15/- Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Bart phones Colleen..
[How he found her I have no idea! He has his ways Winking smile ]  awwwwhhhhh… A lovely sort of reunion!!
Bart lets Colleen know he’s alive too! Hooray!!

Ooooh dear.. Blind Colleen tells Bart she has to see him! oops what a pun!!… Nah.. and I figure she is not completely blind it’s just the light that bugs her but still I thought this was a fab pun! Bart encourages Colleen to hang in there just a little longer,

once the hearings are over they can be together again.. Awh!! clip_image008
We haven’t really seen these two together huh.. but I’m liking them- and hope things work out for them! A man and woman who are in love and committed to each other? who want to together do their jobs and make the world a better place? That’s a couple I can totally support!!!!
[Yes – they totally mirror Lee and Amanda’s own story! :) ]

On to IFF, and Billy is not forthcoming with help for Lee…there isn’t enough to go on..
Lee pleads his case.
Lee: ….Now, sometimes you have got to throw away logic and play your hunches.
Hmm I don’t think that’s going to work with your boss!
clip_image012(Lee! why don’t you try that line.. you know.. tell Billy: “I’ve seen you chase plenty of geese with less to go on!” – it worked on  you!!)
I find this scene lame.. soooo not going to dwell on it too much!
Amanda interrupts their meeting with a phone call for Lee..
clip_image014[I really am not a fan of that shirt!!]
Amanda:  Hi, we’ve got a problem.  The Cummings are headed toward a fishing boat in D Basin,…

(lol how does Amanda know where they  are headed?! They’re not there yet!  It’s not the only boat in ‘ D basin’ – whatev! )
…and there are two guys following them, and I think one of them is one of the guys who was following us.
clip_image018[whooo hooo!! goooo Amanda!! she is rockin this!!! See that amazing piece of technology she is holding up to her ear? and that clever little box that contains it?? (Yes a public phone) Clever to use that.. Lee could have used it.. but instead he chose to drive over to order..err talk to Billy!]
Lee:  It’s that boat.  It’s gotta be where they’re holding Bart.  I’ll be there in 5 minutes.
clip_image020So surely now Amanda has seen the baddies following the Cummings there could be call to maybe at least send a few more agents to the Marina? Guess not!

Billy was pretty useless in this scene huh! What was the point of Lee going to the agency? – to set up Amanda and Lee being separated so Lee could need to track her down maybe?? I guess so.. ideas? It does add to the suspense..
Ahhh does this relate to Billy’s efficiency review? (coloured pens and a stopwatch?!)  whahahaa.. that seemed so random- and there doesn’t seem to be any reference to it up to this point – orrr is this another one of those bits that gets cut from the script, and then other bits are left in that just seem random?!

Anyway, we see Amanda hang up the phone and rush over to the boat.. in the distance we can see the Cummings arriving at the Endeavour.. clip_image022

We cut to Lee leaving IFF…Whooo we see Lee’s vette exit the IFF underground parking.. clip_image024
have we seen that so far before? not sure if this is the first time..
Interesting, we also get quite a long view of the clip_image028street IFF is on..

Amanda finds a spot to hide as the Cummings arrive at Bart’s boat..clip_image030

You know, these Gaviota are so lame.. With Lee and Amanda knowing the Cummings are helping Bart, they should keep as far away from Bart as possible! Then again.. I guess seagulls are not the most intelligent animals..
JJ greets the Cummings: Did you talk to the senator?
clip_image032David:  Yep, we’re gonna move him.
clip_image034J.J:  Good idea.  We can’t take any chances.
[Anyone else want to bang their head against the wall here with this lot?! They mean well… but they’re way out of their league!!.. Lee was brutally accurate!]
‘We can’t take any chances’ is still ringing in our ears when.. here we go!! the baddies have arrived!!!
clip_image036The baddies hold guns on them all..and tell them to get below.. Heck says the tapes aren’t on the Sea Chance.. so they need to search the Endeavour..[oh right.. I’d forgotten all about Bart having video- I thought it was just Bart’s testimony that mattered..]
clip_image038JJ pulls a gun on them and tries to defend the boat, but he gets shot in the shoulder..
clip_image040We see Bart inside turn his head
Only.. LOL I think they’ve recycled that shot from the first conversation he had with JJ wanting to get off the boat! lol!! Bart doesn’t even look scared at the gunshot! His buddy JJ just got shot! ;)
With everyone inside the boat (while the baddies search for the tapes) Amanda sneaks onto the boat.
JJ (rather loudly!) tells Amanda: go get help!
clip_image044but.. the baddies are approaching again..
so Amanda hides herself under a covering of some kind.. Go Amanda!!
[btw – Noooo JJ you go get help!! ;)

JJ I’m disappointed! you got shot in the shoulder!! why didn’t you jump off the boat and go get help yourself?! there’s a public phone right near the boat! :)  and here I was thinking JJ could be future agent material!]

