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4/6 Season Four:Episode Twenty One–A Matter of Choice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Sooooo Francine and dodgy Stone are getting cosy again..
Next thing, we see a night exterior shot of IFF. 4.21-AMOC.avi_001241474_thumb_thumbInside, Lee joins Billy in his office. He seems to have at least shaved, kinda?  lol. but those are the same clothes Lee has been wearing since the night before. Aie. Lee! 4.21-AMOC.avi_001245879_thumb_thumb

Anyway, Dr Pfaff’s questioning of the baddie has produced meeting place details that can help Lee get into Brody’s organisation.
Lee has instructions for how to do a meet, and it’s all set up for tomorrow.
Billy reminds him to go home and rest. Lee says he’ll do that but no one is really buying it. lol. He leaves.

We cut to the next scene, and find Lee sitting parked outside Francine’s in his corvette [Sure Francine would never notice that car!]

This would all seem a bit creepy except that this isn’t just about Francine at this point, now Lee knows Stone was on that flight, he suspects him of being a link to Brody.
Looks like Lee has changed his outfit which is a start lol.

So brace yourselves.. Let’s see what’s going on inside Francine’s apartment..4.21 AMOC.avi_001272305

Hmmm.. So – ta da! this is Francine’s apartment I guess! 4.21 AMOC.avi_001276710uh oh… the fireplace is going.. aka –  sexy times alert! 4.21 AMOC.avi_001287921This scene makes me want to gag. Peacockdancer I don’t know how you transcribed this!! Here goes:
(Now we are in Francine’s bedroom. Jonathan is standing by the bedside table, placing a cap on a small brown vial of liquid. His dress shirt is unbuttoned. He looks unhappy. He pockets the vial and checks his watch. Then he picks up another nearly-empty brandy snifter that is resting on what appears to be a giant ashtray. He uses a handkerchief to carefully wipe out the remaining liquid, then puts it back in its place.

The camera has panned out. We see Francine. She is propped up in bed, wearing a white satin negligee, her eyes closed. 4.21 AMOC.avi_001304738

She is breathing unnaturally, not fully conscious. Her head bobs slowly from side to side. Jonathan sits down on the bed next to her, recorder in hand.)4.21 AMOC.avi_001319953
Jonathan (whispering): Francine, can you hear me?
Francine’s eyes remain closed. She mumbles something unintelligible. Jonathan holds a small tape recorder up to her face.)
Jonathan: I want you to go back in time. Forty-eight hours ago. It’s May 20th, eight a.m. You’ve just arrived at the Agency. (A beat.) Good morning, Francine.
(eyes closed, mumbling as though she is dreaming): Morning.
Jonathan: What’s on your agenda today?
(in a semi-conscious state, speaking very slowly): Uhhh… Eight forty-five… It’s the staff meeting. Morning report, briefing…4.21 AMOC.avi_001321955
(Jonathan settles down and picks up the phone as Francine continues to mumble into his tape recorder. The situation is eerily reminiscent of SMK pilot “The First Time,” when Francine was drugged by Mrs. Welch. Hopefully she won’t get a bunch more of her colleagues killed this time. Jonathan starts dialling.)4.21 AMOC.avi_001322355

[So true Peacockdancer, we’ve seen this before! SMK is really repeating itself!]
Francine (murmuring): Nine thirty… Have to meet … Dr. Dunleavy…
and the scene ends there..
[Well! I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about this!!!
Warning- I’m pretty steamed about this guy!!!!
Soooo this Prince Charming is physically drugging Francine to get information to prove she is innocent and not a traitor? And, he’s doing it because he loves her?? and he looks really sad when he drugs her too.
– I have no idea how this was received in the 80s but this is super creeper abuser territory right here. It seriously makes my skin crawl.
The fact she is laying there in bed like that after they have clearly been intimate makes it even worse. She’s not even dressed properly and this is a serious violation of her trust.
I kinda hope Stone dies or at least loses a limb lol.
I suspect SMK is wanting portray Stone as a good guy misled. But seriously, this scene here is a bridge too far!

