5/13 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

Hi Everyone!!!
Are we ready to continue? On with the show!
We cut to a produce truck backing up. I bet you’ve all been looking forward to this produce truck. rofl! 😉 
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000739172_thumb
LOL this is a magical hotel! the front is in a city location..
The back loading dock is in a country location! rofl! it’s one massive hotel! Winking smile 
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000748348_thumb
the driver of the produce truck hands a few crates to another guy wearing a cap, to take into the back of the hotel.
We see an agent.. (agency I guess)

Kilroy: Deliveries coming in. Two men. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000762529_thumb
Inside Zhmed is in a corridor at payphone, frantically slipping though telephone book. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000763196_thumb
Zhmed: Fifty-seven Bolton Place, Kile. A.
He flips the pages some more.. and as he does so, the guy we saw in the cap happens to take off his cap, and jacket and put it on a random hat rack behind Zhmed. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000776543_thumbCamera zooms in on page to show King, A, 4247 Maplewood Drive, 555-7043 which he reads out loud.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000779713_thumb
[Anyone want to give Amanda a call?! You have got to be kidding me!!!! Amanda knows Russian bad guys  up close, and her name and address and phone number are all listed in the phone book???!!!!! Whahahahaaha!!!! Why is there no suburb for anyone with the last name king? And why are all the numbers around Amanda’s starting with 555 but none of the others do? Is this a real page that’s been doctored? I wonder!!
Oh I could pick at this listing like crazy it just doesn’t make sense! I’ll move on!]

I never would have guessed it. (err Yep I would). Zhmed steals the guy’s coat and cap.. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000795562_thumb

We cut to Lee (lookin good) and Amanda still waiting at the table.. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000798732_thumb
Keeping an eye on the KGB agent, and an eye out for Zhmed.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000801568_thumb
We cut to the back loading dock. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000808241_thumb
Zhmed is hopping in the back of the delivery truck, covering his face with an empty box on his shoulder.
The truck drives off slowly.. with Zhmed the delivery guy in the back.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000815248_thumb
So Kilroy turns to speak into his radio.
Kilroy: Delivery men are out… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000818018_thumb
…Stetson and King are still covering subject in restaurant.
[What, not code names?!]
Having gotten past Kilory, Zhmed
jumps out of truck and starts running away. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000820186_thumb
Kilroy: Teams One and Three, remain at your present posts.

Inside, the KGB agent gets up and heads to the restrooms to see what’s taking Zhmed so long.  Lee and Amanda take it all in. The KGB agent quickly heads back out in a hurry, knocking over a waiter. LOL way to be inconspicuous! 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000839873_thumb
Lee: I think your tourist just took another vacation. Come on.
Lee and Amanda immediately make to leave. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000843543_thumb
Lee grabs Amanda’s hand Awh!!!!
They begin to leave.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000846046_thumb
Kilroy intercepts them to explain. I note Lee immediately lets go of Amanda’s hand.4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000846880_thumb
Kilroy: I missed him out back. Team one thinks he went towards the Metro. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000848214_thumb
Lee: Alright. Put spotters on the next five stops…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000851384_thumb (Kilroy leaves without another word. Lee’s giving the orders)
…This guy is doing more than just checking out the sights.

Amanda: How could we miss him? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000855889_thumb
Lee: Yeah,…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000858224_thumb
(Lee reaches out for Amanda’s hand again)4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000858892_thumb
… well if it’s any consolation, the KGB lost him too. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000859726_thumb
With that, they leave.. and the scene ends..

Back to the King home and Amanda arrives home..
Dotty: Amanda! I’m in here.
Amanda: Hi Mother! I didn’t expect to find you at home
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000877310
Amanda enters the kitchen and heads over to the flowers on her kitchen bench to move them over a few inches.
Random! She then looks up to notice her mother is involved in something..
Dotty: I know. But I got so involved with my ATC introduction that I pushed ground school back an hour. Captain Curt made an exception.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000884818
(Amanda sits next to her and picks up a brochure)
:  Wait just a minute! What’s ATC and ground school and Captain Curt?  What in the world is this?
(Amanda opens the brochure and we can see inside)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000888321
[This episode is sponsored by….. Cessna!]
Dotty: Oh that. That’s a Cessna 172….
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000891658
…It’s a single engine, over instead of under wing, fixed landing gear, 15,000 foot ceiling,…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000894160
[We see Amanda nodding.. her expression is pretty neutral.. I’m wondering if it’s deliberately neutral!]
…but it’s going to be weeks until I get up there…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000898998
Amanda, I will clean all this up when I get home but I’m in a hurry.

