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SMK Banners by KC!!

Hello Everyone!  Check out the new header!!!
Congrats KC on doing such a fabulous job!!!
KC_S1E1_banner1finalrevIf you think you could have some fun creating smk artworks like banners, I can give you the dimensions if you are interested.. just comment here.
– I love to revel in all the talents of smk fandom!!  🙂

Kudos to KC! errr.. KC we salute you!

Here are the headers that KC has created for us all to enjoy:




There’s one more that hasn’t been shared yet.. and I’ll publish that one after we are finished walking through Utopia Now!

SMK Banners by Lovesmk/WhisperRomance

Hi Everyone! You may have noticed justwalkwithme.com has a new look 🙂  ‘WhisperRomance’ (Lovesmk) has completed a series of fabulous banners for me to use on this blog!!!! woohoo-022I’m so excited! I hope you are going to enjoy her handy work as I swap them around over the coming months! Do you like the Service Above and Beyond Banner? I love the blue colour throughout and find it very swoony!!!! 1swoon

Feel free to share here any comments on the banner – BJo I passed on your comments to Lovesmk and she was thrilled to hear you noticed it and liked it! Smile [maybe she’ll stop by and check it out!!]

thankyou2Thanks sooooo much Lovesmk for all your hard work and generosity!!

SMK fandom is full of many talented people huh!!!! Anyone else got some artwork they’d like to share?? You could post it here in the comments or email me about it if you like- my email is in the sidebar

[Also, comment here if you see a pic you like – I could easily make it into an avatar for you.. I’m not as creative as Lovesmk Winking smile but I can do Avatars Smile]