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1/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hi Everyone! All set to walk through another SMK episode together?! Here we go!!!!
Thanks so so much to Sara for transcribing this episode – for JWWM, but also for Operation Sandstorm.
We salute you Sara!!!
Formatting reminder as we get started:
Sara’s descriptions are in this format- {xxx}.
Sara’s comments are in this format- {{SARA: xxx}}.
My descriptions are in this format- xxx or (xxx).
My comments are in this format- [xxx].

Whoo hoo!!! Now is a good time, for some bad timing haaaa..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000076576_thumb

{Opening scenes of the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Capital. Next, a view of a DC street circle, and a park with an equestrian statue in the background.}

{{SARA: My best guess is that it’s General Phillip Sheridan and that’s Sheridan Circle.}} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000078978_thumb
[Whooooo anyone else able to speak to this?]
A close-up view of a gate with a sign..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000084684_thumb
The gate is guarded. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000092492_thumb
Inside, there’s a meeting going on.
{On the screen, a magnified image of some bacteria.}
Man (Doneck): PD-2 is a genetically altered form of the bacterium that causes pneumonic plague. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000098798_thumb
[He says as the bacterium is projected onto his mouth- ewwwwww. To this day, I can’t watch this scene without wanting to wipe my face.]

Doneck steps away from the front of the room, the camera pans to show others in the room. We see that he uses a cane and walks with a limp between all the seated men. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000111111_thumb
[whoooo did Lee Stetson give him that limp?! whahahaa. and no I don’t remember anything about this ep’s baddies! which based on my comment could be really obvious haaaa.]
Doneck: Once introduced to our host, it matures in 48 hours and then remains contagious for another 72 without any physical manifestations.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000117117_thumb
[I’ve gotta say, this whole premise takes on a new edge when watched in the times of Covid19]
{New slide of bacterium appears close up on the screen.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000117417_thumb

Doneck (off screen): Death to the carrier is certain soon thereafter….
{Camera returns to Doneck and others in the room, then to a new slide on the screen of a graph.}
The bio-dissemination curve and contagion profile reflect the lethal potency of PD-2…
(Doneck sits in a chair next to the dude operating the slide show with great flair!)
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000132732_thumb
…Estimated kill is limited only by extent of exposure… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000140240_thumb
[Whoooo a scary looking bio-dissemination curve which isn’t actually a curve!]
…However, with such a situation as this, I am less concerned with numbers than with individuals…
(Cue the scary music)
…Which is why I have so carefully chosen the subject for this particular field test.
[Oh my, the suspense builds.. just who could this individual be???!!! Rofl.. this is all so over the top it’s really quite droll!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000155555_thumb
Doneck gestures to another man at the meeting who is controlling the slide projector. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000156156_thumb
He clicks for the next slide and Lee’s picture comes up on the screen. In the image, Lee is holding a newspaper, glancing over the top of it. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000158258_thumb
The camera zooms in for a closer shot of Lee.

{{SARA:Oh, does Lee look GOOD! The words on the back of the newspaper, ‘Besser leben’ translate to “Live Better.” Interesting choice.}}
[These Russians are pretty good, getting hold of an image of Lee while he was in Germany like that. And so polite of them to choose Lee with his (in my view) peak Lee Stetson look! Which, lol, I was only opining on last episode!!!
This is the best slide show ever. Lee’s looking so good!!! Oh wait, no hang on, this is an I want to kill Lee Stetson slide show. This slide show is bad!!! really really bad!!!!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000161861_thumb
But.. well here’s one more image of the close up on it, before we move on.. ahem. iwsod reaches for the smelling salts!!]

The scene ends there, and we transition to a restaurant exterior shot.. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000163363_thumb


Lee: (Off camera) Anyway, the axle finally blew somewhere between Jidda and Medina… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000173273_thumb
(Inside we are treated to quite a Loooong view of a fancy shmancy restaurant full of patrons while Lee talks.. Soft music is playing.. and candles! whooooo smk code for – romance!!)
Lee: (Off camera)…and there we were, surrounded by a band of Bedouin pirates who thought we’d be a big deal in the local slave trading bazaar.
(Lee laughs.)
Amanda: (Off camera) Is this the truth?
Lee: (off camera) Is this the truth?

