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7/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

Phewwwww!!! Where have the last few weeks gone? Hope everyone is well- ready to continue with this episode?! Here goes… Amanda car pulls up and Lee checks out the agent who is passed out in the front seat of the stake out car. [Uh oh!] 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21142809476_thumb
Amanda: Who is it?
Lee: He’s one of our guys. He’s drugged. This Miller guy doesn’t fool around. [Yeah um Miller drugged Francine the day before yesterday you already knew that]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21251584918_thumb
Amanda: Well, the backup ought to be here soon.
(Amanda gets out of her car)
Lee: Take it nice and slow, huh?
[I could listen to Lee say that line again and again and again!]
Amanda: Yeah.
(Lee approaches house, peering in the windows..)
Amanda (whispers): How’s it look?
Lee: Empty from here. I’m gonna check around the back. (Lee heads around the back of the home)
Amanda: Right. (Amanda stays out front, and  approaches the front door. She tries the door knob.)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21604938272_thumb[No Amanda. Wait for the backup!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21606606607_thumb
(Inside, we see a close up on the bomb, and the tied up Davis trio – don’t forget there is a bomb everyone!! lol. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21623623624_thumb
Amanda goes to give the door a bit of a shove but  tyres screech and Billy and unidentified female agent pull up out front) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21716716717_thumb[Whoooo she has her trusty handbag and heels!! lol she has a banana clip too!]
Billy: What’s our status, Amanda?
Amanda: Lee’s in the back. There’s an agent down back in the blue car.
(Together they approach the front door, and Lee joins them)
Billy: Henderson (?) take care of it. Anything going on inside?
Lee: Empty as far as I can see.
Amanda: It’s okay, the door is unlocked.
Lee: Hold it! (Lee spots wire running along the floor along the hallway, through window) It’s booby trapped! [grrr Lee’s voice is all husky.. say ‘booby trapped’ again Lee hooo haaaa.. tee hee!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21901568235_thumb
(Amanda looks terrified.. and slowly releases the door handle)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_21836836837_thumb
We cut to a commercial break. lol. Will Amanda survive the commercials?! tee hee..
Back again!
Billy: No time for a bomb squad. It may be on a timer. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22092425759_thumb
Lee: Well, then we’ll have to go through the window.

(Amanda watches as she is hidden behind a tree as Lee covers his gun with a handkerchief and smashes the window by the door)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22112445779_thumb
[Rofl at how dangerous it is to break a piddly little window haaaaa. Lee is soooooo brave!]
(Lee reaches in and carefully removes the metal plate on the door jamb and wraps it in a hanky. Yes. A heroic hanky.)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22319652986_thumb
[LOL wrap it in a hanky, pull on the wire and then leave it on the windowsill oh so carefully. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22454788121_thumb
I don’t know but this just looks really silly to me! Is it just me?
When he said we’ll have to go in through the window, I figured they would enter the premises through the window and just bypass the trigger for the bomb altogether. No, Lee has to be a hero and disconnect the bomb. tee hee.. Okay okay maybe getting the Davis’ out of there through a window wasn’t going to work. tee hee.. and this place clearly has no back door right? tee hee]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22501167835_thumbLee sighs – and looks over to Amanda. Relieved. The hanky is going to stop the bomb.. we are all safe. rofl.
[If they had a blue wire running to it and Lee cut that – I would have much preferred it.. a bit lame maybe but at least it would have been funny ..ummm on purpose!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22531197865_thumb(Cut to paramedics taking a stretcher out of the ambulance, Carmine’s mom is on another stretcher.)
[LOL where is her ambulance?! tee hee]
Mr. Davis: Get that thing out of here, I’m fine!
Amanda: Mr. Davis, they just don’t want to take any chances.
Mr. Davis: Look, I don’t care what they want, I’m not getting on that thing.
Carmine: Dad, would you just cooperate? We’ve got enough problems as it is.
Mr. Davis: You know, the problem was your 10th birthday. I never should have bought you that chemistry set. [ugh!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22683350017_thumb
Mrs. Davis: Norm, would you please do what they want and shut up. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22713046380_thumb
(Norm gets on the stretcher and the paramedics load into the ambulance.)
[Mother gets her finding her voice moment! rofl..]
EMT: Here we go.
Mrs. Davis: You’ll take care of our boy?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22861861862_thumb
Amanda: I will.
[Aie, man-child! I love how there is no – Carmine you stay strong, be brave! No, it’s Amanda look after my boy for me. rofl! ]
(EMT loads Mrs. Davis into the ambulance)

