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4/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back for more? I’m ready to find out what the heck Billy got up to over his lost weekend!
Back at IFF the next day..
Time to up the stakes!
Lee : Claudia he is starting to remember. Billy is getting close.
Dr Joyce : Yeah, close to the edge. Boy what a witch’s brew. Thiapentol, alcohol, methaqualine. Boy they really did a number on him. 4.07BLW.avi_001245311
Lee : Did they break him? [how could she even determine that.. you can’t be certain unless he snaps.]
Dr Joyce : Well they used a big enough hammer but, I don’t know. I got a better question for you.
Lee : What?
Dr Joyce : Is he stable?
Lee : Uh… (Lee looks down at his shoes)
4.07BLW.avi_001261327[Define stable. Doc, you’re talking to a man who tried to kill Billy because a duck told him to. Haaa]
Dr Joyce : Yeah, I got to pull his badge.
Amanda : Retire him? [ lol Terminate him?!]
Dr Joyce : That’s what I did with 12 of the last 15 men who had Thornton’s repression.
[Hmm maybe they need to rethink that technique?! And lol women seem to be much better at utilising Thornton’s repression?]
Amanda : One lost weekend and you’re going to destroy his whole career?
[Yeah hardly seems fair, should take at least two weekends lost.. third lost weekend and your out? ]
Dr Joyce : Max Bateman couldn’t remember 15 minutes of his life.
Lee : Claudia, we don’t know what made Bateman snap.
[‘Atta Boy Lee! Details are important! Success comes one step at a time!’ Haaaaaaa.. hey does anyone else ever wonder if they managed to reverse Lee’s brainwashing?! I guess it’s never a good sign I’m into an episode when I keep being more interested in previous smk episodes. ]
Dr Joyce : But we know he killed 7 men he was on stake-out with. [Maybe they consumed too much bean dip in a confined space? that would explain it! ]
Lee : Look, don’t pull him, huh? We’re getting close to something. I can see it in his eyes.
Dr Joyce : Do you want another Max Bateman out there?
Lee : We will stay with him every step of the way.
Dr Joyce : Stetson, you know you can’t have friends in this business.
[I’m thinking you can’t stay in it without them. At least not for long.. especially if you’ve been taught Thornton’s repression!]
Lee : He’s more than just a friend. You know that as well as I do. 4.07BLW.avi_001297364[this is starting to sound like a broken record. we know how this plays out, we’ve seen it so many times.. same plot, different episode.. At least they tried to throw in a little something new with Billy’s being led on a path by evil dimples.. And.. Oh well.. I guess at least this is another excuse to see loyal and determined Lee stand by his friends! ]
Dr Joyce : And I know I got a job to do.
(the doctor walks off.. )
Lee: Five years ago she made the decision to keep Bateman in the field…
…We better find Billy.
The scene ends here.
[Are you feeling the suspense here guys?
I have no idea what happens next, but there’s really no suspense. not really. Not for me. Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but I think I’m a bit over the whole: The agency drops you like a hot potato when you are in need of help, sees you as disposable, and whoooaaaa hang on – maybe the good guy really is actually dangerous after all?.. yawn. Let’s get back to Lee and Amanda’s indoor tennis. Ugh. I’m terrible! ]

We cut to a wall of TVs showing different women fitting the mystery woman’s description. Billy’s looking at them, accompanied by Francine. Lee joins them.
Francine : He’s been at it all night. He needs sleep.
Billy : I need to ID that girl I saw outside of Randy’s.
(Billy demands to see a seventh year’s worth of photos.. Francine goes to get it.)
Lee : Amanda’s pulling another generation of your case files. Is there anything else you want us to do?
Billy : Stay with the files. The girl was at the Embassy with me. We ran, just like you and I did the other night. Now she’s out there somewhere scared and I’ve got–
(Billy notices something in an image..) [LOL Billy does an Ernie impression. remember him? I wonder if Billy will reward himself with cartoons!]
Lee : What is it?
Billy : It’s that same dress. She wore that dress at the party.
Francine : Coroner’s office has this woman listed as Jane Doe number 421.
Billy : Well, it’s not the same woman as I saw yesterday but the resemblance is pretty damn coincidental.
Francine : It sure is. This Jane Doe was found dead Friday night.
4.07BLW.avi_001372238[Is it just me or is this dull as dull can be?]

