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1/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hello- great to have you join us for a walk through Billy’s Lost Weekend! A huge thank you to Kiwismh who has transcribed this episode for JWWM: We Salute you!!!!
Kiwismh has had some fun while transcribing the dialogue and included a few comments – so you can all enjoy these  as we walk through the episode, I’ll include Kiwismh’s comments using these brackets { } Okay?

On with the show! Soooo I remember very little of this episode.. so I may say things that are obviously silly or wrong as I walk through it. lol. This is half the fun – and I’m just going to go with it! Smile 

The episode opens with a rather trippy montage of Billy’s.. 4.07BLW.avi_000121121
We have a mansion party.. Billy with a shrouded woman..
[Is that the mansion from The First Time? [If anyone is inspired to look – let us know!] When Lee is an undercover waiter?]
A disc is handed over from the shrouded woman to Billy… Shots are fired by two men wearing suits and hoods.. but they don’t seem to land anywhere..
A magical red carpet leading to a white Limo, the shrouded woman vanishes.. crowds continue to mingle around Billy with his bow tie askew (I don’t know why but it makes me giggle).4.07BLW.avi_000147547
We see a dog skeleton,
a dog! 4.07BLW.avi_000179579
[I can’t remember what is even relevant in this but whatev!]
… and we find.. a big black bear in the limo! [Does it dance? or doesn’t it?!]
[It’s all a bit Alice in Wonderland, rather than Wizard of Oz! Then again…… dogs and guns and bears? oh my!]
{is that dog Zeus or Apollo from Magnum PI?}
The dream sequence ends with Billy being punched out by one of the hooded men.
He is seen to wake in his office chair.

Billy says to himself: That’s all I remember of my weekend. 4.07BLW.avi_000242042
[Billy looks all tortured. Poor Billy. He picks up his black bow tie and gives it a squeeze to ease his angst. Why should the bow tie not suffer also?! At least he managed to find his way back to the agency and didn’t wake in the wrong part of town covered in trash and surrounded by breakdancing hoods (LOL) like Lee in Stemwinder!

Whoa. I’m hooked! What’s Billy on man?! and.. where can I get me some – what am I saying??!!! sorry forget that. Ummm Poor Billy thank goodness he won’t be in this alone!]

Moving on, Lee and Amanda exit the coat elevator..
Lee : If we take your car, we’ll have room for skis.
Amanda : I thought we were gonna rent skis at the lodge.
Lee : Ah, they don’t rent ‘em at Pine Top.

Amanda : I thought we were going to Oak Valley.
Lee : Oh, I changed the reservations. You’re gonna love Pine Top.
[Skis? Pine Top?! Whooo I like where this is headed! But lol at Lee changing the plans on Amanda.. won’t her family need the car? What am I thinking? who cares. Lee and Amanda are going on a little ski getaway?? Me like!!!! ]
Amanda : Oh, I am. 4.07BLW.avi_000258858
[Oh yeah, Amanda isn’t silly she knows a good thing when she sees it!]
Lee : Yeah, indoor tennis. It’s fantastic…
They enter the bullpen.)
[ Aie, indoor tennis? really? yeahhhhh right sure Lee. This line reeks of – ‘make it appear PG so we don’t offend in our time slot’!!! Me thinks indoor tennis is the new backgammon!]
…Look, this is the first chance we’ve had to get away together. I just want us to have a good time.
[I love how Amanda wordlessly listens to Lee here with a sweet smile, communicating that she appreciates it and thinks he’s really sweet IMHO – indoor tennis Lee?! awh isn’t he sweet rofl. Maybe this is code for Lee not pressuring Amanda to play backgammon? oh rofl! ]
Lee and Amanda approach the conference room only to find people filing out already.

Francine : Briefing’s been postponed.
Lee : To when?
Francine : Indefinitely. Billy put himself in a lock out.
Lee : He did what? 4.07BLW.avi_000280480
Francine : He had to. Metro picked him up at 3 o’clock this morning in a skid row alley…4.07BLW.avi_000282082
…He can’t seem to remember how he got there.
Amanda : Shouldn’t there be a task force to look for security breaches?
Francine : No, a task force is only put into effect when a field agent loses track of his time. Billy’s administration.
[oh this is interesting, so Billy is less important than a field agent huh. rofl. I mean he knows just as much if not more. No playing possum this time I guess.. weird!]