(Off camera) Mm-hmm.
Lee: (Off camera)
My word of honor, I swear.
Amanda: (Off camera) Hmm.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000181981_thumb
(Lee and Amanda come into view. He’s holding her hand at the table.) 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000184617_thumb
Lee: Listen to this. Luckily, Dave Sax was packing a copy of Nature Life. It’s his favorite Scandinavian nudist colony mag… I’m telling you. What can I say? The guy is weird… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000189789_thumb
(Amanda looks sceptical!)
[Oh my this is hilarious!!! ‘Nature Life’ Magazine??!!! whahahaahaaha I like how it’s the guy’s favourite. I mean how many nudist colony mags are there in the world?! Err don’t answer that!]
…But believe it or not, we traded it for two camels, 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000197297_thumb
an old Mauser and three day’s worth of dried sheep stomach.

(Lee finishes his story with a chuckle..)
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000198798_thumb{Amanda makes a face and shakes her head.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000200300_thumb
Wh— You’re not buying any of this, are you?
Amanda: Not very much of it.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000205105_thumb
[which bit Amanda?! Nature life?! the stomach?!]
All right, all right. Enough of my convoluted stories. What do you say we…uh… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000207507_thumb
(Lee shifts gears into sexy mode! grrr. Lee moves straight from dried sheep stomach to sexy times. I’m impressed haaaa)
{Cut to a close up of Lee holding Amanda’s hand, which shows her engagement ring.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000210810_thumb
:…just go back to my place and um have some dessert, huh?
[Ohhhh hang on.. now this episode is coming back to me.. without giving anything away I’ll just say that I now remember this episode would often spur the whole did they/didn’t they debate in smk fandom! haaaa]
Amanda: It’s awful late. We have to be at work early.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000213947_thumb
I know, I know.
Amanda: What are we going to do?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000220053_thumb
The same thing we always do…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000223256_thumb
…Go home alone. Again. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000226459_thumb
{Cut to Lee holding Amanda’s hand and tapping her ring with his finger.}
[Ohhhh the longing!!!!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000226860_thumb
Lee: But only for one more week.
Alright. I’ll give you a lift.
Lee: No, no, no. Um, listen. I’m only a couple of blocks away. Uh, I think I’ll take a walk. I need to do some thinking. Hmm? 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000237070_thumb
{Cut to Amanda looking a little disappointed.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000239272_thumb
(The scene ends there on a bit of a sombre note.)
[So, one more week and they won’t go home alone? They will be married? Not sure I understand how this mystery marriage is supposed to work. Especially when there they are in this super romantic restaurant all lovey dovey for anyone to see..]

Next thing, we see Lee walking along the street…
{two men jump out from behind it. They grab Lee. They fight.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000249182_thumb
A third guy joins in with a punch to the guts.
Subdued Doneck appears behind Lee.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000251184_thumb
Lee is lowered to the ground.
Another man injects him with the syringe.}
needle phobia? Look away!!! gah!!!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000254387_thumb
Doneck stands over them all watching on as his evil plan unfolds. Muahahahaahaaa.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000256389_thumb
The three men… {appear to be checking his pockets. One of them takes his wallet. The headlights of an oncoming vehicle approach.}
Doneck: Come!
The baddies flee. {The vehicle blows its horn a few times and pulls over to where Lee lies on the sidewalk.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000264698_thumb
It’s Amanda. Further down the sidewalk, we see Doneck limping away quickly.}
Amanda: LEEEEEE!
[I swear they have a recording of that which they pull out whenever needed. rofl!]
{Amanda gets out of the car and runs over to where he is. Lee gets up slowly, holding the back of his neck. Groaning a bit.}
Amanda: Are you alright?
{Lee groans again. She helps him sit up a little.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000271204_thumb
Oh my gosh!
They came out of nowhere. I don’t know…
{He checks his pockets.}
(Lee is a little out of it)
Lee: They got my wallet. They got—

Alright, we got to get you to the hospital. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000281815_thumb
Lee: No, I don’t want…I don’t…Amanda, I don’t need to go to a hospital.
Amanda: You got a bump on your head. You might have a concussion.
Lee: No, I don’t want to go to a hospital. I don’t like doctors, okay? [Especially after the whole The Eyes have It plot! Ohhh and the whole If Thoughts Could Kill plot!!! gah!!!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000284417_thumb
[Lee is as grumpy and belligerent as he always is when not well haaaa]
(He groans and leans toward her.)
Amanda: You alright?
Lee: I will take a ride home, though.

