11/ Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the interior of the corvette (LOL how did Lee get it out of the impound?! especially without getting into trouble from Gino Winking smile )
Amanda is holding up the homing device receiver…
and we hear a voice say:  Agency web alert. Three-alarm fire at Joint Intelligence Records Depository 22, on 30th Street.
Lee: That’s them. It’s gotta be.
LOL I was confused and wondering if the homing device is a radio too.. then I realised they seem to look at Lee’s car radio or something when they hear the announcement.. I guess they were just holding up the device in the hopes of locking onto the signal again.. Hmm..
Back at the warehouse.. ahhh looky.. Nick has himself a fireman’s outfit..
He throws another smoke bomb on the floor in the corner again.. lol I think they’ve re-used the previous moment of the smoke bomb going off.. but have shot it from a different angle and reversed it.. what do you think? Nifty!
This time:
Nick hits pay dirt, finding a file with a picture of a dead woman in it.. lots of blackmail material there!
Is that tape on Nick’s helmet?! covering the ID?So sneaky, a kinda cool idea that J.Edgar Hoover’s files were labelled ‘pension plan’  or something.. not many people would be interested in those files!
The fire brigade arrive to put out the fire!
[Love how the identifying labels on the back are taped over.. the wardrobe dept all out of LAFD jackets that day?!]
Lee and Amanda pull up at the warehouse..
Lee: I’ll find Cross. You check the security entrance, and be careful.
Amanda: Right!
they both take off in different directions..

Do you think this is a real downtown street? it looks it!!! Drat.. no Hollywood sign!! one of these days…

Lee approaches a fireman, flashes his badge and says it’s national security (see now when Nick said it earlier he didn’t flash his badge!) – Lee says there’s a man and woman inside and asks for help with the equipment.. He can’t rely on a fireman to find them.. he’s gotta do it himself!
Ah man!!! We was robbed!!!
We almost got to see Lee in a fireman’s uniform!!!!
Nick is busy loading up the truck with files..
Oh dear..
You know my dreams of Lee the fireman.. did..not… look.. like this!!!
Lee uses the homing device to find Agnes.. Oh good.. so the homing device did actually come in handy in the end! Lee gives Agnes his mask so she can have a turn breathing oxygen..
Nick was pretty heartless to do that to Agnes.. and leave her struggling to breathe..

Lee unpicks the handcuffs (and it’s suddenly not smoky!)
Amanda (with her amazing luck!) finds Cross loading up for his getaway..  (and some incredible nachos)
JEG.avi_001734501_thumbShe cries: Leeeeeeeeee! Leee!!!!! there he goes!

Lee  runs after the van and shoots..
he hits the fuel tank and the petrol (ok ok.. Gas!) starts leaking out the back..
Lee and Amanda rush to the car- but Lee still has time to put a hand out and help Amanda up.. Lee calls to Amanda: Come on.
Amanda: All right.
Aawhhhhh what a keeper!!
I love it that now there is no question of even thinking about Amanda not coming with him Smile
Nick sees he is out of petrol. He gets out and sees the fuel leaking
Okay – did you guys see the label on his jacket? this one is different!
says: BHFD- is that Beverly Hills Fire Department?
JEG.avi_001791858Nick hides the files in a container or something nearby..
Lee and Amanda find the corn chips truck..
Nick can’t be seen..
Lee: Now you stay down.
JEG.avi_001826393Amanda: Right.
JEG.avi_001839305Amanda stays put in the corvette crouched down while Lee gets checked out Um I mean checks out the truck.
LOL.. Amanda sneaks a look
(who can blame her?!)
JEG.avi_001845311Oh yeah!!!!! whoooooo haaaaa .. Lee’s hair is looking less styled today.. it actually moves!
Me Like..  He looks mighty fine in this moment!

No sign of Nick Sad smile or the files!!!
Lee and Amanda share a look.. Yeah Lee, Nick bested you.. time to regroup.. and get smart!
The scene ends there..