These days I’m guessing they would be careful to not put sexy times and drugging this close together in any way!

Aaaaaand to bleach my brain here.. I’ll finish up by noting Francine would look flippin hilarious in the mornings when she wakes up after going to sleep with all that make up on haaaaaaa]

The next morning, Lee is still outside.. only he seems to have realised the corvette might stand out so at some point so during the night he magically switched cars. cough.

While scruffy and gorgeous Lee is looking a bit worse for wear.. and at any moment I suspect he is going to give that famous line “I’m too old for this!”

Lee gets out of the car, does a few stretches, it’s all a bit random.. 4.21 AMOC.avi_001394427He walks around to stretch his legs and happens to walk behind some bushes when Lee sees Jonathan exit Francine’s place, 4.21 AMOC.avi_001414848and get into a car that was waiting for him. Lee tries to follow, does a U turn straight into a taxi he didn’t see. And he loses Jonathan. Oh boy Lee. You are too tired. You could have gotten yourself or the taxi driver killed!!! He’s making mistakes because he is too tired! And.. I guess this explains the random walk behind the bushes, he had to be out of his car, to run to his car and fall behind and lose him. whatevs. too soon to follow Jonathan or the plot would be over. got it.

I guess Francine would be still drugged up or she would have heard that prang right in front of her house!

Back to Brody and Jonathan. Jonathan has the tape to hand over to Brody..4.21 AMOC.avi_001445679 but.. it doesn’t feeeeeeel riiiiiight!!! he doesn’t know if he can go on with this!!!!
Brody convinces Stone to continue (or gasp, it’s prison for Francine!), for Francine’s sake, and that they are almost finished.4.21 AMOC.avi_001471304
[Stone is such a whiny little wimp. I cannot fathom what Francine sees in this creep.]

I just remembered, we had this scenario before in All the World’s a Stage! Mon Dieu Mon Dieu! Tony drugged Maria to get the info about her secret project or Tony and Maria were going to be killed!!! (okay initially it was to fund his play but he got cold feet tried to pull out and then the baddies just plain threatened to kill them both lol).

Yeaahhhh smk really is starting to repeat itself not just with the same old your jobs are on the line!! You have x hours to solve it!! kinda vibe..

But the romantic interest drugs you and steals your secrets for your own safety is clunky the first time much less the second.. gag.

Time for that meet up… and yep it’s a trap. Lol Billy is Lee’s back up?!
4.21 AMOC.avi_001578011
Brody shoots at Lee and the blond baddie from afar, and gets away.
4.21 AMOC.avi_001592025
Looks like Lee gets shot, 4.21 AMOC.avi_001625258and blondie is left in the most bizarre position for the ad break! lol. 4.21 AMOC.avi_001623656

Ah no. Lee’s okay, he had a bulletproof vest on.. but blond baddie is in a bad way.
Lee: Listen to me. Brody never intended for you to live, you got that? Now, you don’t owe him anything… (Blond Bad Guy is close to losing consciousness. Lee gives the guy’s head a shake.) ..You’ve got two choices, you can lay here and bleed to death, or you can tell me what he’s after and I’ll get you some help.
[Ouch, actually that line is kinda brutal!!!]
Blond Bad Guy needs no time at all to think this over.
[which is good because he doesn’t have much left!]
Blond Bad Guy (just hanging on): Stone. Working the woman.4.21 AMOC.avi_001656089
Lee: What woman?
Blond Bad Guy: Francine Desmond.

Uh oh!!!! The scene ends there.4.21 AMOC.avi_001676910
‘working the woman’ – I’d say that’s a fair description!
Lee was already thinking that so not sure why the reaction, not a shock to Lee. but oh well maybe Lee is sad because someone died, and he has a big heart! Even though he wouldn’t get help for him unless he spilled! haaa..

