles was a list of contacts in the Carribbean, and Smyth has intelligence that this list is now up for sale with it’s price being negotiated.. Whoever has the other earring probably knows where the list is.
Smyth: … I’ve activated an Alpha Seventeen Clearance. Anything and everything you wanted to know about the Grenada operation is waiting for you in a morgue file at the Pentagon. Get to it, then pop over to the Danton Estate. (Off Lee’s look) The clique dweller. Well, I understand you’ve danced cheek-to-cheek with her at more than one Presidential gala.

(Lee nods and gives a wry smile – he suddenly understands where this is going)
[Dr Smyth says something about a gala. I don’t know, I’m too distracted by the magical zebra that can move without these two spies noticing. He’s sideways again! This zebra needs a name… suggestions anyone?
Coming back to does Dr Smyth care about Lee & Amanda? I think the message here is, no he doesn’t care, so long as Lee can continue to use his contacts, sex appeal and errr ‘people skills’ to get the job done!]
Lee: I suppose you could say that.

Smyth: (laughs knowingly) Sprinkle on some cologne, get next to her, but walk the velvet tightrope. [Please, no flirting tips from Dr Smyth. gag] We don’t want anyone thinking she’s mixed up in an Agency investigation. (He stands to leave.)

[ZeesideZeebra is now the butt Zeebra again!]
…Oh, the fewer people who about this, the better chance we have of getting to that list and whole new bunch of chums in Cuba Libre land. Give my best to Elisa – and behave yourself.
Lee (sighs): I’ll give her my very best.

Smyth: Toodles.
[I usually find Dr Smyth’s turn of phrase entertaining and quirky. Today? I’m finding it annoying! it’s overkill! Maybe I like it better in small amounts… but he can’t say something simply, everything is an idiom or figurative..aie. Maybe he speaks in riddles to confuse the Zebra. Yes, that must be it!]

Moving on to Lee and Francine having a really cringe conversation in the bullpen as Lee heads for the elevator.

Francine is way too interested in Lee’s sex life…. sounds like DC cocktail parties are too. She sometimes seems so gleeful at this stuff that I worry for her wellbeing mentally haaaaa.

Lee (looking annoyed): And a job is all it is, Francine. Purely professional, okay?

[Lee don’t bother responding you only encourage her!]
Francine: Oh, how times have changed. I seem to remember lots of stories about you and Elisa that kept many a boring DC cocktail party going!
Lee chuckles though he is clearly not amused.

Francine:Oh my favorite one: you, Elisa and that little French ballerina…
…How did you ever manage all of that in the back of an Italian sportscar?

[Lee and a threesome. errrrrrrr.. is this family friendly smk?! I know we previously had the twins episode but somehow it was funnier when it was a once off for me.]

(pretends to laugh along with her but is obviously aggravated by the topic): Ahhhhhhh, she was a violinist,…

…it was a limo and it wasn’t easy…

[Guess it wasn’t a stretch Limo! I like how this alludes to the fact that all these stories about Lee are ummm maybe somewhat of an exaggeration lol. but the truth was racy enough!]
(Francine is looking disappointed at not getting more of a rise out of him)
[I think Francine is making a mental note for next time she tells the story – ahhh limo! riiight!]
…I was in traction for a week…
[Lee looks a little traumatised!]

…But that was then, and this is now, and like you’ve just said, things have changed.
Francine: You know what they say about leopards and their spots.
Lee: I’m not a leopard.

Francine: Well, maybe not, but I hear Elisa has a pretty mean set of claws…
…I’d be careful.
(Francine leaves)
[So what do you make of this exchange all??
I’m thinking Francine’s point was to warn Lee that while he might have changed – Elisa Danton has not… all while having some fun at Lee’s expense and bringing up titillating history she loves to rub in his face, teasing Lee that she loves to amuse people with stories about this at DC parties. I’ve gotta assume she isn’t really and she’s just teasing him, or I don’t see how Lee could even remotely consider her a friend.