(Dotty goes to get up and leave.. Amanda speaks up!)
Amanda: Mother! What are you talking about?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000904337
Dotty: Flight school.
Amanda: Flight school?
(Dotty gets up)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000909843
Dotty: It won’t be long. In sixteen weeks, I’ll be soaring with the eagles… and Captain Curt who’s my instructor. Fifty-three, six-two, a real buff hunk. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000915515
(Dotty starts heading for the door)
Amanda: This is my mother who gets a rash on the Key Bridge?
Dotty: I know. But there is something about the wild blue that is so… I don’t know, so…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000921688
Amanda: Invigorating.
Dotty: That’s right!..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000924691
…And I aim, I just aim to conquer it.
(Dotty flings her white scarf over her shoulder with great flair!)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000926860
[Dotty is hilarious here! I just have to share these funny slightly blurry images of her!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000927027
Amanda: You aim to conquer Captain Curt. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000929529
[whooo haaaaa! Go Dotty! I’m thrilled to see her a) getting a hobby and b) showing an interest in men again! I think it’s been pretty quiet since Rebecca’s fantasies! Umm now I think about it.. maybe that weekend away didn’t go so well Winking smile
Hey Amanda you can tell Dotty about how you flew a helicopter once!!! and.. you kinda flew a 747 down a runway.. ahem.. ]
(Dotty behind her, Amanda is distracted by a movement out the window.)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000930697
….Who’s that up in the treehouse?
Dotty: That’s little Bobby Kenwood. He is testing the laws pertaining to squatters’ rights. He goes up there every afternoon and the boys chase him away.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000934534
Amanda: Mother, he’s too little to do that. You gotta tell him to come down.
(Amanda heads out the back door to go stop Bobby’s squatting)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000941207
[More flowers?! We are going a little over the top with the flower pots now aren’t we?! four flower pots???!!!]
Dotty calls after Amanda: You are absolutely right. I’ll call his mother when I get home .
(Dotty heads out the front door leaving Amanda to get Bobby down).

We see Amanda outside in her suddenly massive back yard! 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000948381
Amanda:  Bobby! It’s too high for you up there… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000954220[Amanda gets no answer so she tries a different tactic to get Bobby down.]
…Alright, whoever you are, you better show your face or I’m calling the police.
Zhmed’s head pops up!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000957390
Amanda looks shocked!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000959059
Amanda: Mr. Stringell! 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000962896
Zhmed: No. It’s Mr. Dorloff…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000965065
…Zhmed Dorloff of the USSR…
(We see a fast zoom in on Zhmed)
… I want to defect.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000971237
Whoa.. Amanda sure is lucky!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000971905
Even she can’t believe it!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000972739
LOL, KJ does her funny I’m confused schtick!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000973740
And the scene ends here. I better pause here – any thoughts you’d like to share everyone?
Anyone else thrilled to see Dotty has two new pursuits? (Captain Curt and flying?!)

JWWM in 2018: An Update… A Promise.. A Thank You.. And A Call For Authors..

Hi Everyone, Happy 2018! I hope you are all well! I can’t believe it’s February already!

An Update
It’s time for the walk to continue on again – and we’ll pick up right where we left off with post 5/13 of No Thanks for the Memory on 19 February.

Sorry for the delays! I’m fine.. and the Brownie is still fine Smile
The brownie is just fine..

A Promise
I have always said that JWWM will finish walking through the whole show. I won’t stop until we see this through!!! It will happen however it may happen rather slowly! Real life commitments are getting in the way, but I’ll do what I can to continue on.
I’m thinking the number of posts on an episode and level of detail is going to be less for most season 4 episodes.. Well, except for a few big episodes I cannot wait to get to!!

Thank You!
Thanks again to everyone involved here who help keep the walk happening!

A Call for Authors
I can see 2018 is going to be a very busy year for me, I thought I’d throw this out there – if anyone thinks they would have loads of fun writing up a season 4 episode – And you would like a turn wearing the crazy furry author hat – Let me know! 1

You would be very welcome –and I’m sure JWWM readers would love to see a new voice have a go if the mood strikes someone! I confess it is loads of fun, it’s just the time pressures that are getting in the way of me doing it as much as I would like… so if you’ve got some time up your sleeve, and a craving for giving writing up an episode a go (you can do it however you like and don’t have to do it anything like how I do it) – then email me and we can talk about how that could work. [My email address is in the side bar]. No pressure! SMK is for FUN!!!!

lol anyone want to guess how many episodes we’ll get through by the end of 2018?! It would be fun if we got to Santa’s new bag at Christmas.. Here’s hoping you are all well – and you are able to stop by from time to time and indulge your love for this little show and this couple with us all!!! So who is still around these days?  

