14/ Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

We find Lee and Amanda walking outside the hotel.
Oh and I confess, I watched this ep right through the other night – while I was doing other things, only half paying attention to it, but it did help me to get a very general gist of where things are headed.. I love to watch things unfold, but I need to balance that with writing for the blog.. So in the end.. I half watched it lol.. sort of listened to it actually.. lol! honest!!
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221253. 75
Anyway, Amanda updates Lee on her breakfast.
Amanda: Well, he’s a nice man, but he sure isn’t very happy.
Lee: Amanda, we may be the best thing that ever came into his life. Now, he said Carla was involved with one of his regional managers…

[Yeah.. I’m gettin it. Marvin’s a nice guy. He needs Lee and Amanda’s help. But.. I’m not feelin it! I’m kinda feeling like Marvin has made his bed here.. and is partly responsible. But of course, the innocent Marvin’s patrons who eat the colossus and die? well they need Lee and Amanda’s help! Oh and I would like to see the baddies get what’s coming to them! Hmm I guess it’s worth me continuing to watch Smile ]
Amanda: Yeah. You think it was the guy who used to be an agent?
Lee: That’s my guess. Eddie stumbled into whatever they’re up to… Carla tried to have him killed, and I’m betting she had some help, too. She and Barry had an argument last night with Cecil Bendix, out in the parking lot, right under my window.
[and I thought Amanda’s room had a great view of the parking lot. I guess all rooms do!]
Amanda: They did? [ridiculous and shocking isn’t it?!]
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221305. 86
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: What were they fighting about?
Lee: I’m not sure… Bendix was back-pedalling on something real big. Meanwhile, Billy came up with some unsettling info.
Hey, Amanda wore this jacket when she told Lee to pull the blue wire. Any other time we’ve seen it? Anyone?
Amanda: What’s that?
Lee: Bendix served four years at Fort Detrick… the U.S. Army’s R&D chemical warfare center.
Well, you don’t think this has anything to do with chemical warfare?
Lee : Let’s hope not…. Come on.
Lee opens the car door for Amanda..
and then closes it (quite gentlemanly no?!) and walks around to his car door and the scene ends here.

Back to Marvellous Marvin’s HQ at Columbia pictures!
(Oh well.. at least I’m amused by that!)
This time, we are in the factory area.
Carla (off camera):
All the food and material necessary to run and operate a Marvin’s franchise is prepared here.
Carla: Every patty, every bun, every ounce of secret sauce is produced here and then shipped out, almost daily, to nearly eighteen hundred locations in the fifty states. It’s a big operation… and it’s costly
…(no kidding. We see Lee and Amanda tagging along at the back of the tour)
… but it allows us to control both quality and consistency…
… so that, wherever one of our customers orders a Marvin’s burger, he gets exactly what he expects. (Marvin’s customers are apparently all men..
And yeah they get what they expect: heart disease, diabetes, stroke.. sorry can’t help myself!) Oh dear.. excuse Iwsod’s narkiness!! It’s in overdrive!!
(Lee and Amanda look up and see Bendix climbing down the stairs.)
Carla (continues, off camera): These freezer compartments are one of the secrets to Marvin’s continued dominance in the industry… (fades out)
Lee (to Amanda):
All right, uhhh… cover me if you can.
Lee walks off behind Amanda.. Amanda seems a little FFFT1.avi_20150524_181618.935perturbed.. by being left alone? but she rallies and seems to give herself a fast pep talk – come on girl! Lee is counting on ya!
Amanda moves up closer toward the tour group.
Carla (continues, off camera):
A few years ago, ummm…
… we were pioneers in the area of flash freezing, which is a technique that allows us to freeze our food products, literally minutes after they’ve been prepared…
(Hmm so much detail over freezing blocks of meat.. surely this can’t be umm information we umm might need to know?! Iwsod slaps herself: pay attention!)
…For example … once activated, these units can freeze up to fourteen tons of beef patties rock solid in less than twenty minutes.
[I can’t help it.. gotta do a gifmeme of this!]
Carla gif
…Now, if you just step over here, we’ll take a look at our processing unit.
(We cut to Lee sneaking up the stairs..)
Lee heads toward Cecil Bendix’s office.. taking out his lock pick,
Lee opens the door and heads inside.
The shot cuts to a close-up of one of the photos, which shows a lab room – the one Lee is in.
Lee, takes out the photos Eddie left for him.. tiny photos! or ahem – Huge hands!!! HAAA
Lee starts comparing them with his surroundings.. lol it’s like  Eddie has left him a trail to follow… Lee follows the series of photos like they are a little guided tour..
Much better than Carla’s!
Lee opens a few drawers..
My oh my.. a room with a view!!! (oh hey that movie had a character called ‘Cecil’! Aie.. focus iwsod! sorry fading in and out here…klabhaebaeb)
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221526. 28
Somehow through this photos Lee is led to look under that space and find the vials..
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221542. 43
Hmm maybe he and Eddie had a secret code for that too!
Lee picks up one of the vials and I guess takes it with him..

