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Lee’s Season Three Apartment by LeesMolly

Hi Everyone! We have a special treat here – our fellow JWWM smk buddy LeesMolly has compiled all they can about Lee’s apartment, and put it all together for all us people who don’t speak spatial awareness (me!)
thankyou2 We have even been gifted with a map – see at the end of this post.
Thanks LeesMolly!
If anyone else has a post they’ve written about smk that doesn’t jump ahead of the walk, feel free to contact me about it.
[If I don’t respond after a week or two feel free to try again. Life gets busy]
Here’s the post by LeesMolly- enjoy!

The exterior indicates the same building as the first two seasons. According to Over The Limit, the unit number is 303 instead of 305.

On Over The Limit, we see the walk from the elevator, down the hall and through to Lee’s apartment:




The entrance seems similar to the last apartment, with a closet directly to the left of the door when you come in. (Wrong Way Home)


When you round the corner of the closet, there’s a little table with a lamp, an ice bucket, and some sort of tray. The quality is blurry because they’re walking as they pass it. This extra wall seems weird and wasn’t there in the earlier ep “We’re Off To See The Wizard.”



A couple of better views of the side table — if you don’t count who’s in the photo with Lee anyway!


Lee also has a phone on a sofa table just behind the couch.


There’s a nice old-fashioned trunk or chest on the wall after the table, followed by the French doors to Lee’s bedroom.



On the other side of Lee’s bedroom door is a smaller door, perhaps leading to a washroom? (Leslie did use it to change, so…) Then on the next wall, we have a large bookshelf.


On the other side of the bookshelf is an alcove leading to Lee’s kitchen.

Lee certainly is into fireplaces — we have another one in this place too!



The kitchen layout seems to be very basic, similar to what Lee had in the first season for a layout.


A wide shot of the living room. No idea where these double doors are supposed to lead. Perhaps a closet of some sort?



No sign of the phone, but we do see Lee’s answering machine at the end of the couch on a small sofa table. This seems to be near the kitchen door, which is closed.



Other side of the entrance.


And we’re back to the same mini-bar and window seat we saw in Season Two.


What is with this replica? It’s the only time we ever see it!

On the other side of the table with the model we see the cupboard with more photos like in the second season, and Lee’s entertainment center.





Really odd view of the Entertainment Center corner from Over The Limit. There’s no way the door should be opening at that angle.

Entrance to Lee’s bedroom, as seen coming out and going in.




Lee’s bed and you can see a plant in the far corner. He keeps a phone and a photo of his parents on the nightstand, but it’s not the same picture as we see next season. (This photo is actually the real life wedding photo of JFK’s sister Kathleen Kennedy!)



Opposite the bed seems to be a television. The room is really bare compared to his room in other seasons and I can’t find a closet! (We do see a hint of a door behind Amanda on The Eyes Have It next to the plant that may be a closet?) I’d love to know what he did with all the awesome old furniture he used to have, because we see it in his new apartment the following season.


(Photos are taken from Over The Limit, Wrong Way Home, We’re Off To See The Wizard, Boy Who Could Be King, and Unfinished Business.)


Iwsod writes: Thanks for sharing all this work with us LeesMolly – I hope you had loads of fun putting it together, I know I had lots of fun reading it!!! 2applause-appl

I bet LeesMolly is looking forward to hearing your thoughts all if you are interested in sharing Smile  Bye for now~!

11/16 Season Four Episode Three: Unfinished Business-Scarecrow and Mrs King

What’s next? We see the vette driving down a suburban street. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001585185
Pretty tree lined street.
They pull up in front of  a house Lee seems to recognise. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001600000
Standing out front, suddenly Lee realises there’s a boy up the tree out front of this house.
: Hey.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001607207
[Seems memories are flooding back for Lee as the boy jumps down.]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001615015
(The boy magically jumps down from the tree and lands in front of him. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001616216
The boy reaches for his bike and cycles away as Lee reacts to the memories flooding back..) 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001619819
[Not sure that these memories are happy ones?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001621821
Then again, maybe it’s the drug wearing off!]
(We see Amanda was hanging back by the vette. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001623423

Lee shakes his head and rubs his eyes.)
[drugs? or memories? Heck, maybe it’s both!]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001627027
(Lee watches the boy on the bike ride away..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001631231
This somehow seems significant to Lee.
Amanda calls out.)
: Lee?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001632032
[But wait! I have another mystery to solve. Where have Amanda’s earrings gone?! Smile

Okay okay.. not quite so interesting as the mysteries Lee is slowly unfolding!]

