27/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Introducing the SMK Gymnastics Competition!!!
Who will win??!!!! Any gymnasts or former gymnasts amongst us??
First.. we have the Parallel bars SMK style!! whoooo:
Meh.. I’ll give this move.. a 6 out of 10! How bout you?
(see Joe in the background face down? reminds me of Tucker in the cake!! whahahaha)

whooo this one is an 8 out of 10! Just misses his head..or does it?!!
Stunt Lee and stunt Prescott fight and Lee throws Prescott onto the trampoline – way to keep the competition moving on to the next set of equipment there Lee!
We see Joe wake up and shake his head, he sees Amanda and the boys..LOL and notShamba reacting to Lee and Prescott’s gymnastics!
Time for the trampoline competition!
Is it just me or are some of these camera angles just highly embarrassing? the fight just doesn’t look real to me! [Err I mean even less real than usual!]
[Hmm I think Lee may have lost the trampoline event.. poor Lee! Not the most graceful looking moves Winking smile
Not Lee
It ain’t this ]
We see Joe approach Jamie and Phillip.
Jamie: Dad!
Back to the fight.. Prescott prepares for his next move:
The dismount! rofl.. his foot gets trapped in the side springs haaaa.. Impressive!! I’ll give this move a 10 out of 10 haaa I love it!! you?
Lee seems to now wish to move on to the rope climbing/swinging part of the competition..
rofl.. this move is hilarious!
Yep, it’s real.. Lee really is on that rope! ahem..
(poor BB it’s a bit like his jet ski moment in flight to freedom.. the hair doesn’t move!) IIIIIIIII’m pretty sure I’m not suppose to be laughing throughout this heroic routine.. judging by the music this is super heroic stuff.. but.. I can’t help it! whahahahaa.. or is it just me?!!
Ahhh now Prescott, this is how a dismount is really done!
I think Lee won the rope event!! what do you think?! (Lee swings on the rope straight into Prescott sending him flying.. then he jumps off the rope)
Ouchie.. 11 out of 10 to Lee for hurting Prescott- badly!
Just for good measure, Lee picks up Prescott off the floor and punches him one last big time..
BoxingKittyOopsie.. seems Lee has misunderstood what the Pommel horse event involves.. PommelHe’s taken it to be the Pummel event!!!!
Lee pummels the daylights out of Prescott.. take that!! Lee wins!!! Gold, Silver to Lee (Bronze can go to Joe Winking smile ) tee heee..  Hoorah for Lee!!

Randomly, notShamba runs over to  congratulate Lee at his snake taming!

notShamba: The snake bit, just as you said!
Lee: Yeah.
TWWH.avi_002649649[Ohhh this is just crying out for an smk pun.. oh okay.. I can’t resist.. Lee should have used the Cobra Death Grip!!!]
(Lee smiles.. and notShamba laughs)
We see notShamba moving away laughing to himself and trying to mimic Lee’s winning gymnastics routine with the rope..
And.. it’s time to quit with the laughing iwsod..
the poignant music kicks in as Lee pulls his little phone thingie out of his pocket while looking at Amanda, Joe and the boys huddled together in the corner..
Slowly the camera pans closer..
(and all the women in the audience melt!!)
most shows would have played this moment as a melodramatic jealous/I’ve lost her forever moment.. but nope.. not smk!!! Smile
Lee raises the antenna..
And then just starts talking into it (what no need to dial her number?! guess it would have been a mood kill!)
Lee seems to keep his eyes on the family in the corner for a looong time..
Lee: Francine,…
…move in on Foster….
…Prescott’s been nailed.
Francine: Roger.
[Noooo Foster!! sorry seen too much Airplane!/ Flying High]
We cut back to the King Family..
Seems Amanda looks around..
Is it just me or does she go to touch Joe on the arm, and chooses not to and puts her hand back on her own, around Jamie?
Amanda doesn’t hold Joe’s gaze for long here.. [and seems Jamie is getting a reeeeaaally good look at Lee no? ahem like.. this guy is a mystical hero who would be forever burned in his memory by this traumatic moment.. noooo?? Hmm.. well.. we’ll see how that goes! Smile ]
Amanda lowers her gaze..
And then back to Lee.. looking happier??TWWH.avi_002664064
Lee’s gaze seems to move across them..
What’s he thinking you guys?? I’m pretty sure it’s not about his gymnastics moves.. but.. maybe it’s just me.. Winking smile
Lee lowers his radio.. how would you describe this expression guys? do tell!!
Something quietly monumental is happening inside Lee here..
Ohhh I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this!!! I bet you have all come up with your own ideas on this big moment.. can’t wait to hear them!