Lee : All right, thanks Francine.
Francine : Let me know if I can help, okay?
Lee : Yeah.
Amanda : Sure.
[Well well, this Francine is.. reasonable and helpful and actually answered Amanda’s question without snark! Heck, I miss moo cow Francine. but.. I guess characters have to evolve… and maybe moo cow Francine is currently out to pasture because her friend Billy is in trouble and she has to rise above previous pettiness. ahem.]

Lee : only one or two agents are allowed on an administration lock out. One, two.
(Lee points to himself and Amanda as he counts)
Amanda : You got it.
[huh? what does this mean – they go into lock out too? help? I feel like I should know lol.
I guess I can at least tell Lee and Amanda are going to help Billy in some way that no one else can.. ]

Back in Billy’s office he’s getting a check up of some kind.
Dr Joyce : Okay – cough. (she says as she looks into his eye)
Billy : What?
Dr Joyce : That was a joke, Melrose.

[Jokes are supposed to be funny. This was not a joke. Lol that her name is ‘Joy-ce’ good pun that! ]
(As the doctor starts taking his pulse, Lee and Amanda walk in and join them)
Lee : Doc, how’s he doing? 4.07BLW.avi_000318118
Dr Joyce : Lousy. He’s got no sense of humour. He’s impatient.

[I protest. the problem is not his lack of a sense of humour. Try giving him something to laugh at lady! but hey, kudos for including a female doctor here and not actually making anything of it!]

Amanda : How do you feel, sir? 4.07BLW.avi_000321321
Billy : I’m – I’m fine.
Dr Joyce : Physically. Mentally you can throw in the whole enchilada.
[She can talk, she’s been taking his pulse while holding up an entire conversation. Ahh so we are going for quirky socially awkward doctor got it.]
Billy : It looks like Thornton’s repression.
Lee : When he was Director, old man Thornton developed a technique for agents to repress information in case they were captured.
[lol Amanda could have benefited from knowing about that in the last episode!]
Dr Joyce : Billy repressed the entire weekend.
(Billy reacts to this with a head tilt)
[Seems less like a statement of fact and more like an accusation, then again who knows – with this doctor that might have been an attempted joke. I think she’s trying to say Billy is not fine and something more serious went down? ]
Lee : Is there any chance this is just a bump on the head and simple amnesia?
Dr Joyce : You know, Stetson, you bug me. He – He’s got restrain marks on his wrists, needle marks in his arm…
…Now if this was Patterson in payroll I’d put it down to just another kinky weekend but it’s not…
[‘You bug me?? hooo haaa Patterson in payroll has been outed! How unethical of this doctor! She needs to learn that Thornton repression technique!]
… And I got 6 bucks says I’m going to find remnants of some trace of truth serum cuddled up against his corpuscles. [remnants of a trace? eh? that doesn’t make any sense!! That’s funny without meaning to be !! Oh boy.. ]
Billy : All I know is somebody pushed me hard for something and I don’t know what, who or why.
Amanda : You don’t remember anything at all, sir?
Billy : Just, uh, a bunch of mixed up images – bear-

Dr Joyce : Bears! A symbol of courage and strength. What else? Skeletal remains – personification of death. You know, I think there’s a sexual thing there too…
[Ahem, Freud would say…]
…I’ll look it up.

[The gang wisely ignore her]
Billy : These are the files I’ve been supervising.
(Billy motions to a pile of files on his desk, Lee picks them up and hands them to Amanda, she heads to the door.)
Lee : Yeah, Amanda look, uh, why don’t you get started on the lower clearance end. I’ll catch up with you in a minute.
Amanda : Right.
4.07BLW.avi_000391791 Billy : Oh, Amanda, dig deep. If I’ve compromised an agent out there we have to know. Something in those files might be the key. 4.07BLW.avi_000398198
Amanda : Yes, Sir.
Lee : Billy you’ve got to give us something more than bones and bears.
Billy : Scarecrow, I – I haven’t got anything more.
Dr Joyce : All right, you two relax. I think it’s time we tried a little subliminal reoccurrence motivation.
Billy : Claudia, what is that?
Dr Joyce : It’s basic psychology. Any event, location, even a sound can shake up the grey matter and bring what’s been repressed back to the conscious. Now, let’s start the whole weekend all over again.
[subliminal reoccurrence motivation? Yes I guess that is so much more interesting to say than ‘let’s do a recap and jog your memory’! rofl]
Billy : All right. Friday night, I was here working on the budget. 4.07BLW.avi_000436636
Dr Joyce : All right, let’s do it. Come on, get to your desk and go to work.
Billy : Claudia, I sit behind this desk for 90 hours a day. [rofl. that’s quite an achievement!!! Magical some would say!]
4.07BLW.avi_000444644 Dr Joyce : You need something more stimulating.
Lee : Friday nights, yeah, Friday nights you have a built in location to stir up some memories.
4.07BLW.avi_000451184 Billy : Randy’s. 4.07BLW.avi_000454387 [Billy is cheating on his wife with Randy baby?!]

