11/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Amanda’s and we see she’s viewing the TV coverage of the tournament.
LOL at the feet behind the commentator’s head! haa!
TV Host: So, coming up live from the beautiful Shenandoah Pro Am Tennis Tournament semi-final competition…
[Amanda’s looking much better.. sitting up.. checking her watch.. and looking alert and.. IMHO bored to be home and not working!]
…As you may already know, the Tina Tomerson / Mary Dexter grudge match was cancelled because of Mary’s illness,  Tina then became heir to an unchallenged placement in the semi-finals…
At hearing this, a thought seems to strike Amanda.
…So in a matter of minutes, audiences around the world are going to have an opportunity—

Amanda picks up the phone.. Audiences around the world huh.. gee sounds like quite a statement if they take out Tina in front of the world.. but ahem. maybe this is so obvious it’s not right?

We find Tina all set to go with her match walking through the hotel foyer – hmm where’s her bodyguard? oh wait.. that’s right she’s on a plane to Hawaii – soooo no one is replacing her? ohh whatev. Tina finds Francine. Whooo nice tie in seeing Francine watching the same commentator as Amanda!
Tina: Look at me, I’m shaking. I’m like this before every match.
: Don’t worry about it, you’ll be great. You’ll ace the quarter finals. [der Francine, you were just watching the tv commentator say she is in the semi’s!!!]
Tina: Quarter finals? I’m in the semis – I got bumped up.
[Oh right.. we needed another reminder – Mary’s poisoning means Tina is in the semi’s.. we’ve heard it twice in less than a minute- smk code for: this means something dumb audience!]
Tony: Let’s go Tina, you’re on court in about 5 minutes.
[Seems Lee and Francine aren’t the only duo who are no longer pretending they don’t know each other Winking smile ]
Francine: Good luck.
Tina: Thanks.
Lee makes his way through the foyer toward Francine as we hear the commentator (or loudspeaker?) yet again tell us that audiences around the world will be watching Tina.. and.. Karen Troneum?? I heard Karen.. but the tv show said it was Fran. Hmm.. let’s see what happens.
Lee is still on edge.. his spy instincts are screaming something’s not right.
: I may be paranoid but this thing isn’t over. Now you keep an eye on them, I’m going to check the grounds. Go on.
Francine: All right.
Francine leaves.. and right on cue we hear:
: Telephone call for Lee Stanton. Lee Stanton please pick up house phone.
Oh phew.. not an additional name for Lee this ep!
Lee: Yeah, Lee Stanton.
Amanda: Lee, it’s me. Listen, I’ve been watching everything and everyone on the television set and I think I’ve got the whole thing figured out.
[If it were anyone else we’d say yeah right!! but.. Amanda probably has Winking smile lol]
Lee: Slow down, slow down. Now what is it you’re trying to say Amanda?
[LOL actually I didn’t think she was talking as fast as she usually does haaa.. but I love that she doesn’t have to tell him who she is.. and she doesn’t even bother to say hello haa. Plus, I love that in this urgent moment, Lee doesn’t mind Amanda’s interruption. ]
Amanda: Okay, look it’s really very simple but it’s not so simple when you take everything into consideration.
[lol very Amanda.. very simple! I’ve missed Amanda Smile ]
Lee: Uh huh, okay, now— what are you talking about? [okay some annoyance here no?! just a tiny bit?!]
PFK.avi_20150823_143003. 74
Amanda: The point is, I think Tina’s still the target and I think I know why.
Lee is listening intently.. It’s evident he believes Amanda has lots to contribute that he’s gonna want to hear Smile
I guess before they changed the script they could have had Amanda figure this all out without the tv no?
Anyway.. we cut away from Lee – not sure what Amanda’s figured out.  I figure it’s about that world audience we keep hearing about..

