15/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next morning we see the  view of the Mr. Marshmallow billboard in an industrial park,
and pan down to the “debriefing centre”.
Inside, we find Dotty walking down the hallway saying to herself: I do not believe what time it is! I’ve got to find a telephone….
She stops talking when she overhears Lawrence in the distance.. and she sneaks closer to have a better listen- whoo hooo! goooo Dotty!
(off screen): They’re getting close. A couple of agents were over questioning North….
[Yep, brilliant idea to go question North and tell him they are on to him.. when Dotty is in danger! ugh.. but… love that Amanda is being called an agent! :) ]
(We see Lawrence is talking in another room with the door open.)
…We never should have gone ahead with Zernoff in the first place. (Dotty is listening around the corner)
Kurtz: We’ll have everything out of here by 10 o clock. Nobody can possibly find this place or trace the operation to us…
[Ummm Stanislov can!]
(We cut to Dotty as the men continue to talk and she listens in..)
What about Zernoff and the woman?
Well, of course we have no choice…We’ll have to get rid of them.
I find Dotty’s reactions here as she listens fascinating.. I’ve tried to include her reactions as the dialogue unfolds here because it says a lot- This (above) is what Dotty looks like when she overhears someone saying they are going to kill her? she amazes me! And.. I’m left with the impression I have completely underestimated her! Hmm.. now who else does that sound like??!!!
Dotty doesn’t panic.. she keeps her cool. she keeps quiet! [And for Dotty???!!!! that’s saying something!!!!!] I’m impressed!
Dotty sneaks quickly back down the hallway, minding her heels don’t give her away [good thing she didn’t get those bells put on them like Amanda suggested back in wizard! Winking smile ]
Dotty sneaks toward the desk where the guard is asleep and slowly lifts the telephone off the desk,
she creeps around the corner (being careful with the cord). slowly, carefully, she lets out the breath she had been holding and dials a number..
[It’s so much easier these days.. no cords!
Interesting, earlier Lawrence had told Dotty there were no outside lines – I think this shows Dotty doesn’t believe a word he’s said now- and that she’s using her head and questioning everything.  No panic in sight.. Dotty is a pro!!!]
We cut to the phone ringing at the King house- Amanda runs to the phone.
Amanda: Hello?
Dotty: Amanda
Amanda: Mother! Where are you? Are you all right?
(very quietly): I don’t know where we are. But I do know that there are some men here who are trying to kill us.
(calmly): All right Mother, tell me where you are?!
Dotty thinks..: Um ..there are a lot of warehouses,…
…and um, the sign over this one says, um, Debriefing Centre. Oh!,…
…and I saw the Marshmallow Man…..AH-
(she gets cut off)

[Love Dotty’s smile at remembering marshmallow man- it’s like: Yippee I remembered the marshmallow man, but she has forgotten she is being held hostage and about to be killed! ha!!]
A hand reaches in off screen and removes the receiver from Dotty’s hand.
poor Dotty.. she looks scared when the hand appears.. she’s now remembered the bad bit too.. oh yeah.. they’re gonna kill me!
This is probably totally inappropriate.. but take this next image out of context and it would be a FABULOUS pic to create some memes!!!!!
Amanda: Mother! Mo-
(phone goes dead with an audible click) did I say dead? nothing is dead! no no it went silent.. no death around here at all!! Dotty’s gonna be okay!!!
(Amanda puts down the phone with a sigh and thinks to herself..)
Before we move on – I’ll just quickly add that this conversation is very informative for both women. I imagine that when they look back on this call there will be great food for thought!!!
Why? firstly, Dotty is telling Amanda that she is going to be killed and Dotty keeps her cool!
That’s got to be a revelation to Amanda.. how brave her mum is..
Secondly, Dotty tells Amanda that they are going to kill her and Amanda is calm as anything!!!! Gee it’s almost like she’s been in life and death situations before.. Amanda is not only calm, she’s on the job – and doesn’t get carried away with emotions that her mum is in danger.. she uses her brain!
Final food for thought? Dotty’s life is in danger and she calls Amanda – not the police, Amanda! I like to think that deep down, Dotty suspects Amanda is going to be able to help somehow here.. by calling the cops for her? hmm maybe.. but I like to think that deep down Dotty suspects her daughter may have ways to help here (though I think she can’t really consciously comprehend the truth) –maybe Amanda can help with someone she knows? I mean Amanda was charged with murder and managed to get out of that.. Then, Amanda was involved somehow when Joe was in so much trouble.. Amanda kept her head there too.. Gee yes maybe Amanda will know best what to do! lol..
Unconsciously, in this little moment, I like to think Dotty is acknowledging a slowly dawning truth – that her daughter is able to help here.. and I find it interesting!
Hey, it could be that she just wanted to call Amanda so Amanda could call the cops. but Dotty could have done that couldn’t she? If she said she was being held hostage the police would have had to act on it no?
then again, maybe right now Dotty doesn’t trust herself to reach the real police given these fake police are right there!!! lol.. but.. I still prefer to think Dotty acted on instincts here.. and they were right about her daughter Smile 

