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1/3 Season Four:Episode Seventeen–Mission of Gold –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Ready for another episode? We have five more episodes after this one to complete the walk through Season 4, and the whole show!

This wouldn’t have been possible without the transcribers who have supported JWWM and Operation Sandstorm I repeat!! This would not have been possible!!!  So special thanks again to all who have contributed!

For this episode, a special thanks to Clagjanet – for transcribing this episode for Operation Sandstorm, and sharing it with us all. I hope you enjoyed it! I can’t see any comments from Clagjanet in the transcription, so it will just be my comments in this episodes’ blog posts.. and Clagjanet hope we hear your thoughts as we walk through the episode together thankyou2

So here we go! Formatting reminder as we get started:
Clagjanet’s descriptions are in this format- (xxx)
My descriptions are in this format- xxx
My comments are in this format- [xxx]

I can’t remember much of the plot with this one.. Remember- if something jumps out at you, you wish to discuss, and I haven’t covered it: Do bring it up and share it with us all!!!! I might skip stuff well worth exploring so don’t hesitate to raise it.

(Opening shot: Establishing aerial view of somewhere on the water in southern California “Las Palmas, California”
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000079779

Cut to the exterior of a small cabin with a pickup truck and trailer with a Zodiac boat loaded on it. One man (Barney Dorsey) watches with a worried expression as another man (Gus Weinstein) finishes loading up the truck.)

Barney tries to talk Gus out of doing whatever he is going to do..
Barney: Brockett was serious when he told you to stay out of the way. What if you get caught? He could have you arrested!
Gus: Barney, if I’m going to dive on that wreck, I gotta do it while Brockett’s ashore. He’s coming in this morning.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000128128
Barney: (frustrated): Look, Lee and his friend will be here any minute. Lee’s a good man – he can help you.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000102802
[Lee and his friend? His Wife!!!! Siiigggggghhhhh…]

Seems Gus is diving for ‘evidence’ of what we don’t know yet..
They each accuse the other of gettin’ old basically. [LOL. Aren’t we all?!]
The scene ends with Gus determined to continue with his dive alone, and Barney promising to keep an eye out for him from the docks where he’s meeting Lee.
[They seem to me to be old friends who are both as stubborn as each other]

(Cut to exterior. A freeway, where we are following a rental car. We hear Amanda and Lee in voice-over.)
Amanda: (off-camera) California was a great idea for a honeymoon.
Lee: (off camera) Getting married was a better one… [Hang on a second. Getting married was a better idea for a honeymoon? eh??] ….You know what? Barney’s going to love you. He’s like family. And while my uncle was traipsing around the world, Barney sat in as sort of a back up dad. I spent more time in his mess hall than I did in school.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000171871

[Yep, the above is what we see while Lee glows about how much he loves Amanda.
Okay I understand the real life reasons why these kinds of decisions were made, but I don’t have to love them. I guess at least we got the dialogue full stop.. better than nothing.. I have mixed feelings about this episode.. If you hadn’t guessed already! Do share what you think!
Anyway, that was a nice little monologue to set the scene.. All off camera while watching a rental car drive past some palm trees. Nice to see some continuity with referring to Lee being raised by his uncle. Also seems like Lee had chosen California so he can introduce Amanda to the rest of his family.  I have no idea if he spills she’s his wife.. aie.. that’s how little I remember!]

Back down on the docks, Gus and Barney continue to bicker. [lol. Like an old married couple! haaaa..] Barney was concerned at the length of Gus’ dive..
Gus seems to have found a ‘little piece of gold’ that will ‘nail Brockett’.
[okay.. No idea what this is but I’m curious..]

Barney wants to see it, but Gus doesn’t want Barney seeing or touching it.[lol calm down Gus] LOL Barney accuses Gus of being all talk (i.e. let me see it or I don’t believe you) and sure enough, Gus ends up showing him.. lol seems Barney knows how to rile his friend up to get him to do what he wants haaaaa..  The pair gather the diving equipment and head back down to toward the dock.

(Cut to a man with a long-range rifle with a silencer taking aim from a hidden position nearby. We see Gus and Barney through the cross-hairs, then he fires. Gus and Barney hit the deck. Gus has dropped the coin. Barney gets up first and tried to drag Gus to his feet.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000238638
Gus: The coin!
Barney: Forget the coin! Let’s get out of here!
(They start to run, leaving the scuba equipment on the ground as they are fired on again.
We cut to Lee and Amanda’s car pulling onto the street.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000227127
: (off camera) You want to tell him we’re married, don’t you?
Lee: (off camera) Well, Amanda, he doesn’t know anybody we know except my uncle, and he won’t say a word if we tell him not to.
[lol already they are thinking of being ‘flexible’ with that whole secret marriage thing]

(They drive in between the gunman, Gus and Barney. Shots are still being fired but with the silencer, they are unaware. They get out of the car, all smiles.)
Barney: Get down! Get down Lee!
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000236336
(Another shot is fired and Lee leaps into action.)
Lee: Amanda! In the car!

(Amanda drops down and back into the car. As Lee runs around the front of the car to take cover, we see bullets hit the car. Gus and Barney take refuge behind it and Lee joins them, gun drawn.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000247847
The gunman gives up and slips away.)

