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5/5 Season Four: Episode Fourteen- Rumors of My Death–Scarecrow & Mrs King

The next scene opens with a view of a massive apartment block. Seems to be maybe the more budget end of town? 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001877344
{Lee walks down the hall as a pretty, sexy, provocatively dressed young lady in a yellow raincoat {and not much else} smiles at Lee. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001881848
Lee arrives at room 134 — the apartment Mrs. Spickens mentioned. He knocks on the door. After a beat, a blonde woman in pigtails, jeans and a partially unbuttoned cowboy shirt, opens the door.} 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001893560
Becky: Hi. I’m Becky Sue.
Hello, Becky Sue.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001895061
Hi. Come on in. {She pulls him in the apartment.}4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001899566
Lee: Well, Uh Becky Sue, I am not….
Come right over here and sit down.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001904671{She pushes Lee over to a red and white checked table cloth spread on the floor.} 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001907374
Honey, I’ve got chicken and mashed potatoes..– all kinds of things we can have fun with.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001910377
Lee: Phew
Becky: {continuing} D
oes my big fella like beer?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001915482
[Big Fella??!!! oh my, I forgot all about this scene! this is flippin hilarious!!]
Lee: Uh,
Becky, I hate to break this to you, but I’m not your big fella.
Becky: You’re not Steve from Nebraska?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001922689
No. I’m Lee from the government… {he flashes his badge} …the federal part.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001930196
[That image they used for this ID is hilariously informal and scruffy looking, it’s the image they had on his files in If Thoughts could kill grrr big fella! Sorry, I’m distracted again! ]
Oh hell!
{She springs up and crosses right to the door, opens it and yells down the hall.}
{She crosses back in the door. Lee is still sitting on the table cloth.}
Ramona?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001938004
Becky {continuing}:
Look, I just offered you a meal and a beer. There’s nothing wrong with that.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001939205
{Ramona enters the apartment} 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001950083
Becky: {to Ramona} He’s federal.
All right, if you’re going to arrest her, I wanna know the charges, I want to see your warrant and I want to see your badge number… 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001956389
…And I’m a member of the bar so don’t go handing me a bunch of garbage.
[A member of Randy’s bar?! this Ramona is intimidating! rofl. She’s quite the stereotype.. ]
Lee: Ramona, I’m just here looking for some information.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001958191
{lol watching on, Becky Sue digs into the fried chicken.}
haaa dinner and a show!
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001960894
Ramona: You missed the library by two blocks. [Haaaa good one!]
(Lee finally gets up off the floor)
Lee: I’m here on a federal investigation…
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001978611
…Now, I can have ten or twelve officers here every day for the next two years if you want –
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001981614
– poking around, asking questions –
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001983416
– or you two lovely ladies can just answer a couple of my questions and, uh I’m a memory.
(Ramona seems to relent, non verbally.)
[LOL she didn’t put up much of a fight haaa]
What kind of questions?
Lee: I’m looking for a lady who was here six years ago.
Ramona: Honey, there have been over a dozen ladies in and out of here over the last six years — could you be a little more specific?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_001994828
She was seeing a guy by the name of Luther Spickens.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002003837
Never heard of him.
{hands her picture}
Really? Well, this is what he looked like then.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002008641
(Ramona and Becky study it.) 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002011044
Lee: {continuing}: You recognize him?
I should have known…federal agent…you’re after that senator’s wife aren’t you? 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002016449 [Whooooo Alice is a senator’s wife?!]
I’m after the woman who last saw him alive.
Becky: He’s dead? Gross.
[Rofl at Ramona’s reaction to Becky! haaaa!!]
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002026359
Love how it’s gross but Becky continues to eat anyway.
Look, she was a real sweet kid. So she was hot and heavy with this Luther guy back then. She got out of this dump. She should get a medal.
Lee: What senator are we talking about?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002037170
The one from the Midwest… Babcock. Your friend here was her previous suitor.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002043176
[someone give Ramona a medal! Is it just me or are senators either wife cheaters, baddies, dead or being taken for a ride on smk? could they just once be a good person who survives with reputation intact? rofl.]
The scene ends here.

Next, we join Lee and Amanda driving along in the corvette. Guess that blast didn’t damage if after all. lol.
I was going to tell him, but he was so excited about his news I didn’t have the heart to tell him.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002056089
Well, you did the right thing.  [aie. Lee does run hot and cold on this!!]
Amanda: Yep 
[iwsod thinks.. nope!]
Lee: We’re gonna just have to keep it a secret a little bit longer.
{{CINDY:I do not understand this line of reasoning AT ALL}}
[Same! But then, I don’t understand any of this reasoning around the secret marriage at all!!!]
But, we’re going to tell him though?!!!4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002057891
Right…yeah, I mean, then he’ll be just as happy for you as you are for him.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002063897
Right!!4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002065699
[Sounds to me like they are each trying to convince themselves of what they are saying. How do you read this exchange? do tell!]
Lee and Amanda arrive at the Babcock estate. Nice place.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002069602
Have we seen it in any other episodes? I use to have time to actually explore this stuff.. but not these days!!! soooo if anyone else has time and is motivated to – please go for it and share your findings with us!

