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2/2 SMK Stats: Remembrance of Things Past

Aaaaand we’re back!  Back for the second installment of ROTP stats, complete with more swoony moments – get your helmets out ladies Winking smile.  I find ROTP has a bit of everything in it – ROFL humor, knock you out dimples and of course, the reason for our Lee In Plaid category.  I hope you enjoy this second part of the stats!

Let me know if I’ve missed anything!



We find our favorite duo back at the King Edward hotel looking for clues…

touch 14

Lee is such a gentleman…he just can’t help it.  Right hand on elbow.

touch 15


Uh oh, Amanda’s been hurt!  First Lee touches her left elbow.



touch 16



Now he’s touching her neck looking for a bruise.

touch 17




He’s really looking hard for a bruise…so tender while he touches her neck with his left hand.

touch 18

Now holding hands.  Awwww.  Didn’t we just seen this pose in MBF? Her hair is much better here – despite that Amandaband.

touch 19

Ohhh, they’ve really got each other in a good grip, huh?  13 seconds of virtually constant contact! 8 seconds of which is hand holding.  Open-mouthed smile

touch 20

Hoo haa!  Lee and Amanda in bed!!!!   Love their faces!  It looks like their upper arms touch here, doesn’t it?  I’m counting it.  Anyone got a meme for this?

touch 21

L:  Are you okay?  I’m pretty sure he touches her at least once here while he is untying her left arm.

touch 22




L:  Yeah, I guess we won’t be able to have those burgers and wine at your place?   Again – he’s got to touch her at least once while untying her right arm.

touch 23

He’s sneaking a look here – is she disappointed?  Oh, and he’s touching her arm.

touch 24

They’re still touching – now she steals a look.  Is he disappointed?

touch 25

Sizzle, sizzle, crack, crack! Don’t need no dynamite bundles here!   Laughing out loud  Oh, and they’re still touching.  Winking smile


hands 1

Ahhhh, Lee’s lovely hands.

hands 2

Are these Lee’s hands?  I think they are!  The camera backs off Lee’s hands without cutting and we immediately see Lee’s reflection in the mirror. If it is a hand model, the filming and editing people did a very good job.  Go check it out if you’re not sure – but I think these really are his hands.  It’s right around 9 minutes in.  Please report back if you do!

hands 3

Now there’s a gun in those hot hands!  Love the look of relief and concern on his face.  And that long, straight index finger.

hands 4

Don’t you just love his long, slender fingers?   I wonder why BB never took up piano.  Maybe he did?  Anyone out there know?

hands 5

One last look – those hands in action!  Love this look of anxious concern here too.

Jack Sightings

jack 1

It’s Jack 1!  Wow, Jack 1 and Jill in one episode!  I wonder if we’ll ever see Jack 1, Jack 2 and Jill in the same episode.


lee mug

I want one of these.  I’m not kidding.  Anyone know where I can get one?  Email me if you do.  bjosmk@yahoo.com.  I’m completely serious.

francine 2

F:  Amanda King knew about this??????  Muahahahahaha!  Looooove it!!!!!  Good job Martha Smith!!!  But what are you wearing???  I do like your hair though.  Smile


Knock, knock!!

bad amanda 1

L:  Amanda, get in the bed.  A:  What?  Bad Amanda!

bad amanda 2

L:  Just do it, will ya?  Love the look of horror on Amanda’s face!  Time for a meme game   Open-mouthed smile  Just what is going through her mind here???

