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5/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

We head back to Titan Toys… SGABNB.avi_001420920
This has been bugging me! I think this use to be the home of Marvellous Marvin’s! LOL you guys probably picked this up earlier in the walk through this ep.. but for me the penny just dropped!

Looks like it’s time for the magical toy tour, a world of pure imagination.. oh wait no that was the chocolate factory. a world of dodgy toy companies!
Guide: Before we begin our tour, I’d like to remind you of tomorrow night’s children’s Christmas pageant. This year, as every year, we’re donating thousands of toys to needy children.
Guide: (continues) It’s Titan’s way of wishing everyone a happy holiday. There’ll be music and a special show…SGABNB.avi_001445679
..Any tax-deductible donations will be appreciated…
[Oh she’s good! I want to donate!!! lol]
…Now we’ll show you how Titan Toys is earning a reputation for having tomorrow’s toys today.

[This has got to be a deliberate choice of words here by the writer’s surely.. and a pretty cool one. Titan Toys is earning  a reputation for having yesterday’s toys.. tomorrow! Just ask Mr Melodious frog – once his batteries are included!]

The tour moves off, and Lee and Amanda linger behind.
Lee: I hope this doesn’t take long. A tour was the only easy way to get in.
Amanda: We’re not gonna find out much following that tour guide. SGABNB.avi_001460694
Lee: Well I can’t do very much without a diversion.
[What luck. Amanda happens to be a walking diversion!]
Amanda: Come on.
{They join the back of the group tour as it leaves the lobby. SGABNB.avi_001472038
Cut to the guide walking briskly through an office area where shelves of toys decorate the walls.}
[I do wonder if this is a department at warner bros and they’ve just stuck that one glass cupboard there randomly. It’s kind of funny how no one is at the desks!]
Guide: Our first stop will be our state of-the-art model-making facility.
{As the group follows, Amanda suddenly stops and grabs her face.} SGABNB.avi_001478044
Amanda: Oh my gosh!
Lee: What?
{They talk over each other.}
Amanda: Oh my goodness, I’ve lost my contact lens. I know I should’ve waited till I got to the ladies room…
Lee: (pretend exasperation): Oh darling.
swoon emoticonswoon emoticon[10]swoon emoticon[13]swoon emoticon[7]
1dohslap focus Iwsod!!
Amanda: (continuing) But it felt like a big rock in my eye.
[Hey when was the last time we saw the rogue contact lense diversion variation?! haaaa]
{They both crouch down as if to look for it and she reaches out to touch the carpet. A guard is watching them.} SGABNB.avi_001480714
Lee: (to Amanda) Oh no, no, no, don’t touch it. The only way we’re going to find it is with a damp cloth. (He looks up at guard) Excuse me? SGABNB.avi_001488722
Amanda: Sir?
{They gesture to the guard.}
Lee: Could you get us a damp cloth please?
Amanda: Yes we certainly would appre – (as guard walks over) Oh wait.
Lee: Watch it. SGABNB.avi_001496062
Amanda: Please, please. Tip-toe, very carefully.
Lee: Thank you
Amanda: Thank you very much. We really do appreciate that. SGABNB.avi_001501401(As guard disappears from view)
[What a lame security guard. I guess the security budget is being diverted to R&D too!
Ha- see the Calendar? December 1996!]
…Let’s go.

{They both straighten up and walk directly to locked door. Amanda keeps a lookout while Lee gets out his lock pick.
He gets it open and Amanda pats him encouragingly as they slip inside.

Cut to Lee and Amanda walking down a white sterile hallway with windows on either side. They continue to walk trying not to look suspicious as Lee carefully pulls back his sleeve to expose his watch.
[Rofl. Love how you said ‘trying’ Clagjanet!! because these two totally look like they shouldn’t be in that corridor and they know it!]

They pause at a window and Lee lifts the watch and obviously takes a picture with it. SGABNB.avi_001536436
[‘obviously’ indeed! Ummm I think he’s not taking a photo he’s preparing to karate chop his own reflection!]
Photo freeze frame of engineers staring at something.
They continue down hall, muttering quietly and pointing out things to take photos of. SGABNB.avi_001548114
Lee snaps another picture of engineers at a work bench covered in equipment.}
Amanda: (whispering) What’s that stuff?
Lee: I don’t know. (snaps another picture)
{We see freeze frame of generic looking equipment and an empty fridge.} SGABNB.avi_001565465
Lee: All this for toys.
Amanda: Yeah.
[hey toys are big business! Train set can cost $200-300! According to Amanda.. ]
{They walk on, turn a corner and come down a hallway in time to join the back of the tour as it passes. [What luck!]
Ingle emerges from a set of cubicles and watches them walk away.}
Ingle updates Falcon. [LOL I keep going to call him Falcone. Now that was an awesome SMK baddie! Falcon is rather dull.. but.. maybe there will be some interesting props to keep us interested!] SGABNB.avi_001591491
Ingle: He showed up just as I set the fire…he pulled the old man out. SGABNB.avi_001594160
Falcon: Seems as though Bernie got himself a detective or something.
Ingle: We can’t come so close and fail now.
Falcon: Nobody’s failing…tell your government to expect delivery as promised… And on time.
[Whoooo so Ingle is working for a foreign government. lol So why doesn’t he know who scarecrow is?! haaaaa everyone else working for a foreign government seems to know.. and.. What is Ingle’s nickname, I don’t think he has one… ummmmm?! Ingle Kringle! Yeah!! I’m gonna go with that!]
Ingle: Not if this detective knows — SGABNB.avi_001600166
Falcon: Knows what? I’ve got a factory full of Phi Beta Kappa engineers doing weapons-grade research and they all think they’re just making sophisticated toys. SGABNB.avi_001618518
[finally Falcon shows some personality. He’s one of those smug baddies! So the geniuses have no idea what they are really working on? haaaa that’s ironic and hilarious!]
Ingle: Perhaps not Bernard Jakes.
Falcon: I could have picked anything… but I had to take his ridiculous toy tank off the shelf to front for real tank R&D.SGABNB.avi_001626526
[Muahahahaahaaaaa sooo the baddies’ plans are revealed!!! Muahahahahahaah!!!!]
Ingle: I suggested we kill him when he first became a problem.
Falcon: Well then…it didn’t seem necessary, now it does.
[oh yawn. really, you should be more interesting when you are giving the go ahead to kill someone!]

