12/13 Season Two, Episode 15: A Relative Situation-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The moment the baddies leave, again Lee tries to undo his bindings.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002310810
Yeah Lee I don’t think that elephant foot lamp is going to be useful this time.. no knocking over lamps or vases and cutting your bindings! (rofl is it just me or is that lamp very distracting?!!) Although I noticed Lee’s and the Colonel’s chairs are on wheels- LOL nothing is to stop them from wheeling around and untying each other’s ropes!! LOL!! but well. this way is much more fun!! Go Amanda!!
Ohhh!!! A funny moment here I had forgotten!!!

pipes up: Lee,…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002312312
… there may be no problem. You know those tennis lessons I’ve been taking?

2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002313313
[LOL why am I so thrilled that Lee knows Amanda’s been taking Tennis lessons?! Winking smile I am though!! it’s kinda cute he knows that! A bit *ahem* like something a boyfriend would know Winking smile ]
Lee: yeah
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002317317Amanda: well I flexed the muscles on my arms so that when I relax, I should be able to slip right out of these ropes.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002321321
Love the look here that Lee gives her- he can’t believe how cool that is.. haaa he looks admiringly at her forearms Winking smile the colonel is much more skeptical!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002322822
And Amanda struggles and struggles with the ropes.. hmmm it’s not quite working!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002325325
very funny!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002326326
Lee gives a big sigh and gives up on Amanda..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002326826
LOL! give her a minute! She’ll teach you suits and military types how it’s done!!! Winking smile (eventually!) Lee goes back to struggling with his own ropes! I love that he makes no comment.. it is all done with body language!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002327327
He looks at the colonel like: If I don’t get out of this rope we’re screwed! Amanda’s not going to be any help!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002328328
Uh oh.. Ted loads up his car with the jamming device, having changed out of his uniform, he tells the baddie to dispose of their bodies.. Whoa!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002341341Hurry guys!!! time to escape!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002363863
Amanda’s so funny squirming all over the place!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002366366yup.. seems Amanda has finally worked her way free! well done Amanda!! (and she didn’t learn that trick in the military!! pha!! Hey that was a groovy ‘trick up her sleeve’ huh! Literally!)
Lee nods and cheers her on: come on!
Amanda frees herself from the last of her bindings:
I knew it would work!
Colonel: Lee was right about you Amanda, he said you were very resourceful. ( whooo!!)
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002376876
Amanda is a little preoccupied with their situation so maybe doesn’t get to fully appreciate what Lee said about her! Smile She tries with her hands to untie Lee but that’s not working: well I just do the best that I can sir [anyone else want Lee to say here: watch your hands please! Winking smile ]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002378878
Instead we have Lee cry: Ouhhhh!!! Ohhh!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002379379
and he gives Amanda a glare- ahem Smile
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002379879remind anyone else of when he glared at her removing his belt his belt his belt?? and touching him somewhere she shouldn’t? squeee! Lee- I didn’t take you for the type to mind.. He doesn’t mind in Utopia Now on the ladder!![now there’s a gif I need to do!] Oh wait I know: Amanda! Not in front of his uncle! Winking smile

Oh my.. Lee tied to that chair , glaring at Amanda like that?? Is giving me impure (non PG) thoughts..
Amanda: Oh Lee, I’m really very sorry!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002380880Lee: It’s alright it’s alright, just find something to these things off will ya.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002383883
Amanda finds the General has a very handy sword collection, right next to Lee! What Luck! Winking smile
Whoooo watch that sword Amanda!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002388888
It sounds like it whacks him in the chest- whoa!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002389389
We wouldn’t want to hurt Lee! rofl!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002389889
Love how he snaps his legs shut quick smart.. surprised he didn’t check everything was there when he got upWinking smile ha haaaa..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002390390
Lee’s reactions are so funny here through this whole sequence.. very exaggerated.. hilarious!! especially when freeze framed!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002390890
Well Amanda gets Lee untied.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_002394894
Lee then unties his uncle.. Whoo I like the big left Lee gives the baddie as he comes into the room.. one punch and he’s out.. way to go Lee!

