3/ Season Three, Episode 8: Reach for the Sky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at IFF, Lee is on the phone and searching around Billy’s desk while Amanda plays lookout! for Francine!!! the beast!!! the beast has been unleashed!!!! Winking smile
Lee:  What’s she doing?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000647247Amanda:  She telling one of the computer guys to get a haircut or something but she’s getting closer.
[whahahaha!!!! Francine?? giving hair tips??? now that is funny..]
Lee’s on hold on Billy’s phone while he searches Billy’s folders..
Lee:  Huh… (Love Lee’s chuckle here.. he’s not surprised by Francine at all!)
…What’s that they say about power corrupting?
[whooo I don’t have time to look this up now – anyone able to fill us in on this quote?? what is the full quote?? is there a significance to it? lol other than the obvious Francine is being corrupted by a whiff of power?!]
Amanda:  Lee, she’s getting closer!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000653253Lee:
  I know it, I know it.  The only thing we’ve got is this empty file on Robert Zorbel.
[Let me guess.. that would be it then! Smile ]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000656256(Seems the caller returns to Lee) : Yeah, hi Jeannie, I’m here….
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000662562
…Yeah.  Now listen, don’t worry, okay.  I’ll talk to you later.  Alright, bye bye.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000664164We cut back to Amanda and hear Lee add:   3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000670270Billy’s wife doesn’t know either.
[the sound is completely wrong! I think they added that line post production so the audience would know Jeannie is Billy’s wife – did we know that already? or is this the first time we learn this? anyone? ]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000671471Amanda:  Here comes Francine!
Amanda and Lee rush for the chairs..
Lee:  Woah!
Amanda picks up her manual and Lee perches himself on the side of the desk, like they’ve been practicing for ages!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000674474Amanda: Okay, Interrogation Procedures.
Lee:  Yuh.
The beast arrives..
Francine (abruptly)
:  What are you doing in here?  This is not a lounge.  This is my office now.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000678078Amanda: Oh, well, we’re studying for my test, Francine.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000683283Francine:  No test today.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000683483Amanda:  No test today?
Francine:  Mr. Melrose is out with the flu.
[Interesting to note that Francine is lying here.. what is Francine’s tell for when she is lying?? hmm.. I think she tries to act preoccupied with other things and offhand..]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000685885Love love love how Lee and Amanda silently look at Francine.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000686186
Then.. they silently look at each other.. tee hee!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000686786
Before Amanda responds:  The fluuuuuuu….
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000687687
…ooohh…[KJ is hilarious here!!!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000688588
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000689189
  …That’s too bad…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000689489(Lee and Amanda head for the door) …I’m sorry to hear that…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000692492
(Love all Lee’s noises of agreement in support. ohh ewww!!)
… I’m glad there’s no test though.  I mean, you know,…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000693293

…everybody hates to take a test.  Well you 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000694294know you know how to drive but you hate to take your driver’s test.  Don’t ya? …3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000695495
…I do…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000696296
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000697964Lee kind of brushes Amanda’s arm here as they exit.. yeah yeah! come on Amanda!! And lastly Lee gives Francine a convincing – ‘oh boy Amanda can go on look’ as they close the door – 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000699099Francine’s buying it Winking smile haaaa!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000699165[Amanda and Lee are hilarious here!! Lee is all smiles and wishing Amanda wouldn’t overdo it.. and Amanda is well.. overdoing it! too funny!]
Francine:  Bye.
lol Francine is actually pleasant as she says bye.. probably happy to see Amanda saying bye!

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000705305

The birds are chirping outside IFF nowadays huh.. lol!
Inside Lee rounds a corner of the hallway we don’t see very often.. He has black shoes and socks? with that outfit?!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000708308Check out the sign.. I never noticed this before ‘soviet block operations’ – and this is right near the bullpen?

Lee finds Amanda walking the hallway of IFF.
Lee:  Amanda?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000711311Amanda:  Yeah?
Lee:  I just checked the files.  Allen Aghaney was an intelligence officer for his own country.
[um what country is that? are we suppose to know?]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000712312
whoa!!! As Lee says this, Amanda –without hesitation- reaches out and straightens Lee’s tie!!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000713313[Not the first time she has done it granted.. we saw her do it in Dead Ringer, and we saw her do it to Connie in Mongoose – any other times? but here, Lee seems to stutter slightly as he notices what she is doing – whoo hoo! He  puts his own hand up after Amanda is done to check it himself.. ]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0007143143.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000715315(Lee and Amanda start walking down the hallway)
Lee:  Now he and Billy put in a lot of field time together before Aghaney went into banking.
(Amanda opens her folder)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000722322Amanda: Oh well look at this.  Last night at 7:27 Mr. Melrose got a call from Mr. Aghaney.  It wasn’t much of a conversation.  He just said uh, we’ve got to meet and mind your manners, Billy. haa
(Amanda finds that funny.. sweet!)
Lee:  Mind your manners?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000728328They share a laugh.. but are laughing for different reasons..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000729329Amanda:  Yeah, look at that.  Mind your manners.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000730330Lee:  (laughing to himself)
You know what that is?..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000731331
  …That’s an old expression from Billy’s 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000733333generation.  It means to uh, follow up on your recognition codes, mail drops and so on to the Teeth.
Amanda:  Oh!
(they arrive at the elevator and Amanda presses the button)
Lee:  What I’ve got to figure out is what Aghaney is using it for now.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000741341[Lee is saying ‘I’ again..]
Amanda:  Yeah, if we could figure that out-
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0007453453.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000749349
Lee:  Before you become so enthused, this is not a ‘we’ case.  This is a ‘me’ case.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0007513513.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000752352
  I think ‘we’ could use a little enthusiasm about now.

Lee:  Yes ‘we’ can, but Amanda, Billy’s trouble might be very dangerous, and I am supposed to be unofficial.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000756356[What do you make of Lee trying to keep Amanda out of this everyone? do tell!!
I’m not offended by it like I was much earlier- I don’t think it comes from a place of superiority or of diminishing Amanda’s talents or anything.. I think it’s purely his first instinct to keep Amanda out of harm’s way..]
Amanda:  Look…who could be more unofficial than me?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000757357[Funny how that was obvious to Lee in The Mole, but not now.. hmm I guess in the Mole he didn’t see as much danger..?]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000761361Love how Amanda just points at Lee.. she knows she’s right! Lee has no answer for that one! Ohhhhh  yeaaaah!! hey it’s like he forgot she isn’t actually an agent – that distinction for Lee in how he views Amanda is long gone! whoo hoo!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000763363Lee gets in the elevator with her.. love how he isn’t backward in admitting:  You’re right.

You know what? Lee doesn’t seem to mind that she is right either! I think he kinda likes it! teee heeee..

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000765365Is it just me or does the wall in the elevator seem to stop suddenly and not reach the roof?!!

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000768368Anyway..Moving on to New Hebron International Bank.. out front – it’s the dual of sports cars!!!

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000772839In the bank’s main entrance we see Lee and Amanda introducing themselves to a security guard. Interesting, Lee has a briefcase.. it’s not often we see him bother with one..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000778378

Lee:  I’m Lee Stimpson, auditor for the Federal Board of Bank Examiners.  This is my associate Mrs. Keene.  We’ll need to speak to the Bank Officer in charge immediately.
[Love how Lee sounds so confident and forceful.. I think Amanda is learning that half the time that’s all it takes to get the info you want!!]
The blond guy with the laser briefcase approaches..
Zorbel:  Hello Mr. Stimpson.  I’m Robert Zorbel, Vice President in charge of International Accounts.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000786386[and with Amazingly good hearing that he heard Lee’s name from all the way back there! Also, why doesn’t he shake Amanda’s hand too???!!! boooooo]
Lee:  Ah.
Zorbel:  I’m acting President since Mr. Aghaney’s death.  (he hands Amanda his business card)
I’m relieved that you’re here.  I’ve been in turmoil all morning long….
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000794394
  …There’s something terribly wrong.
[whahaha!!! I’ll say! there’s something terribly wrong with this dialogue!! someone had great fun writing lame dialogue for the baddies this week.. in turmoil?!!! whwhahahaahah]
We cut to Billy doing his bob the builder impression.. go Billy!!! lol Love the lunch pail!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000808408He’s watching the happenings in the bank through his binoculars.
Looks like we went to a commercial break here..
We cut back to Zorbel talking to Lee and Amanda, now at his office door..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000817417
Zorbel:  Let me put it this way.
(Zorbel hands Amanda a folder of something)
Amanda: Oh, thank you.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000819419Zorbel:  Mr. Allen Aghaney was a true patriot.  He loved his country.  He did everything he could for his countrymen, but I’m not prepared to say that he was without stain.
[without stain?!]
Lee:  Are you charging him with improprieties?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000832432Zorbel:  From what the police tell me, he took his own life.  And the note he left suggests that it had something to do with the bank.  Now, as you will find out his lending practices were, ah, shall I say less than regular?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000839439Amanda:  Could you be a little more specific?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000841441Zorbel:  As specific as you would like.  I’ve
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000845445pulled the entire loan register, the 601’s filed with the Federal Reserve, the electronic 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000847447cash transfer flowcharts.  Where would you like to begin?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000849449Electronic cash transfer flowcharts?? how can it be cash if it’s electronic? eh?? Anyone??
Lee goes to respond but Amanda cuts him off.
Lee: Ahhh-
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000850450(what do you think of the look he gives her? I don’ t think he minds.. he’s just a little surprised?? come on Lee- Amanda is enthusiastic!!)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000851451Amanda:
  Oooh, the 601’s I guess.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000851785[Amanda makes a mistake here.. not a major one.. but it seems a good spy should be as general as possible about things they don’t know anything about!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000853119Zorbel:
  The 601’s?  I would have thought the ECTF charts?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000856056
[is flowcharts two words?? why is it ECTF charts and not ECTF’s?! .]
[Oi! you telling them how to do their jobs?!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000856589Amanda:  Those too.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000857123
[whahahhaa!!! Amanda also does the speak with authority and you’ll get away with it tactic.. love to see how Lee is watching Amanda! ]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000857657Lee:  We’ll…uh, we’ll examine everything, Mr. Zorbel, believe me…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000860326
[Nice and general response.. nice and safe!]
…If there are grounds here, we’ll expect your complete cooperation.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000864330
Zorbel:  Please understand, Mr. Allan Aghaney was a personal friend.  But I am not prepared to perjure myself, not even for him.  If he was dipping into the till, I won’t cover for him…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000871004
[Love the look Lee and Amanda give him in response here.. oh yeah! so noble sounding – Jerk!!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0008752753.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000875809…  And now if you will excuse me, please.  My secretary will give you all the material that you need.

Zorbel leaves them and heads to his car..

Whooo this is interesting – here comes that theme of ‘friendship’ again – Which Dr Smyth referred to as being the reason Billy wanted to find Aghaney’s killer..
Friendship being something which includes loyalty- even when it’s not convenient..
Zorbel tries to portray himself as a personal friend to Aghaney (okay we know that’s totally not true!) .. but won’t stick his neck out for him.. He won’t risk anything.. Billy is risking everything to help his old friend Aghaney.. and Lee and Amanda are also not giving up on their friend Billy – Francine? She’s very much on the outer in this episode.. What does she know?? Had she known what was going on – would she have responded about Billy  that she wouldn’t ‘cover for him’?

Lee and Amanda watch Zorbel walk off to his sports car..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000883850
Well.. Lee watches Amanda watching Zorbel walk to the car Winking smile
BTW- The actor playing Zorbel was much younger, but in one of my most fave episodes of Columbo ever- Friend in Deed (not that I want to start a columbo discussion here – head to neds if you want to discuss) –how ironic that it’s a title again focused on friends!