A.  She is horrified of getting in the bed for fear of bed bugs – or worse.

B.  She is horrified of getting in the bed with Lee.

C. She is horrified at wondering what Lee wants to do with her in that bed.

D.  Other – but you have to explain in the comments!!!

This pic is BEGGING for a meme!  KC?  iwsod?  Anyone???

bad amanda 3

And she finally does what she’s told…too bad neither of them looks very happy. Sad smile  I think this is the only time in the series they actually share a bed – under the covers.  Yup, it’s my avatar!!  Winking smile

AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

amaaanda 1

A:  What are you going to do?   L:  Ignore it.   A:  Ignore it?   L:  Amaaanda! Actually, this is about as nice a way to say Amaaanda annoyingly as he ever gets, I think. Boy he must be scared.  Nice dimple too  Winking smile

Lee in plaid

plaid 1

I’m not really sure if this is considered plaid. It might just be a large gingham check pattern.  But just in case it is plaid, I’m including it Winking smile

plaid 2

And here we have the reason for this category.  Say it with me everyone:

 L:  “I hate plaid!”

plaid 3

ROFL!! It doesn’t even look like Lee!  I don’t want one of these hats.  Seriously.

plaid 4

And for all you fans of imperfect hair Lee…this is one of my faves.

plaid 8

Uh oh, Lee just got off the phone with that nutter, Sinclair.  Love the look on his face.  No wonder Dotty said he had a strong profile in VM!  In love  Yep, I’m just posting randoms pics of Lee in Plaid.  Well, cuz that’s the name of the category!  I never said it had to be different plaid, did I?


amandaband 1

Oh goodie, a pink one.  One more down….I think we’re up to 8.


lee saves a 1

Look at that kick!  He’s got to get into that bathroom to save Amanda from being strangled to death!

lee saves a 2

It’s Karate Kid Stetson!!!  This aired about 6 months before the original Karate Kid, I bet Ralph Macchio or Pat Morita stole it from Lee!!! 

lee saves a 3

After getting off the phone with Sinclair, Lee rushes over to his apartment save Amanda.  Lee, you still haven’t put away Sandy Newcombe’s football equipment?   Don’t you think it’s aired out long enough?  

lee saves a 4



Uh oh, he gets caught sneaking in!

lee saves a 5



Now he has to sword fight the guy.  Totally not a fair fight.  I’m thinking Buzz Blade didn’t do much sword fighting on his show.

lee saves a 6



And finally, degenerate lifestyle Lee pulls the fuse out of the dynamite bundle, saving Amanda, himself and Mr. Feller from being blown to smithereens.  Yep, Mr. Feller, it’s none of your business what Lee does inside his own apartment…Nyah-Nyah  I love that Lee totally ignores him!!!  Laughing out loud

Gratuitous Dimple shots

dimple 1

L:  Monk’s is neutral territory. It’s a hangout for reporters, operatives, crooks…anyone who makes a buck off the international power game.

dimple 2

A: Wouldn’t it be safer if I drove you?  L: Safer?  A:  Yes, I mean I know I can’t punch, but look if anybody tried to attack you I could confuse them to death, you know I can do that.   Yep, Lee does know that.  so does Dr. Ted Glaser.  Winking smile   And, yes, there is a dimple in this picture.  It’s just hard to see because it’s in the shadow….

dimple 3

A:  Alright. We know that you’re strong and brave and I’m not. I’m scared and I’m not strong and I’m not brave so, just to humor me, would you please let me drive you home? Pause Please? Pause  L and A together: Okay.   A: Good.

And lest anyone think I am completely shallow and only look to what’s on the surface only, this next series of Dimple Shots when Lee appears in Amanda’s living room will show you that I am capable of seeing more than just the dimple.  When I want to.  Winking smile  


dimple 4

Take Lee here in this photo – we have your plain old, dimple-free Lee in that luscious blue color.  In love  Yep, he’s alive!   Oh, thank God!!

dimple 5

And here in this picture we have your basic dimple-faced Lee, very happy to be alive and standing in Amanda’s living room.


dimple 6

L:  I do care.

Ahh, but this dimple, now this is a special dimple.  It is preceded by the Amandaramble where she tells him that she doesn’t care if he doesn’t care that she cares.  I think we should keep an eye out for future “I do care” dimples – they are special.  I am pretty sure there is at least one in our future – perhaps many more.  In fact, I’m picturing one right now. In love He looks the most genuinely sincere I think I’ve ever seen him with Amanda.

dimple 7

L:  Really.

