5/- Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

We cut to a fountain in a park, the Krusty comb over, Krutiov himself is sitting there.. [I love how these well known Russian spies seem to enter the country so easily!]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0006[57]
Carl Valentine approaches.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0006[Whooo is the agency following Valentine? If so, they have their confirmation Krutiov is involved. Hmm that might be too easy Winking smile ]
Krutiov: Do you always put your left hand in your pocket, Mr. Valentine?3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0006[8] [lol. mind games! what does it mean?! his mother punished him too much? Winking smile ]
Valentine: Yeah, I think so.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0006[19]
Krutiov: You’re ten minutes late. Explain please!3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0006[33]
Valentine: I was cornered by a reporter from a local rag on my way out of the theatre.
Krutiov: Well you keep your eyes opened about this so called reporter and your mouth shut…
…Now, I assume that Mr. Martinet’s response was as I predicted?
Valentine: It was practically verbatim. It was uncanny. It was like he was some kind of actor spouting dialogue.
[Uh oh… so Martinet is being played somehow.]
Krutiov: In a sense he is.
[aha! Maybe this is a reference to the title – all the world’s a stage? and Krutiov is a master playwright?/puppet master!]
Valentine: I don’t understand . He’s a second rate washed up playwright. What do you want with him?
(lightly): Do you know about cats, and curiosity Mr. Valentine???? 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0006[51]
[This Krutiov is quite droll. He looks intense and dangerous, but he sounds light and airy.. ]
…Hmmm? Well tomorrow we’ll administer the coup de grace to Mr. Martinet. Oh, Mr. Valentine, make sure you wear a blue suit.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0006[13]
[I’m getting the vibe these two do not have a long history. Valentine gets the message. don’t ask questions, and do what you are told. ‘You walk with your hand in your left pocket! I know about you!!! Muahahahahaa!!’]

Krutiov isn’t waiting around to check if Valentine is happy to do that. He gives his orders and leaves.

[Poor Tony.. and poor Maria! We know the Russians want to be rrrrrruthless and grab her, but Krutiov is trying a different technique here first- involving Tony somehow. Maybe the Tony/Maria relationship is legit! ]

Back to the theatre and Tony is addressing all the cast as they leave: Tony: Tomorrow rehearsal at 10 sharp everybody. OK? 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0007[6]
(they mumble vague acknowledgements.. )
To Amanda:
We may not even need you but if we do you’d be wonderful.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0007[14]
(Martinet offers his hand to Amanda to shake)
[Squeee! go Amanda! She got in??!!! She’s done well!!!]
Amanda: Thank you very much.
Tony: Good night.
Amanda: Good night.
Martinet leaves, and Amanda is seen putting a script into her purse – whooo well done Amanda. she got a complete copy!

Amanda hangs around the stage for a moment stalling and trying to look casual..
..maybe she is also relishing being up on the stage again after all these years? Toying with the idea of taking on this understudy role? [The music suggests she is IMHO]