Lee: Barney, what the hell is going on here?
Barney: It’s the gold!
(The camera pans around the empty park.)
Lee: It looks like it’s clear but be careful. Let me go first.
(He moves slowly around the car, stopping to pull open the driver’s side door and looks inside.
[Brace yourselves all!!!!]
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000265465
His expression turns horrified.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000266766
We see Amanda, motionless with a bloodstain on her chest.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000266966
Lee: Oh my God.
(Cut to view through windscreen where we can see the bullet hole and Amanda unconscious.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000268868
The camera focuses on the bullet hole, and then Amanda in the background comes into focus.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000270870
[I’ve always been so focused on Amanda I never noticed the random plain background all of a sudden!
GAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Who is ugly crying with me?????!!!!!!
I am so tempted to skip about 40 minutes into this episode, but with the help of Clagjanet’s transcription I’m going to plod on. Clagjanet I don’t know how you did it, all the sadness and angst. gah!!

I’m guessing others have noticed this too, but I’ve gotta point this out, this must be unintentional – basically Lee telling Amanda to get in the car is an unintentional and pretty unfortunate throw back to the whole ‘stay in the car’ gag the show had early on. Only this time, Amanda didn’t question Lee and obediently got back in the car – only to get shot!!!!! It’s kind of unfortunate!!! And makes no sense why he told her to get in the car rather than, get down. Just like he did.. Ugh.. but okay okay.. the plot demanded it.. whatever. Moving on!]

Lastly, it seems Ren Lepard from The Triumvirate has made a full recovery.. Ohhhhh he’s not Ren Lepard this episode? Oh okay.. got it. His name is Norton Scott.
He’s either Ren Lepard with a name change, or surprise Ren Lepart has a long lost twin brother working on the other side of the country – who says the profession you choose is not genetic?! haaaaaa!!!]

Anyway, moving on to the community hospital.
Inside, Lee and Barney are sitting in a waiting room.
Nurse: Mr. Stetson?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000281314
They both leap to their feet, looking worried. [With her face, I would be too]
Lee: Yes.
Nurse: Dr. Neely wants to see you.
Lee: How is she? Is she all right?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000281514
Nurse: Follow me please.
Barney: I’ll be right here if you need me.

(Lee sighs and follows the nurse towards Amanda’s room. A doctor is on his way out and stops him from going in.)
[That jacket of Lee’s!!! gah!!! what’s with the big pockets? is that to hold all his tissues from mopping up his river of tears??  cos they are massive!!! I’m going to put this white jacket of Lee’s in the fashion fail category haaaaaa – what do you all think?]
Dr. Neely: Mr. Stetson, I’m Dr. Neely.
(Dr Neely pushes Lee back out of the room and into the hallway. ouchie)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000296196
…She’s out of surgery but I’m not going to kid you, we still have a long way to go.
Lee: But she is going to be all right? Isn’t she?

4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000323823
Dr. Neely: The next 48 hours will be crucial. It’s a miracle she’s alive. The bullet went through her chest. A fraction of an inch either way and she wouldn’t have had a chance.
Lee: When can I see her?
Dr. Neely: It’s going to take a while. And there’s nothing here for you to do. Get some rest, but leave your number. I’ll phone you.
(when Lee looks like he’s about to argue) Please Mr. Stetson.
Lee: (sighing) Alright.
[I would have thought he would have said Lee isn’t family, does the doctor know?]

(Lee returns to Barney in the waiting room, where he has been joined by the sheriff.)
Barney: Lee?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000335335
Lee: She’s alive. (beat) But it’s touch and go – the next 48 hours are going to tell.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000349149
Barney: This is Sheriff Waterhouse, Lee.
They shake hands.
Lee: Pleasure. How are you.
Barney: I told him what I could but he’s gonna need your statement.
Sheriff Waterhouse: It’s not urgent, Mr. Stetson. Barney says you’ll be staying with him, so I know where to find you. Hey, I’m damn sorry about all this. We’ll get to the bottom of this – that I guarantee.
Lee: (nodding) Thank you Sheriff. Uh, Barney… I have to make a phone call.
[I’d like to see that statement. lol. Hey he was shooting at those two because of secret gold to convict some Brockett dude I don’t know. I showed up and my secret wife got shot. But don’t tell anyone cos we’re spies.]

(Lee turns and walks to a nearby payphone and after a moment to pull himself together, places a call.)

Lee: Hello Mrs. West. (he gives a small laugh) Yeah, it’s Lee… Well, I’m… I’m afraid I’m not doing so well right now… It’s Amanda. There’s been an accident.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000388288

The scene ends there.
[It’s all very touching, and while it wouldn’t be right to play down the seriousness, I can’t say I mind, I generally don’t watch SMK to drown in angst..
It is pretty ironic that Amanda gets shot, and she wasn’t even working! It was just random that Lee’s fatherly old friend was helping his friend dive for gold or something right at that moment.
Which kinda negates the need for a secret marriage doesn’t it?!! whahaahahaaaaa..
Oh that sucks right there. Yeah I’m kinda bitter! lol. How are you travelling? do tell!!!]

(Cut to exterior of a fishing type boat, the Valero IV.
Cut to boat interior. Scott (the shooter) walks in holding a doubloon, followed by Brockett.) [I guess that is the one that Gus and Barney dropped on the pier?]