(Amanda calling out to Lee breaks whatever he was caught up in.. and he heads over to her immediately reassuring her)
Lee: I’m all right. I’m all right.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001638438
[Awh sweet that he immediately thinks of her and to reassure her Smile ]
(Together they head toward the house, Amanda has her arm around Lee. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001641041
Lee and Amanda take a look at that tree before moving toward the house. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001642242
Lee seems fixated on that tree.)
[I guess this is partly about the drug still affecting him?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001643243
But! Love the white picket fence and daisies! Is this Lee’s childhood home? Love the thought that he grew up (briefly) in a suburban home with a white picket fence.. and flowers.. I wonder if this is partly why his early run ins with Amanda seemed to unsettle him so much. Subconsciously he was reminded of this stuff he is now wanting to deal with.
Okay, I think the show didn’t have this in mind at the time, but I think it works and I’ll go with it Winking smile ]
: What is it?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001647047
: It’s that tree. I, I probably spent more time in it than my room.
[Nice they can share a smile here]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001649049
(Lee reaches for her arm and pats it)
…But I’m OK, don’t worry.
[this little gesture reminds me of their cover during sour grapes- approaching arm in arm-and he pats her hand.

Only now – it’s not a cover!!! It’s for real! Squeeee!!!
HERE is that scene if you are interested.] 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001649849
: All right.
(They walk up the front steps.. and bang on the door.)
[Lets hope there are not thought to be dead but still alive (and leaving trails!) assassins living here!]
Hello? Anybody home?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001662462
(Amanda looks around the neighbourhood – is the coast clear? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001665265

Yep! Amanda indicates: all clear! 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001666266
Lee unpicks the lock while Amanda acts as lookout!)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001668668[I think she could have climbed that tree and been more thorough Winking smile ]
(Lee opens the door.. and calls out..)
(No answer! In they go.
We see them walking down a hallway..)
: Anybody home?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001684284
(Lee seems to be remembering..)
Amanda: Which way? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001685685

(Amanda doesn’t rush Lee.. she patiently waits.. We hear Lee’s parent’s voices..)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001689289
: Daddy’s home. Daddy’s home. Hey, come give your tired old dad a big hug….
: ….Hurry up, Lee. You’ll be late for school….4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001695495
(Lee points to a side door and they head in that direction)
: ….We should go up to the…
Jennie: ….Mrs Ward will stay with you. We won’t be gone long, I promise….Happy birthday…Come on, Lee…We’re going to walk to the store with daddy…

(Lee realises he’s made a mistake and changes direction)

Lee: No, it’s, it’s this way.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001704304
Amanda: OK.
[Gosh I am struggling to get clear images here. Sorry this is the best I can do Sad smile ]
(We see a door open, and Lee and Amanda descend the stairs down to the basement. As they descend we continue to hear Lee’s parents saying random things.)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001719119

Jennie: Surprise. I made you chocolate chip cookies for dessert…Give mummy a big kiss goodnight, sweetheart. Sweet dreams….
: …What do you think about going over to Parker’s Pet Shop and get that puppy you’ve been talking about…?
Jennie: …Come here…
[I guess not so random – all give the message that Lee’s parents were good people, good parents who loved their son and were pretty normal. Funny how Jennie sounds more English in these memories than she did at the start of the episode Winking smile maybe they used another actress for the voice!]

Lee: This isn’t right.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001721521
: Well, are you sure this is the right house?
: Of course I’m sure.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001724924 [lol Um there is no of course about it you are still drugged up fair question Winking smile tee hee. I can understand why Lee would be feeling on edge!]
: Well…
(A ball drops and bounces on the floor.)
[Did Amanda knock it?]
(Lee picks it up and looks at it, it’s triggering some kind of memory. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001733733
A memory of a similar ball..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001734134
We see little Lee’s ball falling down these steps.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001735935
Mathew Stetson is at the top of the stairs.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001740540
: Lee, what are you doing down there? I thought I told you it was off-limits? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001744144
(Having retrieved his ball, Little Lee climbs up the stairs towards Matthew. We see Mathew looking lovingly at his son as he closes the door.)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001746946 [All signs are – this was a loving family]