Now this dimple is called the “Really” dimple.  Notice it is a tad deeper than the “I do care” dimple above.  And his smile is starting to show.  He really is sincere!  But not that kind of sincere.  Winking smile

dimple 8

L:  Thank you.

And here we have the final dimple in this trilogy.  Yup, you guessed it, the “Thank you” dimple.  Notice how the dimple has gotten even deeper than the “Really” dimple and his smile has reached his eyes.  Is this man gorgeous or what?  Breathe people.  Iiin and out.  Iiin and out.  I’ll take these three Lees over Lee in a tux any day.  I think.  Winking smile

dimple 9

A:  You’re welcome. 

Awww, sweet!  Amanda you are one strong woman – how you are able to think and talk and still stand up at this point I’ll never know.


dimple 14

L:  And a small but provocative selection of wines.

What does that even mean?  Lee looks happy here, doesn’t he?  I guess spending a night or two in suburbia isn’t as bad as he thought it would be.  As long as he can have his provocative selection of wines.

dimple 15

A:  Lee? L:  Oh yeah.

  Leeeeee, don’t you know you have to untie her all the way???  

And there we have it!  So what was your favorite Dimple?  Did you go check to see if those are really Lee’s hands holding that “Getting Nervous” note?  What was your choice for what Amanda’s thinking when Lee tells her to get in that bed bug-ridden bed?  And just where, oh where, can I get on of those Lee mugs???

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 0

Amanda Bands – 1, pink

Lee saves Amanda – 2

Amanda saves Lee – 0

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 1

Amaaanda! – 1

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 6

Amanda “Boo boos” – 4

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles – 2

Touches – 25

Lee in Plaid – 2

Who Left their keys this week? – 0, The baddie actually gets into Lee’s car and he didn’t even leave the keys in it!

Jack Sightings – 1

Jill Sightings – 1

1/2 SMK Stats: Remembrance of Things Past

Hi Everyone,   I can’t believe we are knockin’ on the door of season 3, can you!?!?  But before iwsod lets us open that door I get to share some swoony good stats from season 1’s ROTP!  So get out your  drool buckets and helmets and sit back and relax and enjoy the show.  (Cue bluesy saxophone music.)  Who doesn’t love this episode?!?!  Besides Francine anyway!

Hope you enjoy! 



Let’s jump right into the violence!  I mean, let’s face it, without Lee’s fake demise this episode would stink!lee hit 1

Lee gets stabbed!  With that bendy knife!!! 

lee hit 2

Ouch!  That really hurts!  Lee is in pain!

lee hit 3

Then he gets punched – more ouch!

lee hit 4

Oh nooooo!!!  Say it ain’t so!!!  Lee is dead!!!  Don’t you just love how Amanda is the only one we can see not wearing a dark color?  

lee hit 5

It’s wet Lee!  Can anyone see the egg on the top of his head?  It’s there because Amanda dropped the phone on him!  Rolling on the floor laughingLaughing out loud  We just didn’t get to see it happen.

lee hit 6

It’s really not a fair sword fight here – superspy Scarecrow versus that nutter Russell Sinclair.  This boo boo here to Lee as he crashes his luscious backside into his desk is caused more by Lee than Sinclair, IMHO.  Be careful Lee!  Don’t want to damage the merchandise too much Winking smile.

lee hit 7

Even Amanda sees that it must have hurt!  Bwahahahaha!  Love that face!!! 

lee hit 8

Sinclair gets in one final piddly attempt at hurting Lee so he can escape – books to the face.  Nooo!  Not to his fabulous face!  Aren’t you glad we almost never got to see Lee with cuts and bruises to his face?  Except that one time when he really deserved it?  Laughing out loud

Jill Sightings

jill 1

There she is!  It’s our first full-fledged, without a doubt Jill sighting.  We continue to see this woman throughout the series.  Does anyone know what her name is in real life?   We may have already covered this, but I’m too lazy right now to go back and check.  In this episode she appears to be playing an innocent byscreamer, I mean bystander.  Winking smile


aramble 2

This is just a mini-ramble, but it’s such a sweet scene and picture I just had to include it  In love  Hope you don’t mind.