Scott: ‘The eternal metal’. You can’t tell if this gold doubloon was minted two hundred years or two weeks ago. Chemically impossible.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000411311
[Is he going for the ‘I just smoked pot’ accent here? rofl. his delivery is pretty funny! but not meant to be.. I think .. ]
Brockett: Forget about the gold! You shot a woman, Scott. A tourist… some poor damned unlucky tourist. Why?
[I see, so Brockett is one of those reluctant baddies, and Scott is one of those stone cold killers!]
Scott: So I could still give you twenty percent of thirty-eight million.
Brockett: I want to know what you’ve got me into. What if she dies?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000429729
Scott: She won’t be the first.
(off Brockett’s reaction) I didn’t think I was going to have to let you know: The Federal Gold Reserve, three guards dead, my partner’s doing life…he’s got a million on my head.
Brockett: The Harper’s Ferry heist… June.
Scott: Biggest in U.S. history, I think.
[LOL he likes to brag!]
Brockett: You came to me in April with some cute plan to raise some phoney treasure. You knew about it then!
[lol why so offended?! You thought the treasure was real??!!]
Scott: You can’t just fence thirty-eight million. Not in Federal gold. It makes you hotter than a matchhead.
So, you’re counting on this treasure hunt to wash it clean, hmm?
Scott: It already has.
(shows coin) You see, doubloons are irregular shapes, hand-struck, easy to counterfeit. The State’s already authenticated the entire lot is eighteenth century.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000468868
Brockett: You can’t spend doubloons.
Scott: Collectors will pay a premium. And even with the big bite that California state’s going to be taking, I’ll still be doing better than if I fenced it. It goes through my dummy corporation, I disappear and I never have to worry again.
[Then peace love and mung beans, dude that’s cool!]
Brockett: So when’s the auction?
Scott: Third party private sales. But you don’t have worry about that end.
The state certifies the audit on the gold day after tomorrow, you go your way and never see me again. Until then, just close your eyes.
Scott pats Brockett’s cheek and leaves.
[I wasn’t planning to include all this baddie dialogue, but hey it explains the plot, and the baddie team dynamic nicely so I’ll go with it.
Yep, we’ve got greedy baddies on our hands this week!]

(Cut to Billy’s Office. Francine and Billy listen to Lee on the speaker box. Both look serious, Francine on the edge of tears.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000521821
Lee: (on speakerphone) I flew out here the minute I heard, Billy.
Billy: I’m certainly glad her mother was able to locate you.
[UGHHHHH so they are all still lying to each other??!!! Gah!!! that just makes the sadness that much worse for me! Awhhhhh. I figured they’d given the game away with their joint vacation when Amanda speed up to Lee with the limo and told him to get in, and he asked if ‘they’ would make it. Like they were going somewhere together! but.. whatevs.  Francine upset about Amanda being hurt? Well note down this moment people!!! ]
(Cut to Barney’s condo – Kitchen. Lee is on the phone while Barney watches.)
Lee: Yeah, she was … very upset.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000526426
(Intercut from Billy’s office to Barney’s condo.)
Billy: I can have a truckload of agents to back you up before dark.
Lee: No. no, thanks for the offer, Billy. But, listen Las Palmas is a very small town… I think it might be easier if we open this up quietly.
Billy: Okay, You’re there…you call the shots.
[Aie. Billy!!! Terrible choice of words!!!!!!!! No talk of shots allowed in this episode!]
Lee: Thanks.
Francine: Lee, she’s strong, she’ll be fine.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000537937
Lee: (voice breaking slightly) You bet she is, keep your fingers crossed, huh.

(Lee hangs up, takes a long beat, then buries his face in his hands. Barney watches him, concerned.)
Barney: You alright, son?
(Lee collects himself, but his voice suggests he is near tears.)
Lee: Yeah.
[Lee’s trying hard to keep it together.. I love seeing that wedding ring on that hand of his though!]
Barney: I’m sorry you had to walk into this.
Lee: Well just what the hell did we walk into, Barney?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000600100

We find out the town has gone crazy since Gus claimed he found gold a few months ago. The shooter was aiming for Gus who’s a retired mailman with a treasure hunting bug..
Gus thinks Brockett wouldn’t really find the famous La Bodega treasure, so he’s been investigating and causing Brockett ‘lots of problems’.
[Barney why do you not mention the gold coin Gus found? He saw it didn’t he?!]
Lee: I can either sit here and go crazy, Barney, or I can do something.
(Lee grabs his coat) C’mon. Let’s go![Lee can’t sit still.. just like in Bad Timing huh.]

Off they go… to visit Gus at his cabin.
[I think this is the same cabin in A long Christmas Eve, but noooo I’m not going to go looking for photos no time sorry!]
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000616216
Gus is inside working on his computer. Lee and Barney enter..
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_000632265
[rofl. Seems Gus has a parrot! The only things he seems to be missing is an eye patch and a wooden leg!]
Gus: Alright Lee. I was really sorry to hear about your wife.
[Whoa. Okay so the circle of those who know has just doubled! I quite like hearing Amanda be referred to as his wife awhhhh]
Lee: Yeah, well I’m just about past being sorry and starting to get mad.
Barney: Lee can help, Gus. Tell him everything.
Gus: Sure. But not here. I think we could all use a drink.

They head off for a drink.. so we’ll pause here.

I could use a drink too! How about you?!
How will the hospital reach Lee if they need to? what number did he leave? I guess the Sheriff will just contact Barney.. hmmm.. do they know she is his wife? I don’t remember! I don’t remember if Lee has his mobile phone the size of a brick with him for the hospital to call him. lol.