Amanda:  Is there something a little bit suspicious about him?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000884484[Yeah! His car!! I am sure Amanda is wondering if David Benson sold his car to Zorbel at “Baddies’ second hand vehicles”.. KC I am guessing this is the second appearance of David’s car which you hinted at? I bet I would not have noticed if you hadn’t said!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000885919Lee:  Yeah.  Well, Billy took his file for some reason, huh?..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000888054
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000888321 
[Love the quiet little smile Lee gives Amanda here before continuing – it’s like he’s thinking- I do like doing this job with Amanda!! Smile ]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000891791
…What do you say we find out?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000893126Amanda:  Right.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000895261Lee and Amanda leave the bank.. following Zorbel..

I love to watch Lee and Amanda do their new thing.. It’s funny- I get the vibe that the characters appreciate this new element to their growing work relationship – and quite enjoy watching the other do their thing Smile

Okay! that’s it for me!! A few cute little Lee and Amanda scenes.. I guess not every scene between them can be a campfire scene right?! Winking smile
Looking forward to hearing your take on this part of the episode and/or the episode so far! byee!!!

2/ Season Three, Episode 8: Reach for the Sky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

With trepidation..Lee enters Billy’s office:  Dr. Smyth?
[with a y? and an e?]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000437504Dr. Smyth:  Billy’s gone rogue.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000444044LOL He doesn’t mince words he gets straight into it!!

Lee:  Huh? …
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000444310
…What are you talking about?… [something tells me Dr Smyth is not one for jokes]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000446312
  …He’s been pushing this desk too long.
Dr. Smyth:  He’s a rogue elephant, Stetson.  He’s out there right now thrashing about…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000452719
…He asked me last night if he could go back into the field…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000455055
…I told him no.  N double O no.
[I do love Dr Smyth’s turn of phrase! How about you??]
Lee:  What is this about?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000460060Dr. Smyth:  About 48 hours before the end of his career…

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000462062
[Aha!!! The clock is ticking!!!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000465065…He’s trying to prove somebody killed a banker friend of his, Allan Aghaney…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000468068
  ..Not our business.

Lee:  Allan Aghaney…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000470070
  …Yeah, I’ve heard Billy mention that name before… 
[whahahaha!!! Of course you have!!! Lee just knows everyone!] …The International Bank of New Hebron, right?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000474074(Dr Smyth lights his cigarette.. hmm obviously not a medical doctor!)
Dr. Smyth:  The same.  Suicide last night.  3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000477077Now here’s my point.  Aghaney’s bank is, was, one of our credit banks.  We use it to move operational funds abroad – small stuff, but covert.  Delicate.  Now the bank president kills himself.  As long as it’s 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000487087a police matter it’s not our concern.  But we can’t get caught up in it when the bank examiners descend.
Lee:  You said murder before.
Dr. Smyth:  Billy said murder.  He doubts that a man of Aghaney’s character would embezzle funds from a bank he started.
Lee:  What’s the main issue here?  Murder, embezzlement or Billy?

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000509109[I would have thought the issue is – is it Agency business? I don’t see what the big deal is- the bank was used by the agency, if something is wrong it could be related to the Agency.. then again I’d probably be a lousy agency boss Winking smile]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000510110Dr. Smyth:  Secrets!  Secrets are always the main issue.  I pulled our funds out of that bank this morning.  I’m satisfied we’re not compromised.  That’s it, fini.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000521121Lee:  No!  No, not for Billy.  Not for a friend.
[whooo now this is interesting!! friendship..]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000526126Dr. Smyth:  He let his personal feelings get in front of the Agency’s safety…  [how exactly? How does Billy investigating his friend’s death put agency safety second??]
…The worst thing for a man who knows as many of our secrets as Melrose.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000532532
[Whoa.. on the intensity scale of 0-10 Lee is an 11!!! – Mmmm on the hunky scale too.. but that’s beside the point! focus Iwsod! the clock is ticking!!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000532932(Dr Smyth heads for the door)
… Can’t let a rogue go long.  He’ll trash everything.
[Is it just me or is this all a little ridiculous?? A bit excessive.. but then they had to justify the set up of this episode somehow.. whatev! Maybe we are to take away that Dr Smyth has extremely low tolerance at the whiff of going rogue Winking smile  ]
Lee:  Well how long will you give him?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000540140[Ummm he already said Lee 48 hours before the end of his career no?! let me guess- 48 hours?!]
Dr. Smyth:  The book says to do it now.  I should know.  I wrote it…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000547147
[Cue Lee’s ‘you are scum’ look!!! Lee!! Lee!!! this is THE boss.. you don’t want to make it too obvious!! You are actually negotiating for him to show a bit of leniency toward your friend!]
…But I won’t get officially on top of it for 2 days.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000550150So Dr Smyth is actually giving a tiny bit here.. he’s all heart.. not! but 48 hours is better than nothing..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000551151Lee:
  2 days?  And this is unofficial, no help.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000558158Dr. Smyth:  Don’t involve the Agency.  And we never had this conversation.
Lee:  We never do,
(he quietly adds)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000561161
Something tells me Dr Smyth has dealt with far too many cocky young agents with attitude to care what Lee thinks.. Infact, I think he kind of enjoys it when his underlings loathe him! Check out the grin he gives in response.. and a wink!!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000562162

So Dr Smyth wrote the book huh.. did he write the book Amanda was studying a moment earlier?? What was it the manual said about disobeying a superior’s order?!  I don’t remember it saying you’ve got 48 hours to explain yourself Winking smile

Dr Smyth winking? Oh Please, don’t ever do that again- only Lee Stetson winks allowed!!
Hmm I would have liked for Mr steering wheel blue leader give Lee this assignment! Oh well.. we do love to hate Dr Smyth.. if he could just not wink anymore, I think I’ll cope!

So when previously have we seen an unofficial investigation? The Mole does immediately come  mind.. and Lee could only rely on Amanda because she wasn’t agency.. that would be the same now wouldn’t it?
When else.. Umm.. Ship of Spies was unofficial- Lee took time off to do his own investigation.. and in Over the Limit Amanda refuses to the police conduct their investigation and she helps Elizabeth Sullivan – why didn’t Billy say Amanda’s gone Rogue??!! whwhhaaa that would have been hilarious Winking smile but then.. I guess part of the issue here is that Billy is such a high up position at the agency – he knows stuff it’s more dangerous that he go rogue? thoughts?
Friendship??? Hmm.. I’ll come back to that later in the episode.

Moving on, here comes Francine..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000567167Francine:  Ooh!
Whoaa.. Francine is a whirl of activity. Shes attempts to enter the bullpen with a load of
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000569169files-  and drops them.  lol I think she drops them because the cute guard opens the door for her and she’s trying a June Phelps! [I mean that little move of June's almost got Amanda killed! so if it worked for June maybe Francine will be lucky?! tee heee kidding!!]
Amanda happens along and goes to help.
Amanda:  Here you go Francine, let me give you a hand.
Francine:  No, no, Amanda, please that’s classified information.

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000571171Amanda:  Francine, I’m not looking at it!
[Francine if they are classified then you shouldn’t have dropped them! Winking smile ]
Francine:  Amanda….
Amanda:  Here you go.

[Francine has no argument.. she’s just trying to put Amanda in her place IMHO- I wonder.. could it be that Francine is embarrassed at having dropped the files like that?!]
Francine:  I am in charge of departmental administration while Billy is out.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000579179Amanda:  Ohhhh.
Francine:  Are you here to sign it?
[I think Francine says ‘are you here on Assignment'- but there’s lots of noise.. what do you all think? I went with BJo’s call]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000580180[rofl all of a sudden Francine is all official and narky.. she suddenly thinks she can lay down the law with Amanda]
Amanda:  Yeah, well Mr. Melrose is going to give me my – where is Mr. Melrose?
Francine:  That is on a need to know basis.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000582182Amanda:  I need to know.
Francine:  Well I don’t need to tell you.
Amanda: Francine.

Francine:  Why he encourages this spy fantasy of yours I really will never fathom…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000586553(you can see in response to this little zinger Amanda just laughs at her then lets out a big sigh..)
… Look Amanda, why don’t you just check out because we don’t need any superfluous bodies around here now.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000594194[Spy Fantasy?? Superfluous bodies?
whoaaaa here I was thinking this kind of nastiness from Francine was history – okay they are not best buddies.. but I thought Francine was at least accepting of Amanda’s presence.. seems deep down she is not – she just hasn’t expressed it in  while.. Whahahaa!!  Now she has the authority, she’s wanting to push Amanda out and put her back in her place.. I felt she was doing that in Mr Brand – I guess since Mr Brand not that much has happened that Francine would have seen- that could have changed her mind..]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000595195Amanda:  Well….Uh…Hm!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000596162(Amanda shakes her head and sighs at Francine’s nasty attitude.. she did the same thing in Mr Brand didn’t she?? at the garden party? )
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000599199[Seems to me Amanda finds her so irritating it’s amusing.. does that make sense? She knows  better than to challenge Francine.]

Moving on to a high rise building.. hmm.. are they always baddie hang outs in smk? Especially black ones!! whoooo Darth Vader would love it!!! whooo!!  I can’t remember any friendly high rise buildings can you?! Okay.. it’s an evil high rise!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000604204[hmm we can see it is ‘broadway plaza’ is there a broadway plaza in DC?]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0006072073.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000613213
We find a very black and flash looking boardroom.. and a guy talking on the phone.
Love the chunky white laptop!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000614214
Caanan:  I’m telling you what you did wrong, Zorbel.  You acted very foolishly and impetuously… (who talks like that?!) …No, no we have no confidence in you at all.  You could have handled this in any number of ways.  Death always raises the most annoying questions… [Most annoying! though not as annoying as this guy’s dialogue!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000636236
…Enough!  This is an open line.  Come over.  I don’t intend for you to jeopardize the whole operation.
He hangs up on Zorbel and tosses the die with only 1’s on every side down on to his table..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000644244His name is Canaan? BJo has looked it up-thanks BJo!  Interesting.. Canaan and New Hebron.. hmmm..
Please tell me that is not suppose to be an Australian accent!!!At times it sounds cockney..  it’s weird!

What do you think of Canaan’s accent? Okay everyone.. I shall stop here for the moment.. What do you think of Francine?? Had you been lulled into a false sense of security like me? Do you think Amanda had?? haaaaa! And what do you think of Dr Smyth’s introduction?! Can’t wait to hear from you.. byee!

1/ Season Three, Episode 8: Reach for the Sky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

thankyou2A huge thank you to BJo for transcribing this episode!!!!
BJo- we salute you!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000081681Is Reach for the Sky a reference to a movie, play or novel or something? anyone?
The episode opens with a bunch of nice shots of Washington DC’s monuments.. gorgeous..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000089689Love that Jefferson Memorial at night.. Whooooo the Iwo Jima Memorial- I’ve been there!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000100700
Though.. I didn’t see it at night.. but such a great memorial..