4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000290123_thumb
Yeah, okay.
{Lee groans. She helps him get up and guides him toward the car.}

[Sooooo what was the timing?
Doneck: “matures in 48 hours and then remains contagious for another 72 without any physical manifestations….Death to the carrier is certain soon thereafter….”

Hmm sounds specific but is really actually quite vague! I guess we at least know that he will be contagious in 48 hrs..]

The next day, and it’s on to the agency..
Lee and Francine are talking as they walk along the hallway.
Well, that’s a pretty impressive list. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000302535
Francine: Merchants from Paris, Agrei from Istanbul. Duktor from Berlin, Brossin from D.C.
Lee: Some of the best people in counterintelligence. It’s really exciting having them under the same roof.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000305438 [This episode is crazy to watch in Covid times!!! Lee is being set up to be basically a super spreading bioweapon and take out all the best people in counterintelligence??!!!! All under the same roof.. gah! I had to google pneumonic plague and learn a little more about it. my curiosity got the better of me…I’m curious to see how all this plays out.]
{Amanda joins them.}
Good morning, Francine.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000312445
(to Lee): I need you…
(to Francine) Business.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000313580
(to Lee) now!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000314381
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000314581
…I’ll go set up that conference room.
[My goodness, after the tag in Promises to Keep – just what does Francine make of these two these days?!!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000316082
{Francine gives Lee a smug look then leaves. Amanda grabs Lee’s arm.}
(Amanda pulls him along the hallway)
Amanda: Come on.
You need me, huh? My place or yours?4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000320387
Amanda: Neither.
(Lee plays it all light hearted and flirty, trying to divert Amana. But she’s not having it. She’s serious!)
Well, wait a minute… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000322088
I’ve got a very important meeting in an hour.

Amanda: What happened to my place or yours?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000322889
[LOL too funny! Good one Amanda! I love how deadpan this is!! ]
The scene ends there with Amanda dragging Lee along off the screen.

We cut back to the Russian embassy for some good old baddie gloating.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000325392
Let’s together recap my evil genius plan!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000338705
Doneck gloats that Lee is about to have a meeting and infect people – in less than 30 hrs, Lee will have spread PD2 to the best of the best in counterintelligence..
Mr Slideshow operator seems to be Doneck’s partner in gloating..and remarks that Moscow will be impressed.
but.. Doneck does one better – the World will be impressed!! MUAHAHAHAAHHAAH!!!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000347113
The scene ends there.

[So over the top, I find this baddie pretty funny!
Seems somewhere in amongst Lee’s allies there’s a mole keeping track of when meetings are happening. Uh oh.]

Time to pause… what do you all make of this episode’s opening??? do tell!!!! I’m soooo glad the walk is back!!



3/9 Season Two, Episode 1:To Catch a Mongoose-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda are off to the casino because a casino chip was found on a dead guy.. did the mongoose plant it there?
Who cares!  One look at Lee in that tux and .. whegougoashdgag..
1thuddy I am the mongoose! who is the mongoose? 😆

Ok. well, maybe a few thoughts will come to mind as we go through this scene (if I don’t stare directly at the tux I should be ok! Winking smile )

The scene at the casino opens with a wide shot.. check it out.. a variety of people are there.. all wearing black and white with only a hint of red.. We see Amanda is having a go at Blackjack (even the game is black!) with the help of a man sitting next to her while  Lee has his back to her scoping out the room.

