Vote for the Best SMK Tuxedo Moment- Round 7

Hi Everyone! Time for some Tuxedo goodness!!! Are you ready for some more?!

So what’s the rules? All round winners will be represented in the semi-finals.. [which we’ll hold when the walk has gotten to the end of season 4 – we can’t miss any tuxedo goodness!]. In the rounds you can vote multiple times –  Then I’ll limit us to one vote each for the semis and the final.

In case you missed it, the winner of the last round was:
The ‘Yes Mingle’ Tux
So Drum Roll Please! Here is this round’s nominees!
[Still looking at TTAAC!]

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001964253
Sneaking Tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002048171
Tied up Tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002090004I’ve got a plan tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002248162
Looking for Haddy Tux

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_002694650
Disappearing Amanda Tux

Have your say! I’ll keep this poll open for a few months likely.. and I’ll comment to warn you when it’s going to close.

Last round we had 53 Votes! Let’s see if we top this!!
Would you like to share with us why you chose the Tux you chose?

If there’s something else you’d like to vote on- feel free to make suggestions-or create your own blog posts to share with us!

Happy drooling and voting!

21/21 Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

So.. Lee and Amanda are interrupted yet again!
Back inside the Q bureau [aka the love nest…]
Lee turns and heads toward the door.

Lee snaps the lock just before Billy tries to open the door.
Love Lee’s frustration and determination here with this lock!
[Lee’s done the entry and escape course: He knows how to use a lock!!! Let’s hope Billy hasn’t done that course so he won’t pick the lock! Winking smile
Given it’s a glass door – Billy would see the movement right there.. wouldn’t he?]
Billy tries to door handle as Francine keeps on walking by.
The lock worked! Winking smile 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[7]
Billy: Lee?!!
[Billy knocks..  Winking smile ]
Billy calling out gets Francine’s attention and she comes back.
Lee: No, not this time.
[wha????!!!! you mean.. this kiss is gonna happen???!!! After all???!!!! Maybe the tie is prophetic after all! ]
(We cut back to Amanda.. watching this turn of events with great interest Winking smile ) 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[115]
Back in the hallway Billy is perplexed. [Oh Billy just go away please! Don’t go calling a team in to storm the Q bureau because Lee and Amanda didn’t answer and something might be wrong!]
Billy gives up, and  turns.. Do you think he has guessed?
He smiles at Francine and goes down the hallway.
[From this smile he gives Francine, I think he might have! or.. maybe he’s a bit embarrassed at not being allowed in and tries to cover it? what do you think? ]
Francine is perplexed.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[5]
Then gives a knowing little smile..
Francine lingers looking at the door. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[160]
She then heads off herself. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[230]
[Gosh.. what to make of that look from Francine?! I mean she wouldn’t be happy if she guessed.. would she?? Maybe the smile is more of a – ‘Lee is up to his old womanising tricks! now he’s actually trying to score with Amanda! ha!!! that won’t last! Then, we’ll get back to normal around here!’ I don’t know.. just playing and exploring- to be honest, I’ve always been so caught up in Lee and Amanda here I never noticed what Billy and Francine were doing! lol! This is another one I’m going to ponder!]

Billy opens the door down the hall, and Billy and Francine leave the hallway.. Hoorah!

Back inside the Q bureau, Lee has arrived back in front of Amanda.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[124]
He seems to again look down to hold her hands in his.
It’s only at this point that we hear the music quietly start.. whooooo…
Oh boy.. this is gonna happen! 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[26]
Seriously intense!
Lee moves closer..
We cut to Amanda..
She looks more serious and nervous with this approach!
She seems to catch herself..
Okay we’re gonna do this now!
She reaches out to Lee, 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[182]
slowly her hands rise up over his chest, up to his shoulders. [Grrrrrrrrrrrr]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[123]
[This seems to have been easier when she was playing the role of chanteuse Winking smile ] but now.. there’s no games, no cover, no acting.. It’s very real, serious, intense!