If only all the action was that quick! Winking smile Oh yes.. it’s not time for the compulsory 10 minutes of action to finish up the story.. so the gang head off to the aiport to stop the General getting away with his jamming device..

You know what I love? I love that we don’t hear who the General has been selling information to, or who is the buyer of his jamming device – we don’t care! Smile and it doesn’t really matter! Smile 

I will finish up the episode in the next post, as always I would really love to hear your smk thoughts – Thanks for reading!!! byee for now..

19 responses to “12/13 Season Two, Episode 15: A Relative Situation-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019rewatch
    One of the things I think I really enjoy about the three of them (Lee, Amanda & Colonel Uncle Bob) together in this scene is the level of familiarity that seems to be happening between them. Amanda has had some time alone with the Colonel in her kitchen earlier, and developed a little foundation there, I think. He shared the story about Lee’s childhood, and she commented about Lee being his own man, and now Lee has expressed to the Colonel some complimentary thoughts on Amanda’s resourcefulness….anyway, I think it is a sweet thing to be watching the comfort level deepen between all three of them on display here together while in the same room. Neither Lee or Amanda seem uncomfortable talking about the fact that Lee would know that she is taking tennis lessons…she just states it and he just moves along with the conversation without skipping a beat, like he would know those things about her and he doesn’t seem to care that his uncle knows that he knows. Can you imagine him if she had said this in front of Francine? Like in the opening scene with the perfume? He was a little more “I can’t believe you are bringing this up right now” in the bullpen. But here he just acts like….well, they act comfortable around each other, and in front of his only family. It is significant, IMO. Does this make sense at all?

    That was a good Amandaramble. Hadn’t had one of those in awhile. If anyone needs an aspirin, let me know. Does anyone actually take aspirin anymore? 🤣


    • That was a perfectly coherent and touching Amandaramble! I agree with that wholeheartedly and wish I’d been paying enough attention to notice it myself! I am jealous. LOL

      And if you want to know how aspirin works, there’s a lovely Agency pharmacist in Unfinished Business who will be happy to explain it to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • #2019rewatch
        The aspirin bit! Hahahaha!! I had totally forgotten it. That’s a great scene to add some humor to a somewhat heavier episode in Unfinished Business.

        And thanks for the kind words, Janet. They mean a lot!!! 😊


  2. #2019rewatch
    Does anyone else wonder when, exactly, does Amanda King find time for tennis lessons? We all know she’s terribly busy arranging birthday parties, baking cakes & cookies, checking over homework, coaching baseball, volunteering at charity events and the boys’ school, being a Bedside Bluebell, being a Junior Trailblazer Mom, being an activist, etc.

    Just who is this tennis teacher that has her finding time in her busy schedule to take lessons? Might he be Jimmy Connors? Lee ought to be mighty suspicious … has he vetted this guy?

    Maybe you can decipher this California license plate: 10SNE1


  3. #2019 rewatch

    Lee: I will save us! I have a trick or two you might not know. And I taught Amanda everything she knows!
    Colonel: I will save us! Who do you think taught you suits?
    Amanda: I don’t know any good tricks but I do take tennis lessons and I think I can shimmy out of these ropes.



  4. On a side note here, I have noticed how very many of us are willing, nay, dare I say, eager to tie up our children. My stepdaughters are grown but I would gladly contribute to the cause by tying up my hubbie. Just an offer……

    hee hee *evil grin*


  5. The thought of Amanda accidentally goosing Lee makes me smile!!!!! It does remind of the belt the belt the belt scene. 😉

    I am also willing to help out anyone with pictures for a post. You can reach me at bjosmk@yahoo.com anytime.

    I’m thinking about tying up one of my kids to test the flexing forearm muscle theory….that is if I can get one to go along! I’ll let you know.

    A baddie post?!?! I can’t wait to read it, Cindy!