{The maid shows Lee and Amanda in. Alice rises to meet them as the maid exits.}
Amanda {to maid}:
Thank you. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002081014
Lee: Hello Mrs. Babcock?
Lee {showing his ID} :
We’re federal agents. We’d like to talk to you about Luther Spickens.
Alice: I’m sorry?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002084918
Lee: How about Ron Trask?
If you have questions, why don’t you ask him.?
He’s dead, Mrs. Babcock.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002089122
{Alice is stunned. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002095428
Her eyes glaze, as she slips into a faint. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002095729
Lee and Amanda move to catch her.}
[Wahahaha this looks so funny!! Sorry I couldn’t resist posting these pics!! ]
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002096930
Lee: WHOA!
(A little later, we find Alice sitting calmly.)
{She’s holding the notes Mrs. Spickens gave them.}
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002102936
Alice: I had just moved to Washington. Ron was helping me settle in. He had met Luther in a bar and hatched the whole plan.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002106239
So he wanted you to seduce Luther for some IDs? 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002114047{{CINDY: Nice brother- pimping out his sister}}
[What a creep!!! That’s ‘helping’ her ‘settle in’?!!!]
I’ll paraphrase a little Alice’s story. .. Luther’s marriage was ‘terrible’… Luther gave Trask and Alice the IDs and then Trask passed them on to Weathers to sell. Then Weathers paid them.

When I wouldn’t run away with him to France, Luther got demanding. Ron decided he was dangerous.
So he shot him?
Alice {nods}: After that, I wanted to run. But I was already in with uptown society. Alan and I were married that same year. Funny how things work out.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002155789
Babcock doesn’t send him to the library for his information haaaaa. Weathers is at the evil golf course resort thingy, referred to as a ‘convention centre’ -got it.
Alice gives them a tip that Weathers has a new ISP on the market. One Luther made, which he was delivering to Trask the night he shot him.
Alice: When Luther’s body was found, Ron somehow got the pass and gave it to Weathers to sell. {beat to Lee}
It’s yours.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002181915
I know. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002187921
The scene ends here.
[Alice Babcock is certainly being extra helpful and forthcoming. I guess she is trying to avoid being charged with anything at this point.. but she was involved previously in selling ISPs. I wonder if she gets off, and gets to keep her marriage and reputation? I honestly don’t remember…

lol I guess I have my answer for why Trask even went back to his sister to update her on the situation when she wasn’t even involved anymore haaaa… it was so she could later tell Lee and Amanda! haaa!!]

On to the evil convention centre!
{Amanda and Lee walk down a path away from the hotel toward the funicular. Amanda is talking into a walkie-talkie.}
We called Billy over a half hour ago. Where’s the back-up?
[Yes our assistant Billy is really slacking off!]
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002203536
Looks like Lee and Amanda can’t wait, even though their backup hasn’t arrived yet.. They start looking for Weathers.
Lee:  Look for a man over 60, balding with a white fringe of hair.
[rofl. that’s  so vague for on a golf course!! rofl!!!]

We cut to Brad Pitt Taggart and Weathers riding on a funicular for their exchange.
{handing him the briefcase} Fine…I’m on a tight schedule.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002222155
I see. I read the OPEC ministers have a meeting in Sao Paolo. They’re on a tight schedule too, aren’t they?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002225158[I don’t know why Brad Pitt Taggart doesn’t just knock off this nosey seller and keep the money for himself. rofl. Umm did I just say that out loud?! Plus, he’s kind of annoying haaaa.]
They exchange $$$$ and ISP. 
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002241374
Weathers: Congratulations…’Lee Stetson’. Use your opportunity wisely.
How will I know if they’ve invalidated this?
Weathers {smiling}: Oh, somebody will put a gun to your head and take you away.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002246613
[He looks too gleeful about this!]
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002249015
(Taggart is unimpressed.)
…So, don’t sit on it Taggart. If there is a suspicion, it will still take some time to pull the clearances. Wreak your havoc post haste.
{The funicular reaches the bottom.}
I intend to. And… I intend to cover all my tracks.
{Taggart  reaches into his pocket and pulls out a gun equipped with a silencer.}

[Ohh haaaaa I forgot he did this!! I’m not surprised, Weathers is too irritating! Keep the money while you are at it Taggart! haaaa…]
{Lee and Amanda arrive. They look down at the lower station and see Taggart shoot Weathers, then get in a funicular with his briefcase.}
Rofl. He really did keep the money for himself. haaaaa.
Lee and Amanda get on a funicular and head down, while Lee tells Amanda the plan.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002333400
Lee: You’ve got to get a hold of Billy on the radio. That guy gets by me, he’ll be gone. Take the car down and check Weathers out, Okay?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002334901
Amanda: Yeah.
{Their funicular descends. And descends. {{CINDY:CindyDee daydreams for a bit, does a load of laundry, finishes her taxes and checks back in}} Still descending}
[Such a wasted opportunity. This moment needed some making out between Lee and Amanda as they prepared to part ways! Was that what you were daydreaming about Cindy?]
Lee: Alright, wish me luck.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002337604
I hope you don’t mind.. I’m going to shorten this action scene..but if I don’t mention something and you wish to discuss please raise it! 🙂
Cindy I’ve really cut this sequence down, so sorry if I don’t include all your comments I’ve tried to! But thanks for transcribing descriptions for Operation Sandstorm!!!
(Lee jumps onto Taggart’s funicular. Taggart yells hey get your own funicular you cheater! [Okay I made that part up]
Then, they start fighting… There’s some shooting.. It looks like Lee’s a goner hanging over the edge and about to get squashed.. but nope Lee’s okay..)
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002400967or as Cindy put it: {Just before Lee becomes a sexy pancake, he realizes he can leap the scary 2 inches or so off the funicular and scramble up a fence.} {{CINDY:What a nailbiter.}}
[Lee the sexy pancake. Never thought I’d hear that!]
Lee continues his pursuit of Taggart.