We cut back to the view of Lee watching Amanda’s hands move over him. Hooo haaaaa.. He’s transfixed by them.
[I’m no writer – I’d love one of you guys who is a great writer to give us a narrative version of this scene! but.. I’m here I may as well give it a go. Iwsod sniffs the smelling salts.
Where was I? Oh yes..] Lee is transfixed by Amanda’s hands, and their journey up and up.. bringing them closer and closer..
Lee looks up to meet her eyes..
What do you see here everyone??
He looks absolutely contented.. Amanda’s hands are exactly where they should be.. where he wants them to be.. and maybe.. where a part of him has always wanted them to be!
he looks so happy to be here with her.. like this!
They silently look at each other another moment.. The silence is very powerful.. and everything is there in their eyes.. [awesomely acted scene BB & KJ!] no dialogue, no rushing…  The audience goes on a ride along with Lee and Amanda – their joy in each other.. wonder.. excitement.. nervousness.. All the mixed feelings of a super precious ‘first kiss’ is here for us to enjoy! 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[119]
We cut to Amanda..
[Naughty iwsod.. in this moment, with the images slowed down I’ve noticed her hands are no longer in the same place! Oh whatev.. if we finally get this flippin kiss I’ll be happy! ]
They smile nervously at each other.
There’s so much nervous, intense silence here that Lee lets  out a chuckle of sorts.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[176]
– Amanda joins in.. they laugh at each other and this wonderfully awkward moment they are having. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[16]
Amanda kind of shakes her head at how silly they are as she smiles.. and says the first thing she’s said since Lee started this! [well she repeats the only thing she said since entering the Q bureau!] 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[17]
Amanda: Yeah
[It’s like Lee was non-verbally asking permission here with this wait to move in – and she answers verbally]
Lee moves in.. it’s time!
Learjet wrote to me when she formatted this dialogue for us:  Note from Learjet to Iwsod: and you know what happens next…. – hilarious!!!!! 🙂
I want to know exactly what happens next! Smile
The right moment has come.
They hesitate no longer.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[62]
And.. they seem to know how to kiss each other Winking smile tee hee..
They share a brief, tender, gentle kiss.. and Lee pulls back a little to look at her. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[15]
I think Lee’s thinking: Awwwwh yeah! this is as good as I thought it would be! Winking smile[or as I remember it was from when we got married haaaaaa]
It’s only the beginning.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[203]
We cut to Amanda as Lee moves in for another.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[19]
Yipeeeeeeee… Go for it you two!!!! No more holding back!!!
Now they is kissin good and proper! They’re getting some serious good sweet lovin’ – FINALLY!!!!!
and.. the scene ends here!  yep right here!!!!! Or maybe I should say: the scene ends here, the episode ends here, the season ends here!!!!!!!! and the long wait for this kiss ends here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first time I saw this tag, I could not believe it froze in that moment.. but but.. what was their reaction to the kiss? what happened after? what did they say or do?
I felt robbed! I really wanted to see this! and we missed out!!!
Now I’ve had some time to calm down and think about it Laughing out loud I now see it differently!
We did see the reaction to the first gentle kiss they shared – and it seemed unanimous that yep – this is awesome! we should do this some more Winking smile tee hee..
But I had another thought – this is the season finale- and they have to do something to keep us in suspense and give us loads to talk about over the break, and to bring us back after the break to keep watching season four. They could have strung it out and given us one last near miss kiss making us wait till next season for the big moment. But they didn’t- we got the kiss! hooray! So with that in mind, I thought maybe seeing Lee and Amanda interact after this moment, now that line has been crossed – is what is going to be keeping us in suspense and bring us back for season four! I thought.. maybe this is why they cut the ending short right where they did. To bring us back for season 4! I think if this had been the show’s finale – we would have seen the kiss end.. and their reaction.. Maybe they even filmed that.. but once they found out there is another season – they cut that part. Ohh I would love to see it! Smile 

So everyone – isn’t this scene and this kiss fabulous? And pretty uniquely done (just like Lee and Amanda’s relationship!) I mean, they’ve kissed before – but.. this feels like their first. Because it is them  with no acting.. total honesty here and trust between them – because they know each other so well.. I love that Lee puts it the way he did. That there is still much about her he doesn’t know – and he wants to know, and he’s going to have fun trying to finding out. I love the ‘trying’ here!  She’s fascinating to him… I love that Amanda is a mystery to Lee and she amazes him.
Especially because when he first met her – he thought he knew exactly who she was – boring dowdy housewife. And he was determined to keep this view of her.. but right from the first time, she kept on surprising him! [The stamina of the American housewife?!].