Next thing we cut back to the factory tour..
Carla: Now, the next area we’re gonna cover is the patty-pressing machinery.
[Look out Patty! don’t get too close to that machine!! Smile  Stuff of nightmares!!!]
Barry approaches Carla.. so Carla halts the tour a moment and they talk quietly.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221558. 59
We see Amanda appear, at the back of the tour group.
The shot cuts to Lee
Amanda notices Lee will be trying to get back down the stairs without being seen..
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221602. 64FFFT1.avi_20150516_221602.864
Carla and Barry are still talking, while Lee starts heading down the stairs, halfway down he notices he might be spotted.. Umm why didn’t you check before you started going down the stairs? FFFT1.avi_20150516_221603.265

FFFT1.avi_20150516_221606. 67
Ohhh I think maybe he has confidence in Amanda to deal with it! lol.. I’ll go with that!
[How they don’t notice Lee I don’t know.. but also how they don’t notice the moving boxes I don’t know!  Or do they see Lee?]
Just as Lee was about to be seen by Carla and Barry (or intercepted by Barry.. not sure – what do you think?),  Amanda knocks over some boxes and they fall on Barry (what a shame they were empty and didn’t hurt).
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221610. 72
(to Barry): Oh, I’m so sorry! Did that hurt you?
[I bet Amanda wishes!] This creates enough of a distraction to give Lee the chance to get down the stairs unnoticed. Or did he?!
Great covering for Lee Amanda!!!!!
Amanda: Oh, my gosh.
Lee: Oh, my gosh, what happened?
[whahahahaaa!!!! Lee said ‘Oh my gosh!!!’ Oh.. my… Gosh!!!!].
Amanda (over Lee):
I’m really very sorry.
Lee: Amanda?
(waving her hands around): Well, I… I leaned up against the boxes and I…
FFFT1.avi_20150516_221701.738Lee helps Barry with the boxes.. Yes all that air that they are full of is very heavy! and besides.. Barry is a total lightweight of a man! I suspect in this baddie combo, Carla is the one who does all the heavy lifting Winking smile
Anyway.. Amanda apologises again.. and the scene ends here. Okay guys.. gotta stop here.. anything about this bit you’d like to share? do tell!! byee for now!

