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A quick recap of Over the Limit..before or after Wizard??

Hiya my wonderful fellow smk fans!!
As promised.. time to discuss the episode order of We’re off to see the Wizard (Wizard) and Over the Limit (OTL)..
*All opinions are welcome!!*
This is a safe place to think what you like without someone telling you your wrong!! There is no wrong.. we just disagree..that’s okay! We can still enjoy smk together!!
So.. bring it on!!!!
To start us off…
1)I’ll give a quick recap of the events in Over the Limit- without interpreting.
2) Happy Camper has compiled a summary of ideas about the ep order mentioned on JWWM so far (Huge thank you to Happy Camper!!).

Note-  JWWM blogged the first 5 episodes of season 3 in an order suggested by Morley, due to the fact that there is an obvious problem with the Q bureau episode order, and I didn’t want to watch the episodes before blogging them. So we may or may not agree with the order the eps were blogged in on JWWM. Let’s see!! [but thanks again Morley for sharing your order with us!!]  I tend to think it’s better to stick with the airing order, if there is no good reason to change it..(In the original airing order, Wizard aired before OTL).

So, here’s the OTL recap of Lee and Amanda moments:
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000279946Post 1– Amanda discovers Dotty looking at the Rebecca’s fantasies catalogue.
Post 2– AT IFF, Billy is conducting a meeting in
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000394060the bullpen for everyone- allocating spring cleaning jobs and Lee walks into the 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000397063bullpen meeting late, and looking a little unkept.
Billy signs up Amanda for gun training.
Francine assumes he is a ‘midnight rambler’ and a woman has been keeping him up.
Lee says it’s insomnia.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000448114Billy notes the insomnia is chronic, and has been happening the last 4 days. He assumes it’s a woman.
what does Amanda think? this is unclear..
Billy wants Lee to accompany Amanda on spring cleaning, but Lee thinks she can handle it fine alone. Billy orders him to. The scene ends with Lee looking at ‘enthused’ Amanda..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000451117
A little sad and thoughtful as Billy tells Lee to ‘take care of Amanda’
Post 3– Amanda and Lee visit the Oddball
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000586252women’s auxiliary.. After, Lee is distracted.. Amanda asks if Lee has a date. Lee denies this saying he’s just preoccupied. Lee reminds Amanda of a new year’s eve party they attended together at the 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000634300soviet embassy,
Lee got drunk and went for a swim in the borscht, but… Lee also remembers Amanda looked ‘beautiful’ that night. Amanda smiles and thanks Lee for the compliment. Lee reminds Amanda of how they danced..
Post 4– continuing.. Lee reminds Amanda of the 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000643309fabulous dress’ she was wearing that night.. Amanda smiles..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000652318
Lee gets a bit of a description of the dress from Amanda.. remarks it was 3-03-over-the-limit-avi_000653687_th‘gorgeous’ and asks where Amanda bought it. But, she made it. Lee remarks ‘it’s one of a kind?’ disappointed, because he has a ‘friend’ he wants 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000667334to buy a present for.. and ‘she would look you know..grrr.. Great!’ in that dress..
02imagining his friend in Amanda’s dress doesn’t realise Amanda is not happy with this 03comment.
Amanda walks off and leaves Lee. Lee is left confused at what just happened.
Post 5– Amanda meets the guru and save the bay.. and heads to the rally.  We later learn Lee is off at this point buying a dress for his ‘friend’.  The bomb goes off and Secretary Rawlings is murdered at the rally.