[*NOTE POST EDITED: after I published this today, I realised I had loads of mistakes where I kept getting Gus and Barney confused!!!! soooo sorry the confusing post got sent out by email, but hopefully this updated post on the blog is now accurate. If I’ve missed any of the mistakes let em know. for some reason I kept thinking Barney looked like a Gus haaaa. no idea why!]

Sooooooo opening things up here for all to share their thoughts on this episode so far!!! do tell!!!! So glad we are walking together!!!! 

5/5 Season Four:Episode Sixteen- Do You Take this Spy?–Scarecrow and Mrs King

It’s wedding bells time!!!!!

Got your smelling salts handy? Tissues? Drool Bucket? Rice? Confetti? Okay, we are good to go!!! Just make sure you don’t get your smelling salts mixed up with your rice or you could end up with sushi nose or something! 
We find Lee nervously walking down a hallway with a bouquet of flowers.
[Go SMK! way to shake it up by giving the groom the flowers bouquet haaaaaa] 
He pauses in front of a closed door..
Lee: (nervous sigh) Amanda! Amanda, come on! He’s gonna go home!
(He knocks on the door.)

Amanda: (exits the ladies room. She’s breathless as she smiles at him.) Okay.
Lee: (Smiling broadly.) You look beautiful.
Amanda: You look handsome.
they silently look at each other for a beat..

Then..Mrs. Bowman: (opening a door and peeking out) Lee and Amanda!

[Man she annoys me. lol Sorry if you like her – ummm just ignore me!  :)]
We see Lee and Amanda react, and then cut to inside the Justice of the Peace’s Chambers.
Tagsworth: Do you, Lee, take Amanda to be your wife?
Lee: (looks at Amanda for a moment, then turns back to the JP)
I do.

Tagsworth: Do you, Amanda, take Lee to be your husband?
[we see Ms Annoying looking on adoringly. too cheesy for me.. so I’m just gonna pretend she’s not there!]
Amanda: I do.
Tagsworth: Join hands. (They do.)… [oh my. I’m feeling light headed.. this is all so swoony I can hardly stand it!!! ]
…Repeat after me, Lee. I, Lee, take thee, Amanda…
[The JP reads the vows off his little card. LOL because they are so complicated?!]

Lee: I, Lee, take thee, Amanda…
[Oh my. Lee’s voice is soo low and sexy here.. especially when he is saying his wedding vows.. am I right ladies?!!]
Tagsworth: …to be my lawful wedded wife….
[we hear the JP’s voice…. but the shot doesn’t cut away from Lee and Amanda staring adoringly into each other’s eyes. Good call that!!!]
Lee: … to be my lawful wedded wife…
Tagsworth: …to have and to hold, from this day forward…
Lee: …to have and to hold,…
…from this day forward…

Tagsworth: …for better or worse…
[Lee’s dimple gets bigger here haaaaa]
Lee: …for better or for worse…
Tagsworth: … for rich or for poorer…
Lee: … for rich or for poorer…
[okay okay those dimples are big all over the place! Too many photos?? Yeeeeahhhhh I didn’t think so! ]
Tagsworth: ….in sickness and in heath…
Lee: ….in sickness and in heath…
Tagsworth: … to love and to cherish…
Lee: (Lee takes a deep breath here before repeating this vow) … to love and to cherish…
Tagsworth: … for all the days of our lives.
Lee: … for all the days of our lives.
[Aie. this sounds like something through the sands of the hour glass.. ]

Tagsworth: Repeat after me, Amanda….

… I, Amanda, take thee, Lee…

Amanda: I, Amanda, take thee, Lee…
[Lee seems blown away that someone like Amanda would choose him!!! What are you seeing watching this? do tell!!]
Tagsworth: …to be my lawful wedded husband….

Amanda: … to be my lawful wedded husband…
Tagsworth: …to have and to hold, from this day forward…
Amanda: …to have and to hold, from this day forward…
Tagsworth: …for better or worse…
Amanda: …for better or worse…
Tagsworth: … for rich or poorer…
Amanda: … for rich or poorer…
[Amanda gives Lee a big smile… she seems so much more reserved that smiley Lee lol. but she gets there! ]
Tagsworth: ….in sickness and in heath…
Amanda: ….in sickness and in heath…
Tagsworth: … to love and to cherish…
Amanda: … to love and to cherish…
Tagsworth: … for all the days of our lives.
Amanda: … for all the days of our lives.
Tagsworth: May I have the rings?.. (Mrs. Bowman hands him the rings. He hands a ring to Lee. He continues.) …Now, put this ring on her finger. [LLA:he does!!!!]
[Hey LLA, I do not know how you managed to transcribe this and actually make sense. I would have been transcribing it as.. Now take this ring and woghaohbaobahobahboahb
Kudos you to!!! eerrr I mean Kudos to you!!! haaaaa]
Say these words. This ring I give thee…

Lee: (Turning towards Amanda, who is watching him put the ring on her finger) This ring I give thee… (they look up at each other)

[the romantic smk tune really kicks in here!!! Feels!!!! So many feels!!!]
Tagsworth: … In token and pledge…
Lee: … In token and pledge…
Tagsworth: … of my constant faith and devotion.
Lee:of my constant faith and devotion.
Tagsworth: (He hands a ring to Amanda.) Now, give him your ring,
… saying, this ring I give thee…

