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7/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Let’s finish this up with a long final post..
Back to Statik Aerospace, it’s night time and time for an evil monologue!
Williamson: Here we are, gentlemen. The heart and brains of the world’s first hunter-killer satellite… [heart and brains?!]
4.08 PF.avi_002151051
…Now, handle this with extreme care. It’s the down payment on the rest of our lives, which, I might add, should be spent in the East – way east. Once the Warsaw Pact gets a hold of this baby, the Western space defenses won’t be able to keep out a mad parrot with a loaded ICBM.

(They hide the heart brains in what looks like cleaning equipment.) 4.08 PF.avi_002167267
[Blah blah blah.. I keep getting distracted by that shelving behind him – which doesn’t match the size of the door. lol!]

Back at Statik Aerospace the next day..
Whooo the whole gang is on site, joined by Sam Tanner.
4.08 PF.avi_002185685
Lee: There’ve been at least three more janitors coming in here than Grime Busters’ contract in the last 3 months.
Amanda: Who makes up the schedule?
Tanner: Well, Jake Williamson. Ahh. Two months ago, we began final ready check of the HK-86. We check each subassembly and then we lock it away in a clean bin until final assembly.
Billy: Until then, no one rechecks the components?
Tanner: No.
4.08 PF.avi_002194094
Billy (to Tanner): Get one of your tech people down here to give us the cook’s tour.…Francine, I want you to find Williamson. I want to talk to him.
Francine: Yes, sir, I’ll put the trackers on it.

Billy: Let’s go look at the assembly.
(They part ways and we cut to the Grime busters van arriving at the warehouse.)

Cue lots of pointless footage, checking cameras, and getting ready to photograph stuff they shouldn’t..
4.08 PF.avi_002269969
and finish the scene with an intense caress of the satellite’s heart and brains… rofl. I think it’s love.
Looks like the gang might be too late! gah!!!

Back at Statik Aerospace and they’ve found the cupboard with the magical shelving. 4.08 PF.avi_002282582Engineer: I filed the detonator subassembly in there myself on Friday. Where the hell is it?
Lee: They’ve been smuggling the parts out after they were checked and then bringing them back before anyone missed them.
Engineer: Well, let’s hope they bring this one back.
Tanner: No, they don’t have to. The detonator was the last piece of the puzzle. They’ve got the whole enchilada.
[Am I supposed to understand why a satellite would have a detonator? Ummm? ]
Billy: I’d better notify State.
(Billy leaves)
Engineer: What’s missing is the proximity bomb. It’s our doomsday option. We can smuggle the HK-86 up close to the target and then, poof.
4.08 PF.avi_002305739
[Ohh I see lol. thanks for explaining that Engineer. ha! Soo the satellite is really not just a satellite? it’s a bomb that can hunt and kill. Lol no wonder Williamson loves it so much Winking smile ]
Lee: All right. How do you track it?
Engineer: Well, it’s been designed to be tracked by commanders in the field with mobile gear.
Amanda: That could find it for us.
4.08 PF.avi_002316349
Engineer: None of it’s been assembled yet.
Lee: Great. That takes us right back to square zero, doesn’t it?
4.08 PF.avi_002313346
Engineer: Not necessarily. All I need is this little circuit board, this row of LEDs. I could use this power supply. Hey, I could jerry-rig something.
[I love this woman. I’m pretty sure she has partnered with Macgyver in the past. Probably taught him….. whooo I know, let’s call her Macgirlver! None of what she says actually has to make any sense. it’s brilliant. ]
Okay. We don’t have much time.
Macgirlver: Give me 45 minutes.
[I bet Macgyver would have needed an hour!]
4.08 PF.avi_002333566 Back to the warehouse, and more talking on the phone!
Williamson: Coming soon to the Bulgarian Embassy… [whooo anyone speak Bulgarian?!]
…Complete photographs of the prototype hunter-killer satellite. We’re not in the pizza business. We don’t deliver. You do. And you buy the beer. [Is it just me or is that beer line really lame?]
4.08 PF.avi_002344577
(he hangs up and sends the grime buster off on patrol… we then see more gratuitous photo taking of satellite bits.) Yawn.
4.08 PF.avi_002361995
Back at Statik Aerospace, and the engineer is working on the tracking and disarming device.
I don’t know how this is going to work, particularly in the DC area with all the microwaves. But then, again, if it’s outside the DC area, there’s no way you’re going to pick up the signal. 4.08 PF.avi_002368001
Lee: Well, my guess is, they haven’t taken it out of DC.
Macgirlver: This is like a coat hanger antenna on a car radio…[okay. I can go with that.] …When you get close, you’re going to have to fine-tune it with the keyboard.
4.08 PF.avi_002382215
Lee: Now, look, we don’t really have the time to memorize a lot of complicated codes.
[rofl. oh yes please no complicated codes.]
Macgirlver: Oh, no problem, I’ll copy these for you. But whatever you do, don’t enter “267.” That’s the destruct sequence. There’s no failsafe in a unit like this.
[What exactly did she copy? err maybe I don’t want to know. I just gotta know 2-6-7!!!!]
Amanda: Okay. Well, I guess we should probably start working out from the plant in concentric circles.
4.08 PF.avi_002405238
Lee: Well, it’s a million-to-one chance, but we’re going to have to take it.
(Macgirlver hands Amanda what she copied down. codes? I don’t know…) Amanda repeats: 267.
[Hey – don’t forget 267!!!!!! I mean it might be important. I honestly can’t remember but usually when they repeat something it means something. lol.]
(Lee and Amanda leave to run around in (concentric) circles! )[Only professionals go around in circles!]