We move on.. and find out Lee wasn’t referring to Randy baby!
Billy : If I was here, I don’t remember. 4.07BLW.avi_000461594_thumb

Randy (bar keeper) : Well of course you was in here. Just like every Friday night. What’s the matter, the conversation too boring that you forgot?

Billy : What did we talk about Randy? 4.07BLW.avi_000476810
Randy : Well, you was telling me about how the wife was doing in Jersey. She still visiting her cousin there?
Billy : She’ll be back next week.
Randy : I’ve been trying to get my wife to go away for 16 years.
4.07BLW.avi_000483216[One word: Douche!
Actually, hang on –now it makes sense why Billy doesn’t remember talking to Randy. I’d be repressing that conversation too Winking smile ]

Lee : Ah, Randy, did anything unusual happen to Billy last Friday night. Did he talk to anyone, was there anyone with him?
Randy : You know why I’ve been behind this bar for 34 years? I don’t see past the beer spigot.
Lee : Did you see past it last Friday night?

Randy : Nope.
Billy : Come on, Randy.
Randy : Geez Billy. Okay, you picked up a dame. First time I ever saw you do something like that.
Billy : What did she look like.
Randy : Well, you’ve got good taste. She’s black, late 20’s, about this tall. She was really coming onto you. I don’t blame you a bit. [Okay, two words: Massive Douche!]
Lee : Did you get her name?
Randy : Nah. You ordered some champagne and took off with her 10 minutes after she walked in.
Billy : Well did either of us say where we were going? 4.07BLW.avi_000539272
Randy : Well I didn’t think I should ask.
[Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.. and iwsod vomit vomit..] 

Billy : Thanks Randy.
Randy : Yeah, sure. Well I’ll see you next Friday.
Billy : Yeah.
(Billy and Lee get up to leave, and the camera pans over to a hunky dude on the phone whom Kiwismh identifies as ‘Kimambo’)
Kimambo : He’s leaving now. I understand. We’ll put it into motion.

So Billy is under surveillance, well that’s handy…
Billy and Lee leave the bar, and Billy’s worried and frustrated that he’s not remembering..
soooo Lee gives him some encouraging words to relax, it will come.. and Billy decides he needs to walk and clear his head. He’ll meet Lee back at the agency.

Billy starts walking.. he quickly catches a glimpse of a lady across the street walking away from him – she looks like the lady in the opening trippy montage.

Billy stares at her. 4.07BLW.avi_000583316 [Whoa. It screams set up to me. I can’t even remember if it’s an smk coincidence or an actual set up.. but it reminds me of Lee seeing Dorothy randomly (not randomly) in We’re off to see the Wizard!] 4.07BLW.avi_000586519 (Billy crosses the road focused on the lady, not the traffic.. so we get screeching tyres and Lee notices what’s going on.. Billy catches up to the lady..)

Billy : Excuse me Miss. 4.07BLW.avi_000604137
(Kiwismh identifies this lady as Lanni)
Lanni : What are you doing here.
Billy : Who are you?
Lanni : Stop it! They’ll see us. 4.07BLW.avi_000621755
(Billy has no idea who she’s referring to…
She’s all nervous! She quickly writes down her phone number, hands it to Billy and drives off. Lee catches up to Billy. )
[Billy looks down the street like the car has already driven off, but the sound indicates the car is just starting to move. lol. maybe it’s just my copy of the episode? ]
Lee : Billy, what’s going on?
Billy : The woman. That dress. Lee, she knew me. She thought I knew her.
Lee : Well do you?
Billy : Yeah...(happy)
(suddenly realising he still doesn’t know her)

… No, no. I’m not sure.