Amanda: (slides the ring on his finger, they both look at their intertwined hands) This ring I give thee… (They both look up into each other’s eyes, clutching their hands together.)
Tagsworth: … In token and pledge…
Amanda: … In token and pledge…
[Whooaaaa now that is a brilliant smile from Amanda here!!! she loves them tokens and pledges haaaa]
Tagsworth: … of my constant faith and devotion.
[As with Lee’s vows, the camera stays on Lee and Amanda while the JP says the vows. Brilliant decision that!!]
Amanda: … of my constant faith and devotion.
Tagsworth: By the authority vested in me by the statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia,… …Lee Stetson and Amanda King,… …I am pleased to pronounce…. (Amanda lets out a big sigh..) [I think Amanda is relieved – they did it!!!! They made it here to this moment!!!!]
you man and wife.
[Husband and wife!…. & maybe it’s just me but.. UGHHHH don’t call her Amanda King anymore pleeeeease!!!! Kinda awkward that it’s the name  of the show right?! ]
Amanda makes a happy sound. lol not sure how you would describe it lol..
Mrs. Bowman: (leaning forward) You kiss now. (She fumbles with the camera.)
[oh yeah. she’s there. She’s totally a russian spy. rofl. whatevs..  Iwsod’s focusing on that kiss!! haaa.. but hey rofl at the candles in the background.. smk code for romance!!! ]
Amanda: (Laughing) Yes.
(Lee and Amanda kiss for the first time as husband and wife.)
… and kiss..

…and kiss..

Grrrr go for it Mr & Mrs Stetson!!!!

Love how the kiss comes to an end and Lee has to go in….
for just one more..
Man those magical romantic chimes are ringing really loudly!!! You can hear them too right? it’s not just me as a result of taking captures of that kiss right????!!!

[Oh how far they have come.. Mr and Mrs Stetson… and oh soooo happy…
If this show was on today I doubt we would have ever seen this.. and kudos to the makers for daring to bring them together and choosing to give us all the fluff and feels – they went big here!!!!!!]they even bought a wedding cake..
Though we don’t see it in the final version.. anyone checked out the script? is it in the script?
or was it just for the publicity shot?
Apologies I have no idea where I picked up this image from or I would list the source.. it was years ago! But.. I certainly don’t own it..
Can’t wait to hear your thoughts all!!!!]
The wedding scene ends there. 
[Sooooo what do you all think? What’s your experience of this scene? 

While I have a bumpy relationship with the whole secret marriage thing, I am consistently able to watch the actual ceremony and just enjoy it, relish it and celebrate it. I truly believe that we got this at all is some kind of tv miracle!! lol. 
I put all the complications/ consequences of the secret marriage away and just focus on their sheer joy and delight in one another (just like I block out Ms Annoying!). 

How about you? Thoughts?]

Moving on.. and it’s Tag Time..  we see a shot of the Crystal River Inn, at night.
[LOL it actually looks like a dark version of Amanda’s place to me] (Amanda and Lee are standing in their room watching the maid finish prepping their room for the night.)
[The frustration with her slow pace is palpable!!! I keep thinking what’s she doing in their room? They can move pillows all by themselves haaa.. is this an 80s thing?!]

{They are exhausted. They are leaning on each other to stay awake.}
[LAA:I wonder if they are regretting that they didn’t have a service earlier in the week like Mr. Tagsworth suggested so they’d have more energy.]
I see this differently to LeeLovesAmanda’s description, I’m not sure that their frustration with her slow pace is because they are exhausted, I think it’s because they are wanting to get started with the sexy times!!! and.. I think it was a nod to those who were thinking they had waited until marriage… not that it confirms anything,but for those thinking they waited it would be seen as a charming wish to get the show on the road. haaaa.

It looked like Lee had irritated his rib injury after putting away Ms I wanna be an art thief, if she impacts their wedding night Lee is going to make sure they throw the book at her! 😉 ]

(Amanda bangs her head on Lee’s shoulder and Lee responds with an ‘i know I know’}
hang in there you two she’s almost done..

(They share a look together..

Then we see them share a little kiss while they wait..

Which they quickly end as the maid approaches. lol.

The maid continues with her arranging.. slowly..)
[At this point I think Amanda is trying not to get the giggles at how ridiculous this is!
But oh my.. she’s soooo slow!!!]

(on and on Lee and Amanda wait..

The maid can be seen in the foreground turning and taking one last look at the room.
Good job! Now leave!!! lol. She gives the ok signal.. but never looks at Lee and Amanda.. lol.. she’s clearly a woman who takes her work very seriously haaaaa.. She gathers her things and fiiiiinally leaves. She closes the door behind her,  puts the Please Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob.

She gives the door a gentle pat and then walks away..) [Not a word is spoken in this tag.. till that door is closed and that Do Not Disturb sign is up!!!! Then we hear Amanda… while seeing the close up on the sign –  rofl!!!]
Amanda: (off-camera) Wooowwww. Oh!

My my my. Just what are they doing in there that would make Amanda say Wow right?? I think she found the chocolate mint on the pillow. Yes that must be it haaaaaa.. cough cough…..

The episode ends here – sooooo what do you all think???!!! Do tell!!!

Thanks again to LeeLovesAmanda who transcribed this episode for Operation Sandstorm. A huge help… and so appreciated!!!! 