I am not 100% sure I can put into words what (IMHO) Lee is thinking or feeling here.. I suspect you guys will articulate it way better than I.
But in the interests of sharing my point of view on this..
I’ll say I see: Satisfaction and Pride in Lee’s eyes here as he looks on the King family – so far away, in the corner.. and the boys safe in their parent’s arms..
I think it moves Lee deeply to know he kept that family safe and together.. then add to that his growing feelings for Amanda? I find it fascinating that these growing feelings of his don’t get in the way of his pride at having the King family safe and together – he isn’t thinking of himself at all, he’s just relishing a job well done, for the best cause ever.. whatever that may mean for Lee and his heart.
I’m left with the suspicion that had anything happened to this family that he couldn’t stop, his heart would have broken so much more than if Amanda decides to get back with Joe- sure  Lee’s heart would break, but he would sacrifice his own happiness and be proud of that sacrifice.. I’m left with the vibe that Lee is so proud here, and views this family as so precious, that he would have happily given his life to keep it together.
For me – I don’t think there is any evidence that would say more powerfully that Lee is well and truly in love now Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart Selfless and mature… this man is ready to move toward a real relationship with Amanda!!! Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart
If you see things the same.. do tell!!! Smile
If you see things differently.. do tell!!! Smile 

We cut back to Joe, still watching Amanda.. and Amanda still watching the top of Jamie’s head!
Amanda looks up, and straight to Lee..
Then.. Joe looks up at Lee also..
They all look very pleased to have their family together again..
You know, I’m struck by how understated Amanda’s reaction is here.. this should tell Joe something.. she should be a mess at her boys having just been so close to danger. But she’s not.. she’s looking at Lee.. and she’s calm. I like to think it’s because she trusted that Lee would never let anything happen to her family. The moment she saw Lee was there – she was okay Smile 

Interesting too that Amanda doesn’t really give much away in terms of her happiness or gratitude to Lee here for his gymnastics moves okay okay.. for his bravery, which saved the day.
And as much as I wish it weren’t so.. it’s good for Joe’s character (and therefore his family) that he was able to step up and do something to protect his family also.
LOL also, the kids get to do some acting here in this scene.. this would have been a nice change from the usual stuff!
It takes a moment.. but we finally see the beginnings of a smile from Amanda…
What’s going on with Amanda here??
She’s very composed.. I wonder if she is just taking in the way Lee is looking at her and her family.. Is she starting to see how much Lee has transformed?? (or LOL is she too far away to be able to see that clearly?! ;) ) can she see how much Lee cares for her and her family? I’m thinking we are left uncertain of where Amanda is at after all this.. at this point.. to be continued!!

The camera holds on the family for quite a long moment here.. (thus why so many pics! Smile too many? nah didn’t think so!)
And then, the Scene ends here.. with the whole King family, looking at Lee!

Well this post is HUGE! in word length.. and in significance!! Smile  I am busting to hear what you all make of this scene..and  of the gymnastics moves for sure ;) [by the way, I think Phillip should win the somersault competition!!]
lol.. and even more importantly – just what is happening in Lee here?? in Amanda here?? and between everyone? I hope you’ll feel free to share your thoughts – all views are very welcome!
Bye for now!!

26/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Mrs Dennis returns to tell Amanda no one knows where Prescott/Pyror has gone..
Mrs Dennis:  Come on…Class beings in 10 minutes. They could be anywhere until then. Out here, another classroom, in the gym. I’ll start in the auditorium.