We cut to a hand holding a mini TV and keeping track of the tennis coverage.  PFK.avi_20150823_143013.887
TV Announcer: What promises to be a most exciting match for the Women’s Championship is about to get underway between Tina Tomerson and Tracy Austin on centre court. Both players have worked their way into the final after a week worth of… (fade out)

Oh Rofl! this is seriously lame! Firstly, before Amanda called Lee, Tina was about to play in the semi finals – we heard that twice! And now the announcer is saying they’re playing for the championship???!!!! and are in the final???!!!! Oh come on SMK!!!
And.. before Tina was playing Fran Troneum or Karen Troneum.. but definitely not Tracy Austin!
See the board? Nooooo Tracy Austin on the board at all! whahahahaaa. Magic.. Now she’s playing Tracy Austin??!!! 

Well, cue the evil action theme.. this baddie has moved the space/time continuum ahead to really make sure that Tina Tomerson was in the finals! whahahaa..
The baddie with very feminine hands is loading some missiles onto that flying thingy I guess we saw when the episode opened..
Ohhh looky.. Aloha Donna!
PFK.avi_20150823_143031. 2
She’s back!! And this military flyer means business!!
dark helmetYou know how I know??
Black helmet? Check!
[Not dark helmet Winking smile I wish!]
Black overalls? Check!
Music reaching a ridiculous intensity as she takes off? Check!
PFK.avi_20150823_143040. 5I gotta say it’s hard to feel threatened by a thing with bicycle wheels and a little fan blowing it.. lol..

This is a bit like the bulldozer going so slow toward Amanda in YODT.. the music seems ridiculous..

Still.. now’s a good moment to pause..  Can’t wait to hear from you all byeeee!!

10/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So Lee sees Donna approaching and quickly has to hang up on Amanda – who’s just copped a nasty earful from Francine..

Donna: Excuse me, I just got word that Mr Tomerson has made contact with his lawyer who has flown in to speak with you.
Francine: He’s here.
Donna: Mr Jeffries wants to speak with the two of you out by the Grounds-keepers barn.
Lee: Now what sense does that make? That’s half-way back to the main highway.
[They must be very extensive grounds!
Do you think they are wondering if it’s a trap?]
Donna: Well, he says it’s for security but you’d know more about that than I would…
[oh nice! play dumb hey Donna.. Donna who flashed her gun.. Donna the ‘former military flyer, weapons expert and black belt’?? This Donna doesn’t know about security? Are Lee and Francine buying this?!]
…Tomerson wants a complete report on the threat to his daughter but he doesn’t want Tina to see you with his lawyer…
…Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eye on Tina.
PFK.avi_20150823_142436. 48
Francine and Lee leave Donna to go meet with the lawyer.. and Donna gives them an evil look as they walk off. Muahahahaaha!
LOL – it’s a very looooong evil look!

Donna is turning out to be quite the big bad evil errr baddie!
What was it Tina said about the agency sending a female agent? -Francine was underestimated..
Seems she wasn’t the only female underestimated – Donna too!! [interesting..it worked very well for both these women that they be underestimated]
Amanda knows a thing or two about that! I wonder what she would have made of Donna…
Next thing, we see the barn, and dynamite on a table..
Lee and Francine pull up at the barn.
As Lee calls out we see Scorpion Dude moving into position in the barn with his rifle.
Lee and Francine tentatively approach..
why does Lee get a gun and Francine doesn’t?! PFK.avi_20150823_142534.613

: I don’t like coming all the way out here. It just doesn’t feel right…I don’t like the look of this. Come on.
Anyone home? Hello, Mr Jeffries? Anyone here?
PFK.avi_20150823_142540. 18
Lee and Francine are exposed- Scorpion Dude lines up his shot.
PFK.avi_20150823_142549. 27
And is interrupted by Tina and Tony arriving.. Gee I thought Donna was keeping an eye on her.. ahem.. Scorpion dude told Donna to bring the agents to the barn.. but I don’t remember anything about Tina and Tony..

Lee: What the hell are you two doing here.
Tina: We got a call from Donna. She said to come out here and meet you, and—
[Seems Donna is following her own play book] (Donna flashes some light at scorpion dude and he shoots)
– lol right when he can’t aim at anything, that’s when he shoots?! tee hee.. Dumb baddie!
Hey everyone! I’m here with a gun! rofl!
Tina and Tony scramble out of the car, and Lee and Francine take cover too.
More mirror shining in the baddies’ eyes
and thus more lousy shooting.. lol
Lee: Get down everybody! Get down!  Look Francine, get ‘em outta here. And stay down!