Anyway.. getting back to Amanda pondering Dotty’s clues..
Amanda thinks out loud: … Marshmallow Man…
(Amanda realises where Dotty is!)
She grabs the phone and begins to dial.
At the agency, a phone is ringing in the bullpen.
An unknown agent answers.
Agent: International Federal Film….(she listens)… Mr. Marshmallow?
(She notes down the message)
…Yes Ma’am. Lee Stetson? I’ve got it…
shakes her head while hanging up)
It’s gotta be a crank.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150729_155704. 72
drat.. can’t read her name badge.. but it gives me the cranks that she gets an id card and the crank err Amanda still doesn’t!

If Amanda had called Lee ‘Scarecrow’ would it have been a crank?  And why is it any other time she has called since the start of this show Amanda has been able to dial Billy directly in one way or another? rofl.. on this show, the longer Amanda is with IFF it seems to get harder for her to talk to someone.. change for the phone, clearance codes, and now being a crank! lol!! And we all know Francine is usually the one to do everything at IFF, why didn’t she answer? ahhhh there must be a plot reason ;) lol..
Oi! IFF!!!! Fix Amanda’s ID badge.. and.. give her a clearance code will ya!

By the way, it was so decent of Dotty to get herself kidnapped when the boys were away on a sleep over!! ;) haaa..

Amanda pulls up out the front of the debriefing center. Of all the buildings around, she picks the right one!
She gets out and sees the Mr. Marshmallow sign.
Oh I see, as Amanda enters the building, you can actually see a ‘debriefing centre’ sign on the front door..
She opens a door and is surprised..
Lawrence: Mrs. King? You’re alone I see.
smug bastards
[sorry couldn’t resist!]1baddie speaks
… Your mother’s expecting you.
[Oh that soooo should have had an evil laugh after it!]
How does Lawrence know Dotty’s daughter by sight? and by last name that is different to Dotty’s? Hmm..
Amanda looks suitably worried..
Now Amanda what was with the whole lets open the door and not be careful??!! she knows there are people there who want to kill Dotty and Zernoff.. so probably armed.. ??
She did the same thing in FFFT- when she rushed into that room and straight into Wimpy Barry and Nasty Carla- when is Amanda going to learn to enter rooms carefully??!!

Oh well.. at least she was wise and called IFF and left a crazy message with a random agent.. Amanda will be fine Smile 

At least her car is parked out the front.. Lee should spot it a mile away.. But if Lee comes.. will he finally meet Dotty???!!! I can imagine when this aired on TV there would have been lots of suspense about this!!!
Okay all- I’ll need to stop here for the moment.. this is getting to be a massive post. You know usually this part of the plot is a bit meh.. when the action revs up and the baddies start busting people or whatever, but this ep I’m totally into what’s going on.. and I love all that it reveals about Dotty, and reveals to Dotty about Amanda! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts everyone!!!! Byee for now Smile