We cut to the corvette going around in circles..
Lee: Got to be close by. I’m sure they want as much time as possible to put those parts under a microscope.
4.08 PF.avi_002428161
Amanda: All we can do is keep working this pattern.
[Thanks for the reminder. You are driving around in a pattern! got it! This background is not supposed to be looked at as a still. lol. Hey why is Amanda looking at the piece of paper with the codes the whole time, isn’t she supposed to be looking at that gizmo?]

Back to Statik Aerospace.[LOL we’ve seen those women outside a few times now. Get back to work!]
Billy is trying to call Lee and Amanda.. but we learn the gizmo is blocking the signal. 4.08 PF.avi_002446579
Soooo they’re on their own! Only Lee and Amanda can save the whole of the west!!!

(Back to Lee and Amanda in the Corvette…
Ohhh lol more performing in front of the projection screen haaaaa..
4.08 PF.avi_002455989
Amanda: I got something right over there.
4.08 PF.avi_002457791
(They turn into a street, driving past that old warehouse.) [Umm Lee said it was a million-to-one chance.
These two should buy a lotto ticket!! And.. maybe look a bit more suprised about it?! haaaaa..]
(Anyway, the lookout grime buster sees them.. he’s holding a rifle.
They turn at the end of the street, pull over and park.
4.08 PF.avi_002489622
Lee tries to make a call on his car phone.
Back inside the warehouse, the lookout Grime Buster alerts the others..
They all look down the street.)
[ but the Corvette just kind of blends into the background there, so they go unnoticed. Hey! Just checking you are paying attention!! haaaaa!! No way is that Corvette blending into anything baby!]
The three spot the Corvette.. Even Williamson spots it with his one eye! ha!
Williamson: That’s the guy from the Agency.4.08 PF.avi_002511644 (Cuts back to Lee, still in the Corvette)
Lee: Damn phone. Frequency’s out again. You stay put. Keep trying to get us some backup.
Wait a minute.
Lee: Wha —
Amanda: You can’t go in there alone.
Lee: You’re fond of quoting me the rulebook, right? Chapter 11, Subchapter 4.
Amanda: No.
Lee: “Without tactical backup, an agent team must not risk both members in the same action.” If one of us gets in trouble, the other can cover.
[Whoooo Lee, I love it when you speak rule book to me! haaaa]
Amanda: I just wish you wouldn’t take all the chances.
4.08 PF.avi_002540674
Lee: I’m not taking all the chances.
Amanda: What do you mean?
Lee: I’m going in there alone and you’re staying out here alone. Okay? [Ummm look what happened in Nightcrawler. But ahhh, I miss the whole stay in the car gag!! Will Amanda stay in the car this time? I honestly can’t remember, but I kinda hope she doesn’t haaaa]
Amanda: You’re right.
[lol while I love to see a little tiff between these two this one seems to fizzle out pretty quickly when Lee is still the one putting himself in danger. but.. hey whatevs..]
Lee: Now, remember –
4.08 PF.avi_002548682
Amanda: Uh-hm.
Lee: — the destruct code is 267.
Amanda: 267.
[Enough! we got it. what 5 times in 5 minutes. 2-6-7!!!]
Lee: That thing is not to go over to the other side, no matter what.
[soooo we got Lee going in alone, no car phone to call for back up, umm oh yeah and the satellite might get blown up by Amanda from the car if Lee leaves her to wait in the car too long. Anything else at stake here? Oh yeah.. the grime busters have guns..]
Amanda: It won’t.
Lee: Understand?
Amanda: I got it.
Lee: Okay. Let’s do it.
(Lee goes to leave, but Amanda grabs his arm, making him pause)
Amanda: Be careful.
4.08 PF.avi_002555889
(Lee exits the car with a bit of a chuckle.)
[What, can’t kiss I guess cos the baddies are watching?! but hey could have at least said an I love you and don’t forget 268 err I mean 7.]
Yes, we have crime busters vs grime busters. This is going to be epic!!! tee hee.. I’m going to sum up this whole action sequence as painlessly as possible: Grime busters vs Crime busters – Crime busters win. Amanda ends up using the big boom boom code. And all is well.. I think that’s my fave summary ever. haaaa..

