13/16 Season Four Episode Three: Unfinished Business-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So at the end of the last scene we had this:
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002095095
And bam! We cut to this:4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002095895
Rather jolting!! Look what the cat’s dragged in! Winking smile ha haaaa
Meeeeooow! This Sinclair is quite the man about town.. he’s stylish!
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002096996
Blackthorne: Sinclair. (He sounds surprised to see him)
Sinclair: Up so late, Thomas?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002100500
[Oh my! these props are hilarious! Blackthorne is clearly compensating for something! Winking smile Sure Freud would have a field day with him!]
: Just having a nightcap. Join me?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002102502
(Sinclair puts his jacket aside as he joins Blackthorne)
: No, thanks. I’ll be leaving tomorrow after my speech at the Plaza, so I came to say goodbye.
: Oh. I know you’re anxious to get back.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002106206
[Ah Blackthorne, his modus operandi seems to be overwhelming his prey with massive amounts of empathic caring.. and then.. Pow! They’re stuffed for posterity!]
: You must come back to Ile de Marin soon. And don’t be surprised if all the schools are named for you.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002116082
[Oh the irony! I think everyone will be surprised at that eventually Winking smile  That Sinclair is so taken in could be interpreted as him being a bad judge of character.. but I’m guessing it’s more that Blackthorne is an excellent liar.
Sinclair thinks Blackthorne cares about schools and people! Look around you Sinclair! The guy likes to kill and stuff living things for recreation and then sets them up throughout his house as trophies! If you’re not careful, you’ll be next!
And.. I’m still worried about Goldie! haven’t seen him/her for a while.. hope Goldie has escaped!]
: Well, I’m looking forward to it. Don’t work too hard, now.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002125091
: Don’t worry. After seven years of revolution, I think I’m due a little peace and quiet.
: Good. Have a safe trip, friend.
(Lots of arm slapping and fond looks.. and Sinclair heads out)
: Thank you.
(Here comes trusty sidekick Landers for a baddie update!)
Landers: It’s all set. By tomorrow afternoon, Mr Sinclair will no longer be a problem. [this Landers is rather dull isn’t he!]
Blackthorne: Excellent. 
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002145412
[Muahahahaha! Winking smile
Boy have the secret service been fooled by these two – they are going to be apologising to Billy by the end of this ep!

I think on the surface this Blackthorne is rather dull, like his sidekick! But.. when I consider him more deeply, he’s beginning to become an interesting baddie. I think he has been so successful up till now with fooling people because he is excellent at identifying people’s emotional vulnerabilities. With Sinclair – it’s the love of his country and how hard he has been working.. with Lee –  Blackthorne shut him up with his so-called integrity in reporting what he heard, and capitalised on Lee’s pain and powerlessness in that moment over his parent’s fate. Blackthorne is very cluey, and seems to fly under the radar.. not the most fascinating television but LOL his home decorating style seems to make up for it Winking smile – just my random thoughts on this baddie.. feel free to share your own insights and thoughts!]