A:  Alright. We know that you’re strong and brave and I’m not. I’m scared and I’m not strong and I’m not brave so, just to humor me, would you please let me drive you home?  Pause Please?  Pause L & A together:  Okay. A: Good.

I love this next Amandaramble to Lee.  I’m so glad she let him have it a little bit.  He deserved it!  But he looks so damn good looking here (and sincerely sorry) that I just can’t seem to really get mad at him.  Not even for a second.

aramble 1

A:  I have been really upset about this. I thought I’d lost a friend, and that hurts. And I was frightened, too, and uh. . . . Look, I know you don’t like tears, I know they frighten you more than bullets, so I’m sorry about this little scene, but you’ve brought it all on yourself because it would have been totally unnecessary if you hadn’t been killed, which you haven’t been,

aramble 3

and I cared that you were dead, and I don’t care if you don’t care that I care.

Ah-yup…I’m gonna make you wait for that stupendous dimple shot that we all know comes next  Open-mouthed smile  Crying face  Devil  Winking smile

Amanda Boo Boos

Amanda doesn’t fare too badly this episode.  Just a few bed bugs, a harmless little attempted strangulation, and more dynamite than even Wile  E.  Coyote would ever use.  Laughing out loud

amanda booboo 1

Here we have Sinclair trying to strangle Amanda.

amanda booboo 8






He fails at his attempt before Lee tries to save her, so he throws her against the wall – ouch!!

amanda booboo 2


Here, Sinclair surprises Amanda at Lee’s apartment…he grabs her from behind…amanda booboo 3

and then ties her up – each forearm and across the top of her chest.  Quick question here…who thinks Lee’s albums are still organized alphabetically???  Anyone think he messed ‘em up?  Or maybe just moved his Stones albums to the “R” section?

amanda booboo 4amanda booboo 5

Look at all this dynamite!  I wonder if he shopped at the Acme Corp?  He must have – that would also explain his not using the ubiquitous SMK baddie white rope.

amanda booboo 6amanda booboo 7 

There’s even a bundle of dynamite behind Amanda!  Is the whole building gonna explode or just Lee’s apartment and maybe the one above it?  9 bundles of dynamite!  


cheeky 1

Yowza!  His masseter is really flexing here!  He is not happy about having protection 24/7!  Nice trench, Billy!  Much better than the cardys.

cheeky 2

Ooooh, check out this cheek shot!  Amanda’s cheek….  Look’s like she’s been taking cheek muscle flexing lessons from Lee.  She needs more practice, don’t you think?    Get yer minds outta the gutter Sarcastic smileLaughing out loud

cheeky 3

Wait, how’d this get in here?  Oh, alright, I give up…nice cheeks, Lee!  In love  Ahem.  Looks like domestic bliss if you ask me!

TOUCHES – Part 1

ROTP is a very touchy episode…we are back up to 25!  The only other S1 episode thus far that has nearly that many touches is TGTN. 

touch 1

Lee has Amanda’s right arm at the elbow with his left hand.  What a gentleman!

touch 2

Right hand at elbow here.

touch 3

Left hand on Amanda’s back.

touch 4

And finally his right hand on her back, guiding her away from the table.  Oh, and I just noticed he’s getting a little cheeky here too!  He doesn’t like those reporters!  

touch 5

Left hand on her arm again.  Lee’s eyes are too funny here.  What do you think he sees?  Or maybe Amanda’s has just said something to him???  KC, iwsod, what can you guys do with this one?

touch 6

A:  Can I see it? L:  Why?  A:  Well, just because I’m nosy.   Amanda touches his hand while going for the note.

touch 7

And one last arm touch.  I love this quality of Lee’s.  Is there anyone out there who would be driven nuts by all this touching?  If so, then I think you are reading the wrong blog.  Winking smile

touch 8

I’m not even sure how to count all the touching parts here, so I’ll just be quiet and let you enjoy….  Which hug do you like better – this one or the one in the golf cart in SBTB?  I’m partial to this one.  Please explain your choice in the comments – I’d love to hear them!

