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Bite Size Amanda – The ACM Kid

In TACMKid, Amanda really doesn’t play a key role in Scarecrow’s mission but she does learn a lot about Lee the person, which in turn shapes her view of Lee.  But what do we learn about Amanda in this episode?  I found it very hard to focus on Amanda this time, because we learn a lot about Lee.  iwsod helped me walk the straight and narrow though and contributed many of the questions -thanks, iwsod!

made me move

Amanda gets to see with her own eyes where Lee lives and how he lives – like a pig – in a hell hole Winking smile – but with an interesting sunglass holder (thanks, KC!).   What do you think Amanda was expecting his apartment to be like?  I think she is dying with curiosity to see all this, don’t you?

She learns that he has a softer side and just might not be as tough as she thought he was.father of the year

 tough guys

 kids you dateBased on her comment to him on the phone, “By kid, do you mean one of those girls you date?”  I would think that she disapproves of his playboy lifestyle as well.  What do you think this says about Amanda’s views on men and relationships?

I think she admires him as an intelligence operative, but is drawn to personal experiencehim by what she is learning about him personally.  Amanda is a nurturer and a helper by nature.  And I think she hears Lee *asking* for help with his words and his actions.  What do you think it is about Amanda that pushes her in to his life?  

I think she likes the softer side of Lee and wants stones rollingto be his friend, resulting in her wanting to help him (i.e. she cleans his apartment for him and babysits Alexi – even bringing the “young Dillinger” into her house and exposing her boys to him).  Which brings up another question…what does Amanda’s handling of Alexi say about her parenting style?  I know there are some of you out there who have a thing or two to say about that!

 I love this little conversation of theirs on the couch….

parent 1

parent 2 parent 3 parent 4

I think top agentsin this episode Amanda is really starting to believe in him as a spy (…this is Lee Stetson, one of the top American agents) and is actually starting to like Lee the person very much.   I interpret her smile in the tag picture below as one of happiness at the thought of Lee showing her some appreciation for helping her on this case.who is it

I love that although Amanda is “just” a housewife, she lets him know that she isn’t going to sit back and take his clip_image001jokes and she participates in the verbal sparring. She may not be a superspy like him, but he is no expert at every day, normal life.

And call me crazy, but I think she is already having significant doubts about Dan, err, Dean.aluminum sun

The look on her face after their “Aluminum Sun” award dicussion says it all, IMHO.  He doesn’t know it yet, but his days are numbered. Laughing out loud

One last question…do you think Amanda really wants to hear about Dotty’s love life?  We heard about Dr. Bain the chiropodist in ITCKill in that fabulous Dotty ramble, but this time she brings up erogenous zones!  Hahaha!

dr fred

Well that’s it for this episode!  If you’d like to have a read of the posts for this episode and remind yourself of what’s in this episode for Amanda- here is the link.  

Here are some questions to ponder….and of course feel free to share whatever you’d like!

What do you think Amanda is thinking when she first goes in to Lee’s apartment?  I wonder what she was expecting!  She calls his apartment a “hell hole” – do you think she meant it?

Amanda seems to be more confident this episode – do you think it’s just because she’s dealing with kids and cleaning?  Or is there more to it?

Do you think she is an introvert or an extrovert?

Do you think she had a very big smile on her face after she threw Ricky Joe’s drink in his face and told him the sex was always disappointing???  Rolling on the floor laughing

What about Dean?  Do you also think Amanda has already started to think it’s really not going to last between them?

 What else do we learn about Amanda in this episode???  There’s lots!  And some of it nothing to do with Lee!  Likes?  Dislikes?  Talents?  Weaknesses?