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2/2 Just Walk with me– Through Lee’s Season 1 Apartments! By SilverCorvette

Hi Everyone! We continue SilverCorvette’s walk through Lee’s season 1 apartment.. Take it away SilverCorvette! – Iwsod


We only see the kitchen in The ACM Kid and in passing in ROTP


As you enter, on your left there is a table with shelves below and above, then the stove and opposite is a counter with a sink with a window over the sink.



We see the early morning sun shining through the slats of the window shutters, on Lee.

Really, a big print, sailing and skiing posters in the kitchen ? And is that the picture that’s later in the entry ?



The table must be able to be moved to where it is now, it was not there when Amanda looked in the fridge

Who took all the copper pans off the wall ?


Civil war art on the kitchen wall? I think this is in the living room in ROTP


The table and stools are there, between the sink and the fridge, in ROTP as Lee walks past.


And lastly, Lee’s Bedroom which we see in ROTP and IANN..Spy

Darkish blue walls and squared wallpaper – a room that can’t seem make up its mind whether to be dark and cosy or light and airy.



To the right of the door is an alcove, with a plant and a bench seat in ROTP but the plant is gone in IANN..Spy.

The hanging thingy by the door was replaced by two pictures of horses. Plants in the bedroom ? Not in my house !


Nice brass bedstead – not what I would have expected though and Lee had made the bed (because he was supposed to be dead?) White bedspread Lee? I would have thought dark blue !



Bedroom window with the fire escape. The window is opposite the door- does that mean the apartment is a corner one – the bedroom window would be at right angles to the one in the living room (or am I being too pedantic ?)


So what’s the door to Lee’s left, beyond the door to the living room ? Does it lead to the angled corner room you can see in the outside shots ? Or just a closet for the tux ?

Another bedroom ? If there was another bedroom, why did one of them sleep on the lounge (ACM Kid) and Amanda in Lee’s room (IANN..spy) ?

Too pedantic again?

I think the doorway where Sinclair’s sword is sticking out must be the bathroom, and it’s green (below)?



I am glad he got rid of that pointy plaque thing on the wall behind him, when he had the wall painted dark blue. (Imagine, Lee painting a wall, especially in Season 1 – ROFL !)


(IANN…Spy) Books have been replaced by soldiers on the top of the drawers, no plant in that odd thing on the wall over the TV !


So there we are, we have seen Lee’s apartment in 5 episodes.

This seems to be the same one in all 5 episodes. The layout and décor is pretty much the same, except it seems to be in two different buildings.

We also see Lee at home briefly in “Always Look A Gift Horse in the Mouth”(ALAGHIM) but only the area near his desk as he talks on the phone.

This seems to be the layout, although I think the dimensions and scale are a bit off.


The thing that bothers me the most is all those plants. Lee grew up with a bachelor uncle on air force bases – I can’t imagine that either of them were particularly fond of houseplants. With Lee’s current casual approach to housekeeping, I would have thought that watering all those plants would have come way down the to-do list and wouldn’t they have all died when he was away on assignments ? Or are they artificial, and would he dust them ?

But, what do I know ? (I have killed many houseplants over the years and now I don’t bother with any) Maybe Lee really loves his plants and has a bit of a green thumb?

Apartment 2

Savior (Ep 16)

Fred Fielder tells Amanda that Lee is roughing it at the Watergate West. We found out that later Lee was undercover trying to catch Edson Ballon, so he probably did not really live here, but, I thought, why not?



This one is number 555. Two blue chairs and two brown chairs, fancy bar, lots of plants.

Someone was fond of blue and brown – Amanda’s kitchen and even Lee’s first apartment as basically the same colours.



More boats and model ships !


We probably did not need all these pictures of this apartment – but I do like Lee in a 3-piece suit !


Dark gold plush couches with blue throw cushions, blue and brown lamps with white shades.

(Hey, I think this blue lamp was in ROTP !)


Is this an apartment, or a hotel suite ? For a few days to a week, you would assume it was rented fully furnished.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and comments, especially if there is anything I did not notice.

Have I missed any episodes where we see Lee at home?

1/2 Just Walk with me– Through Lee’s Season 1 Apartments! By SilverCorvette

Hi Everyone! SMK fan ‘SilverCorvette’ has had some fun putting together some posts about Lee’s apartments.
Whoo hoooo!

Let’s give her a warm welcome- thanks for contributing to the smk fun SilverCorvette! Take it away SilverCorvette!Iwsod

Just Walk with me Through Lee’s Apartments

I thought about Lee’s apartments a lot after reading a comment that someone thought Lee lived within the same building in different apartments because the same exterior was always shown. I thought about it so much that I got out my DVDs again (such a hardship, I know)

So, just how many apartments did Lee live in ? Were they all in the same building ?

