3/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We left Lee telling Amanda about his 1 o’clock appointment he wanted to keep – at Birchwood..
We see the corvette pull up…
: Yep, there’re over 300 retirees out here. All of them from the intelligence community, most from the Agency.

[Love how Lee says this as he half grunts getting out of his low car.. lol.. me thinks Lee won’t be driving the corvette when he moves into Birchwood!! Winking smile ]
Amanda: Oh!
Lee: It’s a real special place.

[Wait a minute.. this is really starting to scare me!! This place is full of former intelligence agents?!  You mean… Amanda and Lee will have to retire to the same retirement village as….. Francine???!!!!!
Oh will it never end???!!!!! Winking smile Be afraid Amanda!!! ‘Special place’ huh!!!]
Amanda: Well, I can see that — it’s written all over your face.
TPE.avi_20151005_174807.277[If I had to retire with Francine I know what my face would look like!]
Lee: Yeah, I get a kick out of coming out here to visit. You know, there’s something about it — about the people. Something about them makes me feel very good.
[How sweet is Lee here.. so expansive and open with Amanda.. not feeling self-conscious at all and happily sharing this private part of himself with her – isn’t it wonderful how much trust he has in Amanda?? and how trustworthy Amanda is??!! Smile awh.. Okay, this is all quite random..as if Lee gets to visit here every week! ugh..  but… it’s so sweet I’m just going to go with it! ]
Amanda: Ohh.
[Lee looks so satisfied to feel this and share it with Amanda!! double awhhhh… I like to think Lee is drawn to Birchwood because he doesn’t have a family of his own – and it’s a way he can be nurtured and welcomed into a warm group.. What do you guys all make of this?
I’m guessing Lee doesn’t have grandparents or why would he have gone to live with that uncle?! lol.. ]

Hmm wait a minute.. what was it Billy was saying in that first scene? Oh yeah.. Billy ordered Lee to hurry.. what did he say?
Billy: Lee, see what you can dig up on the street. Be careful, be quick. Blueprints, chemical weapons, mercenaries — whatever it all means, we’ve got to stop it.
Right. Yes that’s it.. be quick.. and find out the word on the street.. this is urgent and important stuff..
So Lee takes Amanda to Birchwood?! ROFL! I guess Mercenaries who want to break into a government building can wait! And heck, this is SMK so Lee probably assumes whoever he talks to next with Amanda will have information he needs right? 😉 tee hee.. If we want to take it  a step further.. Birchwood was at 1pm and we know Lee’s meeting with Billy was before 10 am because Lee wasn’t at his polish dancing 🙂 sooooo Lee waited 3 hours? Hmm I guess Lee could have moved Birchwood ahead to 10am.. yes I’ll go with that!

We see some grannies being driven around in a buggy.. lol isn’t this like the buggy that was at the agency in the episode ‘The first time’ only?
A lady cries out and waves –
Glynis: Lee!!!!
Lee: Aw, it’s the Mendelssohns…
(He calls out to them) ..Hi Lois, hi Glynis!… [Let me guess! their brother is named.. Dennis!]
(to Amanda)
… Lois makes the best banana bread in DC, and… [Ah now I understand why Lee had to come.. Banana Bread first. Catching bad guys second! 😉 ]
TPE.avi_20151005_174833. 32
— well, Glynis is the captain of the volleyball team.
[Okay I caught the split second where they are both looking at each other – sooo it’s a little blurry so what.. it’s still totally swoony!]
Amanda: You’re kidding!
Lee: Noo!
Glynis: Lee Stetson, you didn’t come last week — it shows!  [lol continuity?? hooray smk!]
Lee: Ladies — Ahhh . . .
Lois: You look like you’ve been working too hard again. (Glynis reaches for a basket of goodies- I’m going with the taller Mendelssohn- because she’s the volleyball champion!)
TPE.avi_20151005_174848. 51
Lee: Well, haa I guess I have.
Glynis: Yeah, I’ve been baking all week.
Lee: Oh, look at this.
Lois: Good thing. He’s wasting away. Where have you been?
TPE.avi_20151005_174857. 83
Lee: I’m sorry, I — I got all tied up last week. Business, you know. [rofl.. do you think he really was tied up?! Didn’t Amanda say this to her mother once? and it was true? literally?? anyone remember when that was? I can’t!]
Lois: Say no more. You aren’t gonna tell us anyway.
Glynis: Not only has he lost weight, but he’s forgotten his manners.
[whahahaaha!!! So it’s not just Amanda who encourages him to use his manners]
I love how Amanda turns to Lee and laughs at him getting chewed up by two grannies.. love it.
Lee: Oh, I’m sorry, ladies. This is Amanda King.
Amanda: Hello.
Lois, Glynis: Hi, Hello.
Lee: Ahhh she’s with us.
Glynis: Oh, you’re a niece.
Amanda: Uh – (This confuses Amanda)
: Well, I’m a — I’m a nephew.