Amanda reaches Weathers who is still alive and conscious and has some last words for Taggart. Not very interesting IMHO. Blah blah.
Billy and the backup arrives. A few car loads of male agents.. and Francine. [go Francine fly that female agents flag!]
Billy spreads out the agents to find Lee and Amanda, while
Francine tries to contact them on the walkie talkie.

Taggart pulls out his ISP and yells he’s a federal agent and seizes the security guard’s bike. LOL he didn’t even show the ISP. Whatev. the security guard is on the walkie talkie straight away to report it.

Amanda updates Lee on Weathers, says he didn’t make it,4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002505772 but he said the ISP is with a guy named Taggart. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002506973
Francine hears this too.

Billy puts out an APB for all security staff to detain anyone named Lee Stetson.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002525592
[Rofl. Really Billy?!]
Of course Lee straight away identifies himself to two security guards. and.. Gah. Lee’s pursuit is delayed while he deals with Billy’s order!
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002543910
[Honestly, it’s kinda painful to watch – Billy’s on the walkie talkie saying no he’s the real Lee Stetson let him go!
Umm like that means anything to these poor guys who were just trying to follow your knuckle brained order.]

{{CINDY:This is even more of a nail biter than the Lameo Jet SKi chase scene in Brunettes Are In….}}
[I haven’t checked but-was that Flight to Freedom?]
Taggart’s on a three wheeler. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002590457
So’s Lee.. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002594961
Amanda’s on a high speed golf cart and cuts off Taggart. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002607874
leading him straight into a wedding ceremony4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002611478
– Lee of course follows straight in there… a moment later..
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002618385
Taggart comes out covered in wedding flowers..
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002621688
Lee comes out covered in flowers, streamers and wedding cake. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002627994
Followed by the reverend, the bride, the groom & a guest. haaaaaa..
[Honestly, this one is totally played for laughs.. and doesn’t even try to be an actual legit action sequence haaaaaaa. Go SMK!!! haaaaa..
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002630997
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002632499
Kudos to BB for really going for it and letting go of his dignity here haaaa… all worth it for laughs!! More chasing on bikes..
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002634200
Lee trying to look all tough and determined with wedding cake on his face.. Not even a face full of wedding cake can dent his determination!!!!! Lee’s such a tough guy!!!!! haaaa..
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002639906
Oh Lee. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002641908
From this day forth, Lee Stetson could not smell carnations without blushing in embarrassment!]
Billy and Francine show up right in time to cut off Taggart and allow Lee to catch him. Lee picks up Taggart off the ground..
Lee: I believe you’ve got something that belongs to me!
Lee whips out his ISP from Taggart’s pocket.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002664531
[Lee! – someone has also stolen your dignity! haaaaaaa]4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002666232
Amanda shows up knocking over stuff. ha ha. hilarious.
Amanda’s golf cart brakes hard and smashes into some empty cardboard drums. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002671938
Billy (deadpan): Nice driving Amanda.
Amanda: Thank you sir.
{Amanda approaches Lee, noticing his condition.}
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002677043
Amanda: What a mess, heh4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002677744
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002678345
[Amanda is finding this too funny..
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002679145
hmm she might need to lose some dignity too! haaaa] 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002679946
{Lee removes some cake and frosting from his jacket, 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002681047
(he holds it up for a moment and Amanda doesn’t seem to notice.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002681448
Then, he shoves it in her face.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002681948
Lee rubs it in but good.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002682549
Taste that Amanda?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002684451
That’s fun that you are tastin!)4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002685251
Once Amanda opens her eyes and actually tastes it, she’s full of num num noises.. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002685752
And Lee is right there with her. Num num. Oh my the image above is too funny!!  4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002686553
They look at each other
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002687153
and laugh 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002687954Haaaa Haaaa.. num num. The scene ends there.

It’s tag time!!! Back to the Q bureau..  Amanda is at her desk thumbing her calendar. [Wait. what is that on her desk?!]
Lee enters the room..
Lee: Hi
Amanda: Hello!
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002696896
Lee: Ah, I just talked to Alice. She’s got a tough road ahead of her but she’s holding up. You know, I actually think she’s glad to have it out in the open.
[Sooo what does that mean? She facing any charges? I’m guessing they kept this vague on purpose! And why don’t we get to hear Mrs Spickens is going to be just fine, and that she got some cool pension so she can close up that ugly shop of hers –sorry if you liked it-]
Lee: We missed our blood tests.
Amanda: Yep, that sets us back another two weeks.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002708308
Lee: All right then. Two weeks from today…4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002711211
(Amanda smiles, nods and puts her agenda away. Lee stills as he notices the cake on her desk)
…Ah, Amanda, you having a birthday or something I don’t know about?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002716716
Amanda: No.
(super nicely!)
Lee: Oh, Well, then what is that?
Amanda: It’s a cake.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002721921
Lee: It’s a cake.
Amanda: It’s a cake.
Lee (chuckles a little nervous?): Heh, I can see it’s a cake…
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002726626
…Uh, what’s it for?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002728028
Amanda (smiling so sweetly): Oh, it’s a … 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002729229
it’s a sample wedding cake… 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002731131
(Amanda picks it up and stands, Lee sobers just a little more!)4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002733433
…Would you like a taste? (so sweet and innocent as she asks!)4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002735935
(Lee looks down at the cake, then back up at Amanda)4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002736636
Lee: Uhhhhhh nooooooo… 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002738138
…Uhhhhhh, I think I can wait two weeks.
Amanda: You sure?
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002741541
Lee (chuckles): Heh, yeah, I’m sure4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002742542
Amanda: Yeah, okay.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002744044
(Lee turns away a moment.. while Amanda continues to sweetly hold the cake up high in front of her smiling…) 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002745945
Lee (super cheeky serious!):You wouldn’t dare.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002746646
Amanda: No.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002748248
Lee turns back and… 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002748748
WHAM!! 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_002748948
The episode ends here with a freeze frame on this moment. Haaaa.. Num Num. take that Lee!!!!!
Never dare Amanda!!
I do love how Amanda plays this, she’s a great match for Lee!!!! I love these playful tags!!!
What do you think?

