12/15 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

Hi Everyone! Sorry the last week or two has just flown by!
Where are we? Something about operation rainbow family… what was that again? I need a refresher!
 Billy said something like-  ‘Rainbow Family’ is the code for a squadron at Andrews temporarily assigned to the Looking Glass missions. They gave the stress tests to the pilots who flew the SAC’s headquarters plane- called Looking Glass.
If the US is the target of a first strike, command switches upstairs.
Lee said something like- There’s a Looking Glass plane in the sky twenty-four hours a day…As a security precaution, there are three lookalike planes flying decoy, and there are nine crews on an irregular rotation.
Aie.. what was the name of that water reservoir that was the cleanest water in the world again?! lol.. Anyway, back to Lee’s later that night.. Amanda’s car is parked out front. Where it belongs 🙂 
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002262228
Lee is on the phone: Okay, I’ll talk to you later…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002263830
(Lee hangs up and walks around to join Amanda): That was Billy. The pilot scheduled for the next shift was just escorted to the base. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002272839
[lol I thought this shot was funny.. like ta da! I see Chinese take out on the coffee table.. Amanda is picking at her food with her chopsticks. Nice continuity! ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002276643
Amanda: Yeah, and with nine pilots on rotating shifts, it could be days before anything happens. [I thought it was nine crew, not nine pilots! Hmmmm I guess ‘crew’ here is singular not plural..talk about convoluted.. Crew = pilot.
Aie. me confused…I feel like I’m watching through the looking glass!]

Back to the ep. We cut back to Lee considering Amanda…
[Oh my gosh. The look he gives her here? I melt!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002278978
No. I take it back. I die!!!! Lets all just stare at the above image for a week silence – meet you back here in a week?! ]
Lee: Hey what’s the matter? Are you okay? You haven’t eaten very much.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002280580
Amanda: I just keep thinking about Zhmed. Once Tolst gets finished with him, what’s going to happen to him? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002287187
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002287654
: Once he’s finished with him, he won’t have any use for him anymore. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002291458
[Maybe it’s just me.. but I love that Lee does not sugar coat this for Amanda. He can see she is stressed and worried, but he doesn’t hide the reality from her, he respects her and trusts that she can cope with it. Really – no babying after stemwinders Winking smile ]
Amanda: Think he’ll send him back to Russia?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002293660
Lee: Honestly speaking? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002295462
Amanda: Yeah. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002296663
Lee: I doubt if he’ll get out of DC… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002298465
[Whoa.. it is really evident that Lee is not sugar coating this! I like this.. He is straight up, but he is also sensitive and empathetic in how he says it. He’s not happy this is the reality of the current situation. but it is what it is.]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002299866
…At one time, I had a contact at the Russian Embassy. If he were there today, I might have been able to get word to Zhmed to make a run for it…
[Curious dialogue this.. I guess they are setting up the need to find a different way to get a message to him. I wonder if that contact at the Russian Embassy was Rostov Winking smile or worse, Sonja! ahem.]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002307273 …Whatever they have planned for him, well, they can’t do it on Embassy property… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002311678
…And before they remove him from the Embassy, well, they’ll convince him the KGB is everywhere and he’ll be afraid to run.
(Amanda picks up the newspaper in front of her as Lee finishes his sentence..)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002318885
Amanda: If we could figure out a way to get a message to him, would the Agency help? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002321688
Lee: Yeah, sure. Might be a little tricky.
Amanda passes to Lee a newspaper
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002325291– showing him an ad for “Maverick”.4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002325492
LOL love the text- Sometimes a fellow has to go for it! That’s Maverick.
Lee gives Amanda a side glance..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002328395
He looks so good with this lighting.. and that tan.. the way he looks at Amanda here.. I die.. Again. Hmm… Let’s just stare at the above image for another week.. no two. Meet you back here in two weeks. drool trance
We need to build up some resistance to all this swoony goodness if we are to make it through the utterly swoon filled upcoming eps!!! To help us.. here’s another:
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002328795
How are we doing?
Are we all okay?!
Amanda.. she’s made of tough stuff..
Amanda grins..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002330196
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002330797
: Aww, come ooooonnnn.

4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002331598
Lee grins too Smile 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002332198
[grrrrr! too sexy how he says this!!
Yes Lee – go for it!!! Smile be a maverick!!!]
Where would Lee and Amanda Panda be without the newspaper?! Smile The scene ends here..