Lee : All right. I’ll – I’ll get a run on those plates.
(We see Lee looking into the distance to read and memorise the number plate) [lol there’s something funny going on with time, distance and where this magical car is but.. whatev!]
Billy : Get a trace of this phone number.
(Billy hands Lee the number Lanni gave him-
[looks like Lanni wrote it on a packet of matches – another clue!!! And it was independence day somewhere on September 30th! LOL. So convenient. We suddenly have clues coming out of our ears!!! 4.07BLW.avi_000655388
Progress! What luck that this lady happened to walk by and jog his memory!!

Well I shall pause here for us to celebrate Billy and Lee’s great luck! ahem.
Thoughts so far???

9/9 Season Four Episode Six: Night Crawler-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Sorry for the delay, that kiss in the previous post had me dizzy and nonsensical. I needed recovery time before I could continue!! Finally, I feel ready and able. Thank you for your understanding Winking smile 

Hope you are recovered enough to join me for this walk through the final section of this episode! Here goes..

Back to Magda’s dress shop.
{Francine dressed as Magda, or Magda (LOL) listens to secretly to a message from Billy.  Aie my head hurts. Behind her, the Habib brothers are waiting.]4.06NC.avi_002466733
Billy [voice-over]: We’re in place. As soon as Birol smells the fish, you do the rest. He’s got to think a big dredge net is about to drop on his head.
[You know, I’ve only really focused on the swoony elements of this episode.. and here I am now needing to actually focus on plot lol. Sooooo have I understood correctly? They want Birol to sense the set up and flee yes? ]
Francine as Magda: There’s Birol’s truck. He’ll have Amanda. Be ready to show the money. [Jerry Maguire stole that line?! What do the Habib brothers want or care about with Amanda? I thought they were after airplane parts and were getting  F-15 fuel pods and a Xerox machine thrown in. Do they think Amanda is what fuel pods are called maybe?! rofl! ]

{Francine and the Habibs watch Birol gets out of the truck. Amanda is sitting in the truck with her eyes closed, drugged.} 4.06NC.avi_002483550
That’s her, that’s Amanda King.4.06NC.avi_002485418
[Habib Brothers thinkin: What’s an Amanda King?!]
Birol approaches the front window..
Birol: Salaam alaikum.
First Habib Brother: Alaikum salaam.
{A blue sedan swerves sharply across the street in the direction of the shop. The second Habib brother opens up a briefcase to show Birol the money and says something in Arabic. (NOTE: One of the words is “massari,” translated money.) The sedan abruptly parks the wrong way at the curb. The doors open.}4.06NC.avi_002499833
Birol: Where’s the rest? The price was five million!
{Magda and two other Libyans get out of the car.}
Magda: Addi, it’s a trick! Run!4.06NC.avi_002506773
{Birol turns to look at her . Francine turns to run, but deliberately trips on a rug on the floor. Her head falls back sharply so Birol can see that a wig falls off. 4.06NC.avi_002513980
The Habib brothers’ attention remains on Birol as they pull out their guns.}
[If I were Francine I’d be worried about those guns… these Libyans don’t muck around – okay what’s an Amanda King and what did you just set us up for?! And.. where’s my Xerox Machine?!]
{Birol and Magda run to his truck and get in and pull away. Amanda is seated between them, her head tipped drowsily towards Magda.}
Magda: Those weren’t the Habib brothers!
Birol: But that was you…except for the hair. Who set me up?!4.06NC.avi_002521454
Magda: The Agency! They found out about the trade. Addi, I don’t know how!  4.06NC.avi_002539072
{“Amanda” peels off her mask to reveal she is actually Mara.}
…I see you were clever enough not to risk your ace.4.06NC.avi_002543610
[we hear Mara moaning, Poor Mara! I hope she gets a bonus or something when this is all done. Oh and how is it Birol had drugs for Mara but none for Amanda? oh whatever, different drugs maybe..]
Birol: It’s off.
Magda: But the-the Libyans will still pay! 4.06NC.avi_002553219Birol: Forget about the Libyans’ money! You and I can make a new Karbala. We’ll even have martyrs.
[what a hero volunteering others to be martyrs… yeah I’m guessing he isn’t volunteering!]