Next episode? 4.15 Bad Timing!!!
Before we start the walk through Bad Timing, LeesMolly has written a blog post about Lee’s apartment in Season 3 which I will be publishing next week. Go LeesMolly!!
Anyone else have an smk post they’ve written up and would like to share? feel free to reach out to me. 

After the Lee’s apartment in Season 3 post, it looks like the walk will need to have a pause 😦 I really, really want to get into Bad Timing!! Gahhhhh I guess the episode title is ironic huh.. but my hand issue is continuing to mend and I need to pace myself while I’m not back to full capacity. Work has to come before play – so there is going to be a delay in me getting the next episode done. Thanks for your understanding and I will get to it as soon as I am able.

Maybe this is a chance to take a look at some earlier episodes? 

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Anyone craving fried chicken? mashed potato? Wedding cake??!!!  


7/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Time to finish up this episode…
It’s Christmas eve, and we are reminded of all the kids and law abiding chaos happening elsewhere in Titan toys..
Then, we see Falcon approaching his office, gun drawn, ready to kill Lee and Amanda.

{We see Lee and Amanda inside, {{Clagjanet thinks they are trailing a black powder in a line in front of the table,}}SGABNB.avi_002441007
[I’m thinking it’s water being poured, but heck. I don’t know… Either way… ]- they scramble to stand back with the table in between them and door.
Falcon enters carefully as they watch.} SGABNB.avi_002448515
Falcon: Hands please. SGABNB.avi_002453620
[I’m guessing this is not KJ and BB. what do you think?!]
Lee: Well, I guess things are going your way. You deserve a round of applause, huh.
{Amanda nods. They lift their hands and begin clapping. Cut to the toy cat emerging, dragging a wire.
As it crosses the black powder, it explodes with much fire and smoke.SGABNB.avi_002466232 Under cover of the distraction, Lee and Amanda separate and run. Lee does a {{Clagjanet:completely unnecessary}} somersault, [Iwsod thinks it was completely necessary! whoo hoo!!] … then springs up to grab Falcon through the smoke. They wrestle, the gun fires. Lee grabs some of those loose wires from the toys and ties Falcon’s hands behind his back}
[not looking so smug now are ya Falcon! I love that his last line is ‘Owww’! Hey, so did we ever figure out what Lee needed the doll’s dress for?!]

(Next thing, we hear the quirky Christmas music kick in. Time for some less serious Lee and Amanda hijinks! Santa Lee and Amanda Claus bust in on the engineers.) SGABNB.avi_002502268
Lee: (sotto to Amanda) They’re loading all the data- SGABNB.avi_002507073
{He stops as she pulls his beard down so she can hear what he’s saying.}
I love lucy _ smks dedication
[I think it’s an I Love Lucy tribute!]SGABNB.avi_002510377
Lee: They’re loading all the data on the mainframe onto mag cores for the trip East.
Amanda: No prototon?
Lee: Prototype.
Amanda: (wincing) I knew that.
[what do you think of this gag peeps?]

Lee: It’s all electronic. You ready? SGABNB.avi_002518184
{Amanda nods.}
Amanda: Merry Christmas! SGABNB.avi_002522989
{All heads swivel to look at them.}
[Such an image this moment.. bet it was in all the advertising for this ep!]
Lee: Stay in your seats. Federal agents. We’re here to confiscate this materials.
Engineer #1: You two get around. SGABNB.avi_002526593
[Yeah bit weird, one minute they are Titan Security and the next they are Santa /Mrs Claus and federal agents. They sure do get around! this guy really is a genius haaa]
{Behind Lee and Amanda, Ingle has entered and is taking aim with his silenced handgun through the window to the computer room. At this angle, Lee and Amanda have their backs to Ingle, but the Engineer sees him. They react to his look and all three duck for cover as Ingle opens fire, shattering the window glass.

They are crouched behind cabinets. Inge fires again, narrowly missing Lee who fires back as Ingle runs.} SGABNB.avi_002539506
[Santa is packin heat!! I guess that’s Falcon’s gun… it is pretty hilarious to see Santa in a shootout. Only in SMK! ]
Lee: Alright, I’m going to go get him. Call Billy for backup.
Amanda: Yeah.
{She races for phone as Lee runs off.}