Love how Amanda has a little giggle at her winning again – Lee chooses this moment to turns back to her, and he is stunned when he sees how many chips Amanda has now!!
LOL!! He kind of does a double take at her winnings! I wish we’d had a close up of it! 1HaHaHa

LOL! I love it.. the guy next to her has been telling her what to do- Is it just me or is the random helpful old man always the bad guy? (at least in Europe!!) LOL!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000596396Amanda is giddy.. until she turns to see Lee all stern faced! I love that SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000597397she slumps and pulls a face as if to say – ugh! he’s not happy with me- SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000598398he’s such a downer! I love that she actually acknowledges (even if it is only in a gesture to herself) that Lee is being a downer and she knows it Smile 

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000599399Lee: Are you keeping your eyes open?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000602402Amanda: I’ve been watching all night, just like you told me to.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000604404Lee: Good. I don’t want him slipping by because you’re scooping up your winnings.
1ha haaaaaaa
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000607407Amanda: Listen. It was your idea that we should act naturally and play while we’re on the stakeout.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000609409Lee: Yes, and try to
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000611411remember that.
Amanda: I can’t help it if I’m winning.
[Lee won’t admit it, but Amanda is on the money- get it?!! haaaa.. Amanda sees through him here, and knows why he is so grumpy!]

Whooo hooo Go Amanda!! Lee is such a grump here!! Ugh!!! But.. in his tux, he can get away with it Winking smile haaa.. Love how Amanda puts him in his SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000614414place here when he chides her that she is suppose to be looking for Conrad- and she says she has been – and she is acting naturally, just like he told her to.. she deals with him so well Smile
With a stony silence between Lee and Amanda, the dealer starts the next game..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000618418Helpful Old guy ( uh oh  ): Look, Amanda, two fives. Now remember what I told you. [he knows her name? uh oh!!] Amanda: Right. Doubledecker.[what’s that double the bet?]*Edited to add: Amanda says Doubledown not Doubledecker- Thanks Melissa for explaining!! check  out wikipedia’s explanation if you’re interested 🙂http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackjack
Ahh I hadn’t noticed this before.. Amanda puts her chips in for the game, and so does Lee- Lee is playing too! I always thought he just sat there.. and LOL!! from the looks of it, he looses! 😆  Ahhh that feels good doesn’t it Amanda Winking smile
Gambler: Queen.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000626426Amanda wins!! and let’s out a screech  of sorts! haaaaa.. she is too cute SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000627427as she tries to suppress it.. Who would have guessed Amanda the housewife from Arlington is getting into it and having a great time, and it is Lee, the player who is all grumpy? Winking smile
It’s no use. He’s not going to show.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000632432SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000633433Amanda: Here, look, just take some of my chips, I’ve got too many anyway. Go ahead.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000635435Lee: Just keep on playing, huh? [now you want her to play? I thought you were cranky with her for playing? ah yes.. you were cranky with her winning Winking smile  Amanda tries to give Lee some chips, but he picks them up and gives them back ruining her stacks of chips! ]
Amanda: Oh, please don’t knock them out of their sta–
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000636436Lee: Shhh! I’m going to call Billy, tell him our trail’s gone cold.


What a glare!!!
Ouch!! [and yet smokin!!] Grumpy pants leaves her to go call Billy ( because hey why not just leave Amanda alone right??!!! huh?? Calling Billy can’t wait till you are back at the hotel?)
Dealer: Place your bets, please.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000649449[whoooo who let that lady wearing purple in?!! weird!] Of course, the mongoose ( come on we all know he is the mongoose! ) sees Lee go and so he also leaves Amanda..
Helpful old guy: Amanda, this has been delightful. I think you can carry on without me.
Amanda: Oh, you’re not leaving?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000654454Helpful old guy: Oh, I think I’d better. I’m a few pounds to the good and I never like to press my luck.
[No he would much prefer just to press Lee’s neck Winking smile ]Good night. I’m fortunate to have had such a lovely fellow player.  Until we meet again. [uh oh.. he knows they’ll meet again!]
Amanda: Night.
Dealer: Madame?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000672472Amanda: Yes.
Conrad: Amanda

don’t turn around.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000680480Amanda: Conrad.