Oh and what did you all make of the ‘three years’ revisiting that little moment in Wizard?! Not quite so specific this time.. is this significant? and… how long has it been since wizard – anyone? 

Do feel free to share your thoughts – even if someone has already said it, we haven’t heard what you think so go for it! We can’t get enough of talking about this show Smile 

Okay romantics.. give us your romantic insights! Smile

Oh and what did you make of Billy and Francine?

Before I finish.. A massive thank you to Karyn who transcribed this episode for operation sandstorm- we salute you!!!
And thanks Learjet for helping to format this post – you guys save me lots of time and make it possible for this journey to continue: I really appreciate all the help!! Thanks also to everyone who has shared their comments along the way!! 🙂

So… we started walking through season three on 1st March, 2014 – which means it has taken us almost exactly 3 years to walk through this season!!! My goodness!!! It’s a little sad for season 3 to draw to a close! But also exciting to see things progressing.. mixed feelings I guess!
I figure it won’t take that long to walk through season four-  I’ll still pondering that one.. Smile 

So now season three is finished.. anyone got any blog posts they’d like to publish about season three before we start on season four?
I’ll publish an ep order as soon as I get to it.. to discuss the order of Season three – you can visit
this blog post where the discussion has started!

I’ll give us some additional time to linger here at the end of season 3 – before we move on to new episodes.. and Unfinished Business!! 🙂 I’m going to pause at least a few weeks.. but I’ll let you all know how things go (I need time to write more posts and get ahead or RL is just too busy to keep things going) a pause at the end of a season is probably a good idea.

Well.. It goes without saying that I am busting to hear what you all would like to share about this tag! this episode.. this season! Smile Thanks for joining the walk through season three everyone!!! Smile 

20/21 Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Whooooo everyone feel that anticipation???!!!! It’s tag time!!!
Brace yourselves… I’ll warn you now: this tag is over two posts.. just too massive to have in one post. Enjoy!
Back to IFF..
Lee and Amanda enter through a door, into the hallway leading to the Q Bureau. Looks like Lee opens the door for Amanda Smile 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[66]
As they enter Amanda asks.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[105]
Amanda: Will they give Tony some therapy or something before they try him?
[Awh Amanda’s worried about Tony’s wellbeing!]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[29]
Lee answers rather gently I think..
Lee: Yeah they will…
… Krutiov really messed up his mind.
[I get the impression that Lee appreciates that Amanda asked and cares.. Tony may have been a lousy boyfriend who sold his soul for his absurd play, but he wasn’t all bad Winking smile He was certainly left quite broken.. ]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[39]
Amanda looks pleased at this response.. Lee on the other hand, can’t take his eyes off Amanda!

I think it’s interesting that we find out Tony is going to jail or will at least be tried! phew!! And.. it seems he and Maria do not get the happy ending. Which is sad, but I kind of prefer it – I think Tony couldn’t or shouldn’t end up with the girl after what he pulled!!! Thoughts everyone?

Lee and Amanda don’t exchange any more words.. but Lee just continues to look at her. Something he wants to say? But is having some trouble getting it out? 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[118]
If Amanda is aware of this, she doesn’t let on – she seems relaxed, looks back at him briefly and then opens the door to head into the Q bureau. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[156]
LOL Lee looks almost terrified to follow Amanda in there Winking smile tee hee.. I CANNOT WAIT! to hear what you are all seeing and thinking about this tag! Smile
Amanda enters the office and Lee follows, looking decidedly uncomfortable.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[80]
He looks so serious! 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[64]
Lee: Amanda.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[143]
(Lee looks down at the floor.. and doesn’t look up as he says her name and closes the door. )
Amanda: Yeah?
Lee pauses a moment, and finally looks up as the door closes.
Amanda lets out a big sigh (hmm maybe she does sense something important in the air!)
Lee: You know,… 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[146]
…you and I do have a lot to talk about.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0026[150]
[whooo he sounds so quiet and serious! for a second I thought she was in trouble. Then..
He did this with his hands and I realised this was something else  Winking smile  I think it’s a gesture of vulnerability Smile ]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027
Amanda: Yeah?3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[4]
[I think Amanda looks a little uncertain. Just what is he going to say??!!]
(We cut back to a closer view of Lee)

