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Lee’s Apartments Season 2 Part 3 by SilverCorvette

Welcome back to the third and final part of Lee’s apartments. SilverCorvette is back….!
Burn Out – Episode 21

Establishing Shot – the same building as always

With some changes (a plant instead a vase of stick things)
this looks the same as DOA – lots of oriental art.
Umm, Lee’s security must be pretty minimal, Bracken just
used his lockpicks and walked right in ? clip_image006
Those plants beside the bar (I think we call them Drucena
here in Australia) are looking a bit poorly. Hasn’t Amanda
been around to water them since DOA ?
That gold antelope ? is still on the narrow table, but that
plate/dish thing was not over there under the picture before.

And this is all we see.

So this pretty much looks like the DOA apartment.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through Lee’s apartments
in Season 2. I will be back with Season 3.


Thanks to SilverCorvette for updating Lee’s Season 2 apartments. Any differences between this apartment and the DOA apartment?
Bye from the JWWM team wave



2/2 Just Walk with me – Through Lee’s Season 2 Apartments! By Silver Corvette

Welcome to Part two of SilverCorvette’s posts on Lee’s season 2 apartment. What will we find out about  Lee’s secret home life? Over to SilverCorvette!

Season 2,

Apartment 4

DOA Delirious on Arrival (Ep 19)

Next time we see where Lee lives is in DOA Delirious on Arrival.


Same building from Season 1 and in ALSALS. Same cars parked outside.


Why are we looking at an apartment bay window ? Lee’s apartment definitely does not have one !


This apartment is number 305, on the third floor ? and the door is white on the outside not the wood colour of the one in ALSALS.


A new apartment in the same building ? This one has grey walls, no coat stand and lots of oriental art. This is someone’s idea of a bachelor’s apartment ?

The hall way outside looks like it has pink walls and red carpet, white apartment doors.


Those long black windows don’t look like they belong to the building shown above ! Now there are lots of buildings close by now, not looking down on the city as in ALSALS.

Perhaps this apartment was lower down and on the other side of the building?

Grey bar, window seat, cupboards, couch, black coffee table, red window seat cushions and carpet, lots of oriental art in the entry way – wow this apartment is making a statement. But what statement? Maybe Lee has finally consulted the French guy who does kitchens ?

Lots of pottery and photographs on top of the cupboards – oh, look, on the taller cupboard – the photo of Lee’s parents that we see in The Eyes Have It, on his beside table, and a picture of Lee and Billy that is also seen elsewhere.




Less plants near the bar but one in the hall, two behind the couch, different wall decorations, same grey L shaped couch !

So why the change to the grey décor ?


That sandwich will be all dried out by now !


And what’s behind that door leading to the area behind the closet ? And the one behind Lee, here?

Sorry these next ones are blurry because we are seeing through Amanda’s eyes while she is drugged.



Looking toward the kitchen, the double doors are closed and beside them a fireplace with a very strange piece of artwork over it (but the lizard things are gone from beside the fireplace). And a picture of a horse over a narrow table/cupboard thing. Another narrow table (is this called a sofa table or hall table maybe?) behind the couch with a lamp. No oriental style art in this part of the room !


There’s a big metallic column and then another set of double doors (to a bedroom, maybe?)

A large cactus beside the table under the horse. Another table at the end of the couch with a blue lamp with a black shade.

Over the double doors, over the kitchen doors and beside the bar over the plants, seem to be large square ceiling lights.

As we only see one room of the apartments, we don’t really need a floor plan, but I drew one anyway.


So, Lee moves between ALSALS and DOA? In the same building with the same floor plan, different floor and décor ?

These are the only two episodes where we see Lee’s apartment in this season.  

Silver Corvette

A huge thank you SilverCorvette for your insights into Lee. What does everyone think of Lee’s grey sofa? Is Apartment 4 a more mature home choice?

Next week, we’ll be starting on Part 2 of my (Learjet’s) SMK food posts….Bye for now!

1/2 Just Walk with me – Through Lee’s Season 2 Apartments! By Silver Corvette

The Walk may be having a rest stop but the fun continues with Random posts being published twice a week. And we’ve also got some great topical posts coming up once a week for the next few weeks. Coming up first are two posts on Lee’s Season 2 by SilverCorvette. Please join me in welcoming SilverCorvette back!

Season 2

With the European episodes, we don’t see Lee at home until more than half-way through the season. 

Apartment 3 (numbering continuing from Season 1)

A Little Sex, A Little Scandal (Episode 14)

So we see the outside of the same building as in Season 1. (sorry, its night-time)


This apartment has a bar, the first thing we see.


Wow, so many glasses ! A set for every kind of wine ? Lots of parties at home ?



Lots of wood panelling, lots of plants !


There is double doored closet beside the front door, both matching wood. And a step down out of the entry area into the living area. Could this really be in the same building as the Season 1 apartment ? The style is very different.



Outside the door, there is another apartment door at right angles to Lees. Its really hard to see but I think this apartment is 302 ?


This is later, when Amanda comes with a cake after the Mother of the Year contest is over. It’s night again, but this is showing an apartment on the second floor in the building!


We see the bar from across the room this time – a grey couch in the foreground and so many plants with a Buddha tucked in amongst the greenery ! Blinds with a matching pelmet above.


Now look at that window – that does not look like it fits into the building  shown from the outside. And a window seat underneath. And another Buddha !

You can see that the apartment appears to be up really high looking down on the city  (which is particularly black and white !)                          


Stepped up cupboards under the window – lots of storage in this apartment.

Where did Lee put his roll-top desk, in the bedroom ? The bronco statue and the Ram’s Horn ? Why the Buddha and not the bronco on the cupboard ? Did he get rid of all the furniture, art and knickknacks he had in Season 1 ? because none of it seems to be the same.


And a built-in area for the TV and stereo etc., then big double doors into the kitchen. I don’t think I could comfortably watch the TV from the couch, and definitely not from the window seat. In season 1, he only had a small TV in the bedroom !

And what are those things next to the fireplace – lizards or do they have a use ?


Somehow, the doors to the kitchen have closed, after Lee put the cake on the coffee table. Oh, well !

That’s as much as we see of this apartment, but it is definitely not the same one as in Season 1 and I am pretty much convinced it should not be in the same apartment building.

Couldn’t TPTB find an exterior that matched the inside, or did they just want to show the same building so we would know we were at Lee’s?


Thanks SilverCorvette for your fascinating survey of Lee’s season two apartment so far. What do all you JWWM’ers think?

We’ll be back next week with Part 2 of SilverCorvette’s S2 post!