Commercial break time huh! tooo funny!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000688488Conrad tells Amanda to move over to the slot machine.. stern faced he reminds her not to turn around and look at him..
Sorry. Should I play?
Conrad: Yes.
(Don’t look at me I don’t want people to know we are talking but here take this money and use it?? LOL!!! )
How did you know it was me?
Amanda: Oh, you have a distinctive voice. You always have.
Conrad: We have to talk, Amanda.
Amanda: Conrad, are you doing something that’s really wrong?
Conrad: We can talk tomorrow morning. Meet me at Trafalgar Square at ten o’clock.
Lose your boyfriend with the perfect hair first. slap happy
Amanda: He’s not my boyfriend.
Conrad: Oh.
[Oh dear.. then why are you with him?? Kind of gives a clue he is an agent no?]
Amanda: Conrad, you know, [Amanda’s back
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000720520turned.. Connie walks away here and leaves her- unaware he has departed!!] it’s really awfully difficult for me to believe that you’re some kind of an international SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000728528criminal. I mean, I remember what a nice person you were, and smart, too, SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000737537and I remember the time you won the science fair with your solar-powered ant farm. You were always just a little bit ahead of your time.
Amanda turns to find she is talking to no one.. SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000745545and everyone is watching her like she is crazy haaaa!! Smile I love how she realises he hasn’t said anything for a SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000749549bit.. goes still.. then slumps and resigned, has to ask: Connie??? when she knows now no one is there.. Finally she turns to see yes! Just as Amanda suspected.. Connie is gone – Awkward!!Amanda has on some serious shoulder pads there huh!!!

Oh and Solar powered Ant Farm?? ROFLMAO!!! 😀

Why does Conrad tell Amanda not to turn around? Amanda knows what he looks like and knows its him- (and if he didn’t want her to know- why call her Amanda?? I’m baffled!!!)hmm maybe he hadn’t been expecting that ( and therefore that’s why he asks how did you know it was me) though, why keep up the pretence?- it is obvious they are talking to one another when he hands her money to put in the slot machine..

Maybe after all these years of not seeing Amanda, this is the only way he can be so gruff and mean to her as he impersonates  the mongoose perhaps? (we later learn he was forced to by the mongoose) From Connie’s point of view- having to impersonate the mongoose to his high school crush has got to be a huge blow!!! Not only is he trapped and powerless with the mongoose pulling his strings but I doubt he would want Amanda to know it- for her own safety, but also for his pride too! Of course, at this point, at the casino we don’t know this.. and are being lead to believe Conrad is the goose.. err I mean mongoose..

It’s a great joke when everyone is watching  Amanda talking to herself!! 😆 I love that they revisit this gag from season one!!! Amanda now is no longer offended.. she seems – resigned! Winking smile

Oh and ‘the boyfriend with the perfect hair’ line?? great stuff!!! SMK writers? We Salute you!!! Smile Great to see smk not taking itself too seriously!!

Anyway, Lee is pretty loud and easy with talking about the mongoose- and leaving Amanda alone.. what was he thinking? seems Lee is a bit of a bad SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000758558traveller- so far he is suffering from very bad jet lag which is impairing his decision making!! (And making him a sore loser! haaaaa) I love how he tells Billy Amanda is fine- she’s playing blackjack ‘ and winning too!’ –he has such a bee in his bonnet about that!! ha haaa!!

Whoo this has got to be a pun.. Lee hangs up on Billy telling him he will  call him ‘if anything breaks’ ( on the case) – ouch!!! then cue the scary music it’s time to try and break Lee’s neck!!

This is quite brutal don’t you think? SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000791591very violent.. trying to kill Lee like that.. and the reaching for the door and not being able to reach the handle.. Lee was a goner! eek!! I think he had actually reached that moment where he thought this was it – don’t you? you kind of see him give in.. So SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000797597awful!! Then at just that moment.. along comes his guardian angel  ( Wearing all white) Amanda calling out: Lee????

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000809609Awh.. Amanda comes just in time to save Lee from being strangled..wow.. he was even unconscious there for a moment from the looks of it- a very close call!

What a way to go.. Lee in a tux.. I am so glad she came along though, Lee being saved in a tux is much better!  Open-mouthed smile
Err.. Love how he thanks her for coming along at just the right time and vows to repay her in some way and be forever in her debt…. errr.. is that right? hmmm.. let’s see:
Amanda: Leeee!!! Oh my gosh!!! Leeee??? Lee are you alright?
: Amanda.