(Cue the angsty, confused musings over the photo back in Billy’s office. 4.07BLW.avi_001381448
Billy’s buzzer rings and he answers.)

Billy : Melrose. [hey! at least he remembers his own name right? that’s winning?!]
Voice : I must talk to you.
(The voice tells Billy to go somewhere, we don’t hear where, and be there in ten minutes.)

[How would anyone have known what number to call to reach Billy? me confused. I really shouldn’t think this much! Hmm I wonder if I could learn to use some Thornton’s repression?!]

(Billy grabs his gun and leaves, exiting the bullpen Lee catches up to him.)
Lee : Billy! Billy, I’m going with you.
Billy : Tapping my phones now?  [Yep!]
[There’s a lot of walking and talking going on in this episode. lots of talking.. I guess the activity is to give the impression that stuff is going on – but lol there’s a lot of conversation!]
Lee : Don’t you know what is going on? Dr Joyce has you on an open surveillance package. You’re about one heartbeat away from early retirement.
Billy : So why waste my time? You heard the woman on the phone – she wants to meet me alone.
Lee : We did a background on the body of the woman in the park. No ID’s, no labels on the clothing, no witnesses! She was erased by a pro. 4.07BLW.avi_001425291
Billy : So now they’re playing with me.
Lee : What?
(Together they make their way to the elevator)
Billy : What else can I do? They’re my only window. They’re holding all the cards. [and mixing metaphors is never a good sign haaa] 
Lee :
That doesn’t mean you have to play by their rules, does it?
Billy : Why can’t we get a decent elevator around here?.. [lol]
(finally the elevator arrives)
…Look, I know that Dr Joyce is getting ready to pull me in. I also know that you can prevent me from getting on this elevator. 4.07BLW.avi_001449449
Lee : I want to help you through this. 4.07BLW.avi_001451251
Billy :
The door wouldn’t be open if I didn’t already know that.
[LOL I thought it was a window that was open haaaa aie!] 
(They share a bit of a chuckle and get into the coat elevator together. the scene ends)
[Huh?? then what are you two arguing about?! Aie.. seems to me like conflict that wasn’t really a conflict.]

(Out in a park, Billy wanders around.. Lanni sees him and gestures for him to join her. Lee follows Billy -sticking to Billy like a ten week tan!
Rashidi and his puppy dog are in the park too.
He watches on, as usual, and signals to the two men working in the garden. They take off.
Billy shows Lanni the picture of the dead woman.)
Lanni : I swear, I don’t know who she is. Why are you showing me this? 4.07BLW.avi_001507107
[Interesting reaction. Dead woman? why show me this?
no: – gahhh how awful look how she is dressed like me!!
Hey are we supposed to be wondering if Lanni is on Billy’s side? Or we always know she is working with Rashidi? I’m thinking we always knew? anyone? it would have been more interesting if we were wondering, or even believing she is innocent. heck maybe she is and I’m really wrong haaaa. see I really don’t remember this ep!!  ]
Billy : This woman was found dead Friday. Why are you dressed like her?
Lanni : She must be from my region in Africa. It is a traditional gown.
Billy : I was with a woman Friday who was dressed like this.
Lanni : Yes, you were with me.
Billy : No, no, it wasn’t you.[blahhh blahahhh]
Lanni : I’m Lanni, don’t you remember? I was the only other person who knew about the Kalahari List.
Billy : The what?
Lanni : Mr Melrose, please, we are running out of time. Is Kalahari safe?
(Lee sees the two gardeners with machine guns.)
[Machine guns? Billy run!!!!] 4.07BLW.avi_001540940
(Lee pulls his gun out.) 4.07BLW.avi_001544944
[The man always looks good in the great outdoors doesn’t he!]
Lee : Billy, it’s a trap. Run!
(Lee runs off in one direction gun drawn.)
[Ummm if a stranger yelled that to someone I was talking to, I’d at least kinda look around. This Lanni but maybe not Lanni just stands there!]
(Billy grabs Lanni by the arm to bring her with him in another direction).
Billy : We’re not through talking, Lanni.
Lanni : What are you doing?! 4.07BLW.avi_001552752