(Back to the nativity scene event.. Ingle Kringle bursts in and runs across the room hiding behind the nativity stable.
Santa Lee enters gun drawn and is swamped by kiddies. LOL guess he put the gun away for a bit.. SGABNB.avi_002569235But Ingle Kringle aims at Lee through the stable wall) [with all those people around and in the way? yeah right as if.]  SGABNB.avi_002576142
Lee: (off screen) Ingle! Make it a clean shot. Please, don’t fire into these kids, huh?
[Make it a clean shot??? lol. I mean go martyr Lee with all the not wanting the kids to get hurt but.. I think watching Santa get gunned down is going to be pretty traumatic for the kiddies!] SGABNB.avi_002584851
{As Ingle watches Lee being propelled forward by the kids, a tiny “Mary” walks in front of Ingle and smiles at him. Ingle grimaces and lowers his gun.
SGABNB.avi_002590256[That Mary is a super cutie! Not even Ingle Kringle can resist!]
{Cut to backstage where we see Lee step around a corner, holding a gun on Ingle.}
Lee: Drop it Ingle. (more firmly) Drop it.
{As Ingle drops gun, we hear a woman off screen.}SGABNB.avi_002606172
Woman: Children please. Please take your seat and be quiet.{Lee gestures for Ingle to walk forward, then pushes him ahead of him, still with gun on him off stage.}
Lee: Ho ho ho Merry Christmas, children…do you still believe in Santa Claus?
Kids’ voices: Yeah! SGABNB.avi_002620587
Lee: Tonight… so do I. Let’s go. Raus!
[Ingle Kringle looks so defeated. It’s fabulous. haaaaaa..
Okay I can see Lee knows Ingle Kringle’s name because Falcon said it in front of them before. But… there was no mention of his nationality until he shut the door and mentioned Dresden. Soooo how does Lee know he’s German?!

How did Lee get back his Christmas spirit? He nabbed a bad guy and played the role of BadAss gun toting Santa!!!!!! Oh rofl. So Lee! So SMK! This whole sequence of gun toting Santa made for many a fun SMK Christmas meme!]

Moving on, and… it’s Christmas tag time!!!
{Cut to front doorstep of Amanda’s house. It is snowing and Amanda is carrying an umbrella s they run up to the door.}
: Amanda, I really ought to go see Bernie at the hospital.SGABNB.avi_002638104
Amanda: Are you kidding? It’s freezing out here. Get in the house.

Lee: I can’t.
Amanda: What do you mean you can’t? Yes you can.
Lee: (clearly uncomfortable) Look, after five minutes, they’re all gonna be wondering what I’m doing here.
[Oh my gosh. Lee is so adorable and vulnerable here. I just want to hug him and never let him go!!! his nervous laugh here is so spot on. He’s kinda terrified I think!  Thoughts?]
Amanda: (laughing) They’re not gonna be wondering what you’re doing here! SGABNB.avi_002650550
{Before another protest, Dotty opens the door, wearing an embroidered apron.} SGABNB.avi_002652652
Dotty: Well, it’s about time…
Amanda: Mother, I’m sorry we’re late
Dotty: Oh come on. Come on in.
[Everyone’s talking at the same time.. chaos! too late to escape now Lee!!]
{She pulls them inside.}
Lee: Hi, Mrs. West.
[Mrs West. Hmm do you think this choice of name was a Wizard of Oz reference?]
{Excited chattering, all talking over each other}
Amanda: I have to … (she is closing umbrella)
Dotty: Can you believe this snowstorm? Merry Christmas, Lee.
[yes Dotty. it’s TV, it’s Christmas and there must be snow!]
{Cut to inside the house. Amanda and her mother exchange kisses.} SGABNB.avi_002662162
[Where is Lee’s gorgeous overcoat?! booooo.. and.. he looks in desperate need of a scarf! rofl. I wonder if someone will give him one for Christmas! Haaaaaa!!]
Dotty: Merry Christmas Sweetheart!

Amanda: Merry Christmas! Thanks you Mother. That’s a pretty apron! SGABNB.avi_002665465
Dotty: Aunt Lillian made it, all hand-embroidered. Can you imagine? That’s why she didn’t come down. SGABNB.avi_002667167
Amanda: Really?
[Dotty the tornado, hey we are sticking with the Wizard of Oz references, makes her way into the other room in a flurry of words and activity]
Dotty: Because she was afraid she wouldn’t get it ready for Christmas!!!!
… Lillian, they’re here!!!!! Amanda’s boyfriend is here!!!!!SGABNB.avi_002674174

Amanda: (turns to Lee, quietly). I’m sorry about that.SGABNB.avi_002675175
Lee: (chuckles) Yeah.SGABNB.avi_002676476
[They both look a little shell-shocked. Wha??? why are you sorry for that Amanda?! the yelling? the ‘boyfriend’ thing? Is this maybe because they are not use to their relationship being known by others? I think after Lee giving Dotty flowers the secret is out. tee hee.
I think Lillian lied. rofl. she already had the apron ready to give as a gift, but Dotty was a pain so Lillian needed an excuse to lock herself away! haaaa]SGABNB.avi_002677677

[awh cute, they are holding hands..]
{Cut to Family Room. Dotty heads for the kitchen, Joe is there pouring eggnog.}