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4/5 Season Four:Episode Sixteen- Do You Take this Spy?– Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the fancy hotel, Lee and Amanda are in the foyer all dressed up. Whooo Lee is wearing a wedding ring (practice for the real thing huh Lee!) and Amanda too..Amanda comments they are taking a risk with trusting Nicky here… he might run again…
Lee: (clears his throat) No, listen. Don’t worry. Big Tony is the only fence in town that has got enough juice to handle the McMasters’ art. Nick’ll have to make this first contact alone. I don’t think he’ll wander off. He needs us as much as we need him. [Why exactly does Nick need them? He can just run again, can’t he? I guess Lee is counting on his having real feelings for Felicia, which is kinda against type given Nick’s history isn’t it? What do you guys make of this? ]
Nick: (approaches them from behind and puts his hands on their backs) In case anybody asks, you’re the Roths from Newport – incredibly rich. (He kisses Amanda on the cheek.)Lee: Ohh… What happened to the Detwilers of Philly?
Nick: (sitting) Oh, come on, give me some credit. Big Tony’s just been to Philly. He’s looking you over right now. (We see Big Tony, sitting in a lounge area, drinking tea.)
[rofl. Lee looks stiff as a board! whaaaaa]… Hmm. Jeff? Dixie? I think the tide’s low in your glasses.
(He snaps his finger for a waiter to come over.)
Lee: Jeff and Dixie?
Nick: Liven up, will you? Look, I told Big Tony you were wild enough to take the plunge on the whole collection and if he likes what he sees, he’s willing to arrange a private showing. Oh, yeah, and by the way – the clincher is your incredible offer of one of your Thai Picassos. We’ll make him a present of it.
Amanda: (whispering) He’s going to spot a phony Picasso.
Lee: (incredulous) Do you happen to have a genuine Picasso on hand?
Nick: Hell, no. No, we’ll just borrow one. (laughs)
[Oh boy. this keeps getting better and better. I think they should lock up Nicky and just check in at the Inn and forget about it. lol. Too funny how Lee is furious but trying not to show it as they are being watched. Lee is taking a big risk working with Nicky like this.. This whole plan seems too high risk to me, do you think they would have agreed to it if they weren’t in a rush to close the case and get hitched?]

We cut to the corvette driving at a distance.. and listen to a voice over…Lee: (V.O.) How do you propose we borrow a Picasso, Nick?
Nick: (V.O.) It’s a lot easier than getting your hands on the Crown Jewels.
Lee: (V.O.) That was different. We had the Prime Minister’s cooperation.
[oh haaaaa. that’s begging for a fan fic story that one! The crown jewels? really???!!! lol. I bet Nature Life Magazine was involved somehow! And besides, I would have thought you’d need the royal family to co-operate not the prime minister but what do I know? I guess Lee and Nick are in the vette and Amanda err I mean Dixie stayed behind?]

On to the National Museum.
{The script says that the museum’s curator is named Arthur Hatcher.}
Arthur: (opening a door and walking inside) We can talk in here.
Lee: There’s nothing to talk about.
Arthur: Gentlemen, I run this museum. You can’t expect to walk in off the street, flash federal ID, and walk out with a piece of facet Cubism without talking.
Nick: (walks directly to a phone on his desk and starts dialing.) We don’t have time for this. Can I use the phone?
Arthur: Who’s he calling?
Nick: (Into the phone) Covert Main, this is Branch One, please. Lee: Look, I don’t want you ramrodded out of here because you’re doing your job, but we are on a very tight schedule.
[I am not terribly engaged with this plot I must say, I just want to get to the wedding. Very naughty of me.]
Arthur: Ramrodded out of here? [Hang on, is this Arthur guy that Tisher dude from Playing for Keeps??? Who charged Lee $50- bucks for the sneaky print out of the country club guests?]

Nicky plays the role on the phone, while Lee sells Arthur on the white house being involved. I don’t find this super interesting.. so I’m gonna skip the rest. sorry if you love this – and do share your thoughts if you do!!

Poor Arthur, he swallows it hook, line and sinker, and is probably still waiting to hear from the president personally.

The scene ends with Lee and Nicky sharing a little mutual admiration at how good they are at lying together. lol. Lee: We do get better with age, don’t we?
(They laugh and slap five.)
[Bros who con people together! Hey didn’t  Lee say something like this in Bad Timing to Amanda?]

The scene movies on to.. Roger’s Bar and Grill. Oh Hang on, a few episodes ago wasn’t that Randy’s?
[Billy’s lost weekend. Looks like after 34 years, he couldn’t get his wife to leave, so Randy ended up leaving. Won’t miss your wife jokes Randy!]
Lee’s getting antsy.. Nicky is out of sight, with the Picasso, while Lee and Amanda err sorry Dixie and Jeff, wait in the limo.
Lee is doubting the plan they have in place, and comments that maybe he should have not trusted Nicky so much.. His panic seems to be escalating..
Amanda tries to calm him down.. advocates for trusting Nicky.
Lee: Well… We’ll just relax and, I mean, uh, everything is going according to plan.Amanda: Except that he’s twenty minutes late. Lee: I’ll kill him. [LOL Lee doesn’t miss a beat here, the delivery is pretty funny!!!
Honestly, why would you trust Nicky??! I don’t care that he’s in love. He breathes he cons that is what this guy does!!]

