1/13 Season Four Episode Four: No Thanks for the Memory–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi Everyone! Phew! After walking through the roller-coaster Stemwinders- are we ready to move on?

I have no memory (thanks to no memory) of No Thanks for the Memory! Anyone else have no memory of No Thanks for the Memory?! 

Well.. I am curious to see what Lee and Amanda are like after the major events of the Stems! Sooooo on with this episode!

Huge thanks to Janet who has transcribed the dialogue for this episode and shared it with us all – Janet – We Salute You!!!!!!! Take a bow!!! Smile 

Thanks also to Learjet for formatting the dialogue – you’re a gem Learjet! Smile 

The episode opens with a daytime vista of Washington DC..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000078078
We move on to a country road. Uh oh.. bad things happen in the country! 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000102302
We see a car moving along.. and we hear a foreign accent..
Guy with accent:
Did you ever compare an American candy bar to a Soviet Zota fudge log or a Pulzati toffee brick?…
(We see a sign as the car continues on)
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000105705
Inside.. we find two men. One with a candy bar continues to talk… (okay Janet identifies this guy’s name as Zhmed!):  There is no comparison… None at all…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000108708
…Here you’ve got real chocolate, honest to god nougat…4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000114014

[Uh oh! More Russians??!!!!! Does the reference to Soviet candy mean they are Russians?
What is ‘Pulzati’? sounds Italian but I don’t know..
His accent could be Russian..
I wonder if this is one reason why unfinished business was put third in airing order. It does seem a bit – really? again??!!! Hmm maybe the fifth and fourth can be switched.. you know I have no idea what is the fifth episode in airing order of season 4?! and.. I don’t want to know.. not just yet! As you can see Iwsod has trouble focusing. Come on Iwsod focus on smk and what is unfolding..]
Dmitri: Cripes Zhmed, you are driving me up a wall.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000119686
[This doesn’t seem to put much of a dent in Zhmed’s riveting discourse. And sticking with the puns – how can Zhmed drive Dimitri up the wall – Dimitri is the one driving 😉 ]
Zhmed: It’s no wonder they eat over 10,000 tons a year. Oh look! You will find this interesting: the classic Baby Ruth was not named after the American baseball player, Babe Ruth….
[On and on Zhmed goes. He doesn’t seem to need any encouragement, and Dmitri is over it!]
…Most people think so. In fact it was named after the American president Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth. Now what is so very interesting about –
Dmitri: Shut up! You have not stopped yammering since we left Canada!.. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000139539
(LOL I think they just went around the same corner again haaa! my my.. no wonder this drive is so tiresome 😉 )
…They were right about your memory. Your mind is one gigantic junk pile of American trash. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000148048
[LOL the memory is no bad thing.. but does he have to always share it?!]
Zhmed: I know. Everything goes in, nothing ever comes out… [Looks like there is plenty that comes out 😉 ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000155388
(Suddenly Zhmed seems sad)
… Ya zamoltchu
[What does he say? anyone?… Hmm this Zhmed seems to have been brought into the US for that memory.. maybe he is the Russian expert at Memory, like Ernie was America’s expert on faces (and the road runner).. he certainly seems to be a quirky character..]
Dmitri: English. Speak English! No Russian ever, not even in your sleep. Never forget that you are working. If he hears one syllable of Russian while we are working in the field, Tolst will tear your tongue out. I mean it.
[Ah okay. They definitely Russians speakers!
Phew! Probably best Zhmed stops talking so much!]
Zhmed: Okay. But my English is lousy. Who’s ever is going to believe I’m from Finland? It’s nuts… [LOL his English seems okay to me! I’d believe he was from Finland no problem ha]
… Did you know that twelve point two percent of Americans speak a second language and of those that do-
Dmitri: Zhmed do it!…
[Frustrated and distracted, Dmitri takes his eyes off the road]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000183249
…Just do it! And don’t start yapping those numbers-
Zhmed: Watch it!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000184417
Zhmed points at something..
Dmitri turns to look.. and we cut to the wide shot.. and a random bush that is suddenly in the middle of the road!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000185118