Sooooo given they now have the (little needed) confirmation Stone is working with Brody, and has been targeting Francine, the agency will take a look at what she has been working on.. maybe move Dr Dunleavy to a different safe house location right? no biggie.. easy fixed!

Back to Billy’s office – France seems to have already been delivered the bad news. She’s had bloods taken already to check for drugs.
Francine tries to revert to ultra professionalism here to cope.4.21 AMOC.avi_001695328
Francine (interrupting): No, sir, it isn’t, I have already submitted my blood sample to the lab, here are the cases I’m involved in (she hands him a folder), my resignation is on the bottom.
[Good on Francine for taking care with the cases she is working on. cough cough.]
Billy refuses her resignation, Francine gets into a tit for tat with Lee, and Billy cuts them off.
Billy: Hold it, hold it. (A beat.) This isn’t getting us anywhere. (Another beat.) I’m going to follow through on all of Francine’s cases. I want you two to take a walk and just cool down!

Lee and Francine head outdoors to walk and talk… Lee is a sympathetic and non judgemental ear here. Go Lee.
I think this is the most introspective and open we see Francine in the whole show! I cannot wait to hear what you all make of this scene between these two.
For fans who love Francine this must have been quite the moment.
For me? I am happy to keep Francine ambiguous and mysterious.. On her own she isn’t interesting to me, but what she brings to the Lee and Amanda dynamic is interesting..

Share your own thoughts please! I know many will not agree with me on this!
I’ll go with peacockdancer’s transcription here for part of this walk and talk..
Francine: Do you ever think maybe you’re just not cut out for this line of work?
Lee: Well, I do think that everybody has twinges of self-doubt from time to time. But I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do ever since I can remember. 4.21 AMOC.avi_001795428

Oh, I wish I could say that. I never even felt I had much of a choice. My father… He wanted me to compete in a man’s world, right?  So … I worked twice as hard as any man I ever knew. And I succeeded.  If I hadn’t been so driven to please him… Things could have been different with Jonathan.
[Hmmm nope, Stone is still a wimp and it wouldn’t have mattered IMHO!]
Lee (kindly): Hey.  You and I have known each other for a very long time, haven’t we?
4.21 AMOC.avi_001831464
Francine (nodding, quietly smiling): Yeah.
(giving her arm a gentle shake): I just want you to know, whatever happens… I’ll be here for you.
(Francine smiles and covers his hand with her own, appreciating his friendship.)
Francine: Oh thanks. That means a lot, really.
They look at each other meaningfully for a moment. Then Lee breaks away, smiling.
Lee: Come on, let’s go see what Doc McJohn has for us, huh?
Francine: Yeah.

Doc McJohn? the military dr? I guess this is the result they are waiting on to confirm if Francine was drugged.
Well the scene ends there.
Do share your thoughts! Any gems in here.. Everyone?

Some interesting thoughts about women in a man’s spy world.. glad we hear this, though it all seems a bit tagged on and not very intentional. Might be just me but with this whole camera angle, all shot in one shot with one camera from a distance? Screams – let’s give Francine a touching backstory scene so we can insert an arc for her. Make something up about your dad and being a woman trying to make it!

I find this a very important message, and I wish it had been treated with more care. I am aware I’m being a bit negative about this..

So on the positive side of things – it is a treat to see this side of the Lee and Francine friendship in this episode, it is quite lovely – they really are close. No wonder papa Billy often calls them children!
Can’t wait to hear everyone’s take on this part of the episode Smile

3/6 Season Four:Episode Twenty One–A Matter of Choice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Francine arrives at Michel’s for her dinner with Jonathan Stone.
ummm should I include this dialogue or shouldn’t I? Hmmmm.. I find myself not really engaged with getting to know Francine’s back story today. Maybe it’s just my mood.. But.. I’m going to summarise it, and if you want to go into detail in comments feel free to.