On to the Galilee General Hospital. SGABNB.avi_001636536
[Uh oh. this is where the baddie got to Amanda not a very secure hospital this one!]

Lee: (looking in from doorway) Bernie?
Bernie: (looks up) Oh hiya Lee. Thanks for coming.
{Lee walks in and hands him a gift.}
Lee: This is for you.
Bernie: Oh, thanks a lot. SGABNB.avi_001646880
{He opens box immediately to reveal a wool scarf.}
Bernie: Oh boy.
Lee: Well, you know, I figure everyone can use a scarf, right? SGABNB.avi_001653219
Bernie: (putting on scarf) yeah. I sure got a lot of use out of the one that you gave me last year…and the year before that one too. SGABNB.avi_001657557
[Bernie is too cute here. I think he is sincere but accidentally manages to draw Lee’s attention to his ummm… lack of variety in gifts! haaaaa..
and how is this any different to Amanda buying socks! tee hee..
I didn’t think they knew each other well enough to exchange gifts each year.. but .. whatever]

Lee: (slightly embarrassed at being caught out) Heh, heh. Uhh, do you remember much of what happened, Bernie?SGABNB.avi_001658892
Bernie: (rubs eyes) Uh, let’s see. All I remember is that this big flash of light hits me square in the eyes and I tumbled off the ladder. And then it was lights out. SGABNB.avi_001669235
{Lee nods, then hands him a stack of the photos he took at Titan Toys.}
Lee: Take a look at these. Familiar?
Bernie: (puts his glasses back on) Oh yeah, well…I never had my hands on one of these, but it looks like a Norton and McCormick bench tester…They use this mainly for laser optics. Why?
Lee: I took those shots at the Titan Toys security area.SGABNB.avi_001693927
Bernie: What the hell are they doing with one of those?
Lee: That’s my question exactly. It’s strictly used for defense application.
Bernie: (still looking through photos) Yeah.
{The door opens and some nurses wheel in a cart of presents.}SGABNB.avi_001707607
Nurse: Mr Jakes.
{Behind them, Falcon, dressed as a doctor, appears carrying a wrapped box.}
Falcon: Nurse. For Mr. Jakes. SGABNB.avi_001709876
[whoooo Mr Boring Falcon isn’t afraid to get his hands.. errr kinda dirty!]
Lee: look at this.

{Bernie looks up from the photos, excited to see a nurse bearing gifts.} SGABNB.avi_001716082
Nurse: Merry Christmas Mr. Jakes
Bernie: Oh terrific. Oh thanks. Thanks a lot everybody!
{Bernie picks up the top package, the one from Falcon and rips into it.} SGABNB.avi_001721488
Lee: Uh Bernie, don’t you wanna wait til Christmas?
Bernie: Aw Lee, you know I can’t wait to open up a present. Anyway there might be something to eat in here. The food here is terrible. SGABNB.avi_001726292
{Cut to package as Bernie pulls back batting to reveal a cheap clock and two sticks of dynamite. The timer is at 13 seconds.}SGABNB.avi_001733900Bernie: Oooohhhh! SGABNB.avi_001735101
[Bernie has the best panic face ever!! Hope he’s already on a bed pan Winking smile haaaaaaa
I’ve always cracked up laughing once he makes that face and can’t stop!]SGABNB.avi_001735702
{Lee grabs the package and tosses it into the connecting bathroom, slamming the door.}
Lee: get down! SGABNB.avi_001740707
{Bernie pulls pillow over his head as Lee slides to the floor beside the bed, looking for cover.
[Oh my gosh. this just looks flippin hilarious!!!] SGABNB.avi_001742008
The bomb goes off and fills the room with smoke}

Oh no. Will Lee and Bernie survive or burn-ie up-ie big time?!
Well… I guess when this first aired – everyone had to anxiously wait to see if Lee and Bernie survived for a whole commercial break!
You were all certain it was bye bye Lee for the Christmas episode right?! Bah Humbug indeed haaaaaa..

