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SMK Parenting Tips: Part two

Welcome back to SMK Parenting Tips. We’ve heard from Dotty and others, but this post will be devoted entirely to tips from Amanda.

1. Be Supermom:
Den Mother to the scouts (the First Time),94-killer-kitch.jpg
help out with the Junior Trailblazers (Odds on a Dead Pigeon),
raise funds for the Bombers (The Mole), a member of the PTA and spy-in-training.

2. Make them clean up their mess
(Volcano – Vigilante Mothers)

3. Mothers bake a lot of cakes and biscuits S2E15_baking_with_the_Colonel
for bake sales (The Mole), Mother of the Year contests (A Little Sex, a Little Scandal), breakfast for secret baddies (Lost and Found) and just because (A Relative Situation).

4. Compliment your children when you think they’ve done well.
Amanda (about Lee to the Colonel): You know, I think he would very much like to hear you say that.(A Relative Situation) .
Amanda to Jamie: Those g’s are really good. Jamie: They’re supposed to be p’s (A Lovely Little Affair)

5. When your kids have a sleepover, be there but pretend you’re not (Lost and Found)

6. The worst time to move house is the middle of the school year (Double Agent)

7. Wear whatever your children give you (even a Hot Mama t-shirt – Brunette’s Are In)

8. Tell your kids that everyone loses a game sometimes (after their lost Little League game – Service Above and Beyond )

9. Bring Royalty to see the neighbourhood children’s play (Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth)

10. Support your child through his first love (Linda Montez):
Amanda: …and don’t eavesdrop on your brother.(A Lovely Little Affair)

11. Being a mother is about thinking on your feet
The Colonel: You know, they ought to have a manual that gives you all the rules, instead of you making them up as you go along. Amanda: Awh that would be much too easy and not nearly as much fun! (A Relative Situation)
Amanda: Ah well, you know there are no rules for mothers, Mrs Woodrow. We just sort of make them up as we go along; we have to think on our feet (A Little Sex, A Little Scandal)

12. When telling your son not to hit his brother, be specific about what implements he shouldn’t use.
“Phillip, do not hit your brother in the head with trash” [sharp objects may be okay]

13. When telling your son not to call his brother names, be specific about what names he shouldn’t be called…
“Phillip, do not call your brother Bozo.” [‘Dirt bag’ or ‘Worm Breath’ may be okay ]

14. When you make the boys a promise – make sure you keep it! [e.g. don’t miss out on taking them to goofy golf because you ate Lee’s “chicken on white extra mayo”]

15. Do not enter a time warp when your son is playing Rip Van Winkle the next night in a play! (Reach for the Sky)

16. Help them if with their projects, even if it means being mistakenly considered a double agent, helping out Czechoslavakia or building transmitters (Spiderweb)

17. Allow them to explore their creativity to recreate history (including the Battle of Khartoum) (A Little Sex, a Little Scandal)
and build messy school projects (eg the exploding volcano (Vigilante Mothers).
ALSALS.avi_000994160_thumb.jpg 2.23-VIGILANTE-MOTHERS.avi_000982716.jpg
So there we have it: SMK’s guide to Parenting. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by SMK are not endorsed by Learjet!! So what do you think? Do you agree with Amanda’s style of parenting? If you have kids, do they build volcanoes? Now is the time to critique 80s parenting….

SMK Parenting Tips: Part one

Welcome to a special edition of JWWM: two posts full of advice on parenting from Amanda, Dotty and even Lee! Thanks to Iwsod, Jestress, Janeth and Valerie for your contributions to this list thumbsup

Firstly, some words of wisdom from Dotty:
1. Support your children and grandchildren in their outdoor pursuits, even when you hate camping.
Dotty (instructing the boys on putting up a tent): Tie the retaining cord firmly to eyelet “C”,attaching the end to peg “H” and driving it securely in place (Playing Possum).