Francine joins Stone.. and things are suitably awkward!
What’s noteworthy here?
Seems Stone jilted Francine at the altar…
Francine (quietly resentful): Well, how about with the question that’s been on my mind for five years? Why did you leave?4.21 AMOC.avi_000708208
Jonathan: The best answer I can come up with is … uh … cold feet.4.21 AMOC.avi_000713813
Francine: A phone call would have been nice, Jonathan. I mean, all you had to do was say, “Look Francine, I’m sorry, I don’t want to get married now. Goodbye.”
Jonathan: I know. But that’s not what irresponsible people do.
4.21 AMOC.avi_000726226
[Check out those puppy dog eyes.
Did you think Francine would fall for it?!]
Francine: So, did I do something to scare you?
Jonathan: No, no. Francine, look. You were strong. And I was weak. You were independent and I didn’t trust my own shadow. I – I – I know, I put on a great show. But I was always frightened that you would see through me.
Francine: But … you could have told me that. You didn’t have to run.

Jonathan (nodding regretfully):
Yeah, I know that now. You’re still the only woman I’ve ever loved. [Is that his version of I’m sorry?!]
Francine: And you still smile when you’re embarrassed.

So, Francine is looking for answers.. and she appears to be welcoming his moves toward a reconciliation pretty quickly.

[What do you think of his answer?
I find Stone to be pretty underwhelming. But he still loves her so apparently that makes up for everything.
When someone ghosts you like that, how can you trust them?! You certainly need time to demonstrate they have truly changed, and to rebuild trust,  but Francine appears to be jumping back into this relationship.
Well an episode is only 45 minutes so I guess there’s no time for that. haaaa.
“You were strong. And I was weak. You were independent and I didn’t trust my own shadow.” – oh yes, those independent women are such a challenge to have a relationship with!!! They really reveal a man’s insecurities!!!!! GAG!!!!!
I guess I should sympathise that she still has feelings for him.
For me, sympathy for Francine is a complicated thing and not always easy to find haaaaa.. Also, this guy seems pretty unimpressive to me. So I can’t even see the attraction and why she would fall for this again! lol.
Sorry!!! I figure others might see this very differently to me and like this guy, so hoping if that’s the case you don’t find my dislike for him too annoying!]

Lee pops up at the restaurant with a ruse to get Stone to leave the table for a bit.. to check in with Francine. He interrupts Stone when he was telling Francine how successful his imports business is. Hmmm.4.21 AMOC.avi_000798698
Lee officially meets Stone here, so he didn’t know him 5 years ago huh. Must have only heard about him in retrospect.. 4.21 AMOC.avi_000862696
LOL at the wonky lighting on the walls lol. those crooked mounted candle fixtures make me dizzy lol.
Anyway, it’s sweet that with all that’s going on [reminder: Lee is close to burning out! lol] Lee is taking time to see if Francine is okay!
[But also to me it also seems a bit random. but hey this is smk
Lee went from Amanda’s to Michel’s to go suss out this creep huh. Hope he is now heading home to rest!!!]
Lee heads off.. and we find a blond dude is watching Francine and Stone from a distance.4.21 AMOC.avi_000875108

We cut to a hotel exterior.
4.21 AMOC.avi_000879512
[LOL is that Amanda’s car parked out front?]
Inside, we find the Blond dude who is working for Brody. We finally get to see Brody with his new hairdo… [lol the first time we see him: He is drinking tea no less… such a refined baddie!!! lol. I bet Cindy has noted this!!!!] 4.21 AMOC.avi_000891524