But!! Here’s the action finale description that Ruth so patiently transcribed if you want details: [we thank you for your sacrifice Ruth!!]
(Amanda gets out of the Corvette. Janitor No. 1 heads back toward the interior of the warehouse. Williamson follows him. We see Lee running toward the warehouse from the Corvette. Amanda gets out as soon as he gets ahead of the car. Janitor No. 1 is shown coming along the side of the warehouse. Cuts to Williamson inside picking up a grenade and a rifle. He walks to the garage door again. Cuts to Amanda getting into the driver’s seat of the Corvette. She picks up the car phone. Cuts to Lee running toward the warehouse. Janitor No. 2 shoots at him from the second floor window several times. Amanda looks up. Lee takes cover behind an old car, then shoots twice at Janitor No. 2. He is hit, gasps and falls out of the window. Cut to Lee, moving carefully out from behind the cover of the car. Janitor No. 1 comes around the side of the building and shoots at Lee, breaking a front light on the car. Lee takes cover again behind the old car. Lee shoots and hits Janitor No 2, who falls out the second floor. 4.08 PF.avi_002607941
Lee shoots at Janitor No. 1 and hits him. He groans. Lee runs up to take cover behind another car. Amanda looks on anxiously. Williamson comes out of the garage door and throws the grenade toward Lee.
4.08 PF.avi_002623757
[rofl. I love how gleeful he is!]
It explodes on the other side of the car from Lee but he rolls on the street from the force of the blast. As he is laying on the street,
4.08 PF.avi_002633166
Williamson comes out to shoot him with the rifle and Amanda detonates the HK-86 with the device she has. Lee is lying dazed on the ground. Williamson is thrown to the ground by the blast behind him. 4.08 PF.avi_002635969
[whoo hoo! That’s for Patch the security guard!!! ] 4.08 PF.avi_002636770
Amanda then starts the Corvette and rushes up to Lee, gets out and grabs his arm to get him up from the street.)

Lee: Damn it. You cut that pretty close. 4.08 PF.avi_002656790
Amanda: I didn’t want to have to do that. 4.08 PF.avi_002658391
Lee: Yeah… (Lee checks Williamson’s pulse.. )  …He’s alive. 4.08 PF.avi_002672872
[What a shame]
(Lee cuffs Williamson. Amanda looks on thoughtfully, and the scene ends) 4.08 PF.avi_002675675
[Looks to me like Amanda didn’t want to kill the bad guy. lol. I love how Lee says regretfully ‘he’s alive!’ haaaaa.. I’m with him!

I love how it’s really obvious that is not Amanda facing Lee as he’s laying on the ground, it’s been a while since we saw that wig in the foreground!
And the light is completely different when it cuts back to the close up on Amanda. lol. Ahh smk you are awesome. ]

Tag time! Back at the agency, in the conference room, Lee, Amanda and Billy are joined by Mrs Frampton, and a bunch of random agents.. 4.08 PF.avi_002687687
Mrs. Frampton: Mrs. King, I’m well aware of the events that have happened over the last couple of days. You handled yourself with great poise and professionalism under harrowing circumstances…
4.08 PF.avi_002697297
(Lee looks so proud of Amanda, it’s adorable!)
…And from what I hear, Mr. Stetson would agree with me.
4.08 PF.avi_002700900
Lee: Oh, yes. [rofl!!!!! Understatement!!] 4.08 PF.avi_002702102
Mrs. Frampton: And now, it is my pleasure to announce our unanimous decision to reinstate Amanda King’s security clearance… 4.08 PF.avi_002708908(She passes Amanda’s pass to Lee who hands along to the people seated next to him, then down to Amanda)
Oh, and please, forgive us for our earlier misunderstanding.
[Yeah try investigating it before you make accusations lady! Umm forgiven! I’ll give it to her: when she’s wrong she admits it, and she seems to be genuinely happy for Amanda!]
Amanda: Thank you, Mrs. Frampton.
4.08 PF.avi_002715715
[Everybody vacates the conference room leaving Lee and Amanda alone]
Amanda: Well —
(they each share a sigh of relief)
4.08 PF.avi_002725125
Lee: Yeah. Now that the smoke has cleared, what do you say we take that day off, huh?..4.08 PF.avi_002729929
(You just had a long weekend!! tee hee..)
…We’ve lost the cabin, but, uh, I think we can find some trouble to get into.
4.08 PF.avi_002736136
Amanda: (shaking her head) I still have a lot of work to do at Statik Aerospace. 4.08 PF.avi_002737737
Lee: Arrghhhhh. (whispers)…Oh, c’mon….
4.08 PF.avi_002739539
…Okay. Suit yourself…
4.08 PF.avi_002743143
…I don’t want to be accused of putting ideas in your h–
4.08 PF.avi_002744744
Amanda: (grabbing his tie and pulling him towards her) 4.08 PF.avi_002745145
Oh, hoo-hoo…4.08 PF.avi_002746346
…You gave up too easy.4.08 PF.avi_002747947
Lee: Oh, yeah?
4.08 PF.avi_002749349
(They both laugh and the episode ends here.)
4.08 PF.avi_002750950
Now that is what I call an awesome Photo Finish!!! Love flirty Amanda keeping Lee on his toes.. and Lee kinda loving it Winking smile 

My general impression of this episode? Some really cute flirty Lee and Amanda moments – but overall a bit dull. Maybe because the baddie was not super interesting to me, and the plot seems so similar to things we’ve seen in the past.
Then again, we had Francine actually trying to be nice. That’s new! ha!
Actually, now I think about it.. I enjoyed seeing Amanda spreading her wings some more, and the acknowledgement of her individual professionalism, aside from her partnership with Lee.