4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001754154
: Lee, where are you?…Lee, answer me. Lee…4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001756556
[No I was wrong, still a lousy English accent.. but don’t worry it’s just my opinion! But lol I think based on Lee’s expression above he may agree with me Winking smile tee hee.. okay kidding! ]
(Lee recalls a little more…. and suddenly, we realise it’s now Amanda calling to Lee to answer her.)
: Lee? Lee, answer me! Lee!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001759359
(Lee puts the ball down and turns to Amanda.)
: That’s it!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001760560
: What?
It’s here.
: What?
(Lee moves to a different part of the basement and Amanda follows..)
Lee: I’m not looking for a locked door, it’s a trapdoor
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001770370
And it’s right here somewhere. Here.
(Lee pulls out his flip knife and starts cutting the vinyl flooring)
[lol hope they leave some money to replace it for the new owners!]
: Be careful with that thing. [whooo it musnt be a bendy knife!]
: Here.
: Shhh Be quiet.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001790757
(Amanda suddenly seems concerned someone above will hear.)
[Did she hear someone arrive? because a second ago she was literally yelling at Lee to answer her!]
: That’s gotta be it.
: You’re right.
(Lee uncovers a trapdoor and opens it..)
Amanda: Oohhh. Be careful.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001805171
Lee lowers himself into the space..
: Yeah.
: Easy. Easy.
: Yeah.
[There’s a whole other floor down there!]
(He turns on a bare light bulb and looks around him)
: Can I come down?
: Here you are. Come on. Careful.
(Lee helps Amanda down.)
[Interesting.. again, Amanda is asking permission rather than assuming it’s her right to follow him..]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001845412
[I’m shocked Amanda wasn’t magically wearing pants that day.. or her removable heels!]
(We see a dusty desk with a desk lamp, notebooks, a cup and saucer, and an ornament. A cardigan hangs on the back of a chair in front of the desk and cobwebs all around.)
You know, they told me this place was so secret so many times that I guess I didn’t remember it. [and yet, he remembered exactly where the light bulb was to turn it!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001853219
: Will you look at this?
(They look at some stuff on the desk there.. not sure what it is..)
Yeah. Look Amanda, let’s get this stuff out of here before someone comes home and we have to do some fancy explaining.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001865165
: Yeah. Mr Melrose’ll appreciate that.
[LOL the blood vessels in his brain will appreciate it!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001873773
(Lee picks up a file. He pauses when he noticed the pipe sitting in it’s holder.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001876976
it’s covered in cobwebs.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001878378
Amanda notices, and stays silent, watching.
Lee slowly picks up a pipe, 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001887787
and very carefully puts it carefully in his jacket pocket.
He looks up and sees Amanda noticed.. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001891391
Amanda stays silent.) 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001892392
[but communicates plenty! She oozes empathy and comfort..]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001893593
(Lee hesitates a second)
[so sad… but it’s wonderful he can have his dad’s pipe! I think Lee seems to celebrate this] (He smiles through his half formed tears at Amanda.. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001896196
She smiles right back.)
[though LOL she might be smiling because she’s managed to find her earrings down there too! Smile  kidding!!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001897197
[I’m enjoying this rediscovery and new connection Lee has to his dad. A low key, but incredibly powerful moment. How about you?
Acting is Amazing KJ & BB! lol. Love how I write that as if they’d read it?! haaaa.. as if they’d ever stop by here! And if they did, I’d think I was being pranked!
Wow it even looks like his dad’s work at home casual cardy is still hanging on the back of the chair. Quite eerie! I think when Amanda gets home at the end of this all, she’ll pull up that vinyl in her basement and give it a thorough investigation!]
(Amanda hands Lee some stuff as she prepares to climb the ladder)
[LOL at how she is all ewww at all the cobwebs! Winking smile ]

The scene ends there, and aside from the pipe, I’m not sure what they’ve collected some files, books or something.. I guess the cardy wasn’t worth rescuing, the moths have probably been eating it!

Okay- I shall pause at the end of this scene here.. Reeeally can’t wait to hear from ya and chat with you all about this ep so far!