[Street Outside of Madga’s Shop.]
Billy: Well, Birol has bought it all the way. And I’m locked in to Magda’s signal.4.06NC.avi_002558024
[Billy Habib is flippin hilarious!
Oh and.. House of Stewarts? I’m sure they added that Little touch to help Mel’s mother get over the pilot episode’s Stuart/Stewart spelling boo boo!
oh and enough with the cigars! This is so over the top it’s gotta be making fun no?!
Okay.. before we move on.. I gotta get my head around all this. or at least try…
Francine and Habib brothers show up for cover deal with Birol, Birol senses set up, Magda confirms set up – which is all of it, a set up to get Magda and Birol back to where Amanda and Lee are. Still, no idea why Habibs would give a toss what is an Amanda King. lol. I guess that was for the sake of the audience to be fooled in the moment.. not really considering the characters ha!
Okay, moving on for the big action finale!]

Back at Birol’s and he enters Lee and Amanda’s room, tossing Mara like a sack of potatoes. Ouch. He has his gun drawn..
But nothing gets in the way of Lee/Amanda cuddles. Aren’t they lookin adorable?! 4.06NC.avi_002566566
Birol: The list?
Lee: That’s it.
Birol looks it over…
It’s action time!
Lee gives Magda the signal… she nods back..4.06NC.avi_002584451
Birol: I know enough to know you’ve done a surprisingly complete job. You’ll both be remembered as heroes… [Ohhh so Lee and Amanda were the martyrs he had in mind. Sorry I’m a bit slow! ] 4.06NC.avi_002592192
Magda takes a Zap gas canister out of her jacket and activates it. Birol aims his gun at Lee and Amanda}:
…and martyrs of the people.
[Uh oh. Birol aims his gun at Lee and Amanda!!!]
{Magda throws the canister toward them.}
Birol turns toward Magda and the widening fog of gas and Lee seizes the opportunity of jumping Birol from behind..

Cue the action sequence. We have…
punches..(Lee cops one at least, Hey our hero has to be seen to suffer a little no?!)
Grunts.. [whoa. look out stunt guy!]
and Lee wins. Suffer Birol. 4.06NC.avi_002623423
(Yep, this is how I like to cover smk action scenes when there is nothing funny in the happening!)

Billy, Yusef and his cigar come in to take the dirtbag downtown. 4.06NC.avi_002625558
[Yusef wins the prize for biggest gun. I think it’s so it doesn’t look like he’s carrying one of those gun shaped lighters haaaa]
Billy: You got it under control?4.06NC.avi_002627694
Lee: Yeah. Billy, it’s Zap gas, you bet-you better get outta here until it-until it wears off.
Billy: It doesn’t matter, we’ve been neutralized.
Magda shows some actual care for her sister here. Hoorah. she helps her out (and hopefully to some medical care then a holiday!)

This all very conveniently leaves Lee and Amanda to their cuddles..
Lee: Amanda?4.06NC.avi_002634901
Amanda: Yeah, I don’t feel so good.

Lee: I know. Don’t worry.
Amanda: Oh!
Lee: Don’t worry…
…It’s-It’s Zap gas and right now you won’t be able to move, but…4.06NC.avi_002642375 …Let’s just get comfortable,…
…it only lasts a few minutes.4.06NC.avi_002646379
Amanda: Better last longer than that.
Sweet sweet long lasting snuggles!! 4.06NC.avi_002652252
Drug induced but.. sweet haaa.. [get me some of that!]
While the actions sequence is for me, super lame.. to see this little ending makes it worthwhile!

Moving on and it’s tag time.. Is this the first time we have a tag with zero dialogue? I think it might be.. and you can be the judge of if it’s needed! Share your thoughts – all views welcome!!

Amanda enters the Q bureau alone.. puts some milk in the fridge..
and heads over to her desk – she stops suddenly.. there’s something on her desk. A box?! A small box!!!! 4.06NC.avi_002679579
She opens it.. cue the romantic music. There’s another ring box inside.. 4.06NC.avi_002693993
What could it be?! 4.06NC.avi_002695061

Yep!!! Amanda and her shoulder pads react and it’s adorable. 4.06NC.avi_002700133
But.. where’s Lee?! He still stuck on that bed from the zap gas?! 4.06NC.avi_002704137
Amanda just stares at the ring.. hypnotised!! [zapped?!]