14/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Cut to the North mansion..
North: I just can’t believe it. He was here this morning, some crazy story about Russian defectors being kidnapped.
[this room seems quite huge and empty no?! And.. drum roll.. check out the baddie desk accessories Winking smile okay okay.. no baddie phone.. but close!]
Lee: Well I’m afraid it may not be so crazy. Did he tell you who he thought was responsible?
No, he wasn’t sure. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t take it very seriously because Jerry Dunlap is , well he’s somewhat of an alarmist. As a matter of fact, his future at Aero North was not all that certain.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_210751.255[so now Jerry is dead.. are you going to take it seriously?!
lol North doesn’t look up and meet Lee and Amanda’s eyes much.. it’s like he’s reading his lines off his desk! He’s a dumb baddie!]
Amanda: Mr. North, do you know a Jake Lawrence at the State Department?
[I like that Amanda is getting to ask a question too!!!!
Only…. – Nooooo! Gahh!!! by asking that question, you tell North what you know.. ugh..and.. as if he’d say yes?! So why ask?! ]
North: No
Lee: Well it’s no secret that until about a year ago, Aero North was having some severe financial problems. Then suddenly things turned around with some fat government contracts.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_211012.577[Why would Aero north get fat government contracts based on their access to the leaked information? when the defectors had already disclosed that same information to the government? me confused.. wouldn’t Aero  North have sold the technology overseas? uh oh.. me think too much.. focus on Lee’s hair.. there’s a good girl.. gah! It’s flat! no no!!! that’s not working!!! help??!!!]
North: Hard work and good timing.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_211217.259[this baddie is rockin the cardy –  be afraid everyone.. be very afraid! and yes.. this lame baddie interrogation has me distracted!]
Lee: Maybe a little too good huh? I mean overnight, Aero North seems to have gained the competitive edge over the rest of the industry here…
…Research and development, bids all very…
…tailor made.
North: Are you suggesting some impropriety??
No, no, no….
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_211510.484SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_211512. 86
[Love Lee’s lopsided grin here! He’s super casual.. too super casual?]
…no I’m just….speculating….that’s all. I mean, if a company like your own were able to get a hold of the latest Russian designs, well you’d know just what the Pentagon wanted to buy.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_211715.352[It wouldn’t take long for the pentagon to smell a rat when this company keeps offering the technologies the govt knows the Russians are using and is cutting edge.. what a coincidence! this company keeps coming up with innovations that the Russian defectors are telling us about! lol.. And if the pentagon has the information about the technology, they could go contract someone and share that technology no?? It wouldn’t have to already be in place? hmm.. well.. either way, this gig was bound to go kaput eventually!
Hey – Do you think Lee suspects him? I mean.. he should.. but do you think he does?]
(North rises to his feet.. looming over Lee..)
[whooo he headed ‘North’! Winking smile  He ‘lived up’ to his name! Smile]
North: Mr. Stetson….unless you have proof I would keep those kind of allegations to yourself!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_211952.185[Speculations! not allegations! Winking smile
Actually if North was a goodie CEO in charge of a baddie employee he’d kinda be wanting to know about it no? Like he pretended with Jerry earlier?! Oh dear.. am I over thinking things… again??!!]  The scene ends here.

When I first saw this scene.. I’m sure I had no problem with it.. nowadays, this type of scene doesn’t make smk sparkle for me (though if I just focus on Lee it’s all good!)..  Maybe it’s just me – but this is one area where I think TV has actually improved since the 80s – the quality of the writing when questioning baddies. (Castle being the exception. Sorry if you love it.)
Maybe…  this is Lee again shaking the bushes to wake up the snake like he did in wrong way home? because all Lee and Amanda have done is tell North what they know (including that they know about Jake Lawrence!) and they’ve learned nothing.. Meh.. I think I’ve been spoilt by The Closer! Ah well.. at least the audience learned something new in this little scene.. we learned of the Aero North’s previous financial woes that have been turned around… ahhhh the greedy entrepreneur.. they always make good baddies.. in any decade.. Hope this North ends up face first in a cake somewhere and suffocates.. ahem.. did I just type that?! eek!