2. Always defend your child from attack, even if you don’t understand her actions or agree with her.
Dotty bravely defends Amanda to Dean’s mother after she doesn’t turn up (as she has partial amnesia and has forgotten who Dean is!): But the girl is a wonder. I mean, we had this fichus once that just drooped over and quit one day. Well, Amanda would not let it die. I mean, she repotted it; she nursed it; she talked to it; she pleaded with it. Soon it was back on its feet. (I Am Not, Nor Will I Ever Be, A Spy)

3. The default explanation is that your offspring is irresistible to the opposite sexS2E2_wine__Amanda
Dotty: You see? First you meet a businessman friend, then you meet a friend that lends you a wild outfit, and then you meet a baron. You do have the touch, Amanda. Your grandmother, she met a lot of men (The Times They are a Changin’)
Dotty: I think it’s wonderful that you have a date with an Englishman (Welcome to America, Mr Brand)

4. Explain to your child that all work and no play makes you boring.

Dotty: Work, work, work. Darling, you’ve got to take some time for yourself. You need something exciting (Weekend).

5. Advise your child about their fashion choices.
Amanda dear, why don’t you invest in a nice pair of overalls for work (Welcome to America, Mr Brand)

6. Appreciate your underappreciated child.
Dotty (about IFF): Ah, well, you see? That is big business for you. Ninety words a minute, no mistakes, and they haven’t even got the decency to say thank you. But there are compensations….

7. Don’t pry into your child’s private life.
Dotty: Amanda, you know me better than that! I wouldn’t pry into your life. I mean, I have too much of my own life to worry about.

8. Find your daughter’s favourite book (the Sky Chief Rides Again) for your grandchild’s birthday – risking life and limb in the process (Fearless Dotty)

9. Spend time with your kids while you still can
Dotty: “It’s terrifying how fast they drift away. I mean, one minute you’re changing their diapers, and the next minute, they’re off in Honduras, getting tattoos.” (There Goes the Neighbourhood).
10. The mother is always right.
Dotty: Of course I’m right, I’m your mother! (Murder Between Friends)

Lee’s parenting tip:
11. If you don’t know how to parent, buy!!
Lee with the Panda and the frozen food for Alexei (The ACM Kid)
If in doubt, get a lollipop.

12. Make sure Pretzel the clown turns up for Jamie’s birthday party (use blackmail of an IRS audit if necessary)(Saved by the Bells)

SMK’s parenting tips regarding food
13. Always Eat a Good Breakfast

14. When someone is sick they want to eat something bland. Not junk!
(Playing for Keeps)

15. Be consistent with your food advice
No green beans, no dessert (Playing Possum) vs Marvellous Marvin’s (Fast Food for Thought), Pizza (A Lovely Little Affair) and hot dogs (The Wrong Way Home).

16. When shopping, let your boys ride the shopping trolley in the oh so dangerous car park – it keeps them busy while some lady says isn’t it awful about Betty Bodine getting strangled wouldn’t want the little kiddies hearing that (There Goes the Neighbourhood)

17. Make sure you are the only person who knows where the marshmallows are hidden (Odds on a Dead Pigeon).

Sometimes a mother just has to look after herself wlEmoticon-smile.png. What’s your favourite SMK parenting tip?  Was Lee on the right track? Next up: more parenting tips from Amanda….

Lee: the Good, the Bad and the Wet: Part two

Hello from Learjet wave. Welcome to part two of the Lee’s best and worst clothing moments. Grab those helmets, ladies – the worst is over and it’s all swooning from here faint . We’ll be looking at Lee’s smarter outfits (including a few tux shots) and Lee’s best casual moments .
First, the smart outfits – favourite tux moments, and smart suits.
Smart Lee
This moment cannot be avoided: the first tux, the show pony, at the top of the stairs drool1 . A classic moment in television (The First Time).

I’m a big fan of men in long coats, and can’t resist this outfit (I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been a Spy). And the red ties really sets off the dark coat and grey jacket. And, for season one, his hair is looking good. Yum spin .

S1E13_coat_tie_smart_close_Lee S1E13_coat_tie_smart_Lee
I have a particular weakness in for Lee in a three-piece suit (or almost any man in a three-piece suit) and he wore a couple in the latter part of season one. In Spiderweb and Saviour he brings them out – not my favourite shirts or hairstyle, but I’ll forgive these because of the suits (Jestress, he looks like  a presidential candidate? I think maybe the tie is too dark a blue) :
S1E16_three_piece_suit_Lee S1E18_Three_piece_suit_Lee
Another standout tux moment from The Times They Are a Changin’: I think it’s the haircut that makes this moment. And his expression. Considering Amanda is dressed like a Dalmatian (or the Milka cow wink), I surprised he looks so pleasantly intense, and not horrified.