[My goodness, it’s literally like a family?]
[Could these two stand any closer to each other?!]
Amanda: Oh?
I’ll pause here in the middle of this scene.. trying to keep posts short and I must say – this one is short and veeery sweet Smile I’ve shared my thoughts on this niece nephew thing in the next post.. gotta run!
I’m looking forward to hearing from ya! What do you all think??!!


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  1. So I was thinking more about the questions you posed regarding Birchwood and I have some ideas.

    1) I’m guessing this is a privately run seniors facility that’s only for people in the intelligence community. I’m not sure if it’s only for Agency personnel or if people from CIA and other organizations would send their people too. I’m guessing it isn’t compulsory, so if you can afford something else or have pricer tastes or had family in another area you wouldn’t have to live there. But this is available A) If you can’t afford something else. (Seniors lodges are can be really pricey and if you’re on a limited retirement income you can be stuck with something crappy). B) To help the “adjustment” factor — we hear a lot these days about military personnel adjusting to civlian life and I’m sure it’s even harder if you work in a field you can’t talk about at all. Old people love to share stories and this way they can. C) A safety measure if they have some kind of dementia and start blabbing about something classified — although hopefully the family would just think they were thinking they’d lived something they just saw on a movie.

    2) I think the aunts and uncles thing might also be a subtle way of signalling to each other who’s safe to talk in front of and who isn’t. For example, hypothetically suppose Glynnis was Lee’s actual mother and he comes to see her one day with his wife Amanda. The retirees refer to Amanda as a niece which means she’s Agency and therefore safe to talk in front of. They don’t have to hide anything around her. On the other hand, if Lee had married Leslie (I know, pass the Gravol), they’ll simply say “That’s Lee’s wife,” and then it’s a subtle signal — she isn’t in the intelligence line of work, so watch what you say around her. And then even if someone slips “Are you Glynnis’ niece, dear?” Leslie will just assume it’s an innocent elderly mistake “No, I’m actually her daughter-in-law” and not be suspicious at all.

    Just my guesses, anyway.

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  2. I actually find it totally plausible that he’s visited all this time and kept it a secret. I think there are a couple earlier eps where we see Lee’s affection for older people. He certainly thinks the world of Emily. I could totally see a pre-series and S1 Lee being embarassed to admit how much he enjoyed visiting these people and hiding it from everyone, but still coming. Kind of like the books where the jerk/snob high schooler has to do community service at the nursing home and grows to love the people there.

    My guess is that a case led him here originally because he had to talk to a retiree regarding an old assignment of theirs and initially he kind of balked but in the course of the assigment grew fond of them and kept up the visits. And it was probably because they showed so much tender love towards him and he’s always missed that in his life. (Robert Clayton needs a 2×4 to the back of the skull!)

    I think there’s always been a tender, warm side to Lee but that he just kept it hidden for a long time from most people. But there had to be something there to start with or he couldn’t have changed as much as he had.


