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Here is a new Link to the Friday (but I did it on Thursday!) Random Blog Post.

Please comment in the blog post rather than here so your comments don’t get lost…Enjoy and let’s keep on walking together.

The Big Picture. JWWM’s Journey so far: The First Time to The Boy Who Could be King

Hiya guys,

Here on JWWM, we tend to discuss the overall character/story progression in little chunks here and there as we walk through episodes and take on board what’s newly revealed in the character’s journeys. But.. this means everything is all spread out! It can be good to have a place to focus on the big picture sometimes!

So I’ll publish this blog post for discussions about the show from The First Time to The Boy Who Could be King.

I’ve previously written 2 posts aimed at an overall, broader discussion:

Amanda’s journey: from the first time to A little sex, a little scandal

Lee’s journey: from the first time… to Spiderweb

I’ve not had time to write anymore.. and I’m not likely to anytime soon!  If anyone would like to write one, I’d be happy to publish it. We don’t have to have a post though – we can use this blog post to discuss the journey so far..

 Publicity photo_the first time


How did we get here???!! Smile

So share and chat away.. just please don’t jump ahead [Iwsod is keeping spoiler free]. 

What do you think are the major, long running themes in the SMK story so far? [not just the love story]

What have been the big milestone moments for you so far? [we don’t need to see the story the same – don’t forget all views are very welcome!]

So glad you inspired this post Norma! I look forward to hearing from you guys when you are all back from your summer holidays or life’s other RL demands!! Bye!!

The Walk is Having a Rest Stop!

Hello my fellow SMK fans!

Reluctantly, I’ve just published my last post for a little while.. I’m going to need to pause the walk here for a few months. I love this walk but RL is too busy for me to keep up with writing new posts at the moment.


One of the things I love most about JWWM is walking WITH you guys. The blog’s name is: Just walk with me!  Currently I don’t have time to walk with you in any capacity Sad smile And my RL demands are going to be increasing over the next few months.. eek! 

I don’t want to rush toward the end of this episode (DMLNT). Nor do I want to limp toward the end of Season 3! I want to relish this special time in the show, and savour it with you all. So I’ve decided its best the walk has a rest stop!!


I’m aiming to start walking through episodes again early November 2016.

Thanks everyone who stops by and who has actively joined in the conversations on our walk together.  Also, a huge thank you to all who the help keep this blog going! I hope you guys will all join me again as we pick up where we left off!

Learjet and BJo, do you think we can start publishing the random blog post link  again? Would you guys be open to updating that? Anyone have a blog post they’d like to publish? Please email Learjet AND BJo should you have a post you wish to publish, or if you need assistance with anything.
Their email addresses are in the side bar. 

Thanks everyone for your understanding!!