S2E2_formal_tux_Lee  S2E2_formal_Dalmatian_Amanda
Another tux moment from Affair at Bromfield Hall. Lee with the knight’s armour and weapons. Very atmospheric. Plus good hair and the discreet red handkerchief.S2E8_Tux_with_suitofarmour_Lee
And what I like to think of as Lee’s “wedding suit” outfit in the same episode. Does anyone else think the tie and shirt combo screams “wedding”?
And finally, the “real” cover wedding outfit from Ship of Spies. For those who like cream jackets. Not my thing. Note the much debated red rose. (Why? Did he not smell it because it wasn’t crushed? Because he was too nervous about “getting married” to notice the smell?). Also the pearl-style buttons.  And the excessive use of guyliner. Too girly for my taste.
So what’s your favourite smart Lee?


Casual Lee
On to casual Lee. Our first good casual Lee viewing was in A Long Christmas Eve. In spite of his widely known dislike of the festive session, Lee is dressed in a season-appropriate green shirt under his cream jumper and lined casual jacket. This goes nicely with Amanda’s red plaid shirt… S1E10_casual_Lee
…and the Christmassy theme
(Big thanks to KC, who I ‘commissioned’ to add some festive touches to this image. KC, you’re a pal thumbsup)

More plaid in Lost and Found.
S1E12_blackplaid_jeans_Lee The jacket would have been better if he hadn’t folded back the jacket sleeves.




 And his cockatoo style hair is a bit distracting. (FYI, that’s Lee above, and the cockatoo below).
Add Eva to the equation and it’s not an SMK moment I want to dwell on.


Next we have Lee in my favourite polo neckS1E18_good_casual_Lee  (Filming Raul) – black with a dark jacket.



Why didn’t he wear black trousers instead of those brown pleated one. Anyway, a perfect outfit for “the car scene”
blush .S1E18_good_casual_withtrousers_Lee
And now on two of the best Lee outfits – actually they might be the same as they’re from the two European episodes (The Legend of Das Geisterschloss and Our Man in Tegernsee).S2E4_casual_Lee The hair….the blue shirt…the hair…the central European scenery…the hair. Who cares which jacket he’s carrying. He just looks fabulous.



S2E7_casual_with_scenery_Lee That touch of coral cushions is just a masterful contrast to the blue.
And another one, for your viewing pleasure: S2E7_casual_with_scenery2_Lee
A similar look from The Three Faces of Emily. S2E11_casual_Lee Even without the European backdrop, Lee is still looking very fetching in the open neck blue shirt and different jacket. Even with a bit of fake KGB interrogation suite behind him. The hair is just a touch longer but I  won’t quibble.

It’s official: Learjet has thing for Lee in open neck shirt and jacket (no not that type of “thing”). S2E12_open_neck_Lee Here he is again, eating with Amanda and the unusual selection of shipmates on the wedding cruise (Ship of Spies). A bit preppy for my taste (the stripe colours) though.


A personal favourite here from A Little Sex, a Little Scandal. I know I said I’m not wild about Lee in brown but this great jacket is an exception.S2E14_casual_Lee It looks real, not plastic. I love the plaid shirt, especially with the jacket. Do people usually wear jackets like this inside their apartments? I’d only wear a jacket inside if there was no heating. I’d wear a jumper inside though. But I digress. Lee. Looks. Great. Can you believe he did this for (hideously overdressed, overdone) Randy. Especially when he only got a not-defrosted-in-time cake.

 clip_image041Why doesn’t he prefer Amanda with her great mother-of-the-year cake? (I know why: it’s because she has a hair don’t and is wearing a truly ghastly pair of pale pink ear buttons).

Lastly, just to show that I sometimes allow sandy/beigeS2E23_casual_closer_Lee jackets, we have this open neck (!) shirt with jacket ensemble from Vigilante Mothers,




S2E23_casual_Leeand the “protective Lee” pose as the car explodes. Try to block out the ear buttons – at least the hair is a bit longer here.
Who is the most attractive casual Lee?

Which Lee would you like to go to dinner with? Join in and comment away!