21/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Amanda and Joe waiting for Lee in Joe’s old frat room.
Amanda: Yeah. It’s really a mess, huh?

[A mess…their weird super friendly relationship?!
Or.. the case? Winking smile Is it just me or is Amanda’s hair suddenly ummm much bigger?!]
Joe: Yeah.
Amanda: What happened Joe?

Joe: It was a fluke…
…Nine hundred metric tonnes of wheat arrived TWWH.avi_002052752_thumb[1]in Estoccia – only it wasn’t 900, it was 700. So I did a little investigating and I found out that it wasn’t the first time. Somebody’s been doctoring the TWWH.avi_002056656_thumb[1]paperwork. I was on my way to see the Prime Minister when all hell broke loose.
Oh Amanda, those people are starving and somebody’s taking the food out of their mouths. Somebody here!

Amanda: Joe, where’s your evidence?
Joe: It’s all right there, only I’m all dressed up and no place to go….
…I’m a lawyer, paper-pusher, I should’ve stayed out of it.
[whooo Lee doesn’t like paper pushers!!! Winking smile tee hee..]
(Joe sits on the bed.)
[Hmm.. I don’t like them both sitting on the bed- I reckon they would have gotten up to some backgammon way back on that bed! Nooooo!!!]

Amanda: No you shouldn’t….
…You did what you thought was right. That’s who you are.
(it cuts back to Joe here – looking at Amanda)
[I think Joe looks like he is admiring her.. remembering what it had been like to hear Amanda’s encouragement, and have her support. I wonder if he has missed that.. I think so. Funny I don’t see Joe thinking of how great Amanda is, only of how great Amanda is for him.. hmm..]
While on the close up of Joe, it looks like Joe reaches for Amanda’s hand here.
We cut to the wide shot and they have clasped hands.. Amanda looks down at their hands smiling quietly – while Joe beams at Amanda..
Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’m getting the vibe that Joe is enjoying this trip down memory lane a lot more than Amanda! Amanda seems to be thoughtful here.. and not totally in the moment enjoying Joe (ahhh maybe there’s hope!). I think Amanda is not lost in the moment here this says something! [Maybe it says something to Amanda too?]
There’s a knock at the door.
Amanda calls out: …Yeah?

[Joe doesn’t seem to notice the door knock- too busy beaming at Amanda!! ohh boy.. can’t wait to hear what you all make of this!!] Hmm!!! I think this screen cap says it all!!! Mr Grandpa clothes misses what he use to have with Amanda… and maybe.. he wants to rekindle the flame?!!
The door opens.. It’s Mrs McDragon!

Mrs McDonald: Company. Or would you two rather be alone?
[we see Lee start to poke  his head around the corner here.. ]
Amanda: Oh no,…
…come in,…
…uhhh, Mr Stetson – please.
See what Amanda did with her left hand here? Squeeeeee!!!! She actually wipes the hand that Joe was holding on the side of her pants there – like she doesn’t want his touch on her hand anymore.. Or.. maybe.. it’s her separating herself from her past??!!! either way.. it’s a big squee from me!
[ohhhh so that’s how it is huh.. pretend you don’t know Lee.. after he called out your first name in the library? oh whatevs!]
What do you make of Mrs McDonald here?
…Thanks Mrs McDonald.

Mrs McDonald gives Lee a look and then leaves.. lol umm what’s she thinking is going on here a threesome?! [why am I reminded of Mr Stetson’s doorman in Remembrance of things past?!]
Lee: Bye.
Lee closes the door on her. Hooray.. Kiwiwsmh has shared the script differences on this Joe/Amanda scene.. check it out:
Kiwismh’s script notes- At the boarding house, before Lee comes back.
Amanda – I don’t think so. You wanted to do the right thing. That’s who you are.
She takes his hand. It means a lot to him.
Joe – It’s been a while. Funny what it takes to get people back together.
Amanda – Yeah.
There’s a knock at the door. Mrs McDragon sticks her head in.
Mrs McDragon – Company. Or do you two want to be left alone.
Amanda opens the door. Lee is looking over Mrs McDragon’s shoulder.
Amanda – No, please, come in Mr Stetson.
There’s a prolonged silence. Mrs McDragon finally takes the hint and leaves them, shutting the door quietly.
Lee looks from Amanda to Joe to Amanda.

‘funny what it takes to get people back together?’!! Hmm seems the writers toyed with the idea of having them explicitly consider getting back together – I think they’ve gone for a more subtle suggestion of Joe and Amanda considering getting back together.. but.. I think it’s there in the way Joe treats Amanda here – he’s thinking about it.
Funny though, I don’t think Amanda is from the way she didn’t respond to him.. it was more like just friends..I’m feeling much better about where Amanda’s at! lol!!
What do you all see? think?