We cut to an exterior shot..
Anyone recognise this building?
Back to the warehouse, Francine is looking very uncomfortable in that jacket crouching and asking Agnes questions..
Francine: Agnes, where were the reports, do you remember?
JEG.avi_001869636Agnes: Aisle seven, row J.
Francine: Aisle seven, row J. Thank you.

oh rofl Francine’s jacket is hilarious!!
[why are they taking Agnes’ blood pressure?!]
Lee finds the smoke bombs and says Cross is a clever guy.
– yeah well I don’t think he was that clever (he didn’t need to be!), I just think you guys were kinda dumb about it haaaaa.. Love what Amanda says here in response to Lee saying he’s clever: (He’s ) cruel too. It’s unforgivable what he did to Agnes.
JEG.avi_001885852very true Amanda.. Get him Amanda!!
It’s so cruel of him, I can see why it might be tempting to Agnes to deny the reality of things..
Lee: Well, he’s done it to other women. A dozen times. The same M.O.
JEG.avi_001890957[Whoa, Lee knew this about Cross, and up till now had failed to mention it? I guess it was not a bad idea to keep this from Agnes Winking smile why rub it in.. even in being used and betrayed Agnes wasn’t special! It’s Castille all over again! ugh!!!]
Amanda: I feel so terrible for her.
Me too!!
Francine joins  Lee and Amanda.

Francine: It’s a clean sweep. The Hoover files were apparently hidden in some inter-agency pension fund reports, and they’re all gone. [umm didn’t they already know this? lol maybe I’m giving them too much credit!]
Amanda: How’s Agnes?
JEG.avi_001898465Francine shakes her head to respond..
Amanda: Excuse me. (Amanda leaves to go join Agnes)
Lee: Yeah.
JEG.avi_001902369Lee: Look, there’s a chance … a very slim one—that Cross stashed the files somewhere in the warehouse.
The shot cuts to a close up on Francine for the first time.. oh rofl!
The first thing I thought of was Sandy from Grease!!! I got chills they’re multiplyin and I’m loosing controlol.. [If you don’t know Grease you are gonna think I’m crazy! oh well.. I crack myself up at least..or Francine’s jacket and ear buttons crack me up! Actually.. now I think about it Danny Zucko in Grease acts like a creep and winds up with the girl.. Am I the only girl who growing up thought- Sandy should move on?! whahahaaha]
Sandy okay okay! back to the episode.. sorry I’m getting distracted.. LOL!
Francine: I know, I already thought of that. I’ve got Agency janitors all over, but it’s gonna take days. Frankly, I would like to know if there’s a needle in this haystack before we start looking for it.
Lee: Yeah.
JEG.avi_001911378Whoa.. I think Lee fixed his hair before returning to the warehouse, it’s now crispy crunch and well.. he still looks incredible!

We find Amanda with Agnes..
Amanda: We’re gonna get you home, Agnes, and you can get some rest and you’ll feel much better.
JEG.avi_001915882[I love how as Amanda talks to Agnes the paramedic tries to listen to her breathing, through her clothing! lol!]
Agnes: I’m not gonna feel better until Nicky Cross gets what he deserves.
JEG.avi_001923390Whoa! seems the anger phase of grieving has kicked in!!! Go Agnes Winking smile 

The scene ends here.. so I shall too.. Has all the love Agnes felt for Nicky vanished? I guess we shall see.. but at the moment – she’s furious at what he just did to her. and that makes me happy Smile tee hee.. [I can hear it now, Cindy you will like this huh?! Smile ]

Okay guys.. would love to hear what you think! Hey BJo! Hey Valerie!!! Hey KC!!missing hearing from you guys! There are lots of us we haven’t seen here for a while.. it’s a busy time of year huh!
I guess I can’t list everyone lol.. – love to hear from you anytime you are able – but there is also no pressure or obligation SMK is for FUN!!!!! So stop by and say hi when you can Smile Hope everyone’s preparations for the holidays are coming along nicely! byeee for now!