Back to IFF and I guess it’s the next day.. Speech at the Plaza Day for Sinclair!
We find Lee and Amanda in the Q bureau briefing Billy.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002151418
Lee: Then in 1953, Inter-Ocean Freight was bought out by Pan-Coastal Shipping, which went bankrupt in 1954.
Amanda: And Sir, we can’t find any evidence that these companies ever actually conducted business.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002160427
Billy: So?
: So, every one of these is a dummy corporation which can be traced to the same company. Redmont Supply.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002167033
Amanda: Started by Thomas Blackthorne with money that he got somehow during the war. [Ah! Soooooo Blackthorne is a crook.. that’s as much detail as I need to know 😉 ]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002167434
[Whoa! now that is information that should blow your hair back! Seems to have worked on Amanda! Only.. Billy doesn’t really have any.. which may explain his response…]
Billy: I thought I told you to lay off Blackthorne.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002172138
Amanda calmly: Sir. We haven’t been anywhere near him. This is just research.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002174140
Lee: Come on, Billy. Doesn’t this tell you something?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002177944
Billy: Yes. Yes, it tells me something. It tells me that you have developed an obsession. It tells me that you need a couple of days off.
[Okay. I gotta say. I feel for Billy’s character! We need a defender of Billy’s dignity! (A DOBD!) The writers seem to regularly give him lines that make him sound like a blockhead! Sad smile
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002178945
Billy knows Lee and Amanda well enough to not immediately jump to a conclusion they are obsessed! It’s obvious it’s based on something – and Billy hasn’t even inquired why they began to question Blackthorne in the first place! If Billy is going to accuse every agent who chases up their suspicions of being obsessed I think IFF should close up shop now and go play some goofy golf!]
Lee’s response to Billy’s conclusion that Lee is obsessed and needs a few days off is spot on
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002182849
– he’s quite speechless!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002183650
Billy: And don’t argue with me…4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002185151 …I’m doing you a favour by giving you a couple of days to cool out. As of now you’re on leave. I want you to turn this material over to Francine…
(Amanda looks shocked and disappointed)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002193660
…and let her sort it out. If there’s any real crime involved, we’ll follow it up. Understood?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002197464
Amanda: Yes, Sir.
(Lee remains silent!)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002199165
[Amanda knows when to shut up and agree… but yes, understood. Billy you can’t be reasoned with because you are being unreasonable. It’s like he’s obsessed with Blackthorne and staying away from him! Winking smile
Thanks for the ‘favour’ Billy! Not! I don’t really get Billy’s logic, Lee and Amanda have done further digging and uncovered evidence of potential criminal activity by Blackthorne – So therefore Lee is obsessed?! Billy knows nothing of Lee’s parents and that whole story line!
Oh and yet Billy wants the evidence turned over to Francine so she can follow up this evidence of the obsessed?  What am I missing?! They haven’t even talked to Blackthorne again! Oh whatev. Seems Billy’s door is closed on Lee and Amanda, but.. Francine may open a window Winking smile 

I think at the end of this episode, the secret service and Billy will be apologising to Lee and Amanda! [Hope Amanda can adopt Goldie!!]

This scene ends with Amanda turning around to Lee – who is glaring at the back of Billy as he leaves.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002202669
I don’t think Lee’s going to take a few days off. He’s obsessed! 😉

Obsessed Lee and Amanda are walking along an IFF corridor obsessively! Winking smile
Amanda: Well, we tried.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002207874
Lee: We’re not finished yet.
[What’s the verdict on Amanda’s outfit people? I love the colour, but umm.. it’s not working for me.. thoughts?]
Amanda: Yeah, I know we’re not. [LOL I love this – she knows! Of course Lee wasn’t going to sit on his hands and take a few days off! It’s amazing Billy thought it a possibility!]
…You know, I think this stuff in the margin is shorthand.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002208675[oh rofl! really?!]
Lee: Well, it’s not like any shorthand I’ve ever seen. [Why hasn’t crypto had a look at it?]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002211678
[Whooo the back corridor that never has people in it now has a guard! Gotta stop any extras from trying to walk down there and hitting the picture haaaa!]
Amanda: I know it’s not. I think this could be an old method called Pitman,
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002212479
…and I think I’ve seen Francine use it before.
[So I guess I did remember the shorthand, I just didn’t remember remembering 😉 ]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002218685
[That is one massive logo!]
…Why don’t I find her and we’ll meet you back upstairs?
Lee: All right.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002223890
[Why do they split up? I dunno!]

They part ways.. and we see a shot of extras in the corridor. LOL. but can I get a clear shot of it? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002225692
Noooo.. I hope all of season 4 isn’t going to give me trouble – it’s been tricky to get clear screen captures! Sad smile If it’s all of season 4 – I think you’ll be seeing less images in posts!

Interesting that IFF looks to have gotten a season 4 upgrade! Did anyone catch what the placards are indicating?
I think the first one they walked past was forensics and the second one is black something but I can’t see it. anyone?

Any thoughts on this post you’d like to share?