Seems Brody researched Francine’s background and they know about Stone. Hmmmm, he’s wanting to get access to Dr Dunleavy.
[Little does he know if he just had a real burger handy he could probably get everything he wants! haaaaaa.. Being so refined he probably doesn’t get it!]
What dialogue is worth sharing here? Hmm..
It’s pretty funny how blondie says after they left the bar they went for dinner. when they met at the restaurant and it wasn’t a bar rofl.
How much did Blondie drink?!
Brody explains he will be personally involved now he is low on numbers.. : Unfortunately, with Chase and Vernon out of commission… (he stirs some sugar into his tea) … I’m going to have to supervise Mr. Stone myself.
He explains he wants to sell the stealth radar plans to the Iranians…
The blond baddie asks questions about Lee, so Brody can have his little moment bragging about his cunning plan.. 4.21 AMOC.avi_000924758
Brody: Well… Could be a coincidence. But even if it isn’t, it won’t do him (Lee) any good. I’ve organized this operation so there are no direct links to me. Don’t worry about Stetson.
[Brody pauses to blow on his tea rofl.] …When the time is right…[dramatic evil pause to cool his evil tea] … I’ll take care of him4.21 AMOC.avi_000944778[dramatic very evil pause to blow on his tea.. or hang on maybe he’s about to sneeze] …. Once and for all.4.21 AMOC.avi_000947180
[Muahahahaaha!!!! soooo Lee is in daaaaaaanger.
Cool whatever, operation normal for smk.
I do find it funny that in less than a minute, Brody says he will personally supervise Stone, and he’s organised the operation so there are no direct links to himself. rofl. That’s some pretty significant lack of insight right there!!! haaaaa.

When a baddie says to an underling like Mr Blond baddie here– don’t worry there are no direct links back to me, this means he’s going to eventually need to eliminate you – you big blond dope!!!

I find Brody is just greedy, and doesn’t really seem to have an emotional need for vengeance directed at Lee..
But Uh oh. Stone is the Civilian Contractor?? Honestly, I can’t stand the guy!

We see an agency exterior shot..

And inside we find Lee watching the surveillance footage from the airport back at the agency. He’s wearing the same clothes as he was wearing when he visited Amanda’s… the restaurant etc. at least he’s feeding himself I guess. lol.  Naughty Lee! Amanda and Billy told you to get some rest!!!! 4.21 AMOC.avi_000963997
Who does he see getting off that flight? 4.21 AMOC.avi_000969202Jonathan Stone! 4.21 AMOC.avi_000990824He prints out a photo and leaves. [rofl at the printer!
hey, gee thank goodness he showed up at Michel’s at 7pm to be nosey and met Stone! this is a rock solid piece of evidence here- get it? Stone’s dodginess is set in stone!!]

Since we had Brody at night at his hotel, and then Lee at the agency in the day time, I guess this is Lee having stayed all night?  ouchie.

Back to Brody meeting with Stone at his hotel, now he’s personally supervising him. Cough. Stone is a little surprised, he thinks he’s working for the CIA, and trying to clear Francine’s name as she’s been accused of being a traitor.
Jonathan (becoming a bit agitated): This has been bothering me. I spent several hours with Francine last night. There’s just no way that she could be a traitor!4.21 AMOC.avi_001005638
Brody: Believe me, the Company wouldn’t have called you in on this investigation unless we had sufficient cause. Now remember – you may be the only one who can still prove her innocence.
Brody puts on a pair of glasses and checks the time on his watch. There seems to be 2 time zones shown..4.21 AMOC.avi_001010844
Jonathan: When I carried that package for you guys a few years ago, I thought that was the end of our association.
[Ohhhh so this is a case of a dopey boyfriend who thinks he is going to rescue his love from accusations and defend her honour or something?4.21 AMOC.avi_001014047
I get the vibe that Brody thinks Jonathan is annoying and whiny, and would he just go do it already. Or LOL maybe I am projecting??!!!!
I am a bit worried I seem to be feeling the same way as the bad guy.
Hang on I’ll go get a cup of tea and clear my head..]