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000813613Amanda: are you alright?
Lee: I will be once you get off my arm.
  slap happy
Leeeeeeee!!!!! He is incredible!!! LOL!! Jet lag and a lack of oxygen clearly don’t bring out his charming side!
Amanda: Sorry.
My goodness Lee.. when are you gonna learn to say thank you!!!! ugh!! Smile
Lee: Help me up.

Lee: Our man was here.
[Our? I like the sounds of that!]
Amanda: I know. I talked to Conrad.
Lee: Yeah. He just tried to show me his necktie trick. When did he leave you?
I don’t know. He was behind me. But he told me to meet him tomorrow at Trafalgar Square at ten o’clock and to be alone.
Lee: Not very sociable of him, was it?
Amanda: I turned around and he was gone.
[what a shame she didn’t catch a glimpse of the mongoose strangling Lee.. but then.. the fun would be over huh! ]
Lee: Yeah, he had a pressing engagement with my throat. [Yes and Lee was pressing his luck!]
Amanda: I really don’t think that Conrad is capable of strangling anyone.
[we might think wow!! she still has great belief in Connie- knowing he was there she still doesn’t suspect him! but.. when we really meet him- we find out why – the guy really is a goose Smile haaa]
Lee: With a silk scarf.
Amanda: No, that definitely doesn’t sound like my Conrad.
Lee: Well, it may not sound like your Conrad, but it definitely sounds like my Mongoose.

Whoa.. intense! I love the lighting in this scene here with Lee and Amanda.. there are no actual intimate words spoken between them- considering the very close call Lee had, and how Amanda saved him – but the vibe is still very intimate – with the lighting, and the close ups on them in profile – it just has a lovely feel to it – and the two of them have such lovely profiles!! Smile

Beautiful!! like an old movie.. ( like To Catch a Thief perhaps?)
Well.. I shall leave it there for now!!

As always if you have any feedback on my post, or this part of the episode.. or any smk thoughts you’d like to share – go for it!!

Any questions? gripes about the episode? share! we’d all love to hear it Smile byeeeeee

2/9 Season Two, Episode 1: To Catch A Mongoose-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Awhhh.. Lee is helping Amanda carry her Harrods shopping bags Smile Well Done Lee! Winking smile And asking after Amanda’s mother?? Wow!! I’m impressed!! Smile 

I’m loving all these scenery shots of London.. yes! SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000441241We believe you!! You really are in London!! Ahhh I loved the Los Angeles Olympics for forcing SMK to film overseas!!!! Smile My fave olympics ever Winking smile

Why does Amanda keep swapping hands with her bag there? did they have a sponsorship deal with Harrods too? LOL…

Lee tells Amanda all she has to do is point out Conrad Walter Barnhill and she can head home.. errr she knows him Lee – don’t you want to know what he is like?? LOL.. he doesn’t even ask her!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000468268Amanda: I don’t understand how you can actually believe that Connie Barnhill is an international hitman. What did you call him?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000474274Lee: The Mongoose. It’s a perfect name for him. He’s ruthless, he’s very smart, very elusive, a master of disguise.

I have always struggled with the assumptions Lee makes here in the beginning of this episode.. The mongoose leaves his calling card (basically saying-I’m the mongoose!), and a note with the name ‘conrad walter barnhill’ and a casino chip..[EDITED TO ADD: Okay Iwsod has made a boo booo here.. check out comments- smkfan(thanks!!) has clarified the casino chip and note with Connie’s name was found on Demarco- not mongoose! the same logic still stands though, when we find later- Connie has the Mongoose calling card as his passport photo.. ]  Lee thinks the clever and cunning mongoose is also saying ‘ I am Conrad Walter Barnhill’ ?? that doesn’t sound smug.. that just sound dumb to me!  The mongoose left his real name on a piece of paper for them to look up his passport photo and see the mongoose’s calling card there too-so he can yell again at Authorities – I am the Mongoose!!! tee hee.. who was it that did that- was it Dillinger? the gangster?? who yelled ‘I’m Dillinger!!!’(gangster history buffs?? ) 

In the beginning of this episode, on the boat, the American agent DeMarco was wearing a wire. They even heard the mongoose speak to DeMarco  with an english accent [Conrad is American!!]  and he told the 3 guys that anyone who knows his name doesn’t tend to live that long- remember?? soooo he just left a little note with them so the rest of the police would know his name? LOL! SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000479279
: Alright. What has the Mongoose done recently?
Lee: Oh, not too
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000485285much. Just killed three men and helped himself to five million dollars worth of stolen diamonds. It’s rumoured that he intends to start a syndicate of international hit men headed by himself. The diamonds are to finance his operation. SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000494294
: Lee, I would never tell you how to do your job.