12/16 Season Four Episode Three: Unfinished Business-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Lee’s apartment to go over what they found in what I guess was Lee’s dad’s war room (aka bunker).
Great to see Lee and Amanda sifting through all this together. Not knowing what’s in there, Lee is placing huge trust in Amanda by not taking this all away to look through it all by himself before deciding if he will share it with Amanda. For me, this illustrates the trust Lee is now placing in Amanda Smile Incredibly swoony stuff. Much better than a tuxedo! Winking smile [okay well maybe only just! tee hee]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001904471
Lee: Another list of corporations.
: You know, I’ve never heard of any of these companies and so far none of them are listed on any of the exchanges.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001908675
(Amanda seems to be comparing these companies to the companies listed in the stock exchange results in the newspaper.)
[Ahhh so this is what people did before the internet! 😉 ]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001911878
(Lee looks over the corporations list) [deep in thought mode. I see Lee fixed his hair before tackling this lol]
Lee: These notes are 30 years old. They may very well have gone out of business.
: Every single one of them? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001917617
: Uh, that would be a long shot.
: Mm-hm.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001919152[I don’t know why but it’s cute to see Lee biting on his thumb like this.. maybe it’s because it reminds me of little Lee?!]
(We see a close up on the corporations list.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001922956
Anything of interest here everyone? I’ll leave this massive list for others to explore! I love to dig into these names and see if connections can be found. or lol bloopers. But.. I’ll leave this one to others to explore! I’m short on time 😦 Anyone here know shorthand? Are the scribbles short hand? If so, anyone able to  translate? ]