Back to Lee and Billy trying to figure out what’s next here..4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_22989322656
Billy (gesturing at map): We have surveillance teams all the way from the purification plant down to here.
Lee: I bet Miller knows it too.
(Amanda and Carmine join them)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_23034701368
Carmine, is there any specific place where Miller might dump that poison? 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_23101768435

Not if he’s using the balloons. You gotta tell your men to look for either a red or yellow balloon and get them out of the water before they are sucked under by the intake pump.
[Okay. And what do we tell the women Carmine?!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_23150483817
Well, we could stretch a net across the waterway.
Carmine: Well, if there’s any hint of a current, you’re taking a chance. The nets will rip the balloons apart.
Lee: Look, Billy, Carmine can explain it all on the way up there. [Yep, I’m with Lee, this all seems to be moving too slowly.. more filler.. let’s just stand in front of Carmine’s and have a conversation. couldn’t they have had this conversation in the car? weird..]
Billy: All right. Go. I’ll stay here and put the purification plant on alert.
Lee: What’s beyond the main aqueduct?
Billy: Once you’re out there, you’re in the middle of the country.
[Uh oh. the country is evil in smk! LOL we see a blueprint of the plant – a hand waves over it like it’s suppose to indicate something. but errr it doesn’t really. lol]
Lee: Lots of places to hide. That’s where he’ll be.
Billy: Take Amanda with you and cover the perimeter. Here, take this field radio with you because I want to know what’s going on. (gives radio to Lee)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_23379045712
(passing radio to Amanda): You got it. Amanda, could you hold on to it?
(Lee takes the radio and directs Carmine to come with her to her car.)
Amanda: Yeah. Come on, Carmine.
Lee retrieves a big gun from the back of Billy’s car.) [LOL just sitting there on the backseat in an unlocked car. rofl!]

(Lee heads to Amanda’s car..
We cut to shot of Amanda’s land rover driving down the street in the country..)
Carmine: I know the area up there like the back of my hand.
Lee: Unfortunately, Miller’s the kind of guy who does his homework. He’ll know it too.

Carmine: I’m sorry, I tried to lie, but I was so scared I told this guy everything. [lol so we get this conversation in the car on the way anyway.. aie. this episode is pretty slow!
Oh no. Carmine feels guilt. So he should lol. Let him feel some guilt! tee hee..]
Amanda: Carmine, he gave you a truth drug, there is nothing you could have done. [Meh. Amanda is way more kind than I am!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_23826826827
Yeah, Amanda’s right. All we can do now is try to stop him before he hits us.
(Driving along we hear Carmine give directions..)
Carmine: There’s the road I used up ahead.
Lee: All right. Hold on, it can get pretty rough. (CINDY: snicker! Must get mind out of gutter!)
[No no. let’s just hang out in the gutter Cindy, it’s much more entertaining that this section of the episode!!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_24002002002(shot of Red Balloon of Doom gently floating on the river)
[rofl. love how you call them balloons of doom Cindy!]
Francine (over radio): We’ve checked the other entry points. No yellow balloons. Miller must be at your end.
Lee: Thanks Francine. Keep your eyes open and stay in touch.
Francine: Will do.
(Lee, Amanda and Carmine exit the car, Carmine looks around through the binoculars)
[CINDY: somehow, despite the randomness and speed of moving the binoculars around he spots the Balloon of DOOM]

Carmine: That’s it! He’s got half of it in the water.
Lee: We’re on top of him, I can feel it.
Amanda: I’ll radio Francine, and tell her they’re on the way.
Lee: No , we’ve got a problem (Lee hands binoculars to Amanda) [CINDY: She sees dozens of Red Balloons of DOOM floating down the stream).
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_24273606940
Carmine: We can’t take the chance of missing one of them.
Amanda: Okay. Well, then we’ll just have to stop Miller before he gets the yellow ones in.
Carmine: They have to be 23 minutes apart so they don’t set the alarms off.
CINDY: why 23 minutes? I am so confused!]
[Honestly, I’m  not confused.. because I just don’t care enough. rofl! Okay, I will try and care for Cindy’s sake.. Ummm Carmine has all this down to such a fine art he has determined 23 minutes is the ideal.. not 20 not 25…. 23. Okay?!  And if they simply must be 23 minutes apart and it’s all so precise, why is everyone worrying so much about stopping all the balloons?! I mean all they have to do is distract or delay Miller for a minute and it will all be pointless no?! Like.. Hey Miller – your fly is undone! Or.. Hey Miller, are you Australian? or British? Or just a really lousy actor?! Or the old.. point and say ‘ What’s that behind you?’! meh. ]
Lee: All right, put your clock on it. That’s how much time we have to find Miller.
[Everyone got their clock on it?!]