10/ Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda start following Nick and Agnes in his van. LOL.. bad Lee! He doesn’t indicate to pull into traffic Winking smile nothing suspicious about that!
Nick’s van drives down a suburban street with Agnes…
Is it just me or have we seen this street before? many times?!
Nick glances at Agnes…
Nick: You’re shooting straight with me, aren’t you, honey?JEG.avi_001385852

 [Of course she isn’t! lol..]
Agnes: I should be asking you that question, Nicky. How come everything’s so secret?
JEG.avi_001391858Nick: It’s something important.
(Nick hands Agnes an envelope.)
National security work—and guys like Stetson are trying to stop me…
JEG.avi_001403870(We see Agnes look at the piece of paper) …I’ve got to get the rest of this series of Inter Agency Pension Review reports. They’re declassified.
[How does Nick know this? does he have a source in the agency/FBI/CIA/NSA whatever? The whole it’s national security thing is so totally lame… and not even remotely convincing to someone who works at the agency – I think this is just a surface attempt to convince Agnes that he is convinced she is not going to try and double cross him.. lol is that a Nick Cross triple cross??!!]
Agnes: Ohh. These have been declassified for two years. Routine…
JEG.avi_001411411(Nick looks confused here for a second-why I don’t know..anyone?  to falsely let the audience think he buys it?! sorry I can’t pretend I don’t know he knows! lol..)
They’re scheduled for destruction. I don’t even know why they were secret, except maybe they related indirectly to budget.
JEG.avi_001416182[Call me crazy but I think Agnes does a pretty good job here – she’s keeping it together and I think she’s quite convincing! but.. it was always destined to fail.. lol we are only 20 minutes into the episode! ha! Winking smile
Knowing the homing device was busted and Agnes calling Nick –it’s flippin obvious this is an attempt at a set up.. blind Freddy could see that! So even though Agnes is convincing, Nick was never going to believe her! drat!]
JEG.avi_001417384Nick: Which way, which way?
Agnes: Ahh… 30th Street Depository.
JEG.avi_001421588Gee if only that was an audio bug in Agnes’ bag…

Nick pulls into the government impound yard!! rofl!!! Anyone see Gino?!! lol I guess it’s not the compound today!
JEG.avi_001426693Nick brings his van to a stop- right where the marker on the road told him to! (see the white tape? lol not the big ‘stop’ painted on the road.. lol like that wasn’t enough!)
Nicky switches vehicles to confuse Lee.. confusing Lee is embarrassingly easy Winking smile 

When Nick barks at Agnes: Get in the back and stay down!
I think he sounds really nasty.. and he is showing his true colours.. this is no top secret mission!

Lee is staying waaaay back out of sight. Amanda is holding the homing device tracker.. lol it it looks like she’s holding a radio?!  Why does it go so dark outside when Lee and Amanda are driving?? it’s the middle of the day.. are they in a tunnel or something?? cos if that’s the case no wonder the beeps are getting quieter.. weird! ;)

Lee and Amanda are driving along that same, very familiar road..
Amanda: I sure wish we could get a little closer.
JEG.avi_001465131Lee: Amanda, the range on that homer is two miles. And that sound that you hear means we’re right on the beam. Now, we’re gonna lay back a couple of blocks, here.
JEG.avi_001474441Amanda: Yeah, I’d just feel better if we could see him.

Lee: Well, if we could see him, he could see us. Okay?
Amanda: Right.
JEG.avi_001485251[Anyone else think Lee comes off a bit too confident and casual for his own good here?? It’s a shame.. sometimes the plot requires Lee to make pretty basic mistakes –and he is suppose to be a top spy.. it’s not a good look! Where’s Raffie?? Protector of Lee’s dignity?! look out! tee hee.. lol maybe you won’t see this the same way I do Raffie (it’s all good!) For me, Lee is too casual considering he knew Nick could suspect it was a set up and there’s no fall back plan!]