: Oh, we’ll run it through the agency computer; see what it comes up with…
(Lee waves his hand over the list in close up.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001924557
(here’s a hand close up.. but.. is it Lee’s hand? what do fans think?)
:…I wonder what these symbols are?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001927227
[lol not short hand I guess. Or maybe we find out they are and I’ve completely forgotten! but errr have subconsciously remembered?! that’s possible! A bit like Lee forgetting the bunker, but remembering how to screw in the light bulb for light!]
: I don’t know. They’re all over the place. It’s funny.
: What?
: Well, I don’t know. They’re vaguely familiar but I don’t know why. [Nah Amanda would know short hand wouldn’t she. She was practicing her short hand when playing the cover of Lee’s secretary in To Catch a Mongoose. I must be wrong!]
(Distracted by the funny codes, absent minded Amanda picks up a book in their collection and opens it.. )
Lee: Got to be a code of some kind.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001931664
Amanda: Yeah. Hmm.
(Amanda opens the book and immediately pauses)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001941074
Lee: You have something?
: Well, it’s, uh, a letter…to you from your mother. [What was it doing in his dad’s war room?!]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001945679
(Amanda hands the book to Lee)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001952686
Amanda (very quietly): It starts up there.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001954487
Lee reacts..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001956589
I’m sure you’ll describe his reactions here better than me..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001957090
Please do!
I’m  guessing that Lee is torn, he wants to hear what his mother has to say to him, but he knows it’s going to hurt. Lee is ready to face this pain and grief, he knows hearing what his mother has to say is precious. I’m thinking this isn’t worry about his mum confessing to being a double agent and that’s the furthest thing from his mind – what do you all think?]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001960093
Lee: “My dear son. There’s so much I want to tell you when you get older.”4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001962495
(Lee pauses…)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001971004
(Lee hands Amanda the book)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001977110
…Amanda, would you?
Are you sure?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001979913
quietly: Yeah.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001980714
[I think Lee is determined, but knows it’s going to hurt, so he reaches out to Amanda to help him get through this. It’s quite a symbolic demonstration of how Lee is no longer dealing with this on his own, and how now Amanda is in his life, and he has let her into this painful chapter – he can deal with this and accept and welcome her support. Err I mean, this is how I’m seeing it – what do you all  think? why does Lee give Amanda the book to read it for him?]
: “My dear son. There’s so much I want to tell you when you get older so I’m writing it all down, lest I forget.”
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001992125
Amanda looks up at Lee here, and then looks back down at the book. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001993727
Lee responds with a nod. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001994627
He seems to be jumping in his seat a little – all excited. Like he’s little Lee again!
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001994728
And he smiles..
[What a gift finding this is! And.. with Amanda reading it to him – he can accept this gift, even though it also hurts – IMHO!]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001996029
He’s eager to hear more.. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001996329
Amanda: “I’ll start with your father. Everyone thinks… we met in the States in 1949…”4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002001134
(At this point, Amanda’s voice morphs into Jennie’s voice. We see the shot transition to a flashback) [LOL why does this remind me of the end of Wayne’s World?!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002006539
Jennie: …but it actually happened during the war in London.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002010744
Jennie: I was walking down the street one night, minding my own business, when suddenly, a cheeky Yank…
(Jennie is walking along, and we see the cheeky yank turn her around so she was walking along with him in the opposite direction.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002016950
Matt: Excuse me, miss.
: I beg your pardon.
: Look, I’m an American. [That explains everything! Winking smile haaa ]
: Huh. Really?
Matt: I’m in trouble. Someone is following me. Just…walk with me, please?
[Couldn’t you just die?! Just Walk With Me!! Smile But why is this said with no close up?! in the dark?! booooo..]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002022322
Jennie: No, I will not!
(Jennie moves out of grasp and tries to head back in the opposite direction. But Matthew grabs her by both arms.)
[That smooth move Winking smile apparently written in Lee’s DNA.]
: No, no. Please,..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002024424
Finally we get a close up!
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002024924
…I’m in trouble…
(Jennie doesn’t look to be resisting much!)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002026626
… Please?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002027827
Jennie: All right. What do you want me to do?
[Aie. I am looking forward to hearing what you all make of this! If there’s a man in a red hat I’m going to lose it! We do have a red telephone booth 😉 ]
: It’s urgent that this letter be delivered to the Prime Minister’s office immediately. It’s life or death.
[Does the Prime Minister have a red hat?!]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002037637
(Matthew pulls a letter out of his inside jacket pocket)
[LOL I reckon this sounds like a line! Winking smile ]
Jennie: Oh, no, really, this is absurd.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002040940[So is your accent Jennie Winking smile ]
: What’s your name?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002042342
[Hmm maybe he should have asked that first!]
: Huh, I don’t think that’s any of your business.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002043643
(We see Matthew realising someone is approaching and he has to go. So he hands the envelope to Jennie and starts to run.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002046046
[If someone had seen him there it was obvious he just gave something to Jennie!]
Matt says as he starts to run:
Just deliver it, please? Just deliver it.
[He says it quite loudly.. so this baddie that’s pursuing him must be blind and deaf. Hmm things are looking good for Matthew to make a getaway! Winking smile ]
A couple of seconds later, two men in suits and hats run past her, in the direction in which Matthew ran.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002050650
Jennie watches this, sighing. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002054054
Seeing the two men pursuing him, she’s convinced Matthew is legit. LOL I see this and think the two guys could be Matthew’s wingmen! haaaaa…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002058058
We see the time shifting wobbles.. and re-join Lee and Amanda back in the 80’s. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002059559
Jennie’s voice morphs back into Amanda’s. [hoorah. would rather listen to Amanda’s voice any day!]
Jennie: But he said it was a matter of life and death, so I did try to deliver the letter.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002061561
Amanda: “Of course, who would let me in 10 Downing Street, and I didn’t think I should put it in the post.”4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002063963
Amanda: “Then one night, there he was, peering in the window of my basement flat.”4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002069569
[Is it just me or is this hilariously inappropriate?!
The vibe here is (I think) – how wonderful! Lee’s dad tracked down his mum… and it was the beginning of a fabulous love story!
But I just hear: creepy peering through the basement window of her apartment!!! whahahahaa..
At least when Lee found Amanda he reconnected with her in a public place in a totally humiliating but adorable outfit!
whahahahaaa… I suspect this is modern ears hearing this dialogue on my part.. and I appreciate that in the 80’s stalking and harassing women wasn’t taken as seriously as it is now- IMHO of course. Sensibilities here have (happily) shifted.]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002072172
Lee looks up.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002073573
Amanda: And it goes on and on…. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002075775
(Amanda flips over a number of pages. A rather long letter.. Lee looks really happy!)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002076276
[What a discovery! Can’t wait to hear what you think of all this!
Do tell!!
I think the wonderment here I can see in Lee’s expression – is Lee’s wonder that his parents met in a very similar way to how he met Amanda… Lee being a cheeky yank! And.. LOL yes even some of the exact same dialogue – in case the audience couldn’t see the connection. Who knew sentence structures and mating practices were coded into DNA? tee hee..
I like to think that Matthew had told little Lee (leaving out the top secret bits) how Matthew met Jennie… and that it was subconsciously stored away and so it was one day used by Lee.. When destiny had brought Amanda along in her PJ’s and raincoat.. ahem.. I’m not a huge fan of the whole destiny romantic connection trope.. but.. I figure it’s what smk is going for and I’ll go along for the ride.]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002077177
…There’s even a family tree…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002082682
…It’s really quite a legacy.
[that and great pick up lines! ]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002083483
Amanda hops out of her seat, and moves over to sit riiiiiight next to Lee on the sofa. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002085985
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002087387
She puts her arm around him…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002087687
And strokes him on the shoulder…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002088288
Lee looks up to meet her eyes.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002089689
Amanda quietly: Like father, like son.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002090990
They look at each other a moment..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002092592
And we get a zoom in on the two of them…
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002093093
And Lee looks away.  Amanda seems to just be open and accepting here with Lee as he processes all this! 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_002094594
Lee looks like a dark cloud has been lifted off him here Smile
I also think the like father like son thing implies that there is just no way Matthew (and Jennie) are double agents, baddies, common blackmailers or whatever.
Can’t wait to hear what you all think!