touch 9

They both look VERY happy!

touch 10

He’s really got his arms around here, doesn’t he?  LOVE it!  But why are her eyes closed and his not?  Okay all you deep thinkers, just what does that mean???  I can’t really think when I see this picture, all I see is dimple, hands and happiness Open-mouthed smile

touch 11

I think their fingers may touch here – her right and his left.

touch 12

See?  It looks like it, right?  Don’t you just love the idea of Lee in Amanda’s house being all domestic?

touch 13

I really think Amanda thinks Lee doesn’t know how to use the dishwasher!  Laughing out loud

Touhes are to be continued in the next post in a couple of days!

Ok, that’s all for this first stats post.  Please et me know what you think about their eyes while hugging and if you think Lee mussed up the order of his albums!  Or anything else you’d like to share!!!  Post 2 will be coming soon!  Thanks for reading – and here is the link to iwsod’s first episode post for ROTP.

2/2 SMK Stats: The Long Christmas Eve

Ho, ho, ho!!! Merry Christmas!  I hope you are all nice and cozy and warm (well, nice and cool for you Southern Hemispherians) and hopefully at home or with a loved one somewhere enjoying good food and drink – not beans, herring and wodka with the KGB!  Although I hear herring tastes better after you’ve had some wodka Winking smile  Then again, I suspect there may be one or two of you out there would would gladly eat herring with the KGB if that meant you got to be Lee’s nursemaid for a night and sit on his lap and sing Christmas Carols.  Hehehe….



Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee

lee hit 2

Look out!  The bullets are flyin’!  Dive for cover, Scarecrow!

lee hit 3





Man down!  Man down!  Scarecrow’s hit!

lee hit 1

Ouch!  Now that’s gotta hurt!  Okay, Lee’s shot in the chest, so how does he get that blood on the back of his hand?  Did he get a cut or something while diving for cover?  Shrapnel embedded in his wrist?  Anyone got any ideas??  Or is this a blooper?


a saves lee 2

Lee’s been shot and looks like he’s hurt pretty badly.  Night has fallen and Amanda is very concerned.  She remembers the medical kit in the car and decides to go get it.  Look at the determined look on her face – she’s made up her mind!

a saves lee 1

Still determined, off she goes so she can help Lee. 

a saves lee 3

Rudolph tries to stop her, but Amanda doesn’t really care what he has to say.  A:  I don’t care about national security. All I know is I don’t want him to die. 

a saves lee 4

Rudolph doesn’t give up, he doesn’t want his daughter to try get by the KGB.  A:  I’m not your daughter!  Rudolph is stunned and Amanda just broke her cover to save Lee.

a saves lee 5

A:  My name is Amanda King, Mr. Rudolph.  I work part time for the Agency, rank GS-7 Seasonal Employee.  I’m very sorry.  How sorry do you think Amanda really is?  The Bite-Sized Amanda post for this episode will be a good one!!

ramble 9ramble 1

A:  May I have your attention, please?  She is one very brave woman!   And still using her manners in the face of danger!

A: We have a wounded man inside and he is hurt very badly and I need to go to the car to get the medical supply kit. So that I can help him. So,

ramble 2

A:  It’s awfully cold out here, so if you’d like to come inside the cabin and wait for me that would be alright. Look – voice breaking – it’s Christmas Eve. Ahem. And I don’t know what that means to you.

ramble 3

A:  But to me it means that we should be thinking about peace. And helping each other.

ramble 4ramble 6

We can see Rudolph and Dimitri are affected by what she is saying.  I Wonder what Scarecrow would be thinking and if he would be affected.

ramble 5

A:  I shouldn’t, ah, I shouldn’t be here. I should be at home. I have two little boys.

ramble 7

A:  Phillip, he’s 10 and Jamie, he’s 8. And I should be at home filling their stockings.