So, with the magic of dvds. we literally have to wait two seconds before we are updated on their life status..
Back at Titan toys..
Falcon: (off camera) All right, they survived the blast.
[Phew, way to keep up the suspense there writers! haaaa]
{Cut to Falcon’s office. Falcon is lost in thought, looking out his office window.} SGABNB.avi_001751017
Ingle: Any information on the man with Jakes?
Falcon: I can’t find out who he is, but I won’t need another shot at him till we make the delivery. The engineers will work all night if they have to.
Ingle: It’s Christmas Eve. SGABNB.avi_001763630
[rofl. why would Ingle care about that?! Ingle Kringle I guess is fitting!]
Falcon: So what if it’s Christmas Eve? You’re paying me twenty million for R&D on a main battle tank. You think I’m gonna blow all that business because it’s Christmas Eve? SGABNB.avi_001766933
[Me thinks the employees are not going to be happy Ebenezer Scrooge!]

{Cut to Billy’s Office. Billy is rummaging through a sea of Christmas gifts on his desk. Lee is straightening stuff behind him.}
[I guess this is to show Billy is well regarded and gets lots of presents? Love to see the hat on the hat stand!] SGABNB.avi_001772739
Billy: You know, you’re damn lucky you’re not sharing Bernie’s hospital room.
[What I really want to know is – did the scarf survive?! Then again,  I guess Bernie already has two and can count on Lee to give him another next year haaaaa]
Lee: I don’t think either of us would have liked that. I put a twenty-four hour guard on him. Well, at least it shows he wasn’t just playing the disgruntled employee game. Obviously he’s got somebody worried. SGABNB.avi_001785051
Billy: This year, for a change, I thought I’d keep you out of the field, but you’ve got my okay to go ahead and black bag the factory. SGABNB.avi_001787754
Lee: Good SGABNB.avi_001793460
[Is it just me or is BB’s grey streak really prominent here?]
Billy: What’s with the pictures?

Lee: Well, they confirm what we saw. Their R&D labs are definitely stocked with high tech equipment.
Billy: (re: prints) Wind tunnels and laser trajectories? What could these things have to do with rubber dolls and trucks? SGABNB.avi_001807273
{{Clagjanet:Rubber dolls? What kind of “toys” are these?}}
[rofl. I don’t want to know Clagjanet!!]
Lee: I don’t know, it’s hard to say. But if they were gearing up for a line of toy weapons… they’d have put R&D into Bernie’s tank model… But, you know what he found? It’s still made of balsa wood.
Billy: Get going on it. Amanda will give you a hand.
Lee: Right
Billy: (shaking head) Christmas Eve…
[LOL What about the Long Christmas Eve? this gig is way better- it’s all good Billy!]
Lee: What?
Billy: I’m sorry.
Lee: Oh. Yeah. (nods) We’ll start with the little watering hole near Falcon’s plant. If his engineers have had some holiday cheer, they might be a little loose-lipped about security.
{Lee leaves.}

{Cut to a bar scene. Francine is holding court with some engineers, half in their cups, standing at the bar. SGABNB.avi_001846312
Lee and Amanda are watching from the other end of the bar. The one sitting closest to Francine buys the latest round.}

Francine: Wait a minute, I thought that you guys said you have to be back to work tonight. SGABNB.avi_001846913

{The group laughs as Francine makes a flirty gesture with one of them,
[oh he is cute!!]
…then gives Lee a wave. L
ee chuckles while Amanda does not look like she’s enjoying this.}
SGABNB.avi_001848415{{Clagjanet: Amanda’s blue winter coat is not as attractive as Lee’s – in fact she looks like Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch.}}
[Do I want to know what is a huggy bear from S&H?! haaa]
Lee: (admiring) Just give her an empty bar stool and she can bag a Bulgarian double agent in about thirty-five minutes. Three wise men down here don’t know what’s about to hit them. SGABNB.avi_001860126
{We hear Francine off-camera.}
Francine: …a little time to tell you about our profit participation program…
Lee: You know what? This is turning out to be a great Christmas Eve, hmm? SGABNB.avi_001866433
{Amanda’s head swivels to meet his eyes in complete disbelief.} SGABNB.avi_001867634
Amanda: (quietly outraged) We are working. We are sitting in a bar. Working. We’re not singing Christmas carols, SGABNB.avi_001871838
we’re not opening presents, we’re not going to church. We are sitting in a bar, working on Christmas Eve.
{Throughout this lecture, Lee is looking more guilty and nervous as he realizes that she is Not Happy.}
Lee: And I know that, I know that… SGABNB.avi_001886252
…If I had a family, I think I might like to do those things, but…
{He peters out as he takes in the “you have got to be kidding” expression on Amanda’s face, and looks back at what Francine is up to.
[wha?? Lee aren’t you and Amanda ummmm engaged? secretly engaged and openly dating apparently, and you’ve been invited to join her family for Christmas. so what are you on about?! Oh Lee!!
What do you think is going on here?
I figure he hasn’t adjusted to this new reality – and it’s all new and kinda scary for him..