[I’ll go with Janet’s description here:]
(Car hitting barrier and becoming airborne,
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000185618
rolling and landing on roof, skidding along road.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000187454
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000188121 Another car approaches from opposite direction with a single driver who stops and gets out, running to overturned car.) 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000201368
Clagjanet in the transcription adds: There is no way this guy is not BB’s stunt double normally – look at that hair!
LOL! Smile
He finds Zhmed half out of car, mumbling and groaning in pain.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000205872
Driver: Don’t worry! I’ll call an ambulance.
: The driver… I think is bad. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000206873
Driver: Do you live around here? Can I call someone?
Zhmed: Here are my papers.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000213213
(he takes a blue book out of his shirt pocket and hands it to the guy..sort of! He kind of passes out before the guy can grab it..)

The scene ends here.. Just what are the Russians up to with this walking American facts memory bank?!

Moving on, we find Lee’s corvette pulling into the magical IFF garage..  the shot zooms in on the front door of IFF. Oh my goodness.. Listen to the heavily romantic music!! Cue the romance!!! rofl! For a second I thought it was the start of Days of our lives or at least a Danielle Steele telemovie!
But no.. We cut to Amanda writing in the Q bureau.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000225558
[LOL check out the computer on Lee’s desk – it’s not exactly ergonomic is it!]
Amanda gets up and sticks a note on Lee’s computer.  [Ah the age before post it notes!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000234234
At that moment, Lee arrives..
Amanda: Hi!
Lee: Hi.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000236236
Amanda: I was just leaving you a note. I gotta cancel lunch again. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000240640
Lee: Again?! 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000240974
[Ah! Nicely done.. we immediately get a sense for how things have been.. Lee’s missing his Amanda time!
Maybe Lee’s thinking- Heck Amanda, do we have to go on the run to get some alone time?! Winking smile Someone give me some radio frequencies to leak!]
Amanda: Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s work.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000242742
Lee lets out a massive sigh.
: That is the third time this week.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000245145
[I love how calm and open Lee is here. He’s clearly not happy, but he’s not reacting with anger, or feeling threatened.. just.. expressing his feelings openly. This Lee Stetson is pretty darn gorgeous Red heart]
Amanda: Oh I know. I wish I didn’t have to… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000247147
[And reaches out and strokes Lee’s lapel. Awh.. a soothing gesture. Very sweet!]
…but Beaman called… 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000248982
[He looks like such a little boy here! Rolling on the floor laughing
As Amanda continues to explain, she reaches out to Lee, he quickly reciprocates..
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000249983
Amanda doesn’t miss a beat – such a strong women to be able to continue what she was saying while in his arms!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000250984
…He wants me to check out that possible bogus passport the Finns called about. The man’s in the hospital… [Ah! Zhmed! So the Finns are on to him already! Smile ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000252819
[Amanda wraps her arms around Lee trapping him Smile ]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000253987
…It’s my first Class C interrogation. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000254320
[I think Amanda is playfully practicing on Lee here to soften his disappointment.. and.. it works!
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000255822
He gives her a smile]
Lee: Hmm. Class C interrogation is a soft interrogation…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000259993
…Lots of hand holding, sweet talking….
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000263997
..Maybe we could make up for lost time by practicing on me.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000265498
[Smooth Lee!]
Amanda:  I don’t think…
[Amanda stops mid sentence to give him a kiss.. When you gotta kiss, you gotta kiss Winking smile
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000266499
Rofl they seem to get their timing wrong and don’t quite meet up haaaa.. 4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000266666
A bit like them trying to catch up for lunch at the moment from the sounds of it! ]
…you need any practice. [Oh I disagree! Your lousy timing confirms you two should practice a lot!! 😉 ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000267500
[I’m impressed- very smooth of Amanda! Smile  she is certainly Lee’s equal Smile
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000268001
Lee laughs at Amanda’s comeback. I think he agrees – she’s good!!! ]
Lee: Amanda, I don’t see you enough.
[Lee misses Amanda? Wants to spend more time with her? Wow, isn’t this lovely! He’s pretty firmly hooked!! Smile ]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000271004
[Phew, that could have sounded all whiny and needy.. it doesn’t sound like that from Lee here.. IMHO of course! He’s just stating a fact he’s not happy with -what do you think? ]4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000272172
Amanda: I’m sorry but it’s work. Now you know, when we’re at work, we have to behave like we’re at work…
[Err like you are right now?! rofl!!! I can see how well this plan is going to work out! Winking smile ]
…Somebody could walk in the door any minute.
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000278845
Lee (flatly)
: How very, very practical of you…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000280513
(he gets a little more playful) …except when we are not at work, we are not together enough to suit me…
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000286686
…How about dinner tomorrow night at my place?
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000287687
Amanda: You don’t have any food at your place.
[Nice continuity! Smelly cheese anyone?!]
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000290190
[Lee smiles.. Careful Amanda, you are dealing with a master flirt! Winking smile ]
Lee quietly: Exactly. [Hooo haaaaa!
Whoa. genius! And he only has eyes for Amanda Red heart]