Next thing, we see a townhouse..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000106706
and inside lots of ticking clocks..  Time is ticking!!!! Time to see lots of clocks..(get it?!)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000108708It looks like it’s 725pm… did smk show at 730pm? would have been cool if it had said 730! those weird things amuse me.. very meta!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000129729Then, next thing we see a hand adjust the desk clock to an hour behind, and his wrist watch too..  but he leaves the others unchanged.. He picks up his fancy schmancy phone (or is that a baddie phone??!!! guess it depends on if he is a baddie!)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000143743
The desk lamp and chair look like they could be Billy’s – they must shop at the same store Winking smile 

Operator:  International Federal Film.
Allan:  Billy Melrose.  This is Allen Aghaney calling.
Billy: Melrose here
[Hhmm it's that simple to get through to Billy is it?? Now why didn't Amanda just do that when she didn't have a code name or whatever and Lee was in trouble and no one would put her through???!!!]
Allan:  We’ve got to talk.  Remember to mind your manners, Billy.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000158758Billy:  Will do.  I’m on my way.
[love how he tells Billy to mind his manners, and then neither says goodbye Winking smile ]

Next thing we see a pair of hands enter the townhouse, noisily closing the front door behind himself.. then.. we see his shadow approaching Alan’s office.. he opens the door..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000176776
and Allan grabs his gun, pointing it at this blonde intruder..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0001777773.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000181781[LOL is it just me or is this funny? Allan seems to be very slow at reacting to the guy’s arrival!! no wonder 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000180780blond guy doesn’t look worried Winking smile ]
Aghaney:  This saves me the trouble of coming after you, Zorbel.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000184784[Okay sci fi experts.. ‘Zorbel’- is there a sci fi reference here?? sounds familiar.. something like Zorb?? anyone?? great name!]
Zorbel:  You broke into my place.  You stole my copy of the satellite cash transfers.  Yes, you did.  I have surveillance cameras.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000193793Aghaney:  You’ve been moving millions of dollars back and forth…Hong Kong, Zurich, but
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000203803not your millions.  Maybe Cyclops?…
[Cyclops?? okay- is that another sci fi reference?? anyone??]
…We’ll find out.  I’ve got help coming to pick your brain.  Sit!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000202802[Uh oh.. don't warn him!!! Ugh..this is going to end badly!]
Zorbel seems way too smug.. he sits down with his briefcase on his lap..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000219819Whooooooo Zorbel shoots this lasery thingy at Allan’s heart and kills him!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0002248243.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000225825
Now that is seriously sci fi!!! [what’s with all the sci fi like references- anyone??!!]
A very high tech briefcase.. reminds me of Mr Brand’s – didn’t his have ‘nerve gas’ or something? (He wishes) he’d like one of those laser ones.. but no one in their right mind would let him have one Winking smile That is one nasty briefcase! (It’s not samsonite!) No wonder Zorbel looked so smug!  Allan hits the floor and is dead in seconds.. Poor Allan!

We see Billy enter Allan’s front door.. Funny, when Zorbel did, the door opened in the other direction!3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000165765 see:
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000235835In the foyer, Billy immediately senses something isn’t right and calls out: Allan?  You here?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000238838[How does he know something is not right from there??? or does Billy have a sixth sense? hmmm.. maybe it’s that big lightbulb that is sticking out the top of his head that has given him this insight.. ]
Billy's lightbulb moment..
The time on the clock next to Billy says it’s now 8pm.. hmm.. I don’t remember what the significance is with the clocks! but they can’t all be for nothing surely..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000251851Uh oh.. Billy opens Allan’s office door and finds Allan has met an ‘untimely’ end.. he’s sitting sitting at his desk with a gun in his hand..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000257857
Billy finds a typed note in the typewriter: ‘I’ve betrayed my country, the people of New Hebron deserve Better.’
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000275875
[Such a giveaway…who types suicide notes?! I guess the light thingy didn’t kill him but just stunned him?? and gave Zorbel the chance to pose Allan and then shoot him to make it look like suicide? ohhh whatev!]

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000282882Billy picks up Allan’s gun and pockets it (I think).. and then hears one of these clocks start to chime – the only one Allan had set to a 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000289889different time (along with his wristwatch) ah yes.. and Billy sees the time on Alan’s wristwatch is also on the same time as this one clock.. why.. you can 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000291891almost hear Billy’s mind ticking away trying to work out what is going on here..listen! haaaaa… 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000292892you can totally see Billy’s mind- frantically working against the clock here!.. to solve what’s going on in the nick of time!.. haaaaa..
Come on Billy! the clock is ticking!! Winking smile Yes.. I am intentionally going crazy with the puns!
Billy says to himself:  Remember to mind your manners.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000299899Time for Billy to find the secret note behind that one different clock.. About time! Well done Billy! (Right on time Billy!) Time to stop all the clock puns?! All these clocks ticking away are making me a little obsessed.. time to move on! oops 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000310910another one!! haaaa. (it’s quittin time!) gah!! Winking smile The note is the combination to the wall safe.. Billy opens it (with time to spare!) takes out an envelop and pockets it.. ( I can’t see what’s in it)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000338938
and a die – yes.. one dice.. weird huh! The die only has one dot on each side. Billy sees it and says to himself : Cyclops.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000351951Whooooo!!! duh duh duuuuhhhh!!!!!

Hooray.. 6 minutes into this episode and we see 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000361961Lee or Amanda for the first time! Too Long!!! No wonder I went a little nuts with the time/clock puns.. Lee and Amanda’s arrival was delayed.. way over time!!! :)
So, the next day and we move on to
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000362996IFF..we hear Amanda asking:  An agent may disobey direct orders if? …
(Amanda is reading out of her manual, waiting outside Billy’s office with a pacing Lee)
… Fill in the blanks.
[You guys have a go- fill in the blanks!!!
whooo give me a go too!! I know! I know!!!
ummm.. If the agent is codenamed scarecrow??
Ummm.. If you order Lee to do something and Amanda is in danger?!! anyone??]
Lee: If the agent’s superior is not in command of all the facts.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000365799[Ohh hooo!! This is hilarious! Lee would think his superior is never in command of all the facts Winking smile , therefore he never has to follow orders!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000369002Amanda:
  Right.  But the agent must take responsibility if he is?
Lee:  Wrong.
Amanda:  Right.
Lee: Amanda, stop.  Billy is not giving me the test.  He’s giving you the test.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000373973Amanda:  I know, but I’m just doing it out loud. 
[I think Amanda wanted to see if Lee knew the answers.. because he breaks the rules so often – rules breaker!! haaaa!! not really just joking! ;) ]
Lee:  Well, relax!…3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000378645 

[funny, Amanda seems relaxed to me – it’s Lee who seems edgy!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000379979…It’s just a refresher test for Level 1 operatives.  You can ace it!
[Amanda is a level 1 operative now??? that sounds pretty good no?? so when does she get rid of that flipping guest pass?! And why is the section boss giving this test if it's nothing? rofl!!! ]
Oh wait!!! Whooo hoooo!!! Lee just winked at Amanda!!!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0003814483.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000381848
The pictures never look as good as actually seeing the action IMHO! It actually looks kinda weird! but.. I’ll include it anyway..
[whooo oh way to go Lee- be careful where you aim that  wink- You could wipe a girl's mind blank with that!! Luckily, Amanda is made of strong stuff, and while encouraged by his belief in her, she still wants to keep revising Smile ]
Amanda gives a smile in response..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0003822483.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000382649
Amanda:  Hmm!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000383049
She goes back to reading her manual anyway..

[I like that her response is not gushing to Lee’s support here.. she just motions that what he said sounds good and she doesn’t make a fuss.
Oh!!!! I see the heart necklace is back!! and during the day? not going to a party or anything? I wonder if it is there to stay from now on.. we’ll see!]
Love Lee’s little smile, in response to Amanda’s reaction..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000383450
it’s like he is smiling at her going back to her manual anyway.. so Amanda! Smile
Lee goes back to wondering where Billy is.
Lee:  Where the hell is Billy?
(Lee tries to open Billy’s office door but it’s locked)
Amanda:  Well you know he’s probably stuck in traffic.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000387854Lee: Ahh, Amanda this is Billy Melrose we’re talking about.  The man who uses his stopwatch to steep his tea.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000390990
[whooo another reference to time!!! what does it all mean??!!! we’ll see I guess!!!]
Amanda:  Hmm.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000394994[I tell you what.. forgive me if the pics are not crystal clear or as many as usual.. this ep seems to go blurry every time someone moves! ugh!!!]
Lee: No, he knows your test was for 9…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000397997
  …Besides he has never been 20 minutes late without calling since I came to work here.  This is trouble.
[Ah I see, so Lee’s anxiety wasn’t about Amanda’s test Winking smile he’s worried about Billy]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000404671The word ’trouble’ is still ringing in my ears when across the bullpen we see a man turn in his chair and stare at Lee.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0004054723.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000407474
A very serious man.. this is trouble!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000407874Lee scowls a little..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000409009The serious man gives Lee a vague nod..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000409476
I guess it’s a ‘we need to talk now’ kinda thing..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0004106773.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000411011I think Amanda notices..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000411478
Lee snaps around to Amanda.. and immediately begins trying to get her to leave. ah Lee.. he’s so obvious!!!
Lee: Amanda?
Amanda: Hmm?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000414014Lee:  Listen, why don’t you go on up to operations.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000415015Amanda:  Okay.
Lee walks Amanda out of the bullpen.. and away from the serious man! (A bit of touching going on here Smile )
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_0004174843.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000418018Lee:  You know, maybe they got word from Billy and they just didn’t send it down or something.

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000418685Amanda: Um, Jill could I leave these here with you for a minute.
(Amanda hands a lady her manuals- love how as she does this, Lee gives a scared glance across the room.. eek! Yep, there’s trouble!!)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000419486
[whooo hooo!!! is that THE Jill??!!! the ever present Jill who pops up everywhere and use to volunteer for save the bay??!! Winking smile ]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000419886Lee: Okay.
Amanda: ahh ahh..
Lee: I’ll wait here for you.
points to the left: operations?! okay!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000424024Amanda leaves.. do you think she knew Lee wanted her to go?? I think she totally knew.. but she also knows to trust him and he wouldn’t do this for no reason..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000427494
Lee turns to find the serious man is seriously missing..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000429029
He looks around for him..seriously!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000429095
and finally sees he has found his way into Billy’s office and is waiting for him there.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_000435035
[He unlocked Billy’s office door? this guy is very serious business!]

So, what’s this all about?? Well from the way Lee reacted and how he rushed Amanda out of there – this is very serious trouble.. We’ll see!

I’ll stop here for now.. hey what do you think of Lee’s jacket? I love the white shirt and the tie.. but the jacket? Meh!!! I love the lighter coloured Jacket too.. I want to like this jacket but.. just can’t bring myself to like that weird pattern.. but.. how sweet are Lee and Amanda together here as they wait for Billy? awh!!!
Looking forward to hearing your take on the sci-fi stuff.. the time has come for me to say bye.. yep time for one last clock pun Winking smile

I am not terribly enthused about this ep.. I may need you guys who love it to help me find the silver lining (Lee is otherwise occupied!)
Okay bye for now everyone!!!

Just walk with me.. through the order of Season Two episodes!

Hi Everyone! We  will take a short rest stop in our walk through the smk episodes to consider the order of season two episodes!
Here is JWWM’s suggested Season Two episode order:

1. To Catch a Mongoose
2. Times They Are a Changin
3. Double Agent
4. Legend of Das Geisterschloss
5. A Class Act
6. Our Man in Tegernsee
7. Affair at Bromfield Hall
8. 3 Faces of Emily
9. Brunettes Are In
10. Car Wars
11. Playing Possum
12. Ship of Spies
13. Spiderweb
14. A Relative Situation
15. A Little Sex, A Little Scandal
16. Life of the Party
17. Odds on a Dead Pigeon
18. Delirious on Arrival
19. You Only Die Twice
20. Burn Out
21. Murder Between Friends
22. Vigilante Mothers

If you see any reason why this can’t be right- please let us know! I’m open to changing it..
So I will say for now it is a provisional season two episode order!!
(at least till I’ve watched through them all)

As you’d expect, all the short-haired episodes have to come toward the end of the season..

Both ALSALS and LOTP are the first two short haired episodes.. as Billy has his old chair in these episodes.. and then gets a new chair..

The Europe episodes and all the travelling and changes with production due to the Olympics in LA, make props and hair pretty useless in figuring out the order of the early episodes..Plus the inclusion of Lee’s Porsche in Double Agent? They decided to make Charity begins at home later in season 2, and so they used a car very similar to Lee’s Porsche- but if you look closely.. you’ll see it’s not the exact same car.
So episode order has been worked out mainly based on the progression of the personal/ professional relationships..