We cut to Nicky in his crispy crunchy incredible corn chips delivery van pulling away from the original van..
Hey, when it drives off we see this:
No, not the Hollywood sign! but.. Does that sign say ‘Lot’ something?

Back in the corvette.. Amanda is increasingly worried.. (I’m worried too- because it is suddenly very dark in the corvette! lol!) Amanda: It’s not as loud.
JEG.avi_001496796Lee: Will you relax? We’ve got to give them a little…
(Lee searches for the right phrase..)
… breathing room.
They pull up in the compound (careful to avoid Gino seeing them! Winking smile )  to find Nick’s van there.

I have a question here.. If they were setting up Nick- and Agnes was going to lead him to the files – why didn’t Lee and Amanda already know where Agnes was going? (she did know it was pension files he was sneaking a look at) If she knew, why didn’t she just tell them???
And if she didn’t know, why didn’t they have all the warehouses covered? It was only nine different warehouses she visited!!! I think they could have managed to cover it if it meant not exposing err I mean squeezing all of America’s toothpaste out of a tube..
Plus- why did Agnes tell Nick the correct warehouse?! why not send him to another warehouse she had been to so there was no risk of him getting the files?
Oh boy.. I am having a field day with this one.. how about you? was anyone else find this whole set up rather flimsy?
Also, if they wanted to catch Nick, why not go with Agnes and collect all the sensitive information first, preventing Nick from getting his hands on them- and then call Nick and say I’ll lead you to the files?? Why just leave them all there? especially when they already admitted that Nick will probably know this is a double cross (get it?!) 

Anyway, Lee pulls up in the yard looking for Nick and Agnes.

 but no Nick or Agnes.. Ooops.. they’ve lost them.. poor Agnes!
Lee: Dammit!!!!
He guns the corvette in reverse and then slams on the breaks just in time to stop from blowing out his tyres- eek!!
sheesh! Nick was not as dumb as you thought he was Lee!
The homing device goes silent..
Amanda: And it looks like your homer just struck out.
JEG.avi_001525792Amanda dramatically turns off the homing device and dismantles the antenna..
Commercial break time!
Moving on to here:
LOL that it actually has a sign saying it’s the joint intelligence records depository.. I thought it would have a cover name like umm pensions and boring stuff depository.

Inside the depository… it looks like Agnes has been extremely helpful and already shown him where some of the files are?!

Agnes leads Nick into an office, and checks a card file, Agnes: Inter Agency Pension Review. It’s aisle seven, row J.
JEG.avi_001557023[what are the boxes he was pulling already?! If he hadn’t gone to the location of the agency pension review files yet?]
The poster behind Agnes is kinda interesting huh! Kind of screams: Male workers don’t get hurt because you have a wife and kids who would miss you.. how ironic..
Nick smiles at Agnes,.. a rather creepy smile!!!
[Interesting that they chose a rather unattractive man to be Agnes’ love rat.. or.. is it just me?! ]
and pulls out a pair of handcuffs.
Nick: There’s a reason for everything I do.
JEG.avi_001566633Agnes: No, Nick. Please.
Nick cuffs her to the pipe..
Nick: Don’t worry, you won’t be here long…
…This won’t hurt you. Trust me…
…Just remember that.
[Yeah! remember how you trusted him and he LIED!!!!!!! What a creep!!!]
Nicky sets off a smoke bomb.
Agnes: What is that?
Nick: Just a little smoke bomb.
Of course, the fire department won’t know that.

LOL Love how in the close up Nick’s vest suddenly changes colour! whwhahahaa..
I’d say Agnes got off lightly here..
JEG.avi_001596363Nick leaves Agnes, without a backward glance.
At this point, I’d be cranky with Lee and his lame plan to trap Nick.. not really good enough given what’s at stake!
If he’s such a top agent, what’s Agnes doing tied up to a pipe?? [Perfectly good question! Winking smile ] whhahaaaa..
Okay I’m going to have to pause here for the moment.. Hope you are all well and getting ready for the holidays! I’m hoping to have more time for writing blog posts over the break.. so hopefully delays won’t be too frequent – will anyone be around? Is anyone still around?? or lol has Nick and Agnes driven people away?!!
What we need is.. Some Lee the fireman! Coming up next!! Winking smile tee hee..
Can’t wait to hear from anyone who is still reading! I find this section a bit of a chore.. but I guess it’s part of the plot.. and it’s always fun when we are walking together!!! I try to look for any gems..(including the so bad it’s good gems ;) )  you never know! Did you find any?? Do tell!!!! Or if you want to complain? well.. go right ahead too haaaa.. bye now!