They smile at each other.. sounds like a date!
I hear the Blue Fox delivers and does wonderful menus for two Winking smile

This brings up the age old smk fan debate – are they consummating their romance?? or not? What do you all think about this? I mean, so far? Sorry if you find this topic irritating.. just err block your eyes and ears a minute 😉 I don’t mind touching on this from time to time, but then I’m really not invested in it either way.. 

On a different topic – I like seeing Amanda is spreading her wings professionally.. after the events of the Stemwinders that needed to happen! Err if she was to stay. Seems she has chosen to stay – despite the organisational risks at IFF! I wonder if Lee wishes he was the one training her, he has to share her now, that would possibly be an adjustment! but I love that he isn’t holding her back. Amanda would probably love that too Winking smile 

Lastly, I like that Amanda finds no enjoyment (IMHO) in Lee missing her.. she doesn’t like to see him unhappy, and doesn’t need the affirmation this might provide (if you needed it).

This scene ends there.. If there are going to be so many lovey dovey moments I’m going to have to cut down on how many pics I include. lol in these moments I go a little crazy with including lots of picks.. dimples.. smiles.. and wow. just so hard to cut back! Winking smile

I’ll pause here before we move on to the next scene, except I’ll say that – we seem to cut straight to the Cumberland from weekend! Here:
4.04 NO THANKS FOR THE MEMORY.avi_000292025
Though lol I guess we are not suppose to remember that but it’s pretty funny to see them all lovey dovey and then cut to the place where they pretended to be married so early on! We saw this exterior in another ep too didn’t we? anyone? Was it Welcome to America Mr Brand? I don’t have time to look but if anyone finds this fun to dig into – please do!!! Smile I find it fun, I just have to choose where I’m having my fun right now lol.

Well, I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the start of this ep! Do tell!!!

Discussion: Which do you prefer? 1) Unfinished Business then Stemwinders? Or 2) Stemwinders then Unfinished Business?

Hi all! Have we all recovered sufficiently from that swoony goodness that closed out the Stemwinder 2 parter??!!!
Just in case.. here ya go: Breathe deeply smk fans!!!

We’ve just finished walking through Unfinished Business and then the two Stemwinder episodes.. The original airing order had the two Stemwinders first, and then Unfinished Business. Now we’ve finished walking through these first three episodes of season 4 – what do you think? which order do you prefer? and why?

To get the discussion started.. for anyone who is interested.. I’ll share my opinion… but – it’s just an opinion! I’m no authority here.. we can think what we like!

I prefer the I love yous in Stemwinder come after Unfinished Business.

The My Amanda moment while Lee is drugged, and Amanda wanting to ask a question but stopping herself?

I think she would have not been tempted to probe after Stemwinders. She’s secure, has heard the words.. and is content with the way things are..

Also the impact of ‘my Amanda’ is diminished when he has already said he loves her!

I also like the idea that Lee lets down those walls and shares this very person aspect of himself with Amanda in Unfinished Business, before he has said the words ‘I love you’ I don’t know why just seems more powerful – maybe that it screams he loves her.. but he hasn’t said the words yet. And it screams how much trust they have in each other that they can conduct themselves as they do in Unfinished Business but the words haven’t been spoken yet. Know what I mean?

I think either order can work at this point, I just share my preference.. but – maybe there is a reason why a certain order must be the way it is??