ramble 8

A:  And I wish I were but I’m not. I’m here. All I’m asking you to do it just call a truce for a few minutes so that we can help each other. And that’s all and now I’m going to step down and please don’t shoot me.  Like I said, this episode is going to make for a good BSAmanda post and comment discussion!


a booboo 1

At the end of her ramble, Dimitri grabs Amanda by surprise.  Does scaring the heck out of her count as a booboo???  Love KJ’s face – she is sooo good with her face – like we saw in the ramble.  Bravo, KJ!


touch 2

Lee’s just been shot and makes it safely back to the cabin.  Amanda’s all over him in this scene.   Two hands here.

touch 3


Two hands again, but in different places.

touch 4




Two more hands, plus she’s got her chest on his shoulder.

touch 5




She’s moved her left hand and her cheek is on his forehead.

touch 6




Her thumb is just barely touching his cheek and his head is now snug against her right shoulder.

touch 7

Two new hand positions, Lee’s head is propped up by her chest now and it looks like her chin is keeping his head up.

touch 8

New hand  and head positions again!  Amanda is really being very careful with Lee’s body here.  Love how she keeps his head up with her thumb and forefinger.  Her other hand is on the back of his head. 

touch 9touch 10

Rudolph gets in on the action!  Amanda has both hands on Lee in both pictures.  Lee really looks like he’s in pain!

touch 11touch 12

More two hand touching here too.  Amanda is telling Rudolph there is a medical kit in the car.

touch 13

Awwww, love this pic!  The pain is gone – or Lee’s passed out from too much pain – and Amanda is right there by his side.  Love how they are resting their heads on each other and Amanda’s got his chin.  Again.  Gosh, there’s a lot of plaid in this picture!

touch 14

Amanda is just sitting here with Lee.  I wonder what Rudolph thinks of her.  This is before he finds out she’s not his daughter.  I didn’t include the pics, but Amanda pats his head three different times here.

touch 17

In this scene, Amanda gets in another two hand touch as well as six additional head pats or rubs.  Six!  She can’t keep her hands out of his hair! 

touch 19

Lee is waking up after a quick nap.  She’s back at it!  More two hand touch and head patting.

touch 20



L:  What the hell is going on here?

More patting as Amanda explains.

touch 21

L:  Ivan and Dimitri?  Oh, I don’t believe this…I’m in the middle of The Brothers KaramazovI know that’s a book by a well-known Russian author, but will someone out there explain the relevance to those of us who’ve never read it?  The patting continues.

touch 22

Is she sitting on his lap?  Probably the arm of the chair – but they are very close – much closer than your typical co-workers if you ask me!  I’m counting this as a touch – If she’s not on his lap, then his right hand might be on her, I think. 



dimple 4

LOL – Lee is listening to Amanda tell her ‘father’ how she usually spends her Christmas…at home with a guacamole dip, champagne and a football game.  How does it sound, Lee?

dimple 5

L:  It’s a crazy business we’re in, huh?  Yep!!  Even though it’s directed at Ivan, I had to include this dimple shot!

dimple 6

A: Hi, how ya doin’?  L:  I’m fine, just fine!  Does he look happy to hear her voice, or what?  Laughing out loudIn love

dimple 7

L:  It was a hell of a Christmas Eve, wasn’t it?  Awww.  What is he thinking, here?  Looks to me like he’s thinking admiring thoughts of the bravest woman he’s ever gonna know!

Here’s another view of it – a split-second later:dimple 8

A: Yeah, it was.  We’ve got two dimples in this one!


christmas wishes amanda

L:  Merry Christmas, Amanda.  Damn, this is one of those times I wish I could have an Audio Play button.  This just makes me go weak in the knees!  It’s a good thing Amanda is sitting.

christmas wishes lee

A:  Merry Christmas (pause…), Lee.  Ahem, I think it did affect her!  That is a pretty big grin right there.  If she were Rudolph, her nose would be glowing full on!

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Peace on Earth and Good Will toward men…and women!  

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.  Here is iwsod’s first TLCE post if you’d like to go back and read her episode recap.