4/13 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory

Before we continue.. Just want to prepare you – I’ve reconsidered things.. and the blog is going to pause over the holidays for just a few weeks. Read on and I’ll provide more detail at the end of this post.  

We immediately cut to unhappy Beaman in Billy’s office. In a corner 😉 lol. I don’t know why but it’s funny to find him there sulking 😉 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000621154_thumb
Beaman: She issued a Flash Priority to order three surveillance teams!…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000624324_thumb
(Beaman is heated! The shot widens and we see Billy and Lee. Lee seems to be adjusting his cufflink.)
[Why so emotional Beaman?!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000624824_thumb
…Mrs. King is a freshman candidate… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000626159_thumb
(Hearing this, Lee is seen to take a deep breath and let it out.. rah rah.. Billy seems pretty unmoved!)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000627327_thumb
And I’m telling you I don’t care if she followed the patient or not.
(rofl. Billy just kind of half nods)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000630497_thumb
[I think he’s not really listening, he’s wondering how soon before he can go get his morning donut]
(We cut back to Lee and Beaman.)
[Lee is starting to get fed up with this rant.]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000630997_thumb
…Since I’ve been supervisor, not one freshman agent has ever used Flash Priority.
[rofl. this could mean Beaman is a poor supervisor Winking smile ]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000633099_thumb
(Lee’s cheek muscle is grinding away now!)
[The finger pointing at Billy is quite curious. Beaman is really wanting to assert himself here. I don’t think Billy gives a toss.. at least.. I hope he doesn’t!]
(to finish, Beaman turns to Lee and points this last line at him!)
…  Most of them don’t know it exists.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000635935_thumb
Lee: Oh come on Beaman!
(Whooo hooooo Lee lets him have it!)
…Amanda King has more experience than half the operatives in the Agency!.. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000639606_thumb
Beaman doesn’t seem to be able to disagree with this fact)
[I’m impressed at how well Lee can do the pretend to be strangers thing at work. Calling her ‘Amanda King’ is a great distancing move!]
…She knows what she’s doing…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000641608_thumb
[Love how Lee says this so matter of fact it’s final. No arguments that Amanda knows what she is doing.. It’s Beaman’s turn to look a bit crestfallen!  Who doesn’t love seeing Lee back Amanda up professionally??!!!]
… Now did we send her the team?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000643109_thumb
Billy: We sent it. [Good Billy, now Amanda is his boss too haaaa.. just kidding Winking smile ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000644444_thumb
She said they were speaking Russian.
Beaman: Russian?!!!4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000647280_thumb
(This is just absurd to Beaman!)
[Has this man read her file?!]
…She’s had some training but she’s not fluent.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000649115_thumb
[Check out the body language!
We don’t all have to be fluent in body English to see what’s going on here! Smile
Uhh even I know you can recognise a language even if you are not fluent in it. Back to school for you Beaman!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000650283_thumb
Lee:  She’s heard enough of it in the field … from the bad guys themselves!  4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000650950_thumb
[Seems Beaman can’t argue with that. I’m questioning how many bad guys Beaman has seen in the field!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000653253_thumb
Billy reacts with a well there you go! kind of expression.. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000653753_thumb
Almost proud our papa Billy!]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000656089_thumb
…You’ve just got to treat her differently….4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000657590_thumb
…She is not one of your kids. And most of the time she guesses right.
(Lee gives Billy a nod as if to underline his point.)
Beaman: I give her quite a bit of slack…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000661594_thumb
[Beaman is getting defensive! and Lee’s cheek is still grinding away! BJo will be happy to see it make an appearance haaa Smile Merry Christmas BJo! 😉 ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000662929_thumb
…It makes it difficult for me with the others if she takes too much.
(hearing this, Lee just kind of groans at how lame this is.)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000664764_thumb
[I’ll second this! Beaman comes off looking like a dill. What’s he so emotional about? He can’t manage his classroom! That’s what he’s emotional about!! booo hoo!! How Beaman looks to his class is what is important!
Well IMHO easy fixed. He just tells the class Amanda King is a clearance code all of her own, she has her own KGB file and has already been hunted down by two different Russian KGB agents (Gregory and Alexi Makarov.  Zinoiev doesn’t count, he thought she was scarecrow! ) Oh.. three! if you include Serdeyich. And heck. there are probably many more! rofl!
– so unless her classmates can boast the same they should just button it and mind their manners 😉 Practice the concept of ‘need to know’ people! ]
(Ah! phone buzzes.. )
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000667934_thumb
Billy: Melrose here…
(Billy listens silently.. enthralled!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000668935_thumb
He gets a real glint in his eye as he finishes the call. His expressions crack me up here!)4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000672939_thumb
….I’ll send Scarecrow out immediately…
(We cut back to Lee fixing his tie, he knows this means Amanda was right on the money/Rubles.)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000674107_thumb
…This time her instincts were right on target …
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000678611_thumb
[Awh Proud Lee is happy Amanda was on the money. suck on that Beaman!]
…Stringell is very popular… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000680447_thumb
…We’re watching … so is the KGB.