That ending is super flirty for a conference room with the blinds open, right next to the bullpen!

What’s your overall take on this one my fellow smk fans? Do tell!!! Up next? The Man who Died Twice.

6/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

So, the green dragon is dead, their lead for clearing Amanda has come to a literal dead end! this must be the episode low point! Anyway, back to Billy’s office.. 4.08 PH.avi_001837037
[LOL Billy seems to have caught up with the modern 80s era and has a new big computer on his desk! I’ve not seen that before.. wasn’t there in Billy’s Lost weekend!]
Mrs. Frampton: Why are your people, one of whom is on suspension, interfering with my investigation?
Lee: Actually, we weren’t there on your investigation. We have been after Darrell Perry for a long time now.
4.08 PH.avi_001843843
[Oh Lee. who would actually by that?!]
Mrs. Frampton:
Fourteen years. Except – that the Justice Department and the FBI suspended him from their active list in – ’81.
4.08 PH.avi_001855055
[I think she’s having too much fun!]
They did? Let me see that.
[lol Lee plays up to his Scarecrow code name!]4.08 PH.avi_001859259
Amanda: It’s alright, Lee. Mrs. Frampton, I went to talk to Mr. Perry unofficially because I thought he could clear me. I take full responsibility.
4.08 PH.avi_001860860
Lee: More precisely, I ordered Mrs. King to accompany me as a backup. I take responsibility.
4.08 PH.avi_001873473
[Awhhhh these two!! each falling on their sword to protect the other!! They are both gonna get slayed – quick Billy do something!!]
Billy: Hold it, people. I take responsibility around here, remember? Now, what started out to be just an internal Agency review has turned into a murder investigation. That makes it Agency business. We’ll keep you fully informed, Ms Frampton. Fully.
4.08 PH.avi_001886686
Mrs. Frampton: All for one? Well, that’s normal…
4.08 PH.avi_001887687
…I do admit that there’s a hidden agenda behind all this, which makes the case against Mrs. King even more disturbing. 4.08 PH.avi_001898298
…You’re on the spot. I’m not unsympathetic but don’t step on my tail again. Do you understand me?..
4.08 PH.avi_001901301
…I’m trying to help you, Amanda. Just don’t trip me up.
4.08 PH.avi_001908708
[yeahhhh I don’t think the ‘I’m trying to help you’ approach is really going to hold at this point!]
(Frampton makes her exit. Billy really doesn’t pay her much mind lol. He moves right now!)
Billy: All right. What do we have?
4.08 PH.avi_001915115
Lee: That newspaper was no mistake. It was a plant.
[well derr. Ahem. Sorry.]
Billy: Why? [really?! whahahhhaaaaa]
Lee: To suspend her. To distract us. She is onto something and she doesn’t even know it.
[hoorah. Why, Scarecrow has figured it out!]
Billy: That means that someone would have to know that you were up for review. Who might that be?
Statik Aerospace is the only thing I’m working on, sir. It’s a class assignment. 4.08 PF.avi_001928261
[LOL that certainly narrows things down nicely!]
Billy looks up Statik Aerospace on his trusty suddenly up and running computer..
[which lol explains why he suddenly had a computer on his desk!]
(The screen reads:)
4.08 PF.avi_001935669
They have contracts to monitor a number of spy satellites. They’re also building the HK-86.
4.08 PF.avi_001939873[Whoooooaaaa not the HK 86!!!! really??!!]
Amanda: Yes, sir. The first space weapon of the 21st century. It’s a hunter-killer satellite.
[Ummm is this a reference to the Reagan Star Wars project?]
Lee: She has stuck her finger into somebody’s pie over at Statik Aerospace and they have started a smear campaign to get her out of the way.4.08 PF.avi_001949883
[Lee’s excited. too cute]
Billy: Alright. You find out who “they” are. If they’re inside the hunter-killer space project, we’ve got big trouble. Do it.
4.08 PF.avi_001957090
[I so want to hear Billy say – hunt them and kill them!!!! but errr that isn’t really Billy’s style.]
Amanda: Yes, sir.
(Lee and Amanda leave his office.)