I took a look at notes I made back in 2008 about this episode on the old yuku forum, seems one thing hasn’t changed: I don’t like hearing about Lee and other women!!!!!!!!!

A couple of memorable moments in this post – so far this episode has a few surprises!]

Okay, I’m going to pause here-  I cannot wait to hear what you all make of this!!!!

Get Ready – ‘All That Glitters’ Starts Next Weekend!!!

Hi Everyone! Get ready – the next episode ‘All That Glitters’ is starting next weekend!!
Who is walking with me??? Anyone out there? 

Clagjanet- a huge thanks for transcribing this episode for us!!!!

This episode will be four blog posts – I’ll publish one post every weekend for the next 4 weeks (Saturday or Sunday)…

I’m super curious.. before we dig into the actual episode.. what’s your general opinion of it?

I struggled a little to get started on this one.. but overall I’ve found it wasn’t half as bad as I was thinking it was! lol…

Anyone love this episode and regularly repeat watch it?? Do tell!!!

If anyone is new to the blog, you are very welcome to join in and share your smk thoughts.. Hope you can join us 🙂

4/4 Season Four:Episode Eighteen–One Flew East –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi all! Judging by the quiet response to post 3 (haaaaa – but kudos to Neckieh, Peacockdancer, LeesMolly and Sara for commenting!!), I am guessing that this episode isn’t really grabbing your attention.. I confess it’s not really grabbing mine! Maybe it’s a good call to get it done in 4 posts, find the gold.. enjoy the good.. and move on to the next episode – is that fair?
For those who love this ep, I hope I’m doing it justice for you.. I do appreciate the hard work of the SMK team.. especially KJ and all she was going through.. sooo I’m in this till the season 4 finale!!! Let’s get this ep done, and let’s see what gold we can find in here. Shall we?!

Back to Hospimerica/ Briarwood… Lee and Amanda are in the car looking at a blueprint.
I’m going to heavily rely on BJo’s descriptions here.. it less work for me to just add my thoughts as we go to BJo’s great work. I hope you guys don’t mind and it’s still an okay experience to walk through the action finale this way.. Let me know your thoughts! And again – a huge thanks to BJo for transcribing this episode!

Lee: Okay, now we look for the rabbit hole. Whenever the Agency secures a building, they always leave a way to get out without tripping the alarms. (Lee points to a spot on a blue print). Here we are.

(Lee and Amanda approach a door. Lee knocks on the door.)
Lee: You got a pen on you?
Amanda: Yeah.
(Lee takes the pen and takes it apart.)
Lee: Standard Agency issue – acid ink.
(The acid starts to smoke and eat through whatever Lee put it on.)
Lee: Thanks.
Amanda: Yeah.

[LOL and Amanda didn’t know her pen was acid ink? What if she took a few sneaky pens home and gave them to the boys?! rofl. ]
(They enter the building and we see a man in white scrubs at a desk watching a baseball game on some sort of monitor/tv.)
TV Announcer: Yes, it looks like that one’s going all the way. That’ll bring in three runs to tie this ball game up.
(Lee and Amanda sneak past the man and up stairs to a hallway.)

[LOL he really should have seen their shadow on the wall right next to him.]
( They come across a man locked in a room.)

Amanda: Oh, do you recognize him?
Lee: Yeah, it’s Dr. Carl Roberts, Head of Radiation at MIT.

(Lee and Amanda turn and walk to another room setting off an alarm. The man in the scrubs turns off the game and picks up his phone to make a call.
Lee and Amanda find the room with Dr. Mayfield.)
[Loving all the touching Amanda!]
Mayfield: That time of year thou mades and we behold.

Lee: Archibald Mayfield?
(Mayfield turns and walks toward the door.)

What do you want?

Amanda: We’re here to get you out.
(Rollins and Hobart turn up behind Lee and Amanda.)

Hobart: And we’re here to see that you don’t. [MUAHAHAHAHAHAA!!]
Rollins is at his desk and Hobart walks up behind him wiping his hands with a cloth. [what was Rollins doing? Cleaning his pipe? lol it’s so weird.
Just like it’s weird this hospital wing has.. chandeliers! whahahahaahaah!! Someone check those lightbulbs-stat!!]