Back to the episode.. they’ve closed the door on Mrs Nosey McDonald.
Lee: ..The inspector has two grains of zonomethol in him, he should sleep well into the next century, unless we wake him up. Now what’s the plan?
I was just explaining to Amanda, the only chance I had to prove my case was to match my invoices against the Prime Minister’s Relief Schedule, show the discrepancies.
Well, he’s dead and the invoices are in Estoccia.
[This camera angle is interesting.. and quite poorly lit. Looks like a face off! But.. Lee and Joe are being pleasant enough maybe it’s a contrast to show Lee and Joe are not enemies here?]
Joe: Right, so what I need now are the State-side invoices out of EAO

Okay. You know what you’re looking for, right?
Joe: Yah.

Lee: Let’s go.
Lee is on the case! And on to the next thing.. no time to dwell here! They head off to try and get the evidence they need..
I can’t wait to hear what you all think!!! You think Joe wants to get back together?? You think Amanda knows this?? You think Amanda is still considering it?? Do you think Lee thought anything was going on there???!!!
Byeee for now Smile

20/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on to Lee’s apartment.. (Hmm seems Lee’s apartment is now on the ground floor?! Winking smile )
We find Lee, the zebras and Shamba struggling through is front door.
Lee: Here we go. Alright, would you get the door please?
Got the door, I’ve got the door. But I have something I’ve got to tell you. You leave me there all alone, you know, and after you go all I could do was keep just ordering drinks over and over and over and over until it was—
Lee: How much was the bar bill?
$843 greens.

TWWH.avi_001974674Lee (Whistles):
Well, don’t worry, I’ll get it back for you out of petty cash. I am sorry that everything went to pot for you. Um, why don’t you sit down and relax.
Okay- is it just me or is the presence of bright yellow flowers in Lee’s bachelor pad a new thing?? and rather significant ! Who do we know who pretty much always has bright yellow flowers in her home??!!
Smile I like to think Lee put them there because they remind him of Amanda Smile
Lee motions to Shamba to have a seat on the couch and Lee heads into the kitchen and opens the fridge door.
– Hmm in Over the Limit there wasn’t such a good view of the kitchen. And Leslie came out from the other side.. and in A lovely little affair Lee carried that frozen cake out from the other side too..Hmm..Lee has done some remodelling?! lol maybe he really did move to the ground floor ha! ;)
It’s great to get a good look at Lee’s place here!
Shamba: Well it hardly matter, you know, today was not my day to be of value.
Lee: Well tomorrow will be a better day, right?

Shamba: Haa! Probably not. My periods of useless can go on for weeks.
[what a ridiculous thing for a visiting policeman to say.. not buying it Shamba! but.. your goofy funny!]
Lee pours two glasses of milk.
Lee: Hmm. It’s just jet lag…
Lee is seen getting a pill out of his jacket pocket. He drops it into one of the glasses of milk. Lol I do believe Lee is enjoying this Smile
… Yeah, Whooo! Here…
…Let’s call it a night huh? Drink up,..
Shamba scrutinises the milk, then looks at Lee..
Lee is too funny here!
…that’ll make you feel better.
We see Lee give Shamba a big smile and lift his glass as a toast.
oh man..
A glass of milk has never looked so good..TWWH.avi_002006206
Is that enough pics of Lee here?
Nope, didn’t think so!
Shamba finally takes a drink.

Love how it cuts back to Lee drinking his milk
Well, I just love it when it cuts back to Lee Winking smile
Hilarious!! Love the expressions as Lee drinks up..
man.. that’s good stuff! (it’s made his hand vibrate! whoa!)
Sucker!!! Shamba drinks up..

He likes this American drugged milk!
The scene ends there and cuts straight to Joe looking at his files in his frat room..
Lol at the random Van Gogh sunflowers! [hmm more yellow flowers. only this time a fake of a painting representing yellow flowers.. gosh.. could we make something out of that?!]
and LOL and the nondescript funky music! whoo hoo!!!
Amanda Sounds just the same doesn’t it?

Joe: Yeah.
Joe looks back at Amanda and smiles.. Oh man oh man.. if it wasn’t enough for these two to see each other again – we have them hanging out in his old room – they must be well and truly feeling like time has been turned back here.. Just what will Amanda make of it?! hooray??? or.. nooway???
Amanda (off camera): Yeah.

Joe: Brings back memories.
Memories of what you left behind Joe?? Of what you gave up?? What will Joe make of these memories?
Amanda (off camera): Yeah?

Joe: Oh boy, I sure took the wrong way home this time.
Ahh the title of the episode.. how interesting – What do you all think of this?
Does Joe even have a home anymore? Do you think Amanda should open her home to Joe? As if it is his home?
Amanda: Well, we’ll fix it.
Joe: Yeah?
Amanda: Yeah, don’t worry.
Joe: You saved our lives in the library.
Amanda: James Bond movies.
TWWH.avi_002038638[whooo hoooo! I love it!!! Amanda is quick with this response here.. it’s like she had already thought of an excuse should Joe notice her unexpected competence. Another reference to Amanda’s watching James Bond movies!!!!  Reminds me of how Amanda had those fantasies about secret agents!!!!]
Joe: Oh.
[they share a laugh.. these two seem to truly have no bitterness between them.. I… don’t… know… what to make of it!]