13/ Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

In the middle of the night we find Lee asleep.. in his pyjamas.. and.. with nooooo light on!!! Poor Lee he must be scared silly! Winking smile ahem..
Okay, I can hear it now – there’s enough light coming through the window that it didn’t matter! Sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever get on board with Lee being afraid of the dark!
Winking smile Hmm he seems to be a side sleeper..
What side did he prefer to sleep on in Utopia now?
Lee: I like to sleep on my right.
Hooray!!! continuity!!
More continuity- we saw Lee’s blue pyjamas in If thoughts could kill.. remember?! Am I obsessed with sleeping Lee? Yes I am.. and so what?! ;) tee hee..
Anyway.. I digress.. Lee’s sleep habits are just so much more interesting than this episode! ahem..
Suddenly, Lee is jolted awake by shouts out in the parking lot.
Surely Lee is dreaming..  baddies wouldn’t be yelling about their evil cunning plan at the top of their lungs in the middle of the night?!  right?! [this episode truly is amateur hour!]
Carla (off camera): I don’t care what you think! We’ve gone too far to stop now.
Bendix (off camera): Now be reasonable, we don’t have to actually do it. We could bluff it!
(Lee gets out of bed, grabs his dressing gown and heads to the window to see what’s going on.)
Carla (off camera): No! We’re proceeding exactly as we planned.
(Lee walks toward the window, while putting on his dressing gown.)
Cecil (off camera): But if anything goes wrong, innocent people could be… (muffled)
Carla (off camera): Nothing is gonna go wrong!
We see Lee at the window watching..
This is exciting! Because he’s watching the baddies?
nahhh because he is no longer wearing the ‘he’ robe from his He/She set!!! Remember it?? Does it mean something?? Smile
Okay okay.. focus iwsod!
Carla (off camera): I want it ready tomorrow! No delays, no excuses!
Finally we see what’s going on outside.. lame baddies!
Bendix the weasely wimp agrees… Carla bosses Barry around and tells him to come with her as they leave Bendix.
Barry (indistinct):
You have something in mind?
I don’t get the Barry character at all.. nor his relationship with Carla.. is she his boss or lover? For me it’s all pretty unconvincing and uninteresting.
Yes.. let’s cut back to Lee in his pyjamas..
There.. that’s better – now I’m interested!
This is all super complicated.. Can Lee work it all out?! Rofl..
The next day, the birds are chirping and we are back at Marvellous Marvin’s HQ – and Yep I think that writing on the curb there says ‘Columbia Pictures’ rofl!
Inside we find Amanda and Marvin having their random breakfast ‘date’.
Ugh.. look at all those creepy burgers!!! That’s enough to turn me off my breakfast!
Amanda: Well, my boys are gonna be very impressed when I tell them that I had breakfast with Marvin Metz.
Marvin: ha haa.. Heck, I do it every morning of my life. [I’m laughing on the inside.. somewhere..]
Amanda: Heh.
Marvin: Nothing special about it.
Amanda: Well… you must be awfully proud of all the things you’ve accomplished.
Marvin: Sure… I, uh, worked most of my life for this.
(tsks) And now that I have it, I guess I miss sharing it with… someone.
[lol again, it sounds like a pick up line! Marvin has that knack! Is Amanda wondering if Marvin will make her an offer?! hmm.. maybe not Winking smile haaa
Amanda: So you’re alone, then, are you?
Marvin: Except for my son, Barry… [in other words, yes I’m alone!] …Some son. Huh. Laziest person I’ve ever known. Thirty years old and he still expects the world to be handed to him on a platter.
[Ouch. Tell us what you really think of Barry?! Is it just me or does this all seem kind of – BAM! Hello nice to meet you, my son is a lazy idiot who is a thirty year old brat with a sense of entitlement?!!!
I have no admiration for Barry based on what I’ve seen- but I’ve gotta say, Marvin talking down his son like this to someone he just met, who is looking at buying into the company, is just poor form. Makes Marvin even less likeable. I’m left with the impression that Barry and Marvin are equally to blame for this big mess! ]
Amanda: Oh, gee… that’s too bad.
The kid’s impossible. I have him working here, but it’s… like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. That’s the story of my life, lately.
[And yet you let him work there. Keep him around but criticise him openly to people you don’t know? Hmm not a fan of Marvin, but I’m pretty sure I’m suppose to think this is Amanda’s amazing people skills at work, and I’m suppose to feel sorry for this old, alone man]
Marvin: It was the same with Carla.
Amanda: Carla?
Marvin: Oh, hah…
(waves his hand) It’s not like me to be running on like this.
[Yes Amanda has magical powers with people! I guess Marvin was old, lonely, and looking for someone to confide in..sorry I’m such a grouch when it comes to Marvin!]
Amanda: Oh, no—that’s all right.  You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.
Marvin: Actually, it uh… feels pretty good…
…Carla’s my… executive assistant. She and I got FFFT1.avi_20150419_164541.664involved about two years ago.  I was lonely, and she was working as my secretary. Same old story, except it meant something to me. I found out that she was cheating on me with one of our regional managers.
[And she’s still working for you??!! How convenient for Marvin to tell Amanda all this.. and for no reason whatsoever.. ahem.. Oh wait. Eddie was a regional manager (they’re some big hamburgers!) .. maybe Eddie was recruited by Carla for her evil cunning plan but he refused to play!]
Amanda: Well, that must have been very difficult for you.
Broke my heart. But I…

FFFT1.avi_20150419_164604.184(Shot zooms in on the flower arrangement on the table.)
I’m thinking of making some changes around here, anyway.
We cut to another room, where Marvin and Amanda’s conversation is being listened in on.. Uh oh!!! It’s the old bug in the flowers trick- again!!!
It’s Barry and Carla listening in on Marvin’s glowing reports of them! eek!!!
How is it that Barry could start up something with Carla when Carla had been with his dad?! ewwwwwwwww!!!!!
You know for a family show.. this is a bit racy! (and ick!)
I’d more easily believe if Carla was blackmailing Barry.. but as it is.. this is all seriously lame and makes no sense to me.
Marvin (off camera, through the recording device): So, uh, maybe it’s time for this old buzzard to kick Carla and Barry out of the nest andsee if they can fly by themselves…
(Well, one flew over the cuckoo nest.. let’s see if two can!)
… They’ve had plenty of time to learn the business.
(Carla snatches up the portable speaker and throws it across the room. ) Whooo she means business- She threw something!
Is it just me or did the camera jump when she threw the speaker?! Maybe it was an ad-lib! to try to make Carla more interesting as a baddie.. fail!
Carla had enough.. : We’ve gotta move now. We start tightening the noose around that old man’s neck and around the Stemsons’ too. We’ve come too far to let them get in the way now.