Back to the Q Bureau… both Lee and Amanda are pacing and trying to figure out what’s gone on here.Lots of swapping of ideas, some have Nicky as bad guy, others have him as an ally.
LOL this line was funny: Amanda (to Lee): You’re right there is absolutely no reason to stay calm!!
[The episode is certainly keeping Nicky ambiguous. In all, Lee continues to have a slither of hope he’s not deep down a bad guy for some reason. lol.]
{The phone rings!}
(It’s Nicky, he’s picked himself up a bright orange sports car.. He really is like a dark side version of early Lee Stetson or something lol. He is completely unconcerned about how mad Lee is. Nicky says the Picasso is with Big Tony and will be fine.)Nicky: …I just set you up with him for our first meeting on the art. He’ll be outside the Orion at noon tomorrow – except that I hope to have everything cleared away by then. Lee: Wait a minute… Just what are you up to? Nick: Well, I just had a little chat with Felicia. Jason’s at the house, so I’m going out for a little talk, man to man, like. We were right all along. Big Tony just confirmed it. Jason’s been setting me up right from the start. Ciao.
(Nicky hangs up…) [Uh oh!!] (Lee and Amanda rush out the door)

On to the McMaster’s estate. Lee and Amanda arrive, Lee winces and holds his rib as he gets out of the vette. They hear a loud shot out back, and they take off toward the noise.
McMasters, Sr: (he has a shot gun, and is pointing it at Nick,
Nick is crouched over McMasters, Jr, holding a gun…) Carefully put that gun down and move over next to your friend.
(We see McMasters Jr is unconscious) (Nick, joins scared looking Felicia, holding his arms up.)(Amanda and Lee watch on concerned, and it goes to a commercial break.)
[They look way too calm lol.]

After the commercial break, it’s back to the Q Bureau again.. New clothes so I guess it’s the next day, and today is the day they meet Big Tony at the Orion.
{Lee enters the Q-Bureau, weighed down with all of his luggage.}Billy: (already inside the office) Hope springs eternal. You’re still trying to make that vacation, huh?
[Hmmm looks like Amanda’s luggage was already there before Lee arrived on that chair, and Billy would have totally seen it. haaaa]
Lee: (putting down the luggage) Yeah. Nothing short of a nuclear war or the end of civilization as we know it is going to get in my way, Billy.
Billy: Not even Nick Grant?
Lee: He’s trying, I’ll give you that. He’s also getting plenty of help.
Billy: Meaning, he was framed, right?
[An Art Thief was ‘Framed’! that’s genius!!!! waaaahhhaaaa]
Lee: With a carpenter’s level. He didn’t put a bullet through Jason’s head any more than I did. Billy: Listen, the old man heard an argument, then a terrible fight, and then he found Nick Grant standing there holding the gun. Now, that’s pretty incriminating.
Lee: But nobody saw him pull the trigger, now, did they? He told me he picked it up after Jason was shot. They are going to bury him, Billy.
[Ummm the old man wasn’t the only person there. What does Felicia have to say? seems the writers are intentionally trying to have us overlook her! Totally suss that!! And why is the spouse not a suspect in her husband’s murder?! weird.. ]
Billy: You’re really worried about him, aren’t you? [You know, I’m more worried about getting the 2 million dollar Picasso back. lol but maybe it’s just me]
Lee: Yeah. Not even Nick Grant deserves this. Look, somehow those missing oils are the key to who killed Jason. Now, Amanda and I are going to keep a little meeting with this Big Tony and see what we can come up with. [Yeah okay I have no idea if I was even noticing this the first time I saw this but there is a great big hole in this conversation – what is Nick’s link to McMasters? Felicia!!! You know, who was cheating on her husband, and who knew where Nick was so could have easily gotten that painting into his car. aie. This is actually pretty clunky. And no I don’t remember what happens. Ha that may be pretty obvious huh. It’s just weird no one even mentions her!]
Billy: Sounds like police work to me.
Lee: No. They already figure they’ve got their culprit.
Billy: I think I’d better help you with this. (starts to pick up Lee’s luggage.) I wouldn’t want you or Amanda to miss your trip…
(Lee picks up the rest of his luggage and follows Billy out the door.) [Lee is so busted. Haaaaaa good one Billy- I love it!!!!]

We move on to Dixie and Jeff’s chauffeur driven limo heading down a country road. Whooooo Francine is their Chauffeur! haaaaa!!!! Looks like they are waiting for Big Tony as they drive around.. noon at the Orion is now 430 driving around somewhere following a car.. okay! They update Billy on over the walkie-talkie. Amanda tells him the car they are following seems to be heading toward the McMaster’s farm, and they are turning on their homing signal. Billy confirms he is picking up the signal.