The baddies head back outside..
and I’d better stop here for the moment – what’s Amanda going to do now??!!!! These Seagulls don’t seem to be much help! Pretty brave of Amanda to get on that boat – with no idea how she would tell Lee where she is.. Amanda’s brilliant at thinking on her feet huh! I love to see her in action! Okay guys.. can’t wait to hear from ya! byeeee

14/- Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

As soon as Lee and Amanda leave Sea Chance, we see David Cummings call JJ (who is guarding Bart on the boat called ‘Endeavour’), to ask how he is..
FTF.avi_001713780David (to JJ on phone): We had some visitors today.  Official ones.  It may be necessary to move our friend to another hideout.

Yes move him! because at the moment, it’s obvious Lee and Amanda have noooo idea where Bart is! lol!!! Great logic David.. I’m thinking Lee was on the money when he said they were out of their league! lol!

FTF.avi_001715382JJ asks if maybe they should get help from the official people..but David thinks it’s too risky..
they don’t know if they can trust Lee and Amanda thanks to Harcourt’s connections.

Anyway, back to the Marina
[yep that brown car there is from Over the Limit!]
Lee and Amanda are walking toward Lee’s car.
Lee:  Amanda, you stay here and keep an eye on things.
[whoo hoo! love that he trusts Amanda to keep an eye on them alone!]
Amanda:  Can’t they be picked up officially now?
FTF.avi_001749549Lee:  Just barely.  I’m going to go back and light a fire under Billy, get him to cut some red tape.
Yeah! Lee will go back to his boss and put some heat on him! make him do what Lee wants! rofl!!! Oh Lee..
FTF.avi_001753286Amanda:  Yeah, cut some red tape and maybe we can find Bart.
FTF.avi_001758625lol.. red tape huh.. there is another way  you could find Bart….(but this will become evident!)
Lee:  Yeah.  The sooner the better — we don’t have much time.  Be careful.
FTF.avi_001761294Amanda:  Yeah, I will.

Ah sweet.. usually it’s Amanda telling Lee to be careful Smile 

Off Lee drives to visit Billy.. and ask him to get out his really big scissors to cut some red tape..

Ah! Back to Bart, and he is watching TV-

TV announcer:  I was there as the house subcommittee on foreign affairs began its final days of hearings this morning,…FTF.avi_001774641

…rocked by the rumour that Senator Rattragan, chairman of the committee, will present a surprise witness…
…Two protestors launched a verbal attack…FTF.avi_001785852

…against Ambassador Harcourt, US diplomatic representative to Santarilla…  [What did Amanda do?! lol.. she didn’t verbally attack anyone. She just stood there! and why would Colleen possibly be under arrest for having a big mouth?? eh??? Free speech and all that!! Get your facts straight – call yourself a reporter! Winking smile ]
Bart is shocked to see Colleen is alive!
…Ms Donnelly and Mrs King escaped arrest when an unidentified federal employee intervened in their behalf…
[Now that is hilarious!! Amanda was protesting and escaped arrest?! whahahaa.. Just look at Amanda in that shot? trying to fade into the background like she’s not there whahaahaa..
I don’t know where you get your info lady reporter.. but I will have you know that Lee is a gardener! yes a gardener.. the best in the agency let me tell you!
okay okay.. Lee stopped them from being arrested?! Hilarious! this reporter must be on Harcourt’s payroll Winking smile ]

FTF.avi_001797597…Although Ambassador Harcourt refused to press charges…
I love Bart’s excitement here as it sinks in – Hooray!!! Colleen is alive!!!!
 [Umm what charges? Illogical costume changes?!! oh purlease!!! Any reporter would be keen to publish the accusations Colleen made – as accusations of course – because after all there is a hearing being conducted about Harcourt’s conduct in Santarilla. This is just plain dumb.]