Do you think Billy would be so quick to disregard Lee in UB after what happened in Stemwinder?

Okay all.. what do you think? Reasons for and against changing the original airing order are very welcome!!!

19/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part Two

Amanda heads out the backdoor looking around for Lee. There he is around the corner! Stem-II.avi_002701101_thumb
Amanda rushes into his open arms immediately for a massive hug..
Lee: Hi.
Amanda: Hi.Stem-II.avi_002704404_thumb [I like to think this was the hug they wanted to have at the end of the action sequence, but.. they had to wait to be alone].
They move on to a kiss. A proper one! Gosh, compare this to the kiss at the end of All the world’s a stage! There’s no hesitancy here!
[I like the look of this shot with the shadows surrounding them – very appropriate given the episode’s events, the nature of their relationship, and the spy biz!
Hooo haaaaa.. Amanda doesn’t hold back – she gives a hearty moan: Is Lee. Is good. Winking smile
No hands on his chest between them.. they are both – in this 100%!!
Whoa!!! make that 500%!! Where are Amanda’s hands wandering??!!!! grrrrr….
They seem to have to rip their lips off each other to finish this kiss.. hoo haaaa..  fans self furiouslyStem-II.avi_002709009_thumb
[Now this is really eating each other alive! So long Russian flesh eating bacteria! she is soooo forgotten!!]

Lee: Ooh. I missed you. [It’s been what.. a whole day?! maybe haaa] Stem-II.avi_002710410_thumb
Amanda: I missed you, too.
Lee: Yeah. Listen—I have a big surprise for you.Stem-II.avi_002712012_thumb
Amanda: Yeah? What?
Lee: Dr. Smyth…Stem-II.avi_002715615_thumb
Amanda: Mm-hmm…
Lee: Never holds a grudge. [He also has no loyalty whatsoever]
(Amanda’s relieved to hear this)
Amanda: Oh, good.Stem-II.avi_002718618_thumb
Lee: He’s so impressed, he wants to offer you a fulltime job.
Amanda: Working with you?
[lol I think she’s more interested in the working with you part!Stem-II.avi_002722722_thumb
I think Lee loves this reaction Smile
Anyone else find it hilarious that Amanda at this point was not full-time? she sure looked it!]
(He teases her a little here as he responds..)
Lee: I think that can be arranged.
[Hey! this reminds me of when Lee told her the lisbon variation required them to pose as lovers, and Amanda replied: ‘I can make that adjustment.’ Would have been awesome had Lee used the same wording here.. but what we got is also fabulous!]Stem-II.avi_002724224_thumb
Amanda: Oh, good.Stem-II.avi_002725125_thumb
[what the heck is going on with Amanda’s shoulder pads? It seems Amanda’s shoulders have dressed up for this special reunion!]
Lee: So—how is everybody?Stem-II.avi_002728928_thumb
Amanda: Oh, everybody’s fine.
Lee: Your mom? The kids?Stem-II.avi_002730930_thumb
Amanda: Fine, fine.
Lee (flatly): Your ex? Stem-II.avi_002732732_thumb
[Oh Lee, you are too cute.. and totally transparent.. I bet Amanda loves that about him – this secretive spy can’t keep things a secret from her! Smile ]
(Amanda is silent a moment)
Amanda: He’s fine. [Love the ‘I know what this is’ tone!]Stem-II.avi_002734534_thumb
Lee: Huh..Stem-II.avi_002736036_thumb
Amanda: You’re jealous….
[rofl at Amanda’s big grin!!]
(Lee doesn’t deny it!)
…Don’t be jealous.
Lee: Ah, heh.Stem-II.avi_002738838_thumb
(Lee gets a little bashful.. but.. he doesn’t withdraw from her embrace.. Stem-II.avi_002739739_thumb
He actually reaches his arms around her even further, and locks his fingers together trapping her in his arms)Stem-II.avi_002740440_thumb
Amanda: I love him. I’m always gonna love him…
[gag!!! ]Stem-II.avi_002741141_thumb
…But I’m in love with you.
[Meh. okay okay I’ll try and be a grown up. She loves Joe like a favourite pair of old shoes. right?! haaaa..