Billy : (remembering) Lanni Jeans – that’s who I was with that night!
(we see Rashidi let the dog lose. It runs off at speed. Rashidi does his usual watching casually from a distance thing. Muahahahahaa)
Err warning if you are afraid of dogs!!
(Lee watches the two bad guys from behind a tree, but the dog finds him and lunges, tearing at his jacket.)
[Oh nooo bad dog! Not that jacket I like that jacket]
(The shooters open fire randomly at Billy and Lanni who seems to just stand there and let herself get shot.)
Billy (to NotLanni) : Where are you hit? We gotta get out of here. 4.07BLW.avi_001589789
(Billy doesn’t see where she was shot, she rolls over so he really cant’ see. He cuts his losses and runs..) 4.07BLW.avi_001593793
[What do you think- is that a fake dog head or something when the camera is facing Lee?!]
(Rashidi blows a dog whistle and the dog lets go of Lee’s jacket and returns to him.)
[This man must have seen the sound of music!
Interesting use of a dog whistle when this whole scenario is one big dog whistle designed to get Billy to uncover where he hid the Kalahari list!]
(Billy meets up with Lee again.)
Billy : Who were they? 4.07BLW.avi_001605205
Lee : I don’t know.
Billy : Well, the woman’s back there. She’s the key – come on.
They go back there, and she’s gone.
[Shocked. Absolutely totally not shocked at all. Oh dear, even when there’s a bit of action I find it all a bit dull. At least I spotted Lee’s stunt man in there doing his little cameo. lol.
Amazing. no body, and no blood whatsoever.
Cue the puzzled expressions!]
Billy : Damn!!!

[Does anyone remember the first time they saw this episode? Did it seem obvious? What do you remember? Do tell!] 

(Back at IFF.)
[It’s time for more dialogue stating the obvious. Okay go on.. let me hear it!
Lee : The woman in front of Randy’s. The Embassy. The confrontation in the park. They were all just tricks to try to get you to remember those missing days. 4.07BLW.avi_001638538
Billy : No, no. Not tricks. Carefully set up flashbacks.
[Yeahhhh, the carefully set up flashbacks trick. what’s your point?!]
Lee : You remember something else?
Billy : Yeah. Francine, inform the coroner that the body they found in the park last Friday was that of one Lanni Jeans.
Francine :
Are you sure about that? 4.07BLW.avi_001655555

Billy :
Yes, she took me to the list. My job was to get it out of the safe. She was an Estocian operative in a lot of trouble. I remember her.

Lee :
And the Kalahari List?
Billy : I had it – that’s all. I remember I had it!
Lee : Yeah, well they want you to remember what you did with it.
Billy : Well fine, let’s dig into all the files we have and find out what it is because right now I wouldn’t know it if it hit me in the face.
[rofl. I don’t know why but this line makes me laugh. ]
Francine : Billy, you need to slow down.
[oh right. yeah okay I’ll do that. Even though my whole career is on the line, and a woman I met with is dead, and a Kalahari ia possibly going to hit me in the face. Since when does anyone listen in this show when anyone says ‘you need rest! you must slow down!!!’ aie..]
Billy : I can’t.
Francine : You need to.
Billy : I can’t!!!!..
…Listen, try to understand, 29 years ago I was a kid, right out of law school. I had a decision to make. To have a nice law practice in New York or to take a job as a counter-intelligence agent that paid little more than sweat. I don’t know what kind of lawyer I might have been and I really don’t care because I do know that I made a pretty damn good agent,…4.07BLW.avi_001707607
…and if there’s someone out there trying to take that away from me,…4.07BLW.avi_001709809
…I’m going to fight like hell to make that decision stick. 4.07BLW.avi_001713613
[Okay I’m a bit narky with this episode, but… I’m happy to see Billy get all passionate and determined about why he does what he does.. and no set of evil dimples is going to take it away from him!]
: Gee Billy, I think you would have made a lousy lawyer.
Francine : The worst. 4.07BLW.avi_001722422
[Awhhhhh smiles and good feels finish off this scene.] 4.07BLW.avi_001723623
The scene ends here.
The gang is united! I think I’m supposed to be feeling the feels.. the warm glow of loyalty, inspiration.. and…determination! Billy is on a mission! It’s his life’s work to be in this business, be a great agent (though technically he’s only admin haaa). His back is against the wall! the chips are all down! He’s so driven he won’t listen to his friend’s warnings, and.. ummm… His life his whole career is on the line, he hasn’t slept for days! and and and.. if I see another cliché enter into this plot, I’m going to say- Just please, stop with the clichés or I’ll hit you in the face!