Post 6-Lee is distressed about the bombing and searching for Amanda. Unsure if she is safe. He finds her standing at a distance. Runs to her, comforts her and they hug.
Lee doesn’t hold back here in showing his caring for her, nor does Amanda hold back in seeking comfort. There’s no hint of awkwardness.
They are interrupted by the policeman and Amanda takes note of Lee here –how? you can decide for yourselves Winking smile
The post ends with Elizabeth Sullivan being arrested, and Amanda’s not happy about it.
post 7– At IFF, no one is interested in helping Elizabeth Sullivan, or in hearing what Amanda saw at the rally. Amanda decides regardless, she will help Elizabeth and storms off.
post 8– Lee chases after her, to stop her – 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001117784Amanda says:
with the sleep you’ve been missing and a new girlfriend and all, I’m
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001120787surprised you noticed’
Amanda leaves Lee and
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001126793he calls after her:  ‘who says I have a new girlfriend?!
At the police station, Amanda tries to help Elizabeth and her family. Lee comes too and gets Elizabeth released on bail. He has helped out too and looks on the family with real affection (IMHO? anyone not see this?)

Amanda is still cool with Lee, though 3-03-over-the-limit-avi_001191891acknowledges what he has done for her and the Sullivans.. and he responds shyly.

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001225892Post 9– Lee and Amanda hear the Sullivan’s story.. and looks like Lee is ‘on board’ with helping this 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001490156family stay together too.
Post 10– Dotty’s package arrives! hoo haaa
Post 11– Amanda has her gun lesson with Leatherneck.. Lee gives Amanda
3-03-over-the-limit-avi_0016138471the bad news- Elizabeth Sullivan is back in jail because they’ve found more evidence implicating her.
Post 12– Lee and Amanda head to the rest home to chat with an old lady.. and figure out Transoceanic has the lady’s car. Lee challenges Amanda – is she up to trying to get into transoceanic?
Amanda responds she can still flirt- if she wants to.
She hands Lee the red rose she was holding and he smiles at her cheekiness.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001873187
He reaches out to take the red Rose from Amanda.
Post 13– Amanda gets into transoceanic.. in a
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002042709round about way. Lee approaches O’Keefe saying he and Amanda are blackmailing him and he is to call them and pay up. the leave. Together they head back to Lee’s to wait for his call.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002111778
They are both complimenting each other’s work and enjoying working together.  They find someone is in Lee’s apartment..
post 14– Lee’s new ‘friend’ is revealed for the first time.  3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002135802
Lee hides his gun from Leslie.
Leslie has surprised Lee with dinner.. and is making herself at home. Amanda is shocked when she sees Leslie.
Amanda meets Leslie for the first time.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002152862Leslie is portrayed as a professional woman, who is no Randy, Betsy, Debbie or Pamela. She is dressed modestly.
Lee does not look thrilled to have the two women in his life meet!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002224231Leslie reveals to Amanda that Lee has bought her a dress for a soviet 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002225589embassy party they are attending the next night.
Leslie is portrayed as a normal woman, looking for a real relationship, though they are dating long distance.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002272522

Post 15– Amanda is shocked that Leslie is 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002281695normal – this is not Lee’s type. She’s even a bit cranky and jealous at this discovery. She tells Lee a normal person would never understand him or what he does.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002290387Lee counters: …She has a top security clearance from the UN as a diplomatic translator……She’s been to Moscow for the start talks. …she can guess what I do.… that’s why it works out so….. perfect!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002302194Lee’s definition of ‘perfect’ has changed. And it is all a complete shock to Amanda. And she’s mad!!!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002307216Lee sends Amanda home.. and she’s really mad.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002326208Lee offers to replace Amanda with Francine for the op.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002349478
Oh boy.. This really really really makes Amanda mad!

Post 16– Lee returns to 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002365237the apartment for dinner with Leslie. Lee has a slip of the tongue- and calls Leslie ‘Amanda’. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002367008
Lee  sees Leslie in the dress…
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002370501
seeing the dress on Leslie was not as Grrrrr 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002372627Great as he thought it would be earlier.. Leslie tells Lee Amanda is very nice and he is lucky to 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002379045have her, Lee agrees: yes, Amanda is very special.