Huge thanks to Morley who has had a huge hand in putting his list together.. sooo I wouldn’t call this list ‘iwsod’s list’ maybe.. maybe the JWWM list? Are you ok with that Morley? it’s team effort!
I’m going to watch the season in this order and see how it feels.. anyone else going to do this? I’d love to hear what your experience of this order is! I’ll update here again when I’ve finished watching season 2 in this order.
HERE is the JWWM post on the Season Two Production order.

HERE is the JWWM post opening up discussion on Season Two possible episode order..

and HERE is the thread on Nedlindger’s Forum where the order was mostly discussed.

There are no right or wrong answers.. so feel free to share your own ideas!


16/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

In gratitude for your wonderful, supportive attitude everyone – I’m going to go right ahead without delay and finally cover the tag- Utopia now?? Indeed!!!!
Grab hold of your picnic baskets!! we are in for some swoony detail!!!!!
In the bullpen, Amanda hangs up on Dotty, and Lee approaches..
Amanda: Hello there.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002749582Lee: Hi.
They are both extra bright and animated here no?? !!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002750083Amanda:
Well, thanks for the picnic…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002751084
Lee chuckles a bit
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002752686
Noting Amanda’s lack of I told you so over the ‘chicken feed assignment’? I tell ya- I can’t wait to read Morley’s stories for this one!!
Amanda seems keen to get out of there.. she picks up her picnic basket and briskly walks out of the bullpen with Lee accompanying her.
Amanda continues: … You sure know how to give a girl a good time.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002754187
[Seems Amanda is playing it light, as they head out of the bullpen.. ah! the mysterious picnic basket is back! Is she going to go along with it meaning nothing?? Shades of the tag to Ship of Spies??]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002754387
[Amanda is a tiny bit blurry.. but just look at the expression Lee gives her in response Winking smile ]
Lee: Well, you make a pretty mean chicken sandwich.  [whoooo!!! so he ended up eating it after all??!! There’s gotta be a fan fic for that! Almost as tasty as humble pie! ;) ]
(they are partly obscured here by the glass doors)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002755388Amanda: Oh my BLT’s even better.
Lee: Oh, toasted wheat, pressed bacon, touch of mayo?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002759426[I’m hearing ‘crisp bacon’ but I’ll go with kiwismh’s ears!]
Aie!! you two!! I’ve just OD’d on the light small talk!!! I like the thought that Lee is yet to sample all of Amanda’s cooking talents..
Amanda: Just a touch. 
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002760927Lee:  Sounds perfect.
[ohhh close your eyes and listen.. they’re not talking about sandwiches are they?! tee hee]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002761227
Now they are out in the hallway, Amanda turns to Lee..
Amanda starts:
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002761928Amanda pauses a moment.
Lee responds with a: hmmm?
–oh my.. slowing it down.. I think Amanda licks her lips and looks at Lee’s mouth!!! and No I am not imagining it!!! I’ve never seen that before!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002762696
Amanda takes a breath… [You want detail?? you got it!! ] Lee seems to wait patiently, and attentively.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002763697
She reaches out and almost touches his lapel.. [as she loves to do Winking smile  and we love to dream of doing Winking smile]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002764798
[btw- I don’t see Lee minding a bit]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002765699and she begins to speak: About last night-
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002766599
Lee immediately responds gently with: I know, I know.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002767901He looks at the ground..
[What’s going on here with Lee everyone?? In denial?? Is he feeling a bit guilty about his lapse in self control by the campfire?? Scared to go there?? Giving Amanda an out because he doesn’t think she’d want to go there?? Or curious?? happy to keep pretending? thoughts?? everyone?? come on!! do tell!!! no right or wrong answers here!! Just lots of fun exploring!!!]
Lee continues:  It was just two cold people-
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002768802(at this point Amanda starts speaking at the same time.. both of them waving their arms and neither meeting the other’s eyes)
Lee: –two cold people seeking / Amanda: - Two people, just—
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002769602Lee finishes:
– a little warmth…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002771304Lee smiles and looks at Amanda.. what do you make of Lee here?? reassuring?? pleading?? playing it as relaxed? Questioning?? I’m just throwing options out there I’ll share below what I think when the tag is finished.
Lee adds with a smile: – right?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002772005They look at each other silently for a beat.
cue the romantic music.. there’s another revelation taking place..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002772706Amanda begins to smile..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002773506Amanda answers: Not exactly!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002775408with a  chuckle and a big grin!!
Lee is speechless..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002775909
and Amanda turns and walks off and leaves him to his thoughts – love how Amanda walks off almost chuckling to herself..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002776509And Lee?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002777110
He looks after her, watching her walk away as he processes her answer- what do you make of his expression everyone??!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002777711Lee is catching flies – do you have that expression or is that an Australian thing?? that you stand there with your mouth gaping?!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002777811
The episode ends here..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002778611I guess as Raffie would say – BB leaves lots of ambiguity here for us to play with Winking smile
I think Lee is a bit stunned and intrigued – that’s what I’m going with!!! Right at this moment, I don’t see Lee respond with fear or anger.. he’s curious.. surprised and kind of impressed that Amanda has responded as she did!!!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think.. squeeee!!!
So much is unsaid as they make small talk about the sandwiches.. I think it’s a sort of replay of
the Ship of Spies tag – they act like what happened was nothing more than the job..(hoo haa that’s some job! Winking smile )
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002766499
The banter over the sandwich is like a little exchange with that vibe – let’s pretend nothing happened.. it was just all part of the job.. but then.. out in the hallway, this begins to play out differently.. Whereas in Ship of Spies Lee broached the subject of what had happened – this time.. Amanda did….
Do you think she planned to?
Or did she change her mind halfway through listening to Lee pretend it was just two cold people seeking warmth?!
I think there will be some different ideas about all this..  hope so!! :)
At the moment, I’m thinking that having that same conversation with Lee – brushing it off like it was just the job – Amanda noticed that Lee seems different  (I’ll get back to that!) and so is Amanda! She’s okay with the pretending and playing the game.. but if they are going to pretend, she wants them both to admit that’s what they are doing.. and this is why she hits Lee with ‘not exactly’ and then doesn’t wait for him to respond- or even given him a chance to – he doesn’t need to.. and she doesn’t want to force anything.. She knows from his reactions at the campfire that he isn’t yet able to put anything into words –  she just wanted to put it out there! Does that make sense?

Because it is new and they are unsure and it’s scary, I think Amanda understands and accepts the need (for now) for a pretence.. but she wants them both to know that is what this is.. and that what happened by the campfire wasn’t just two cold people- it was very real.. and special.. and not exactly just two cold people Winking smile It’s like now it’s dating but they aren’t calling it dating and they know it ;) lol!

I think smk gives us fans a lot of room to theorise on the character’s internal journeys at this point.. and my views may change..but at this point, I see Lee as being a little impressed with Amanda and her assertiveness (amongst many things!).
By comparing Lee in the tag of Ship of Spies to here – the difference in him speaks volumes to me.. In Ship of Spies – Lee is anxiously back peddling..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002755088
intensely trying to convince himself that nothing of significance happened when he married Amanda (whaaaaha!!)
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002759592
And Lee is relieved when Amanda agrees there was nothing more to it..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002777911
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002780313here?? In Utopia Now?? I don’t see any anxious back peddling. Lee is different.. I think the way he asks ‘right?’ he was tentatively testing Amanda – and giving her the chance to respond.. he wasn’t about to point out that there was more to it than the job..but there was no adamant back peddling like there was in Ship of Spies. I have to go back and watch that ep now!! :)
In earlier viewings I’ve seen Lee here in this moment as similar to Ship of Spies – wanting to pretend like nothing happened.. because that’s what the words are saying – but I see it differently now – to me I don’t see his words being backed up by how he is behaving.. he isn’t frantically trying to convince Amanda..  he’s not freaking out!
So in contrast to the end of Ship of Spies,  the words that match their actions are spoken between them by Amanda – very briefly, and only hinting.. but it’s enough – this is more than just the job.. something  happened.. there is something there.. At least this is how I see it.. And this fits with how I saw both of them by the campfire as having an inkling that they both have real feelings for each other.. but it’s too soon to fully declare anything.. when they are unsure of themselves, each other and these new growing feelings between them you know? I like that Amanda’s answer in essence says – I’m not sure what is is.. but it’s something!! It’s not nothing!!
Sorry!!!!! I ramble!!!!

The tag of Sour Grapes? Would you like me to do up a post for us to discuss the order more fully??  I see the Sour Grapes tag coming after this moment.. yes it is another contrivance of Lee’s.. but it’s not about the job.. and he is so obviously making an excuse that I see it as the two of them having admitted there’s something between them – they both know it, but they are not ready to own it completely..say the words- you know? And thus, the ‘knowing’ look and big smile from Amanda when Lee suggests Penny made him promise..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0027664523.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002767081
whoooo I think it balances well with Amanda stepping up a little here in this tag. as in the next, Lee steps up – but is thwarted by Dotty! Gah!!

Okay well I am busting to hear what you all think!! I am sorry I’ve rambled on so much.. do feel free to also ramble away as much as you like (just don’t jump ahead Winking smile and stick to smk chatter yeah?! Smile ) oh and one more thanks to Kiwismh for transcribing this episode! Smile Job well done Kiwismh!! Without it I think we’d still be up to Lee looking at the agency map ;)

I will be reading all your comment and relishing them  – as you guys share your thoughts on this final part of the episode, and the episode as a whole, and how you see the characters at this point – can’t wait!!!

I’ve adjusted the header to the tag header, and then over the coming weeks I’ll add the Action Lee utopia now banner.. hoo haaa.. I think I’m beginning to understand why this episode was called ‘Utopia Now’!! Sooo stay tuned on that one! as we are finishing up Utopia Now- I’m happy to linger a bit longer on this episode and give plenty of room for everyone to discuss.. haven’t even mentioned the scripts’ version of this episode’s ending.. feel free to discuss away!

It’s going to be 3 or 4 days before I get the next post written I think.. life’s busy! But next up is a post on the order of Season two episodes, then Reach for the Sky!!!  I’m wondering how Reach for the Sky will fit into the sour grapes/utopia now episode order  thing but if you want to discuss now (without taking into account Reach for the sky) No problem- I can create a post just let me know.
Byeee now!!!