I have a theory, I think Rashidi set the dog on Lee so he could mess up his annoyingly perfect hair (not annoying to us, just to the competition!). Funny to see a Doberman two weeks in a row – maybe they hire out stunt/celebrity Dobermans for a weekly rate. haaaaa..

Sorry for the snark. Hope I’m not being too annoying. I do love this show honestly.. I think this this whole episode is too much cliché! Oh well.. at least we got Lee lookin good in the great outdoors I guess!

What do you all think? Do tell!!

2/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Time for Lee to give Amanda a quick call and check on the clues..
The plates were stolen but the matchbook is gold!

Amanda : Well, there was only one country granted its independence on September 30th – that’s Estoccia. 4.07BLW.avi_000663296
Lee: Estoccia! Well, at least we got something. Okay, we’ll run over to the Embassy and have a look.
[They sure have got something!!! I mean Amanda is close to the Prime Minister’s best pal no?!
Yep… Estoccia was in Wrong Way Home!!!

You would think they would mention it lol. In that episode it was in North Africa. Lets see if this is a different Estoccia. lol.

Come on Lee – surely you’ve got not Shamba’s (aka Prime Minister of Estoccia and buddy of Joe’s) direct number?! Handy no?! ]

Next scene.. seems that mansion at the beginning of the episode was the Estoccia embassy.. Lee and Billy arrive, there’s lots of furniture being moved in and out..
[I can’t be bothered checking if that flag of Estoccia is seen in WWH> anyone curious enough to look?]
Lee : I don’t get it Billy. Why was she driving a car with stolen plates?
[The lion is pretty funny!]
Billy : Why did she give me a phone number for a bar in Fairbanks Alaska?

Lee : Let’s hope this Embassy will shake up some memories.

They enter a foyer with a winding staircase.
4.07BLW.avi_000703336[I’ll bet more than $6- bucks on this being the same location where Lee and Amanda met up to swap the package in ‘the first time’..awwwhhhh.  ]

Lee : That must have been some party.
Billy : I remember being upstairs. I gotta get up there.
Lee : We’re pushing our luck.
(They start climbing the stairs but are interrupted by the good looking dude who had been following them back at Randy’s).
Kimambo : Excuse me gentlemen…
…The upper chambers are off limits.4.07BLW.avi_000720153

[So polite! Totally suspicious lol..]
Lee and Billy exit.. and are watched from an upper balcony. [Uh oh look out.. Doberman!! The chosen dog of baddies!!! What I really want to know is- where is the bear?! I’m sure we’ll find out eventually..
Hey – we’ve had lions, Dobermans and bears! Oh my!!]

[I guess it’s time for the baddie monologue!]
Rashidi : I think Mr Melrose is coming alone rather nicely. He remembered that he was on the second floor – that’s very good, Kimambo.
[interesting camera shots here.. trying to make some dull baddie dialogue interesting me thinks..]
Kimambo : I don’t like this game we’re playing.

Rashidi : Because they’re no needles?
Kimambo : Needles loosen tongues.
Rashidi : The last hours of your interrogating Melrose with your drugs were useless. He didn’t even know where he was.
[Awh Poor Billy! Kimambo should have tried sleep deprivation, would have been a lot simpler. I hear that works – Ask Night Crawler!]
Kimambo : And this game of images will make him remember?
Rashidi : I have played with the mind all my life. Mr Melrose is desperate to remember what happened to him this weekend. We will give him his entire weekend and he will give us the 15 minutes he needed to hide Kalahari.
[Cue the ‘Muahahahaaha’!
Well well well.. seems we have a baddie of the screws with minds variety  – I wonder if this guy’s nickname is ‘puppet master’ too like mind messing Krutiov?! Funny that Rashidi is setting up quite a performance here for Billy to lead them to this thing he hid – when All the World’s a stage was also about performance no? Hmm let’s call this Estoccia Intrigue, a play by Rashidi?! [mon dieu mon dieu- okay I was just looking for an excuse to say that because I love it.

Whooooo okay what’s Kalahari?? other than a desert. Maybe that disc we saw. Honestly guys I do not remember any of this, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this so don’t mind me if I make bad guesses okay?!]

The scene ends there and it’s back to Amanda’s..
[Uh oh Amanda – someone has moved around your kitchen, your walls.. well… your house? Umm maybe that’s what Billy was up to for the weekend?!

Hey, no heels Amanda? I’m actually kinda happy to see that! Umm the briefcase is a bit weird though no? I mean is it hers? doesn’t go with her outfit at all.. and.. she has no purse?? Hmmm.. anyway.]