They go to kiss but are 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002464894interrupted by O’Keefe (Bless him) wanting to meet. Lee and Francine show up to meet O’Keefe, it’s a set up, and Amanda saves both their butts (and the corvette) from being blown up.
Post 17– Lee and Francine held at gunpoint are
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002610657again saved by Amanda.. and Lee is cranky with Amanda for not shooting O’Keefe.

Post 18– The next day, Lee and Amanda see the Sullivans.. wish them well.. and Lee invites 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002766433Amanda out for dinner tonight. ‘you know just the two of us.. err alone..
Amanda asks about Leslie.. because Lee was suppose to attend the Russian embassy party with Leslie in that dress that night.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002760427Lee brushes it off.. saying Leslie will be fine. There is no indication Lee has broken things off permanently with Leslie, only that he won’t be attending the party with her.

Lee is quite subdued, a little nervous in asking Amanda to dinner here.. Lee:…No I thought err maybe err you know a nice steak errr……a bottle of red wine..a baked potato on the side……no shop talk for a change?……you know we……errr we…don’t do enough of that…Do we.?’
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002772439Amanda smiles and agrees: Not by half.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_002775442And the episode ends there..
So there you have it!
Now.. on with Happy Camper’s notes…
[Which are not Happy Camper’s thoughts- rather Happy Camper has simply compiled different ideas mentioned on JWWM already!]
Starting point:  we know that Wizard is out of place in the airing order, because it includes the Q-bureau, which is introduced in Weasel, aired later. [iwsod adds-or Weasel is out of order] There is no Q bureau in OTL. Its absence doesn’t exactly prove anything, but it would be interesting to know how many other episodes don’t show the Q Bureau after it is introduced. Also, if Wizard comes before, then Weasel has to as well.

Points based on the storyline:
*The Cut Leslie Scene
In Wizard- there was a scene with Leslie in the script, but it was cut.  I think it doesn’t exactly read like an introduction. Why was the scene cut? Because they didn’t think it was a good introduction for Leslie, or because they had already introduced her and decided not to take that storyline any further? The deleted scene has her sneak into Lee’s apartment and surprise him, just like in OTL. That seems redundant, especially when she goes to lengths to explain that she got the doorman to let her in. Maybe when the scene was cut they reused the idea, which argues for Wizard first. It also seems a little odd to me, if Wizard came after OTL, that there was no attempt made to warn Leslie. On the other hand, the deleted scene addressed just that, so Wizard could have come after, and that plot point simply got forgotten when the scene was dropped. Maybe the powers that be decided that it detracted too much from Lee’s concern for Amanda to have to have him concerned for Leslie.

*Similar dialogue
There is a similarity in the words Lee uses to Amanda in OTL and Wizard:  Go home, I’m not going to fight about this. The difference is that in OTL he uses those words when he’s not thinking about Amanda’s well-being, while in Wizard that’s exactly what he’s thinking about. Perhaps this is an intentional contrast by the writers, but is it intended to highlight an improvement in Lee’s relationship with Amanda, or a deterioration?

*The Smell of Roses
Lee can’t stand the smell of roses (they make him sick) in Wizard, but Lee seems to have laid it to rest by the end of that episode. In OTL, Amanda gives him a rose and there is no mention that it makes him sick. [iwsod adds-and no adverse reaction from Lee to the rose]

Points based on Amanda’s character development:
*Amanda Jealousy/Black Books
Amanda’s reaction to Lee’s black books includes basically no jealousy. But her reaction to Leslie is very different. If Wizard came first, we can think that she hadn’t yet reached the point of being jealous, but maybe the events in Wizard gave her a new sense of her specialness to Lee which she felt was threatened by Leslie. If OTL came first, we might think that Amanda had her bout of jealousy but by the end he became closer to her than before, so that she was not threatened by the revelation of how many other “friends” he had. If Wizard came first, it might also explain some of Lee’s surprise at her jealousy about Leslie. However, if OTL came first, it might explain Lee’s eyes pleading for understanding when Amanda finds out about his 4 books.