    • Thank you Bjo!!! That is very kind of you to offer! 🙂

      ‘Goosing’ Lee?? I don’t know this expression???

      LOL.. notice I mentioned your testing the flexing forearm muscle hypothesis in the 13th post on this ep 😉 tee hee!

      Cindy’s baddie post is nearly all done..I’ll be posting it soon..

      Soooo we have next up – Bjo’s wonderful stats on Sudden Death!
      Then Cindy’s baddie post!
      Then…. on to the hair don’t!!
      Morley’s post on the hair-don’t will be coming up soon!!
      Lots of smk goodness heading our way !! I love it!!!

      if you want to join in the fun do let me know!


      • Ooops! Ahhh, the perils of global communication…the PG version of ‘goosing’ is to pinch someone’s bum. 🙂

        Really looking forward to Cindy and Morley’s posts!


  6. I like the tennis lessons comment from Amanda and how Lee remembers that she is taking them. It shows that they have conversations about things other than the Agency. And it shows that they are getting closer and becoming better friends. It also shows that he is actually listening and paying attention to what she says.

    I also like the faces she makes as she is trying to wiggle out of the ropes. Lee does encourage her a bit and seems to hope she can squirm her way out. His reaction when she does whatever she does behind is back is priceless. I agree that it’s a lot like the belt removal. But she seems to go for it more with the ropes than she did with the belt. Amanda’s good with a tennis racket, but not with a sword.

    I actually liked the baddie in Saved By The Bells. Of course he wasn’t that much of a baddie, but he was quite humorous with Amanda in thinking that she was Scarecrow. He seemed sort of charming and not at all dangerous.


    • Melissa Robertson

      SBTB is at the top of my list of favorites for Season 1!!!


      • Hi Everyone!! Loving all your comments! I see lots on earlier episodes too! awesome!! glad to see they are still getting lots of love 🙂

        Jenbo, I never would have guessed the tennis/muscles clenching would be cringeworthy! I actually put my arms on the arms of my chair and tried it..[well I didn’t tie myself to the chair, I mean I held my arms like that, clenched the muscles and saw how much space it would create! LOL!!! does someone want to have a go and report back to us??!!! haaa!!! )
        I figured it was possible.. I should keep it in mind if I ever need to rescue myself 😉 you would only need a little slack in the rope to make it possible to escape.. but we can see it differently Jenbo! 🙂

        LOL.. that’s what I want to know Jenbo.. what was going on behind the chair? 😉 In a way, I love that smk hints at these things – and teases us!

        LOL.. yes the Elephant lamp is awful.. the whole room is awful! did I include a pic of the lion skin laying in the middle of the room? did you see it?? It still has the head on it and everything!!! and that bear in the corner is very distracting!! I guess it highlights the fact that Patterson is a predator of the worst kind and completely lacking in good taste 😉

        LOL – a Baddie post?? that would be awesome!! i saw Shona mentioned that – was that the Service above thread? I’m too busy to get back to that at the moment (so sorry!) but I love the idea Shona and Cindy!!!
        Cindy if you’d like to send me your thoughts I can put it in a post for you..
        (Shona, I would be happy to publish your thoughts also if you would like!! 🙂 It’s fun!!) if it is the baddies up to this episode I can add the pics no prob! I’d love to have a discussion about the smk baddies – if we have a post on it we can have a place to discuss it where it won’t get lost in the chaos that can be this blog at times!
        What do you think Cindy? Shona? we can post one now if you want.. or wait till the end of season 2, but at the rate I’m going finishing season 2 will be a while away.. so happy to do one up till now.. or we could even start with a Season One baddies post.. let me know! 🙂

        LOL.. yes it’s the James Bond formula isn’t it? tie up James Bond, or set him up with an impossible situation to get out of or die – but the baddie never waits around to see how it ends.. he or she always assumes 007 is toast and leaves him alone – and gives him the chance to escape!
        I guess it must be part of the Baddie Code of Ethics…
        LOL.. we could write a post on that too!! Baddies must drink tea.. they must use a fancy white telephone.. what else? tee hee.. oops.. maybe we should hold off on that list and get the post up first! sorry!