(they get in the wagoneer and zoom off. Cut to Miller looking at his watch counting up to 23 minutes. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_24478144811
He walks over to his truck filled with Yellow Balloons of DOOM and starts transferring them. The two striped containers falls out of his truck and he kicks them aside) 

If they have to be 23 minutes apart, why do we see Miller looking at his watch with 22 minutes left and then getting the yellow balloons out? Aie….

Okay this is tedious.. I’m going to try the twitter version of this action finale.

Lee, Amanda and Carmine hunt for Miller. Billy alerts the President. Francine and co find the red  balloons.. the trio search for the yellow balloons and Miller. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_25319652986
Lee and Miller shoot it out, Lee bursts a bunch of yellow balloons. Miller flees.
[CINDY: Miller’s gun: BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! (yes, that is right, TEN or maybe even TWELVE shots in quick succession. Truly, this guy is a master]
[Kudos for your dedication Cindy! sorry I’ve cut short this finale I just couldn’t take it anymore!!! However, comments like this got me through! Hopefully this will help others too!
One cute little catch: When Amanda stops her car, and Lee and Amanda get out and run toward the water – Amanda tells Carmine to….. * Drum Roll* – Stay in the car! rofl!!!!! ]

Lee and Amanda stop some more yellow balloons.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_25727060394
Miller tries to drive at them. Lee tells Amanda to get back while lookin good, really really good. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_25824491158
He shoots and Miller – goes big boom boom sizzle and fry. Miller the killer is no more filler!
[CINDY: (second one get passes as Miller’s truck rolls up –Pity none of Lee’s bullets took out the tires. I bet he could have if his handgun had ten bullets in it)
(Truck conveniently snags on a bush, flips over and explodes off screen.) ] [The bush was on the side of the good guys!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_26091758425
Cue the reassuring moment between Lee and Amanda..
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_26113446780
Amanda turns away from the wreck so she doesn’t have to watch Miller burn.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_26135135135
The scene ends there.
As far as SMK action finales go, this one was pretty blah. Except that Lee looked oh sooo good!

Well, I’m going to pause here and we’ll finish up with the tag in the final post. Thanks everyone for your patience as I get these out at a snail’s pace! Can’t wait to hear from ya!!!

6/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

Hi Everyone! We find Amanda chatting with Sally in the park. Whooo is that goldie playing with that boy and the frisbee?! I hope Goldie found a wonderful home! Smile
Sally: I was out the minute the door hit me. I’m sorry, I really want to help, Mrs. King. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001726826
Amanda: Okay, let’s just try to take this step by step. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001729829
Sally: If Carmine’s going to try to repeat the experiment, he’s going to need some kind of lab with computer analysis for designing the enzymes.
Amanda: Well, he’d be crazy to try to use a campus lab.
Sally: He didn’t do the first experiment there. I was in the lab all weekend, I would have seen him.
Amanda: But he does need his equipment.
Sally: Not necessarily. If he’s already split the formula then all he would need is a computer.
Amanda: Okay, let’s say he has already split the formula. How’s he gonna get the dye into the water?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001743343
Sally: I don’t know. He stuck his head in my door on Monday with a couple of water balloons. I thought he was goofing around. He wanted me to videotape his confession. The next time I saw him, the whole world was falling apart.
[Balloons.. balloons.. why mention the balloons Sally?!  Random if you have no idea what he was doing!!! ah whatev..]
The scene ends there.