Amanda listens to Dotty and a man talking in the other room.. there’s music playing too.. hoooo haaaaa.

Dotty : Watch it Captain. Don’t get too carried-
(sounds of broken glass)
Man : ohhh
Dotty laughs..
Dotty : Don’t worry. Guacamole doesn’t stain. I’ll get something to clean it up with. [yeah she’s use to cleaning up after boy messes when they get carried away. Jamie and Phillip are good training]
…You find a tango – I’m just dying for a tango.
(Dotty dances into the kitchen to make her entrance.)
Dotty: Daaaa da daaaaaaaa!!…
[I’ve missed Dotty! A cute moment!! Love this pic.. it looks like something horrific has just happened to Dotty.. but no no.. she just got sprung trying to dance the tango into the kitchen..]
Amanda : Hello mother. You’re really cookin’.
Dotty : Captain Curt and I were just talk— [Captain Curt?! that’s hilarious!!] 4.07BLW.avi_000801801
[LOL the music cuts out]
Amanda : Oh no, I meant cooking. In the kitchen. Cooking.

Dotty : Of course you meant in the kitchen. It was just an impromptu dinner…4.07BLW.avi_000810043 [A new tune starts up.]
…The Captain bought me this (she flicks the shawl over her shoulder)
, and some records….
(She yells to the captain)…Not a samba – a tango!4.07BLW.avi_000814547
(to Amanda again)… I didn’t think you’d be home because, uh, the boys are with their father. 4.07BLW.avi_000817550

[I am kinda wondering why Amanda went home if the boys weren’t there.. what was she thinking?? why didn’t she just go to Lee’s ??!! oh well.. this way we got to see a cute Dotty moment..
I am also kinda wondering – is she expecting more people to show up??? This is quite the party! and that’s a lot of food for two people haaaaaa]

Amanda : I shouldn’t be. I should be at the office working. I could get a lot more done there. You’re right mother, you’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t be at home. I’m sorry. I don’t –
[LOL Amanda knows when to make an exit. Though Dotty denies it lol.]
Dotty : Amanda, don’t be silly.
Amanda : Mother, I’m not being silly.
Dotty : Of course you’re being silly, and you think I’m being silly too.
Amanda : No I don’t.
Dotty : I cannot believe this is our third bowl of salsa…
4.07BLW.avi_000841574[we hear the tango start.. and Dotty is overcome – rofl! She starts getting lost in the music.. what was she saying again? something about Amanda being silly?! Call me crazy but I’m guessing Dotty and the Captain have been smoking weed!!! err I mean.. cooking! lol.] 4.07BLW.avi_000844077
…Well maybe it would be better, uh, maybe it would be better if you, uh, did your work at the office.
Amanda : Probably so.
Dotty : Amanda, do you think I’m being silly? 4.07BLW.avi_000856589
Amanda : Mother – no! 4.07BLW.avi_000860326
Dotty (whispers) : He’s being a perfect gentleman. 4.07BLW.avi_000863596

Amanda : Now look, uh, I got a lot of work to do so, oh gee, I’ll probably be home real late. You know – I mean – probably not before – you know – I don’t know – maybe 1, may be 2 o’clock…4.07BLW.avi_000873606…Not that it makes any difference.
Amanda leaves Dotty to her… cookin!

Hey one weird thing.. I see in this scene Amanda has on a cross necklace,4.07BLW.avi_000827060
earlier at IFF she was wearing her usual heart necklace.
weird. I’m officially on necklace watch! Who’s with me??!!!

Soooo what you all thinking? do tell!!!
I’m a little surprised Dotty seems to be so defensive – she’s been quite open about her sexuality/sensuality in the past – why is this any different? tee hee.. Anyway, it’s super cute.

Can’t wait to hear what you think! I wonder if we’ll get to meet Captain Kurt the perfect gentleman or if he’ll be like Dean. lol.

1/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hello- great to have you join us for a walk through Billy’s Lost Weekend! A huge thank you to Kiwismh who has transcribed this episode for JWWM: We Salute you!!!!
Kiwismh has had some fun while transcribing the dialogue and included a few comments – so you can all enjoy these  as we walk through the episode, I’ll include Kiwismh’s comments using these brackets { } Okay?