Francine leads Tina and Tony back to the corvette to take cover… while Lee stays by the red convertible..
The mirror in scorpion dude’s face continues.. so does the lousy shooting.. Then, Lee manages to shoot back,
PFK.avi_20150914_204522. 71
one way or another scorpion dude ends up backing up and falling onto the table with the dynamite.. whatev..
We see a huge explosion.. Scorpion Dude is no more!
And when I say huge explosion.. I mean HUGE Explosion!!!! Why???
Well.. as Lee dives from the bomb blast…
Lee morphs back into Polyester Lee!!!!!!
That’s quite a blast!!
For a moment there it blew Lee back in time! rofl smiley

[I guess someone forgot to tell second unit Lee had changed clothes by now.. maybe this is due to script changes.. but anyway.. hilarious!]

Whooo seems Francine, Tony and Tina have maintained their current wardrobe and have been shielded from the full blast Winking smile
Francine heads over to Lee to check if he’s okay.
Leee!! LEEE!!!! Come back to the 80’s!!

Francine: Lee! Lee! You okay?
Lee: Yeah.
Phew!!! Lee’s back in the present time.. and his brown suit.. and.. he’s okay! Smile
Boooo.. it’s just not the same when it’s not Amanda running toward Lee to check if he’s okay!!!
We get Lee and Francine sort of sharing confused looks at this turn of events..
Hmm it’s almost like us, the audience, experience the same thing Lee is experiencing throughout this episode – we notice how very different things are without Amanda.. It’s just not the same. 

Moving on back to the tennis ranch and we see some tennis archival footage –  that’s Martina Navratilova!! I’d know her anywhere! in the foreground Smile not sure who she’s playing..
Anyway, back to the hotel room – Billy and Lee are talking, and lots of agents are moving around..
Hey, Lee’s changed outfit yet again.. Like the jacket.. but gotta say.. those pants? Meh.. maybe it’s looking really dated.. but to me it makes Lee look ummm.. more mature and fuddy duddy..
Is it just me?!
I’ll focus on the jacket! At least I don’t need sunglasses to look at this one.
Francine gets off the phone..
Francine: Well, we can all rest easy. I just got confirmation that Donna is on the flight from Dulles to Honolulu. She’ll be taken into custody the minute they arrive.
Billy: The $100,000 that was credited to Donna’s account has been traced back to the communists who threatened Tomerson.
: Well Lee, this is no time to look like someone just stole your bicycle… [wha?!]
PFK.avi_20150823_142738. 33
….Steckler is dead, Donna’s going to be picked up in a couple of hours, and Tina’s back in the tournament.
[lol at the brooch Francine is wearing.. she does think she is destined to become royalty.. and the earrings? two disguised sticks of C4 explosives! Winking smile ]
Lee: I don’t like it – it’s all too convenient…
[Yeah!! and this time.. it might actually mean something that it’s too convenient!] …Look I spent half the night talking to anyone anywhere who had ever dealt with Steckler – met him, investigated one of his hits—
[I guess this is day two huh.. the timing is a bit confusing]
Billy: Any help?
: But one thing is certain – Steckler was a consummate pro. He always did his job and always got big headlines. Headlines seemed to be very important to him.
Francine: You’re right…
[wow.. now such a direct admission Lee is right? would that be something Amanda would say? I don’t think of Francine telling Lee directly he’s right- there’s too much competition between them.. she might think he’s right but she would say it.. would she?]
…I remember in Geneva he assassinated an ambassador that was being honoured at a public concert.
PFK.avi_20150823_142807.762[Dang.. the ambassadors are having a hard time of it this episode! Winking smile  Reminds me of Von Snob trying to kill the American Ambassador in Munich! Funny it doesn’t remind Lee.. he was there- Lint?! err.. oh yeah.. Lee is not real. He is a character.. Lee was not really there – whoooo Lindt!]
: Well, when he was in Hong Kong he used a bomb on a British Emissary in the middle of a press conference. So what’s the point? He’s dead.
: Another thing, the Police recovered his rifle at the barn. Now a pro like Steckler would either use the rifle or the bomb, but not both.
[ummm.. to me that’s a stretch!!! there were little missiles on that table earlier when Steckler was working there.. I don’t buy this logic. but.. I’m sure Lee’ s right and it’s not over.. the ep has another 10 minutes.. that’s 9 minutes of action finale and a one minute tag lol.. ]
Billy: So if Steckler was set up, this thing’s not over.
Francine: All-right, we still have 20 guards on the tennis courts and have spotters on all the perimeters.
: Well then, we’d better make sure everyone stays awake, huh?…
PFK.avi_20150823_142830.280(Lee makes for the door)
…C’mon, we’d better get back.
Lee and Francine leave..
I shall stop here for the moment too..
I miss Amanda.. seeing Lee call for Francine and go to open the door for her.. is just so sad! Sad smile
I’m a broken record.. it’s true..
but I can’t wait to hear from you!
(That’s about as Dr Seuss as I get..
Oh really? do you want to bet?!)