Next thing we see is Williamson’s office back at Statik Aerospace. Yep, time for anoooother phone call.
Williamson: This is Jake. It’s set for tonight. I’ll need about four hours of overtime.
4.08 PF.avi_001971705
Janitor No. 1: So what about the woman from the Agency? You should have put her out of her misery.
4.08 PF.avi_001974708[looks like Mr Bored baddie is the one who needs to be put out of his misery]
Williamson: Did you ever hear the expression “setting the cat amidst the pigeons?” Well, you kill an agent, the roof falls in. This way they’re more confused than ever…
[Ugh.. yep we have one of those I’m too clever for my own good baddies happening here.]
…What are they going to do in the next 24 hours?
[lol. way too confident in his smug genius to worry about saying this phrase out loud – totally tempting fate haaaaa.. famous last words!]
Janitor: I’m going to leave the strategy to you. We’re ready at this end.
4.08 PF.avi_001989723
[in other words, spare me the bragging about your awesome plan haa]
Williamson: Well, we’ll wrap it up tomorrow and be on our way. 4.08 PF.avi_001991925
So what do you all think of this baddie? He has a great glare, but I find it pretty boring.. oh wait, no wonder this baddie just keeps looking bored.

Moving on and we see Lee trying to catch up with Beaman.
Lee: Ephraim, I want the Statik Aerospace files. Come on.
Beaman: That’s just busywork for your protégée. Why? 4.08 PF.avi_002009776
[I kind of like the vibe between these two. Others may not see it the way I do (and that’s cool!) but for me, there’s animosity. Beaman doesn’t want to make things easy for Lee. I can’t remember what episode I originally thought this in.. but I have a theory that Beaman wants to be Lee Stetson and thus he finds him irritating! lol.]
Lee: Because that busywork just turned into a full-scale flap.
[I like to complain when characters sit around talking, or talk on the phone a lot.. but this walking and talking makes it tough to get a clear image! I’m so hard to please lol]
Beaman: Fine. I still need an E15 requisition, filled out in triplicate and signed by our superior. She’s suspended, you recall?
4.08 PF.avi_002016383
[Love the body language on Lee. Ahhh you you.. Pencil Pusher!!!
Time for Lee to pull out the big guns! Lee’s done playin!]
Thursday, 10:15 p.m., you and Roxanne from Accounting in the copier room,..
4.08 PF.avi_002020787
the lights off, your tie off, and your shoes off.

[…. and Beaman – getting off! rofl. The delivery here is flippin hilarious!]
4.08 PF.avi_002025592
(Beaman looks around to check no one else is listening.) [Ahem, he probably should have done that last Thursday night ha! Again, smk does the smut in such a cute way! His shoes and tie were off?! ohhhhh wink wink. Lee’s delivery is hilarious!!] 4.08 PF.avi_002030196
Beaman: Tell you what. I’m going down the hall to get a cup of noodle soup out of the vending machine.
Lee: Mm.
4.08 PF.avi_002035802
Beaman: My office is unlocked. 4.08 PF.avi_002038605
[Hmm I think Lee enjoyed this. Don’t mess with him if it’s hurting Amanda!!!!]

Back to Lee’s apartment.
[Well my my my… His tie is off.. his shoes are off.. Ahem.]
Lee’s on the phone with Billy (yep anoooother phone call!) 4.08 PF.avi_002052619
[Look out people. The Work Health & Safety folks are on their way to give Amanda a talking to! I mean.. look at those wrists!!! gah!!! Isn’t it funny to see how big the hard drive is haaaa.. ]
Lee: Okay, Billy. It was worth a try. Yeah, I’ll talk to you later. Bye…
(He hangs up)
 Your security guy Tanner did a top-to-bottom at Statik Aerospace. [‘your security guy Tanner’? I thought he was Lee’s security guy from the first review. lol. I guess Sam is Tanner. He wasn’t actually named in the previous scene. Whatever. The Jerk was the guy who Lee was saying to trust back in the restaurant.]
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Lee: Tight as a drum and nothing missing. (Lee walks over to sit on the couch.)
[okay okay he is still wearing his shoes! I checked haaaa- I check the important stuff okay! I’m silly and I know it. ]
(Lee watches Amanda for a moment.)
4.08 PF.avi_002067434
[Oh my. The way he looks at her is so adoring and lovely!]
(Then he leans behind her to embrace her.
Amanda holds his hand and gives his hand a sweet kiss,
4.08 PF.avi_002071838
So he follows up with a neck kiss and cuddle.)
4.08 PF.avi_002073640
[Still, she keeps her eyes on the computer. My goodness she is a strong woman!]
(Amanda starts to stretch her neck, and Lee gives her shoulder a squeeze)
4.08 PF.avi_002075842
Amanda: Hm. Tsk. Mm.
(Lee starts massaging her shoulders)