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000496296Lee: Oh?
Amanda: Okay. But this time I really think I’m right!
   (ROFL!! And she is right ALOT!!! Winking smile)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000498298Now, Conrad Barnhill may not have been blessed with many of the social graces and he may SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000505305have had that little dandruff problem,
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000509309but still, he was never a violent person.
Lee: Yeah, well, that’s the kid that you remember. SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000515315Let me tell you about the man that became the Mongoose.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000517317Now to date, forty-two murders throughout the world have been attributed to him.
Lee is much too fast to disregard Amanda’s history with Conrad.. the one person who knows Conrad! Amanda tells Lee what Connie is like (basically: he’s a goose! Not a mongoose!!)- but it is so quickly and easily dismissed by Lee!

I wonder if the person identifying Conrad hadn’t been Amanda.. if it had been Francine – would he have listened and kept an open mind? hmmm.. I wonder.. but once again, Amanda (and Conrad and the Mongoose!) are going to teach Lee a lesson or two!

Lee is so gung ho to catch the mongoose that he is gobbling up all the little breadcrumbs the mongoose has left him, like a rookie fresh out of training.. Come on Lee!

: And so that’s the reason the Agency brought me over here, to identify him, because you don’t have a picture of him? [Is it just me or is this whole concept ridiculous??!! not that I mind.. it brought Amanda to London! Smile]
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000533333Lee: Yeah, that’s about it. We found a copy of your high school yearbook. [Does anyone else imagine Lee asking to personally look at it?? so he can also secretly check out Amanda??!!!]
Instead of a photo, there was a notice that he was absent.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000541341Amanda: No, he wasn’t absent that day.
Lee: No?
Amanda: He locked himself in the chemistry lab by mistake.
Lee: Amanda, he doesn’t even have a passport photo on file.
He somehow replaced that with one of his calling cards. See, that’s his style. He’s arrogant. He’s always thumbing his nose at us.
I really don’t get this! screams he is not the mongoose and the mongoose is playing with him to me! Lee hands Amanda a Casino chip..
: You think we’ll find the Mongoose at this casino?

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000563363Lee: It’s called the Terrorist Club. That was found on the body of one of our agents.
Amanda: Oohhhh.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000564364Love Amanda’s reaction on hearing that the chip she is SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_000565365holding was found on a dead body – like: ewwww I don’t want it! And she gives it back to Lee!! 1rofl

Lee: That matches his lifestyle. He’s a high roller and he likes excitement.

Amanda: No, no. I just have to tell you that this is not my Connie Barnhill. He can’t be the same person.

Could Lee’s assumption that Conrad is the mongoose be because once Lee knew Conrad was Amanda’s friend from school and “my Connie Barnhill” he was suddenly even more convinced there had to be something wrong with this guy??? Or could this be because his attitude was that Amanda is just naive and what would she know- Lee is an expert on how tough life is and how people can let you down – and Amanda still hadn’t learned that lesson? Thoughts?? I’d love to hear from you!! Smile

Well.. either way.. it is clear the Mongoose wants the authorities to go to the ‘terrorist club’ (good one!) to try and find him.. whether Lee is right and it’s Connie.. or whether Amanda is right and it’s not.. the mongoose left the casino chip on the dead body for a reason.. ( I think it was so we could enjoy another Lee in a tuxedo moment.. but.. I probably don’t have much evidence to support that opinion! LOL!! )

Bring on the Casino!!!! haaaa.. I shall leave it there! My studies are back in full force now.. so will most likely aim for smaller posts regularly Sad smile darn real life getting in the way of my SMK time!! Sad smile Winking smile

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