On to the Davis house.
(In the basement, Carmine’s parents are tied to chairs)
[uh oh.. seems Miller got some insurance after all! Why wasn’t the parent’s place under surveillance?!]
Dad: Carmine, why didn’t you call us?
Carmine: Because I thought that you would be ashamed of me.  [LOL yet again it’s all about Carmine, it couldn’t be that he was trying to keep them out of danger noooo he was worried about what they would think of him. Ugh!!! lol. sorry I know I’m a bit harsh on man baby Carmine!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001778178
Mom: You’re our son.
Miller: Shut up, lady! [Oi! That’s ‘mother’ to you pal!]
Carmine: Hey, hey, why don’t you just let them go. They’ve got nothing to do with this.
Miller: I’ll worry about mom and pop. You get on with the work.
Carmine: It’s done.  (pause) I’ve ahh, taken the toxin and split it at the third double bond. Now separately, both beakers are harmless, but when the enzymes bring them together, they are…. Man, you can’t do this. This is insane!
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001809109
Miller: I want to see it work
[CINDY:Ohhh – smart thinking! He’s good!]
(points gun at Carmine’s dad)
…I want to see it work, now.
[Oh what luck. There are two mice in a cage. Right there! For a second I was worried about the two tied up parents rofl. ]
(Carmine takes a squeaking white mouse out of a cage a feeds a dropper-full of solution from the first beaker. He then repeats this with a second white mouse.
The mice seem to be unharmed..)
[Carmine must have been pretty confident, because he seemed to drip the stuff over his un-gloved hand while he was at it. lol)
Carmine: Separately, both beakers are harmless.
Miller: Put them together. (getting frustrated) Put them together.

Carmine places a dropper-full of solution one in a separate beaker and takes a separate (hooray! No cross contamination!) dropper and mixes a dropper-full of the second solution in the new beaker. He draws the mixed solution into the dropper……. red balloons on hand for the next step too…
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001903703
[Is it just me or is all this reeeeally slow moving? There are a number of times in this ep where it feels like they are trying to add time. Why couldn’t we just add in a scene of Lee and Amanda flirting instead?!]
Anyway, we don’t get to see the results of Carmine combining the two solutions.. instead, we cut to Lee and  Amanda in the park. I like that editing decision! haaaa ]
Lee: Balloons?
Amanda: Yeah, that’s what she said.
Lee: Why?
Amanda: Well, I don’t know. Maybe Carmine put the dye in them.
Lee: We’ve got to find out where he makes that stuff.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001908808
Amanda: Yeah, there could be hundreds of labs in this city.
Lee: Six hundred and fourteen to be exact. I‘ve got every man I can spare checking them out. We’ve got three ourselves.
Amanda: How are things at the purification plant?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001920520

Lee: Every inch of it’s covered. I’d feel a lot better if we had Carmine. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001925325
(Amanda stops him and points to a couple of young people holding a big bag) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001926826
Lee: What? 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001928928
Amanda: Laundry. [CINDY: Lee gives a ‘What are you talking about’ half chuckle] Sally said that Carmine came by her dorm room and showed her the balloons on Monday morning, right?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001931631
Lee: Yeah. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001934034
Amanda: Now, Carmine’s father said they only time they see him anymore is when he comes home on weekends to do his laundry. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001938538
Lee: Then the laundry room isn’t only a laundry room. (CINDY: OMG! How BB and KJ can say this with a straight face is beyond me)
[I agree! It’s all a great big: well Derrrrr!]
Amanda: Ah, It’s a lab
Lee: It’s a lab. That’s it! [Not a play area?!]  
(they get into Amanda’s wood panelled wagoneer)
[So weird to see them drive around in Amanda’s car.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001951451
And.. Lee is letting Amanda drive haaaa!
I thought they took all the stuff from the basement, and Dr Anderson ran tests on it all. I guess they gave it all back! ]

Back to IFF.
Billy (on phone): You’re covered. Don’t waste any more time. Get rolling. (hangs up phone)
Francine: What?
Billy: Lee and Amanda think they’ve found the pocket where our button’s been hiding.
Francine: Where are they?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001965265
Billy: At a phone booth near the Davis house. They think that Miller might be using Carmine’s old lab equipment.
Francine: All right, I’ll get a backup team rolling right away.
Billy: No. No. I want you back at the purification plant.
Francine: Billy, I’ve got every inch of that place covered already.
Billy: Listen, he’s been ahead of us every step of the way. If we lose him at the Davis house, we have only one shot left.
Francine: Alright, look it takes time to get the water shut down, maybe we should start now.
(As this conversation takes place, they leave Billy’s office and head out through the bullpen and out into the hallway)
Billy: No. We stick with the plan. The water stays on.
Francine: That is a hell of a calculated risk.
[I find this conversation to be even more filler. Quite tedious. Moving on!]
Billy: Listen, it’s my decision. It’s on my head. We’ve been tiptoeing on a razor’s edge ever since Miller joined the game. It’s too late to fold up now. Go. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001992892
[Francine, the decision was made while you were out of the picture. The plan is in motion and the time for consultation is over! Goooo Billy!! ]
(Francine and Billy split up..)
Francine: Yes, Sir, I’m on my way.