  3. I think Lee’s frequent visits to Birchwood are what are inspiring all of his more “mature” fashion choices of Season 3. (Not in this scene. But I think you know the beige, polyester, socks, and shoe moments to which I am referring…)

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    • loads of fun to be reminded of this cosy little moment. thanks for the excuse to ponder it some more Amandarambler!

      Hmmm yeah you might be on to something with that theory of yours and Lee’s mature fashions. whahaahahaaa!!! yep I know exactly what moment – Dead Men Leave no trails was it?
      We’ve walked through it now so I don’t mind mentioning, just keep in mind that when the walk was up to this episode, we hadn’t gotten there yet is all..
      [speaking of time warps!]


      • I’m confused. So we can give a spoiler for a future ep if it’s already on the blog, but not if it isn’t? So I could refer to something that happens in Unfinished Business, but not Bad Timing or One Flew East? Am I understanding that right?


        • Hi LeesMolly, If you are confused- I’m glad you asked!
          Yes you’ve understood correctly. The blog doesn’t go beyond where the walk is up to.. so if you are in a blog post about Pharoah’s Engineer, you can refer to events in Unfinished Business, as the walk is beyond that episode now.
          However, if you were going to start in depth discussion of events in Unfinished Business- you’d be better off heading to blog posts covering that episode and having that discussion over there. So just keep that in mind. You can also share in your comment a link to your comment located elsewhere if you want to.

          Since this has been raised – how about I do a little history lesson on JWWM… which is laid out here over the years for all to see still if they were to read through it all. lol.
          This blog is a work in progress, and has evolved over time. I started out with not a clue (lol) and over time, have adjusted things to support the discussion of episodes as the walk continues – as this blog is a little different to say online forums, and it’s main focus is to walk through the episodes.
          One adjustment was the decision to not talk about events in the show beyond where the walk is up to.
          This adjustment has had it’s upsides and downsides..
          I can see how it can be frustrating to not be able to discuss future events when something comes up…
          [Hopefully once the walk is complete, this will no longer be a frustration.]
          Also, it’s tricky to discuss two or more episodes in depth if you want to take a deep dive as commenters.
          [If something is burning and you really want to do a multi episode deep dive – why not write a blog post about it and I’ll publish it for you?]

          I’m thinking not jumping ahead is working overall though – I am trying to write to walk unspoiled – I haven’t watched upcoming episodes in YEARS (on purpose) – I genuinely forget the plot lol. (I’m sure that’s obvious from some of the weird things I say in blog posts haaaa!) It helps me to write episodes with fresh eyes!!

          Not jumping ahead helps keep the focus on the episode being walked through. Before this change, episode discussions ended up going way off track – I don’t remember specific instances of this happening now as it was probably a decade ago lol!! but to illustrate: Someone (maybe even me back then lol) would make a comment that they thought X about If thoughts could kill – because in Burn Out Y happens – then someone would be curious about this and say something like ‘Really? that’s interesting! I don’t think Y happened in Burn Out – what do you mean/what’s that based on?’ then, you end up talking about Burnout and not If Thoughts Could Kill.

          BTW this explains why there are early posts from me referring to future events and not following today’s rules – the rules changed over time.. so always keep in mind when reading this blog that it’s organic and a living thing! lol.
          This blog is not a reference guide to episodes that is unchanging and authoritative. Nope. My thoughts on the episodes are not fact, they are just my thoughts – and I like to put out there what I think and that can change over the course of one episode as I experience the episode unfolding. That’s what this blog is: the experience of walking through each episode… and through the 88 episodes together 🙂

          Lastly – SMK is for FUN!!!!! So no stress here please – if anyone slips up, it’s okay we make mistakes, and we can help each other to not jump ahead.

          Would it be helpful if I added these comments to the blog’s ‘about’ page? Hmmmm I might do that to help newbies understand and avoid confusion..


          • I like the idea of putting that in a reference post!

            Thanks so much for clarifying. I wasn’t sure.

            I hadn’t planned to do anything detailed, but originally I was going to use the analogy of if Lee’s parents had lived and retired to Birchwood! But since I thought that might be a spoiler I used the Glynnis analogy instead!