… he did recommend that security for the hearings be increased, in order to avoid the recurrence of today’s incident.

The timing in this report is all wrong! The reporter says she was there this morning when Colleen had her outburst – but- it was yesterday!!!! weird!! this is really distracting!!! It’s almost like they wrote the script to be all done in one day (but then why the different clothes? oh Heck – ahhh that’s where the baddies’ name came from..)
and then the writers decided whooo let’s have Lee and Amanda spend the night on the yacht together and a funny joke about big rats haaaaa.. (hey, not that I am complaining, that scene made the ep for me.. but err if you add a night, Yo! you kinda need to change the rest of the script!!)

Back to Lanz and Heck, who are now watching the Sea Chance – they see the Cummings are again Goings..
Lanz:  Something’s up.
I guess Lanz and Heck saw Lee and Amanda go snooping on their boat – so they know the Cummings are key to finding Bart and so decided to just tail them. Gee.. why didn’t Lee think of that?!
Amanda sees the two men watching the cummings and goings of the Cummings!- hey so that’s what the pointless fight was about earlier! We had to have a way for Amanda to recognise the bad guys later!
FTF.avi_001825892Amanda recognises Lanz as the baddie.. and so knows this is trouble..
Heck:  Let’s go.
FTF.avi_001824290Amanda runs off.. why we don’t know yet! But you know, it’s ironic..  Lee and Amanda do lead the baddies to the Cummings after all!
Surprising that neither Lee nor Amanda noticed the two baddies hanging out at the marina yesterday and now today! [You’d think Lee would have noticed the guy who punched him in the nose Winking smile ]
They noticed an obscure car, and knew the baddies were following them at one point – you’d think they would have been checking to ensure they hadn’t picked up their trail again..
I gotta let it go! SMK isn’t suppose to make sense right?? Winking smile I gotta stop expecting it to! when am I gonna learn?!  But hey, clever Amanda to notice the bad guys following the Cummings! Smile
Okay guys.. can’t wait to hear your thoughts if you’d like to share some! byeeee!!

13/- Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next morning..very early.. and we see that the Cummings are Goings!!! – just like they said they would – soooo suspicious! haaaa..

Amanda is dutifully watching out the port hole.. and notices.. Amanda: Lee!…
FTF.avi_001539372she heads over to Lee to wake him. [Where did that pink sweater come from?! she didn’t carry it with her on the boat?!]
FTF.avi_001541675Rofl looks like Lee is sleeping with the blanket over his face?! [but it’s dark under there Lee! Winking smile ]
FTF.avi_001542475Amanda: …Lee. Come on, wake up, they’re leaving…
Amanda gives Lee a shake and Lee grunts out a ‘huh?’ kinda sound.
FTF.avi_001542876..Lee! Wake up!
Finally Lee wakes up! love how he makes a noise at having to get up- gettin old Lee! Smile
by the way.. take a good look at this image:
Notice anything interesting? Well, firstly we can confirm that Lee did bring a cheese plate to share with Amanda Smile
Secondly, it looks like Amanda never blew the candle out! It’s still lit and all the way to the bottom!!! whahahaahaaa..
That or.. Lee lit it once she went to sleep Winking smile that works both ways haaaa!
I’ve never noticed this before.. too busy watching how Lee sleeps wrapped up like a mummy! Smile

Lee: (grunts) Why didn’t you wake me up?
FTF.avi_001546179[such an ‘I just woke up’ thing to say – as it’s totally illogical! she did wake you up lol!! too cute.. I think it would have been hilarious if Lee had stirred and thought Amanda was a rat- a really really biiiig rat.. but well.. they didn’t ask me..]

Hoooo haaaaaaa good grab there Amanda
.. Amanda grabs Lee by the hips to ‘help him’ get up to look out the window (uh huh!! Winking smile ) …yes I am sure that was very helpful.. Not!
FTF.avi_001548014FTF.avi_001548314whahahahaa! She just doesn’t seem to wanna let go!

Lee makes it to the port hole to see the Cummings really are Goings.. Winking smile [Yes that gag never gets old for me! ;) ]
FTF.avi_001550183Soo Lee and Amanda hot foot it over to the Sea Chance – hmm this time Lee helps Amanda down from the boat – being a gentleman Smile
FTF.avi_001561928whooo they are holding hands.. I guess this is to maintain their cover for anyone in the marina watching them? lol..
FTF.avi_001569402Oh my.. look what Lee is wearing.. guess they didn’t rush over as fast as I imagined.. Lee took a moment to change his shirt?!! boooo I liked the rugby shirt! And no fair Lee.. Amanda didn’t have a change of clothes!! [Can’t say I’m a fan of this striped shirt.. not sure why.. makes him look a bit chunky? anyone?]