Lee: You are tight.
[Told ya the work health and safety people would be interested! lol]
Yeah, I – uh. 4.08 PF.avi_002079245
Lee: You know, in some circles I have what are referred to as “magic fingers.” 4.08 PF.avi_002083850
[Oh. My. Gosh. Did he just say??? Yeah he just said that!!!!! tee hee. Would have been a great code name Lee.]
Lee: In fact, the same neck rub once prompted a member of a particular royal family into making me an indelicate offer.
4.08 PF.avi_002086453
[Oh boy, Leeeeeee!! No wonder Amanda isn’t nosey about your history haaaa. I kinda love that Amanda keeps her eyes on the computer. And this is her light bulb moment. tee hee.. guess those fingers really are magic!]
(We see realization dawn on Amanda’s face)
4.08 PF.avi_002090790
Amanda: Look at this. 4.08 PF.avi_002092192
(Amanda points at the computer screen)4.08 PF.avi_002094194
Lee: What?
Amanda: I think I see a pattern here. Alright. We have a dead security guard, a lot of floor wax and janitors, right?
4.08 PF.avi_002103803
Lee: Uh-huh.
Amanda: Now, the security guard was killed with a piece of equipment that janitors use to wax floors. He was electrocuted, right?
Lee: Mm-hm.
Amanda: Okay. Plant maintenance. You determine your plant maintenance by the number of men who work plus the hours that they work.
Lee: Ah, we’re back to the floor wax.
Amanda: That explains this.
4.08 PF.avi_002124024
Lee: Okay… 4.08 PF.avi_002124624
…Grime Busters is billing Statik Aerospace for 57 janitors. Statik personnel has been carrying 60 for the past 3 months. 4.08 PF.avi_002135835
Amanda: So you’ve got three extra men, and I don’t know what they’re doing, but I don’t think they’re waxing floors. [waxing lyrical perhaps. On the telephone!] 4.08 PF.avi_002140440[I reckon I need someone to explain this to me, I must be missing something here! I get that they are showing the difference between the 60 and the 57. But, isn’t grime busters and janitors the same thing? Why two different entries?
Seems to me billing 60 grime busters and then 57 janitors is doubling up for 57 janitors? Aie..  Plus the table talks about units not people. if this were legit this table is saying grime busters workers were paid $9.50 an hour and in total worked 60 hours. Or is that 60 workers who worked 1 hour? haaaa.. I have no idea.
I’ll do what I always do.Eventually:  Amanda is clever. I’ll go with whatever Amanda said. Three extra men. Got it!

It’s funny, we actually only saw two men working for grime busters who were baddies. Williamson isn’t going to bill for himself too is he?! greedy so and so. He probably is! Aie, my head hurts.

What am I doing worrying about 60 vs. 57. Lee and Amanda are sharing some sweet sweet lovin. Mr Magic Fingers is recounting indelicate offers! Me like. more of that please.]

Well, I better pause here and try to recover.. maths and magic fingers are a lot to take in at once. Clearly I’m not as strong as Amanda! Any thoughts? comments? insights?

5/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

We see a view of a college campus, hearing a voice over from Lee.. [Yep, another one… Lots of voice overs and phone calls in this ep. What’s going on??!!! weird!] 4.08 PH.avi_001376076
Lee: I hear the campus cops kept pretty extensive files on ‘70s demonstrations. Let’s see what else they have.

(Interior of college security office.)
Lee: Mr. Sims, I’m Lee Steadman. This is Amanda Keene.
4.08 PH.avi_001380080
Amanda: Hello. We’re from the state comptroller’s office, part of the budgetary task force I’m sure you’ve heard about.
Mr. Sims: We’re always glad to help out the folks that write the checks.
4.08 PH.avi_001387354
Amanda: Oooh. 4.08 PH.avi_001388555
Lee: We don’t write ‘em, we stop ‘em.
[LOL time to turn the screws huh!]
Amanda: Mm-m.
4.08 PH.avi_001390957
Lee: And the task force intends to downscale this operation.
Mr. Sims: D- Downscale? What is that?
4.08 PH.avi_001395762
Well, it’s part of the basic laws of economics. Fewer students, higher costs, fewer parents able to pay tuition. 4.08 PH.avi_001402168
Lee: Mm. What she means to say is, you can’t squeeze blood from a stone.
Amanda: Absolutely.
Mr. Sims: Well, you’re looking at the wrong place to cut back. We are overworked and understaffed as it is. Now, we got fifteen, twenty balls in the air simultaneously, huh? Come over here….
4.08 PH.avi_001419786
…Now, look at this. That’s a daily log of campus activities…4.08 PH.avi_001422389
[As Lee takes a look at what Sims wanted, Amanda sneaks into a filing cabinet, opens the top drawer..
4.08 PH.avi_001426793
it must be a very quiet and well maintained filing cabinet drawer! What file is second from the top? The file she is after. Ohhh What luck! “1972 Disturbance and Unrest.”) Okay, I guess the agency was just there looking at it so maybe that could be possible! ] 4.08 PH.avi_001427794
…We’ve got ‘em back to the ‘50s. Now, check it out.
[lol how convenient!]
We’re always busy with something. And that’s just the past 48 hours.
(Amanda almost gets busted snooping.. but not quite. Lee keeps him distracted)
Lee: Uh, what’s this one here?
4.08 PH.avi_001442008
Mr. Sims: Uh, well, that would be R.D. Frampton from IFF. It’s a documentary film company.
Lee: Ah-hah.
Mr. Sims: And we get a lot of those. [lol yeah I’ll bet he does. these agency background checks basically keep Mr. Sims in a job!]
4.08 PH.avi_001447013
(Lol Lee snaps the log book shut in Sims’ face to distract him from looking at what Amanda’s up to. You know, this episode is not kind to security guards!)4.08 PH.avi_001448615
Lee: I see.  You know, I’m thinking that a computer would save us a bundle around here. Mm.
Mr. Sims: You don’t understand. These things have to be done in person. Now, we verify every signature to make sure nobody gets nothin’ they shouldn’t oughta have…
4.08 PH.avi_001458024
(Amanda gives Lee a smile. She has what she needs and follows that up with an a-okay hand gesture. which is rewarded with a Lee wink. Nice.)4.08 PH.avi_001463630
(His winks are fabulous, but as a still image, they look weird lol)
Look. Off the record, how many of my boys do you think I stand to lose?
My friend, here’s the deal. The retirement fund is killing us. We want to lose some people.4.08 PH.avi_001475842
[Sims looks terrified. Awh I actually feel kinda sorry for him! even if he does only work with ‘boys’! I know I know.. this is an 80s thing.. the music signals this is for laughs but terrorizing a random security guard is a bit harsh no?! He looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. I hope the health fund is up to date. ]
Mr. Sims: Lose them? Hey, you’re talking about guys like me. You can’t do that. We got a union.
(they head straight for the door, time for a quick getaway)
Amanda: We’ll put that in our report, yes, we will.
Lee:  Ha. 4.08 PH.avi_001484651
(Lee and Amanda exit rapidly )
[SMK doesn’t tend to treat security guards well. lol. yeah maybe he should take that to his union!]