Let’s walk through them and see what we think.

Season 1

By date of Airing, the first time we see where Lee lives is in If Thoughts Could Kill (ITCK). Some, me included, think that The ACM Kid should have been the first episode where we) see where Lee lives. In The ACM Kid, Amanda says “I lived in place like this in college, when Mother saw it she made me move” I don’t think she would have said that if she had been there before.


If this is the outside, it does not match what you see inside very well. This building looks quite old. Love the turrets on the corners !


(Above) Outside, If Thoughts Could Kill


(Above) Outside, The ACM Kid – Amanda’s first visit


(Above) Outside, The ACM Kid – Amanda’s second visit – Lee seems to have moved to a new building mid-episode !

Or more likely, did they just add the wrong the outside view in post-production ? Because they re-arranged the episodes ?


(Above) Outside – Never Look A Gift Horse (NLAGHITM),Saved by the Bells (SBTB), Remembrance of Things Past, and IANN…Spy


(Above) NLAGHITM – this shot seems to imply that Lee lives on the top floor but those windows do not match the inside !

So did Lee move after The ACM Kid, into an apartment with a very similar layout and colour scheme, in this newer building? Or did TPTB just decide they liked the outside of this building better?

As Lee climbed up to the bedroom window and Sinclair (ROTP) and Amanda (in IANN..Spy) climbed down the fire escape, where is that ? Was Lee’s apartment really supposed to be facing the side street, with the fire escape and laneway below it at the back ? Or am I getting picky and asking questions that I should not be bothered about ? (It’s TV-land after all, things don’t have to make sense or be logical!)

Apartment 1

I think that Lee lived in the same apartment each time we see it in early Season 1 but the outside of the building shown as a scene establisher changes after(during) The ACM Kid. Of course, he could have moved to another one any time after episode 13. Also there is no consistency in which floor he lives on, sometimes the establishing scene zooms in on the top floor, other times it focuses lower down.

The following shots [for the two posts] are what we see in If Thoughts Could Kill (Ep 3), The ACM Kid (Ep 5), Saved by the Bells (Ep 8), Remembrance of Things Past (Ep 11) and I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been a Spy (Ep 13). There is also a brief visit to Lee’s apartment in Never Look A Gift Horse in the Mouth (NLAGHITM) (Ep 6).


The front door is in a separate entryway with a mirror opposite between the kitchen and the living room.

The inside of the front door, was white in ITCK and The ACM Kid, but has been replaced by a wooden one in ROTP.


ITCK – This is Lee’s neighbour Lydia Lowell, I think the apartment was 805, hard to capture clearly – but there is not eight floors in the first building we saw.

I know Lee does not pickup his stuff, but leaving a coat hanger hanging off the statue on the wall ?


It is 805, (ACM Kid)


And in Saved By The Bells (SBTB)


(ROTP) The apartment across the hall, has a matching door with 804 – did the whole building get new doors ?


So we are to assume that Lee lived in apartment 805 through all the episodes in which we see it in Season 1.


See the mirror behind Amanda as she comes to the kitchen


and stands at the door. (And is she wearing the same clothes ? ACM Kid and ROTP)

We only see the doorman (Floyd Feller) in ROTP

Living Room

From the entry hall, turn to your right into the living room.




As you enter the room, there is a bookcase to your right (with a big shiny plaque over it) and the big window beyond it.

This window does not look like the bay window shown on the outside in ITCK.


On the other side of the window is Lee’s roll top desk. A typewriter on the desk, just like one I used to have.

I think some of the photos over the desk can later be seen in the Q-Bureau.

Do trees grow like that, all the way up close to the 8th floor windows ?

In front of the window, is a brass vase and a small table with the bronco statue and Tibetan Ram’s Horn. Later there are different things on the table – ice bucket ? and a lamp in ROTP.

In ICTK, ACM Kid and SBTB, there’s a also telescope in front of the window – stargazing in the middle of DC ? Spying on his neighbours ? To hang clothes on ? See how far it sits out from the window – I’d be always tripping over it ! I guess the telescope would have been difficult to navigate around during the sword fight, so it’s not there in ROTP.



Do you keep your coffee pot on your desk in the living room ? Rough night with Alexei ?

At the end of the room, in a shallow alcove, is a white door to the bedroom (in ITCK and ACM Kid) but like the front door, by ROTP and IANN..a Spy it has been replaced by a wooden door that opens the other way.