Hobart: It’s all set. This is an old heating system. If too much pressure builds up in the steam pipes, the boiler will overheat and explode.
Rollins: I don’t want any damage to the main building.
[BJO: Oh, the concern!]
[yeah, he’s all heart!]
Hobart: There’s a six-foot concrete and steel bulkhead between us and them. I shut off the safety valve. The pressure’s been building up for a couple hours. And I put a few ounces of plastique under the boiler.
Rollins: No, I don’t want the fire inspector to find any trace of explosives.
This stuff doesn’t leave any residue. It’s just supposed to kickstart an explosion in the boiler. When those pipes blow, it’ll rip this place to pieces.

Yeah, of course the charge is the catalyst, but where’s the detonator?

Right under the boiler. Just push the little button and 45 seconds later, kaboom.

[45 seconds doesn’t seem like very long!!! Or is it just me?! and who’s going to take the risk and activate it?!]

Back to Lee and Amanda locked in a room across the hall from Mayfield.
What’d they get you two for? Buying a foreign car? Or supporting the metric system.
[haaaaa good one. I love it. Maybe he’s Canadian? We use Metric in Australia too!]
Amanda: We’re federal agents, sir.

Mayfield: Shouldn’t you be outside helping Rollins cleanse the country of those of us who stray from what he considers the patriotic norm?

Lee: Listen pal, we busted our butts to come in here and get you out…

[I love how Amanda cuts off Lee here. lol Lee get over yourself! Pal!]
(talks over Lee) (BJO: hahaha) Mr. Mayfield, whatever’s going on here the Agency doesn’t have anything to do with.
[Hey maybe Lee and Amanda have naturally gotten the good cop bad cope thing down pat now Amanda is no longer expected to be bad cop?!]

Mayfield: Then why is Rollins running this operation?
Lee: Rollins has got his own agenda which has nothing to do with us.
Mr. Mayfield, do you know what’s going on here?

Mayfield: For the past 6 months, Rollins has been grabbing those of us opposing nuclear weapons and bringing us here for interrogation.
Lee: What does he want from you?
Mayfield: names of others who share our views. And those in the Department of Defense who have been providing us with research.
Amanda: Classified research, sir?
Mayfield: Hell, no. Same stuff you can read in the Congressional Record. He just gets it for us quicker. How’d you find out about this?
Amanda: Your daughter, Laura.
Mayfield: How is she?
Amanda: Well, sir, she, uh…got a little bit too close to what’s going on here.
Is she alright?
Amanda: She’s in the hospital. We think she’ll be all right, sir. But we need to get you out of here.
(Hobart arrives with a gun in his hand. He unlocks Lee and Amanda’s door and a man pushes an empty gurney into their room.)
Hobart: All aboard, Stetson, we’re going for a ride.

Lee: Uh, no thanks, I’ll walk. [Haaaa I can’t blame you Lee. being strapped down like that no thanks]
Hobart: Just get on the burney, wise guy.
(Amanda takes a piece of tape from the side of the gurney.)
Lee: On the gurney? Yeah, you’re right. What the heck, huh?
(As Lee gets on the gurney, Amanda tapes the door latch.)

Lee: Why walk when you can ride?
Hobart: Lay down on your back.
Lee: Ahem. Oh, this is comfy.
Amanda: Where are you taking him?
Hobart: Got a couple questions for him.
Lee: I’ll be fine.
[Does Lee know Amanda did that? I don’t know that he does.. and yet.. he still trusts her here I’m sure!]

(Hobart and the man leave with Lee strapped to the gurney. They close the door. Once they leave, Amanda got to make sure she can open the door, thanks to the door latch being taped.)
Amanda: Mr. Mayfield, where are the keys?
Mayfield: The guard has got the only set.
Amanda: Okay, call him, pretend you’re sick.
Mayfield: Huh?
Amanda: Go ahead, call him.