On with the show! Soooo I remember very little of this episode.. so I may say things that are obviously silly or wrong as I walk through it. lol. This is half the fun – and I’m just going to go with it! Smile 

The episode opens with a rather trippy montage of Billy’s.. 4.07BLW.avi_000121121
We have a mansion party.. Billy with a shrouded woman..
[Is that the mansion from The First Time? [If anyone is inspired to look – let us know!] When Lee is an undercover waiter?]
A disc is handed over from the shrouded woman to Billy… Shots are fired by two men wearing suits and hoods.. but they don’t seem to land anywhere..
A magical red carpet leading to a white Limo, the shrouded woman vanishes.. crowds continue to mingle around Billy with his bow tie askew (I don’t know why but it makes me giggle).4.07BLW.avi_000147547
We see a dog skeleton,
a dog! 4.07BLW.avi_000179579
[I can’t remember what is even relevant in this but whatev!]
… and we find.. a big black bear in the limo! [Does it dance? or doesn’t it?!]
[It’s all a bit Alice in Wonderland, rather than Wizard of Oz! Then again…… dogs and guns and bears? oh my!]
{is that dog Zeus or Apollo from Magnum PI?}
The dream sequence ends with Billy being punched out by one of the hooded men.
He is seen to wake in his office chair.

Billy says to himself: That’s all I remember of my weekend. 4.07BLW.avi_000242042
[Billy looks all tortured. Poor Billy. He picks up his black bow tie and gives it a squeeze to ease his angst. Why should the bow tie not suffer also?! At least he managed to find his way back to the agency and didn’t wake in the wrong part of town covered in trash and surrounded by breakdancing hoods (LOL) like Lee in Stemwinder!

Whoa. I’m hooked! What’s Billy on man?! and.. where can I get me some – what am I saying??!!! sorry forget that. Ummm Poor Billy thank goodness he won’t be in this alone!]

Moving on, Lee and Amanda exit the coat elevator..
Lee : If we take your car, we’ll have room for skis.
Amanda : I thought we were gonna rent skis at the lodge.
Lee : Ah, they don’t rent ‘em at Pine Top.

Amanda : I thought we were going to Oak Valley.
Lee : Oh, I changed the reservations. You’re gonna love Pine Top.
[Skis? Pine Top?! Whooo I like where this is headed! But lol at Lee changing the plans on Amanda.. won’t her family need the car? What am I thinking? who cares. Lee and Amanda are going on a little ski getaway?? Me like!!!! ]
Amanda : Oh, I am. 4.07BLW.avi_000258858
[Oh yeah, Amanda isn’t silly she knows a good thing when she sees it!]
Lee : Yeah, indoor tennis. It’s fantastic…
They enter the bullpen.)
[ Aie, indoor tennis? really? yeahhhhh right sure Lee. This line reeks of – ‘make it appear PG so we don’t offend in our time slot’!!! Me thinks indoor tennis is the new backgammon!]
…Look, this is the first chance we’ve had to get away together. I just want us to have a good time.
[I love how Amanda wordlessly listens to Lee here with a sweet smile, communicating that she appreciates it and thinks he’s really sweet IMHO – indoor tennis Lee?! awh isn’t he sweet rofl. Maybe this is code for Lee not pressuring Amanda to play backgammon? oh rofl! ]
Lee and Amanda approach the conference room only to find people filing out already.

Francine : Briefing’s been postponed.
Lee : To when?
Francine : Indefinitely. Billy put himself in a lock out.
Lee : He did what? 4.07BLW.avi_000280480
Francine : He had to. Metro picked him up at 3 o’clock this morning in a skid row alley…4.07BLW.avi_000282082
…He can’t seem to remember how he got there.
Amanda : Shouldn’t there be a task force to look for security breaches?
Francine : No, a task force is only put into effect when a field agent loses track of his time. Billy’s administration.
[oh this is interesting, so Billy is less important than a field agent huh. rofl. I mean he knows just as much if not more. No playing possum this time I guess.. weird!]

Lee : All right, thanks Francine.
Francine : Let me know if I can help, okay?
Lee : Yeah.
Amanda : Sure.
[Well well, this Francine is.. reasonable and helpful and actually answered Amanda’s question without snark! Heck, I miss moo cow Francine. but.. I guess characters have to evolve… and maybe moo cow Francine is currently out to pasture because her friend Billy is in trouble and she has to rise above previous pettiness. ahem.]