TWWH.avi_002531931[Umm wouldn’t you ask for a few more people to help look? after all it is a school security breech.. Umm but then I guess we couldn’t have the men swoop in and help huh..]
Amanda: Thank you.
They go their separate ways searching for the boys..

Well Phillip and Jamie just happen to be all alone in the gym.. two brothers hanging out.. alone.. completely alone.. all their friends are outside and they are aaaallloooonnneee!
Did anyone notice how Phillip and Jamie are alone? Winking smile 

The boys are on the trampoline and Phillip is counting for Jamie: One, two, three…
[whooo hooo!] Jamie gives a somersault a go.. but doesn’t quite make it.
…No man, you messed up!
You try it. It’s not so easy.
[wow.. flips.. no stunt kiddies.. I wanted to see Mancine do a boycine.. I don’ t think this would get past the union reps these days!]
We see the creep Prescott open the door and approach..

Philip: Yeah it is. All you need is bounce….
TWWH.avi_002544044(Phillip does his somersault on cue.) whooo hooo!
[well done PS! Bet he got kudos for that way back then!]
… That’s all you need.
Jamie: Good. Alright.
Philip turns as he bounces and sees Prescott approach: There you go.
Prescott: Hi.
Jamie: Hi.
Philip: Hello.
Prescott: You are, er, Jamie and Philip.
I’m Philip, he’s Jamie.

Prescott: Hi Jamie. Hi Philip.
What a total creep.. I guess the guy has been taking food from starving babies mouths for years..this is probably nothing..
Whooo the suspense builds!

We cut to Amanda outside on her phone..
Amanda: I’m headed for the gym.
TWWH.avi_002564597Lee: We’re here.
We see Lee pull up with a little squeal of the tyres.. That doesn’t look like a car Lee should be driving.. looks like a Billy car – I wonder what KC will make of it if she does anymore vehicle patrolling for us?!
Amanda enters the gym and stops short when she sees Prescott standing right next to the boys.
Philip: Hey Mom, you want to start jumping?
TWWH.avi_002577811Prescott sees Amanda and grabs Jamie..
Amanda: Fellas!
Prescott: Don’t move Mrs King. Don’t move.
Prescott pulls out his gun, Phillip randomly jumps off the trampoline- thus he’s blurry!)
[gee almost like he knew he’d have to get off there for Lee’s TWWH.avi_002580747action finale haaa]
(We see Lee has entered through the door behind Prescott, followed by Joe and notShamba. Lee turns and motions to them to stop) [rofl why does notshamba look like he’s having fun?!]
Jamie or Phillip: Mom??
Amanda I am guessing motions here to Lee.. but without letting Prescott realise that’s what she’s doing?
Whoooo go Lee! who doesn’t swoon watching him here huh?!
Lee quietly approaches Prescott,…
and then suddenly runs and does a dive and  roll [now that, Phillip and Jamie, is how a somersault should be done Winking smile With a stuntman!!! whahahahaaha!!! ]
Lee and Prescott start to fight, Lee knocks away his gun..
Phillip and Jamie hide under the trampoline.
This is sooooo not Lee or Prescott!
Prescott punches Lee and sends him flying.. then he eyes off his gun on the mat.
Seeing Prescott is about to go for the gun, Joe runs for it, now is Joe’s chance to finally (grr) step up for his family!!
LOL I think that is notShamba’s ‘I’m scared’ face!
Joe runs for the gun and manages to throw it further away just out of Prescott’s reach..
While Joe is busy.. notShamba runs to the boys and gets them out from under the trampoline.
Joe and Prescott have a fight.. my goodness.. Prescott err stunt Prescott really is the terminator! He just won’t stop.. a room full of people and he’s still fighting! LOL!
Well, Joe has a go at this tough guy stuff.. and in spite of what Amanda said earlier, he has a good go at knocking Prescott around Winking smile haaaa.. Only he gets beat up by Prescott..(err stunt Prescott!)
The boys run with notShamba to Amanda (and now Mrs Dennis- who doesn’t seem to be calling for help even though there is  man with a gun in her gym.. Some principal! I should have words with Mrs Dennis   – she doesn’t know Lee is an agent!)
Come here.
The boys reach Amanda and snuggle into her arms.. awhh..