Mayfield: Help. Help. Help! Somebody please help! Oh, Oh help! Oh, it’s my heart (moaning).
(Amanda throws open her door really hard and nails the guard right in the face with the door!!

Mayfield continues on…)
Mayfield: Somebody help me…
(Amanda gets the keys from the knocked out guard then starts to drag him into her room.)
[Okay that was extreeeeeemly satisfying!!!!

I think the big smile on Mayfield’s face here in response is my favourite moment of the episode!!! Why I don’t know.. but it was a great reaction!!!!!!!!!  ]
Rollins and other man roll Lee toward Rollins desk area.
Lee: Come on, Rollins. Tell your gorillas to unfasten me, huh?
Rollins: Wouldn’t want you to fall off that trolley and hurt yourself. At least not until I get what I want from you.
Lee: Which is what?

Rollins: The names of anybody else in the Agency that know about this operation. You know, Mr. Stetson, you should be supporting your fellow agents not jeopardizing them.
Lee: (Scoffs) You want to know what makes me sick? You’re not different from the KGB colonels you two think you’re protecting the country against.

[I really feel for BB here, surely this wasn’t done in one take, and yet having his neck twisted like that must have been quite the workout!!!]
(Back to Amanda. She locks the guard in her old room then unlocks Mayfield’s door and lets him out.)
Amanda: Mr. Mayfield, take these keys and let the other people out, alright? I gotta go find my partner.
Amanda leaves and Mayfield goes to unlock a door.
Mayfield: (to man in locked room) Hey!
Amanda runs into another guard on her way to find Lee.

Guard 2: What are you doing out here?
Amanda turns to leave, but the guard grabs her by the arm.
Guard 2: You better come with me.
(Amanda grunts and off they go.)
[Amanda is really funny here and it’s all non verbal. KJ is so good at physical comedy!!]

(Back with Rollins, Hobart, and Lee.)
Lee: At first I thought Laura Mayfield was paranoid, accusing you of abducting her father. But I had it the wrong way around didn’t I, Rollins?
I’m really not interested in your personal opinions.

Lee: Oh yeah? You’ve gone way over the edge, you know that? Give it up.
Take him back to his cell. Make sure he dies along with the others.
(Guard 2 and Amanda walk in from around the corner.)
Guard 2: I found her in the hall.
(Mayfield and several other men also walk in from around the corner.
Hobart picks up a gun and points it at the incoming group.)

[Group of anti nukers! Go them!]
Mayfield: We’re all right here with you.
Rollins: Go ahead, shoot.

(Hobart cocks the gun but hesitates to shoot. Someone undoes Lee’s strap.)
[Hobart doesn’t know where to aim..]

Mayfield: He’s having difficulty deciding which six of us to use the bullets on.
(Rollins grabs the gun and pushes Hobart out of the way.)
Rollins: Damn it, shoot!
(Rollins takes the gun and runs away. Hobart runs away also.)
Hobart: The detonator’s in the basement!
Lee: Get out of here!
Amanda: Come on, come on.
(Everyone quickly leaves Rollins’ office area.)
Rollins: Hurry!
(Rollins heads to the basement. Lee follows. We see Rollins put the detonator in the brick of plastique and push the button. The timer begins the countdown at 60.)

[BJO: Umm, wasn’t it supposed to be 45?]
[Yes! yes it was! But then they realised it might be old man Rollins pressing the button and he’d need at least a minute to get out haaaaa]

(Lee grabs a piece of pipe and throws it across the room. Hearing the noise, Rollins turns and shoots. Lee moves and grabs Rollins hands with the gun and the two start to struggle for the gun. Lee gets in a good punch, but they’re still fighting for control of the gun. Lee finally lands a punch and knocks Rollins off his feet and into some pipes. One breaks open and steam bursts out in a stream onto Rollins.

Lee checks to make sure he’s out then runs over to the detonator and removes it from the plastique with less than 10 seconds to go!)