One last comment on this scene that would have been a total mood kill (even worse than a Wayne’s World reference I think. haaaa) I see there are plants at Lee’s apartment window. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001928161
Maybe Lee has a terrace out there but it looked to me his apartment was on the second floor?

Oh and one last thing.. if you want to go back to the blog post where Lee first turns Amanda around and says: ‘Just Walk With Me’ 🙂 – that post is HERE.
Yes, I agree it’s a travesty that the episode ‘The First Time’ was done by me in 3 posts. Criminal! I hang my head in shame!!!! Winking smile And.. I’ve been fearful of prosecution ever since!!! I’ve promised I’ll go back to it, when we are done with season4, and cover it more thoroughly – as it deserves! Hope you will all still be part of this journey when that time comes (oh in about 10 years haaaaa kidding!!!)
I’m snowed under with RL at the moment, so will get back here when I can. I’m looking forward to reading all your wonderful thoughts and conversations about this! bye!

11/16 Season Four Episode Three: Unfinished Business-Scarecrow and Mrs King

What’s next? We see the vette driving down a suburban street. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001585185
Pretty tree lined street.
They pull up in front of  a house Lee seems to recognise. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001600000
Standing out front, suddenly Lee realises there’s a boy up the tree out front of this house.
: Hey.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001607207
[Seems memories are flooding back for Lee as the boy jumps down.]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001615015
(The boy magically jumps down from the tree and lands in front of him. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001616216
The boy reaches for his bike and cycles away as Lee reacts to the memories flooding back..) 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001619819
[Not sure that these memories are happy ones?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001621821
Then again, maybe it’s the drug wearing off!]
(We see Amanda was hanging back by the vette. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001623423

Lee shakes his head and rubs his eyes.)
[drugs? or memories? Heck, maybe it’s both!]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001627027
(Lee watches the boy on the bike ride away..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001631231
This somehow seems significant to Lee.
Amanda calls out.)
: Lee?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001632032
[But wait! I have another mystery to solve. Where have Amanda’s earrings gone?! Smile

Okay okay.. not quite so interesting as the mysteries Lee is slowly unfolding!]