            I don’t know how you can go years without watching episodes. I’ve only been hooked a few months and I can’t stop myself! Frankly your willpower is quite disconcerting. Have you been brainwashed by Dr. Glazer? Eating the Hans Retzig chicken salad special? LOL


  4. I agree, iwsod, retirement with Francine doesn’t sound like my idea of heaven either…but at least we’d know where to go to find some good chocolate. Something tells me that in her old age she’s always going to have some good chocolate on hand and might be willing to trade for gossip.

    Okay, can I just say that after not having seen this episode in a very long time, it seems VERY odd to hear Lee talking about these old folks like this. He’s positively gushing! I keep thinking back to S1 Lee and somehow this just doesn’t fit for me. I guess we’re supposed to think that his behavior today also stems from his growth and maturity from having known and worked with Amanda? When I was younger, I used to think this side of Lee was so sweet, but now that I’m probably Lee’s age myself, this behavior for him seems a little surprising. I think Amanda is eating up this version of Lee though.

    On a nicer note, I think Amanda looks beautiful here (hair and make-up) and Lee looks swoon-worthy in the close-ups!

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    • LOL yeah it does seem a bit random given the Lee we’ve been shown so far.. I guess we haven’t seen him being spoilt by a few senior citizens who he knows and who know him well.. this must bring out the little boy in Lee 😉
      I find Lee visiting most weeks OTT and a bit ridiculous, but.. I can’t say I mind seeing this side of Lee, it’s very cute 🙂
      I think Lee missed out on that part of childhood where someone nurtures him, values him and just does warm fuzzy stuff for him- baking bread, bringing baskets of goodies just because its good to see him.. so it’s making sense to me that Lee would have this little boy reaction to these aunties.. 🙂

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  5. There were quite a few comments in the first post about the different feel of the opening scene for this episode. It seems like there is a real dichotomy between that and this sweet visit to a nursing home full of sweet matronly aunties and banana bread. And here is the super spy with huge books on politics and war strategy on his desk greeting said little old ladies and swooningly introducing Amanda. Hmm? What is that all about?

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  6. I thought that I would respond first before I read through everyone’s comments. Sorry if I repeat.

    In my thoughts I cannot imagine Lee beginning his visits to Birchwood anytime before A Relative Situation, maybe even later. I guess I think reaching out and making connections of a family sort wouldn’t have been something he was open to until at least then. Maybe beginning to care for Amanda was what had opened him up to his need for connection and relationships and the retired community of Agency personnel would make sense. Maybe it was a part of his attempt (conscious or not) to see if he could be a real person, or if agents could be real people.

    And just in defense of Lee’s work ethic, maybe he and Amanda perused the streets a bit before the Birchwood visit.

    I do love the way they stand so close and I had to look really hard to try and figure out where his arm was behind Amanda. Did he have it on her back?

    And in that last screen cap, the look on Lee’s face makes me think that his admission that he is a nephew seems like a big thing. Its as if he has just opened up a bit. And Amanda is realizing how special this little visit is. Is this Lee Stetson’s version of “meet the family”? Or is another reveal of his inner life. The way he is looking at her reminds me of the way he looked when he revealed that he had four black books. I don’t know why, but I keep thinking of that scene when I look at that last picture.

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    • Agree that the visits to Birchwood are a relatively recent routine for Lee. I like your idea of him starting these visits after aARS.

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    • I love ths, morley! You have such a tender, thoughtful way of seeing the inner hearts of our Lee and Amanda and expressing it so clearly. I especially love your comparison between this scene and the 4 black books one. Now here is a reveal he can be proud of! Amanda most certainly will approve, and even more importantly, he simply wants to share this part of his life with her.

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    • I like what you say here, Morley. And I agree, with the idea that a place like Birchwood wouldn’t have been on Lee’s radar until after ARS. I wonder what got him there in the first place though. Is there a fanfic for that?