[Nicely done! Not too drawn out.. and it looks to me like all that pressure that had been building hit Rollins squarely – now that’s what I call Poetry!]
The scene ends here.
[I just hope that someone nabbed Hobart and stopped him from making a getaway!]
Tag Time!!!! [woot woot!!]
(We’re back at Amanda’s house)
Amanda: (on the phone) Oh, well, that’s terrific news. Could I speak to Laura? (Philip runs in from the back.)

Philip: Hi, Grandma.
Dotty: Hi, sweetheart. Now don’t start anything. Dinner’s almost ready.
No, that’s alright, I understand. Could you give her a message for me please? Could you tell her that Lee and I will be by to see her tomorrow? Okay, thank you very much. Yeah, bye-bye.
[Exactly what would Amanda have really been able to say to Laura with her mother listening in?! It’s almost like she knew she would need to leave a message haaaa]
Dotty: Sweetheart, will you go tell Lee and Jamie that dinner’s ready? [Whooooo okay come on, now this line is gold right? I mean for how long did we all wish that Dotty would be able to say such a thing??!!!!

(Amanda walks from the kitchen and out the back door where she comes across Lee and Jamie. Jamie is holding a camera with a telephoto lens.)

Jamie: Wow! Everything looks so much closer.
Lee: Well that’s because the, uh, lens is in the telephoto position. Here, pull this back and see what happens.

(Lee adjusts the lens.)
Jamie: (excitedly) Now I can see the whole back of the house!
Lee: They call that the wide-angle view.
Jamie: That’s neat, but how does the picture get onto the film?

(Lee looks up with his mouth hanging open, clearly not sure what to say.
[Funny that – as I had exactly the same reaction to seeing that sweater Lee is wearing!!!!!]
He looks at Amanda who looks at Lee expectantly.)
Lee: Uh, to tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure.
Jamie: Would it be in the encyclopedia?
[Oh my.. the days before the internet!!]
Lee: Yeah, there’s a good chance of that. Why don’t you go on in and get started and I’ll be right in.
Jamie: Alright.
(Jamie walks off and Lee makes a face that seems to say, “Phew, that was a close one.”)
Amanda: (to Jamie as he walks past her) Hi, sweetheart.
Jamie: Hi, mom.

(Lee follows Jamie over toward Amanda. They stand face to face in the doorway) [BJO: so cozy!]

Amanda: Well…
Lee: I think I am finally on the right track.
Amanda: Yeah.
(They share a quick smooch.)

Amanda: Get in.
(Lee and Amanda go into the kitchen together; Amanda shuts the back door.)
The end!!!!

I think as Tags go this one is quite subdued.. then again I can’t say I mind that we didn’t get any real summing up the case stuff here.. Laura survives. goodo. Done. I don’t even care if they nabbed Hobart or any of the other goons.

Gee Lee is spending a lot of time at the King home now. Getting to know the boys.. letting them hang out at his place, and really making an effort to carve out a space for himself in their lives. That’s quite the effort to go through considering Lee and Amanda are not cough cough married world!!! Did you hear that world???!!!! Lee and Amanda are not married and there is really nothing to see here!!!!!! Nooooo meaningful relationships or close connections which may lead a baddie to make the boys a target like what happened in The Man Who Died Twice. Yep it’s aaaaaallllllll  looking super duper professional and detached!!!!! honestly!!!!! [Iwsod’s tongue is firmly planted in their cheek.]
The baddies are all too busy hanging out at Lee’s old apartment block to see if there is anyone coming and going worth kidnapping so it’s all fine. Just avoid the freedom hall, don’t use the poet’s towels and you should be just fine.
I do believe I have lost the plot. Help?

Haaaaaa come on all!!!!! Share with us all what you think? any insights you’d like to share??? Thanks for walking together through this episode..

Next up??? Episode 19: All That Glitters
When? Hmmm not sure! I’ll update once I know.. but be prepared it might be a few months till I build up time and motivation to do another. Forgive me?! These are getting challenging to do but I promise I will complete the show! 4 more to go!!!!
Hope you are all keeping well!!! 

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