9/ Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So back in the Q bureau, Lee enters: Well, Cross has skipped out of his apartment, and his answering service hasn’t got a forwarding.
Amanda: Oh, boy.
Lee: How are we doing here?
JEG.avi_001229095Francine: Well, it appears that, uh, Agnes here certainly gets around…
[whoa! see Agnes react?!
I think she takes this comment the wrong way for a second – that Francine is referring to her and men or something!]
JEG.avi_001231197…She works at nine different federal records warehouses. Thirty five floors of paperwork. That is about, uh… (Francine checks the print out)
… 250,000 different documents, per floor. It’s a big haystack, Lee.
Ohhh myyyy.. Francine – You’re under Arrest!! Aha! I see Amanda has passed on her huge ugly ear buttons to Francine !!! (take that Francine!!)
We see Amanda react.. like hmm things don’t sound good.. (her hair looks different do you think?)

Lee sighs loudly, Lee: Agnes, how many are we talking about here? [how many what?
this question seems little random before Agnes says the next statement! I guess When Agnes told Amanda about catching Nick looking, Lee must have been told too.]
JEG.avi_001248615Agnes: Well, we dated for… six months. I brought home 12 documents, every day. JEG.avi_001252218But I have no way of knowing which ones of those Nicky might’ve seen.
Lee: Have you ever heard of J. Edgar Hoover’s secret files?…
(Agnes shrugs.)
See, maybe you found some of them… hidden in some old reports that you weren’t even aware of, buried in one of those warehouses.
JEG.avi_001265732[How does Lee know about J.Edgar’s secret files? how does he guess they were hidden in old reports? I’ve never really gotten how Lee could automatically made this leaps in logic –Anyone else? I guess because old reports are all Agnes brought home.. but still Lee’s guessing it is the JEH files has always seemed a stretch to me.. but hey.. there’s at least one per episode no? Winking smile and .. I love smk for it! Smile haaaaa..]
I only look at the table of contents. If there was anything like that hidden inside, I wouldn’t know.
JEG.avi_001272038Lee: Yeah, but Cross does. See, he probably waited ‘til you were asleep and then he went through your homework.
You only brought home samples, right?
JEG.avi_001272939Agnes: Yeah, just one or two from each batch. Just as a precaution to check, before we’d declassify and burn them.
Lee: Hmm… So, he’s hungry for the rest. He knows what files he wants, but he can’t know which warehouse they came from. 
Agnes: Oh, but I do. Th-they’re all coded.
[Agnes seems excited to be able to contribute this here – Go Agnes! get back some control here and stop Nicky!!]
JEG.avi_001293059Lee: Coded? Look, if you contacted his answering service…  and when he called back, you offered to turn him on to some more files… he takes the bait, and we follow him right to that warehouse.
Amanda: Think he will take the bait?
JEG.avi_001304771Lee: Well, he probably suspects that Agnes is working with us, but if I remember Nicky Cross
… he always stuck his neck out for the big score.
[Lee remembers Nick Cross? oh lol.. someone else Lee knows! Smile
Lee is about to take a big risk here huh! Knowing it is probably an obvious set up,
JEG.avi_001317684Nick will aim to fool Lee..the battle of wits begins!]
Lee: And they don’t come any bigger than the Hoover files.
JEG.avi_001320086Agnes turns to Amanda..and Amanda gives her a comforting/reassuring smile.
The scene ends here..