I shall too.. while I try and recover from all this swoony goodness.
thuddy emoticonthuddy emoticon[8]thuddy emoticon[11]thuddy emoticon[5]
it’s been too long since we’ve seen a swoon thuddy.. sorry I’ve been so neglectful of swoon thuddies!!!
Any thoughts you’d like to share?!



11/15 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

So Zhmed is wired to blow… and Iwsod went on a break over Easter and left everyone hanging? Oh Iwsod is so mean!! I bet you are all on edge and wondering if Zhmed will make it! Right?
crickets chirp
Ah right. No one really cares! haaaaaa.. Moving on..
It’s back to IFF for Lee… whooo Ms Walker! we’ve not seen her patrolling the perimeter in ages! Smile 
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002118985
Lee and Amanda walk into the conference room..
Whoo it’s crowded in there.. Beaman makes an appearance. Oh goody.
Lee: Tolst is reading our every move like he has a map…
[whooo who is the Mole?!] 
…What the hell made me think I could get him that easy?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002125492
[No idea Lee! Winking smile ]
(Billy is on the phone.. )
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002129496
Billy: Of course I know how big the Pentagon is (rofl!), but it shouldn’t take all day to find the office which coordinated the operation “Rainbow Family”!
(Francine is on the phone too)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002132298
Francine: Yes! Medical test results. Now run it past the DIA!
(We see Beaman is thoughtfully, silently watching on.. not such a small job now is it Beaman!)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002136503
Lee: Surveillance confirms that Tolst and Zhmed returned to the Embassy in a Soviet embassy limo…
[Whooo bet that was the Henchman & Limo Service

– their drivers speak Russian!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002140306
…We could not touch him without setting off a major flap.  What do we have here?

4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002140907
walks over to the board: I ran the data on the tests past Dr. Pfaff… [Whoo skipped Dr.half-quid huh.. haaaa I prefer Dr Pfaff any day!]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002146713
…Now he confirms that they are stress tests.
Lee: Stress tests? For what? [Stress Lee. Stress.
…. Sorry I couldn’t resist – call me cab!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002150517
Amanda notes on one of the pages: Air Traffic Control. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002151718
Lee (to Billy): What does Air Force Intelligence have on Operation Rainbow Family?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002156923
(Billy picks up the phone. good little secretary he is, he gets right on this to answer Lee’s question Winking smile ]
Billy: Put me through to Colonel Jim Jadin with Air Force Intelligence.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002159726
Beaman: I don’t know. Stress tests are pretty routine. We all get them every six months. Six teams here: red, blue, etc. Could be codes for the individual flight crews, perhaps. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002167334
[I think this is the first time Beaman has actually been constructive, and not playing the obstructionist!]
(Lee and Francine turn from Beaman, to watch Billy on the phone.. )
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002171938
Billy: Yes, yes, thank you. We’ve just walked into a hornet’s nest. [of course! But are congressman’s wives involved?!]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002180146
Lee: What?
Billy: ‘Rainbow Family’ is the code for a squadron at Andrews temporarily assigned to the Looking Glass missions. They gave the tests to the pilots who flew the headquarters plane.
Amanda: What’s Looking Glass?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002186553
Billy: Looking Glass is SAC’s Headquarters plane. If the United States is the target of a first strike, command switches upstairs.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002193159
Lee: There’s a Looking Glass plane in the sky twenty-four hours a day…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002196563 …As a security precaution, there are three lookalike planes flying decoy. Nine crews on an irregular rotation.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002203770
(The penny seems to drop as Lee articulates this)
[Oh finally! It took ages to find out what the heck is going on this week. lol]
Billy: Now we’re all beginning to think along the same lines… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002205171
…Each crew is assigned according to these biorhythms and stress tests. Now that means Tolst has enough to compute a pattern.
[yes but he had info on six teams. not nine? no?]
Lee: Exactly.
Francine: But with nine crews on a constant rotation, the odds are a thousand to one against him ever figuring it out.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002218585
: Zhmed’s a computer. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002222789
Everyone wordlessly lets this answer sink in..4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002224991 [Oh yeah. That little nobody!
If only we hadn’t cut him loose earlier Winking smile ahem…
But then, we wouldn’t have an episode would we Smile ]