Haaaaa Hello everyone!

9/- Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Sooo on to the evil countryside!
We see an evil table full of evil baddie things!
Scorpion Dude Steckler gets a surprise visitor.. Donna!
Steckler: I told you not to come up here.
: We might have a problem.
She’s a baddie? ugh.. hey she’s a former military flyer  -maybe it was her we saw flying in the opening scene? But.. whatev.. do we really care? anyone?!! rah rah.. blah blah… the novelty of Lee being Amanda less is starting to wear a little thin! show us some Amanda already!
Steckler: What are you talking about?
Donna: The Agency’s involved. They know you’re in the country. They’ve got a pretty good idea that you poisoned Mary Dexter. They’ve convinced Tina to leave the tournament.
PFK.avi_20150823_142211. 2
: You assured me that she would never drop out.
Donna: I know what I said. Things change. The Agency put two people on her. They’re good – they’ve gotten through to her.  [Oh Rofl.. it’s that old line: They’re good! too bad we have to kill them?! Usually when you hear ‘they’re good’ killing them follows!!!!]
Steckler: I have a contract.
Donna: You might have to cancel it.
Steckler: Our employers assured me that you are professional. Relax.
: Don’t worry about me. I’ll handle my end.
Steckler: Good, because you are going to have to get those agents out of the Lodge and bring them down here.
Donna: Here? Why?
[Is it just me or does Donna really not cut it as a menacing nasty baddie?!]
Steckler: Why? Because I call the shots and I eliminate the problems.
[Aha!!! Oh rofl! I didn’t remember this honest!! See!!! They’re good!!! too bad we have to kill them Smile ]
With a last glare from Donna at Steckler the scene ends here..  I’m not sure telling Donna he runs the show is such a good idea.. I figure if you have to remind someone of this it’s not looking good!
Back to Shenandoah Tennis Ranch..
We find there’s lots of couples dancing in the foyer of the fox run err no Shenandoah Tennis Ranch.. my mistake. Ahh Tina and Tony are dancing in public.. I guess they are not hiding the fact they are maybe dating??
I find it strange that with someone out to kill Tina, Tony wasn’t really involved in the decision making! I mean- he’s not a boyfriend, he’s her husband!! I would have thought he’d be more assertive!  Well.. whatev..

The camera pans over to Lee on the telephone..

Lee: No Amanda, I don’t know what they’re playing… [Does anyone?? Do tell!]
[Love how indulgent Lee looks here.
Then he goes and pretends to be stern with her.. this guy is a goner! Smile  also love that polyester Lee is gone!]
… Listen, do you want to hear the rest of this or not?
Hooray!! 30 minutes into this episode.. we finally have an Amanda moment!