She sneaks out to the back of the stage and hears a clang. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0007[8]
She hides down low on the staircase and watches.
A man in a suit enters with a load of boxes. Not dressed like a delivery man but delivering something! Suspicious? You think?
He is seen unlocking a cage.
he puts the boxes in the cage,
He locks the cage again and leaves. All observed by Amanda.
Amanda sneaks over to the cage and tests it, yep it’s locked.
Good job she’s had that training!!
She grabs something handy out of the conveniently located tool box and sets to work unpicking the lock.
Success!!  [Love this shot of Amanda!]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0007[31]
She enters the cage, opens a box and takes out one of the books. It seems to have a red cover.
she tucks it under her arm, and closes the cage door. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[14]
She’s putting the lock back on when Lee sneaks in quietly and observes her.
He’s a bit surprised by what he sees I think. [Hey, get use to seeing Amanda pick locks 🙂 ]
Lee: Amanda? 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[11]
Surprised, Amanda starts. Phew. good thing she didn’t scream or something. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[47]
The look on her face is priceless! 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[12]
Lee approaches.
…How’d you do with Martinet?
Amanda : Oh I did very well; he made me the understudy for the female lead.
[I just love how they have these conversations still in the theatre. too risky! They should play the cover till they are out of there!!! no?]
Lee:  Understudy! Great!3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[65]
(Amanda is holding a script- Ah I see!)
… that’s a good cover… 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[40]
[I like that Lee acknowledges the good work but isn’t too gushing.]
..Is this the script?
Amanda: Well, actually this is a revised script see it’s dated tomorrow. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[26]
…How’d you do with Valentine?
[Um can we have this conversation outside?! I’m probably worrying about nothing..]
Lee: Meh, the standard stuff about production values.
(As they walk Amanda flicks through the revised script)
Amanda:Well you know this is actually kinda funny.
Lee: What?
Amanda: Well there are an awful lot of changes in here, but Tony didn’t say anything about a rewrite.
Lee: Well, let’s look at it from the beginning.
(Lee takes the script)
…Lets see,
[they both see it at the same time]
…right here on page one. “Crystal dewdrops of dashed dreams”… 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[53]
[rofl. on page 1. How easy for Lee to find whahahaaha..]
…Krutiov wrote that in the margin of the script we got from the Soviet Embassy…3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[61]
… Let’s get this to Billy.
…Come on.
Finally, they leave the theatre! 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0008[35]
Ugh!!!!! Just when I think they’ve been dumb but gotten away with it, Mr delivery man steps out from the curtains.
Uh oh… I can only guess he heard everything and is off to updated krusty Krutiov!

My goodness.. it’s all so absurd! and I’m intrigued!
Clever Krutiov is changing the dialogue in the play, and this is going to somehow get him Maria Van Clausen, Martinet’s girlfriend?! How does all this fit together? and.. how are Lee and Amanda going to figure it out?  I really do not remember how this plays out at all!!!! Don’t tell me!!! Anyone else not remember?


4/- Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

We cut to a theatre exterior – Parisian Intrigue signage going up.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0004[55]Hmm Lee said it was on at the Georgetown theatre. this theatre has ‘Beverly’ in the title.. I guess the Georgetown theatre could be the Beverly? that or.. it’s a tribute to Beverly Garland Smile 

Inside, Lee and Amanda enter the theatre – do you think this is the same one where they filmed DOA: Delirious on Arrival?
Amanda is all excited.. and Lee is smiling and attentive Smile
Amanda: There’s just something about the smell of the theatre, isn’t there?3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0004[30]
Lee: Yeah, stale air conditioning…3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0004[38]
[Ah Lee. You are such a romantic Winking smile you just errr sometimes try to hide it! Winking smile ]
(they both pause and look up at the stage.)
…Ah, that’s Martinet talking to the blonde at the bar.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0004[46]
Amanda: Mm hmm.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0004[41]
Lee whispers: Good luck, I’ll see you later.
[Squeeeee Lee is confident to leave Amanda to her job Smile Loving this!]
Amanda: Yeah.
[I think Amanda’s excited to meet Martinet.. what do you think? Hmm whoa. hey why does Lee and Amanda not recognise nasty Castille?! lol.. okay okay.. maybe this Tony is Castille’s evil twin. Err no wait. Maybe Castille is this guy Tony’s evil twin! err I feel dizzy.. focus iwsod!]

Lee walks off, toward Valentine.. we see him make contact with him in the distance and walk off with him. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0004[19]

Tony is on stage directing the blonde in her performance.
Tony: The bottles are sugar glass so you can really bash him,.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[17]
[whooo I’m guessing I’ll need to remember that for future reference?!]
… and just spit your line in his face.
Blonde: Your corruption is complete! Swinehund!
Tony: Good, but even more venom.
Happy, Tony catches sight of Amanda.. he gives her  a smile
(he seems to be expecting her) and walks over to meet her. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[35]
Amanda: Hello Mr. Martinet? Well I’m Amanda Keene from Washington after 5.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005
Tony: Yes hello, I’m sorry to keep you waiting, I’ve been tied up with my producer.
Amanda: No problem at all, I hope this is a good time for you.
Tony: If you promise the cover of your next issue, I’m yours.
Amanda: Ah well.
Tony: Over here.
(He directs her over to another part of the theatre.)
[Tony seems nice enough.. no jerk radar going off..]
The scene ends there.