We cut to a close up on a dead mouse. Ew.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_002007007
Poor mouse.
[CINDY: which looks decidedly brownish rather than the white ones we saw earlier]
[maybe it’s the lighting?]
(We pan to Miller pouring solution into a milk jug with a yellow stripe of tape on it. Another one behind it has a similar red stripe)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_002013013
I appreciate all the time we’ve spent together.
[Well well well.. it’s the gentleman terrorist.. ahem]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_002021388
(shot of the three Davises all bound and gagged)
I am sure you’ll be expecting some guests soon. I hope they enjoy the greeting. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_002022589
(CINDY: Oh – he is so BAD!)
[Yep! He’s really really really really bad.]
(We see some bars of explosives, and Miller runs a wire that is attached to some silver coloured bars up the stairs) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_002050517
So umm what happened to the balloons?

We cut to Amanda’s wagoneer driving along a road.. As it drives along we hear this Lee voice over: Miller’s been playing his cards right every step of the way. If he is at the Davis house, we better be careful. He’s probably got a nice fat ace up his sleeve.
[CINDY: Dude! You know I love you, right? Please, for the love of everything. STOP WITH THE POKER REFERENCES!]
[rofl. Oh Cindy – there’s always a joker in the pack! 😉
Aie. At least it’s not a pot pourri of back up plans or something! ]

Back at the Davis home, Miller attaches the insulated wire to a metal plate on the door and door jam.
[okay, it’s rigged to blow up the Davis home, and the Davis family, and I guess whoever opens the door.. Looks like the threat of do this or else you are dead was a bit empty – nah I’ll just blow up you and your family once I get what I want anyway! and derr Carmine could not be left alive or he could testify against Miller..]
And.. with the place rigged to blow – let’s pause here- I’ll publish the next post probably in a couple of weeks! Sorry real life work commitments are keeping me busy! Maybe now is a good time to revisit old eps and share your thoughts with us? If you like..  Any thoughts you’d like to share with everyone about this episode so far? bye! 

5/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

Hello all! time for more smk goodness!
We see an exterior of a hospital..
Have we seen this one before? I don’t really remember it. lol.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001471571
Inside, we find Francine on the phone. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001473373(CINDY: At least two bouquets of flowers. How long has Francine been in there anyway? in a hospital gown which is a much better outfit than the one she had on before)
Francine: Whatever he hit me with, they neutralized in time. I still feel a little bit dizzy, but ahhh, I can be released in a couple of hours.
[Neutralised it in time? was it going to kill her?! oh whatev.]

Billy: Good. What about the ID? Was it the Australian, Franklin Miller? 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001482382
[I’m sorry wha???
Now here is proof that Iwsod doesn’t remember these episodes at all and doesn’t jump ahead!
Iwsod is Australian.
Iwsod knows what an Australian sounds like.
This? Ain’t it. ROFL!!!
Franklin Miller is an aussie? I’ve even been calling him a brit!!! whahahahaa.. Okay, maybe he was born in Australia and then quickly moved to the UK. yes that must be it. British accent, Australian citizenship rofl. Oh this makes me laugh and laugh. To all the North Americans: this is not an Australian accent we are hearing come out of the baddie’s mouth! ]
Francine: Billy, I only had a half a second to see him before I hit the pavement. But his colouring, his height, his accents, it could have been. [rofl. ‘accents’!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001489289

Can you give me a green light on a positive ID?
[Umm Billy, Why don’t you ask Amanda? she saw him leaving the hotel. And she was not unconscious haaaaa. oh and rofl. The accent won’t tell you if this dude is Australian, trust me!] Francine: Not as green as the water.
[Best line of the episode!]
Billy: All right, we’ll just have to go with it. Now listen, just because you’re in the hospital doesn’t mean you’re off the clock (CINDY:OMG Billy! That’s pretty harsh, don’t ya think?) You get back in here pronto. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001499199
[Cindy you asked if this was the next day?
The last scene we saw Billy in he was listening to Dr Anderson’s report – and wearing a different suit and tie. So I’m guessing this is the next day. Francine stayed one night in hospital. LOL that her hair and make up are fully done anyway! 