      Lee’s visits to Birchwood have been a secret for a while. I guess now that Lee’s got the Q and Amanda is his “partner with a guest pass” (PWAGP) she is more privy to his calendar and his goings on. I do think this is a secret he can be proud of, although maybe a little embarrassed to admit to Amanda at first. Maybe not so much embarrassing that he goes there, but maybe to the depth at which his feelings seem to run? This has got to be almost as surprising to Amanda as it is to Lee. I’m glad Amanda doesn’t tease him about it – she just accepts it and smiles. I’m imagining the reaction to this Francine would have – she’d have a field day and never let him forget it. Amanda would never do that to Lee.


      • Very random thought, but I wonder if Billy would visit Birchwood? Maybe that got Lee thinking about it?

        Haha… PWAGP. 🙂


      • I am not aware of a fan fic for that. Maybe when I finish the stories I will try one? Maybe, in what? 5 years from now?


      • Trying to piece together the idea in the script that Birchwood visits were “required” for all agents with how it really fits into Lee’s character — I could see him going, throughout his career, on the schedule required by the Agency (if the agents were all rotating, it wouldn’t have to be that often — less than once a month). Maybe could see the old Lee trying to get out of it, or get someone else to take his turn when it comes around. Then, after ARS and due to the opening up influence that Amanda’s having in his life, the visits become meaningful to him, rather than a chore, and he starts to make relationships with individuals in the Birchwood community. Maybe even try to get there oftener than required. That would explain how he started the visits in the first place, and kind of follows his character development. It’s further progress now that he tells Amanda.

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  7. I love the swoony closeness of Lee and Amanda here, but I think there is a deeper swoony-ness here. Bear with me as I hope to make some sense. At some point in time Lee began to visit Birchwood on a somewhat regular basis. We don’t ever find out what led to the visits, but they obviously had an effect on him and it gives him some happiness. Amanda even mentions the look on his face as he talks about it. Lee has been without a family for so long and here he finds people who understand him and what he does and even take on and give familial titles. They accept him, dote on him, and even do a little reprimanding of his manners. This seems to have given him some hope for what his ultimate future might be or that he would have an ultimate future. And notice, he’s Lee, not Scarecrow.

    His relationship with his own uncle has been strained at best and he has kept his emotions in check for a long time. But Lee has been in a transitional phase for a while, ever since Amanda came into his life. I think he kept this from Amanda because he may not have initially seen a future with Amanda, but that has been changing as we have seen. It may have also caused Amanda to question him more than he may have wanted to answer. Now that he is starting to see some things a bit more clearly he is sharing this with her. He could just as easily left Amanda at the office or taken her home, but he chooses now to take her with him and make her a part of this place he sees as being special. He is opening up to her even more. I think Birchwood was probably an anchor for Lee and then Amanda became his anchor. He has now brought those two worlds together.

    After them being apart for PFK and knowing how much they missed one another it’s nice to see that closeness and have Lee share so much of himself. Amanda gets to see another part of what makes Lee tick. I hope this all makes some sense and hoping you all are well.

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  8. I had a deal of a time trying to keep the two Mendelssohn sisters straight as I wrote down the transcript, but something happens later which confirms that Lois is, in fact, the taller one.

    I kind of think that the retirement home is not mandatory for former Agency personnel, but is probably free or very low-cost (after spending their lives in service to their country they can let someone take care of them for a change). Funny, when Lee says “That’s the future, Amanda — if we’re lucky” I never even thought of him considering staying there — I was focused more on the “If we’re lucky”, meaning, “If we live that long”. I’m not quite sure I can see Lee and Amanda there, and definitely not Francine. Billy, maybe.


    • I always interpreted “if we’re lucky” the same way you do, happycamper. And while it sounds very practical interpreted that way, I do think the script-writers planted that ambiguous line to tease the S3 audience that was tuning in every week eagerly anticipating further relationship developments in Lee’s and Amanda’s mutual future. So even if Lee was not referring to their mutual future as a couple, the viewing audience eagerly jumped there!