Cut to Francine and Engineers toasting at the other end of the bar.}
Francine: Well, all the folks at our shop are home counting their Christmas bonuses (chuckles seductively)
Engineer #1: Well, I’m sure you could tell us a hundred reasons why we should be working for your company, but there is no way that you can beat the money that Titan pays.
Francine: Okay, okay, maybe we can’t beat the money but in terms of creative freedom, we are hard to beat. We have a research budget that’s wide open. And next year, we’re getting into lasers. SGABNB.avi_001912379
{Engineer #1 exchanges an amused look with his friends.}Engineer #1: Lady, we’re already into lasers.
{Cut to Lee and Amanda. Lee looks pleased like all his Christmases just arrived. Amanda is nodding as if she knew that was coming.}
Engineer #1: (continued) The damn thing makes Stanford research look like a flashlight.
Francine: Oh, you’re into lasers huh? What about, uhhh, fibre optics?
Engineer #1: (amused) : We’ve got everything but a launching pad. SGABNB.avi_001920487
{Lee straightens up.}
Lee: Well, Francine isn’t going to get any more prime into the pump. [Eeewwwww!!!!]
{He and Amanda stand up, pulling out their badges.}
Engineer #1: (off screen) I’m sure we could always use someone like you…
Lee: (walking up behind them) Just keep talking, smart guy. You’re into about ten grand in fines already. SGABNB.avi_001941508
{Amanda flashes her badge.}
Amanda: Amanda Keen, Lee Steadman, Titan Security. Can we see some identification please? SGABNB.avi_001943009
Francine: (hopping off her stool) Happy holidays, boys. (Francine goes for the exit.)
{The engineers are handing Lee their IDs.}
Lee: Where were you when we had our industrial espionage talks, hmm?
Engineer #1: Calm down…we were just having a little Christmas cheer.
Lee: Well, maybe at MIT or Stanford or wherever you college boys are from, they don’t teach loyalty and esprit de corps…I’ll just bet you can understand a nice stiff fine though?
Engineer #1: What did we say that was so terrible? I didn’t go into any specifics.
Amanda: Well, you’ll have to go into quite a few specifics with us. SGABNB.avi_001953219
Lee: Mmm-hmm. Shall we start with clearance areas, gentlemen?
{Engineers exchange sad looks. SGABNB.avi_001975141
Time cut to Lee letting the three engineers out the door, then, he joins Amanda at the bar.}
[Ummmm so we busted you telling a plant stuff you shouldn’t, so now we are going to get you tell us even more? Not following. but hey, I don’t really care – just happy to see Lee and Amanda playing their covers!]
Amanda: They sure were pushing hard on a project that’s been shelved.
: Yeah. On Christmas Eve to boot. Why the emergency, huh? I’d sure love to crack this for Bernie.
{Amanda nods. }SGABNB.avi_002005171
[Is Amanda wearing her engagement ring on her right hand?]
Amanda: Well, look, let’s get to the plant and find out what we can and maybe we’ll still have time for a little Christmas Eve dinner.

[I figure Lee gave Amanda an opening here to pack up and go home.. and she chose to stay on the job a little longer. what do you think?]
Lee: Yeah, let’s go. SGABNB.avi_002009376
Amanda: Yeah.
{They leave the bar.}SGABNB.avi_002016282
[LOL that is one fake exterior they walk out into!]

I better pause here… anything you’d like to share?
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/ Happy New Year all!!!

4/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

(Back to the Agency. In Billy’s office, where Billy is apparently wearing his cranky pants.)
Billy: (angry – they are obviously in mid-fight) It obviously began in the Christmas tree. It happens every year.
Lee: (pacing) Bernie almost bought it with smoke inhalation. Now he’s not laid up in the hospital because he’s careless.
: Look Lee, Christmas lights are fragile at best.

Lee: Yes
Billy: The insulation breaks down easily. One of the lights goes off. The fumes overcome Bernie. He falls off the ladder and he bangs his head.
[and Bernie burny! Rofl. the way Billy describes it, Christmas is a very dangerous season ahem. No wonder Lee doesn’t like it much! ]
Lee: What about the flash, huh? He said he saw a bright flash just before he hit his head.
Billy: One of the bulbs went off! …
[Is it just me or is this hard to buy? Not sure if it’s in the performance here, or if this whole Lee and Billy are fighting but not really shtick has been warn out a bit. Thoughts?]
…(beat) Look, I know Jakes is your friend. But whatever it is the police can handle it. SGABNB.avi_001148515
Lee: I see what’s going on here. You think I’m trying to invent work so that I’ll duck out on the holidays, right?
Billy: You do it every year. SGABNB.avi_001168535
Lee: What do you want me to do, huh? …You want me to, uh, write a letter to Santa Claus? Paint little reindeer on my windows? I have a friend who’s in trouble out there, Billy and if you’re not going to back me up through this Agency…I’ll handle it myself. SGABNB.avi_001176543
Billy: I know you will…but all work and no play
Lee: Makes Lee a dull boy. Are you suggesting I don’t know how to enjoy myself? [lol I thought Billy believed Lee knew how to enjoy himself too well! I don’t really get Billy’s anger at Lee not being in the Christmas Spirit. So what, let him.]
Billy: Only at this time of the year! SGABNB.avi_001193893
Lee: (with a sarcastic look) Bah humbug. SGABNB.avi_001197230
[Okay this is funny! I love this line of Lee’s!!!]
Lee storms out while Billy frowns)
[Lee is all thinly veiled rage!!! gah!!!!