Francine is rolling her eyes and hanging up the phone… but I see a little smile sneak in there!
Another scene ends with a big sigh. Me thinks this episode should be called ‘It’s in the sighs’! 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001503703
Rofl. This conversation is an interesting little insight into the Billy/Francine relationship – I love it! They are totally not addressing how she had a near miss and they keep it on business topics lol! I bet Billy sent at least one of those bouquets instead of addressing his worries directly haaaa.
I think Billy knows Francine is more comfortable with – ‘get back to the office we need you here’ rather than – ‘I was so worried! Take off whatever time you need we can do without you’!! rofl!!  Francine doesn’t really want sentiment.. A sneaky ecstasy assortment of chocolates maybe, but don’t get all mushy. I get the sense that this is not the first time and.. it won’t be the last! ]

Back to IFF.. Time for a good old smk slideshow to a room full of agents where only Lee and Amanda really matter and the rest are just window dressing. rofl.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001506406
Billy: The Swiss have confirmed that the account belongs to Franklin Miller (CINDY:Hooray! He has a name!) , alias Jordan Parker, alias Starkill.
[LOL he has a name alright! He has three of them! Please, one name is enough. lol. Oh and so helpful of the Swiss to put a name to one of their anonymous Swiss bank accounts!
Oh.. and.. ‘Starkill’?! What the heck?! ]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001513913
Is this the Miller that’s been running with the Red Letter gang for last couple of years?

(CINDY: OMG – the dialogue is cracking me up!)
[Ha yeah, I love how they just throw in these random names. And.. Lee knew of him? haaaaa.. of course he did! Smile ]
Billy: The same.
Amanda: What’s the Red Letter gang?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001517817
Lee: It’s a bunch of punks (CINDY:Bwa ha ha ha ha) who kill for politics and profit. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001520220
[Is Lee wearing a denim jacket?! it looks good!]
Billy: He did it so well, that he started freelancing last August. Now he’s just motivated by profit. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001520820[Am I suppose to know who the red letter gang is?]
Amanda: How did he get into the country?
Billy: We have no idea. But we do know he’s been living under our noses for six months.
[As this conversation continues, we can see the photos of Starkill continuing to churn over behind Billy. Rofl. yes we get it.. I really needed to see a photo of him mid getting into a car to ID him. ahem. We don’t need to see a hundred pics of this guy to ID him and for a professional killer there are an awful lot of pictures of him whahaahaaaa.]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001536436
Yeah, He’s smart and gutsy.
[and photogenic!] Damn it all, we should have had him by now.
Billy: They’ve just pulled out a half dozen bullets from your car, Scarecrow. I’m surprised you’re still in one piece. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001538838
[Ahh Billy is so sentimental. I bet he sent the vette flowers to say he hopes it’s all better asap!]
Amanda: Sir, how’s Francine?
(CINDY:nice to see someone has noticed and cares Francine is not back)
[Hear hear! awh good on Amanda!!!]
Billy: Just a scratch of zenoprolene. She’s coming out of it fine.
[Is this drug real? anyone want to fill us in?! could it have killed her? Funny that Francine didn’t know what the drug was but Billy does.. maybe he is keeping that from her! ]
Amanda: I talked to Sally Boyer. She’ll be released from the hospital today.
[Phew, I’m glad someone found her… maybe now she can dump Carmine! Whahahahaa!!! Okay okay she’s in love with him and all that.. I guess..]
Billy: Good, Now here’s the bad news. Up till now, we’ve been running on a reserve water supply. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001555655
Lee: Well, how much time do we have?
Billy: We’ll be running dry in less than 12 hours.
Amanda: So to get Miller, we’re gonna have to turn the water back on.
Billy: That leaves us wide open. It’s too risky.
Lee: No, Billy. Billy, Amanda is right. Now Miller has been hired to do a job. He can play this game of cat and mouse with us forever.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001563763
Yea, Sir, eventually, we’re gonna have to turn the water back on.
Lee: Yeah, and when we do, Miller will be waiting for us.
Billy: So, you want to flush him out now.
[CINDY: Nice one, FLUSH him out!]
[rofl!!! Yeah!! Great pun!!!!]
Lee: And put every agent we have in and around that purification center.
Billy: The bottom line is that we gamble he won’t get anything by us.
Lee: Yeah.
Billy: It’s a big gamble.
Amanda: If we lose it, we call the television channels, the radio stations, we do a media blitz, we warn everybody.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001587921
Lee: Yeah, anyway you look at it, Billy, if we lose, hundreds of thousands of people are gonna die.
Billy: Damn it, Scarecrow, you’re not making this easy for me. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001605338
Lee: If I draw to an inside straight, I don’t think about losing.
Billy: All right. I want every piece of security equipment and all the manpower we have around that water plant. Amanda, I want you to do a follow up on Sally Boyer. If there is anything, anything that can get us to Carmine, get on the horn to Lee.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001608341
[Just what are these other agents jotting down in their note books? Billy hasn’t given them anything to do- other than surround the plant. Rofl. Maybe they are all super interested to take note of all that Lee and Amanda are getting up to in solving the case. LOL. Maybe they are making a note – tell the spouse to leave town and not drink the water any time soon. LOL!
Ah! And I see the female extra next to Billy is the woman we saw behind Francine two days ago – in the exact same outfit. lol.]
Amanda: Yes, Sir.
Billy: I’ll inform the President and coordinate from here. Let’s move it.
(they all start leaving the room)
Billy: Lee
Lee: Hmm?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001625759
Billy: How’d you do the last time you drew to an inside straight? 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001626960
[Lee. In jeans. nuff said.]
Lee: How do you think I got my car?
[Oh haaaa that’s funny. err I have no idea what they are even talking about.. something about taking risks and winning I guess.. and to be honest, don’t really care. lol!]
The scene ends here.

