6/- Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We left the three little spies by the pool..
A guy calls out to them (he’s next to the babe): Hey, guys!..
3.21 TLS.avi_001026226
…How you doing?
3.21 TLS.avi_001027427
The three spies approach. Petrovich taking photos. 3.21 TLS.avi_001028628
Lee: Hey, you’re Randall Skylar.
Randall Skylar: That’s me.
3.21 TLS.avi_001032632
Lee: Oh, far out man! All right.
[lol! this has got to be a cover! Far out man – I dig the suspenders/t-shirt combo! ]
Randall Skylar: You’re the international press dudes? [ahhh!!! that explains the ID’s..]
Lee: Yeah, right. I am, uh, Lee Stimpson. This is Isaac Pellur, and Bob Wang.
3.21 TLS.avi_001041641
(They all shake hands- Skylar gives them a rock star hand shake Winking smile )
Randall Skylar: Far out!
Petrovich: Far out!
Randall Skylar: You dudes been to the warehouse yet?
Petrovich: The warehouse…
3.21 TLS.avi_001044644
Lee: Ahem…
Petrovich: Of course, yes.
Randall Skylar: Pretty hip, huh?..
3.21 TLS.avi_001045645
…That’s 15 million in food and medical supplies on their way to the hungry. 3.21 TLS.avi_001050850
[okay so now we have 15 million copies sold. lol. They are selling fast!]
Lee: Wow, that sure is something. Listen, Randall,…
3.21 TLS.avi_001053453
…could you tell me how you first got involved with this airlift?
Randall Skylar: Oh, man. I mean, look around you. The world, it’s the pits.
[ummm look at the mansion?!]
3.21 TLS.avi_001063663
Lee: Oh, yeah.
(the babe brings him a cocktail, life’s hard Winking smile )
Randall Skylar: We gotta do something. Chi Chi?
3.21 TLS.avi_001067667
[Not even Petrovich could accuse this guy of being imperialist America Winking smile ]
Lee: Uh, no, I don’t think so. We’re on a working visit, heh.
3.21 TLS.avi_001074274
Petrovich: We would like to know how your organisation works.
Randall Skylar: Yeah…well, like it’s simple…
3.21 TLS.avi_001076876
… I put together 27 rock ‘n’ rollers and we put on a concert that raises more money in one weekend than Band Aid, Live Aid, and Farm Aid combined. And then, we, uh, you know, feed the world. [lol inspiration Bob Geldof? Band Aid was 1984. I had to check Smile ]
Chang: And how do you plan to transport all these supplies? 3.21 TLS.avi_001092225
Randall Skylar: Dig it, man. We’ve got the US Air Force.
Lee & Chang: Oh!
[LOL Lee looks all excited by this, but I’m guessing Lee is actually feeling the opposite!]3.21 TLS.avi_001096629
Randall Skylar: Five of those awesome troop-transport planes. I mean, I am putting together a take off gig. This show will knock your teeth out.3.21 TLS.avi_001102035
Petrovich & Chang: Oh, hmmm….
Skylar starts to suspect these press guys.
3.21 TLS.avi_001103436
Randall Skylar: Uh, don’t you guys read the papers you write for? I’ve been front-page news for a week.
[yeah. it should have been in that dossier!]3.21 TLS.avi_001107040
Lee: Oh, yeah, yeah. Uh, could you give us a run down on the destinations?
3.21 TLS.avi_001111845
Randall Skylar: Everywhere, man. Asia, Africa, Mideast.
Petrovich: Pakistan?
3.21 TLS.avi_001116516
Randall Skylar: They got starving people? 3.21 TLS.avi_001118518
Petrovich: Sure… 3.21 TLS.avi_001119319
Randall Skylar: We got food. Listen, guys, to tell you the truth, that’s not my department. You see, I’m the flash. I put on the show to raise the money to buy the food, and then I feel good…3.21 TLS.avi_001129729
… I got people to do all the work. 3.21 TLS.avi_001131331
Lee: Yeah. Well, then you’re telling us that, uh, you don’t really know where the food is going?
Randall Skylar: Oh, man! To hungry people. Like what else do I need to know?
3.21 TLS.avi_001140340
Lee: Heh…
Randall Skylar: Pam. Come here!
(Skylar waves over Pam)
Pam Jentry: I’ve been looking for you. We’ve got the first lady.
3.21 TLS.avi_001148548
Randall Skylar: Oh, you are down two feet. We got Rosalyn?!!  [Ha haaaa!!!!]3.21 TLS.avi_001149349
Chang: Close.
Lee: Ahem…
3.21 TLS.avi_001153553
Randall Skylar: Whatever.
[Yes! details! details!] … Oh, Pam, these guys are press. Press, Pam Jentry. 3.21 TLS.avi_001156756
: Hello.
Lee: How do you do?
Chang: How are you?
3.21 TLS.avi_001158558
Randall Skylar: Without this cookie, I don’t think I’d have a chance of pulling off this extravaganza. 3.21 TLS.avi_001161561
Pam Jentry: Well, if I don’t get back to the warehouse, you probably won’t. Excuse me, gentlemen. 3.21 TLS.avi_001165765
[Hmm she seemed keen to get away from these men.. does she think they are spies? three nationalities just showing up and asking questions would make you suspicious if you were involved with nuclear detonators- I can’t remember if she is or not though. Maybe Skylar isn’t as dumb as he looks? lol.. ]
Lee: Nice meeting you.
3.21 TLS.avi_001166366
(Pam leaves)
Randall Skylar: Okay. Hang loose. Hey guys, I’ll get you some press kits, okay? I got a lounge singer from Encino to put them together for me. Heh-heh. Very bizarre. [haaaa!!]
3.21 TLS.avi_001176776
(Skylar rushes off to get his bizarre press kits)
Lee: Far out. Ha, ha…yeah. 3.21 TLS.avi_001177777[haa haaaaa! this cover of Lee’s is funny. I’ve always thought smk didn’t utilise cover ID’s enough for humour.. so many opportunities! but I do enjoy what we get Smile ]
Chang: Is this guy a joke or what? 3.21 TLS.avi_001181581
[he may well not be the brightest guy, but it is cool that he is interested in helping others.. he’s just pretty childish about it all I think..]
Lee: Look, it’s obvious Food for Flight is legit. It’s the perfect cover for smuggling detonators.
3.21 TLS.avi_001184584
Petrovich and Chang are not disagreeing.
3.21 TLS.avi_001188588
We cut to Pam making a phone call. 3.21 TLS.avi_001195195
she dials, and looks over at the 3 little press men.
3.21 TLS.avi_001197797
Pam Jentry: We have a problem…
Man over phone: I am listening, Miss Jentry.