And for the moment.. I will pause here.. I can only take so much of these action finales.. so I’m not going to squeeze it all into one post.. and my goodness.. there is plenty going on here that we’ll continue with in the next post!

I wonder what BB would think of these action scenes now.. they were suppose to make Lee look like the tough guy here.. but 30 years later.. they umm.. don’t really! tee heee.. or do you see them differently? do tell!

I thought Lee was more tough guy hero when he told Foster: “Hello Mr Foster, I’m a Federal Agent, and what’s so ‘damned important’ is the amount of freedom you enjoy for the next 10 or 20 years.” whooo haaa!

Any thoughts you’d like to share? Does anyone remember watching this for the first time? were you shocked that the boys had been so close to danger? or lol.. that Joe actually stepped up to the plate and threw a few punches? ;)
byeee for now!

25/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King


Kiwismh’s Script notes- After conclusion of the scene at Lee’s… Amanda returns home at night.

The King den – night.
Dotty is sitting up watching TV . Jamie and Philip are sacked out on the couch. Amanda enters, and realises her mother is sleeping. She turns off the TV, which of course wakes Dotty up.
Dotty – Amanda…what time is it?
Amanda – Too late for you to be sleeping sitting up. I meant to call.
Dotty – Any word?
Amanda – The best… we found him. He’s fine… he’ll visit soon.
Dotty – That’s good. You want me to help you put the boys to bed.
Amanda – They might as well stay.
Dotty – Ok, night. I knew it would work out. Dotty shuffles off to bed.
Amanda (to herself) – I sure hope it does.
Amanda turns off a few lights, then stands for a long moment looking down at her angelic sleeping sons. She gives the each a kiss on the cheek.
Amanda – Sleep tight guys… your father sends his love.
Amanda turns out the light and heads for bed.

Soooo what do you all think??!! Why did they cut it?? Kiwismh, why did you choose to share this scene with us? (Thanks by the way!! :) )

Moving on.. and it’s time I guess to poke a snake with a stick and see if he wants to bite! Or maybe I should say, knock on the snake’s door and see if he wants to bite?!
[oh rofl!!! did you guys here the little snake riff as Foster opens the door?!!!]

Foster: What’s so damn important?
Lee: Hello Mr Foster. I’m a Federal Agent…
…and what’s so “damned important” is the amount of freedom you enjoy for the next 10 or 20 years.

[whooo what a line!! and said with such suave panache! soooo debonaire! Teee heee.. Such a gleam in his eyes.. I think Lee enjoys his work Smile and.. we get a good look at Lee’s ID badge here.. ]
Foster moves from the door and let’s Lee in.
[Looks like Foster is in his jimjams.. oh the indignity! :) ]
… Thank you.
Lee heads inside turning to almost close the front door.. leaving it ajar.. and he heads in to talk to Snake Foster. Foster: Serious allegations Mr Stetson. A great deal of money. Do you have a name to attach to this or is strictly for my edification?
Hey, I think this use to be Mr Falcone’s office from Car wars! or at least the curtains are the same.. just no fringe..
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_20150414_153801.933
Actually I have two names. (
Lee calls out to the door:) … Gentlemen!
(Joe and NotShamba enter)
…You know Joe King,..
…and I believe by the look on your face you recognise the Prime Minister of Estoccia.

[Hilarious! No one else in Washington did!!! err well except for Joe]
Foster: Good-day Mr Stetson.
[Now that’s magical and snake like! He refers to Lee by name, but Lee never told him his name! rofl!!]
Lee nods and makes a move to leave.. pleased with how things have gone.
Lee: Good-day Mr Foster.

Why is Lee not wearing a suit? Seeing the three men standing there, Joe and Lee are dressed so similarly! Not liking that!! lol..