Back in the bullpen, Francine’s on the phone and concedes she’ll buy Dr Dunleavy a real burger the next time she stops by. [About time!!!]
Poor Dr Dunleavy he’s fed up with limp green veges. 4.21 AMOC.avi_001093727
[I’m loving this green colour on her!]
4.21 AMOC.avi_001086119
Francine hangs up, and Lee approaches Francine all unshaven (code for still hasn’t rested) in the bullpen. He has some new information about Stone…
He shares that Stone was on the flight with Kleiner.4.21 AMOC.avi_001115348
Francine immediately pushes back – uh oh.
Lee continues..
Lee:But I did some checking. He lied to you about his business, did you know that? He’s barely hanging on by a thread. And three years ago, he did some civilian work for the C – I – A.
Francine (indignant): Meaning what?
Lee: Meaning there are a lot of coincidences here.
[but this is smk!] (Now Lee is starting to get worked up.) Stone may very well be our link to Brody. Look, we are gonna have to sit down and take a look at all your projects, and see what Brody might be interested in—(Francine stands up, interrupting him. She is aggravated.)
Francine (voice raised):
You know what your problem is?4.21 AMOC.avi_001148982
Lee: I –
Francine (interrupting): Your problem is that you are so hot to get Brody that you are seeing things that aren’t there. My advice to you is to take care of your own business and keep your nose out of mine.

Francine storms off.

Poor Lee ouchie. 4.21 AMOC.avi_001151384
[Coming straight after All that Glitters and then Suitable for Framing this is all a bit rich. and… unfortunate!
Firstly, In All that Glitters Francine was Ms waaaay too interested in Lee’s sexual past, ‘How did you ever manage all of that in the back of an Italian sportscar?’ and warning Lee about Elisa Danton’s claws!!!!

And this is two episodes in a row of Francine refusing to accept any information which contradicts what she already thinks she knows because she wants to believe she didn’t make a mistake: handing over the classified papers or welcoming this Stone jerk back into her life. She looks like she learned nothing from Suitable for Framing!! Doesn’t make her look good here!!!]

Moving on! It’s back to Michel’s for another date..
Francine: Look, last night, when you were telling me that your business was doing great, I didn’t say anything. But I talk to a lot of people in this town—
(realizing where this is going): So, now you know the picture really isn’t very rosy. [No Stone, not rosy- she knows you are lying]
Francine: Well, it sounds like you’re in receivership. 4.21 AMOC.avi_001185819
I was afraid if I told you that, you wouldn’t be very impressed. (Francine considers this.) Can you forgive my vanity? One of the reasons I’m in town is to raise new financing.4.21 AMOC.avi_001190623
[What.A.Creep! Gosh I don’t know how others are going to be experiencing the Francine/ Jonathan romance so forgive me if I’m raining on anyone’s parade here. But he is so flipping awful!!! He is basically still lying to her… while he is asking her to put her trust in him again after everything?! He doesn’t deserve her trust.]

Francine goes on to ask Jonathan about rumours he’s connected to the CIA.
4.21 AMOC.avi_001194627
He’s pretty evasive, and half lies..4.21 AMOC.avi_001202635[LOL it’s written all over him he can’t be trusted!

If Francine’s heart were not involved, it would be obvious to Francine this guy is not to be trusted! I guess this means Brody really is an evil genius haaaaa.

Is the audience supposed to be thinking- Oh nooo he’s lying to her because he really loves her and is trying to protect her? whooooo romantic angst!!!
Does anyone see it this way?
4.21 AMOC.avi_001215849
Okay what do we think of the outfit?? the earrings?? I mean these are not really ear buttons, they are more like earrings that are comet shaped, actual size!!4.21 AMOC.avi_001234668 I think Francine is rocking the gorgeous colours for this episode!! and the neckline is lovely on her. I wonder what the rest of the outfit looks like! ]

The scene ends with Jonathan asking if there’s a chance for them, Francine’s answer is… not a no, she’s been thinking about what ‘we had’. Meh. You had a guy who ran out on you!

As always I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!!! what you notice.. etc.

So glad we are walking together!!!