(Amanda calling out to Lee breaks whatever he was caught up in.. and he heads over to her immediately reassuring her)
Lee: I’m all right. I’m all right.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001638438
[Awh sweet that he immediately thinks of her and to reassure her Smile ]
(Together they head toward the house, Amanda has her arm around Lee. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001641041
Lee and Amanda take a look at that tree before moving toward the house. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001642242
Lee seems fixated on that tree.)
[I guess this is partly about the drug still affecting him?
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001643243
But! Love the white picket fence and daisies! Is this Lee’s childhood home? Love the thought that he grew up (briefly) in a suburban home with a white picket fence.. and flowers.. I wonder if this is partly why his early run ins with Amanda seemed to unsettle him so much. Subconsciously he was reminded of this stuff he is now wanting to deal with.
Okay, I think the show didn’t have this in mind at the time, but I think it works and I’ll go with it Winking smile ]
: What is it?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001647047
: It’s that tree. I, I probably spent more time in it than my room.
[Nice they can share a smile here]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001649049
(Lee reaches for her arm and pats it)
…But I’m OK, don’t worry.
[this little gesture reminds me of their cover during sour grapes- approaching arm in arm-and he pats her hand.

Only now – it’s not a cover!!! It’s for real! Squeeee!!!
HERE is that scene if you are interested.] 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001649849
: All right.
(They walk up the front steps.. and bang on the door.)
[Lets hope there are not thought to be dead but still alive (and leaving trails!) assassins living here!]
Hello? Anybody home?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001662462
(Amanda looks around the neighbourhood – is the coast clear? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001665265

Yep! Amanda indicates: all clear! 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001666266
Lee unpicks the lock while Amanda acts as lookout!)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001668668[I think she could have climbed that tree and been more thorough Winking smile ]
(Lee opens the door.. and calls out..)
(No answer! In they go.
We see them walking down a hallway..)
: Anybody home?4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001684284
(Lee seems to be remembering..)
Amanda: Which way? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001685685

(Amanda doesn’t rush Lee.. she patiently waits.. We hear Lee’s parent’s voices..)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001689289
: Daddy’s home. Daddy’s home. Hey, come give your tired old dad a big hug….
: ….Hurry up, Lee. You’ll be late for school….4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001695495
(Lee points to a side door and they head in that direction)
: ….We should go up to the…
Jennie: ….Mrs Ward will stay with you. We won’t be gone long, I promise….Happy birthday…Come on, Lee…We’re going to walk to the store with daddy…

(Lee realises he’s made a mistake and changes direction)

Lee: No, it’s, it’s this way.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001704304
Amanda: OK.
[Gosh I am struggling to get clear images here. Sorry this is the best I can do Sad smile ]
(We see a door open, and Lee and Amanda descend the stairs down to the basement. As they descend we continue to hear Lee’s parents saying random things.)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001719119

Jennie: Surprise. I made you chocolate chip cookies for dessert…Give mummy a big kiss goodnight, sweetheart. Sweet dreams….
: …What do you think about going over to Parker’s Pet Shop and get that puppy you’ve been talking about…?
Jennie: …Come here…
[I guess not so random – all give the message that Lee’s parents were good people, good parents who loved their son and were pretty normal. Funny how Jennie sounds more English in these memories than she did at the start of the episode Winking smile maybe they used another actress for the voice!]

Lee: This isn’t right.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001721521
: Well, are you sure this is the right house?
: Of course I’m sure.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001724924 [lol Um there is no of course about it you are still drugged up fair question Winking smile tee hee. I can understand why Lee would be feeling on edge!]
: Well…
(A ball drops and bounces on the floor.)
[Did Amanda knock it?]
(Lee picks it up and looks at it, it’s triggering some kind of memory. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001733733
A memory of a similar ball..
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001734134
We see little Lee’s ball falling down these steps.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001735935
Mathew Stetson is at the top of the stairs.)
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001740540
: Lee, what are you doing down there? I thought I told you it was off-limits? 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001744144
(Having retrieved his ball, Little Lee climbs up the stairs towards Matthew. We see Mathew looking lovingly at his son as he closes the door.)4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001746946 [All signs are – this was a loving family]