Next thing, Amanda, Francine and Lee are conversing as they leave the conference room. Billy seems to already be in the bullpen. Magically having exited the conference room before them.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002231798
Amanda: Even if Tolst uses Zhmed to figure out the pilot rotation schedule, what could he do with it?
Francine: I don’t know. There’s no point in killing a pilot, and even if he wanted to get on the base, it’s almost impossible. The security there is tighter than the White House.
(The gang exit the bullpen.)
[Whoooo this is unusual, a shot with all four of them walking together like this!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002242409
Lee: You can bet Tolst has found something somewhere to cripple Looking Glass. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002243610
Billy: And we’re not going to find out what it is, till we get some rest. In the meantime, I’ve arranged for the Agency to escort all the assigned pilots to the base. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002249616
Lee: Tolst’s confidence is beyond belief. It’s like he is rubbing our noses in his plan. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002253820
[Oh Lee, don’t take it all so personally! What a ridiculous line of dialogue! Lee what are you ten?! I feel the need to protect Lee’s dignity here! Not sure what the little smile from Amanda is: Oh yeah! this baddie has no shame! He’s awful and hurts our feelings Winking smile He’s.. umm a baddie..
tee hee.. okay, I exaggerate Winking smile ]
Francine: And as long as Tolst remains on the Embassy grounds, there’s nothing we can do.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002255021
Cue concerned shared look between Lee and Amanda..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002260427
and the scene ends there..

So, looking glass.. It finally clicked for me why we had the moment in the previous post with Tolst looking into the mirror:

Yep, looking into the ‘looking glass’.
Whoooooo and.. there is another fairytale reference. What’s up with that?! But kind of cool for us to get an Alice in Wonderland reference since we seem to spend so much time down the rabbit hole with SMK! 
Thoughts anyone? Do tell!!!! 

10/15 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

Back at IFF, we see a daytime exterior shot.. and I guess the next day? I’m not sure.. may be the same shirt – I guess it was an all-nighter!
Lee: Danley, try be an independent thinker for onceLet us have him for another 24 hours will ya? [Oh dear, there goes Lee again with his wildly successful technique of insulting someone he wants to get a favour from! aie!!]
…The guy is a gold mine, a regular gusher…
[rofl. a gushing gold mine. That sounds painful. rofl!]
…I know I’m mixing my metaphors and you are making me crazy. [rofl! Danley noticed it too haaaa I love it! Oh that is hilarious!! ]
… Okay now I promise you, he’ll be on the plane. Okay, great, thanks. [Hmm seems Lee’s light-hearted, self depreciation has done the trick! hoorah! Love how he ended with a ‘don’t push it’ tone Winking smile ]
(Amanda and Francine join Lee and whooo some other agents in the conference room. Seems a whole team of agents are working on Amanda’s case now.. Beaman must be tickled pink!)
Francine: I think we might have found something.
Lee: What?
Francine: We ran the delivery notices through the computer. They’re dumping eighteen thousand files tomorrow. A potpourri – it’s testing on lab animals, astronaut physicals, drug testing… 4.04-NO-THANKS-FOR-THE-MEMORY.avi_00[5]
[I propose an smk drinking game.. one shot every time someone uses ‘potpourri’ in a sentence!!! It’s that or I stab myself in the eye every time I hear potpourri! I think this game could improve this episode Winking smile ]
(Amanda shows Lee a map)
Amanda: Look there’s seven trucks and six routes to the incinerator but only one matches up with the time indicated in Zhmed’s note. [What luck! Only one matches the time, and the code telling the time survived the attempted incineration!]
Lee: So what’s this batch? Gall bladder status of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? [Whahahhaaaa!!! I love lines like this – it’s like smk is not taking itself too seriously and knows how silly this is haaaa] 
Billy: Preliminary physical data on Air Force crews. I don’t know why he wants it. But the minute Tolst makes his move, we move in. [When Tolst moves he’s toast.. ahem..]4.04-NO-THANKS-FOR-THE-MEMORY.avi_00[26][Okey dokey!]
(Amanda nervously shakes her marker and fidgets.. Lee notices..)
Lee: Hey, don’t worry. Zhmed is our first concern…
[Awh! Lee’s empathic powers have just shot through the roof haven’t they! Smile he’s so sensitive when it comes to Amanda.. warm fuzzies! ]
…Even Tolst can’t make him disappear before our eyes.
We cut to a wider shot.. the random agents are watching on.. and doing nothing. rofl.
The scene ends here..