Lee : only one or two agents are allowed on an administration lock out. One, two.
(Lee points to himself and Amanda as he counts)
Amanda : You got it.
[huh? what does this mean – they go into lock out too? help? I feel like I should know lol.
I guess I can at least tell Lee and Amanda are going to help Billy in some way that no one else can.. ]

Back in Billy’s office he’s getting a check up of some kind.
Dr Joyce : Okay – cough. (she says as she looks into his eye)
Billy : What?
Dr Joyce : That was a joke, Melrose.

[Jokes are supposed to be funny. This was not a joke. Lol that her name is ‘Joy-ce’ good pun that! ]
(As the doctor starts taking his pulse, Lee and Amanda walk in and join them)
Lee : Doc, how’s he doing? 4.07BLW.avi_000318118
Dr Joyce : Lousy. He’s got no sense of humour. He’s impatient.

[I protest. the problem is not his lack of a sense of humour. Try giving him something to laugh at lady! but hey, kudos for including a female doctor here and not actually making anything of it!]

Amanda : How do you feel, sir? 4.07BLW.avi_000321321
Billy : I’m – I’m fine.
Dr Joyce : Physically. Mentally you can throw in the whole enchilada.
[She can talk, she’s been taking his pulse while holding up an entire conversation. Ahh so we are going for quirky socially awkward doctor got it.]
Billy : It looks like Thornton’s repression.
Lee : When he was Director, old man Thornton developed a technique for agents to repress information in case they were captured.
[lol Amanda could have benefited from knowing about that in the last episode!]
Dr Joyce : Billy repressed the entire weekend.
(Billy reacts to this with a head tilt)
[Seems less like a statement of fact and more like an accusation, then again who knows – with this doctor that might have been an attempted joke. I think she’s trying to say Billy is not fine and something more serious went down? ]
Lee : Is there any chance this is just a bump on the head and simple amnesia?
Dr Joyce : You know, Stetson, you bug me. He – He’s got restrain marks on his wrists, needle marks in his arm…
…Now if this was Patterson in payroll I’d put it down to just another kinky weekend but it’s not…
[‘You bug me?? hooo haaa Patterson in payroll has been outed! How unethical of this doctor! She needs to learn that Thornton repression technique!]
… And I got 6 bucks says I’m going to find remnants of some trace of truth serum cuddled up against his corpuscles. [remnants of a trace? eh? that doesn’t make any sense!! That’s funny without meaning to be !! Oh boy.. ]
Billy : All I know is somebody pushed me hard for something and I don’t know what, who or why.
Amanda : You don’t remember anything at all, sir?
Billy : Just, uh, a bunch of mixed up images – bear-

Dr Joyce : Bears! A symbol of courage and strength. What else? Skeletal remains – personification of death. You know, I think there’s a sexual thing there too…
[Ahem, Freud would say…]
…I’ll look it up.

[The gang wisely ignore her]
Billy : These are the files I’ve been supervising.
(Billy motions to a pile of files on his desk, Lee picks them up and hands them to Amanda, she heads to the door.)
Lee : Yeah, Amanda look, uh, why don’t you get started on the lower clearance end. I’ll catch up with you in a minute.
Amanda : Right.
4.07BLW.avi_000391791 Billy : Oh, Amanda, dig deep. If I’ve compromised an agent out there we have to know. Something in those files might be the key. 4.07BLW.avi_000398198
Amanda : Yes, Sir.
Lee : Billy you’ve got to give us something more than bones and bears.
Billy : Scarecrow, I – I haven’t got anything more.
Dr Joyce : All right, you two relax. I think it’s time we tried a little subliminal reoccurrence motivation.
Billy : Claudia, what is that?
Dr Joyce : It’s basic psychology. Any event, location, even a sound can shake up the grey matter and bring what’s been repressed back to the conscious. Now, let’s start the whole weekend all over again.
[subliminal reoccurrence motivation? Yes I guess that is so much more interesting to say than ‘let’s do a recap and jog your memory’! rofl]
Billy : All right. Friday night, I was here working on the budget. 4.07BLW.avi_000436636
Dr Joyce : All right, let’s do it. Come on, get to your desk and go to work.
Billy : Claudia, I sit behind this desk for 90 hours a day. [rofl. that’s quite an achievement!!! Magical some would say!]
4.07BLW.avi_000444644 Dr Joyce : You need something more stimulating.
Lee : Friday nights, yeah, Friday nights you have a built in location to stir up some memories.
4.07BLW.avi_000451184 Billy : Randy’s. 4.07BLW.avi_000454387 [Billy is cheating on his wife with Randy baby?!]