{Cut to exterior aerial shot of a busy shopping area.
We cut to an exterior shot of store as Lee and Amanda emerge. Lee is carrying two large full bags, Amanda only has one light one.}
{Clagjanet: Lee looks sooooo scrumptious in a long blue winter coat}

Lee: What’s wrong with this store?
Amanda: Nothing.
Lee: You didn’t buy anything. I’m done.
Amanda: Well I know. That’s because I wanna get something special for special people.
[Lee Lee Amanda is trying to teach you something. and.. he’s oblivious!!!]
Lee: I know, I found it. Scarves for everyone. Everybody likes a scarf, everyone needs one. One size fits all.
Amanda: (mocking) And they’re already wrapped. SGABNB.avi_001217917
Lee: (oblivious to her teasing) Hmm, you can’t beat it, can you?
Amanda: Mmmhmm.
[While I think these two are adorable, I kinda think Amanda should lay off with teaching Lee the meaning of Christmas cough cough. I mean – his love language isn’t gift giving you know? It’s totally acts of service and physical touch!!!!
What do you think? I guess Amanda’s is the gifts one so maybe she’s trying to give Lee a heads up for how she likes to show her love. Aie. Maybe someone who actually knows about this stuff can you fill us all in?!]

Lee: You know the Agency is easy but to tell you the truth, I don’t know what to get Phillip or Jamie. [not scarves Lee?!]
Amanda: Aww, they aren’t expecting anything…
[Amanda! You were just telling Lee about the value of buying presents for special people!]
Well, that’s not the point… I don’t wanna go over there empty-handed. I’ve got an obligation.
Amanda: Well you shouldn’t think of it as an obligation.
Lee: Responsibility, duty…whatever you want to call it. Look, my uncle used to take me to the department store, he’d give me an option. I’d pick out what I wanted and he’d buy it for me. (beat) SGABNB.avi_001243276
…Joe’s going to be there, right?

Amanda: Right.
Lee: He’s gonna bring them stuff, right?
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: I just don’t wanna look bad.
{{Clagjanet: Just wear that coat, Lee. Even preteen boys won’t think you look bad in that coat}}
[Yeah! they will want to BE Lee!!]
Amanda: You’re not gonna look bad.
[Actually, I kinda agree with Lee – take a little gift for the boys. great idea!] SGABNB.avi_001247614
{They walk up to a store marked “Justin’s Toys” }
[Anyone else itching to know who is Justin? The director’s kid maybe?!]
Lee: (pointing in the store window) How about that? SGABNB.avi_001251951
{Cut to a display of toys including footballs, with a toy train running in a circuit around them.}
[whooo Walter the freaky singing frog! Just what all children are missing from their lives!]
Amanda: (off camera) Sure, the boys could use a new football.
Lee: (O.C.) No, no, not the football. The trains.
Amanda: Sweetheart.
Lee: What?
Amanda: That train must cost two or three hundred dollars…we don’t buy the boys gifts that expensive! SGABNB.avi_001258291{{Clagjanet: The prop department screwed the pooch here – that was a $10 train set at most}}
[whoa that’s hilarious!] SGABNB.avi_001261628
Lee: All right, it was just an idea. I mean, both your boys are getting much too old for this kind of stupid junk.
{They walk into the toy store and up to a display of the singing frogs Bernie showed Lee.}
Amanda: What do you mean? Like Mr. Melodious Frog? They had one of these years ago. Joe brought it home from Japan.
[Joe was in Japan?]
Lee: Years ago…
Amanda: Mmm hmmm
Lee: That’s Walter the Singing Frog, Amanda.
Amanda: No, this is Mr. Melodious Frog. I mean, I guess it’s just an updated version or something. You push his beanie and he plays everything from Beethoven to the Beatles.
{She presses the beanie but nothing happens} SGABNB.avi_001286319
…Batteries not included.
[Love Amanda’s deadpan delivery here!]
Lee: Why would Titan Toys have a lab full of MIT graduates if they’re just importing toys from Japan?
[I guess Lee filled her in about Titan toys and Bernie..]
Amanda: I don’t know. SGABNB.avi_001294661
Lee: (look of sudden realization) Amanda wait a second…(getting excited) Wait a second…
Amanda: what?
Lee: (hands her his bags) Here
Amanda: Nooooooo! SGABNB.avi_001301001
Lee: I gotta make a phone call. Take these back to the Agency for me please?
Amanda: Oh please, no.
Lee: (over Amanda’s sounds of distressed protest) One more hour. One more hour and then we’ll pick up shopping where we left off. Please… (He kisses her) SGABNB.avi_001304804
…I love you.

