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Season 4 DVD back cover.. From ‘I spy’ to ‘I do’

New info!! We now have the back cover to the season 4 DVDS!
Very interesting… Amanda described as an ‘Agent’ and a ‘consumate professional!’  I like this copy – I think it is the best written and most interesting out of the lot – and true to the show.. love the use of ‘Power Hungry Wachos’ !  Oh and I love that they used a pic of Amanda listening in on Lee’s peacock dance (‘What a drag!’  ) Ohhhh I can’t wait to discuss season 4!!!

This picture is the best I can do sorry! Hope you can read the copy.. if  not head to Amazon.com and you can use their little magnifying glass to read it more clearly.. I had to take a snapshot of my screen to get this pic! (being in Australia I don’t have access to the Warner Bros tv on dvd website-if anyone can get a better pic can you send it to me please? pretty please?)
Season 4 back cover

Hey when it comes out.. should we walk through an episode together to commemorate it’s release? I am soooooo tempted!!! tell me what you think!!
Many thanks to Eagle Eyed Redgold for pointing out to me this information has been released!!!  🙂

Byeeeee! Iwsod

Waiting For the Release of Season Four Scarecrow and Mrs King on DVD..

…Why don’t we have some fun? ! Anyone like to submit some artwork of people from Scarecrow and Mrs King waiting on the Scarecrow and Mrs King Season 4 DVDs?

Like to have a go? Or make a suggestion?
Go for it!! It’s lots of fun 🙂
 For reasons to be optimistic about the Season 4 release, see this previous post on Warner’s SMK DVDs history: https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/03/28/scarecrow-and-mrs-king-season-four-on-dvdsome-encouragement-for-everyone/
Hopefully we will have an announcement for the release in December this year!!  Open-mouthed smile

Scarecrow and Mrs King Season Four on DVD–some encouragement for everyone!!

While we wait for the release of Season Four on DVD..

Here’s why Scarecrow and Mrs King fans can be hopeful of a Season Four DVD release soon!! 🙂

The history of Warner Bros and Scarecrow and Mrs King on dvd:
Season one DVD release was announced on 10 December, 2009, for a 09 March 2010 release…

Season two DVD release was announced on 08 December, 2010, for a 22 March 2011 release…

Season three DVD release was announced on 30 November 2011 for a 20 March 2012 release…

Seeing a pattern??

Fingers crossed we will be seeing an announcement for the release of season 4 on DVD early December 2012, for a March 2013 release!!!! If the Season 3 sales are good enough!!!

If we are really optimistic..  we will see the announcement of the release of a 4 season box set of Scarecrow and Mrs King on DVD early December 2013, for a release of March 2014!!- With bonus features, like deleted scenes, behind the scenes interviews.. commentaries.. bloopers.. a reunion of the remaining original cast.. maybe a few of the guest starts.. ahhh we can dream! 🙂