(Lee gives Beaman a slap on the arm)4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000687454_thumb
Lee: Well, face it Beaman, now and then you gotta bend the rules, get the job done. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000687954_thumb
(Lee heads for the door)4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000688621_thumb
Beaman: In your case, quite a bit more now then then. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000693126_thumb
[Umm I know this is supposed to be a dig at Lee.. and this is supposed to be a rule follower vs a rule breaker. but.. can someone translate what the heck Beaman is saying here?! I’m at a loss. Lee is breaking more rules now? and what’s he comparing to? it’s not like Lee was once his student? or is this just a random reference that implies a tense history between these two? maybe that’s it? anyone? thoughts? ]
(Lee doesn’t respond. Instead Billy interjects himself. He stands up and says…)

Billy: May I have my office back please? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000696129_thumb
Oh okay. since you asked so nicely- Boss! Smile 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000696629_thumb
No more words are exchanged.. and both Lee and Beaman leave the office. The scene ends there.

It’s a really interesting take on things to see how Amanda’s experience makes her unique to other student agents starting out. It certainly puts things into perspective! She’s more experienced than half the agents there!! And.. has had many run ins with ‘bad guys’ rofl how Lee says that!

And.. isn’t it fabulous to see Lee basically advocating for her. Standing up for her – but he’s doing it IMHO from a professional standpoint – it’s because she’s really good at what she does and has the experience. Isn’t it wonderful to hear how highly Lee respects Amanda as a professional? I love that!!

It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t fit into Beaman’s neat little box. I think Leatherneck should take over Amanda’s training Winking smile haaaaaa.. that would have been fun, as it seemed he did have some knowledge of Lee’s own training….

And.. interesting that Billy doesn’t really insert himself into this debate. He gives Lee the space to defend Amanda. I was hoping Billy would take Beaman down a notch here but no. He instead left it to Lee.. Catharsis maybe 😉 but whatev good someone said it!

Moving on.. we cut to… ahhh that hotel! ummm what’s the name of this hotel? 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000700300
This was the hotel that The Chin stayed in in A Lovely Little Affair (the Hotel Sherman). Did we see it anywhere else?

Lee enters the foyer and joins Amanda drinking tea at a table. (or drinking coffee? Maybe coffee 😉 )4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000711978
Lee: Nice going. This is the first Class C interrogation in history to turn into a full scramble. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000717817
[LOL I don’t think Lee really minds.
He’s just thinking it’s so Amanda! What do you think?
What a coincidence that we had the same exterior where she met The Chin -Alan Chamberlain for a cappuccino. Wasn’t that a class C interrogation? Unofficially? Which turned into a scramble?]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000719152
Amanda: Well, don’t thank me, thank the Russians… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000720987
…The guy at the bar in the grey suit’s KGB.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000721654
[Lee turns to take a look. Oh Rofl! – don’t look! Remember that old gag? would have been fabulous if Amanda had turned the tables on Lee here and told him off for turning and looking and looking! Winking smile ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000723990
This guy!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000724324
Lee: huh. Just one of their monkeys posing as an Embassy chauffeur. Where’s your friend from Finland?  [not! Winking smile ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000732999
Amanda: In the restroom, been in there a couple of minutes.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000733166
: Rear exit?
Amanda: Kitchen. Covered.
Lee quietly nods..

Amanda’s such a pro now! I need to get use to this! Though happily, Lee seems use to it enough Smile

Okay guys.. I shall pause here.. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!!

I also want to let you know that I’ve reconsidered things and I’m going to put the walk on hold for a few weeks until the new year. The holidays are too busy… many of our community seem busy.. and it’s a good time to take a break. 

We’ll pick up again right here in the new year. Smile