2/6 Season Four:Episode Twenty One–A Matter of Choice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Amanda’s!!! I’ll include the full transcription from peacockdancer for this scene…
(Lee’s Corvette is parked outside.) 4.21-AMOC.avi_000541641_thumb
Dotty: Lee, let me ask you a question…
[Dotty having a direct conversation with Lee? Asking him a question? Okay okay I’m really glad we got this before the show ended… even if the show is not all so super stellar genius in these final few episodes!]
(We see that Dotty and Lee are in the kitchen. Dotty is folding laundry on the kitchen island. Lee is leaning on one arm against the other side of the island. He is clean-shaven and neat now, and wearing a sport coat and tie.)
[Ohhhhh this scene!!! I remember hearing about this scene for years before I actually got to see it!]
Dotty (continuing to fold): Are you familiar with the, uh, “fourth dimension theory” in laundry?
(Lee pauses to register the question before responding tolerantly.)
Lee: No, I can’t say that I am.4.21-AMOC.avi_000552052_thumb
(He clears his throat, not sure what is coming next.)
[LOL I love how Dotty has the power to make Lee nervous!]
Dotty: Well, you know. You put a pair of socks into the dryer, and when you take the clothes out, one sock is missing?4.21-AMOC.avi_000553253_thumb
Lee (nodding): Hmm.4.21-AMOC.avi_000555655_thumb
Dotty: My theory is, that they disappear into the fourth dimension, and they reappear in somebody else’s dryer… 4.21-AMOC.avi_000557257_thumb …Now you take this sock, for instance… 4.21-AMOC.avi_000562862_thumb(She holds up a man’s dress sock. Lee suddenly looks very uncomfortable.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000567267_thumb

This man’s sock appeared in a load of Amanda’s things, heh.
Lee (smiling uneasily): Huh.
Dotty: Imagine. (She examines the sock.) A beautiful sock … expensive … argyle…4.21-AMOC.avi_000572072_thumb
(She looks knowingly at Lee.)
[haa nice continuity with the socks!]
Lee (innocently, but he knows he isn’t fooling her): What a coincidence.
(Cue the cheerful “twinkly” music.)
Dotty (looking straight at him, knowingly): Isn’t it, though?4.21-AMOC.avi_000575675_thumb
(Lee flashes another embarrassed smile. We hear the a door open.)
Dotty: Oh – there’s Amanda. Okay… (She puts the remaining laundry in the basket and starts leaving the room.) …Well, I’ll leave you two together.
Lee (uncomfortably, raising a finger): Uh…
(Dotty hands him his sock.)
Dotty: You, ah – you three.4.21-AMOC.avi_000583683_thumb
(She departs to go upstairs with the laundry basket.)
[The look on Lee’s face when Dotty pulls out the expensive man’s argyle sock that just happened to be in Amanda’s things is too funny… Dotty is no dummy.. she just has an interesting way of expressing herself and that SHE KNOWS Lee Stetson!!!! Assumed it was his sock!!
At this point, I think she knows pretty much everything.. except about the marriage itself.. Because surely Lee and Amanda wouldn’t be that dumb, right?!
Do you think these days this scene would play differently with a new audience? I mean these days it’s not unusual for a boyfriend’s clothes to end up in the wash no? and in the 80s it was maybe more of a sign of a serious relationship and had different meaning? anyone? ]