We see a Georgetown vista..
Lee is playing the role of earnest interviewer of Carl Valentine.
Valentine: I’m doing this play because it interests me.
Lee: But a producer of your stature, why Martinet?! His track record is pretty shaky.
[lol this is pretty obvious flattery! But.. maybe Valentine is arrogant enough to accept it 😉 ]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[11]
[Oh no Lee your hair is getting long in the back.. edging into mullet territory. Me no fan Sad smile focus on the wonderful suit Lee is wearing Iwsod!… and Lee in the great outdoors is always good 🙂 ]
Carl: But his dramatic work is solid, it’s profound, it’s even visionary. Dramatic tastes go in cycles and I think Martinet’s time has come again.
Lee: Ah, so you think that Martinet’s play can pay off?3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[7]
Carl: Well, that’s what I tell my backers! It isn’t called show art, Mr. Stedman, it’s called show business. That’s the bottom line…3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[15]
… Now please excuse me, I really have to leave you now.
Lee: Ah one more thing, err off the record,…
(Lee makes a show of switching off his tape recorder)
3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[24] …we haven’t seen the Bolshoi Ballet in DC since 1981, now are you planning to bring them back at all?3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[25]
Carl: Oh, absolutely not! I will have-  I took such a bath on the Bolshoi, the overhead was monstrous, the artists were temperamental and the red tape was simply
endless. No thank you, I will never do business with the Bolshoi again. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0005[20]
(That said, Valentine walks off)
Lee chuckles and calls after him : Well, that’s our loss isn’t it?
So, does Valentine really not like dealing with the Russians? Or.. has he found a new way of dealing with the Russians?! 🙂 we’ll see!! Is anyone else walking through this pretty blind like me?! tee hee..

Back to Amanda Keene’s interview for Washington after 5 with Tony Martinet!
Amanda: So, after the off off Broadway production of Institutions in ’76 ….3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000582182
[off off broadway? oh dear!]
Tony:  Ah how shall I put this, a period of intense introspection. [Where Tony took on the persona of Robert Castille and tried a new occupation! 😉 ]
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000587387
Amanda: Hmm well I know the audience for Neo-Absurdism theatre kind of dwindled.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000592992
Tony : I couldn’t get arrested. You know Neo-Absurdism?3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000594994
[Why is that so absurd? Okay.. I know it’s absurd but.. I don’t know Absurdism nor Neo-Absurdism. Am I absurd?]
Amanda: Well I’ve read all your plays, I was even in a production in college. Tiger Tracks, I was the Wailing Walrus.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000604037
Amanda is genuinely enjoying his work. She’s perfect for this cover!
[Whooo was that around the time of I am the Walrus?! So come on guys – anyone a theatre history buff? anyone able to enlighten us on all this? Is it legit? this Neo-Absurdism? or.. truly absurd? do tell!]
Tony: Oh yes?..
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000605505
[Awh. A weight seems to come off Tony’s shoulders, he’s thrilled to meet someone who loves his work – likely the work he was passionately crazy about.]
…Well you’re perfect.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000605739
Amanda: Ah, I think my favourite line was, um, “I don’t care what the king says….3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000608541
Together: …pickle that herring!”
[rofl!! what a fabulously absurd line of dialogue! I think the writer had loads of fun with this ep!]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000612545
Tony (laughing): I think you do understand… 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000614647
[I can hear a whoosh sound.. very loudly.. anyone else? It’s this meaning going right over my head!!!!]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000614848
(A thought strikes Tony – pow!)
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000616249
…You know, we just lost the understudy for the female lead. Would you be interested? [Don’t be absurd! Winking smile ]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000619252
Amanda: No, I couldn’t do that,.. [Amanda seems to automatically say no here I think]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000620253
…No,  no absolutely not. That was in college.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000623356
Tony: Just read a scene, please?3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000626259
[I don’t know if its intentional, but her reticence makes her above suspicion as anything other than a reporter. She’s really selling this cover! Smile He’d never guess she’s with the errr civilian auxiliary.. ahem.. yes iwsod is being tongue in cheek- and rather absurd..]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000626760
Amanda shrugs.. 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000629763
Tony passes her the folder containing the dialogue.
Amanda: Well, I’ll give it a whirl.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000631765

The scene ends here.
Oh drat! We are left in suspense.. how did Amanda do?!!!!