Big Tony’s and the black limo pull up at the McMasters stable. Big Tony (Aka Antony De Seca) has a thick Italian accent.[Ohhhh I guess Tony was in the car they were following but they weren’t sure if they would get to meet him after following him around for 4.5 hours? I was confused!]
Big Tony approaches Jeffrey Roth and his wife Dixie. Who has a full on southern drawl… and doesn’t mess around. She gets straight down to business.
Show me the art! haaaa..
I’m not going to include the all this transcribed dialogue.. suffice to say – Lee and Amanda (err Jeff and Dixie!) make a charming couple 🙂(Tony enters the stables to check out the art, Jeff and Dixie follow him in, but he blocks them from fully following him. Outside Lee and Amanda can hear Tony talking to someone…)
Big Tony: … Good afternoon. I have a charming couple interested in the entire lot. May I see the art?
Lee: {to Amanda} The paintings never left the property.
Big Tony: {crouches down and begins to uncover a painting.} Ahhh. Excellent! {He uncovers another.} Just beautiful.{He looks at a third painting and then stands.} …Of course, they’re all phonies. [The person he is talking to is…. Felicia?! Duh duh duuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. Oh? but I had forgotten all about Felicia?!!!! what a shock!!!! haaaaa]
Felicia: (angry) What are you talking about?Big Tony: Not to say they are not fabulous forgeries, some of the best.
Felicia: That’s ridiculous. They came right off the walls of the house.
Big Tony: ha haaa I’ve seen it before. Your father-in-law must have needed money, eh? Who knows? You could ask him. Lee: (enters) We’ll all ask him… (He pulls out his ID.) …Federal officers. Felicia: The Roths, huh? We’ve got no shortage of phonies here today. Lee: Let’s all step outside, huh?
{Big Tony looks worried. They all exit the barn. Once outside, Felicia pulls a rope that drops a huge load of straw on everyone. She runs off. She mounts a horse and rides away.}
[Oh no. I was hoping for no chase.. I’ll summarise it for us all.. and if you notice anything noteworthy in this chase do let us know!!!
It’s a horse chase!! A rather boring one if you ask me.. Except, it’s very cool to see cowboy BB on a horse again!]My Summary:Lee chases Felicia, and catches her. The end.

Okay hang on, let me pause for a second here and look at this plot. Am I on the right track here? lol!! If this stuff gives you a headache, feel free to skip ahead 🙂
Let’s see.. Felicia was setting up Nick the whole time.
She made contact with Big Tony to sell the McMasters paintings.
Nicky contacted Big Tony to buy the McMasters paints for Jeff and Dixie setting up the meeting, handing over the Picassso to Big Tony.

It’s the McMasters Jr shooting that confuses me… I guess Felicia shot McMasters  Jr?? and then Nick showed up to a shot guy at just the right moment to grab the pistol and look like he’s the one who did it?
And Felicia was there already? Huh? Who does Nick think shot McMasters Jr?
How did McMasters Jr manage to get shot at just the right moment for that to work?
And.. maybe I’m not supposed to even think about that! lol!!!

Does Nick think Felicia shot McMasters Jr and he now knows she’s the baddie?
She told him her husband was there and that he had been setting up Nick from the start – she wanted Nick to come to the property to set him up.
[EDITED TO ADD: I just watched that Nick/Lee/Amanda phone call again, it looks to me like Felicia was dealing with Big Tony passing herself off as her husband. As Nick says Big Tony confirmed McMasters Jr is the seller.]

If Nick knows he didn’t shoot McMasters Jr, how did Felicia manage to not look like she did it to Nick?
Because if Nick knows she’s the baddie, why did Lee and Amanda have to go through this whole time consuming charade to find out it was Felicia? Nick could have told them.
Okay, maybe they needed to go through the motions to find where the paintings were stashed, I can buy that – but why act surprised it was Felicia?

Have I missed something here? What’s your take on all this?

I’m thinking it was Felicia earlier shooting at Nick and Lee in the alleyway, not her husband as we thought. He drove off before the shooting started so he didn’t see her. Why shoot at them in the alley? Ummm so Nick could make a getaway maybe? as she needed him free for her plan to work.. thoughts?]

Getting back to the episode… {Billy, Francine and a car load of agents join where Lee is subduing Felicia.
Lee: let’s mind our manners. come on.
Lee says this as he wrestles to keep her in his grip. [Umm when have I ever heard Lee Stetson say that to a man who doesn’t want to be captured. Seriously?? Why should the baddie make it easy for Lee?! Felicia you wanna be bad, you be bad! and forget those manners. whahahahaaaaa.. what a sexist line. I put this down to the 80’s..and..I move on..]
Billy confirms he will take the bad mannered woman from here.
Francine confirms all the paintings were forgeries.
Amanda speeds up to them with the limo… tooting the horn like crazy!!!
She puts the window down as she calls out to Lee}

Amanda: It’s quarter of. Think we can make it?
Lee: (Getting in the limo) You drive. We’ll make it.Billy:What’s this?
Billy and Francine are all confused!! [Where is the luggage?!]
Lee: Vacation! Drop ya a card! (They speed off.)Is it just me or is it really weird the way Francine is treated in this action finale? In the Bad Timing finale too. It’s like she’s around but she’s such a bit player and really doesn’t get much of a role in the plan. She’s the back up.
As much as I love seeing Lee and Amanda play the cover, it would have made more sense for Francine and someone to have been the buyers Nick put forward – As all the players in the McMasters/Grant hi-jinks all already know Lee and Amanda. They took quite the chance. Felicia could have spotted them much earlier and taken off. She would know straight away.

And Billy? lol he’s actually relegated to carrying Lee’s luggage and being his back up. whahahahaahaaa.. oh my.. whahahaaaa..

Oh well, it’s pretty funny how they give up on trying to look like they are vacationing separately. No time. See ya! Off they go together, leaving Billy and Francine in the dust!!

Bring on the rice!!!! Of course we are going to pause here before we start the whole wedding part errr I mean ‘Vacation’ part 😉 haaaaa

So quite the reveal with Felicia huh! I hadn’t remembered it was her beyond it all I just didn’t like her (i.e. I think a part of my mind remembered not to like her lol) Had anyone else forgotten? maybe a good part of walking through this part of season 4 is the episodes are not rewatched as often as earlier episodes?

next up… Wedding Bells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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