We move on.. and find out Lee wasn’t referring to Randy baby!
Billy : If I was here, I don’t remember. 4.07BLW.avi_000461594_thumb

Randy (bar keeper) : Well of course you was in here. Just like every Friday night. What’s the matter, the conversation too boring that you forgot?

Billy : What did we talk about Randy? 4.07BLW.avi_000476810
Randy : Well, you was telling me about how the wife was doing in Jersey. She still visiting her cousin there?
Billy : She’ll be back next week.
Randy : I’ve been trying to get my wife to go away for 16 years.
4.07BLW.avi_000483216[One word: Douche!
Actually, hang on –now it makes sense why Billy doesn’t remember talking to Randy. I’d be repressing that conversation too Winking smile ]

Lee : Ah, Randy, did anything unusual happen to Billy last Friday night. Did he talk to anyone, was there anyone with him?
Randy : You know why I’ve been behind this bar for 34 years? I don’t see past the beer spigot.
Lee : Did you see past it last Friday night?

Randy : Nope.
Billy : Come on, Randy.
Randy : Geez Billy. Okay, you picked up a dame. First time I ever saw you do something like that.
Billy : What did she look like.
Randy : Well, you’ve got good taste. She’s black, late 20’s, about this tall. She was really coming onto you. I don’t blame you a bit. [Okay, two words: Massive Douche!]
Lee : Did you get her name?
Randy : Nah. You ordered some champagne and took off with her 10 minutes after she walked in.
Billy : Well did either of us say where we were going? 4.07BLW.avi_000539272
Randy : Well I didn’t think I should ask.
[Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.. and iwsod vomit vomit..] 

Billy : Thanks Randy.
Randy : Yeah, sure. Well I’ll see you next Friday.
Billy : Yeah.
(Billy and Lee get up to leave, and the camera pans over to a hunky dude on the phone whom Kiwismh identifies as ‘Kimambo’)
Kimambo : He’s leaving now. I understand. We’ll put it into motion.

So Billy is under surveillance, well that’s handy…
Billy and Lee leave the bar, and Billy’s worried and frustrated that he’s not remembering..
soooo Lee gives him some encouraging words to relax, it will come.. and Billy decides he needs to walk and clear his head. He’ll meet Lee back at the agency.

Billy starts walking.. he quickly catches a glimpse of a lady across the street walking away from him – she looks like the lady in the opening trippy montage.

Billy stares at her. 4.07BLW.avi_000583316 [Whoa. It screams set up to me. I can’t even remember if it’s an smk coincidence or an actual set up.. but it reminds me of Lee seeing Dorothy randomly (not randomly) in We’re off to see the Wizard!] 4.07BLW.avi_000586519 (Billy crosses the road focused on the lady, not the traffic.. so we get screeching tyres and Lee notices what’s going on.. Billy catches up to the lady..)

Billy : Excuse me Miss. 4.07BLW.avi_000604137
(Kiwismh identifies this lady as Lanni)
Lanni : What are you doing here.
Billy : Who are you?
Lanni : Stop it! They’ll see us. 4.07BLW.avi_000621755
(Billy has no idea who she’s referring to…
She’s all nervous! She quickly writes down her phone number, hands it to Billy and drives off. Lee catches up to Billy. )
[Billy looks down the street like the car has already driven off, but the sound indicates the car is just starting to move. lol. maybe it’s just my copy of the episode? ]
Lee : Billy, what’s going on?
Billy : The woman. That dress. Lee, she knew me. She thought I knew her.
Lee : Well do you?
Billy : Yeah...(happy)
(suddenly realising he still doesn’t know her)

… No, no. I’m not sure.

Lee : All right. I’ll – I’ll get a run on those plates.
(We see Lee looking into the distance to read and memorise the number plate) [lol there’s something funny going on with time, distance and where this magical car is but.. whatev!]
Billy : Get a trace of this phone number.
(Billy hands Lee the number Lanni gave him-
[looks like Lanni wrote it on a packet of matches – another clue!!! And it was independence day somewhere on September 30th! LOL. So convenient. We suddenly have clues coming out of our ears!!! 4.07BLW.avi_000655388
Progress! What luck that this lady happened to walk by and jog his memory!!

Well I shall pause here for us to celebrate Billy and Lee’s great luck! ahem.
Thoughts so far???