Moving on.. Lee and Amanda are walking…
Lee: What did you come up with?
4.08 PH.avi_001500867
Amanda: Aw, a list of demonstrators. Some of them were ID’d by surveillance photos from ’71, ’72. I didn’t recognize any of the names except for the Green Dragon.
Lee: The Green Dragon?
Yeah. That’s all anybody ever called him. He was the campus agitator. 4.08 PH.avi_001514681
Lee: He just might be the guy to say you never had any part of this. How do we find a Green Dragon?
Amanda: I don’t know. Maybe the editor of The Skwak.
[Okay! Find editor of skwak, then find Green dragon. Sounds like a name for weed..]
(Lee opens the door for Amanda. awhhhh)

(“Sparkman Publications.” Lee and Amanda pull up in the Corvette and park in front.)
[Getting out of the car you can hear the chime that Lee’s keys are still in the car. lol. Interior light is still on too. lol. ]
4.08 PH.avi_001537504
Lee: Sparkman Publications, huh?
Amanda: Hello.
Sparkman: Good afternoon. What can I do for you?
Amanda: Well, we’re looking for Abbie Sparkman.
Lee: Yeah.
Sparkman: How can I help you?
4.08 PH.avi_001548114
Amanda: You’re the same Abbie Sparkman who used to publish The Skwak? 4.08 PH.avi_001546713
Sparkman: With the beard and the hair? Yeah, that’s me. I traded in the dreadlocks and earrings for this. But inside, I’m still the same Abbie. 4.08 PH.avi_001553520
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Sparkman: Please, have a seat. Do you want a jelly bean? My favourite’s Tequila Sunrise.
Lee: No. Thanks. Uh, we’re Steadman and Keen of the law firm Steadman and Keen…4.08 PH.avi_001566533
[Okay, now that just sounds lame! lol. Hey I guess we can add ‘cheesy alias use’ to the bingo game! ]
…We recently won an important decision against the Sendrex Corporation.
Sparkman: The napalm boys?
Amanda: Yes. And tear gas. They used to use a lot of it on some of the more radical campuses in the ‘60s.
4.08 PH.avi_001576142
Yeah, that’s right. Now, Abbie, we’re looking for some more names of possible victims. All you had to do was even be touched by that tear gas. You know what I’m saying? A hefty, uh –
Amanda: — settlement.
Lee: Yes.
4.08 PH.avi_001591057
[Look at the body language here. awhhh I know they are playing a cover, but it screams ‘we are an awesome team!’ ]
Right on.
4.08 PH.avi_001592258
Amanda: We were wondering if we could look at some of the back issues of the newspaper.
Sparkman: Heh. You’ve gotta be kidding. When I was working on that paper, we didn’t think there’d be a future. Nobody thought about back issues. I think a guy named Wide Body Banks has them in his van.
Amanda: Okay. Do you happen to know where we might be able to find a guy called the Green Dragon? Do you remember him?
4.08 PH.avi_001608675
Sparkman: No. He’s been underground a long time. 4.08 PH.avi_001613079
Lee: Oh, that’s too bad. We’re paying a substantial finder’s fee. Tsk.
(Sparkman has a think for a second..)
Sparkman: You’re not cops, right?
4.08 PH.avi_001625091
Amanda: Nah, ch. 4.08 PH.avi_001626292
Lee: Heh.
Sparkman: I could make a few calls, see if he’s around. If he is and if he’s interested, I could set up a meet.
Lee: You could do that?
Sparkman: For a substantial finder’s fee.
4.08 PH.avi_001640106
[LOL he’s quite the activist ahem.]
(Amanda and Lee exit the door of Sparkman Publications to the sidewalk along with Sparkman.)
4.08 PH.avi_001650316 Sparkman: Wait for me in front of the Beaux Arts Theater on Fifth. All right?
Lee: Yeah. Sure.
(Sparkman walks away down the street and Amanda and Lee get into the Corvette. As Lee gets into the driver’s side, we see Williamson waiting in a car just across the street from the Corvette.
4.08 PH.avi_001662128
Williamson starts his engine and follows the Corvette.)
[whoooooo hey can a guy with only one eye drive? seems a bit dangerous having no peripheral vision on one side? Whatev. this dude is bad!!!!!]