I’d rather here Amanda tell Lee she loves him, without having to listen to her say she loves Joe – in any way!
I complain that she loves her ex.. lol but I’d take this over the usual ex who causes dramas too!
It’s fabulous to hear Amanda again say she’s in love with Lee Smile ]
(We hear Dotty call out from the kitchen)
Dotty: Amanda? Did you get him? [grrr!]Stem-II.avi_002746613_thumb
Amanda yells back: I’m workin’ on it. Stem-II.avi_002748415_thumb[Lee, Good dog!]
They share massive smiles..
A lovely final frame to this episode, to this double episode!!!

I cannot wait to hear from you all about this tag and about this episode, or these two episodes! We have a lot to talk about!

Hey do you want me to create a post for us to talk about how changing the order of Unfinished Business changed things? Do you guys have lots to say about that? Let me know if you want me to. I don’t have the time to write up for/against- but if anyone is interested in doing this let me know. 

A huge thanks to KC for the massive effort of transcribing this two parter – we salute you for all your hard work and for sharing it with us all! [and miss you!]

Thanks also to Learjet for formatting the dialogue of both episodes and reducing the time I need to spend putting these blog posts together – every bit helps- Learjet I salute you too!!

I’m sure the first time I saw this I was completely caught up in the glow of love here in this tag.. This time around, while enjoying all this romantic wish fulfilment, I find the comments about IFF here interesting, and pretty vague and underwhelming! Especially given the events of the two episodes!

There is no conversation about whether they should continue to work at IFF, or if they can after everything that happened.. I would have liked to hear that conversation. I would think it’s only natural their desire to make a difference in the world, through their work at IFF would be shaken..

What was it Lee said amongst all that swoony stuff? Dr Smyth never holds a grudge, and he’s so impressed, he wants to offer Amanda a fulltime job. That’s it???!!!!

Okay so we know there will be no vendetta from Dr Smyth because he was wrong about Lee and Amanda, but I find this statement worrying still. Why? Dr Smyth is fickle. History doesn’t seem to matter.. This works in the positive as well as the negative. For me, Lee and Amanda’s success will also be as quickly forgotten as any potential grudge. It could all be disregarded just as easily all over again the next time something looks suspicious. There is no loyalty with Dr Smyth. Not reassuring to me.. though I understand others may view this differently.

Then again, we also have Billy. Billy proved himself to be a true friend to Lee and Amanda. Knowing Billy is at the agency and has Lee and Amanda’s back does help ease the concerns… somewhat.. but.. I would have liked to see the dark nature of IFF acknowledged and dealt with. It was such a big part of the stemwinder story – and it seems to be brushed aside by Dr Smyth not holding a grudge and being impressed. Whooop de doo. Doesn’t mean I’d want to work for him. I would have liked to see Lee and Amanda talk this through..

I appreciate they did briefly have a conversation while hiding out, where Lee said he had put up with the agency because he felt he could make a difference, I guess we are left to assume he still feels this way?.. Amanda had a massive eye opening experience with the agency’s dark side in this two part episode – but I don’t feel that we really saw the ramifications of what she learned and experienced. To me, until they were able to prove their innocence and bring down the baddies – Amanda was in ‘let’s get this done’ mode- and it wasn’t time to ponder her future plans too deeply.. but now that it’s all over – how does she view the experience? We are only given hints.. she seems to want to continue working there, and she is happy to work with Lee..
Oh! oh! and she is given the privilege of being allowed to work full time for this place that tried to kill her and ruin her life! oh hoorah!
I think it should have been directly addressed given the seriousness of what took place.. so it feels a bit off to me. Is it just me? 
I’ll see what happens with this in future eps- maybe this will be addressed in an ongoing way. I hope so.. 

Still, they were probably aiming for the light and romantic happy ending to this pretty intense two parter.. I can see that.. and they gave us a wonderful tag. So who am I to complain??!!  I’m loving seeing Lee and Amanda in a loving, mature romantic relationship.. I guess I can’t have it all Smile 

Oh and Francine’s lack of belief in Lee and Amanda? I didn’t really see that be addressed either!! Hmmm.. hoping I’ll learn more about this in the future too!

Can’t wait to hear what you all would like to share with us all!!!!