Amanda: (very frustrated): Ooooh.
[Oh well. at least we got a kiss, and an I love you and that overcoat. Dreamy!]
{She turns to watch him go and sighs.] SGABNB.avi_001308675
{Cut to aerial hot (different) of a shopping area. We can hear a brass instrument playing “Good King Wenceslas”

Cut to a small bandstand where T.P Aquinas is playing the tuba while a woman is playing the triangle. They are in Salvation Army uniforms. Pedestrians pass, dropping money in the kettle, Christmas greetings are exchanged. SGABNB.avi_001317817
Lee approaches} SGABNB.avi_001322489
{{Clagjanet: Yay! Still in that coat and walking like a man who knows he looks goooooood}}.

[Oh my. Lee is a sight to behold. Very Merry Christmas animated-smileys-christmas-012] SGABNB.avi_001328828
Lee: Sounds good, T.P. SGABNB.avi_001331498
[TP? TP is there? sorry I didn’t notice.. all I saw was.. dimples and an overcoat animated-smileys-christmas-001.gif.pagespeed.ce.WvqabAFhPaanimated-smileys-christmas-002.gif.pagespeed.ce.m-KyBjGj6g Hallelujah!]
T.P.: (laughs) Hi Lee!
Lee: When’s intermission.
T.P.: Right now. (to woman) Let’s take five and then we’ll swing into the Bach.
{Lee walks forward as T.P. goes to stand up, still holding the tuba.}
Lee: Whoa, whoa, whoa [rofl it sounds like he says ho ho ho!] hold on. Let me help you with that. T.P.: Oh, I don’t mind if you do.
Lee: All right
T.P.: Thank you.
Lee: (puts down tuba carefully but with a groan): There you go
T.P.: Fine SGABNB.avi_001346513
{{Clagjanet:TP is wiping his mouth with a hankie – either he’s a very good actor or he was really playing that tuba and needs to wipe off the spit!}}
Lee: (sits down beside him) So, pick anything up about Titan Toys? SGABNB.avi_001355855
T.P.: Short notice, but I collected a little IOU at the SEC. A lot of highly kinetic wheeling and dealing going on.
Lee: It’s a big business…eleven million bucks plus in eighty-five. SGABNB.avi_001366866
[these numbers sound tiny these days!]
T.P.: A moderately successful old-line toy manufacturer. But, about a year ago a fellow named Maxwell Falcon began to buy it out. Since then, he’s been selling off its assets.
Lee: He’s still making toys…that strange thing that sticks to the ceiling…toy guns.
T.P.: yeah, but under license arrangements. Barely making a profit. He doesn’t own those things anymore.
Lee: He lured away about twenty new PhD’s from some very lucrative defense jobs. Top drawer prospects too.
T.P.: Mmm-hmm
Lee: That took some quick capital!
T.P.: Uh, indeed…and if he doesn’t get a payoff for all these R & D bucks pretty soon…it’s tap city. (to pedestrian) Oh thank you, sir.
Man: (off camera) Surely SGABNB.avi_001401234
Lee: And thank you T.P.
{He stands and as he starts to leave…}
T.P.: Oh Scarecrow?
Lee: yeah?
T.P.: Haven’t you forgotten something? SGABNB.avi_001408575
{T.P. shifts his gaze to the donation bucket.}
Lee: Hmm? Oh yeah.
{Lee digs in his pocket, holds up a $20 bill
and adds to the pot and walks away with a wave.} SGABNB.avi_001419586
{{Clagjanet: Female editor/cinematographer for sure because the shot stays on Lee and The Coat walking away for longer than usual}}
[I’m pretty sure there was some useful information in there somewhere, but again – All I see is dimples and a dreamy overcoat!.. hmm I think I need to just replay this part again with my eyes closed…]

Everyone with me??   more drooling emoticon or has everyone drifted off to their happy place? Merry Christmas all. 

3/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

{Cut to King House exterior – Night – SGABNB.avi_000808942_thumb
We can see that the exterior of the house has been decorated with lights and a wreath and there is station wagon parked outside as well as Amanda’s Jeep. We can hear electronic Christmas music playing.

Cut to the family room, also decorated for Christmas. Joe is playing with a portable keyboard synthesizer set up on the coffee table.} SGABNB.avi_000813713_thumb[Hey does this mean that station wagon out the front is what Joe drives? why does that make me chuckle?!
Umm this playing kinda goes on a bit long.. I think it was in Sam Melville’s contract that he gets to play a Christmas tune with one finger for a minute! maybe it’s just me!]