(Lee and Amanda standing in front of the theater box office.)
Amanda: I saw my first Truffaut film here.
Lee: Well, I wonder if “Leather Kittens” is, uh, Bergman or Truffaut?
4.08 PH.avi_001684551
[rofl!!!!! I love that Amanda looks.. uncomfortable, but there is no more of that “I told you about the Lonely Hearts Patrol, didn’t I?” from Lee. –remember that?!- She may not be comfortable but she knows it exists, and he isn’t talking down to her about it either.]
Come on in. He wants to have a look…
4.08 PH.avi_001693159
…If he likes what he sees, he’ll talk. He said I can tell you his name’s Darrell Perry.

(Sparkman leads Lee and Amanda around to the side of the building. We see Williamson sitting in his car, staring no.. glaring after them.)
4.08 PH.avi_001708375
[ This guy is the master of the evil squint! Muahahaha. One eye is all he needs to do it!]

(Sparkman, Lee and Amanda enter the darkened theater .)
[LOL why is someone in there reading the newspaper?! haa ]
4.08 PH.avi_001713580
Sparkman: Listen, why don’t you have a seat, enjoy the film. I’ll be right back. 4.08 PH.avi_001719586
{Lee and Amanda stand in the side aisle and speak sotto voce to each other.}
Lee: We’re going to have to handle this guy Perry very carefully. He’s been underground for fourteen years so we’re going to have to win his confidence.
(Lee and Amanda watch Sparkman approach Perry)
4.08 PH.avi_001733600(Shifts back to Lee and Amanda.) 4.08 PH.avi_001736603
Lee gets a little distracted when he catches sight of the film. 4.08 PH.avi_001741608
Amanda slaps him in the stomach!
4.08 PH.avi_001743610
[Well he did warn her has a healthy sex drive. But isn’t this kind of situation prime SMK guys?! I mean it’s all implied, a bit cheeky and all within character. I wonder if this was in the script and if it differed. Anyone care to look? If so, please share what you find?]
4.08 PH.avi_001744411
Lee gives Amanda a glare. Alright alright!
Lee: All right. Let’s get him out of here, okay? You get him back to Sparkman’s office.
4.08 PH.avi_001752018
[the images are not the greatest, but with the low lighting it’s the best I can do]
Amanda: Thank you very much.
Amanda gives the screen a quick glance. So does Lee..
4.08 PH.avi_001755422
tee hee… she really reeeeeaaally wants to get out of there! 4.08 PH.avi_001757223
[Cue the cheesy porno music.]
(Movie dialog:)
Woman: Oh, yes.
Man: Welding?
[Oh my. I cannot watch this scene without getting the giggles!! how about you?! Welding! ]
(Sparkman approaches. He returns to Lee and Amanda.)

Sparkman: He just has a changeover to make. He’ll be right out. If you need me, you know where to find me, right?
Lee: Right.
4.08 PH.avi_001768234
{Williamson comes into the theater. He throws a grenade in the projection room. 4.08 PH.avi_001786786
It explodes into fire. People yelling “Let’s get out of here.” We see Lee and Amanda on the floor, Lee shielding and holding Amanda.}4.08 PH.avi_001799199
Lee directs Amanda to leave and call the fire dept, then the agency. Amanda heads off to do that, while Lee approaches the back room. He finds Darrell Perry dead.

[Uh oh. Well you guys have done it now. I mean you led Williamson straight to him! They don’t seem to be good at noticing when they are being followed lol. I guess if Lee and Amanda were there, it can place even more suspicion on them now. double uh oh. No idea if that’s what comes to pass or what. I don’t watch ahead when writing up blog posts. which lol is probably glaringly obvious to you guys given some of the dumb stuff I say haaaaa! ]

Soooo anyone got any thoughts they’d like to share? I heard about this little moment in the theatre long before I ever actually got to see it – and it totally lived up to the hype!! Top shelf SMK!!!