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Update/Behind the Scenes


We interrupt our regularly schedule programming to bring you this important announcement:  iwsod is currently experiencing technical difficulties getting online at this time  Sad smile  Hang in there, iwsod!!  This post will most likely be the last post until Friday ….Crying face   Guess that means we will just have to continue to review some previous episodes!  We now take you back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress:


Hi Everyone! Just a short note to mention that I’ve asked BJo to help me in moderating this blog Smile  BJo lives in the USA… and I live in Australia – so this way we have all time zones covered! Open-mouthed smile

Moderation is sometimes needed if you post a comment with either a link or a photo in it.. This is to protect JustWalkWithMe from spammers who want to sell us a certain brand of sneakers that KJ loves *Ahem* to name just one – there are many products trying to get access to the blog and our eyes! Sad smile

Anyway, as always if you have any issues at all feel free to email me about it (my email’s on the sidebar) as blog administrator I’m your go to gal! 

BJo will be helping to keep things running smoothly so hopefully your comments won’t be in moderation for long and your fab contributions of pics, vids, and links will be able to join the conversation asap! Smile

Welcome BJo – and thanks so much for providing a helping hand to keep this blog a place full of easy smk fun!! Open-mouthed smile



Hi Everyone – and thanks, iwsod, for the opportunity to be part of the behind the scenes efforts of JustWalkWithMe!  I love this blog and all the folks I’ve “met” here and am looking forward to helping out with the moderation of comments (especially since I seem to be one of the folks who needs moderation…..  Winking smile )  I will certainly do my best to keep the spammers out and the genuine commenters in! 

BJo   Nerd smile

Update about wordpress… and a place to post tech queries…

Hello! I thought it might be helpful to have a post about the technical side to justwalkwithme.com which may add to our enjoyment! 
Word press has made a change to how we follow comments, saying: ‘By default, posting a comment will now subscribe you to receive follow-up comments via email for that specific post, keeping you updated on the conversation. This is indicated by the checked box in the comment form.’
(How Amanda can do computer work while Lee does this??!!! is beyond me!!! )

If you want more information here is the link:

You don’t need to sign up with wordpress to comment, however, the first time you comment on this blog, your comment will need to pass moderation ( it’s to prevent spam, so make sure you don’t sound like spam Winking smile haaa)
So don’t worry if there is a delay the first time you comment, it will show up on the blog soon Smile 

You can get a wordpress username by following the link below if you want to do it Smile


With a username, you can subscribe to follow the blog, and receive email alerts for new posts Smile and comments..

Any problems? or need a bit of guidance?? Comment here and I will do my best to help you Smile