Amanda: Hi everybody! Merry Christmas.
Boys: Merry Christmas!
{Boys rush to hug her.}SGABNB.avi_002680480
{Jamie shakes Lee’s hand. While Joe watches on.}SGABNB.avi_002681681
Jamie: Hi Mr. Stetson. Glad you could be here. You should see the gnarly skateboard my grandma got me. SGABNB.avi_002684984
[BB does an amazing job here conveying Lee’s fish out of water feelings, while trying to appear friendly and warm!]
Phillip: Hey Mom, Mom! I made this for you.
{We see a huge wooden shelving unit behind Amanda with a giant festive bow on it.} SGABNB.avi_002687287
[Lee’s jaw gives away his current terror he is feeling at this whoa family thing is finally in the middle of!] SGABNB.avi_002689289
Amanda: Weelll Sweetheart… it’s so… (beat) big.
Phillip: Well, I built the whole thing by myself. Well almost… Dad helped me fix the legs. It kept on falling over. SGABNB.avi_002696496
[so, it’s a mmmm.. a shelving unit for paperwork? a shoe rack maybe?? umm??? whatever it is, it needs to be attached to the wall so it doesn’t topple over!]
Amanda: Awww.
{Joe brings cups of eggnog for Lee and Amanda.}
Joe: Hi Sweetheart. SGABNB.avi_002699799
[Haaaa Clagjanet, I notice your description leaves out how Joe gives Amanda a kiss on the lips here. ugh. quick let’s move on.. someone give me some eggnog!!!]
Amanda: Hi. Merry Christmas.
Joe: (sotto to Amanda) It’s a spice rack… SGABNB.avi_002702302
(Amanda makes a gesture: Ohhhh!!! Like she had no idea. Joe shakes Lee’s hand, and then hands him a drink.)
…Merry Christmas, Lee.
[I guess this is a – you are welcome here dude! even though it’s not Joe’s home, I guess it is welcoming Lee to join his family Christmas celebration. lol I really don’t know what to do this all this tee hee. I keep wondering if Joe spat in the drink. haaa.
But.. then I accept they are actually going for all-round happy vibes, and the look on Amanda’s face here as Lee is welcomed is really lovely! soooo Iwsod is going to try and go with it!
Bah Humbug. Haaaa]
Lee: Thanks Joe. You too.
Joe: Thank you SGABNB.avi_002705805
: Oh Mom, it can hold 213 spices.
Amanda: Well then, we’ll never run out of room for spices! {Lee is distracted by Jamie over by the tree, who we approaching with a present.}
Jamie: Here you go, Mr. Stetson. It’s a scarf. SGABNB.avi_002713213
{Lee’s jaw drops. Amanda is grinning in the background.}
[Oh my gosh! I had forgotten that Jamie gives him a scarf! well Jamie, he was actually needing one! great work haaaa. I love how he doesn’t even let Lee open it before he spills!]
Dotty: No, no, no, Sweetheart we’re not gonna open presents yet. Honey, I kept it warm, I make no promises. (She hands Amanda two heaping plates of food.)SGABNB.avi_002716516 {As she chatters, Jamie takes the present back out of Lee’s hands and puts it back under the tree. SGABNB.avi_002716816
Lee still looks like he doesn’t know what happened.}
[I love how Lee has a little chuckle to himself at what just happened! A scarf!! haaaa!!!
Oh my gosh! this is such a tiny little moment but it really cracks me up!!!!! BB is so funny here!!]
Amanda: Thank you. Oh it looks delicious! Here Lee.
Joe: Jamie! Let’s get some wood for the fire.
Dotty: Now you just sit here and eat. I’m gonna go get Lillian.
Amanda: All right.
{Lee crosses to join Amanda on the sofa, plates of food in front of them on the coffee table. They are alone now.} SGABNB.avi_002727027
[I guess they are late and the others have already eaten and that’s why they are eating on the couch like that?]
Lee: Oh well, look at this.

Amanda: Yeah
[Cue the Christmas-y music, and sentimental chimes!!!!] SGABNB.avi_002731431
Lee: I see what you mean…Christmases here in the King house are pretty special. SGABNB.avi_002736236
[gah!!! it’s dimples time! Merry Christmas everyone!!]
Amanda: (leans in to wrap an arm around him, laughing) Your present’s in the Q Bureau.
Lee: Oh, well… Mine for you is , well, it’s at the apartment… SGABNB.avi_002742542
[hooo haaaa. is that a euphemism?! haaaa. Family show Iwsod! family show!!] SGABNB.avi_002743343
….(beat) But guess what?
Amanda: What?
Lee: (embracing her) I got my present already.SGABNB.avi_002748782
[And he unwrapped it already! Oh bad Iwsod bad bad. Family show!!! FAMILY SHOW!!!!! ]
Amanda: Merry Christmas. SGABNB.avi_002750417
Lee: Yeah. SGABNB.avi_002751184{They kiss and smile at each other.}

1_affection1_affection[13]1_affection1_affection[25]1_affection 1_affection[50]1_affection1_affection[60]1_affection1_affection[71]1_affection1_affection[84]1_affection1_affection[45]1_affection
The episode ends here.. I’m gonna leave things on this super romantic feel good note. swoon emoticon

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this ep when you can get here and share- I know holidays are a busy time… No hurry though, as I’ll be taking a break for at least a month. 

I’ll aim to start walking through Promises to Keep at the start of February, but I’ll confirm closer to the date how I go.. maybe a March start! but I’ll try not to leave it for too long – now there is a promise to keep right?!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year all!!!

6/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Christmas Eve, and on to the King home..  SGABNB.avi_002027994
: (passing Phillip a present) Here. This is from Aunt Lillian. What do you think?
Phillip: Red sweater, just like last year.
{Dotty enters in background, dressed up and carrying a coat.}
Jamie: Well, if she left the price tag on it again, maybe we can exchange it.
Phillip: Sounds good to me.
{Joe enters, wearing a nice suit.}
Joe: I heard that, guys. Now you leave those alone. We’re gonna open presents right after church. (points at Jamie’s feet) Those shoes could use a little polish… SGABNB.avi_002037604
[hmmm I could skip the whole Joe King being the responsible father thing. Bah Humbug. He makes me grouchy. haaaaa.. lol. and if he is wearing a wedding ring, where is his partner?]
Jamie: Uh, it’s up in our room and Aunt Lillian’s got the door locked. SGABNB.avi_002040607
Phillip: Her headache’s back. SGABNB.avi_002043610
Dotty: I think we ought to leave her here. I mean I don’t need her snoring next to me in the pew.
: I’ll see if she wants to go. (to boys) Now you boys hurry up and get ready.