Uh oh!!!!! Looks like Pam’s one of the baddies in this scenario!
The scene ends here.

Next scene, we are back at the plane and Amanda is on the phone (or is that the ‘spacenet satellite’?)3.21 TLS.avi_001205805
Amanda: Hi, Mr. Melrose wanted me to let you know a couple of things…
(Amanda looks around to check if anyone is listening. Nadine is behind her, and Amanda lowers her voice)
…It seems that the Indian government found out about the detonator and they think that gives them justifiable reason to build up their nuclear arsenal.
[Ah. Yawn. so we are suppose to be sensing the increased pressure here huh. For me.. it all kinda falls flat. but then, I guess this could be because I have seen this episode before and can’t completely forget how things end!]3.21 TLS.avi_001217617
As Amanda talks, Nadine comes and sits behind her)3.21 TLS.avi_001219019
Lee: Well, if they do that could start an arms race throughout the continent and that’s the spark that could set the tinderbox off…
3.21 TLS.avi_001225825
…Well, let’s just hope Food for Flight pays some big dividends, huh? Fast!
[is that location formerly the Home of Marvellous Marvin’s we saw in The boy who could be king?)3.21 TLS.avi_001231231
Amanda: Now look, that’s another thing about Food for Flight. It seems that it’s one of Washington’s favorite charities and so there are a lot of Senator’s wives involved. So Mr. Melrose wants you to make sure you’ve really got something before you make a move. 3.21 TLS.avi_001233033
Lee: Terrific! Not only do we have the Russians and Chinese to worry about now we’ve got Capitol Hill. [Ahhh so this was what that mysterious phone call from Ronald to Billy was about?] 3.21 TLS.avi_001244844
Amanda: Heh!
Lee: What else did he tell you?
Amanda: Well, he said good luck. You’re gonna need it.
[haaaa great to see in all this Amanda is making a joke with Lee Winking smile ]
3.21 TLS.avi_001247047
Lee: Heh, huh…thanks! 3.21 TLS.avi_001253653
[Awhhh! Lee likes Amanda’s joke! I never get bored with these little moments between these two! Smile ]3.21 TLS.avi_001254854
…All right. Keep in touch with him, will ya?
Amanda: Right!