Okay! I’ll pause here.. wonderful to see Lee in the great outdoors again, in a lovely suit.. and with my favourite tie on no less.
Lee does a good job with this cover.. it’s been a  while since we’ve seen Lee do a cover not for laughs (i.e. obviously poorly). would you say? It’s not just Lee doing a great job with a cover!!
So is Amanda!!! Amanda is sticking as close to the truth as she can.. and she’s doing a great job wouldn’t you say?

3/- Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Brace yourselves everyone.. Francine is entering Billy’s office..
GASP! What the heck is she wearing??!!! and.. she’s had her hair permed? Was it permed in previous eps? LOL maybe it was and I just didn’t notice..
Billy: Francine what were the results on those scripts from Crypto and Graphology.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[18]
(Francine puts a file on Billy’s desk for him to look at)
Francine: Well good news and bad. Crypto says not exactly Anton Chekov, but clean. [every one is a critic!] Graphology on the other hand, made a handwriting analysis of the notes in the margin? You ready for this? There is a 75% chance that it’s Dr. Serge Krutiov!
Billy: Krutiov!3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[33]
Lee: Krutiov’s Moscow’s number one brain bender…
…He’s Vienna-trained, a shrink , he took the art of psychological warfare to new lows.
[whoooo look out for those shrinks! SMK loves to paint them as cunning baddies or kooks. (IMHO of course). I love how smk just throws in these random bios when it seems to me that it isn’t specifically aimed at filling in Amanda as a newbie anymore.. Lee seems to just talk to the room! Could have been interesting if BB had talked to camera Winking smile  It’s like the crystal dew drops of spontaneous bios insult our eyes Winking smile ]
Amanda: Yeah I know, I read a Kremlin study on him. They call him the puppet master.
Lee: Yeah, well that’s a polite description believe me. I’ve seen what he’s done to people’s minds, and how much he enjoys it. He’s sick!
[yeah! those shrinks are sick! Oh smk… give us a legit psychiatrist or psychologist just once?!  and no I don’t see the agency’s shrink as legit. He’s portrayed as a kook.]
[Whoooo talk it up Lee! We’ve got to believe this guy is a bad, really really bad baddie. But.. will he beat Sallee in the golden teacup awards for season 3?! ]
Billy: And he’s big league, so if he’s involved in this, it’s important.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[56]
Lee: I want this one, Billy3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[28]