Ahhhh here he is.. He quietly enters, enjoying the specialness of this moment..here the love chimes?!
He slowly, wordlessly, he makes his way around to Amanda’s side.
Is that a harp I hear?! swoon emoticon[11]
Lee takes a seat on the edge of Amanda’s desk, and takes the ring from her hand.
He puts it on her finger..
it’s time for Amanda to swoon! swoon emoticon[9]
She takes in the ring on her finger, as Lee takes her hand in both of his.. 4.06NC.avi_002738038
Their eyes meet.. and..
.. Smiles, big smiles all over the place!!!!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!! swoon emoticon[3]
okay, more smiles.. then a kiss! swoon emoticon[5]4.06NC.avi_002746046
We end the ep with a close up on the ring. swoon emoticon[7]4.06NC.avi_002748448
He likes it and he put a ring on it!
Time for us to join in and swoon too!!! swoon emoticon
Quick! here you go, breath deep!

 swoon stopper

Certainly a different vibe to this tag than others, but I do love that they’ve gone unapologetically romantic – go big or go home! heart_eyes emoticon

For me I love that there is no dialogue, because this is just a continuation of the proposal scene – the words have been said, and this here is the official sealing of the deal.
Any further dialogue would have been well… redundant. I don’t think I could get any better than what was said before but then I loved it – I know not everyone did… so really curious to hear all the different views of this proposal!

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!!!

So that’s it for Night crawler!!! we did it!!! thanks for your patience, and thanks again to Jaimie for the transcription.

Next up? is Billy’s Lost Weekend. Transcribed by wonderful Kiwismh- hope you are well Kiwismh if you get a chance:  stop by and say hi!!  I’ll try to cover episodes in less detail so we can keep the pace moving forward consistently.. (don’t worry there is no risk here of rushing!). 

8/9 Season Four Episode Six: Night Crawler-Scarecrow & Mrs King

So everything has fallen apart.. and Francine is left alone to run back to Billy for help!
Billy: All right, Francine, they sifted through the ashes. Relax, there are no signs of human remains…
4.06NC.avi_002155188 …And stand up! 4.06NC.avi_002155622
[LOL Billy is not happy with his children!!!]
Francine: Yes, sir! That’s good news, sir!
Billy: The last of it! The rest of my news is bad. He disobeyed a direct order of mine, and you helped him! I should write you up on charges, but who has time?! I’ve got two agents to find now!4.06NC.avi_002164297
[He doesn’t have time to write up disobeying his orders? yeah nice one Billy! How does he say this with a straight face?! ]
Francine: I’m sorry, sir. Lee did not want to use a big force. He didn’t want a repeat of the Egyptian airline disaster.
[ROFL I love these little random mentions smk throws in!].
Billy: I can’t fault his tactics. My God, Francine, Birol has them both! Now how in the hell did the Libyans, the Habib brothers and Magda Petrak get mixed up in this?
[well. it’s a funny story really… ]
Francine: Magda is one of the few people that Birol might trust in a bind. Now, he has kept Amanda even from his own soldiers. It’s a long shot…
Billy: It’s a sucker’s bet!4.06NC.avi_002191624
Francine: It’s the only option we have!  Okay, we’re setting Birol up so he thinks he’s been stung. We needed a couple of harmless Libyans to make it work. I found the Habib brothers… [a danger only to dates who don’t want to be pressed!] …Face it, Billy, the Libyans are paying top dollar for American hostages. It’ll work!4.06NC.avi_002205505
The scene ends here.. LOL Billy doesn’t look quite as upset.. 4.06NC.avi_002209409
More like he’s having a stroke! tee hee.. 

Back to Birol’s shack.
{Birol holds Lee at gunpoint and shoves him into the room where he was watching the airport footage. Lee regains his balance, his eyes on Amanda. 4.06NC.avi_002216850
He looks back briefly as Birol locks them in the room. Amanda is resting on a cot. When she hears the noise she gasps and jumps to her feet. 4.06NC.avi_002220320
[Amanda still manages to look gorgeous in spite of the sleep deprivation IMHO! .. makeup perfect..hair perfect.. shirt a little untucked- oh my!! she is a mess!! she is barely hanging on!! tee hee]
Lee walks over to her.}
Amanda: Oh, hi.
Lee: Amanda!
Amanda: Yeah?
{He grabs her up in a tight embrace. She smiles and reaches for him as well, but is surprised by the force with which he hugs her.}
Amanda: Oh! Ha ha.
Lee: Oh, Amanda!
(Lee pulls Amanda in closer, tighter)
Amanda: Oh, this is getting pretty good now. Mm.4.06NC.avi_002228862
Lee: Oh, are you all right…
Amanda: Oh, yeah, you know…
Lee: …huh?
Amanda: …I can actually feel you.