Amanda: I thought you said this was going to be a lot of hard work.
Lee: Well, at the moment…
(uh oh.. Francine approaches with curiosity! Lee turns away the moment he sees her.)
…they are having one of those annoying cocktail party things.
(Francine mouths something silently to Lee.. I can’t tell what.. anyone? She’s either busting to know who he is talking to.. or maybe she thinks he’s talking to Billy?? or.. does she guess straight away it’s Amanda? She didn’t hear the ‘Amanda’ part.. so that would be telling. )
(Francine is a bit baffled at what she is hearing come out of Lee’s mouth here)
…You know what I’m talking about – the name tags,…
… the watered down drinks…
(Francine tries to get Lee’ s attention)
(Francine really tries to get Lee’s attention)
.. Frankly I am bushed, dead on my feet.
(What is Francine up to at this point? Is all this her trying to guess who it is?)
Amanda: What’s the matter? Too many tangos?
PFK.avi_20150912_200446.755[I don’t think Amanda really thinks it’s too many tangos.. Me thinks yet again.. Amanda is hinting here.. ‘what’s the matter?’ What is she needing Lee to say?? Whatever it is.. he hasn’t said it  yet! But amazing to see Lee is not enjoying the parties and the nightlife so much these days.. Francine is bound to notice this! ]
: No, too much Tina.
(At this, Francine lets out a big sigh..)
[She  changes tactics- I think she’s guessed now it’s Amanda ugh.. Amanda!]
…At least she’s decided to drop out of the tournament if we can tie her into the Mary Dexter poisoning.
[All things considered, I don’t think Tina has been that unreasonable. I can’t blame her for not wanting to pull out because of a general threat – when there have been many general threats – she can’t put her life on hold just because it makes an agent’s life easier!]
[The above image screams: pay attention to me! Me thinks Francine has daddy issues.. ahem.. too much Freud? yeah.. you might be right.. I’m starting to scare myself Winking smile ]
Francine: I just—
[Francine tugs on the phone cord which ticks Lee off!]
Lee: What are you—
Francine: I just—
Lee (to Amanda):
Hold on a minute…
(To Francine)…What do you want?
Francine: I just want to tell her I’m sorry she’s sick. [Sure she is.. I don’t believe that for a moment. Replacing Amanda on this job is like Christmas for Francine!]
: All right, all right.
Francine holds out her hand expectantly that Lee should give her the phone: Okay.
Lee ignores her hand..
Lee (to Francine):
Just a minute, huh?
Oh boy..
Just look at Francine.. she is not a happy camper (tee hee.. Hey happycamper! Smile )
Lee (To Amanda): …Ah, let’s see,…
…where was I?
(Francine meets his gaze.. like yep you keep getting interrupted by me- so just let me talk to her already)
…Oh anyway Amanda, Francine wants to say “hello”.
(Francine looks gleeful)
[I got my way!!!]
We cut straight to Amanda.. who is completely unimpressed.
As if things weren’t bad enough already she has to have a conversation with Francine?!
Amanda looks like she’s going to say no I don’t want to but she stops herself.. as she hears Lee say to Francine: Make it short, huh?
Being the classy lady that Amanda is – she rises above her dislike of Francine (yes, I think she dislikes Francine.. Frankly why would she like her?! and yeah… I gotta say for me, this attitude fits better before FFFT, the chocolate confessions and that tag!)
Francine takes the phone from Lee.
[Lee must be really tired.. did he really think Francine would play nice?!]
Francine: Amanda?
Amanda: Hello Francine.
[Oh boy.. huge smile!!! Amanda’s really not happy lol!]
: Boy are you going to hate yourself for missing this one…
…This place is to die for…
PFK.avi_20150912_200519.189(we cut to Amanda – she’s not happy..)
…Everybody is here, the food is fabulous…
…and Lee and I have been…
…dancing up a storm.
Lee: Hey!
[At this Lee’s had enough!
Guys.. do you think Francine is telling the truth??
Do you think Amanda thinks it’s true?
I’ll hold off saying what I think for comments- do tell! Smile ]
Francine: I don’t remember when I ever enjoyed anything as much as this.
[lol.. I think she’s talking about how much she enjoys being nasty to Amanda.. lol.. well.. okay.. maybe it’s about being out in the field as Lee’s partner – what she’s always wanted.. but has never had – I don’t think Francine has ever been Lee’s partner in anything other than a temporary sense – both in their professional and personal life!!!
Francine’s not a healthy person IMHO!]
Lee (at the same time as Francine):
What are you doing?!!…
Lee starts to growl: You’re blowing my whole gig [whooo hoooo!!]
…Cut it out!
But Francine quickly keeps on going- again, Francine escalates things:
Francine: You know Lee really knows how to dance well. I couldn’t believe it!
[My goodness.. she didn’t know Lee could dance huh.. and just had to tell Amanda all about it.
okay guys – So who here thinks Francine is obtuse??
Because this is either sheer nastiness or she’s completely obtuse.  I don’t see Francine as being obtuse- I think she knows what she’s doing and she’s making the most of this opportunity!
IMHO it’s a bad choice- but I believe she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s being nasty to Amanda, but she’s also lashing out at Lee here by doing this – IMHO of course!]
…Listen, I’m really sorry you’re sick and—
Amanda is silent..
Poor Amanda..
Do you think Amanda can hear what Lee is saying?
Her anger seems to be kicking in.. but she remains silent.. and removes the receiver from her ear..
Amanda remains silent- that’s interesting..