        Hi Melissa R, agreed! their friendship is so heartwarming!!!

        Hi Valerie– I’m with you I like the tennis comment and that Lee knows about it!! 🙂 I’m glad to hear it’s not just me who was chuffed by what that mean’t!! 🙂

        Yes Valerie I think I need to do a gif of Lee tied to the chair.. just a little busy at the moment but I’ll save that little project – remind me if I don’t get back to it please.. it is hilarious!!

        yes the baddie in saved by the bells, Zinoiev, was awesome.. such a respect for the scarecrow! [ what’s the cliche?? too bad we have to kill him! 😉 ] I agree with Melissa R, SBTbells rocks!!!

        It has been ages since I sw RFTS Melissa R (in response to your comment on post 10- about Lee telling Amanda to use her skills in that ep.. ) that sounds fabulous! I can’t wait to get to it!!!

        byee guys! I’ll try and finish up this episode as soon as I can!


        • Thanks for the offer to put in your pictures- that was the one thing holding me back. I’ll send season one baddies off to you later today (it’s close to 2 AM, I guess I should go to bed!). Cheers!


          • Thank you Cindy!!! It looks great! I’ll get it published in the next few days! whoo hooo!!

            Glad I offered to put the pics in! If it’s something general- where I am not using a specific expression or something to tell a story – it’s easy enough for me to put the pics in-and show who the character is that’s being discussed.. If I’ve already covered the episode here I’ll have pictures 🙂

            Same offer goes out to anyone who wants to write up a perspective on Amanda’s journey up to now.. [by all means do your own pics if you like- Bjo and Morley have done a wonderful job- it’s pretty easy!! 🙂 ]

            I find Amanda tricky – and always seem to wind up thinking of what Lee thinks of her – which bugs me!! Because Amanda is her own character and is not defined by what Lee thinks of her!! 🙂
            Anyway.. I won’t go off on that tangent! byeee all.. I’ll try and get the last ARS post up asap!
            Hope everyone is well!!!


  7. Melissa Robertson

    Lee and Amanda are very funny in this scene. Love the over the top facial expressions and actions. They seem like a couple. That’s what I like about the rest of this season is how they are great (best friends)!


  8. I confess when Amanda said that about her arms and her tennis lessons I cringed. C’mon Amanda it isn’t going to make you Popeye 😉 still she proved me and Lee wrong.
    Oh yes Lee is so cute when he’s glaring Amanda, the question is did she accidentally pinch his butt or did she just twist the rope? Enquiring minds wanna know 😉 It totally reminded me of the belt scene 😀
    Urgh I hate that elephant lamp 😦 Poor Nellie (the elephant in case you’ve never heard of the song) be lovely if it was fake but suspect it’s not 😦

    You know this whole tie them up thing is no fun these days, no way you can chew through cable ties with your teeth! Thank heavens for rope, making escapes possible since turn of the century 😉


  9. Ahhh, the good ol’ “Tie em up with a piece of flimsy rope and leave ’em unattended for sufficient time to make their escape while we go off to attend to our nefarious deeds” routine. Fortunately for our heroes SMK baddies are so bad at being really bad, or even efficiently bad. There have been one or two exceptions though – the baddie Hollander in Service Above and Beyond struck me as somewhat more realistically menacing. There’s maybe a topic for discussion if it hasn’t already been covered – who have the best/worst baddies been and why?


    • Ahhh, the good old days of inept bad guys that wouldn’t give you nightmares when the show was over.
      I did a favorite baddies post over on Yuku for season 1. I should bring it over here if IWSOD can figure out where to place it. I am doing a season 2 ‘best of the bad guys” and will post it when we finish our walk through this season.


    • Melissa Robertson

      You have to give them a chance to defend themselves, it’s in the rule book~ Bugs Bunny in Space Jam 🙂


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