{Amanda enters, dropping her coat on the back of the couch.}
Amanda: Oh, that’s fantastic.
Joe: (chuckling) One finger. It’s incredible, isn’t it? |[Oh. It is.] … Hope you like it. SGABNB.avi_000822389_thumb
Amanda: Thank you Sweetheart.
[Hang on a minute. I just want to go back and watch Amanda give Dr Smyth a kiss on the cheek. That was way more enjoyable to watch and listen to that this!!!! GAH!!!!!! He doesn’t get to be called Sweetheart anymore! lol. I mean sure it’s great they still get along. And I remember there are some fans of smk who don’t mind this one bit. It’s healthy and friendly and all that – but they’re no longer married!!!! this sends me right back to that kiss on the lips goodbye on her doorstep that Lee got all jealous about! What episode was that? Oh yeah. Stemwinder II. Where we got that wonderful line from Amanda: I love him, I’m always gonna love him. But I’m in love with you. [See HERE]
I think what cut Lee back then was how Lee and to sneak into the backyard to smooch Amanda, while Joe got to do it on the front porch.
Hmmm.. I wonder if they allude to this on purpose. Because Lee at this point is no longer sneaking into the backyard!!!!!! but.. he’s trying to sneak out of anything Christmasy sooooo what’s gonna happen for Lee and Amanda this Christmas? We’ll see!
But.. put me down for the – maintain boundaries with your ex- you are no longer together club!
I did create a meme about this which was quite cathartic for me. lol. II’ll share it in the christmas day memes post – but evidently I still carry some bitterness haaaa!]
Anyway, back to this ep!

Joe: I set it up early for the boys. Phillip’s already mastered the Marine Corps Hymn. SGABNB.avi_000823256_thumb
[Why does Joe have a wedding ring on? did he remarry?! if so.. hoorah.]
Amanda: It’s great to have you here for Christmas.
Joe: It’s good to be here.
[They move into a closer embrace. Oh please no. Gah! no kissing! SGABNB.avi_000828461_thumb
lol Dotty saves the day!]

{Dotty emerges from the kitchen, groaning in frustration.}
Amanda: What’s the matter Mother?
{Joe and Amanda exchange grins like they’ve seen this before.}
Dotty: (ranting) Would someone go upstairs and tell my sister that you do not cook a goose in tin foil.
Mother, are you two already at each other’s throats? She hasn’t even been here a whole day. SGABNB.avi_000843643_thumb

Joe: Why don’t we just relax play some Christmas carols and work on that big bowl of nog in the refrigerator.
[Oi. I wanted someone to tell Joe to stay out of it.]
Dotty: Lillian wanted to get into that before lunch. SGABNB.avi_000846246_thumb
Amanda: (laughs, quietly to Joe) it’s really beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.
Joe nods, laughing along with her.} SGABNB.avi_000848415_thumb
Dotty: Why does she come here and think that she can (raises voice to a shout, aimed up the stairs) take over my kitchen! SGABNB.avi_000852752_thumb
Amanda: Mother… I’ll talk to her, okay? SGABNB.avi_000856222_thumb
[Interesting family dynamic going on here. Why is Amanda the one who has to step in a resolve things between Dotty and her sister. Amanda’s always the peacemaker. Meanwhile she’s all touchy with her ex. Ugh. tee hee..]
Dotty calms: I hope so..SGABNB.avi_000857090_thumb
{Jamie and Phillip burst in the room. Jamie is wearing tinsel on his head like a punk rocker. Phillip is chasing him with a can of spray snow.}
Amanda: Hey, hey, hey! What’s going on here? Fellas, no running in the house. Fellas, stop!
{The boys come to a dead stop in front of the adults.}
Amanda: Now what’s going on?
Jamie: Uh, well, Phillip was trying to put that white junk in my hair. SGABNB.avi_000867500_thumb
Amanda: Why in the world would he wanna put that white stuff in your hair when you’ve already got that silver stuff in your hair? SGABNB.avi_000873573_thumb
Phillip: Oh and Aunt Lillian’s up in our room crying.
Amanda: Mother, SGABNB.avi_000879212_thumb(we see Dotty is unrepentant) SGABNB.avi_000880513_thumb
….what did you say to Aunt Lillian?

Dotty: Nothing. Nothing. We were just discussing the menu for tomorrow night.
{Amanda sighs and gives her mother a look while Joe laughs. Dotty pauses and glances up at the ceiling.} SGABNB.avi_000891358_thumb
Dotty: Well… there might have been a certain amount of bodily contact. SGABNB.avi_000896129_thumb
Joe can’t contain his amusement while Amanda looks horrified.}
[I confess I’m happy to see this! haaa but then I’m petty! haaaaa!]
Joe: Boys, come on over here…
[Go Dotty and Lillian. Sounds like they made a goose of themselves over the goose.
Right about now, I’m starting to wonder if Lee has the right idea about families and Christmas. Haaaaaa.. Just kidding. But.. this does make me wonder if this is why Amanda is an only child!]

The boys head over to their dad while Amanda sorts out Dotty and Lillian and the scene ends there.

{Cut to Agency at night. Lee’s car is parked outside. There is a single light on upstairs.
Off camera, we hear Leatherneck.}
Leatherneck: okay, here’s Walt’s guts.
{We cut to the Q Bureau where Lee and Leatherneck have a pile of toys on Lee’s desk and Leatherneck is doing something with a screw driver.} SGABNB.avi_000905672
Leatherneck: The hottest chip in this frog is the NAC735. It’s your basic ten-year-old Op Amp Oscillator.
Lee: What else you got? SGABNB.avi_000910877
Lee tosses the Harry the thing up in the air but it doesn’t come back down. Lee and Leatherneck stare up at it.}
Leatherneck: very low tech. SGABNB.avi_000916082
Lee: Yeah
Leatherneck: Yeah, what I got is the last of the Titan Christmas line.
{He picks up a silver cap gun and puts it in front of Lee on the desk.}
Leatherneck: Here’s a Tombstone fanner.
{Lee makes a happy noise as he picks up the gun.} SGABNB.avi_000924891
Leatherneck: And a Spud .45. I don’t know – the most sophisticated thing in either one of them is a spring.
{Lee is grinning at the cap gun.} SGABNB.avi_000928495
Lee: I had this exact same pistol when I was a kid…

