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Current Episode for Re-Walk:

For the month of September, Cindy has chosen for JWWM to re-walk through:
Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now – See post 1/16 HERE


I hope you are all well – and I enjoy reading all the comments as they come through. Enjoy!
What’s the re-walk? read about it HERE

Please don’t forget to tag your comment #2019rewatch

Previously covered episodes in the re-walk:
September 2019 – Clagjanet chose: Times they are a Changin’
July/August 2019 – Sara chose: The ACM Kid
June 2019 – Nancy chose: A Relative Situation
May 2019 – Amandarambler chose: Life of the Party
April 2019 – SamnyB chose: Saved by the Bells
Mar 2019 – Cindy chose: There Goes the Neighbourhood
Feb 2019 – clagjanet chose: To Catch a Mongoose
Jan 2019 – Nancy chose: Waiting for Godorsky 
Dec 2018 – Iwsod chose: A Long Christmas Eve
Nov 2018 -Amandarambler chose: Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

-any errors? just comment and let me know!

Blog Post for Organising ‘re-walks’!

Hiya everyone! I’m copying over this comments thread
[from the smk update thread] so organising a walk through of previous episode posts can be discussed in the comments section of this post.

Yes… More Danger.. Excitement and…. Innnnnnntrigue!!!!
Let the smk fun continue!



Amandarambler | November 5, 2018 at 10:53 am |

Hey JWWM followers!! As a newer follower of JWWM, I think it would be really fun to connect with those of you who have been part of the walk for years and also engage newer folks like me who didn’t come by JWWM until later on. I had an idea about something while we “just wait with Iwsod” , and threw this idea out to her. She suggested I add a comment to the blog to see how much interest we may have in this approach.

So…would any of you be interested in simultaneously and as collectively as possible going on a re-walk through an episode’s posts (or multiple episodes)? I’ve been going through a few throughout the last several weeks while I watched through the series in revised order (which is fabulous, and thanks to all who added to making it). But I watched it so fast I wasn’t able to keep up the same pace with JWWM and would love to go back to some episodes to kinda simmer on them some more. We could collectively decide on maybe an episode a week?…Watch it if possible, and go back through all the posts/comments for that episode, adding comments as we go through it that week, if so inclined? It has been really awesome to think through and appreciate everyone’s viewpoints on those eps I have binge-commented on recently, and would love to find a way to keep our “walk”ing legs active before we get back to Nightcrawler…

Anyhoo, what are your thoughts? Please share your thoughts by replying to this comment if you would like to re-visit maybe an episode a week or so, and if you have any suggestions for an episode or groupings of episodes or something….

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!


  • Nancy | November 5, 2018 at 1:16 pmBack in early September, after Gilby57 posted that she was in S1 going through the episodes, I’ve been doing the same, albeit slowly as RL permits. Like you, I am using the brilliant revised order, making comments along the way. Next for me is “I am not now, nor have I …”That being said, count me in, you have a great idea. An episode per week sounds incredibly ambitious as we are headed into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays. An episode each month perhaps?


    • iwsod | November 5, 2018 at 6:59 pm would you guys like me to publish a little post about this – so you have a post to comment on and discuss plans?
      I can do a super quick post and leave you guys to organise yourselves if you like.. just let me know. [If you are happy just to keep using this post that’s cool too]
      Great idea Amandarambler – and hiya Nancy – I’m so glad you are commenting along the way


      • Amandarambler | November 5, 2018 at 10:36 pmYay!!!!! So happy to hear from everyone!! Iwsod, whatever is the easiest way for you for this discussion to continue sounds great to me!Also, to everyone, I’m loving your thoughts and excited to get the ball rolling to form a plan! I’m thinking we could select episodes at random, not necessarily have to do back to back episodes in order – maybe skip around some, maybe highlight a couple per season or select eps that have a general theme – favorites, non-favorites, ALCE around Christmas?, excessive dimple or Duffy sightings, etc. (Not saying we would do ALL that I just suggested, but throwing out grouped ideas…”noodles” to work with, to quote Quidd…


  • Cindy Davis | November 5, 2018 at 2:17 pmHey I am in, I might be able to convince Clagjanet to run through it again.  
  • Gilby57 | November 5, 2018 at 8:13 pm |Great Idea! But as mentioned the Holidaze are coming so maybe we could start with an Episode every 2 weeks? And then when the January Blahs set in we could do an Episode a week. Just a suggestion. Not sure how to phrase this? Gilby57 is a He, Yes that is Me. 
  • sara | November 5, 2018 at 11:28 pmI’m in. The most I’ve been able to do these days is read and ‘like’ but I’m on board.  
  • clagjanet | November 6, 2018 at 1:48 amI’m in! 
  • jule | November 6, 2018 at 2:53 am
    Sounds like a lovely idea! I may not be able to comment much but I will definitely follow with glee!

    Discuss away – who wants to be involved.. and how you’d like to go about it. [real life means I will likely only be able to participate sporadically!] I’ll leave it in your hands guys! Iwsod.

Get Ready for Season 4!! Starting 1 June, 2017!

Hi Everyone! Thought I’d let you all know that the walk is going to recommence on Thursday 1 June, 2017 – Are you ready for Season 4??!!What Happens Next
Who is walking with us?
Anyone not seen Season 4 for a few years?
[and as clueless about it as I am?]

The walk will start with the episode Unfinished Business, and Stemwinders 1 & 2 will follow. When the show originally aired, Unfinished Business was episode 3. However, it’s commonly believed that it was the originally intended season opener. For a discussion- see this post at Nedlindgers – I asked for people’s thoughts on what order to blog the episodes in.. as I couldn’t watch and decide for myself – I’m not watching the episodes in advance of blogging about them!
Thanks to all who shared their input. It was greatly appreciated!!

We’ll see how we go with the pacing, and dealing with some of the err ‘patchy’ smk content.. hopefully we’ll get through it together Smile I figure some yummy trail mix can make a tough walk that much easier Winking smile i.e. our love of smk, discussions and jokes will be the trail mix! Smile num num.

All are welcome to join us on this walk – jump on in and say hi! Smile 

Based on what we’ve seen so far- what burning questions do you have that will hopefully be answered as we walk through Season 4?
LOL I guess my meme above is one of them!
To get us started, here’s a few random burning questions…

Will Francine’s shoulder pads get smaller??!!

Will Lee wear a Tuxedo??!!!

Will Amanda get rid of the flippin guest pass??!!!

Will Phillip actually have a scene where he is being good to his brother?! 

[In honour of Cindy Dee’s fabulous season 3 baddie awards 5 part series]– Will the baddies be drinking tea in season 4?!!!

Okay. My excitement is building!!!! Who’s with me??