4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001754154
: Lee, where are you?…Lee, answer me. Lee…4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001756556
[No I was wrong, still a lousy English accent.. but don’t worry it’s just my opinion! But lol I think based on Lee’s expression above he may agree with me Winking smile tee hee.. okay kidding! ]
(Lee recalls a little more…. and suddenly, we realise it’s now Amanda calling to Lee to answer her.)
: Lee? Lee, answer me! Lee!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001759359
(Lee puts the ball down and turns to Amanda.)
: That’s it!4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001760560
: What?
It’s here.
: What?
(Lee moves to a different part of the basement and Amanda follows..)
Lee: I’m not looking for a locked door, it’s a trapdoor
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001770370
And it’s right here somewhere. Here.
(Lee pulls out his flip knife and starts cutting the vinyl flooring)
[lol hope they leave some money to replace it for the new owners!]
: Be careful with that thing. [whooo it musnt be a bendy knife!]
: Here.
: Shhh Be quiet.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001790757
(Amanda suddenly seems concerned someone above will hear.)
[Did she hear someone arrive? because a second ago she was literally yelling at Lee to answer her!]
: That’s gotta be it.
: You’re right.
(Lee uncovers a trapdoor and opens it..)
Amanda: Oohhh. Be careful.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001805171
Lee lowers himself into the space..
: Yeah.
: Easy. Easy.
: Yeah.
[There’s a whole other floor down there!]
(He turns on a bare light bulb and looks around him)
: Can I come down?
: Here you are. Come on. Careful.
(Lee helps Amanda down.)
[Interesting.. again, Amanda is asking permission rather than assuming it’s her right to follow him..]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001845412
[I’m shocked Amanda wasn’t magically wearing pants that day.. or her removable heels!]
(We see a dusty desk with a desk lamp, notebooks, a cup and saucer, and an ornament. A cardigan hangs on the back of a chair in front of the desk and cobwebs all around.)
You know, they told me this place was so secret so many times that I guess I didn’t remember it. [and yet, he remembered exactly where the light bulb was to turn it!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001853219
: Will you look at this?
(They look at some stuff on the desk there.. not sure what it is..)
Yeah. Look Amanda, let’s get this stuff out of here before someone comes home and we have to do some fancy explaining.4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001865165
: Yeah. Mr Melrose’ll appreciate that.
[LOL the blood vessels in his brain will appreciate it!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001873773
(Lee picks up a file. He pauses when he noticed the pipe sitting in it’s holder.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001876976
it’s covered in cobwebs.
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001878378
Amanda notices, and stays silent, watching.
Lee slowly picks up a pipe, 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001887787
and very carefully puts it carefully in his jacket pocket.
He looks up and sees Amanda noticed.. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001891391
Amanda stays silent.) 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001892392
[but communicates plenty! She oozes empathy and comfort..]
4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001893593
(Lee hesitates a second)
[so sad… but it’s wonderful he can have his dad’s pipe! I think Lee seems to celebrate this] (He smiles through his half formed tears at Amanda.. 4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001896196
She smiles right back.)
[though LOL she might be smiling because she’s managed to find her earrings down there too! Smile  kidding!!]4.03 UNFINISHED BUSINESS.avi_001897197
[I’m enjoying this rediscovery and new connection Lee has to his dad. A low key, but incredibly powerful moment. How about you?
Acting is Amazing KJ & BB! lol. Love how I write that as if they’d read it?! haaaa.. as if they’d ever stop by here! And if they did, I’d think I was being pranked!
Wow it even looks like his dad’s work at home casual cardy is still hanging on the back of the chair. Quite eerie! I think when Amanda gets home at the end of this all, she’ll pull up that vinyl in her basement and give it a thorough investigation!]
(Amanda hands Lee some stuff as she prepares to climb the ladder)
[LOL at how she is all ewww at all the cobwebs! Winking smile ]

The scene ends there, and aside from the pipe, I’m not sure what they’ve collected some files, books or something.. I guess the cardy wasn’t worth rescuing, the moths have probably been eating it!

Okay- I shall pause at the end of this scene here.. Reeeally can’t wait to hear from ya and chat with you all about this ep so far!