[Lee is so adorable – Mr Bunny Teeth!]SGABNB.avi_000931164
 (He aims it and fires off a few caps) SGABNB.avi_000934768
Nothing like the smell of caps in the morning.
Leatherneck: Yeah right. Well, look, boss, they’re probably taking down the banquet tables right now so I gotta get down there and help ‘em out. SGABNB.avi_000942776
(Leatherneck makes for the door)
Lee: Okay thanks, Leatherneck… You know, the IRS audited Titan Toys a couple of months ago…
…Now, according to Falcon’s budget he uses most of his money for research and development. Very high tech research and development. But, where’s it going? SGABNB.avi_000953319
Leatherneck: Beats me. I’ll see ya.SGABNB.avi_000958258 (Leatherneck leaves)
[Leatherneck said he had to go, then Lee shares a random bit of info about the case like Leatherneck would have any idea? Why did Lee do that???  Beats me! haaaaaa. Pretty clunky. but Lee and the toy gun is so adorable I don’t mind a bit of clunky exposition. Okay okay. lots of money being spent on R& D and zero to show for it. Whatever could it mean?!
Lol Leatherneck is mostly out the door when we hear this voice over from Lee..]
Lee: I’ll take the toys back to Bernie.
[Lee! Leatherneck doesn’t care he’s outta there! lol.
Looks like they added it post production- weird.]

{Lee spins the pistol on his finger gunslinger style, SGABNB.avi_000965065
then squints SGABNB.avi_000965732
and fires off a cap in the direction of the ceiling. SGABNB.avi_000970937Harry the Thing falls back down on the desk.
Lee looks pleased with himself.}
[Oh my gosh! how cute is that.. Lee is letting his playful side come out while he’s all alone with the toy gun! haaaa wasn’t big on toys. Yeah Right.
How did he get the thing down?! did the gun actually shoot something? what do I care – this ending to the scene is adorable!]

{Cut to Bernie’s living room. Bernie is up on a small ladder decorating his tree. A man crosses in front of the camera and pauses in the shadows. SGABNB.avi_000981481
Bernie turns, looking like he heard something.}
Bernie: Is anybody there? SGABNB.avi_000985352
{We see that it is Ingle, who pulls some sort of gadget from his pocket and aims it at Bernie. It gives off a burst of red light and a loud beep. SGABNB.avi_000988288
Bernie shuts his eyes.SGABNB.avi_000989222 As he is blinded, Ingle runs forward and kicks the ladder, sending Bernie tumbling.SGABNB.avi_000991091 [What a Creep!!!] Ingle then picks the phone and dials.}

Operator: (we hear her over the phone) 911 what’s your emergency?
Ingle: (whispering) Help. (He puts down the phone.) Operator: Hello? Hello? Thirteen-sixty-one, what is your emergency? We have your address, tell us the type of emergency. Can you hear me? 1361, what is your emergency?

(Ingle cuts the Christmas tree wires and crosses the wires short circuiting them. He then sets a present under the tree alight with a lighter.) SGABNB.avi_001028194
[I guess he is trying to make it look like the Christmas lights were the source of the fire starting.)

{Cut to exterior. Ingle is walking out of Bernie’s house and getting in his car. As he does so, we see Lee’s car pull onto the street, then park in front of the house. As Ingle watches, Lee gets out of his car and realizes the place is on fire. Lee jumps out of the car and races up to the house. He stops to look in window, then tries the front door.}
Lee: Bernie? Bernie are you all right? Open the door! SGABNB.avi_001065632
{He attempts door again, then runs around side of house to the back, while Ingle watches.
Cut to interior of Bernie’s house. Smoke fills the room. Lee runs in from back.} SGABNB.avi_001079646
Lee: Bernie.
[I can’t watch this little action scene without laughing out loud! Maybe it’s not intentional?? but Lee calling out ‘Bernie!’ to someone who is in a house fire is flippin hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
Quick Lee! Bernie Burnie!]

{Lee walks over to burning Christmas presents then leans over Bernie who is out cold on the floor.} [and in danger of burnie!] SGABNB.avi_001092992
Lee: Bernie? (tries to shake him awake) Bernie!
{Lee moves to pick up Bernie. [before he can burnie!] Cut to exterior shot as Lee carries a coughing Bernie out over his shoulder and lays him on the lawn. SGABNB.avi_001104004
[Nice fireman’s carry Lee – very appropriate!]
Ingle is still watching. SGABNB.avi_001103003
We hear sirens.

Lee runs back inside as Ingle drives off.}

[Lots of emphasis on the fact that Ingle is taking it all in. And you know what? I have nooooo idea why and what happens next! lol.] Thoughts everyone? 

Next post is the Christmas/Holiday memes post to be published Christmas day!