(The ACM Kid)




From the kitchen towards the bedroom (ROTP)


On the other side of the bedroom door is a bookshelf, and a corner of wall, then sometimes another shelf unit or a shrub, then the fish tank ? We really don’t see that side too much. I love the white unicorn on the top shelf! Wasn’t that picture next to the fridge in The ACM Kid ?


In the corner beside Amanda is another shelf unit thing (ITCK) whereas in (ROTP, and in ACM Kid) there is only a shrub.


Looking from the desk, across to the kitchen as Lee enters from door (ACM Kid)



So to the left of the doorway is the fireplace and then the built-in shelves with stereo and albums and that uncomfortable looking chair and a lamp.

In the ACM Kid there is a large model ship on the mantel, with a clock beside it on the wall.


In ROTP, the model ship has been conveniently replaced to 2 mounted swords on the wall and trophies on the mantel.

A brown couch and oval coffee table, and a sofa table behind the couch are in the middle of the room.


In Saved By the Bells, the fish tank sits opposite the window, near the end of the couch, but do we ever see it at any other time ?


In Remembrance of Things Past, the scatter rugs have been replaced by an ugly brown nylon carpet (so the fuse burns ? or were rugs a trip hazard for the sword fight ?) And there is a light coloured square lamp table, with lamp, at the end of the couch.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and comments, especially if there is anything I did not notice.

Iwsod: We’ll pause here for the moment.. and in the next post we’ll continue our walk through Lee’s Season 1 apartment, with a close inspection of Lee’s Kitchen, Bedroom… plus a surprise apartment! Smile 

Food in SMK part one: SMK Beverages

 welcome to this little departure from our normal walk to explore the food and drink of SMK with Learjet. I have the dubious distinction of having had beverage-related job and qualification (plus I really like food and SMK) so this post seemed a natural fit for me. Watch out for Learjet’s drinking tips in this first post…

Juice and soda
A popular breakfast drink in the King household (If Thoughts Could Kill),

beware of OJ…because SMK baddies like it for breakfast too (Service Above and Beyond).
Learjet’s Tip no 1: Orange juice may transform you into a baddie. Consume it with caution.

Soda or as I like to call it: fizzy drinks. Without getting into debates about the pros and cons of sugar, it’s a popular choice, with Amanda “the journalist” enjoying one on the sports’ field (Sudden Death) – in fact, it may be a way of attracting a kiss whether you want it…yes

E1S9 Kiss after soda
Or not shudder

S1E9 unwanted kiss after soda
Lee or Bela? Now who would I choose? I just don’t know spin

Learjet’s Tip no 2: A soda might get you a kiss…but maybe not from the right person.

Amanda’s lemonade made the perfect birthday party drink…

…however her smoothies (The ACM Kid), while showing Amanda to be ahead of her time, were evidently less palatable.
Did Phillip share this with Alexei? Flush it done the loo? Or force-feed it to Jamie as cruel and unusual form of sibling punishment?

One of those iconic moments in SMKdrool1  (Ship of Spies)


Learjet’s tip no 3: Buy milk. Your chances of finding Lee will rise (as high as your chances of winning the lottery crazy ). (Anyone know what type of milk that is? Full-fat? Low-fat?Just so I can increase the odds cool_shades )

It seems that Lee likes milk in his coffee (The Three Faces of Emily)

and Amanda likes her milk au naturel

or with cookies (if she’s got amnesia and it’s a strange man offering it to her)


Possibly the beverage most strongly associated with the SMK baddie is tea. And it’s not about the tea, it’s all about presentation.

Learjet’s tip no 4: If you don’t want to be mistaken for a baddie, drink your tea out of a plain white cup with matching teapot. No gilt or decorative swirls allowed.

Baddie teacups and pot:

1. Failed tip 4 due to presence of gilt (Fearless Dotty)

2. Failed tip 4 due to colour of cups and pot (Saved by the Bells)

3. Failed tip 4 due to material and style of pot (The Long Christmas Eve)

4. Oops, the Princess had better be careful that the Agency doesn’t arrest her for baddie tea behaviour shocked (Waiting for Godorsky) 

Both Dotty and Amanda enjoy a nice cup of tea.
Note the muted, restrained colour and style of their tea equipment (I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever…).

It has  the added bonus that Dean’s mom doesn’t like it – look at that sour face – I am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever….).

Oops, that teashop is suspicious. Be careful, Dotty and Amanda! (Fearless Dotty)

And finally, did Lee and Amanda have tea at Buckingham Palace (To Catch a Mongoose)? Or did Amanda settle for Claridges?