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    • Thanks for sorting that out Happycamper.. then I went and switched it – i’m pretty sure I said I’d chosen for Glynis to be the tall one because she’s a volleyball champ.. but hten I thought – well what if this is an smk gag?!
      Then I thought – well if it is then they should have made sure it’s clear we know which sister is which from the get go!!!

      I’ll leave my post as is.. warts and all it’s what I thought at the time.. I won’t fix posts I’ve already written either. I have gotten to a point where I’ve said- whoooo maybe the names aren’t right?! so I’ll just go with it 🙂

      Yes I agree Birchwood is not mandatory.

      If we live that long was probably what he mean’t.. but what a lovely tease for us the audience.. and I totally fell for it 😉 haaaa..

      I’m very reassured now – no Francine at Birchwood.. phew!


      • Oh, I don’t know. I am thinking that even here, at this stage, Lee could see that “we” as a he and Amanda “we.” But I think he could have been ambiguous in the usage of that word with her. Either one works for me. Although, I don’t see his comment as meaning Birchwood per se, just being able to live that long… and maybe even together.


  9. Melissa Robertson

    Does anyone else recognize Miss Emily from The Waltons? She was one of the seance women in Over the Limit. Maybe she came out of retirement and was undercover in that episode and that’s why Lee didn’t acknowledge knowing her 🙂


  10. I think Amanda said she had been ‘tied up’ to her mother in the Legend of DesG (or it could be Sudden Death)
    Very, very sweet segment of the episode despite the fact the Glynis and Louis look a little too lively to need a ‘retirement facility’ . Having said that, it probably would be a good idea to have a home for ex agents – in the event of memory issues leading to disclosing of national security secrets or indeed, patients becoming violent in an effective way (ie stabbing with forks, throwing knieves, making Mcgyver type bombs.) I remember an episode of Chuck where he ends up in a special mental institution for agents! And maybe these places really exist.
    Lee is really endearing here and its nice to be back in SMK land

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    • lol it’s a great pun isn’t it?! I’m not sure if it’s LODG or SD.. because I don’t remember Amanda talking to Dotty after being tied up for her to say this line.. nevermind!

      Yes and one of them is a volleyball champion! very spritely.. I guess this is lifestyle living rather than an actual retirement home.. oh well.. who knows!
      Agreed lovely to be back in SMK land! Good to hear from you Michele!


  11. I’m guessing that Lee did 2-3 hours of prep/research work on the baddie situation before going to Birchwood.
    I don’t think Lee goes to Birchwood every week, but he probably made a date to go there last week and had to miss it due to agency commitments (probably “tied up” literally – anyone notice how SMK baddies seldom do handcuffs or robust jail cells – a bit of twine and some imaginative knots seem the (ahem) bondage of choice in SMK-land 😉 ).
    Anyhooooo, I imagine his visits are more like once a month or maybe once every couple of months. He probably lets Glynis and Lois know when he’s planning a visit. They would understand if he doesn’t show.
    I like the Lee and Amanda and physical and emotional closeness in this scene. I probably didn’t appreciate it so much when I viewed the episode. Slowed down and captured in single frames, it seems so much more intimate.

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    • prep work? yes maybe that’s it. I wondered if maybe he brought forward the time he was visiting as his appointments from 10 had been cancelled.. it’s not like they would have been booked out in advance.

      Oh I agree the idea that Lee went every week is ludicrous! Can you imagine how this would have fit in with his whole burn out cover? to make that realistic he would have had to act burned out with these lovely folks too..

      Yes the closeness between Lee and Amanda is not the focus – but it’s there bubbling away for us to discover 😉

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  12. I was just kidding about copying it Iwsod – I just felt bad that I had gotten over-excited in my commenting last time 🙂

    To recap my premature commentary:

    Learjet: “I can’t understand why Lee would need a dance lesson. Isn’t he an expert already? Presumably the dance lesson was a cover for something else so why is he skipping it…OK, I think I’m stepping into a mini-plot hole and I should stand back from the edge :)”

    Janet H: “To be fair, the bigger plot hole just to the left of that one is why he drops working on a possible major gas attack to go visit elderly “relatives” who would actually understand why he dropped their visit!”