Points based on Lee’s character development:
*In Wizard, Lee really has to come to grips with his “harmless” dating habits, although he sometimes seems to act as though he has regretted it for a while. I think we agree that his attempt at a serious relationship with Leslie springs from at least a subconscious rejection of his previous lifestyle, but if this happened after Wizard, it would likely be much more deliberate, a conscious choice to seek a more permanent kind of relationship. Or do we think that after the events in Wizard, Lee wouldn’t be so quick to get into another relationship? (although according to the script he’s already in it).  Either the events in Wizard make Lee uncomfortable enough with his dating habits to try something new (Leslie), or he has independently become dissatisfied with the kind of relationships he is used to. Is Leslie “perfect” because he’s just revisited his black books of all the women who could never really know him? But if he’s after a relationship where he can be himself, why not tell Leslie, especially if she can guess?  Wouldn’t he be sick of a cover?

Points based on the relationship:
What clues about episode order can we get from Lee and Amanda’s relationship?
There is Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s danger in both Wizard and OTL. Wizard doesn’t have the same hug and gladness at seeing she is alive.
-Also in Wizard, Amanda seems surprised that Lee cares.  She seems less surprised in OTL. But, we could argue that the circumstances are quite different (Amanda is still in danger in Wizard), and there are other things that could have caused Amanda’s surprised reaction.
-Lee’s “I need to talk”, and the way he confides in Amanda about Dorothy-  does it seem more likely after the re-establishment of communication between them in OTL, or before the interruption of it?
It may be difficult to see Amanda giving Lee that little peck on the cheek before the step he takes in OTL; it seems like something she would not do for fear he might misunderstand.  On the other hand, it could show she was beginning to entertain at least a momentary thought about a relationship, which would explain some her jealousy when she finds out Lee is looking to someone else.
Lee’s treatment of Amanda in OTL is definitely worse than his behaviour to her in Wizard. I’m not thinking about a romantic relationship here, just the way Lee’s character and his appreciation of Amanda grows. It might be difficult to believe his treatment of her takes such a nosedive. However, there are many signs of closeness in OTL as well, even though they have such a huge difference of opinion. The “eyespeak” in Wizard is a beautiful moment.  But an equally beautiful and caring moment can be found in OTL, when Lee secures Elizabeth’s release from jail because he knows Amanda is concerned, but he won’t come right out and admit it.  I think he is talking with his eyes there, too — Amanda is about to go out the door, but he looks at her and she comes over to him. 

-There is more appearance of trust, openness, and closeness between Lee and Amanda in Wizard than there is in most of OTL. Some people see this closeness as a sign that the rough patch of OTL is behind them, and they are closer than before. However, it is possible that this very closeness is what sent Lee looking for a different relationship, and caused some of Amanda’s anger and turmoil.

Iwsod: I’ll just add one more thing- Please stick to discussing the order of Wizard and OTL only. We’ll discuss the order of the first five episodes in Season 3 once we’ve walked through A Lovely Little Affair – coming up next! 🙂
Looking forward to interesting discussion!!!
Smile  byee!!!
[Thanks again Happy Camper for your help!]

Just walk with me… through the order of Season One episodes, Part 3.

Before moving too far into Season two.. time for a final look back at the order of season one episodes..

A list of the original airing order of Season one can be found here:
If you would like to look at my rationale for my re-ordering, the other two parts of this topic can be found here:
the first 9 episodes:

and then continuing on with episodes 10 to 13:

Moving on now to the order of episodes 14 to 21-which I think should be 22!

Lee in season one is very up and down with his attitude towards Amanda, and I think there is no way to completely fix that – BB has been quoted as saying they were still trying to figure out the Lee Stetson character in season one.. so it kind of makes sense..and add to the mix SMK’s love for continuity ( errr sometimes not!! Winking smile )  but I will give my interpretation of the episode order and have a go! 

