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Discussion: Which do you prefer? 1) Unfinished Business then Stemwinders? Or 2) Stemwinders then Unfinished Business?

Hi all! Have we all recovered sufficiently from that swoony goodness that closed out the Stemwinder 2 parter??!!!
Just in case.. here ya go: Breathe deeply smk fans!!!

We’ve just finished walking through Unfinished Business and then the two Stemwinder episodes.. The original airing order had the two Stemwinders first, and then Unfinished Business. Now we’ve finished walking through these first three episodes of season 4 – what do you think? which order do you prefer? and why?

To get the discussion started.. for anyone who is interested.. I’ll share my opinion… but – it’s just an opinion! I’m no authority here.. we can think what we like!

I prefer the I love yous in Stemwinder come after Unfinished Business.

The My Amanda moment while Lee is drugged, and Amanda wanting to ask a question but stopping herself?

I think she would have not been tempted to probe after Stemwinders. She’s secure, has heard the words.. and is content with the way things are..

Also the impact of ‘my Amanda’ is diminished when he has already said he loves her!

I also like the idea that Lee lets down those walls and shares this very person aspect of himself with Amanda in Unfinished Business, before he has said the words ‘I love you’ I don’t know why just seems more powerful – maybe that it screams he loves her.. but he hasn’t said the words yet. And it screams how much trust they have in each other that they can conduct themselves as they do in Unfinished Business but the words haven’t been spoken yet. Know what I mean?

I think either order can work at this point, I just share my preference.. but – maybe there is a reason why a certain order must be the way it is??

Do you think Billy would be so quick to disregard Lee in UB after what happened in Stemwinder?

Okay all.. what do you think? Reasons for and against changing the original airing order are very welcome!!!

Exploring the Episode Order of Season Three

Hi Everyone!

Here’s the place for us all to share our thoughts on the order of season 3 episodes, discuss, ask questions etc.





[Okay I know Three Little Spies isn’t where Season 3 ends in the original airing order – I’ll replace this image with the final capture of the two of them together in All the World’s a Stage once we are finished walking through that episode! ]

This discussion has been spread out over the walk also, hopefully we can gather together everyone’s thoughts here and find them in future! Smile Feel free to join in or to sit this discussion out – there’s no pressure!

Other blog posts related to Season 3 episode order:

Anyone like to share the order they’ve gone with?
And if you like-why??
I’m trying to finish writing blog posts for ATWAS and then I’ll start getting my head around episode order for season 3 (ep order after the first 5 episodes)..  so you may not hear my thoughts on this for a bit yet. But I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts Smile 

As I’ve said before – on JWWM, we are free to think what we like about the episode order without someone telling us we are wrong!!  Smile we may just disagree.. That’s okay – we can still enjoy smk together!! Looking forward to hearing different ideas on this! byee for now!

Just walk with me.. through the order of Season Two episodes!

Hi Everyone! We  will take a short rest stop in our walk through the smk episodes to consider the order of season two episodes!
Here is JWWM’s suggested Season Two episode order:

1. To Catch a Mongoose
2. Times They Are a Changin
3. Double Agent
4. Legend of Das Geisterschloss
5. A Class Act
6. Our Man in Tegernsee
7. Affair at Bromfield Hall
8. 3 Faces of Emily
9. Brunettes Are In
10. Car Wars
11. Playing Possum
12. Ship of Spies
13. Spiderweb
14. A Relative Situation
15. A Little Sex, A Little Scandal
16. Life of the Party
17. Odds on a Dead Pigeon
18. Delirious on Arrival
19. You Only Die Twice
20. Burn Out
21. Murder Between Friends
22. Vigilante Mothers

If you see any reason why this can’t be right- please let us know! I’m open to changing it..
So I will say for now it is a provisional season two episode order!!
(at least till I’ve watched through them all)

As you’d expect, all the short-haired episodes have to come toward the end of the season..

Both ALSALS and LOTP are the first two short haired episodes.. as Billy has his old chair in these episodes.. and then gets a new chair..

The Europe episodes and all the travelling and changes with production due to the Olympics in LA, make props and hair pretty useless in figuring out the order of the early episodes..Plus the inclusion of Lee’s Porsche in Double Agent? They decided to make Charity begins at home later in season 2, and so they used a car very similar to Lee’s Porsche- but if you look closely.. you’ll see it’s not the exact same car.
So episode order has been worked out mainly based on the progression of the personal/ professional relationships..

Huge thanks to Morley who has had a huge hand in putting his list together.. sooo I wouldn’t call this list ‘iwsod’s list’ maybe.. maybe the JWWM list? Are you ok with that Morley? it’s team effort!
I’m going to watch the season in this order and see how it feels.. anyone else going to do this? I’d love to hear what your experience of this order is! I’ll update here again when I’ve finished watching season 2 in this order.
HERE is the JWWM post on the Season Two Production order.

HERE is the JWWM post opening up discussion on Season Two possible episode order..

and HERE is the thread on Nedlindger’s Forum where the order was mostly discussed.

There are no right or wrong answers.. so feel free to share your own ideas!