15/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

I’ll just say it again – Kiwismh thanks so much for transcribing this episode!!!!
We see the truck come to a stop as Rogan indicates:
This is the spot.
We see 7 helicopters in the distance.. and lol there’s a few helicopters on the ground there in the foreground!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002657323
haaa. I don’t think we were suppose to notice them!
Lee yells to Amanda:
Cover him!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002658925As he runs to the cleared field with his gun. Amanda quickly points her gun at Rogan.
Amanda: Yah.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002661327Love the close up on Amanda pointing the gun at Rogan. You go Girl!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002662395Oh rofl.. seems Rogan has kept that toothpick in place while being bounced around in the back of the truck too.. whahahahaa
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002662929
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002665598Lee is in position.. we see the helicopters again.. lol.. and we see Sacker is alone in the field with the stinger poised to shoot at the helicopter
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002667734(sooo umm how would he ensure that out of the 7 helicopters he actually hits the one with the president in it?!)
Lee yells : Sacker!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002669069[umm  is Lee’s finger on the trigger? where is the trigger on that thing..]
Sacker turns and Lee has Sacker in his sights..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0026706703.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002671471
Sacker aims the stinger at Lee… 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002672272
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002673073
Lee shoots at Sacker, and Sacker blows himself up (Another polite baddie!).
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002673606
Noooot Sacker.. Stunt Sacker!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002674007
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002674140whooo the stinger is a bright explosion!! [Ahhh so that’s why it’s a stinger… it stings the eyes!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002674941
Lee squints at the ferocity of the blast..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002675575
Amanda turns and reacts to the size of the blast too..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002676276
Such a missed opportunity here..  haaaaaa I wanted to see Sacker’s two legs still standing there when all the smoke went away!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002677444
Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!
What was it Sacker said to Rogan earlier? “If blowing up the leader is the only way to make political change in this country then that’s what I intend to do.” – in the end.. this was quite prophetic! Sacker the leader gets blown up… and a crazy tax reformer’s plans are thwarted! Smile 

All seven helicopters pass by unharmed.. but all of them looking very non-presidential Winking smile More Apocalypse Now like!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002680013As Amanda watches the helicopters Rogan tries to sneak away…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002683516
but she stops him. 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002684684

Making a noise at him to not do that!! Still pointing the Uzi at him.. ahhhh I’m loving the new and no longer bumbling Amanda!!!
Whooo nice shot of Lee looking at where Sacker once stood..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002689823

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002691224Well well, Hollis and Francine pull up once the action’s over haaaa..
They rush over to cover Rogan –Francine with her little pistol and Hollis? He takes the gun from Amanda to guard him with the Uzi- why?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002697997He doesn’t know she’s not an agent..
oh wait.. he does know she doesn’t have a codename.. maybe that means the same thing? Ah well.. it frees Amanda up for Lee who is approaching err I mean swaggering towards Amanda Winking smile
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002701968Hollis: That was close.
Lee quietly: Yeah.
Lee comes to stand right next to Amanda.. [close!]
Amanda: Only counts in horseshoes.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002703837ha!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002704671
Lee turns to give Amanda look..
[The pic below is blurry because Amanda’s moving..to turn and look at Lee.. boooo!! but I like the look on Lee’s face here as he gives her a look! so I’ll include it anyway..]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002705271
Amanda teasing Lee..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002705472Lee reacting to Amanda’s bad joke.. haa!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002705672I don’t think this close counts in horseshoes does it??
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002706473
Love Amanda’s teasing.. she’s  very cheeky Lee Smile ahem!
Lee starts to smile a little..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002707173
Then they are distracted by the helicopters (why I don’t know we just saw them go past..hmm maybe one did a loop the loop Winking smile)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002707374
Amanda points at it.. celebrating their job well done..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002707874[Lee looks so darn good.. he’s fixed his hair again!]
Breathe easy everyone!
The president, democracy and heck, the world as we know it- is safe again for another week thanks to Lee and Amanda.. whahahaaha..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002711578
As they look up at the helicopter, Lee puts his arm around Amanda and gives her a squeeze
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002712379(yes that left hand of his gives him away yet again Winking smile )
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002712679Love how he does this without looking at Amanda.. just looking up at the helicopter contented, proud of the job that the two of them have done together!! Have we seen this before??
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002713179Ahhh yes.. in Murder Between Friends at the end (Another moment where Lee was proud of the job they had done together and proud to have Amanda by his side on the case oh and lol they had just saved a different president! haa!!)
Ignore the ear buttons! Smile Hooray! They’re gone!
2.22 MBF.avi_002700100
-any other times guys?
Interesting that Amanda doesn’t put her arms around him here in Utopia Now.. she puts her hands in her pockets (To save them from wandering where they shouldn’t go again maybe?? cheeky Amanda..)
Wise Amanda just gives a chuckle here and says no more..
[They do seem very much a team huh… no more Lee basking in his own job well done.. their efforts now inseparable on the job]
Amanda looks at Lee..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002714681Fiiiinally, Lee turns to her and gives her big smile of dimpled warmth and goodness!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002715882Everyone sighing??!!! I know I am!!!
What a gorgeous picture they make!
Hmmm.. a close call with the horseshoe.. and with Sacker.. and..  a close call with THAT near miss Kiss.. and now Lee pulls Amanda close for a side hug?!!! so much so close!!! And.. close only counts in horseshoes right?! Soooo what do you make of all these near misses and closeness??!!!!
BTW- I love how Amanda responds with a private joke: close only counts in horseshoes- I just love that these two now have private jokes Winking smile
BTW.. Lovesmk has done a fabulous header of these moments.. I”ll share it here in the post and make it our header for a few days – thanks Lovesmk!! Great work!!

There’s another gorgeous header which covers a wider range of scenes from this finale to Utopia Now..
I’ll make it a header after Utopia now is finished but put it here for all to enjoy..
The action Lee header can wait.. whoooo!!
It’s tag time.. but don’t get too excited.. I’ll need to stop before we get to the swoony part!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002724057
whooo we see a Harley drive by IFF.. that’s a first!
We find Amanda in the bullpen making apologies to Dotty on the phone.. (man why couldn’t Billy have just given her a quick call to make up a cover? bad Billy! He could have said he was from the phone company! Winking smile )
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002724858With real life being a rush right now, I never did get to stop and think through what the subplot with Dotty missing her daughter extra bad (because of the missing note) had to do with anything.. umm anyone got any suggestions?

Amanda: Mother, I’m sorry. Look, I just couldn’t call you, okay…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002727060Amanda is being very firm and direct with her mother here.. is it just me or is this slightly more assertive Amanda than we’ve seen in the past with her mother? Amanda really seems to be a bit short with her..
…No, there was no telephone…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002730964
…Mother, I am very sorry,…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002732465
…I was up to my neck.
[in Lee Stetson.. Umm.. in err being chased by bad guys!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002734567Dotty: Amanda,…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002735168
…you know that I trust you and that I love you very much, and I know that you wouldn’t purposely do anything wrong but—
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002742676[What is the point of all this?? Contractual obligation to give Beverley Garland more dialogue?! Hmm.. I guess at the very least, it reminds us Amanda has a family who loves her and cares for her.. but that Amanda can’t share her work with.. but I confess I find Dotty annoying here!!! Can’t Amanda talk about it when she gets hone?! Aie!!]
Amanda: Mother,…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002743576
…I’ll talk to you later, okay?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002745378
Amanda actually cuts Dotty off.. whoa.. now that is unusual!!! Amanda makes a fist here when she cuts off her mother.. Hmm.. she’s finding the conversation difficult me thinks..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002745979
You guys notice the little smile Lee gives when hearing that Amanda is talking to her mother?! awh.. [but Lee her mother is being annoying!!! ahhh welcome to having a family! Winking smile ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002746579From her reaction – Dotty doesn’t seem terribly surprised though..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002747480
Were the writers looking at making Dotty more cluey about Amanda’s advancing career? I guess I’ll keep an eye on Dotty in future episodes.. thoughts anyone?

Having basically cut her mother off and hung up on her – it seems to me that Amanda has run out of patience.. she’s probably just wanting to go home for a bath and a good meal..
Then.. Lee comes along.. so some more patience is required on Amanda’s part.. will she mention what happened in Vegas err I mean in the woods?! Will Lee?? Now they are back at IFF, is everything as it was??

I don’t mean to tease you – honestly!!! but.. hold this thought guys.. this post is going to be incredibly long and not easy on people to read so I’m going to stop here before we get into the best part – why rush any of this right?!! We’ll savour the final moments of this episode very soon – in great detail! Smile
Plenty to discuss anyway in that little moment they shared as the helicopters went by no?!
I’ll be back with the final post very soon. it’s all written so there won’t be delays!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! byee!

14/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We cut back to Francine and Duffy who have found Sacker’s version of Walden pond.. Francine talks to Billy on the CB radio..(can’t other people hear then on that? hmm guess it’s a high security version?)
Billy: I hope Amanda’s little friend is right…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002503069[whoa! man this dialogue is lame!!! He hopes the kid was right and she ‘went that way?!’ whahahaahaaa!! I think that’s why we only hear Billy say it- if we’d seen him we would have seen he couldn’t deliver that little line with a straight face!!  Amanda’s little friend?! As far as they know, the kid recognised her and said that way!! They don’t know she made a friend!]
…. Strike team alerted.
Francine:  Just waiting for your orders. [Unlike Lee ;) ]
Billy: Let’s do it!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002509209Francine (on her other short range radio): Initiate contact.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002511344
We cut to a soldier delivering the orders to his teams..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002512946Soldier: Red Team, move out.
Blue Team, move out…
(we see lots of soldiers stomping toward the Walden pond)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002518018Come on, flank ‘em, come on.
Sacker’s man: We’re under attack!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002522288How embarrassing! that Baddie just got raided while hanging out his washing?! whwhahaahahaaaa!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002525492Lots of shooting.. and looks like the soldiers totally win!

We cut to Lee and Amanda huddled under a bridge. Lee is still working on his cuff with that wire.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0025310973.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002534567We hear Rogan call: Come on, they must have doubled back.
We see them stomp over the bridge Lee and Amanda are hiding under.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002536970
- Lee and Amanda look up.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002538571
They share a look..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002539105
Maybe it’s – Come on Lee get that cuff off!!

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002541508Pickett is the last baddie.. and is lagging behind a bit.. He’s yet to cross the bridge- but because he isn’t with the others, Lee thinks the baddies have all passed 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002543910them.
Thinking he is free to make noise, Lee noisily works on the cuff –
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002544978
Lee gets the cuff open- hooray!
Lee: Got it!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002548715
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002548982Pickett hears the noise and stops.
He quietly edges closer to the bridge..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002551918
Lee immediately gets ready to nab Pickett as he leans over to check under the bridge – 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002552986[ummm how did Lee know Pickett was there?! A second ago he acted like he thought the coast was clear? me confused..it doesn't pay to look at these action sequences closely does it?!]
Pickett lays down.. getting ready to surprise them.. what a dummy!!
When he leans over Lee pulls him down. Sooo funny! He just kinda dangles down there to let Lee grab him! haaaa.. I love these polite baddies!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0025588583.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002560727Rogan sees what’s going on and approaches cocking his gun- as soon as Amanda hears this she scrambles under the bridge- go Amanda!!! she’s learning what a machine gun being loaded sounds like haaaa…
Rogan shoots in their general direction.. why I don’t know.. a warning?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002564197He takes a step forward and that super flimsy trip wire twine actually works.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002565532
Rogan activates it, and a tree whacks into his back
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002566332
– it sends him flying over the ledge down next to the bridge- Sooo funny!!!! haaa..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002567400
What luck that he would be standing there, right at that moment..and that he so conveniently crashes down to the ground right in front of Lee and Amanda –Splat!!.. haaaa- ohhh smk you crack me up! [and the suddenly paunch-free Rogan who did the stunt? awesome!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002568735
Love how Amanda scrambles straight for Rogan’s gun.. without Lee needing to direct her Smile

But wait! there’s more!! 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002570870
All the other baddies have come back, and Lee pulls a gun on them all.. [not thrilled about how Lee waves that rifle right at Amanda!!]
Hold it!
Ummm shouldn’t Lee be pointing one of those guns at Rogan on the ground?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002572205
Amanda aims an uzi at them (The look on her face is hilarious!) It feels like we’ve entered an alternate universe!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002573540Lee:
All right, now you tell your boys that the game is over, and we won. [Lee sounds what 8 when he says this!! Now I'm the king of the playground!!! and don't you forget it!! Pal!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0025738073.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002574341
Ah so now he is sort of pointing the gun at Rogan!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002578078Rogan: No way!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002578345We see the group of baddies ready their rifles to shoot..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002579412
Ummm why don’t the baddies just shoot? It’s not like Lee and Amanda are using Rogan as a human shield or anything.
But who cares right?! because we then see Amanda look at Lee…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002580747
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002582082and then she sprays a bunch of bullets into the air.. to warn them off..
(Like Lee gave her a nod to go for it maybe)
I think she intentionally does it (though not really with great confidence- what do you think? the script I vaguely remember had her doing this by accident.. ugh!!)
Goooo Amanda!!! (She’s no ‘burden’ now!!)
Rogan: Throw down your weapons.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002584751Rogan has a toothpick in his mouth? eh?? He had that in his mouth when he tripped, was tackled by that tree and then fell?? that toothpick could have killed him! It should have ended up halfway into his brain! Or at least up his nose ;)
[now who is sounding 8 years old?!]