(Lee considers the sock uncomfortably for a moment, then quickly shoves it in his pocket as we see Amanda entering the kitchen from the back door, carrying some groceries. 4.21-AMOC.avi_000590090_thumb[Love the big smile Lee gives her!  ahhh…. That never gets old!]
She’s dressed fairly casually in jeans and an oversized white sweater with large shoulder pads (sigh) and big blue patches on the elbows. This is clearly not a work day for her.)
[What is this sweater?! someone please explain this monstrosity!!!
Nothing can diminish the joy at seeing these two together again though! Hoorah… like water in a desert… we have Lee and Amanda both physically present in a scene together!!!!!]
Amanda (calling out): Hello?
Lee (happy to see her): Hi.
(Amanda seems surprised to see him and walks quickly into the kitchen.)
Hello stranger! (She sets the grocery bag on the counter and puts her arms around his neck,
then pulls him close to hug him as his hands circle around her back.)
[Amanda seems to go in for a kiss here but then thinks not?]
My gosh, you really look exhausted. When’s the last time you had some decent sleep?4.21-AMOC.avi_000596896_thumb
Lee (sighing): Oh, I lost track.
(He closes his eyes and buries his face in her shoulder as they hug.)
Amanda (sympathetically): Ohh…4.21-AMOC.avi_000599299_thumb
(They rock gently, [does Lee kiss her shoulder?] then Lee looks up, continuing to hold her close.)
Lee: Amanda, it’s this Brody case. I’m making some headway but I… It’s damn slow work.4.21-AMOC.avi_000605705_thumb
Amanda (playing with his lapels and patting his chest): You know what? If you work twenty-four hours a day, you’re not gonna be able to think straight and you’re not gonna do anybody any good. Now why won’t you let me help you? [Wow this really is The Eyes Have It 2.0!]
Lee: Amanda, I can’t.
Amanda: This thing’s really gotten to you, hasn’t it?
Lee: Yes it has. I feel responsible for what happened to Sally Wong and Peters.

(Amanda rests her hands on his chest and looks in his eyes.)
Amanda: Look. They both knew what kind of a chance they were taking when they agreed to be your contacts. You know that, don’t you? (She says this as a statement rather than a question.)
[Sally Wong and Peters were the contacts who were murdered?? oh noo.. Sally was the nice lady who was Lee’s nurse in “The Eyes Have It” well that is sad.. Do we know who Peters was? Go SMK! Someone is trying to do continuity!!!  hehehee.. well that is good… but err can continuity be on a more happy note?! haaa.
Yes they knew what they were getting into but that doesn’t mean Lee shouldn’t fight for justice.. Not really a fan of this line of Amanda’s… and it doesn’t change the fact Lee needs to have a rest so he can keep fighting…. Go Lee!]
Lee: Brody broke all the rules. Even for this game.
(shaking her head): Promise me you’ll get some rest.
(Lee pauses as the music swells sweetly.)
Lee (feeling a little better now): Yeah. I guess I will.
(He smiles. His hands are still around her back and hers have come back to rest on his shoulders.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000642542_thumb
[It’s so lovely to see Lee welcome some tender loving care.. comparing back to the way Amanda cared for Lee back in The Eyes Have It, you can see he has really opened himself up and become comfortable with being vulnerable and leaning on Amanda for support.]
Amanda (gently teasing): Yeah, I guess you’d better. I’m worried about you.
(leaning in, pulling her closer): How worried?
(They give each other a sweet kiss on the lips.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000647347_thumb
[We get not just a scene together, but a kiss too???? well this is a treat!!!!]
Amanda: Pretty darn worried.
(Lee lets out a small laugh.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000650550_thumb
Amanda: I love you.
(softly, affectionately): I love you.4.21-AMOC.avi_000652952_thumb
(They kiss again. Lee closes his eyes and buries his face in her neck as they hug each other close.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000654554_thumb
[Two kisses?? Someone restart my heart!!!
The end of this scene is so sweet.. after a few little pecks.. Lee goes back for one more hug- and nuzzles into the side of Amanda’s neck for comfort.. it is lovely!
Getting close to the end of Season 4, the show is not as engaging for me, but this aspect? I’m 100% on board with!!!! I’m so glad we got to see it even in tiny amounts, before the show came to an end! I find myself missing much of the charm of earlier smk.. but I know when I go back to earlier seasons I’m going to miss this too!!
Early SMK would have had this whole 4th dimension of Laundry gag eventually relate back to the case in some way.. but here? It’s just a cute inserted side gag that takes up quite a bit of time but is nothing else. Not that I’m complaining I’d rather have it or not, but I think the show is less integrated, the charm of the show was that insertion of Amanda’s domesticity and normality into the spy world.. now, they are just separate and amusing.]

Thoughts anyone??? Do tell!!!!!