They hang up. Amanda looks behind her to see Nadine is right behind her listening in. lol. The scene ends there.

Okay here’s a good place to pause.. anything you’d like to share with us all??? What did you think of Skylar?

5/- Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on with this episode from that oh so swoony Lee and Amanda scene… We see a vista of Washington DC..
3.21 TLS.avi_000760126
Looks like it’s winter..?
We then see an exterior of IFF. Not winter..
3.21 TLS.avi_000762328
We find Billy sitting on his sofa in his office, listening to something with headphones. 3.21 TLS.avi_000769736
Francine enters.3.21 TLS.avi_000770537
[What do the fashion police make of this little nonsemble? Who was it that labelled this the flight attendant look? IMHO you nailed it! 🙂 ]
Francine: Billy, here’s the material on Food for Flight. It doesn’t look like-
3.21 TLS.avi_000774541
(Francine realises Billy isn’t listening)
… Billy?
3.21 TLS.avi_000775141
(Billy looks up.. )
Billy: Wrap me up in barbwire, show me your love
3.21 TLS.avi_000780747
Francine: What? 3.21 TLS.avi_000781548
Billy: Slip your arms around me like a heavy metal glove 3.21 TLS.avi_000784951
Francine: Heh, Billy, what are you talking about? 3.21 TLS.avi_000785752
[rofl! I’m so glad that not for a second do we the audience think this is Billy coming on to Francine!]3.21 TLS.avi_000787153
Billy: I don’t know… [whaaaahahahahaaa!!!]3.21 TLS.avi_000790156 …I know I’m a little older. I understand that tastes change.
Francine: Heh?
3.21 TLS.avi_000796162
Billy: But this…3.21 TLS.avi_000796563
…Randall Skylar’s latest album…
(He gives Francine the headphones for her to have a listen) [80s headphones! ahhh those were the days!]
3.21 TLS.avi_000800567
…The man who’s behind Food for Flight. 3.21 TLS.avi_000802569
Francine (loudly over the music): Oh, right. “Barbwire Love”. Yeah. Single sold 13 million copies. The album is double-platinum. It’s gonna go triple. 3.21 TLS.avi_000805572
Billy: People pay money for this? [rofl!!! Billy is so funny in this scene!] 3.21 TLS.avi_000813179
Francine: Lots of it. Skylar has already made $10 million and he has donated a dollar for every album sold to Food for Flight. [that’s 13 million dollars! Hmmm what’s going on with this math??!! ]3.21 TLS.avi_000818385
Billy: So this thing is legit? [define legit Winking smile ]
3.21 TLS.avi_000823990
Francine: Well, on paper it looks like one of the most effective relief organizations around. Here,..
Francine hands over the dossier)
…Skylar is the face for the group. But there’s a woman named Pam Jentry. She’s the brains behind the administration and PR… [Aha! so we have a guy heading the organisation, but a woman is really running the show.. hmm.. could this relate to the three spies and their assistants set up?! I guess we’ll see..]
3.21 TLS.avi_000831598 …She’s put together a team of assistants. They’re mostly veterans from other aid efforts. Nobody is making a lot of money on this. And a matter of fact, uh, most of the workers are volunteers… 3.21 TLS.avi_000843810
…All in all, it’s pretty impressive. 3.21 TLS.avi_000844210
Billy: And big.
Francine: Hmmm…
Billy: It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack with one arm tied behind you. Why don’t they just let us do our job without tip toeing around? We’d probably get to the bottom of this thing…
3.21 TLS.avi_000858625
[Me confused. Who isn’t letting them do their job? who is requiring they tip toe?! Is the mission top secret and they can’t question anyone? I don’t get it… help? ]
(the phone rings)
3.21 TLS.avi_000862829
..Melrose here…
(Billy stands up- whooo it’s someone important. Or his domineering uncle. Oh wait.. that’s Lee!)
3.21 TLS.avi_000866633
…Yes sir… (Billy listens)
…We have the agents in place, sir, and we’re doing everything accor- (Billy listens)
3.21 TLS.avi_000875241
… I see…(Billy listens)3.21 TLS.avi_000879245
…Yes sir, I understand. That does complicate things… (Billy listens)3.21 TLS.avi_000885452
[My goodness.. lots of Billy listening.. I guess this is to up the tension. what’s the spanner in the works?! ]
…Yes sir…I will…Well, thank you, sir. 3.21 TLS.avi_000891458
(Billy hangs up)
…That was the President…
3.21 TLS.avi_000897263
…He just put a lot more powder in our powder keg. Get Lee and Amanda. 3.21 TLS.avi_000900467
Oh my gosh!!! what’s happened??!!! What does this mean!!! gahh!!! the suspense is killing me!!!
(Francine does as she’s told.. she’s not so anxious to find out this latest development!).
3.21 TLS.avi_000902669
Billy is thoughtful, and waits for Francine to leave the room. 3.21 TLS.avi_000906873
He then picks up the headphones to listen to some more Barbwire love! rofl! 3.21 TLS.avi_000912679Oh rofl! He then proceeds to start bopping! rofl!!! Billy the bopper he is!! Winking smile 3.21 TLS.avi_000914681
The scene ends here.. and we cut to the plane touching down on the runway.
3.21 TLS.avi_000920487
The team to find the detonators are all seated together. Maybe now they are in LA I’ll get to see the Hollywood sign Winking smile
3.21 TLS.avi_000925525
Lee: All right. Let’s go then.
They all get up to leave, except Petrovich who is in conversation with Nadine, he finishes what he was saying to her and also gets up.
3.21 TLS.avi_000930530
Nadine stays put.
Looks like Petrovich and Lee have changed into something more comfortable (and ugly!).
3.21 TLS.avi_000934334
Amanda notices Nadine and pulls up Lee by the arm- getting him to stay behind a second.
Amanda: We seem to be leaving somebody behind.
3.21 TLS.avi_000939139
Lee: Petrovich!
3.21 TLS.avi_000940740
[I think this might be sacrilege, but.. I can’t stand this outfit on Lee!!! even if he is in jeans!!! These jeans are awful! Is it just me?!]
Petrovich: Yes?
Lee: What’s going on here?
3.21 TLS.avi_000942942
Petrovich: She’s going to stay here to file a report to Moscow. 3.21 TLS.avi_000943743
[is it just me or does Chang look mighty fine?!]