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002585018Lee: Into the stream…
(all the baddies do as Lee says..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002585552
Oh my.. he is sooo in command here- it’s smokin! Lovesmk has done an amazing banner of Action Lee lookin good.. I’ll share it soon!!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002591424(to Rogan) …All right, now you get up…
(and be careful with that toothpick while you do it!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002591691
… All right, we know what’s going down and you’re gonna tell me where.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002601568Whooo Lee is in his I eat baddies for breakfast mode!
Wait a second!!.. I thought Lee and Amanda knew about the cleared land.. knew about the hand held missile.. knew about the president going to predec 2 and knew about the underground White House nearby.. Ummm.. I thought they had figured it out and that’s why they doubled back – to errr stop them??!!! Shouldn’t they already know where?? lol maybe I’ve given them too much credit!
but well then.. why didn’t they just knock on the underground white house’s door (tee hee) and warn them?! Me confused…
Rogan: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
[ROFL!!! He doesn’t look convincing.. I think it would have been hilarious if he had said the place is surrounded! (or 'would you believe I'm just a suburban mother of two small boys with a stationwagon and a baseball team on a losing streak'?!) ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0026031693.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002608775Lee looks.. soooo… gooooood! Don’t mess with him Rogan.
Lee: The President damn it! Sacker’s gonna try to kill him, now you’re gonna tell me everything you know or you’re going up as an accessory.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002610910
[‘going up’ err okay! Umm did Lee just threaten 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002611177Rogan with being turned into a pair of button earrings?! Winking smile]
As Lee has come to expect- If Lee wants to know something.. the baddie will simply tell him! Whahahahaha!!! Winking smile
Rogan: There’s a slope, about a mile behind the camp. We cleared the trees. I think he’s 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002614381there.

[lol actually Lee and Amanda should have been able to guess that location!!?!]

Oh.. my..nice close up.. whouawg;awhgwan
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002618651
Lee: See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002620253
[not bad at all!! ahoaguaahoanan]
… Okay, now you’re going to take us back to where you left your truck. Now move it!3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002624791
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002624257
Lee is umm all scruffy and umm… Hot here!!!
[Such a shame Lee doesn’t have any stubble?! After a night in the woods?? Rather neglectful (or kind?) of the baddies to not take away Lee’s portable electric razor Winking smile Estee Lauder would be proud! ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002627460
Amanda gives the baddies a nod to get moving – with a tough face – you know the one she puts on when she has to scold the boys?!3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002628528

Love Amanda acting tough and moving on the other big 6 men haaaaa! She gives Lee a sideways glance like – I got it!!! Smile
don't mess with jnr trailblazers_gif
-And don’t mess with her boys, you interrupted her long awaited kiss last night!!! she ain’t happy!!!
I couldn’t resist.. I made another gif meme
(I went to town with Amanda and the gun!)
you're gonna pay_gif
I think the similarities between this and Ship of Spies already is huge!!!! Amanda was really scared for her life in Ship of Spies.. and ends up holding up Gillian at gun point (with the pole) – she helps Lee keep the baddies at bay just like she does here… I think this is all deliberate and sadly because I’m so time poor right now I haven’t been able to fully explore that.

Same writer of this ep and Ship of Spies by the way – so I think it’s extremely intentional!
Maybe if any of you agree – you can take this and run with it.. though understandably some exploration of this will need to wait for the tag..
Back to Utopia Now.. at the Walden pond compound, they are rounding up the baddies.. ROFL!! Love how
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002637604Francine just takes the tissue out of Hollis’ mouth- so realistic looking- not! haaaa..he’s had a tissue in his mouth all night and they take it out and he’s just fine to talk?!!! whhahahaaha – It should have been stuck to his tongue!
Listen, I think I figured out Sacker’s revenge plan…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002638938
[Yes because with the rocket launcher, and the cleared field.. you should be able to figure it out!]
…Come on. I hear the President’s helicopter.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002641875Hollis and Francine run for the jeep. [with the wonky windscreen wipers?! and side view mirror!! ;)]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002648281
We see Duffy turn to watch them leave – Duffy- you’ve been replaced! (Phew he thinks maybe Winking smile looks like he’s doing the paperwork on the captured baddies) 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002649616

I’m going to stop here..  What do you think of Amanda with the machine gun eh?! And how good did Lee looks bossing Rogan around?!
Byee all!!

13/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The baddies blow up some power lines..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002296863An explosion: SMK Style!!!
rofl!! That wide shot of the explosion looks so fake! Totally looked like a miniature model! haaaa…
(Hollis said they were going to do that the day after tomorrow.. and it’s that night… so did Sacker move the plans forward?? )

Back at IFF, lol we see a night time exterior.. and in the left hand corner – you can juuuust make out Lee’s corvette is parked out the front! 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002303040Did he leave there while on this chicken feed assignment? lol.. I thought he parked it in his special garage now..
Inside, it seems Billy is pulling an all nighter.. awhhh probably worried about Lee and Amanda.. oh yeah.. err and the president!

Billy: Another power line is down. I think you should wake the President.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002307089Aaron Pressor: And I can trust your judgment Melrose? Yeah, I think I can.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0023136473.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002314462
[well if you can't, then what are you doing there huh??!! Now that is lame dialogue.. and quite pointless.. It seems to me they thought the audience was dumb.. and needed to be reminded that Billy is advising this guy to wake the president and if he gets woken for nothing then there’s going to be some Presidential stingers aimed at Billy! Yawn!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0023178453.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002320529
Billy seems to breath a sigh of relief as Pressor makes the call.. guess Billy wasn’t sure they’d act.

Hey maybe they figured everyone would be shell-shocked from the near miss kiss and would need reminding? I think about now when this ep aired many smk fans were up on their feet collecting the stuff they had just thrown over the tv in rage!

The next day, and we see some presidential looking helicopters taking off near the reflecting pool (lol why?!) -and why wasn’t the president flown off at night? why wait till morning?? I thought they had to ‘wake’ him?!3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002327591

We cut to Francine who is now no longer lonely in the evil countryside.. hey she’s wearing what she wore last night- has she been searching all night?! Why didn’t she hear all that shooting?!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002327875
Some soldiers in the foreground peruse a map.

Billy on the radio: The President is being evacuated.
Francine: There’s still no sign of Lee and Amanda. [Oh phew.. that’s a relief.. so she is actually looking for Amanda! Winking smile ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002331850Whooo looks like Agent Duffy is out searching too..Plus- check out Francine’s ear buttons!!! And a banana clip in her hair?!!! [what did you call those in your neck of the woods?]
Billy: Francine, check everything you can.
Francine: Billy, we’ve already checked everything twice. [rofl. she sounds about 3 years old  here!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002338701Billy: Then triple check it!
sighs and gets back in the jeep.. she tells Duffy:  One more sweep.

This is almost a replay of her moaning about how many square miles it is.. enough already! Yes the audience knows they are looking for Lee and Amanda.. whoooo
[Oh dear.. has the near miss kiss left me all narky?! This is the part where I yawn and my attention wanes.. I just keep thinking back to that moment.. just another couple of millimetres and.. argh!! ]
Back to the bad guys..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002355804Sacker: I had to do some rescheduling. By now PREDEC 2 is in effect. I want those two. Aside from Hollis they’re the only ones who can tie us into this.
[Ahhh Sacker explains he did some rescheduling and now predec 2 should be in effect.. thanks for clearing that one up- for a psycho baddie you are very helpful! tee hee..]
Rogan loads his machine gun (whooo):
They’re a memory…
[but is his toothpick loaded?! That’s what I want to know!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002361476Rogan yells to his men: Spread out!

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002364307Eerrr sorry but what about all those other men walking around with guns?  All those paid mercenaries could tie you into all this.. if they’re paid better than Sacker pays!
We see the men start to enter the swamp, heading towards Lee and Amanda.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002370194We cut to Lee and Amanda fiddling with some wire or something.. (or is that the twine Amanda had? Hmm strong twine!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002374462
Amanda: Okay.
They stretch it across the path like a trip wire.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002377982Lee: Maybe this’ll slow ‘em down.
Amanda: Got it?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002379994Lee: Yeah.3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002385871

Rofl. I love how Lee kinda squashes it into the earth there.. looks to me like it would have done nothing!! 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002387091

In the wide shot, we see Lee helps Amanda up off the ground and they keep moving. awh! Smile
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002390196
We see Francine pull up at Cobbs corner with Duffy..
They approach Arvil. [Drat I really wanted to see Francine deal with Wanda!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002399650Francine:
This place was closed before. Come on, it’s worth a try….
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002401861 Can anyone make out what is painted on the side of that wall??

I’ve tried to adjust the picture quality.. can’t make out the first world.. anyone? Last word is repairs, guessing second word is car.?
(to Arvil)
… Excuse me. I’d like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. Okay?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002404802[Interesting.. Francine shows Arvil her ID.. why didn’t Lee do that?? or is it only allowed now the president is in Predec 2?]
We see Buddy is hovering around too.. [lol has he been roaming the countryside all night? teee heee.. guess he’s staying with Wanda and Arvil?! or in a tent by himself haaa..]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002407508…Now, have you seen these people before?..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002409535(Francine holds up Hollis’ photo – errr is it just me or does it look like him a decade ago?!)
… Have you seen that gentleman?
Arvil Jenkins: Uh uh.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002410099Francine: How ‘bout him?
(Francine shows a photo of Sacker with a better haircut)
[Yeah! he’s no gentleman!]
Arvil Jenkins: No.
Francine: This lady?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002412409(Francine shows a glamour shot of Amanda.. rofl!!! the agency is very generous with their photograph budget!)
Arvil Jenkins: She looks familiar.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002415897Buddy: Over there!.. she went that way.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002417720Francine and poor wordless Duffy run for the jeep..

‘Over there! she went that way’?!!! roflmbo! that is so helpful! Don’t tell me with those instructions they’ll find them! Winking smile why didn’t Buddy tell them about the gates that he directed Amanda to in the first place. Ah wait.. she didn’t know the junior trailblazers secret handshake – that’s why he just waves his hand and says over there! Winking smile
Why didn’t they show a photo of Lee?? I would have liked to have seen a gorgeous Lee pic..
Plus Lee is pretty memorable to look at Winking smile for anyone!!

We cut to Rogan and his baddies running through the woods.. Everyone is on the move!
We cut again to Lee and Amanda running as well.. Lee stops by a tree.

Looks like they’ve been running hard (probably desperate for the loo and trying to forget about it!) Both of them are out of breath.
Lee: Wait.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002436936Amanda: I don’t know if we can make it much further. [Amanda has a stitch from running so much]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002441708Lee: I know. I know. It’s only a matter of time before they catch up.
Lee notices something [it’s amazing what these two find when they stand in one place and have a break! Let’s stop. Whooo what’s that? a rocket cap?! an all important fence?!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002443543… Wait a minute. What’s that?…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002444911
… Come on!!…
(the move closer to the fence)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002450116…My God. I knew it was out here but I didn’t think it was this close….
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002454921…Amanda, somewhere on the other side of this fence is the President’s underground White House…
[Sounds like Sacker is wanting Tax Reform?! Winking smile ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0024579243.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002459325
…Now it’s all starting to make sense to me. This is what Sacker was really after. It’s like Hollis 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002464464said – the bombs, that map – they were just a diversion…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002466066
.. Yeah, if enough communication lines are knocked down a condition called PREDEC 2 goes into effect…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002475141(Amanda shakes her head like- what does all this mean?! and yes us the dumb audience need it explained.. yet again!) … The President is automatically evacuated to 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002479145the underground White House by helicopter.
[Call me crazy but the bombs weren’t a diversion – they were  a means to an end..weird]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002484751Amanda: That’s what the anti-aircraft missiles are for??!!!
[Ah smk.. two weeks in a row, we have the president’s life in danger- and it’s up to Lee and Amanda top stop it!]
Lee: Yeah. We’ve only got one choice Amanda…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002489289(Lee is in action mode!! yeee haaaa!! He snatches a bit of wire from the warning sign and begins to work on 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002491958his cuffs) …We’ve got to double back and just hope we can slip by them.
…Yeah, this should just work. Come on.