Jamie and Phillip: (muttering as they go to leave room): Let’s go, come on, come on…
{The boys exit as the phone rings. Joe goes to answer it. We hear him in background as Dotty chatters.} SGABNB.avi_002055622
Dotty: Okay… The goose is in the oven and it’ll be ready when we get back from church. Which, by the way, will be in forty- five minutes.
Joe: (into phone) Of course, Sweetheart…
[Sweetheart? He is talking to his partner right???!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!]
Well, the boys will be disappointed. Well do you think there’s any chance you could catch up with us at the church? SGABNB.avi_002060460
Dotty: (rolling her eyes) Oh don’t tell me. She’s going to be late again?
Joe: No, don’t worry. I understand. We’ll see you back here for presents . . . Okay, bye-bye.
{Joe hangs the phone up and turns to Dotty, who’s fuming.}
Dotty: Ahhh, just once, I would like to have my daughter home on time on Christmas Eve and my sister’s hands off the goose. SGABNB.avi_002077877
{Joe laughs as they leave room.}
[I bet some of us don’t mind the whole Joe calling Amanda sweetheart and all that. Yeah it’s better than the old cliché fighting with the ex thing.. Super healthy and all..
but.. I just like to have fun with how much I don’t like it lol!
I think back to the supposed original idea for this show, that Amanda would be married and living a secret life as a spy and all – with American Dream the movie being the inspiration – but then they went and gave Amanda a boyfriend instead and well.. Lee and Amanda were the true OTP sooooo boyfriend had to go!
Having a friendly ex-husband is a convenient compromise I guess  – it means there’s that person at home parenting, not dumping on Dotty, and freeing up Amanda to save the country. Leaves Lee and Amanda free to fall in love too Smile all while her domestic life can chug along in the background of all the espionage! Soooooo I guess I can’t really complain he is there. But! ‘Sweetheart’ is crossing a line for me!!!

Anyway, that’s about as much as I wish to focus on Mr Joking!]

(On to Titan Toys again.. Lee and Amanda break in… And inside we find the three wise geniuses from the bar being badgered by Falcon… SGABNB.avi_002136736
Falcon: I strongly suggest we step up the pace, gentlemen. We don’t want to be here all night.
Engineer #1: We could do this on Monday.
Falcon: (off screen) We have an investor who wants the latest. So just get the data on tape and we can all go home.
(Lee and Amanda sneak around and see what’s going on..) SGABNB.avi_002145145
Engineer #1: We’ve got an hour to dump all the databases…Continued Receiver imagery, laser tracking…fiber optics, control monitoring... there’s a lot of systems in that toy…
Falcon: yeah, just do it.
[So these engineers believe they are actually working on toys?!] SGABNB.avi_002157457
Lee: (whispering) Let’s see if there’s another way in.SGABNB.avi_002160460
[Why do they need another way in? They’re in?!]
{They turn to leave and find Ingle (Kringle) standing with a gun trained on them.}
Ingle: Most people use the front. SGABNB.avi_002165865
[Most people are boring. And hey – Santa doesn’t use the front door either!!!!] 

(Elsewhere in Titan Toys, there’s a Christmas children’s nativity event happening..Lots of activity… and children. Lots of children… did I mention there are lots of children?!  SGABNB.avi_002175175Falcon is seen in his office giving a little girl a lollipop. Gag. SGABNB.avi_002180280
The guests leave and join the others.. and Falcon sends Santa and two lady helpers out to be part of the show. SGABNB.avi_002189289
Falcon: Come on guys. You got a couple hundred kids out there going bonkers. Let’s roll, huh?
(Ingle Kringle leads Lee and Amanda into Falcon’s office at gunpoint.
Lee and Amanda try to bluff their way out of it but Falcon isn’t buying it.)
Amanda: Our dispatcher knows we’re here. We already filed a preliminary.
Falcon: I don’t think so. You would’ve shut me down long before I got close to delivery… SGABNB.avi_002206406
..Inside please.

[rofl. I guess politeness costs nothing! And hey, it’s christmas eve! ha!]
{As Lee and Amanda walk into the room, Ingle walks up to Falcon.}

Ingle: American agents inside your operation and we haven’t even received the pilot project. SGABNB.avi_002223223
Falcon: (starting to pull the door closed, closing Lee and Amanda inside) Which is why I insisted on an escrow account, Ingle. The data dump’s gonna be completed by 9. If for any reason we fail to deliver… SGABNB.avi_002228928
[Yeah! let’s just outline the arrangements in front of federal agents. I guess that gesture and the unfinished sentence is the ‘…they need to die’ part]
{Falcon locks door.}
Ingle: True. It is your problem. I’ve got the midnight flight with or without the designs. It’ll be Christmas in Dresden in an hour. They ring the bells, play the Christmas pageant in the church (He chuckles) Oddly enough, they still celebrate Christmas in the GDR. SGABNB.avi_002242442
[soooo what do you all make of this little moment? Seriously weird Ingle Kringle!]
Falcon: Wait for me in the computer room
Ingle: I’ll kill them now.
(Ingle Kringle turns to head back to Lee and Amanda, but Falcon stops him.)
Falcon: Absolutely not. If there’s a chance that these two have backup, we can’t leave the bodies here… And, there’s a couple of hundred children crawling the halls. You want to carry them past the kids like a couple of yule logs? (beat)SGABNB.avi_002273673 …I’ll take care of this…first, I’ve got about twenty rent-a-cops that I gotta move away from the back of the plant before I can get them out that way. Go.