Given Amanda finally breaks her silence and lets Francine have it in the FFFT freezer, and the FFFT tag has Francine right where Amanda wants her-with the Ecstasy Assortment rofl – I see this silent reaction as fitting before FFFT..
[I can hear it now – I’m assuming Amanda doesn’t go back to her old ways.. Smile  But.. in OBDOBD, Amanda advocates for No Blue Fox deliveries Smile tee hee.. does she do more? I’ve forgotten already.. that was a month ago! Ah. found the Blue Fox moment]
I think Amanda knows exactly what Francine is doing.. trying to drive a wedge between Lee and Amanda.
but.. has Francine been successful??
Lee physically grabs the phone off Francine.   
Lee to Amanda: Ah, (Lee whispers) here comes Donna Clayton…. [Guess Lee has filled Amanda in on all the details.. he assumes she knows who Donna Clayton is]
[Francine looks pensive.. though not really chastened]
…Look if you have any other ideas, call me later.
Lee hangs up not giving Amanda a chance to say anything.. Because he has to hurry off the phone.
Looks like Amanda was going to say something.
She looks disappointed.
I think things are left a bit up in the air for Lee and Amanda here.. Lee doesn’t know how Amanda has taken things.. And we don’t know for sure what Amanda has believed and what she makes of it all.  Well, at least this is the impression I get.
I think it adds a little interest and suspense to wonder how Amanda is coping and how she will respond to things..
At the same time- there is a little hope, Lee ends by asking Amanda to call if she can help.

Maybe she is unimpressed with this, but I think it’s really lovely that he says this..
Maybe when she has calmed down she’ll see this?
Is she disappointed with Lee?
or..  just disappointed she’s not there?

When she puts the phone down she looks cheesed off! Cheesed off at what?
PFK.avi_20150912_200542. 12
What do you all make of Amanda here guys? I’ll share my ideas in comments (if and when I can)  as this post is massive..I couldn’t bring myself to split this conversation up!! this is basically a double post!

I’ll  give us a longer gap till I publish the next post so we can discuss all this goodness!

I think that at this point, what’s going on for Amanda is a little up in the air.. We can have fun speculating though Smile
I’m looking forward to hearing what you all make of this scene.. sooo much going on here!!

Lee’s reaction to Francine is massive- he’s made it very clear how much he values Amanda.. (well clear to us..) but is it clear to Francine?? Or has this sparked questions for her she is now seeking to answer??
IMHO this can fit with her attitude in FFFT!  I really hadn’t thought of any of this before.. I’m making this up as I go along! but.. IMHO Francine was really testing Lee and Amanda in FFFT- and we did discuss how Francine had started to notice scarecrow was changing.. maybe this episode is the catalyst? for that?

You know what else this scene may be a catalyst for? The way Lee snubs working with Francine and admits he prefers to work with Amanda in the beginning of FFFT!!! That’s the first time he admits it! Could this be partly as a result of Francine’s nastiness here?? whoooo.. much to ponder…Can’t wait to hear what you all think! bye for now!