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Time to Pause the Walk (Back soon!!)

Hello my fellow SMK fans! Just letting you know, the walk is going to need to pause for a few months. Real life is getting in the way – but I promise I will be back, and this walk will continue. I cannot wait to walk through Bad Timing with you all soon!!!! pause-the-walk-gif2_thumb.gif

Thanks to all who visit and actively join conversations on our walk together.  Thanks also to everyone who has helped transcribe the show’s dialogue – and helped keep this blog running (err I mean walking.. you know what I mean..).

In the meantime, you may wish to revisit some previously walked through episodes!!! Do share your thoughts as you go please Smile 

It’s looking like I’ll be back about Sept/Oct.
Once I know for sure the start date, I’ll update to announce the date the walk through Bad Timing will start. Make sure you are subscribed to get these updates in your inbox. I hope everyone will join me again once the walk starts again.
Thanks everyone for your understanding!!

Announcement–The Walk continues: Season 4, Episode 6: Night Crawler starts 1 December 2019!

Hi Everyone!

Get Ready – December 1st, 2019 the walk through Night Crawler is happening!!!

After such a long hiatus I hope that we can all reconnect here together! Who will be joining us in real time as we walk through Night Crawler together hmm? If you are out there please say hi!!

This blog is moving to an ‘episode event’ format. The walk through Night Crawler will commence 1st December 2019. We may continue with Night Crawler into January 2020. I don’t know when the next episode ‘Billy’s Lost Weekend’ will commence, it may or may not be straight after – I’ll need to see how I go.. I’ll keep you updated!

I’m happy to go with the flow and just enjoy with you all – no schedule to follow. Just fun! So, we’ll see how we go… I think some episodes or scenes can stimulate more discussion than others – so I like to keep the walking pace adaptable..

Real life demands mean we’ll continue with this ‘event’ format for the foreseeable future.  I am committed to walking through every smk episode! In between walks through new episodes, feel free to explore previous episodes as the conversation never really ends it just keeps on going! Smile 

I relish any time I can get to indulge my love of this show and engage with you all along the way, and am forever grateful to you wonderful people who stop by here and share their love for this fabulous little 80’s show that aired just a few years with us all. Thanks everyone! JWWM wouldn’t be here if not for you!!!! thankyou2

See you back here on December 1st!

smelling salts label

Get ready- Swoony times ahead!!!!!

Current Episode for Re-Walk:

For the month of September, Cindy has chosen for JWWM to re-walk through:
Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now – See post 1/16 HERE


I hope you are all well – and I enjoy reading all the comments as they come through. Enjoy!
What’s the re-walk? read about it HERE

Please don’t forget to tag your comment #2019rewatch

Previously covered episodes in the re-walk:
September 2019 – Clagjanet chose: Times they are a Changin’
July/August 2019 – Sara chose: The ACM Kid
June 2019 – Nancy chose: A Relative Situation
May 2019 – Amandarambler chose: Life of the Party
April 2019 – SamnyB chose: Saved by the Bells
Mar 2019 – Cindy chose: There Goes the Neighbourhood
Feb 2019 – clagjanet chose: To Catch a Mongoose
Jan 2019 – Nancy chose: Waiting for Godorsky 
Dec 2018 – Iwsod chose: A Long Christmas Eve
Nov 2018 -Amandarambler chose: Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

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