10/16 Season Four Episode Three: Unfinished Business-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at IFF, and Billy is not happy!
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001368468
Judging by the clothes, it’s the next day.. [Lee and Amanda have really co-ordinated their colours today Smile ]
I’m ready to hear an explanation now.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001372272
[LOL seems Billy was too mad to earlier! Winking smile ]
Amanda: Sir, we could apologise to Mr Blackthorne, Sir.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001372472
Lee: No, we can’t.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001375275
(Lee doesn’t look up)
Billy: The complaint did not come from Blackthorne; it came from the Secret Service. They checked with Sinclair after you left yesterday…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001381281
…You never (!!) spoke with him about the death threats…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001382282
…Now…I don’t like my agents to abuse their security privileges. I don’t like getting complaints from Treasury before I’ve had my morning coffee!..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001394661
[and donut.]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001391091
…And I don’t want friction between agencies. So! Unless you have a legitimate concern about Sinclair’s security,… 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001402268
…AND CAN TELL ME WHAT IT IS, steer clear of the Blackthorne estate!…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001401868
…Understood?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001404671
[Papa Billy is really really mad! Now Amanda is an agent (officially) Billy is not sparing her his anger!]
Amanda: Yes, Sir. [Quick, someone get Billy his coffee!]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001405672
(Lee doesn’t answer. He lets Amanda answer for him.) 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001407073
[I suspect maybe he’s not able to]
: I think this agency has been bruised enough for one day… 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001412679
[Whoa, and it’s morning!]
…Do me a favour. Just… 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001412479
(Billy turns away from them)
– go away for a while.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001414881
[I do believe Billy just put them in time out Winking smile tee hee. Billy’s face here is awesome!!!! I think he’s really upset that his kids have misbehaved!! And.. he can’t understand why! And.. they aren’t telling!!! Sad smile ]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001415682
Lee: Yeah, sure.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001417684
[LOL code for: happy to!]
(Lee doesn’t hesitate to start heading for the door.. Amanda meanwhile is worried)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001418284
Amanda mumbles: Yes, Sir. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001419085
(she leaves also)
[Yep, best you get out of there.. Billy isn’t in the mood to mend things just yet Amanda! ]
The scene ends here.
[Have we seen Billy this angry before? Call me crazy – but Billy’s anger seems a little over the top. I guess abusing your security pass is the worst crime ever?! ] Thoughts?

Moving on.. and back to chez Lee!
Whooo seems there’s an agent patrolling the perimeter! We’ll have to keep a look out for this Mr Walker when we see Lee’s apartment in future!
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001421688
(We zoom in on the second floor)
[– i.e. one level up. which I realise in some parts of the world is considered level 1! Sooo go with what works for you Winking smile ]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001424491
: I wish you weren’t determined to go through with this.
: We should have done this yesterday.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001425492
[We hear these two lines, before we  get to see what’s going on in Lee’s apartment. Call me crazy but I suspect they were totally playing with the viewers here.. Teasers!!! Maybe it’s just me falling into the gutter.. but.. Remember yesterday?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_000783717
Hooo haaaaa…
So here, we are left to wonder if maybe Lee and Amanda are acting on their attraction to one another today which they didn’t do yesterday!! I wondered with the earlier scene if they were playing with the audience and hinting that maybe Amanda came to Lee in his bed to provide some particular form of comfort called backgammon on smk Winking smile tee hee..
Here – with this teasing edit and exterior shot with these two lines? I’m thinking they were totally aiming to suggest there’s backgammon going on (hey I’m curious, is there an equivalent to the coded meaning of ‘backgammon’ in German?)
So, we finally see what’s going on in Lee’s apartment! Looks like Lee and Amanda are getting ready to turn Lee’s brain inside out like a wet paper bag or something… 
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001425692
[No Lee and Amanda on the bed! Just Lee! Sad smile
But.. I do agree with Lee – they should have done this yesterday, because anything would have been better than yesterday and going to Blackthorne’s!]
: Now I’ll go under pretty fast. You got that list?
: Yeah, it’s right here.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001429696
: All right, now, remember, if my temperature spikes suddenly or if I start to get violent, you bring me right out of this.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001431297
[Oh dear, violent? this is sounding worse and worse! Winking smile Lee may be trained to use it, but is Amanda trained to support him in using it?!]
Amanda very quietly: Yeah.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001434501
Lee: If I start to convulse…4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001435902
: Please don’t do that.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001436703
[rofl! I love it! Good to see Amanda acknowledge this is an extremely risky thing they are about to do! a great gag!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001438104
Lee takes a deep breath and leans back. I guess he’s already been administered the drug. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001441307
Lee mumbles: See you later….
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001448915
Amanda: Lee? Can you hear me?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001451317
Lee: Mm-hm.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001452519
Amanda: Do you know who I am?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001456322
[oh my gosh. This moment! I’d forgotten this moment!!]
Lee reacts to this question immediately.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001456723
With a smile! 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001459726
And.. a bigger smile!
Lee quietly: Heh. My Amanda.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001460326
Amanda quietly smiles to herself.. clearly pleased with this answer Smile 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001461528
But, she has a job to do here, and puts that to one side..
She focuses on the list.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001464931
Amanda (calmly): All right. I want you to look at your dream.
: Hm-hm.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001469736
: Where are you? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001472539
(Scene alternates between the present day and a black and white scene.)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001473540
Big Lee: I’m down in the basement. (Big Lee sounds a little distressed as he remembers) I’m not supposed to be down here. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001480347
[rofl. Little Lee the rule breaker, who would have guessed?! Winking smile ]
: Do you see the locked door?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001483350
(I think Amanda may be reaching out to hold Big Lee’s hand here.. but we can’t see.. what do you think?)
Little Lee: Dad?
: Yes.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001486753
[Ummm.. Little Lee is suddenly wearing his pj’s and dressing gown again.. a second ago he wasn’t.. okay it’s a dream- it doesn’t have to completely add up!]
Little Lee
: Open the door!
(Little Lee pulls on the door, but it won’t budge. Big Lee breaths harder)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001488955
Amanda: What’s behind it?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001491358
(We see little Lee banging on the closed door)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001494561
Lee quietly: Mommy and Daddy…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001495362
 Lee mumbles: …It’s, it’s safe.
[me thinks watching Big Lee remember Little lee is a little weird. lol. I prefer to watch the flashback rather than watch Lee speaking like a little boy. I think I’m suppose to find it touching but I’m not feelin it lol! don’t mind me!]
whispers to herself as she writes a note: There’s a room in the basement.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001498365
Lee (louder): I can’t tell. I…4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001502969
…It’s supposed to be a secret…
(Amanda immediately reaches out to comfort and reassure)