Having made it onto the boat, Lee says: Alright… See what you can find on deck.  Keep an eye out.
FTF.avi_001581681[Keep an eye out? Hilarious! Umm Amanda is too busy snooping to keep an eye out! this is like Lee saying he’s first watch, and then proceeding to go to sleep – they say one thing and then do the opposite! Man the script editor needed a slap!]

Anyway, it’s interestingly how Amanda seems pretty comfortable with lying and sneaking and working for the government now! haaaa.

She gets into searching straight away.. they both search different areas.. Lee checks out below while Amanda looks on Deck- whooo Amanda finds Bart’s vest!
FTF.avi_001616383Lee:  Nobody below.  If Bart was ever here, they’ve moved him.  Amanda!
Amanda:  Yeah?
Lee comes back on deck with a note and a bottle of wine..
Lee:  It’s a gold mine down there.  They’ve got cots, medical supplies, weapons, dried foods, everything….
[sooo suspicious! lol.. none of that sounds suspicious to me! okay weapons yes.. but supplies! dried foods!! whoooo soooo suspicious! ;) ]
Anyone else think this when they saw Lee kneeling down like that with the wine?
Marry me
…  And look at this. (Lee motions to the note)
Amanda:  Yeah?
[We see a close up on a note Lee is holding.. whoooo what does the handwriting say?
I’m thinking it’s ‘Smooth Sailings’ and then signed.]
Lee:  Senator Rattragn.  He’s holding the hearings on Santarilla.
Amanda:  And a safe harbor pennant,…
and look at this — Bart Stoller was definitely on board.
How did Amanda know it was a safe harbour pennant? When Colleen first showed it to her she didn’t say what it was (but in the script she says its a safe harbour flag).. me thinks this is a case of the script being altered in one place but not in another) – and it’s not Amanda’s sailing knowledge- because the flag doesn’t mean that anyway!- as KC noted in comments when we first saw the flag..

The Cummings live up to their name – they’ve come back! they surprise Lee and Amanda guns drawn..
FTF.avi_001640106…David:  What the hell do you think you’re doing here?
FTF.avi_001641174Lee:  We’re looking for Bart Stoller.
FTF.avi_001659325David:  There better be a search warrant.
[Seems David assumes they are law enforcement, why wouldn’t he assume they are baddies looking for Bart?]
Lee:  Look, pal, we’re US government agents.
FTF.avi_001662529[Pal? whooo ouch! Oh wait.. Lee just said ‘we’!!!!!! Squeeee!!! is this the first time Lee has called Amanda a government agent?! sort of??!!! ]
David:  I already talked to you guys! [that’s funny! no apparently you didn’t!]

Aaanyway.. they deny knowing Bart.. even when Amanda presents them with his jacket..
Lee:  Look, we’re trying to help you.  We’re trying to help Bart… [what a shame Lee couldn’t show them that chummy pic of him and Bart in Angola that the baddies have!]
…Now, he needs protection, professional protection.

FTF.avi_001675875David:  Oh, right.  The government’s going to take care of Bart?  Look, Harcourt’s so dirty he stinks.
FTF.avi_001683350[Did Lee wear this jumper in Magic Bus?! I’m sure Lee wore it better!!! ;) ]
 Lee: I know you mean well, but you’re way out of your league here.  Harcourt is going to hire some heavy hitters to stop Bart from testifying.
FTF.avi_001688688I don’t think the whole ‘you mean well but you are too incompetent to do this so tell me what you know’ interrogation technique works.. hmm! So surprising! not! Winking smile 

Lee and Amanda leave Sea Chance as ordered to by the Cummings..So what’s Lee and Amanda going to do now to help Bart?

Well for the moment I best finish up here.. hey who knew that Lee likes to sleep wrapped up like a mummy?!! His lady friends must have found that (and sleeping with the light on) a tad strange for an Astronaut/Military Man/Private Investigator!!! whahahahaa.. Can’t wait to hear from ya! If you are reading – do say hi it’s wonderful to hear from ya! byeee for now!!