Time to put the evil mastermind Carla’s plan into action.. you know.. the one she was yelling about in the middle of the night for everyone to hear?! Smile  The scene ends here.. thank goodness.. Let’s start tightening the noose around Carla and Barry’s necks already!

Anything you’d like to share about this post or the ep so far?? Sorry if you love Marvin, but I’m just not connecting with the guy at all.. I suspect it’s because the writing is very clunky. Not even knowing Marvin plays Jerry Seinfeld’s dad is saving it for me! The actors are trying valiantly with this one…but I’m starting to think this ep should have been called Fast Food for very slow thought! What do you think?? byee for now!!

12/ Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

 So.. Lee accompanies Amanda to her door, across the hall.. thanks to his years of field experience Winking smile
(unlocking her door): Well, I could ask you in for a cup of coffee…  (I’m thinking Lee is not sure what Amanda’s going to say here.. “but” maybe?!)
…. if you..
…. like instant?

FFFT1.avi_20150516_154244. 12
I think it’s Lee’s turn to be surprised!!! And.. Amanda licks her lips!!!! Is Amanda coming on to Lee? Hmm.. I think she is!!
I love that Lee comes back with ‘Uhhhhh’ tee hee.. this is not super smooth scarecrow ;) this is real vulnerable Lee (err except we all know he is not real lol) okay- the real character Lee! tee hee.. and I love that he is a little nervous and not cocky at all here :)
But wait! We hear Francine call out..
Francine: Well, I found my room!
Lee and Amanda’s heads snap around..
Francine (continues): I think the night manager liked me.
(Ugh.. I think Francine has to be top dog.. that might be part of her attitude… all men have to find her irresistible -or was that ‘unforgettable’ and no man would certainly prefer Amanda to Francine – I really don’t think Francine has any interest in Lee romantically, she just doesn’t want Amanda to have him you know? at least.. that’s what I’m going to go with for now.. until you guys can provide a better explanation for me! Smile )
Francine laughs and walks past. Her back to Lee and Amanda.. Lee turns and meets Amanda’s eyes. Silent talk time!
I think Lee looks regretful here.. coffee no longer a good idea?
Frame by frame I think I see Amanda agrees..
And they both want to slap Francine Smile
Francine (continues):
Oh, here it is. Two-oh-four.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_154250.381(Francine moves to unlock her door, which is beside Amanda’s and across the hall from Lee’s.)
Of course it is! Amanda kind of smiles to herself here.. of course it is that room.. of all the rooms in the hotel!

Funny though, Lee isn’t moving. He’s watching Francine go into her room. but he isn’t leaving Amanda yet Smile He doesn’t want to go me thinks. Amanda isn’t going into her room either Smile they just wait for Francine to disappear!
FFFT1.avi_20150516_154251.663Francine glances up at Lee and Amanda while trying to get her door open.. and not understanding what she can see haaaa!
Lee (to Amanda): Well, uhhh…
rofl. Francine is horrified at what she is seeing.. this can’t be right?!!
: What’s, uhhh… happening?
Amanda: Nothing.
Nothing, nothing…
We’re just, uh, closing down for the night, uh…
Amanda (nods): Yeah.
Francine: Oh. Okay, fine…
(LOL I think Francine accepts their nothings very easily.. because she couldn’t really cope had the answer been anything else!) …Well, I’m gonna be up at the crack of dawn, so I’ll knock on both your doors.
Amanda: Oh, good. (nods) [I hear a silent:’Not’ here]
Lee: Yeah.
Francine: ‘Night.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_162823.410(Francine goes into her room.finally) Super friendly Francine is scary!!!
Amanda: Good night!
(clears throat): Well, I guess I’m gonna have to take a rain check…
…on the…
(love how he doesn’t immediately finish this sentence.. he leaves it hanging a moment.. what was it?
coffee? time together?? nookie? Winking smile backgammon????
how about.. taking a rain check on taking things to the next level here?)
(Amanda sighs.)
Amanda: Yeah…
(finishing his sentence): … coffee.
[coffee oh right yeah. there was coffee involved.. ahem.. Not meant to be.. Why do you think they didn’t continue with their plans?]
Again, Lee licks his lips Nyah-Nyah
Amanda : Okay, I’ll… see you in the morning.
Yeah. Good night.
Amanda: Good night.