…Hmmm. Hmmmm.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001505572
Amanda: Shh, shh, OK, you don’t have to. OK? You’re back upstairs now… [Gosh she was pretty quick to rescue him from some distress there.. I wonder if that was his instruction to her. Don’t push?]
(Lee seems calmer)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001508375
…Uhh, you’re in the hallway and the monster’s there. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001511578
Immediately, big Lee’s breathing speeds up again.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001512779
Back to the red hallway…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001513580
and the monster approaches little Lee while breathing heavily.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001514180
Little Lee
: Open the door!
(Big Lee is sounding a little more distressed)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001518785
Amanda: He can’t hurt you because, uh, he can’t move. Because he’s frozen. Can’t move and he can’t hurt you.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001521388
[Amanda seems to be improvising here – better than reading off some list! Lee needed strategies to remember and still feel safe here. Amanda IMHO nails it!]
(Lee calms)
Amanda (quietly):
All right, what does it look like?
Big Lee
: It doesn’t have a face.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001529195
(As Big Lee replies, we see Little Lee again, for a second there he seems to actually open the door. but there’s no reference to it and the door is closed again immediately)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001532599
Amanda: It’s gone. The monster’s gone…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001535802
…When I count to three, you’ll wake up and you’ll feel refreshed, and good as if you’d had a long night’s sleep. You feeling all right?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001542409
nods: Hmm, I’m, I’m fine.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001548415
(Amanda has a look on her face here.. lol! what is she thinking? What’s she gonna do next?!)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001554421
Mischievous Amanda!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001556022
Amanda: Do you have time for just one more questi-? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001557824
She cuts herself off!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001559025 and quickly says: –Never mind. Look,…
(Amanda gets back on task here.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001562629
(slowly): ….OK. One…two…three.
(Lee opens his eyes)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001570236
It takes Lee a moment but he clearly remembers what the drug session revealed..4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001572839
[Yep, Lee and Amanda had a drug session. I never thought I’d say that! 🙂 ]
: The room in the basement.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001575642
Lee immediately tries to get up and Amanda holds him down onto the bed [Hmm.. this is getting more interesting Winking smile  ROFL!! this time it’s Lee’s turn for his legs to go flying! Winking smile
Oh and I can see a picture frame on his bedside table from this angle.. ]
Hey, wait a minute you can’t get up. You’ve got almost a whole cc of that stuff in you.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001580847
: Now the manual says you gotta stay down for 12 hours. Now come on.
Lee: You just help me or I’m gonna do this on my own.

Lee says this pretty matter of fact. Amanda’s been through a similar scenario with him before.. Lee has an emotional need to solve a case and he won’t rest even if he really needs to (You know -The Eyes have It) 
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001584384
I think it looks like Amanda has realised at the end here: He’s going to do it anyway, so you may as well just help him!
though hopefully she can at least help him to avoid any further ‘lets go abuse our security clearances and visit Blackthorne’ plans!
The scene ends here.

Anyone not swoon at the ‘My Amanda’ moment??!!!
And.. what was Amanda going to ask Lee and she changed her mind?! Interesting that she has a question she is wanting to know the answer to….

I love that she almost did that. Amanda is a very ethical person, but.. she is a human being still and is tempted! But.. she says no to herself here IMHO – because Lee has put great trust in her by going under like this, and she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she didn’t cherish and protect that trust. She’d never want to risk damaging it. Well at least, this is what I’m thinking at the moment.. what do you all make of it?

Thoughts everyone? No need to load up on promazepam – share what you like freely! haaaaa..