Billy: You got it. I want you to start with Carl Valentine, the guy whose producing Martinet’s play. I think he brought the Bolshoi to North America a few years ago. Maybe he’s still got some connections with the Soviets. Amanda?3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[12]
Amanda: Yes, Sir.
Billy: Cover the rehearsal, and see if you can pick Martinet’s mind a little.
(love the little eyebrow raise he does here, like he wants Amanda to get all brain bender!)
Francine: Uh excuse me Billy,…3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[49]
…but if Krutiov is involved in this, I mean,…3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[50] …don’t you think that qualifies for a trained agent?
3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[69][Love how Francine gives Amanda a little look up and down.
Though I do sense there is less venom in this question than there use to be.
I guess Francine missed the part where we learned Amanda has knowledge useful to the case. But.. it’s been a while since we’ve had this protest from Francine no? And besides.. Amanda is now trained! Just not fully trained Winking smile and she’s just ummm not an ‘agent’ ugh… sooooo over this! Three seasons of it and I’m done. Get her a badge already! I bet you are all over hearing me complain about it! 🙂 ]
Billy: The fact is right now we don’t know what we’re dealing with-3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[17]
Francine: -Yes, but I-
Billy: AND, Amanda is familiar with Martinet’s work so this could be a valuable asset at this stage of the game.
Francine: Right!-
We cut back to Amanda.. fleetingly seeming to enjoy this little moment of Billy backing up his choice of Amanda  Smile
Have we seen Amanda enjoying this before? I could have forgotten but I don’t think we typically see a close up on Amanda and her reaction like this.
Billy (to Francine):
SSSSH… 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[70]
(Billy turns to address Amanda) …Amanda,
(she snaps out of her enjoyment!)
…if it does get hot, I want you on the bench, understand?3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[30]
Amanda:  Understood, Sir.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0003[24]
[Don’t worry Billy, she’s all set- she’s already wearing shoulder pads, she’s ready to hit the field! ]
(Amanda says this with great confidence and commitment.. and begins leaving the office. Lee reacts)
[Lee looks a little umm.. how would you describe it? sorry it has to be this way but it’s best kinda thing? maybe? thoughts? Or maybe it’s an expression for Francine? Saying too bad? anyone? ]
(Both Lee and Amanda leave.. Lee tries to get the door, but Amanda beats him to it, and they seem to open the door together.)
[LOL. Lee is just itching to open doors for Amanda these days  Smile ]

Ta da! We see a business building with satellites.. Riveting!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000400400
Is this something to do with the old star wars program?
We find Maria Von Clausen sitting at her desk in front of a blackboard full of some mean looking equations. This woman is smart!!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000406806
Maria: Hey, two days until opening night. I thought you’d sound happier. Or are you getting bored with me.
[IMHO sounds more like teasing than genuine insecurity]
Oh my gosh!!! Maria is talking to
Robert Castille from Vigilante Mothers?!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000412012
Oh nooo!!! He got out of prison? He’s up to his old tricks charming women to use them??!! Hmm.. maybe he’s after these tricksy laser technologies too.
Castille (?):Well I’d spin a line about what’s an opening night compared to a night with you but you’d accuse me of being a bad writer.
Maria: It’s not your writing I’m thinking about right now.
[hooo haaaaa! Castille has her hooked! Oh wait.. opening night.. being a write – this is Tony Martinet? Castille has this alias that he’s been working since the 70’s? whooo he’s good!! Smile ]
Tony:  You’re sweet. Ah don’t mind me,  I’m just grinding my teeth about the backers, they’re braying about idiotic changes to the script.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000425825
[Ugh. that sweater is awful!]
Maria: Its your play, Tony, don’t change a word if you don’t want to. And stop worrying. Save your energy for us, for tomorrow. I don’t get to see enough of you to appreciate an off night if you follow my drift.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000437037
[Wow. she’ s demanding! Stop worrying and perform for me! Is this a genuine relationship? or is he playing her? This demand from the outset IMHO raises questions about the quality of this relationship. She is supportive of him valuing his work I guess.. oh well, this all keeps the plot interesting! Smile ]
Tony: I’d follow it anywhere.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000438638
Someone enters Tony’s office.. 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000441841
Tony: Look, here comes my producer. I’ll see you tomorrow.  Bye. (Tony hangs up.)
Carl: Hello, Tony.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000449449
Tony: Carl, what is this? The script is set you know that.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000451851
Carl Valentine: Oh Tony, it’s all part of the process; 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000457057
…a guy puts $20,000 into a show and he thinks he’s Flo Ziegfeld… 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000459059
…You never should have seen this… 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000459859
(Valentine drops the script with changes into the bin)
[Okay, now who is playing who! I’m suspicious of everyone!]
……Now will you go to work please?…3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000463063 …You’re brilliant, the play is brilliant….
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000463863
…Leave everything else to me.

(Tony gets up to leave, he doesn’t seem terribly reassured..
Valentine takes a seat and dials a phone number..) The scene ends there.

So, we’ll pause there for now… what to you all think? Anything you’d like to share? Questions? Observations? Gripes? Comments? Compliments for this part of the ep? Smile