I’m going to stop here. right here! Sooooo everyone a huge fan of milk now?? Mmmm I’m finding it dreamy.. even without the pill it would send me into a swoon!!!!!!
So what are you making of Joe and Amanda so far???!!! Stay tuuuunnnneeeddd!!!!

19/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next scene opens with a frat party going on! TWWH.avi_001851251
And a guy on a bicycle – honestly I think this is the same kid we saw on a bicycle earlier
– only.. now his bike is blue!! weird!! He must be the SMK stunt bicycle rider!! [took years of training!]
We find Lee, Amanda and Joe in the distance walking toward the frat party. Only “Wait till the midnight hour’ is really loud and I can’t make out what they are saying.. glad kiwismh could hear!
Very telling how Joe at this point is walking between Lee and Amanda – just like Shamba did earlier..

Lee: The fact that somebody has started shooting at you raises a number of new possibilities. Care to speculate on who it is? TWWH.avi_001862362
Joe: The same people who killed the Prime Minister of Estoccia – employees of US EAO.
Amanda: Why?
I caught them with their hands in the till,. TWWH.avi_001868368
…stealing millions in US Relief…
…If they’re doing it in Estoccia, why not everywhere?
If I believe you—

(cutting Lee off): -Of course we believe you.  [what do you make of the ‘we believe you’? Amanda trying to speak for Lee?! Or willing him to agree with her?!]
Lee interjects: If I
[We see Amanda react to Lee’s repeated ‘If I’
she looks scared? sad? worried? How would you describe it? ]
believe you,… (Lee looks at Amanda as he says this.. and then he looks at Joe)
…this all starts to make a little more sense…
[Given everything that’s going on right now, Lee is doing well to stay focused on the case. He copes well with Amanda’s interruption]
… Our shooter will probably fall back and think about it. He’s not going to crash a rooming house full of people….
…Now you two stay inside…
(We see Amanda nod- she seems a little more upbeat now that she knows Lee is working on things and not assuming Joe is crooked)
[Are they at Mrs McDragon’s? but the entrance looks different to before?! Hmm.. maybe it’s a back entrance!]
… There’s an Inspector Shamba that I have to dispose of for the night.
Joe: Shamba!
Yeah, airmail special just for you.
TWWH.avi_001892092[And Shamba is special! Shamboga!]
Joe: You be very careful of him. I think he’s in on it.
TWWH.avi_001895695[ummm just what or who does Joe think Lee is?! How did Amanda explain him away?? or are they trying to pretend they don’t know each other here with Joe? Oh man.. I don’t want Joe to worry about Lee’s safety – I want to dislike the guy! this makes it a tiny bit more difficult! LOL!! Winking smile ]
Lee: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him…
TWWH.avi_001899299[Love the little sideways look Lee gives Amanda here – a little secret knowledge between the two of them maybe – that Lee is more than capable of handling Shamba! It’s Shamba who should look out for Scarecrow! ]
…See you two later.
Lee smiles and walks off leaving them.. he seems to be okay with leaving Amanda and Joe alone..

Interesting how Amanda and Joe watch Lee walk away for a second..
then.. they start to walk off.. Each reaching for the other’s hand? I like to think this is so they have a ‘cover’ for Mrs McDragon – because she knew they had been a couple, so makes sense to approach the rooming house as a couple..
Lee turns to look at them one more time. He seems to take a step or two looking in their direction..
Maybe he’s not okay with leaving them..
If bicycle boy had been in front of Lee he would have walked right into him! Winking smile
What a poignant moment.. it’s all there in that second huh!! I wish I could get a clearer image of Lee’s reaction – it’s a bit fuzzy.. what do you of it? For me, I see him as being a little wistful watching Joe and Amanda walk off – wishing that it was him.. but knowing at this point, Amanda and Joe may work things out – maybe Amanda will get what she wanted all those years ago? Maybe Amanda still has feelings for Joe? I think it makes sense all these questions would be on Lee’s mind – only.. he has to try and move beyond that so he can focus on the case and what’s best for Amanda.. okay and maybe Joe.. ahem.. thoughts?!

The scene ends with Joe and Amanda struggling through the toilet paper, past the party and into the rooming house.

Night time falls… and we find Terminator Prescott on the phone.
Prescott: Will you listen to what I’m telling you – Mrs King’s friend is not a film maker.
No he came out with guns blazing…
[Hey! ummm he could make action films!]
…Face it, we’re gonna have to take those kids…
…and we’re gonna have to take them now.

Foster: No! Not until they come after us.
Prescott: I’m telling you, that’s the only way we’re gonna get a hold on King.
Foster: If we take his kids that’s it. We’re connected. All we can do is buy time but let’s be ready. If they do come after us, then we’ve got nothing to lose.
Their phone conversation ends there.. [I miss the baddie phone! The black one is boring!]
Okay! thanks for the reminder smk writers that these weasely greedy baddies exist.. and that the threat of taking the kids is alive and well and the clock is ticking!!!!!! The clock is ticking.. and Lee has to go deal with Shamba.. (Is the clock ticking on Lee and Amanda’s potential relationship now Joe is back in town?)

Well.. I’ll leave it here for now guys.. love to hear your thoughts!!! bye for now!