Decide for yourself – this is only for fun and I would love to hear if you agree, disagree or are confused… I think this kind of thing is always easier if it is a collaboration.. as no one person can think of everything! ( least of all me!! Winking smile ) so let me know if you have anything to add:

After Lost and Found (13th) we have the Lee side part episodes- so we know these episodes are together Smile  Hold on to your hats, this gets a little complicated!! Confused smile

145I would place the Artful Dodger as 14th- I have already (at length!) discussed my reasons why I would put it before The Mole and Savior here:

In that post I write in much more detail that I 152believe Lee’s views on Amanda and men and treatment of her in the Artful Dodger works better if before The Mole-  Also, Amanda’s reaction to Lee’s condescending attitude and Amanda’s behaviour with men works better if before The Mole also.. but see the post for details..the post also 217compares Lee’s ‘apologies’ to Amanda at the end of both Dead Ringer, and The Artful Dodger.. Again, the Artful Dodger works better first IMO.. Lastly, the 99post also compares Lee’s jealousy levels in The Artful Dodger and The Mole.. again, The Artful Dodger IMO works better first..

I would prefer The Artful Dodger is not immediately after Lost and Found- but…I couldn’t put it before, and I couldn’t put it any later- Lee has his side part – so I choose to see this episode as the writer’s big ‘pull back’ episode in Lee and Amanda’s closeness- plus Lee is pretty awful to everyone in it Winking smile maybe he is licking his wounds from Eva!

I think The Mole must go before Savior as Blue 233Leader is introduced in that ep.. but the two episodes do go together. Blue Leader is again mentioned in Savior.. and after that- never again! The Mole and Savior 169also go together for me because of the underlying themes of friendship which are strong in both episodes.. it really works well together.. 

Plus Savior introduces Mrs Marsden and the 1.16 SAVIOR.wmv_00021067712whole password concept.. so that helps determine the order.. (Plus the ‘International FilmFed’ sign which we see randomly thereafter…)

Filming Raul has Mrs Marsden back.. but 11Amanda tries to get away without saying the password, so Filming Raul is after the Mole, Savior and Artful Dodger..

In Dead Ringer, Dotty is suspicious of Amanda 71going out to a party for an hour and is upset Amanda won’t tell her what she is up to.. she comes up with lots of theories.. one being an affair with Bud Marcher! 134But! In Savior, Dotty has already heard Amanda can’t talk about what she is up to.. and tells her it is fine she doesn’t  have to tell her – (as Amanda rushes off to deliver the bomb leaving Dotty with the groceries)
Dotty: ‘ Don’t ask. I know’ – so I think Savior comes after Dead Ringer..So I have:

Artful Dodger
Dead Ringer
The Mole

Next I would put Filming Raul. I wouldn’t put it any earlier.. Dotty still suspects Amanda of 136having an affair..(but doesn’t expect Amanda to tell her about it, she only warns herWinking smile ) and Amanda is beginning to get frustrated at how she is being held back from doing jobs at the agency because she is not a trained agent.

In her frustration at this, and then at Lee’s not seeing Amanda as ‘the type’ – we see a moment 182of craziness where Amanda is very provocative with Lee in the car.. she wonders.. hmm what if??… and they are both shaken by it and it is not mentioned again..

26Also, Fred Fielder’s last mention is in Filming Raul (Scotty mentions his car parking), and I probably wouldn’t place that too late in the season either..

Next, was Weekend.  I found weekend hard to place – as we don’t see Billy’s office at all and it is a very unusual away from normal kind of episode.. we don’t even see Lee’s porsche the whole episode!  I chose to put it here, mainly because of how it fits with the other episodes. 290Weekend deals with Amanda’s crush on Lee IMO (looking at the big picture) by the end of the episode, I feel she has dealt with her attraction to him, put her crush away and has decided nothing is ever going to happen like that with Lee.. (YMMV I know people see this episode differently to me.. )
After Weekend, I can’t see any evidence of Amanda’s full on ‘crush’ – ( sure she still has some feelings for him-don’t read this as me not thinking she likes him anymore – but for now I think she has relegated him to the ‘sadly only my friend and colleague’ role).