We move on to the corvette driving down a very quiet main road – it must be very late at night.
Lee: I want to stake out Jake Lawrence’s place. He’s the key to this.
[Ahhhhh I think because Dotty is in trouble here, Lee is just not going to go home to bed.. you know??!!
Hmm – yet again we have another scene that we are watching through a car windscreen!!!! what does this all mean??!!]
Amanda: If he worked for the defence department instead of State it would make more sense.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_212141.266[IMHO Not really! State gives him access to the defectors to gain their trust.. and to threaten them with deportation no??!]
Lee: You mean it could be legitimate?
Amanda: Well, yeah it would be like a sting or something.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_212326.490[You mean like what IFF err the agency is suppose to have been doing? A sting of a sting???!!]
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_212328. 92
Well it’s not a sting exactly, we call it a store but you’ve got the right idea.
(Amanda smiles a little at hearing this.. awh!)
…See men like Zernoff are vulnerable to threats by police, real or otherwise. They’re alone in a new country and Jake Lawrence is a, well the only friend they’ve got.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_212622.536[A ‘store’ this is new to me.. anyone?  ‘only friend’ ..Access! there ya go! Lee heard Lawrence workin it..]
Amanda: Yeah . Except Zernoff has my mother.
[yeah.. bummer that!]
Amanda, I don’t know how to tell you how sorry I am.
[Oh! my! gosh!!! what a great little honest communicator he is being here! very open and genuine.. and it’s totally swoony!]
Amanda: Oh it’s ok, I’m as much to blame as you are.
We’re gonna find her
Amanda: I know we are. I know.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150727_212930. 29
Look I’ll take you home. You can cover that base.
[Being so late.. I guess the boys are not at home? alone?! Strange that they no longer rate a mention..]
Amanda: Yeah
It’s getting pretty late.
(Amanda doesn’t really respond..she just kind of makes a regretful sound..)
As the scene closes.. the last thing we see is Lee give Amanda a sideways little look..
Another touching moment that fades into a transition
IMHO Lee regretful about what’s happened, but mostly worried for what Amanda must be going through right now.
–This transition reminds me of the over the limit moment where Amanda flirts with Lee and gives him the rose Winking smile
IMHO.. Amanda is being brave, and I think she isn’t fully opening herself up to Lee here.. she certainly isn’t confiding her worries and fears to him.. she’s still quite self contained. Will this change as she gives in to her feelings and her trust in Lee builds? I like to think so.. we shall see!!!

What do you all make of this scene?! Care to share?? And what do you make of all the scenes through a windscreen??!!! I can’t wait to hear what you all think! byeee for now Smile

13/ Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Cut to the Moscovy Tea Room. Lee and Amanda with the two waiters
Waiter 1: They’d show up every once in a while, and point some guy out to us, and slip us a few bills…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_172233.686[hmm.. corrupt waiterovs!]
…We never got names. I figured they were from immigration. [plain dumb, corrupt waiterovs! – When immigration starts drugging people we should worry! ]
Lee: Yeah sure you did.
[I actually think given these guys were taking money and drugging patrons they should be arrested with assault- a verbal chastising from Lee doesn’t cut it!]
We see an old guy enter in the background, Lee turns unobtrusively and seems to take note..
The man sees Lee and immediately starts leaving..
Lee (to Amanda):
They both take off after Stanislov without another word to the waiterovs..
He doesn’t get far.. Lee calls out: Dr Stanislov?!
He grabs his arm to stop him from leaving..
(right in front of the Waigner Bakery – yum yum)
Lee: Dr. Stanislov.
Stanislav: I will not come with you! I have done nothing wrong!
Now please Sir Listen, we’re looking for your friend Dr. Zernoff.
Stanislov: Andrei?
Lee: Yes

You look for him also?
We cut quickly to a lady exiting the Muscovy tea room.. I went back to look at this because I wondered if it could be Amanda.. but I found another surprise..
I think I found Andrei and Dotty! tee hee.. There they are at the front table no?! They’ve darkened it but I think that’s a reused shot from earlier. ha!
they thought I’d have nothing better to do than to notice.. well.. I showed them! Smile 

Inside the restaurant, we find no one sitting at the front table, seems it’s after closing with all the chairs on the tables.. Stanislov sits with Lee and Amanda.
Stanislov: It is my fault, Andrei suspected something, but I urged him not to jeopardize our stay in America. I thought only of myself.
Amanda: No, you were frightened.
[I think when Amanda says this Lee gives her a sideways look –Amanda is doing her thing and great with helping people open up .. and he notices and appreciates it. Aren’t these little touches fabulous?]
When I got drunk like Andrei they took me back to the debriefing centre. Mr. Lawrence kept assuring me no one would have to know , if I could review everything I told them before.
[I don’ t know why but Stanislov cracks me up.. he’s soooo animated..]
Amanda and Lee are confused at this revelation of Stanislov’s.. and share a look.
[Lee’s thinking hard.. the thumb is tapping away!]
Amanda: (to Lee) w
hat’s the point of that?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_174502. 26
I dunno. When we find Jake Lawrence we’ll ask him.
We cut back to Stanislov giving a little nod: Da that’s a good ideasovy!SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_174511.972

Okay so come on everyone.. without looking it up.. anyone remember where we’ve seen the actor playing Stanislov in SMK before?!
For the answer see
HERE! Smile
Did you guess??? Do tell!!