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002496763Lee and Amanda run off while Lee still works on his cuffs with the wire..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002499966
Whahahahaaa!!! Love that the sign says Absolutely no entry.. why doesn’t no entry just mean no entry?!

Well I should leave it here for now.. don’t want this post to get too long.. Okay everyone- got anything to share about this part of the episode?? Lee and Amanda seem totally focused on the job at hand huh? The campfire events completely out of their minds.. for the moment!

12/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Picking up where we left off..
Lee and Amanda are quiet a moment.. Lee seems to be enjoying Amanda’s compliment that he always finds the silver lining.. but Amanda? Her thoughts are elsewhere..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002145612
Amanda: Lee?
Lee: Mmm? (thumb stroking!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002147614Amanda pauses a moment.. not sure how to say what it is she wants to say.. Lee listens, waiting for what Amanda will say..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002148815Amanda: If we don’t make it—
(Amanda hesitates to continue, Lee gives Amanda’s arm another thumb stroke)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002151818Lee gently:
Hey, we—
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002155822Amanda: We— If we don’t,
(whoooo haaaaa! slowing this down to pick the photos- I just realised right here- Amanda glances at Lee’s mouth!!!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002157424(she hesitates a moment.. they are silent for a beat and Lee turns his head away from Amanda..his hand continues to comfort her… oh my…but he suddenly seems intense.)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002159426…I just want you to know that—
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002161628
(she pauses again, now Lee has turned back to look at her- a serious look on his face.. then he glances away again..)
Oh by the way everyone- I am soooo sorry that I am short on detail here.. I wish I could add more.. but.. :razz: tee heee…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002162629… I—
(Lee seems to snap back to look at her and Amanda pauses again.. man! Lots of hesitating and pausing going on!??!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002165231..reeeeaaaally am glad to have known you.  :)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002168034Amanda seems relieved to have gotten that out!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002168435LOL!! I think that Amanda was going to say something deeper.. but I think Lee thought she was going to declare her undying love here and so when his head snaps back around – Amanda reads that he isn’t ready to hear the true depth of what’s going on for her.. So she reveals as much as she feels he can cope with – I like that she is still  honest about what she is thinking and feeling..
Was Amanda about to say she loves Lee?? What do you think?
I’ve hesitated up to this point, in describing Amanda as fully in love.. I haven’t had a set moment in mind where I thought this changes.. but.. maybe this is it???? With death staring her in the face – maybe Amanda has now fully realised the true depth of her feelings for this great man?!! Come on!! do tell – what do you think?

Anyone else think Lee thought Amanda was going to make a declaration?? I think deep down he already knows..
Oops sorry I ramble.. I’ll continue with this scene..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002169436Lee seems to linger looking at Amanda laughing and declaring she is really glad to have known him. So sweet isn’t it Lee?!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002170236He just silently looks at her.. his smile getting bigger and bigger (the dimples getting deeper and deeper!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002170837[wow!!! I love this pic!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002171237He laughs, and pulls her in for a closer hug (yep that left hand of his is at it again!! I see it as the big tell of what he is really feeling in this scene! lol!!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002172038Amanda really looks like she is enjoying being cocooned in his arms in this moment.. I think she is relishing what she has just realised.. She’s in the arms of the man she loves and she’s gonna enjoy it!
Lee: Well the same goes here. (Lee responds lightly, superficially..)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002174441(Lee pauses and thinks for a moment-like he is not content to leave his response so superficial.. He chooses to go deeper..) Lee continues: … You know, to tell you the truth Amanda, I—
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002179045(Here, Amanda opens her eyes.. what’s he about to say??!!!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002180647… well, I’ve learned a lot from you in the last couple of years.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002182649
(Amanda gives a little smile..)
[such a lovely thing to hear – but I also think Amanda's smile is because; for a moment she wondered whether he was about to make a declaration!! I love how this mirrors Lee wondering the same thing a moment earlier – and it leads me to think that Amanda knows Lee loves her now.. but.. he isn’t ready to name it.. to call it what it is..
When Lee doesn’t make a declaration Amanda seems relieved to have read him right a moment earlier – he isn’t yet ready to put everything into words.. so instead – he puts something else very precious into words- that he has learned from her over the years – this from him is a huge step, a huge admission!!! and it’s progress!!! ]
Amanda: Really, I always thought I was pretty much of a burden.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002186052Lee:
Well, I –
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002186453[LOL! I kinda think she has been! but.. that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been great! Smile ]
…I..I.. – really, I…
[Lee searches for the words, patting her and re-enveloping her in his arms Smile  –  this is probably all news to Lee too! Amanda has been a burden.. and yet he has learned a lot from her.. how can that be Lee? do tell!!]
…have learned a lot about people, about myself. 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002191458…You know,
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002193259
…stuff they don’t teach at the Agency.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002195261[I think that Lee makes this realisation fully only here with her by the campfire..the full extent of what Amanda has taught him.. and how lucky he has been to have her in his life.. I think they are both coming to realise fully the richness of having the other in their life]
By the way – I always wanted to know- What exactly has Lee learned from Amanda?!
Amanda very quietly responds: That’s really nice of you to say… [Amanda is so wise, she acknowledges it but doesn’t make a big fuss over Lee’s big reveal here!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002197464They are quiet again, Lee’s thumb stroking Amanda’s arm.. the owls hooting.. but.. Lee begins to screw up his face. lol!
He shifts a bit and groans
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002201668Amanda: What’s the matter?
Lee really begins shifting the way they are sitting dramatically..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002203670Through his grunts Lee answers:  Well, I – I got a cramp right—
His shifting causes Amanda to shift..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002204471Anyone not know what happens next? well since we all know I’ll skip it and move on..
As if!! Winking smile
They are suddenly face to face.. eye to eye.. (heart to heart?) and Lee freezes..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002206673Amanda’s eyes widen.. she freezes too.
Queue the music.. ding!!
A switch just got turned on Winking smile tee hee..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002207674
She’s got hold of his lapel Smile She searches his eyes.. I only wish we could too Winking smile darn lighting.. but we can see Lee isn’t moving away.. he’s in her tractor beam now baby!! Winking smile
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002208675
Amanda silently smiles a little.. as Lee looks down at her lips..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002211277
Amanda isn’t moving away either.. but nor is she moving in.. she’s waiting for what Lee decides to do.. (IMHO of course!)
I love to watch Lee’s left hand here.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002211678
It comes around Amanda’s shoulder, and slowly pulls her toward him. (swoony swoon swoon!!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002212278

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002212679
Closer still..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002213279
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002213546Drraaat!!!! that’s as close as we get!
We hear an evil voice in the distance cry out: Over there!  [It’s official-I hate these baddies!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002213646
Lee quickly turns his head..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002213847
Amanda.. not so quickly Winking smile
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002214147
We see the baddies in the dark searching on foot with their torches (flashlight for you Americans) – Sacker must be paying these guys awfully well!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002216449We cut back to Lee as he kicks that lovely warm fire out.. gah!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002217250Moving fast he scrambles with Amanda to get down behind a rock.
Lee: Get down!
Pickett:    I see something. There!
The baddies start shooting at the swamp..
Those Baddies are gonna pay for interrupting Lee and Amanda!!!! argh!!! Now they are sexually frustrated and mad as anything ha haaaaa..
This swamp moment  reminds me of Apocalypse now!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002226659Anyone else wish they could have seen a Lee moment like this:
iconic swamp moment
whoooo! Then again, that would mean messing Lee’ s hair.. and that’s just not the done thing!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002230463
Sacker yells: Hold your fire! Hold your fire! You’ll wake up the whole countryside. Keep those lights pointed at ground.
(We see Lee and Amanda pop their heads up to see what’s going on)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002236469
Rogan: Did we get them?
Pickett: I’ll check it out.
Sacker: Forget it, there’s quicksand and God knows what else out there. They’ll never get through it tonight but post two men here so they don’t come out the way they came in. (Again we see Lee and Amanda listening in..)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002250917
…Tomorrow we come back in the morning and we have a good old fashioned manhunt.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002238371Sacker is such a kind and helpful baddie.. love how he says what their plans are loud enough that Lee and Amanda can hear Winking smile this way Lee and Amanda might actually get some sleep ;)

The baddies start heading home.. and we cut back to Lee and Amanda back behind the rock.
We hear Amanda groan.. like it is not so comfy back there!
We hear but don’t see them as Lee suggests: I think we ought to get a little rest, huh?
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee:  We got a long day ahead of us.
Amanda: Okay.
Both Lee and Amanda give a cry of pain.. lol umm what’s going on back there?!
Lee: Amaaaaannnnda! [It cracks me up how Lee growls her name lol!! what did she do pull his arm out of socket accidentally?!] I guess not seeing it (like with Wanda earlier) makes it funnier.. but.. I really wanted to see what was going on! And in what position they ended up falling asleep! or umm is it just me?!
Amanda: Shhh. [I love how Lee sounding so grumpy doesn't bother Amanda at all..ha!]
Lee: I like to sleep on my right.
Amanda: Yeah, well I like to sleep on my left side.
Lee: Ugghhh!!!

It’s going to be a long uncomfortable night!! lol…
drat..I wanted to see them asleep together all snuggled up.. we never get to see that! ugh!! and… we don’t see them in the morning either!
Remember that silvery moon we saw earlier?3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001996966
I think it hints at how they slept.. the lyrics of that song go:
Place park, scene dark, silvery moon is shining through the trees;
Cast two, me, you, sound of kisses floating on the breeze.
Act one, begun. Dialogue, “Where would you like to spoon?”
My cue, with you, underneath the silvery moon.
By the light of the silvery moon,
I want to spoon, to my honey I’ll croon love’s tune,
Honeymoon keep a-shining in June,
Your silvery beams will bring love dreams, we’ll be cuddling soon,
By the silvery moon.
[Being smk and ironic.. I think the silvery beams were the torches and muzzle blasts from the baddies! whwhahahaha]
I like to think the silvery moon hints that they spooned Smile awh!!
They’ve spent the night together a few times now.. lol being tied up seems to be the tradition.. hooo haaaa. I could be naughty with that one but I’d prefer to keep my reputation intact!
I am thinking Sudden Death (they both slept in the bookie’s office in straight jackets), in Times they are a changin (they both slept tied together on the two chairs..) ummm.. any other times?
Lee saw Amanda asleep in Weekend.. but does that count?! Any other times??

Well!!! This post has been a long time coming! I can’t wait to hear what you all think is going on.. what you love about it.. what you’d have wished to see..

Where to start on this scene huh?! [hmm.. a cold shower might be helpful- haaa!]
While it was a shame it was so dark during this scene (made it tricky to see what was going on) – I think the dark added to the intimacy, and the fact that they really weren’t looking at each other much of the conversation, they were staring into the fire or had their eyes closed- this may have made this conversation possible..(that and the life and death situation-but they’ve been in those before!) – They both reveal a lot here to each other and let their walls down.. Amanda even nearly making a declaration..
I am now thinking they both fully realise what they feel for the other, and that the other is in love with them too – but Lee isn’t ready to admit this.. Maybe Amanda isn’t ready for it either – maybe it is a good thing she doesn’t rush into a declaration- maybe neither was ready to deal with what that would mean. For a second I wondered if Lee had a cramp on purpose.. but nah.. he was just as close to kissing her when he was comforting her about being afraid so it wasn’t a device to move closer… they both got caught up in the moment, and it pushed their relationship a bit further than they might have gone in the cold hard light of day.