[I was thinking Franklin wanted Carmine so he could find out how he had managed to get around the security systems at the plant. He could then sell that ‘technology’- for a lot more than doing an attack himself.. and then whoever buys the secret can attack the plant. Seems that is not the case here! lol.. Rather, it seems the assumption is Franklin is being paid to get Carmine to infiltrate that water system again with an attack. Or have I misunderstood something here?!

If they’d gone with the first option – the agency would have had no chance of catching the baddies and no doubt Carmine would have been dead. so lol good thing Franklin isn’t going down that path!]

Back to Franklin Miller’s hotel…
Carmine is unconscious and there are vials and syringes on the table.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001642375
[uh oh. I guess he tortured him. The guy is a bit of a man child who is self centred and a wimp- but no one deserves this! Poor Carmine!]
Miller (on phone): Let’s just say my friend Carmine was a good sport. I think we’ve come up with something very interesting. It’s tasteless, odorless and very potent. (pause) Pleasure doing business with you, too.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001655588
[Gah! My eyes!!! that shirt!!!!]
(Miller, Mr Starkiller, splashes –non green- water on Carmine’s face)
Miller: Good morning. It’s moving day.
(Miller fills the glass with more water from the tap. Oh the irony.)
Carmine: [GROANS] You can’t poison the water.
[Especially not if you are gonna throw it in my face dude!]
Miller: It’s halfway there anyway, isn’t it?
[CINDY:Good one!]
[Oh more irony! This is why Carmine did the stunt in the first place, because it was on it’s way to becoming poison.. and now – Carmine is going to be forced to finish the job?! this is probably the worst kind of torture for Carmine. Awful! Kind of reminds me of Alan Chamberlain being forced to bring harm to the Declaration of Independence – when his life’s work was protecting and caring for such documents.. he resisted.. what will Carmine do?]
Carmine: People will die.
Miller: And a couple of Libyans will have their revenge, and I’ll have a million dollars… [Is that all?! LOL] …It’s a neat contract, don’t you think? Look at it this way, You’ll get a second chance to test this great concept of yours. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001682315
[Ohhh so it’s the Libyans. Um. does anyone really care? me no. And LOL Miller already has his million bucks. They put it in his account before he’d done the job – we learned this earlier– so err these Libyans are pretty dumb!]
Carmine: I’m not doing this anymore. I’m done.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001696429(Miller breaks his water glass against the table and holds it to Carmine’s face) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001700934
Miller: You’ll do what I tell you to do, when I tell you or there won’t be anything left of you but one last scream. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001707540
(Carmine whimpers)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001712045
The scene ends here.

Okay, so what if Carmine dies..  he saves the lives of Washington DC residents no? His parents? His girlfriend? The water? Amanda has shown much more courage when her life has been at stake! lol. I’m sooo mean aren’t I?! haaaaa..
I would have thought Miller would have hung on to the girlfriend for insurance. But seems like maybe just threatening Carmine is enough.
Okay he is pretty drugged up, maybe he can’t process all this… Poor guy!
Time for a pause – thoughts anyone???