I think this is probably the best hallucination I’ve had yet.4.06NC.avi_002235535
[Before she can barely finish her sentence, he pulls her in for a kiss.]4.06NC.avi_002236870
Amanda: Mm! Mmm.
[Hmm funny I don’t mind publishing these kissing photos at all! Much better! Amanda’s MMMMM is flippin hilarious – and hot!] 4.06NC.avi_002239272
…Oh wow! 4.06NC.avi_002242742
[I think Amanda may be finding an upside to her hallucinations!!]4.06NC.avi_002243276
{Lee shakes her head gently.}4.06NC.avi_002245679
Lee: Amanda?
Amanda: Yeah?
Lee: It is me! It is really me!4.06NC.avi_002250483
[She smiles at him in disbelief. She touches her hand to his cheek.]
Amanda: Oh, it’s not–4.06NC.avi_002253420
Lee: Yeah, go on feel it! See, it’s me!
Amanda: It is you?
Lee: Yes!
Amanda: It’s you?! You’re here?!
Lee: Yeah.4.06NC.avi_002259025
Amanda: Hello-o! Oh!4.06NC.avi_002260093

[Awhhhh!!! so adorable!!!! and funny!!! and hot!!!
These reunion scenes are some of the best in the show aren’t they!! The humour is there and the romance.. ahhh you can’t top this for romance in the whole series I think.

That kiss- holy cow! I love how Amanda is making noises like this is the best meal she has had for a year.. ok, maybe her life.. and it’s Lee’s lips she’s tasting!!! hehehee… (how does KJ as an actress manage to convey that she is really enjoying this kiss, but be funny?? she is an amazing actress!)

You know, I was doubting Birol’s ability to value sentimentality, but I stand corrected!!! It was soooo sweet of Addi to let Lee wash off all that black war paint, slime, solvent, salty spray stuff off of Lee’s face so that we could get an eyeful of gorgeous Lee without these ‘obstructions’ .. Not to mention lending Lee some hair gel, a brush and mirror for his big romantic moment Flat, weird beanie hair just wouldn’t do!! Birol is a Lee and Amanda shipper! Hey do Lee and Amanda have a portmanteau? if not.. why not.. and let’s come up with one?!]