Lee and Amanda have tea and cucumber sandwiches with Lord Bromfield after the leak of the “affair” between Lord Bromfield and Amanda (Affair of Bromfield Hall).

Coffee in SMK means…Lee’s coffee mug thumbsup

The thermos cup just isn’t good enough for S1 Lee
And for those who thinks Lee’s legs are more than OK (and further proof that he like his coffee wink )

Learjet tip no 5: Lee needs his coffee. In the right mug.

There were some bad coffee moments with Eva and Angelo after dinner (Lost and Found)
and Magda demanding coffee from Amanda
(Dead Ringer)

But also swoony coffee moments (it’s the hair, the European hair faint – The Legend of Das Geisterschloss)

or Lee opening up to Amanda (Burnout).
And who could forget the KGB agent (aka Emily) in the Three Faces of Emily

or Pearl the persistent waitress (they just want coffee, Pearl! – A Relative Situation)
And for those fans of Neds: coffee at Neds discussing car repairs (Car Wars).
You’re generally safe if someone is drinking coffee, with the exception of this baddie (Fearless Dotty).

Given the era during which SMK takes, we see surprisingly few hip flasks snuck out of jacket pockets in the Bullpen or tumblers with two fingers of whisky in Billy’s office – rather unusually for this time period. Agents are seen drinking when under cover. Which brings me to the first booze sighting in the series (and also, the first tux yes ) when Lee poses as a waiter just before he meets Amanda for The First Time.

Other undercover booze moments include one of my favourite SMK moments ever: “And frankly, Ricky Joe, sex with you was always a major disappointment…” (The ACM Kid).
S1E5 Frankly Ricky Joe
Then there’s the infamous Strawberry Daiquiris made by reluctant “husband” Lee for all their neighbours (There goes the Neighbourhood)
Another good moment (if you can forget the unfortunate incident with the Porsche at the end of the episode) is when Amanda and Lee help out at the auction, Lee going undercover as a cocktail waiter (in a tux drool1 ) in Charity Begins at Home. See how well he cuts a lemon?
Then there’s the unfortunate beer-spilling moment in Munich. Oh Amanda, how could you be so clumsy (and Lee how could you wear that shirt? It deserves to be drowned in beer yuck – The Times They Are a Changin’)

Learjet’s tip number 5: Don’t wear loud Hawaiian shirts unless you’re Magnum PI – otherwise someone might “accidentally” spill her drink on you

Thank goodness Lee avoids a similar incident later in the same episode (and he’s changed. And he’s got “the hair”)
Speaking of hair, do you remember this undercover “vodka” moment in the Three Faces of Emily gross ?
Does this whisky moment make you feel a bit better (Service Above and Beyond)?
Finally, there’s the poignant scenes with Burnout Lee and his boozing.
(keep that hand to yourself, Lee!)

Occasionally we see our favourite agents indulging when not strictly on duty – Francine at the Princess’s party (Waiting for Godorsky).
Champagne deserves a special mention here. After Christmas punch at the Bullpen (ah, the 80’s smile ),
and vodka (and beans) with the Russians in The Long Christmas Eve,
Lee recovers in hospital with a sneaky bottle of Champagne. S1E10_Champagne_breakfast_hospital_Lee
hen we see the beautiful European scenery (and Lee’s beautiful hair) while he’s again enjoying a glass (The Legend of Das Geisterschloss)
Next we have to see the cheap Champagne for Randy – Amanda kindly reminds Lee to remove the price- tag. It seems that Randy is of a similar quality as the Champagne… S2E14_Randi_cheap_Champagne

Learjet’s equation no 1: Cheap Champagne=Cheap date

And finally for the most bizarre of the Champagne moments…the imaginary Casablanca Champagne moment, a figment of Amanda’s chicken salad sandwich-addled brain.

Learjet’s equation no 2: Poisoned chicken salad sandwich + Imaginary Champagne = Everything goes red

Before I close off this look back on drinks in Season one and two SMK, I want to issue a warning:

Learjet’s tip number 6: Baddies like posh drinks, especially spirits. Beware of suspicious people who drink expensive alcohol in ornate glassware.





And my final final warning is:
warningsign Learjet’s tip number 7: Drink in moderation, JWWM’ers. And remember not to drink on an empty stomach. (Note the empty snack bowl between Lee and Amanda wink )

All that Lee asks is that you can choose a “small but provocative selection of wines” (Remembrance of Things Past”

Which is your favourite Season 1 and 2 drink moment? Have I missed out any good ones? Look forward to hearing from you!