Amanda reacts with an ‘ohhhh’ 🙂
3.21 TLS.avi_000945945
Lee reacts with suspicion.
[Iwsod reacts to that awful outfit! That jacket??!!!! that shirt!!!! those jeans. Oh nooo!!! Iwsod’s been given a big Kapow!!]
3.21 TLS.avi_000947147
Chang and Jin Sung share a look, and he motions with his head for her to stay behind too. Which she acts on immediately. She walks by Petrovich back to the table.
Jin Sung: Excuse me. (to Lee and Amanda to let her pass)
3.21 TLS.avi_000950550
Lee: And where is she going? 3.21 TLS.avi_000952552
Chang: She’ll stay also to complete some paper work. 3.21 TLS.avi_000956156
Petrovich: You don’t trust me.  [duh!]
Chang: No, I don’t…
3.21 TLS.avi_000960760
…But it is not a unique distrust…
(Chang looks at Lee) …I suspect all of you.
3.21 TLS.avi_000964364
3.21 TLS.avi_000964964
Grrrrrr!!! Checkmate Petrovich and Lee! lol.
Amanda interjects..
Amanda: Excuse me. I have an idea. Why don’t I stay here…
3.21 TLS.avi_000969169
…and then the three of us can stay and three of us can go?..
3.21 TLS.avi_000972172
…Then there’ll be a balance…3.21 TLS.avi_000973573
(Petrovich and Chang don’t respond. you can’t tell an American she has a good idea Winking smile ) 3.21 TLS.avi_000975175
Amanda just decides for herself: … It’s a good idea.
She turns without waiting for a response. LOL. go Amanda.
Lee: Yeah!
3.21 TLS.avi_000976776
Lee gives Amanda a response, without taking his eyes off the other two!
We see the three little spies leave. Oh my we get quite the view of Lee from ‘behind’ umm..
3.21 TLS.avi_000983383 I am guessing at the time, these jeans must have been hunk clothing. Umm.. but err they ruin the view for me! That should be a crime!!!