Next I would say is Waiting for Godorsky and then Fearless Dotty – Greyfool (thanks 90Grey!) mentioned on the forum Dotty’s disastrous lesson at the end of 130Waiting for Godorsky, and then  Dotty’s reference in Fearless Dotty of maybe taking a lesson again one day.. and it fits IMO! Because also, Amanda 114wears the white trousers outfit in Waiting for Godorsky which in Fearless Dotty gets 21ruined by her mugging and Amanda says they are ruined.. (ok she also says they are new, but not brand new.. so I figured one episode before is still new Winking smile – this is just IMHO! Smile ) Also, in both these episodes, Lee compliments Amanda’s work – firstly with the car door taking out the assassin, and then with the water hose taking out the baddie in the blue van (in Hazard County – 😆 and if you don’t get that joke.. go look it up Smile HAA!)

Waiting for Godorsky had Amanda’s last instance of fumbling passwords with Mrs Marsden – ( Mrs Marsden has been told to just let Amanda in in future) and Fearless Dotty credits the actress who plays Mrs Marsden as being in the episode, when she is not.. I am guessing here that after Waiting for Godorsky that scene was cut..

Lastly, in Season One we have Charity Begins at Home.. (this is also last in the production order – which while not 100% accurate can give S2E05_Charity.flv_002639160us clues) –The destruction of Lee’s porsche.. and other special touches I mentioned in the final post on that episode mean I think it was originally intended as the season closer.

For whatever reason, it was put off till some of the europe episodes had aired in season two. And a replacement, similar car was used for filming in Double Agent ( episode 3 in season 2)- why? maybe they didn’t want to open the season with it.. the overseas episodes would have been more exciting to publicise in the lead up to season two maybe. 

I suspect when Waiting for Godorsky became the 164new season ender they added the medal ceremony at the end.. it feels a bit added on to me.. a bit over the top.. but.. YMMV!

So my season one episode order is as follows:

The first Time
There goes the Neighbourhood
The ACM Kid
Magic Bus
If thoughts could Kill
Sudden Death
Always look a gift horse in the mouth
Service above and Beyond
Saved by the bells
The Long Christmas Eve
Remembrance of things past *
I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy*
Lost and Found
The Artful Dodger
Dead Ringer
The Mole
Filming Raul
Waiting for Godorsky
Fearless Dotty
Charity Begins at Home. 

I am sorry this post is probably hard to follow.. but often there is no one reason for why I put an episode in that position.. and it is about how they fit together. which equals – complicated! Confused smile

I think they moved around the order sometimes because there was a break in the airing schedule ( eg. weekend was shown after nearly a month’s break)- a strong episode to publicise coming back to see the show again!! The Mole was shown the day before valentine’s day..So, I think they fiddled a little with the order for reasons like that.. but again, it is just a theory I have! They did the same thing with A little sex, a little scandal(which is another one that is out of order because Amanda’s hair is short and then long again the next episode- LOL!) after a 3 week break in season 2 – they go for the heavy relationship episodes first episode back.. To Catch a mongoose would have been an exciting season 2 opener too don’t you think?!..

This post in itself is a bit of a summary of Season one! However, if anyone would like to put together a summary- I would be open to publishing it on my blog.. if you wanted to do a tally of injuries or who rescues who.. A summary of your ideas about the progression of the Lee and Amanda relationship.. etc…or if you have an idea that interests you –and you would like to have a go and have some fun with it and let me know Smile

I won’t be doing another post on Season one.. and am now moving on to Season two!!