{Cut to the office where Lee and Amanda are imprisoned. Lee is fiddling with the lock while Amanda leans on it, arms crossed.SGABNB.avi_002284484 Lee looks up with a grunt of frustration. Amanda shakes her head and he sighs, shaking his back. They both sigh and lean on the door.} SGABNB.avi_002289889
Lee: (angry) Just another Christmas Eve trapped in a nest of killers. SGABNB.avi_002292292(beat) This is getting to be our own little holiday tradition. SGABNB.avi_002294994
[whoooo a vague reference to an actual previous event! Merry Christmas fans!!]
Amanda: Look we’re in another jam, but we can’t stew about it. We gotta figure a way out.
: Yeah.

{They both turn and begin running their hands around the door frame looking for weak spots.}
Lee: Well, we’d need a satchel charge to blow these hinges… I suppose you’re gonna say we can count on a miracle or two.
Amanda: Well, it’s the season for them.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Three years ago, we were surrounded by a bunch of Russians. We got out of that.
[whoooo a very specific reference to an actual previous event! Very Merry Christmas fans!!]
{Lee climbs up on a chair and steps on the large table in the middle of the room to check the ceiling.} SGABNB.avi_002319919
[Bet you never guessed you would get the chance to see up Lee’s left nostril. haaaaaaa..]
Amanda: There’s gotta be a way we can get out of this.
Lee: (pushing up on ceiling tiles) Well, we’ll never get out through the ceiling There’s six inches of overhead.
Amanda: Okay, well, come down. SGABNB.avi_002329829
{She steadies him as he steps back down onto chair and then to floor.}
Lee: We don’t have a heck of a lot to work with, Amanda.
Amanda: Uh-uh. (she picks up a toy train)
{{Clagjanet:which is waaay nicer than the one Lee wanted to get for P&J!}} SGABNB.avi_002337937
Lee: (chuckles and starts picking up toys) Walter the Singing Frog. SGABNB.avi_002340640
..Baby Teardrops…
[How does Lee know Baby teardrops? is there a cut scene? anyone read the script?] SGABNB.avi_002343943
Ah. And the good old trusty Tombstone Fanner…SGABNB.avi_002351151
…It’s all I ever needed when I was eight.
{Lee pulls the trigger and sets off a cap. Amanda jumps and gives a little yelp. Cut to the robot cat toy from Bernie’s emerging from under the table. They both laugh with relief. SGABNB.avi_002358058
Lee leans down and picks up cat. Suddenly we see his expression change as he stares at cat then at the gun. Amanda can tell he’s thought of something. He puts down the cat and starts pulling the gun apart.}
[It’s Macgyver time!!]
Lee: Amanda…
Amanda: Yeah?
{Lee pulls the roll of caps out of the gun.}
Lee: Check the shelves. See if you can find some more caps and batteries. These things must come with batteries.
{Amanda starts looking at a shelf covered in Harry the Things while Lee searches another shelf nearby. He pulls down a toy police car as Amanda finds a stockpile of batteries.}SGABNB.avi_002396563
Amanda: Okay, I got some batteries. They’re double-‘A”s… they’re only a volt and a half.
{Lee is looking over one of the Walter’s, opening the base. He yanks out a four battery holder trailing wire.}
Lee: That’s fine, that’s fine…we’ll wire them together in a series
Amanda: Yeah.
{Amanda is pulling all the batteries and boxes of caps from the shelf. She joins him at the table.}
Amanda: Here’s a whole bunch of caps and a whole bunch of batteries.
Lee: (picking up doll) How do you make her cry? SGABNB.avi_002402569
Amanda: Oh, well you just, uh…
{She places the baby in her arms and starts rocking it back and forth.}
Amanda: (crooning) Rock the baby, rock the baby.SGABNB.avi_002404671
Lee: (sighs, exasperated) Amanda? Amanda. SGABNB.avi_002407374
{Amanda snaps out of it and grabs the baby and presses its stomach with her thumbs.} SGABNB.avi_002413380
Amanda: You squeeze her stomach. You squeeze her stomach, just like this
[rofl. I guess they couldn’t have them rip her head off and find the bladder inside the toy in a christmas episode.. the kiddies would have been traumatised!]
Lee: Yeah
Amanda: Look tears, See (Keeps squeezing)SGABNB.avi_002417884
[I do love deadpan Amanda.
All the preparing to do something stuff has quite the build up. You know I actually do not remember what they end up doing!]

Lee: Okay. Let’s find something to contain the water.
: Uh-huh.

{Lee goes to shelf and plucks off another couple of remote controlled cars.}
Lee: Oh, and give me her dress. SGABNB.avi_002424190
{Amanda looks surprised.SGABNB.avi_002425392
Lee gives her a “well, go on” look and shrug.}SGABNB.avi_002427193
[LOL I think they could have had Amanda mishear what he said. Because when I first heard it I thought he was saying – give me your dress. A Freudian slip if ever there was one haaa.. but it would have been pretty funny if Amanda thought he was after her clothes, and not the dolls!]

It’s wonderful to see Lee and Amanda working together and sharing a few moments! Thoughts anyone? Happy New Year all!!!