I’m only half kind paying attention to this ep.. waiting and hoping something sucks me back into this plot.
I could be mistaken here but I could swear yesterday Tolst told Zhmed that he would be memorising the files.. and then here, the next day – Francine and the gang seem to identify the transport of air force files tomorrow – me thinks this is a boo boo and the scene in the conference room was supposed to be at night and they used the wrong exterior shot. Lee had said it would be an all-nighter.. and Lee and Amanda are wearing yesterday’s clothes. Oh smk, why did you not hire a little work experience kiddy to keep track of the timing of the ep during editing?! Winking smile ahem.. okay.. moving on..

Same day, we are back at that dangerous country road – the same corner Zhmed drove around twice haaaaa.. 4.04-NO-THANKS-FOR-THE-MEMORY.avi_00[104]
Billy and Amanda watch on.. and they see a military truck drive by.. 4.04-NO-THANKS-FOR-THE-MEMORY.avi_00[48]
Billy talks on the walkie-talkie.
[Interesting that Billy and Amanda have partnered up.. where’s Lee?]
Billy: What do you have?
Francine: For the last two miles the Army vehicle has been followed by a tow truck.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_001982749_thumb
Billy: Alright, drop off. We’ll pick it up from here. We’ll stay about a quarter of a mile behind them.There it is. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_001992759_thumb
Amanda: Mmm-hmm.

Amanda and Billy get in the car to follow the tow truck. It’s action sequence time!
I’ll go with Janet’s description here (thanks Janet!):
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002007974_thumb
Cut to view of Army truck from hillside. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002008375_thumb
Sasha [The sexy vest baddie] takes aim with rifle as it passes and fires. Front tire blows and truck stops. Two army soldiers exit truck and examine damage as tow truck pulls up behind them Tolst exits tow truck and approaches them. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002039105_thumb
Tolst : Looks like you have a problem.
Soldier: It’s the front tire. The lugs are damn near welded to the wheel.
Tolst:Well, I’m sure I can get it off with my pneumatic wrench.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002049315_thumb
Soldier: Okay. Thanks buddy.
[derrrrr don’t these soldiers notice a coincidence that is not a coincidence when they see one?!]

Janet’s description continues:
As Tolst walks back to his truck, he passes passenger door and swings it open. Shot cuts below truck where we see Zhmed slide slowly out of truck and crawl towards Army vehicle, then climb in back.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002075141_thumb
He pulls out flashlight and begins to rummage through boxes marked “Property of US Air Force”. Muffled conversation can be heard outside the truck. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002087554_thumb
As he opens a box and pulls out file, Lee steps out from behind stack and slips a hand over his shoulder.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002089356_thumb
[I think Zhmed just wee’d himself!
Aha! So that’s where Lee is. that’s cool Smile ]
Lee: Shh shh shh, quiet. Which files are you supposed to read?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002092359_thumb
: The files marked “Rainbow Family”. Now leave me alone.
Zhmed starts reading a file, Lee tries to snatch it back by Zhmed is focused and snatches the file back to read it. LOL Umm Zhmed has what 3 seconds to memorise a certain number of pages doesn’t he?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002098565_thumb
: Now listen. You, me and those files are getting out of here. Now Tolst will be picked up the moment you’re safe. Zhmed: I will only be safe if you leave. I just have to do what I am supposed to do. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002101368_thumb
Lee: Now listen. I’m gonna… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002110977_thumb[Finally, Zhmed shows Lee his one of a kind fashion accessory: A bomb!]
Zhmed  I’m hooked up. I’m hooked up to an explosive.
[umm you could have mentioned that before you told Lee to leave you alone. rofl.]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_002115782_thumb
uh oh… cue a concerned intense look from Lee to finish off this scene and cut to a commercial break….
Poor Zhmed he is frantically trying to memorise all those pages – he is on the clock, and won’t Tolst know he spent half the time not even looking at them when it was all so time sensitive? I wonder if Zhmed would happen to mention to Lee the guy outside is Tolst – you know the guy you didn’t know what he looked like and he is super evil?! Maybe Zhmed won’t want to tempt Lee to nab Tolst there and then because Zhmed just wants to co-operate thanks to the bomb..

Time for us to pause! Thoughts anyone? Can’t wait to hear from ya! I hope you are all well – and sorry I’m not able to be here much at the moment.. I get in my little smk time as much as I can !