If there is any reason you can think of why the order I have proposed is not possible.. please let me know- I would be happy to refine this order in collaboration with others! Love to hear your thoughts!!

*Edited to swap Remembrance of things past and I am not now…I couldn’t go past Cindy’s rationale here- that it didn’t help Lee’s cause in I am not now – for him to turn up at Amanda’s to convince her she knows him, only to have him say he has never been in her house before! (and that script was after all only a first draft! ) so I will go with it.. can’t see a reason not to! Thanks so much for your input Cindy! – See comments of this post for Cindy’s contribution 🙂

Any other thoughts about the order guys? Bye!

Just walk with me…. through the order of Season One episodes, Part Two

Hi Everyone! Now that I have finished looking at the first 13 episodes of Season One, I thought I could revist the idea of episode order. I find it a bit of fun to ponder.. So, just walk with me here 🙂

I found a surprise in the script of I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy:- when Lee comes to Amanda’s house to tell her who she is and who he is – Lee says to Amanda that this is the first time he has ever seen her house from the inside.. that usually he is looking in through the window..!! Of course this line is not in this episode.. and it was a first draft of the episode-  I think it is still a significant clue!!

I think this episode was suppose to come before Remembrance of things past – where Lee stays at her house.

Here’s my thinking ( Just IMHO!!) Long Christmas Eve, Rembrance of things past, Lost and found and I am not now – are definitely together.. before that KJ has her foot injury.. and Billy has his old office chair – in these episodes Billy has his new chair. Stay with me here!! ( don’t faint!!) After this – we have Dead Ringer, the mole, savior etc- Lee has his new side part hairstyle for these episodes.. so these 4 episodes are together..

But what order for these 4 episodes then? I can’t see any reason why the Long Christmas Eve doesn’t come first ( or in this case episode 10). Also, in the Long Christmas Eve we have Dotty and Amanda discussing Dean, and Amanda says she needs more time- then describes the thoughtful things Dean has bought the boys for christmas.

I think episode 11 works best as I am not now, nor have I ever been.. a spy – where Lee was scripted at one point to comment on seeing her house from inside for the first time. Lee asks Amanda if she is still seeing ‘that guy’ – and Amanda says yeah I guess so.. Also, Lee offers to buy Amanda a chili dog.. a small step..

Episode 12 I think is Remembrance of things past- which starts with Lee taking Amanda to Monks for a drink ( a step up from a chili dog). We don’t really have a mention of Dean, other than Amanda having some of his clothes around- no other real comment is made about him. Also, I don’t see Amanda making the comment about Lee’s lady friends boiling him him a Lamb chop after the whole trauma of Eva in Lost and Found.

Episode 13 I think is Lost and Found. I don’t think it comes earlier and Dotty’s conversation with Amanda advising Amanda to tell Dean how she feels? After Dotty has left the room, Amanda shakes her head and says – Dean… The tone of that to me was that she knew it wasn’t going to work with Dean.. it felt Final. Whereas other times she had spoken about Dean it hadn’t felt that way.. avoiding or minimising sure.. but she wasn’t shaking her head about him.. ( ie.subconsciously saying No to Dean!)

I discussed the order of the first 9 episodes at the end of my posts on Sudden Death- I will repost those thoughts into a new blog post so this discussion is easier to find (incase anyone is interested!)

To put it all together my order is:
The first Time
There goes the Neighbourhood
The ACM Kid
Magic Bus
If thoughts could Kill
Sudden Death
Always look a gift horse in the mouth
Service above and Beyond
Saved by the bells
The Long Christmas Eve
I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy
Remembrance of things past
Lost and Found

So these are my thoughts on the episode order up to episode 13.. If you have any thoughts about this feel free to share, disagree, question or whatever!

Of course, as I continue to go through the Lee side part episodes ( 😉 ) I’ll be looking to see any other clues for episode order and will post at a later date about it – if you see anything please let me know!!!  Thanks for reading and bye for now!