[IMHO  – there’s warmth in his eyes now.. oh phew.. before there was just sheer terror… okay this is reassuring!]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[14]
Too many photos? yeah.. I didn’t think so Winking smile
Gee is the tie a clue?!
Lee (very quietly) : Yeah….
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002703336
[Oh my.. the quiet tones are very swoony!]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002703536
(They exchange smiles.)
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002704738
(Lee starts to walk closer- not meeting her eyes again..)3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002708241
…We have been….getting to know each other…
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002708541
…for what ah….3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002710143
Lee & Amanda together: Three years…3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002710343
Lee steps much closer to Amanda..3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002711444 Amanda reacts with a smile – judging by Lee’s cheek here it seems he was smiling too.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002712045
Amanda tries to suppress the excitement!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002713146
We cut back to Lee.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002713346
What do you make of him here everyone? [Oh my.. we get a great view of the tie here.. could it be that we will finally get that kiss?! uninterrupted??!!!]
I think he looks excited to be finally having this conversation.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002714347
(he moves even closer, and I think he reaches to take her hands or touch her hands – as he looks down as he moves closer to reach for them. I think. anyone?)3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002716049
…And I think…
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002717150
(He glances at her lips before he continues)3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002717951
…there’s a lot about you that I don’t know…
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002720653
(He pauses again. Phew! Intense!)
[We cut to Amanda]
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002721354
[For a chatterbox – she’s being VERY quiet! But.. she looks thrilled.. and is non verbally saying plenty I think.]
(We hear Lee continue as we watch Amanda listen)
I’m sure going to enjoy trying to find out.3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002721855
(Amanda glances at Lee’s lips.. and gives Lee a big smile)
[I think that means she doesn’t mind his trying to find out 😉 oh and his voice hooo haaa his voice!]
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002723857
[We cut back to Lee]
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002723957
[What do you see in his expressions here everyone?]
They silently smile at each other.. Hooo haaaa the eye speak going on here is fabulous!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002725458
Finally.. Lee looks at Amanda’s lips..
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002726659
[Too many pics? Yeah.. I really didn’t think so!! Smile ]
Lee moves in for the big moment. Yes! All signs are go!!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002727160
(We cut to Amanda) 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002727360
She’s letting Lee come to her… Ready to accept and welcome this next step in their relationship!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002728261
Lee gets close enough, that Amanda finally also moves in for the kiss. 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002729162
Bang! There’s a noise in the hall and Amanda starts.
No no no no no.. this can’t be happening!!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002729662
Amanda pulls back..
Someone is coming toward the Q bureau!!!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002730363
What do you make of Amanda’s expression here everyone?
I think Amanda looks disappointed.. yet again.. ugh.. I think she really doesn’t want a repeat of the earlier, being busted ‘rehearsing’ moment!
(We cut to the hallway.. it’s Billy – Ugh!!!!!)
I am guessing when this first aired that at this point there were a lot of howls throughout the suburbs! Cries of disappointment! They got this close? and the episode is about to end? and the season is about to end??!!!!!  [I’m guessing by the time this aired they had confirmation there would be a season 4] I don’t believe it! They are going to make us wait till the next season to have the big moment??!!!!!!!!!

Billy walks down the hallway toward the Q bureau door.
He asks someone off camera and down the hall..
Billy: Is Lee in the Q Bureau?
Francine: Yeah I think so
[ahhhh Francine is there to interrupt them again  now that there is no opening night to rehearse for!]

Lee and Amanda.. interrupted yet again..
Sorry to pause here guys, but
I want to take time and explore every detail we could  throughout this tag so far..!!! Smile Can’t wait to hear from you all!!!!!!!