Well the moment Lee, Joe and Notshamba leave, the snake Foster is on the phone.. oh goody.. the agency would have tapped it right?! ahem.. On to the schoool!!!
Receptionist Arlington Heights Middle School: Just a moment. (she calls out to Prescott no longer looking like a private investigator by the way.. )
..Mr Pryor!
Prescott: Thank you. Yes sir?
[He doesn’t half look suspicious trying to go around the corner! And how does Foster know the school’s phone number of by heart?! tee hee.. ]
…No, I don’t see a problem with that at all.
Right – right…
TWWH.avi_002443476He finishes the call and hands it back to the receptionist with the most gag worthy smile of sincerity.. ugh.. this guy is  such a creep!
…Thank you very much.

Next thing we see Amanda drive into the school grounds to drop off the boys. Well this is ridiculous! It’s flippin obvious that Jamie in the backseat has nooo seatbelt on..
Not Amanda like at all! 

Amanda: Okay, have a good day. Be good.
Jamie: Bye Mom.
Amanda: Bye bye. Be good.
They share kisses and goodbyes and the boys head off..
Mrs Dennis approaches the car..
Good morning Mrs Dennis.
Mrs Dennis: Good morning Mrs King. Did you get my message?
Amanda: No, I’m sorry, I didn’t.
Mrs Dennis: Well, it’s just that he’s here again this morning and I’m very nervous about it without your say so. [and yet you let him stay.. grr..]
Amanda: Just a minute, Mrs Dennis. Who’s here again?

Mrs Dennis: Your private detective.
Amanda: My private detective?
Mrs Dennis:
The one you sent to watch the boys in case your husband comes after them. You really should have called me first.

Amanda: Mrs Dennis could you show me where he is please.
Mrs Dennis: Yes, he’s right inside.
Amanda: Right.

Amanda rushes in to where the private detective was waiting..

We see Amanda and Mrs Dennis walking toward the office, and there’s no Mr PrescottPryor.. (how come he gets two names! why can’t notshamba?!)
TWWH.avi_002490824Mrs Dennis: I’ll check to see where he went.
Amanda: Thank you Mrs Dennis.
(Mrs Dennis heads into the office to try and find Prescott.. Amanda gets out her mobile errr thingy.. phone? and punches in some numbers )
Amanda into the phone: Lee, are you there?
Lee: I’m here Amanda. What is it?
TWWH.avi_002499999[wow.. quick draw Lee! He certainly gets that phone thingy out and antenna up pretty fast while he’s driving there! lol! Oh hey, no corvette.. guess three’s a crowd.. have we seen it at all this episode? anyone? I don’t remember.. ]
Amanda: Look, I think it’s an emergency. I’m at the school. There’s been someone here. I think he’s after the boys. He’s been here before looking for Joe.
God no. We should have guessed he’d do something like this.
[Yes! You should have! well.. Lee the professional agent probably shoulda had some kind of protection for the boys – given he was poking the snake with a stick and then waiting for it to bite.. Poor Lee’s character.. for things to come together plot wise Lee seems to be rather bad at his job from time to time Winking smile I put it down to plot demands.. we must have a final showdown where Lee saves the day! sorry.. I digress!]
Lee: Amanda, where are you?
[I must resist looking at that lame phone thingie.. focus on Lee.. there.. that’s better!! Naughty Lee! he isn’t wearing his seat belt!! Actually none of these men are! very naughty!]
Amanda: At the school, 9th and Filer.
Joe: That’s the Middle School.
[Umm you do know your children go to middle school do you Joe?! Hmm I think at this point Lee may know the boys lives better than Joe does! ]
Lee: Right Amanda, you find the kids and you stay on the air okay? We’re on our way.
Amanda immediately hangs up.. or whatever that thing does.. she puts down the antenna… is she still on the air?!
Mrs Dennis approaches..aaaand sorry guys! gotta finish up here for the moment.

Hey I notice Amanda calls Mr Stetson Lee over the phone thingie that Joe can hear.. Hmm.. Sooo what do you all think of this little set up? do tell! byeee for now..