They smile at each other. Amanda turns and goes into her room. Lee walks down the hall to his own door.
I love how he’s all by himself.. and just looking at her door.. Still thinking of Amanda.. and how they almost got to have some more time together (Lee almost got to teach her about his field experience!). He seems to juggle his keys a moment and hesitate.. maybe he wondered if he should go knock on her door? (I can picture Francine at this moment looking through her peep hole)
Lee enters his room. For a moment.. the camera stays on the empty hallway..
I remember being a little in suspense at what could happen here – I just really didn’t want to see Francine knock on Lee’s door – awk-ward!!
Amanda opens her door, and peaks her head out into the hallway..
She looks down toward Lee’s room. then.. straight ahead..
and she shakes her head.  Like ‘what was I thinking?!’
Then she closes her door.
I’d like to know what she was thinking. Wouldn’t you??!!
– go knock on Lee’s door?
or.. was she checking to make sure that Lee hadn’t knocked on Francine’s door? or Francine hadn’t knocked on Lee’s?
I’ve been leaning toward Amanda wanting to be sure Lee and Francine were in separate rooms – and then chastising herself for thinking such a thing..  you know?
.. Francine just commented about what Lee got up to previously… and maybe this is Amanda working through the changes in Lee and coming to see he really has changed? She isn’t sure.. so she checks.. but she gets confirmation here – Lee isn’t at Francine’s door… looking for backgammon.. you know?

I guess how you see this depends on where you see Amanda right now.
This could also be  Amanda wrestling with temptation here. If you see Amanda as openly considering Lee at this point- with no more questions..
And then she’s thinking she’s crazy for considering knocking on his door!
It certainly plays up the whole idea of them not being in the same room together and both kinda being disappointed about that from earlier..
Hmm I can see that both interpretations could work.
For some reason the way Amanda does this, makes me think her look was about Lee and Francine. Not about Lee and Amanda.. but why I’m not sure..
I think Amanda is allowed to be looking, questioning and taking note of Lee’s behaviour – and this is one more moment where she sees – hmm more evidence he has said goodbye to  his former playboy ways..

Anyway, the musical doors aren’t over yet though.
Lee opens his door and peaks over at Amanda’s door. (without a glance at Francine’s door – happily!)
Maybe Lee heard Amanda’s door.. and wondered..
(A little ‘carry on’ humour here no? Bit risqué for smk! Lots of hinting about backgammon.. come on lines.. and Carla sleeping her way to the top.. this episode is full of it!)
FFFT1.avi_20150516_165522. 66
I think Lee was still tempted to go down there knock on Amanda’s door and have coffee. Yes.. coffee! ahem. Winking smile
However, we see Lee once again turn to go back to his room. Only.. as he does – Francine opens her door to be nosey.
Lee automatically smiles and tries to casually chuckle.
(She’s watching Scarecrow! It ain’t worth it.. now is not the time!)
Lee: Hi.
Francine: Hi.
Lee: Uhhh…
(points down the hallway at Amanda’s door)
(so funny how Lee can’t even think of anything to say! haaa)

Hmm will Francine make a move on Lee here? Hmm.. No- phew! Noooo hint of that here! Hooray!!!
Francine smiles as she starts to move back into her room. I think she can’t comprehend that Lee could be making moves on Amanda.. but..
…As she heads back into her room she has this disconcerted feeling for a reason she really can’t understand! tee hee..
Lee keeps smiling..
until Francine’s door is closed.
Then hoooooo haaaaaaaaa Lee gives Amanda’s door one last look.
[No more! stop the torture it’s not going to happen tonight.
Go tell your secretary Billy to get onto Bendix and report back  in the morning! Smile]
I like this last look Lee gives Amanda’s door  – to me it’s a – ‘this ain’t over Amanda King! this is just beginning!!!’
kinda look  
thuddy emoticon[3]
Finally.. the hallway antics are over! Phew!!!! Everyone safely in their beds for the night – alone!! ;)

Seems I no longer have any doubts over whether Lee is at this point interested in Amanda..and vice versa.. (Amanda is taking note of Lee’s actions furiously at this point IMHO- and liking what she sees :) )
It’s like the wheels have been set in motion at this point – since the tag of  The Wrong Way Home maybe.. and now it’s not a case of IF but WHEN!!!!!! Smile What’s it like for you?
Sooo come on everyone – what’s going on here for all three characters? do tell!!! I’d love to hear your take on things! byeee for now!!!!