Here’s a Utopia Now Almost Kissing gif  I made!
Lee and Amanda near miss kiss UN_gif
(Mesmerising.. but it’s also a form of torture to watch them come so close.. and yet.. gah!!!! they don’t touch! Orr… are their top lips touching??!! rofl!!)
Here- this will balance things out a little!
[I’m pretty sure their lips touch.. but I better watch some more.. err for research!]
I’m really enjoying approaching the episodes fresh – it has given me new perspective.. I haven’t had a set journey for these two in mind.. and so I find myself for the first time believing this is the episode where they both fully realise the depth of their feelings for each other – and that the other feels it too..
While I curse the baddies for interrupting the kiss – I’m finding that I am glad they did nowadays!!! A spur of the moment kiss, which they might regret and which was not a choice, is not as meaningful as intentionally pursuing it..[Sounds too Castle orr Moonlighting for me! ugh!!]
We don’t need them to kiss to know they are both crazy about each other..
For more on where this leaves them – I’m going to need to hold off until the tag to explore it fully..
Soooo I’d love to hear what you think of this scene! what do you see going on here?
Anyone remember watching this episode for the first time when it aired?? not knowing that it was going to be a near miss kiss? I think I always knew it was a near miss kiss –sadly I missed out on what that experience would have been like..

Here is Lovesmk’s banner relating to this wonderful scene.. Lovesmk we are really sorry you had to labour over this scene.. it must have been very trying for you Winking smile tee hee..
thanks for sharing it with us!!! [I’ll make it the blog header now for a bit!]
Thanks also to Kiwimsh for the wonderful transcribing.. how you managed to type the words in this swoony scene is beyond me!! Smile
Sadly, I’m crazy busy in RL right now.. but will respond as best I can – or may have to come back to respond later.. but! Have no fear! I will be reading and relishing as you all share your wonderful Lee and Amanda insights with us all – and discuss away together!!!!
Might be a few days before I get another post written guys.. but something tells me this time- you won’t mind the delay so much Winking smile
Byeeee!! (Iwsod hums.. by the light.. of the silvery moon!)

11/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda’s cleverness continues as she gets a fire going.. with her ace in the hole Winking smile
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002046603_thumb[1]
Amanda: One match.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002052127_thumb[1]
Yeah, you’re a pretty good scout.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002052682_thumb[1][Sweet! he has certainly come around hasn't he! I like to think this is Lee’s way of acknowledging and apologising for his earlier behaviour which was quite churlish about Amanda’s scouting skills!]
This whole wonderful scene is very dark.. I’ve tried my best guys.. sorry I haven’t got the tech to make the pics better!!
Amanda: Yeah.
Amanda goes to put more fuel on the fire.. but Lee stops her.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002056556_thumb[1]
Wait a minute – don’t make the fire any bigger. They’ve probably given up for the night but we shouldn’t take any chances.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002058007_thumb[1](Amanda lets out a big Ohhhh!!!! like she’s cold and she rubs her hands together looking longingly at the flames-wishing they were bigger!)
Lee looks at the fire:
Let’s hope it stays.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002061967_thumb[1][Amanda knows how to build a fire that lasts.. ahem.. Hmm is the whole fire thing an allegory for a relationship?!]
(Amanda tries to curl up into a ball, pulling her feet under her and basically squashing herself up next to Lee)
[- thatta girl!! Good move Amanda!! Winking smile ]
You’re still cold, huh?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002067412_thumb[1][hmm.. You don't mind lots of photos do you????? Squeeee!!!! I hope they are okay, I’ve had to lighten them so we can see their expressions..]
Amanda: Yeah, just a little.
[No, a lot. very cold!!]
Lee: Look, here, let’s huddle closer…
[Yes.. let’s! err.. for warmth!!]

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002072401_thumb[1]
…Let our body heat warm us up, huh?
[whwalblababaobabaga.. did Lee just say ‘body heat’?! man.. listen to this dialogue with your eyes closed.. it could be something completely different going on! Winking smile ahem!]
Amanda: Yeah.
(They both adjust each other to get comfortable.)
[Love how Amanda grabs Lee’s lapel here.. it comes so naturally!]
Lee: How’s that? [Anyone else want Amanda to say ‘that’s much more natural!’ Winking smile]
Amanda: Oh, that’s much better, thank you.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002079865_thumb[1][ohhh understatement of the century right there Amanda! I've died and gone to heaven would have been a much more apt response! ]
Lee: Yeah, you sure you’re okay now?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002081501_thumb[1]
Yeah, that’s much better.
Lee: Good.
[Amanda’s happy? that’s good! Love Lee’s little smile  Oh he’s too sweet!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002083671_thumb[1][Seriously, rewind this bit and listen to it with your eyes closed! Winking smile right from when Lee asks if she’s cold.. whahahahaa!!!]
They are both quite for a few moments..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002086196_thumb[1]
We hear animal noises in the distance..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002086942_thumb[1]
[This pic is crying out for a meme!!]
From the looks of Amanda – her panic is rising at the situation they are in – maybe now she actually has a quite moment to think about it!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002091294_thumb[1]
While Lee seems to let out a big breath and relax.. he closes his eyes, seeming to calm himself for a moment..
Amanda quietly: I’m scared.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002093171_thumb[1]
[I love that Amanda doesn’t want to pretend with Lee – whooo I think this has wider implications for this episode!! Not that I’ve pulled my thoughts together on this ep yet..still just going along for the ride!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002093671_thumb[1]
I know we’ve been in some pretty tight places before but this time I’m really scared.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002097064_thumb[1]
BB knocks this out of the park! The expressions that flash across Lee’s face as listens to Amanda’s admission are wonderful.
He seems to want to deny it..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002098301_thumb[1]
but he can’t..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002099151_thumb[3]
but then he quietly smiles to himself..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002100578_thumb[1]
He seems to adjust his grip on Amanda, pulling her in closer.. His next admission tells us what gave him that little smile IMHO!
[btw- the thumb starts stroking Amanda again here! Smile ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002102942
Lee: I know. I keep thinking of the first time we met…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002106547
– at the train station…
[like she could forget where!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002109355(At hearing this, Amanda has a quiet, fleeting little smile of her own Smile ‘Just walk with me’ he said…)
… If I’d have never given you that package-
(here Amanda starts in talking over the top of Lee)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002111108Lee finishes: – you wouldn’t be here right now.
Amanda talks over him at the same time: Oh, come on now, come on—
is cranky with himself:
   Well, you wouldn’t be.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002113117Amanda: It’s not your fault. Nobody forced me to take it,…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002113664
…I knew that there were risks,…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002115409
…I’m an adult – no guts no glory.
[wow! hasn’t Amanda come along way!!! Amanda’s totally committed!]
Lee gives a lovely smile at this, (love his little sideways glance). She’s a brave one isn’t she Lee!! But then.. we need to be truly brave to be truly honest – and not pretend with each other no?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002116821
It seems to me that suddenly his mood shifts and he becomes upbeat again because of Amanda’s answer awhh!

It’s like Amanda’s response fills Lee with joy and hope..maybe it relieves the weight of some of the guilt? responsibility Lee feels? I do think it helps him cope with his worry about bringing her into danger. but I also like to think that Amanda’s courage spurs Lee on to be courageous also Smile she makes him a better man (and agent!).
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002121052
Lee’s smile gets bigger.. and he once again adjusts his arms around her to envelope her even more..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002122003
he even rocks her a little here.. and then pats her arms comfortingly.. He’s pulling out all the stops!! Smile

Once again I’m reminded of that really awkward scene from Filming Raul- where Lee tries to comfort Amanda in her backyard.. but it didn’t work.. why? I think because Lee was still wearing his mask – and trying to be the superagent (which is why it’s so funny when he is easily offended by Amanda’s ‘I don’t want the best there is I want you!’ whahahaa.. I digress!)
Here? This is the real Lee Stetson – there’s no hint of him wearing a mask.. or maybe it’s that scarecrow persona that’s missing?? While he is the seasoned agent, the vibe here for me is that they are equals. thoughts?! there’s so much in this!!!
Man! I can’t wait to hear what you all say about this scene!! can we discuss it for a week maybe?!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002122517Lee rallies (both himself and Amanda!): Hey. Look, it’s not over yet….
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002124566
…They’ve gotta look for us on foot right?…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002129099
… That evens it up a little.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002129529Amanda makes happy noises here.. LOL I don’t know how else to describe them!
In response.. Lee smiles too..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002130379[Feeling warmer you two??!!!!]
Amanda quietly adds: You know,…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002134191
…that’s one of the things I really like about you..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002134581
(at hearing this, Lee turns his head around to Amanda.. such sweet words..I don’t imagine Lee would have heard such sweet things from another person in a long time.. if ever at all..)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002135808
– you always find the silver lining.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002138606
[Once again- Amanda is openly honest.. with no pretence!
I think Amanda is great at seeing and bringing out the best in people!
I want to know what the other things are that she likes about him!!]

Lee: Well,…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002139753
…it’s no business for a pessimist.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002142328[I think Lee is not use to hearing such things.. and seems a little bashful.. Smile though clearly he loves what she said Smile ]

You know, I don’t tend to see Lee as an optimist.. To me,  early Lee seemed quite pessimistic about human nature no? too jaded to be an optimist.. what do you think?
Maybe he was never pessimistic about himself and his ability to get out of a tricky situation.. or…maybe the last few years with Amanda have helped him to look at things or people more positively? I am just throwing ideas out there and enjoying exploring with you all!!
anyone like to share their thoughts???!!!

I also note that this discussion between Lee and Amanda is rare huh! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it everyone! This reminds me of Brunettes are In – This episode has so many previous episode reminders I can’t help but think this is deliberate.. What do you think? This episode seems to be another big turning point/milestone episode..
Brunettes are In – was another milestone between these two, Where Lee introducing Amanda to the spy biz is discussed between them – and where Amanda and Lee settle their partnership. Remember 
Where Lee is chained to the pipe?! Such a similar scene to this!! They are held hostage with seemingly no way out (sound familiar?!) and Lee says: Maybe it’s a good idea that you do leave the agency.
Amanda: Oh no I don’t think so!
Lee: Look, if you weren’t at the agency, you wouldn’t be in a mess like this.
Amanda: yeah, but I wouldn’t have you to save me either then would I!

While Lee accepts Amanda as his partner, he still struggles a little with putting Amanda in danger – because he cares deeply for her.. and while he may become more accepting of the danger, I don’t think he would ever be completely comfortable with this!! I think I’d be worried if he was!

So great how Lee remembers the detail of how they met…. It’s all very romantic Winking smile I guess it was natural he would think of it now given that’s when he first brought her in touch with danger-introduced her to his life which is full of danger![Excitement and intrigue! ;) ]

For Amanda too- this conversation is a fascinating insight into how far she has come since Brunettes are In.. Amanda is much more direct with Lee here than she was in Brunettes are in – about her choice to stay at the agency. She’s really owning her choices now!! She’s come so far since the first time and hinting to Dean about a job no?! Just taking the crumbs of life is no longer an option for Amanda King! No guts no glory!!! 2Woman

Sorry guys!! but I’m going to stop here for the moment.. It may seem cruel of me.. hopefully you’ll forgive me!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002143233But after Lee responds: ‘Well, it’s no business for a pessimist.’
The scene massively and significantly changes direction, heading into more personal/romantic territory!! – I want to give us a chance to discuss this part of the scene first.. because often the happenings toward the end of this scene seem to distract us and draw our attention.. ahem.. I can’t think why!!!  ;)

This can mean we don’t end up discussing this first part, which in itself is very significant and full of meaning! Winking smile Soooo try to resist jumping forward and we’ll have a go discussing what Lee and Amanda have shared about themselves and each other in this first half of the scene..
Hey everyone reading out there in cyberspace!!! Go on!!!! Jump in and say hi!!! we’d all love to hear from ya!! Smile
We’ll pick up right where we left off soon –though I probably won’t publish the next part for another 3 days- I’m busy!!! :( I’ll do my best..
Can’t wait to hear what you all make of this! byee for now!!