So how did Nick know where to find the J.Edgar files? did he start dating Agnes in the hopes the agency librarian would have something juicy in what she takes home? Only to one night check one of her boring pension report files to find it stuffed full of secret blackmail materials??
It all seems like a huge stretch to me..(Oh dear another one!) I get the impression Nick knew, and so targeted Agnes.. but.. this doesn’t seem to be explained and IMHO doesn’t seem at all plausible! But.. I’ll go along with it!

You know, I was thinking, it’s a shame Amanda destroyed the homing device in Agnes’ purse – because thanks to that Nick has confirmation he is busted.. and had they left it in her handbag, they could have used it to lure him to a warehouse in the back of nowhere Winking smile but.. I guess that would all be too easy!

JEG.avi_001323089We move on to Agnes’ apartment again.. Lee and Agnes are sitting at Agnes’ dining table watching Agnes is dangle the carrot in front of Nick on the telephone.
JEG.avi_001326393Agnes: I will. I just wish you’d told me, Nicky, that’s all.
Nick (off camera, on the phone):
I just didn’t have time to explain, Cupcake. You know I love you.
Agnes: I love you, too.
[oh noooo that must be soo hard for Agnes to listen to .. and to say.. how painful!]
JEG.avi_001333299Nick: I’ll talk to you soon.
Agnes: Okay.

(Agnes puts the phone down and sighs, then looks toward Amanda.)
Agnes: I don’t know.
JEG.avi_001338705Amanda: You convinced me.
Amanda looks towards Lee, who then looks to Agnes.
JEG.avi_001340206Agnes: He’s gonna pick me up outside in JEG.avi_001342308five minutes. [lol.. better move the corvette parked out front Lee – a dead giveaway!
Lee: Okay, you’ve seen one of these before, right?
JEG.avi_001345011(Lee holds open a makeup compact, in the close up we see it contains a homing device the same as what we saw earlier)
[ LOL how is it described in the script kiwismh? so bizarre what you shared about the first one! thanks for sharing that!]
JEG.avi_001345912[Is this BB’s hands?]
Lee (off camera): A homing device… Now, you just stick this in your purse… And it’ll help us stay right on your tail.
Agnes takes the compact.. and looks worried..
JEG.avi_001353119Amanda adds: Yeah. And don’t be afraid…
JEG.avi_001354020 … ‘cos you’re his meal ticket,…
(at this, Lee looks at Amanda and smiles – awhhhh – he’s so proud of her! Hooo haaaa.. now this is quite a look!!! iwsod fans herself)
JEG.avi_001355522…so he won’t do anything to hurt you, right?
JEG.avi_001356423(Amanda to Lee for confirmation/support.. and he nods and smiles.. swoony!)
Lee: Right. [lol I think ‘right’ is usually Amanda’s line.. here, Lee backs up Amanda – awhhhh!!!]
Amanda: Right.
Agnes smiles, feeling more reassured by Lee and Amanda. I think it’s a – this is scary but let’s do it kind of smile.. what do you think?!

Agnes must be nervous about seeing Nicky again huh.. even if she can be confident he won’t hurt her.
Next thing, we see a white van pull up out front of Agnes’ place and Agnes gets it..
Oh phew.. Lee moved his car Winking smile tee hee..
Okay I better stop here for now..
How are we finding Agnes in these scenes? to me so far she seems to be holding up okay. I thought she did well with the phone call.. and all things considered is holding herself together okay.. but.. what’s going to happen when she sees Nicky again?.. we’ll see!

I also enjoyed seeing Amanda use initiative with how she reassured Agnes.. she’s certainly growing as an agent. Not only does she reassure Agnes, and understand how Agnes must be feeling – she also uses the logic of the situation to reassure her. good job Amanda.. and ohhh my.. anyone else swoon at the way Lee is looking at Amanda here??!!! He is looking to me to have fallen hard Smile 

Looking forward to hearing from you! thanks for stopping by and reading.. I hope you are enjoying the journey with Lee and Amanda Smile Share what you think if you like!! Smile byeee