Off to Beverly Hills! 3.21 TLS.avi_000984984

I guess we now get shots of LA streets and it really is suppose to be LA now haaaa. 3.21 TLS.avi_000985585

We see an exterior shot of a mansion. 3.21 TLS.avi_000988788
It’s incredible how little I remember of this episode! But.. this mansion does look familiar.. has it been the exterior of something else? I should have kept a folder of all exterior shots by episode so I could compare! But.. I didn’t!

We find the three little spies being shown in by a babe.. 3.21 TLS.avi_000992192

Petrovich: Bourgeois decadence. [eyeroll.. so cliché!]
Chang: Capitalist excess [Love the manbag Chang!]
3.21 TLS.avi_000995395
Lee: And good ol’ American rock ‘n’ roll. The guy behind this Food for Flight is Randall Skylar, one of the legends in American music. And this is what you get when you come a legend. 3.21 TLS.avi_001005605
[ahhh stereotypes! Communists despising wealth, and an American defending it. Just once I’d love to see an American agree this is decadence! or have a Russian admit Americans have good music Winking smile . I guess it all underlines that different cultures define ‘success’ differently – but, so do different individuals within a culture. At least all three can agree ‘success’ would be finding the detonators!?]
Petrovich: “Barbwire Love”
3.21 TLS.avi_001008408
Lee: Yeah, that was his double-platinum. Don’t tell me you’ve heard this stuff? 3.21 TLS.avi_001009409
Petrovich: He appeared in Moscow once. I read a newspaper report on the performance. Disgusting. 3.21 TLS.avi_001016616
Lee: It’s sold 10 million copies…
[Therefore it’s not disgusting?! I think something can be both disgusting and popular! Winking smile ] …Ask around you know you may find a bootlegged version in Moscow. Heh. 3.21 TLS.avi_001024624
[whoooo Russians secretly loving the ‘disgusting’ American music huh.. another cliché! My goodness I’m in a mood. It’s that flippin awful outfit! I wouldn’t say it’s ‘disgusting’ but I’m also pretty sure it didn’t sell 10 million copies Winking smile .. Okay, I’ll comfort myself that Lee is looking gorgeous in the great outdoors. Love to see him outside! whatever the outfit. I’m glad Lee doesn’t seem to care about Petrovich’s tastes Winking smile
Seems Lee has knocked off 3 million in sales – Francine said it had sold 13 million singles lol.. ]
Petrovich: Hmmm….

Someone calls out to them. But.. this post is big enough. I’m going to pause here for the moment. Anything you’d like to share about this part of the ep? or the ep so far? 

4/11 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Having just outmanoeuvred Petrovich (at chess no less!) Lee approaches Amanda seated in the cabin, quietly reading, and sits down next to her with a sigh.
Amanda: Trouble?
3.21 TLS.avi_000731097
Lee: Ah, just past history.3.21 TLS.avi_000733500 [Rofl! Check out Lee’s body language here!! I suspect the past history was Petrovich giving Lee a kick in the you know what!]
…It’s a job that’s gotta be done, hmm?