The scene ends here.. but before we move on.
Let’s recap.. because I’m shocked at Lee’s ‘I dunno’!
[Iwsod can’t switch off from the plot.. it’s not why I watch, but.. it’s gotta make superficial sense.. and this doesn’t to me! help?! ]
In post 1 Lee learned  from Jerry his information that the unknown company he worked for had leaked information- the text of 3 recent soviet debriefings on their latest prototypes (including Stanislov’s debriefing notes).
The whole point of following Zernoff was to find out how whoever was getting this information..
In post 10 Lee learned from Jerry the informant that his company was posing as cops..
In post 11 Lee learned Zernoff and Dotty had been taken somewhere by fake cops..
In post 12 Lee learned Jerry works for Aero North Industries, and Sanderson North is the CEO. (The company Jerry worked for was dodgy remember?)
Lee also learns Zernoff’s vodka was spiked, and then he was taken away by fake cops.
Now in post 13 (the lucky number!), Lee learns the exact same thing happened to Stanislov.. he was drugged, taken to a debriefing centre by these fake cops, Jake Lawrence was there – so he’s in on it.. and that’s when these Russian defectors revealed the weapons information – so this is how the leak is happening right? And Lee doesn’t know what’s going on??
I’m surprised the baddies had Lawrence interview the men – it could have been a nameless govt fake agent.. why reveal to the men that Lawrence is involved and then let them live? but.. what do I know Winking smile Moving on.. I promise.. (non plot followers breath a sign of relief).

We head back to the debriefing centre.. where Zernoff is being debriefed about his previous state department debrief!
Lawrence: About the MIG 29. Could you elaborate on the airfoils.
Zernoff: AH. The titanium allow airfoil on the MIG 29 are 30% lighter and they’re twice as strong.
[whooo and great for tennis rackets Winking smile ]
Lawrence: Uh could you explain that in a little more detail Dr. Zernoff?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_182810. 61
Why? I went through this already when I was here before. They said I was finished.
Sir, you are a guest in our country. When there’s trouble we have to review everything. I’m afraid you could still be asked to leave. I’m doing the best I can to prevent that.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_183002.158[Slime!!!! Trying to pass himself off as Zernoff’s champion? ugh!!! Hope someone punches Lawrence in that smug face!]

There’s a knock at the door. A guard whispers something to Lawrence, and he has to leave Zernoff a moment.
Lawrence: (to Zernoff) Ah, excuse me please.

We find Dotty giving the desk guard what for – goooo Dotty! Smile
Dotty: You take me to Andrei right now, or I’m going to start looking for him myself.
Lawrence: Mrs.West…..
Dotty: Mr. Lawrence , I have been more than patient. It has been over two hours and I still do not know what’s happening with Andrei. I can’t make a call, I …..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_183317.560[Hey gooooo Dotty! she asked for her phone call? good for you Dotty!]
Lawrence: I’m terribly sorry Mrs. West. It’s, it’s just taking longer than we’d expected. But, um Dr. Zernoff is feeling better… (He reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder.. ugh.. don’t touch Dotty!)
… and he’s so glad you’ve decided to stay. Of course, if you wish, we could take you home.

Dotty: Oh! Oh, no, no , no , no I don’t mind staying. It’s just that I, well I would like to call my daughter.
[Hmm is she really buying this?! I don’t know..maybe she is..]
Lawrence: Oh, we’ll take care of that, security phones and all…
[How will they take care of that when he hasn’t asked for Amanda’s phone number?!]
(Lawrence directs Dotty down the hall)
…But you know, it may take a while longer, so why don’t I find you a room, where you can lie down a bit?
Dotty: Oh.
Dotty goes along with Lawrence’s suggestion.. for now? I have noooo idea what’s ahead with this whole plot! It’s quite ominous though to see Dotty at the baddies’ mercy like this.. Lawrence leading her to a quiet room somewhere.. she’s very vulnerable and it adds an element of suspense to this – well it does for me because I don’t know what’s going to happen! Although okay, I can assume Dotty is not going to die! Smile

And on that happy note I’ll pause here.. Anything you’d like to share about this part of the episode? Does anyone remember watching this for the first time? Is there anything in the script about how Lee says “I dunno” in response to Stanislov and Amanda?? Hmmm.. oh well bye for now! can’t wait to hear from ya! I’ve missed hearing from you all on our walk together Smile