  13. “Lois makes the best banana bread in DC”

    Look at that picture below this line. You just know Amanda-the-super-baker is thinking “the hell she does. Mine’s better” (nod to Always look a gift horse…)

    Now if one of you admin types could transfer my premature comment about giant plotholes from the last update to this one, that would be great 😉


    • hi guys. I’ll be back later tonight to respond properly.. it’s my reward for a day’s work! 🙂

      Janet just wanted to let you know – I haven’t found a way to transfer comments over – without it appearing that I’m the person making the comment ( = confusing!)
      In situations like this – I recommend you go to your original comment, copy it and then post the same comment in the correct thread – just add a line saying you are reposting it – so we don’t suspect we are in a time machine 🙂
      That way, your comments are labelled as coming from you.. and it’s simpler. Hope that makes sense. bye guys!


  14. “Love how Lee says this as he half grunts getting out of his low car.. lol.. me thinks Lee won’t be driving the corvette when he moves into Birchwood!!”

    I have often wondered if Lee always opening the car door is because of how hard it would be for KJ to get out of the Corvette wearing heels, even low ones. And then I remember how much I prefer to think it’s pure gallantry and I drive it from my mind.

    “I was tied up” Season 2, The Times They Are a Changing – all tied up in the lovely “Milka” outfit Francine supposedly loaned her, 🙂

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  15. I just remembered, there’s also an episode of Get Smart that features a retirement home for spies: Dear Diary from Season 1. It’s interesting when the two shows have similar themes, but the Get Smart episode was about an older spy who kept a secret diary that someone was trying to find.


  16. Scarecrow and Mrs. King, the sequel – the Birchwood years — JK

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  17. Oh yes… Banana bread before baddies. Can’t catch dumb baddies on an empty stomach. 😉

    Love the stills of Lee and Amanda! Especially the very swoony moments. Great captures, Iwsod! 🙂

    Side note…I absolutely love that blue shirt on Lee. I don’t really have a preference for men wearing blue, but Lee is the exception. 😀


  18. I never considered the fact that they would be in the same the retirement home as Francine. SHUDDER!

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    • Francine doesn’t particularly strike me as a Birchwood type. Rather than go to a place where baking and volleyball are main activities, I would expect her to retire to someplace where she could spend her days browsing upscale boutiques and her evenings at plays and concerts with men in her age group. Unless she married someone who would keep her busy and happy doing other things. Then, she might not care as much about keeping up on the latest fashions because she would already have someone in her life who cared about her and she wouldn’t have to impress anybody. Just a theory, anyway.


      • Melissa Robertson

        I’ve always pictured Lee and Amanda retiring to a secluded lake and building a house. Wait a minute that’s my retirement dream 🙂


      • Agreed – I can see her retire somewhere in Europe, maybe Paris or London. Somewhere “stylish”. Birchwood is great but Francine wouldn’t consider it stylish.

        Makes me wonder – does the Agency have some special medical institution, too, for agents who got injured in the line of duty and “permanently damaged”, that is injured beyond recovery? Or maybe have to recover from a breakdown? I’d imagine you wouldn’t want an emotionally unstable agent accommodated in a normal hospital or institution. Too easy for the other side to get at them.


        • Also agreeing about Francine. I think if the show had gone on, we would have seen her meet someone and maybe they’d retire together. They’d take care of each other. That’s what I’d hope for Lee and Amanda.

          As for your other question, I’d think they’d be considered the same way as certain military personnel. Not sure whether they’d end up in the exact same place, but it’s possible.


          • I for one hope Francine does meet someone who can give her some grounding.. if that’s in the show.. or in fan fic.. lol.. I guess we’ll see 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how Francine ends up by the end of this show!

            Liked by 1 person

        • True.. she would maybe wish to retire to the French Riviera 😉

          rofl yes I think they’d have something in place to prevent unstable agents from being exploited – at least after what happened to Lee in If Thoughts Could Kill!!! 😉


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