: Hmmm.3.21 TLS.avi_000734501
Lee hesitates a moment.. then seems to want to get something off his chest..
Lee (very quietly):
3.21 TLS.avi_000738104
[Lee leans in a little.. and glances at Amanda’s mouth before continuing- me thinks KJ and BB are ramping up their portrayal of this couple with extra mouth watching Winking smile ahem… where was I?! ]3.21 TLS.avi_000738705
…Billy’s worried about me, isn’t he? 3.21 TLS.avi_000739506
[Love to see Lee sitting sooooo close to Amanda and whispering to her Winking smile whatever it’s about! If you watch Amanda here, you can just make out her eye lashes..
3.21 TLS.avi_000739906
I think she looks down at Lee’s lips and back up again Winking smile me thinks Amanda likes Lee whispering sweet somethings abouts anythings toos]
Amanda: No!
3.21 TLS.avi_000740507
Lee: Come on. 3.21 TLS.avi_000741107
Amanda: Oh, no!
Lee: He wants you to keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t single handedly destroy Détente.
[Yup!]3.21 TLS.avi_000745311
[Looks like Lee looks again at Amanda’s lips.. and Amanda reciprocates Winking smile Ahem… for a rather serious conversation there’s a whole lot of sexual tension going on here!]3.21 TLS.avi_000745512
Amanda: Oh, come on. Don’t be silly. [Ahem. I confess, it does actually sound quiet silly Winking smile ]
3.21 TLS.avi_000748515
They silently look at each other a moment. Lee’s eyes seem to be dancing all over Amanda’s features Winking smile what’s going through his mind here? 3.21 TLS.avi_000749516
[Last time I saw this I had no idea there was so much gazing going on here Winking smile slowing it down to pick the images certainly reveals new goodies!]
Lee: Huh? That’s okay…
[It’s off camera, but I think Lee grabs her hand and gives it a pat]
3.21 TLS.avi_000751317
3.21 TLS.avi_000752519 …I’m glad you’re here…
3.21 TLS.avi_000753119
[Oh my gosh!!! I think Amanda just melted! I know I did!]
(more lips glancing going on!)
3.21 TLS.avi_000753920
…Friendly face makes a difference.
3.21 TLS.avi_000755522
[Wow!!!! who can resist this man now?! I dare you to try! What a mature, open and wonderful man we see here! Smile the fact that this line is whispered makes it even more swoony!]
3.21 TLS.avi_000756122
: Oh, thank you very much.
3.21 TLS.avi_000758324
(A bit more lip glancing going on!)3.21 TLS.avi_000758525
[Amanda’s a strong woman. She accepts the compliment. but doesn’t gush Smile she’s perfect for Lee isn’t she! Smile ]

Amanda gives him a big smile.. she’s totally on Lee’s side.. What an amazing gift to give a man who works in the spy bizz where he can’t (usually) trust anyone!
3.21 TLS.avi_000758925
The scene ends with Lee looking at Amanda’s lips that are giving him a big smile.. hooooo haaaaaa!!

I wonder if this ties back to the Lois-Anne conversation, and entrusting your secrets, and emotions to another.. hmm.. Hopefully it doesn’t tie back to laughing as you fly across a room!

All the signs IMHO indicate Lee is 100% confident in his faith in Amanda, and hers in him. I cannot wait to hear what you all make of this little conversation. Such a small exchange but so full of meaning!!!!

I like to think Lee is remembering his past history with Petrovich and Chang, and comparing that to his situation now with Amanda by his side – he seems to be observing to himself that he is in a much better position now with Amanda by his side, and full of gratefulness and appreciation. I think he knows Amanda and his connection with her makes him stronger- not weaker- which is what IMHO I think Lee fought for a long time.. but here being so open and expressing his feelings with Amanda – Lee seems to have come full circle. He not only accepts Amanda he welcomes her, and is openly celebrating her being in his life (professional and personal). Now that is such an attractive quality in a man Winking smile

I also think this must be extremely meaningful for Amanda. I’m reminded of Amanda’s conversation with Ballon (in Saviour) – when he tricks her.. Ballon sees Amanda’s need.. and exploits it.. I’ll copy and paste the little exchange here:104Ballon: Nope, we all know what a terrific contribution you have made to the success of scarecrow.image
105Amanda: you do?

106………Did Lee say that? 107
: he sees it a little differently to me.
: Oh I know
I know,
he thinks he doesn’t need me.

Even in the wonderful sofa scene in the Triumvirate, I don’t think we heard Lee directly say to Amanda that he was glad she was there with him, I think he said it indirectly. Here I think is the first time he has outright said it. I was reminded of this scene above with Ballon, because I think this moment is what Amanda dreamed of experiencing one day from when she first got involved with Lee and his work. It was really important to her that Lee acknowledge her contribution and that he needs her.. This is quite possibly the one thing she wanted to hear from Lee more than anything else (other than ‘I love you’ maybe? haaaa…maybe they are equally important to Amanda: I need you and I love you? thoughts everyone? No right or wrong answers! Smile ). I think this is a huge moment for Amanda… and I like to picture that on the outside she is reserved and happy, but on the inside she is squeeing and cheering and singing hallelujah! Smile
Here..I think it’s something like this:
tee hee! [This is as close to fan fiction as Iwsod gets Winking smile ]

What do you all make of this scene everyone?? thoughts? questions? gripes? insights? Smile