(We hear the sound of Birol entering the room again.)
: It’s hello, it’s good bye. I’ve got Night Crawler. Why do I need her?4.06NC.avi_002271571
{He holds up his gun, thrusting it aggressively in their direction, and pulls the trigger.4.06NC.avi_002279045 Twice, in quick succession, the clicking sound of an empty chamber. Lee begins to charge toward Birol. Birol’s shouting quickly stops him.} 4.06NC.avi_002280113
…Now I do have a bullet under the hammer! Want it? I have an offer from the Libyans for her… 4.06NC.avi_002281448
…I like it. It’s up to you what happens. 4.06NC.avi_002282782
…Give me a list of the ATAC team. Your assets here and abroad, your sources, your fronts.
[Who how handy that Edna D’Angelo just put all his figures together for him ha!]
Amanda buries her head in Lee’s back. Birol throws a pen at the floor in their direction and, still aiming the gun at them, walks backward toward the door.}
…I’ll be back in an hour. 4.06NC.avi_002307073
[An hour?! lol if Lee were to really write all that it would take a week!]
(Birol pulls the trigger again before he leaves- another shot that doesn’t happen..) 
Amanda: Oh, I’m sorry I’m shaking so badly.4.06NC.avi_002318284
(they hug, rocking each other back and forth. awh)
Lee: I didn’t notice. We must be shaking together, huh?…  4.06NC.avi_002321755
…Turn around… 4.06NC.avi_002325492
…I’ve got a surprise for you… 4.06NC.avi_002328428
{He  pulls her pendant from a velcroed pocket on his pants. He  fastens it for her.} 4.06NC.avi_002337771
…Now, it may need a new clasp, but I think it’ll hold for now.4.06NC.avi_002343376
Amanda: How are mother and the boys?
Lee: They don’t even know a thing.
Amanda: Mm.
Lee: Billy’s decision was to keep them out of it, unless Birol went public or it dragged on.
Amanda: Good.
(Having finally finished clasping the necklace, lol, Lee turns Amanda back around to face him)
Lee: I went to the house yesterday.4.06NC.avi_002356189
Amanda: You saw Mother?
Lee: Yeah, yeah…
…It made me feel closer to you.4.06NC.avi_002361528
{They are quiet for a few seconds and then Lee leans her forward and kisses her on the forehead.} 4.06NC.avi_002364197 4.06NC.avi_002366332
[You want more pics? Yeah.. I thought so!!]
{He kisses her forehead again and then they rest their heads together.}
Amanda: Is there a way out of this?4.06NC.avi_002370337
Lee: Look, why don’t you just sit down, hm? You just sit there while I make out that list.
{He bends down to pick up the pen that Birol threw on the floor and then sits at the desk to begin writing.}4.06NC.avi_002384484
Amanda: No! You can’t give him the list, you’ll destroy everything you’ve done. He’s not the only one, there are a million Birol’s. You have to draw the line somewhere.
Lee: Hey. Look, I’m buying us some time, Amanda. I’m not gonna let him sell you to the Libyans!
[I guess he can’t tell Amanda it’s not a real offer in case they are being monitored?]
Amanda: I’m not crazy about that part, either.
[LOL this kinda reminds me of saved by the bells..
Amanda: oh sure easy for you to say your not the one they are gonna stuff into a refrigerator and send off to Moscow.
Lee: no I’m the one they are gonna put up against a wall and shoot!
-oh how things have changed since then!!!]
You got here in time, I knew you would.
I had hoped to “get here in time” under different circumstances.
{He kneels in front of her and takes both of her hands in both of his. }
…We might not make it out of this one.
Amanda: Yeah, I know, it really stinks, doesn’t it?
[stinks?! rofl. that’s right up there with.. ‘Oh my gosh’!!! So Amanda!]
Lee: Hey…
…Amanda King, you are the best, 4.06NC.avi_002422188
…the bravest, the smartest, most…
…beautiful woman I have ever known.4.06NC.avi_002428328
[Lee’s in tears! I’m in tears!!! Are you in tears?!]
Amanda: I love you.
Lee: Then will you marry me?4.06NC.avi_002430997
[Oh wow. sob sob… It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I’ve watched this over the years, he gets me- every.single.time]
[Amanda seems temporarily shocked by this question.. in awe maybe?! I’ll give her a break, she is sleep deprived after all.] 4.06NC.avi_002439806
Amanda: Will I marry you? Oh, yeah, I’ll marry you… 4.06NC.avi_002443810
…We’re the luckiest two people on the face of the earth.4.06NC.avi_002446479
(They begin to laugh.
And they pull each other back into each other’s arms.) 4.06NC.avi_002449949
[-this image above is blurry but I just love the sheer joy of it anyway. 4.06NC.avi_002451284
More kissing!!! 4.06NC.avi_002452352
really touching, sweet moments.. 4.06NC.avi_002455555
The scene ends here. And.. I.. can finally give in to.. the swoons!!!!!!!!]

swoon emoticonswoon emoticon[16]swoon emoticon[19]swoon emoticon[23]swoon emoticon[27]swoon emoticon[32]swoon emoticon[37]swoon emoticon[41]swoon emoticon[48]swoon emoticon[13]swoon emoticon[56]

Phew.. I’ve pretty much used up my daily quota of smelling salts, my box of tissues.. and my drool bucket is full to the brim. This proposal was worth the wait wasn’t it?!

I think I know this scene off by heart now.. To me.. this is the big proposal.. who cares about a ring.. when a man says you are the smartest, bravest person in the whole wide world and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you? [ok, at this point, they don’t know how long that will be 😉 ] he can keep the ring for all I care..

Come on Habib brothers – you know you really want that Xerox machine! Come on and get the deal done! haaaaaa…
Soooo gee there isn’t much to talk about in this post for smk fans right? pretty boring, pedestrian.. and predictable right?
Okay! okay!!!! comment away all!!! Feel free to wax lyrical, compose sonnets, sing songs. whatever – tell us what you think! I’ll be back to share the next post in a week or two… enjoy!! Can’t wait to hear from ya!!