4/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

We find Sally driving along a street being followed by a sedan, they both stop at a stoplight and bed-lounging baddie gets out of car and walks to hers.
[LOL Cindy I love how you call him the bed-lounging baddy]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001002535
Baddie: Excuse me, sorry to trouble you. There seems to be some sort of a mix-up.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001015148
Sally: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Baddie: I think you picked up my bag by mistake back there in the laundromat.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001015148
Sally: No, I wasn’t at a laundromat. You must have me mistaken with someone else.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001022355
Baddie: I don’t make those sort of mistakes. I think that what I want is in the back of your car.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001023256
(Whoa. The baddie shoves her out of the way to get at the bag on her backseat. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001031664
We see a bag of laundry on her backseat. Not Carmine.)
[LOL, in a bag of Laundry vs Carmine boyfriend competition.. I think the laundry could win!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001027160 [phew. LOL um that bad was way too small to fit Carmine haaaaa…]
Sally: What are you doing? Get out of my car! Stop it!4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001030463
Officer: Hey! What’s the problem?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001034668
[um get of the car lazy officer! maybe the woman can’t answer because there’s a problem?!
This officer would call out – hey is this a mugging?
Mugger replies: no officer!
headsplap boo]
Baddie: Oh, there’s no problem now, officer. The car stalled. They’re overheated of something. Thank-you for your concern.
(The baddie slams the door on Sally.. and shaken she drives off.) [Poor Sally!!!! Hmm.. Has the baddie managed to continue to follow her? or has she lost him now? I don’t know..]

Next thing, Amanda is having a private word with Sally back at the University. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001046980
Was there a reason why this scene opened with a close up on that machine between them? I guess we’ll see.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001053286
I guess this is the next day? Sally and Amanda have changed into new outfits.
Sally: Look, I went over everything with a half a dozen other agents.
Amanda: Sally, we found a picture of you and Carmine in his office. [LOL so the half a dozen other agents missed that?! tee hee]
Sally: You’re pushing the wrong buttons.
Amanda: I’m not trying to push any buttons… [She just likes to lean on machines with lots of buttons!] …I want to find Carmine.
Sally: You and the rest of the world. Look, he was just trying to get a little publicity for a conservation bill.
Amanda: I understand that. But in the process, he beat a top-secret purification system. And there are a lot of pretty rough people out there who would do anything to find out how.
Sally: If you are trying to scare me, you’re doing a good job.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001076710
Amanda: I am not trying to scare you. I just want you to understand that I’m Carmine’s friend and I’m worried about him. Tell him to call me. I don’t want to see him hurt, and I don’t think you do either.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001083316
Sally: If I see him, I’ll pass it on.
The scene ends there, and we cut to Lee and Amanda walking outside the university.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001091725
What happened?
Amanda: I think I got to her.
Lee: And?
Amanda: She’s in love with Carmine.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001094728
Lee: Well, so what?
Amanda: She’s not gonna tell us where he is.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001098832
Lee sighs, 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001100033
and kind of chuckles to himself. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001100533
: It’s amazing how a little romance…
(Lee puts his arm around Amanda surprising her. Amanda reacts)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001101735
…. can complicate things.
(Amanda smiles in response as they keep walking)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001102335
Lee turns to look at Amanda as she turns to look away from him.. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001103937
The scene ends here.
[So playful! I’ve done my best here with the images but they are walking – and so it’s tricky getting clear images. And there are pesky extras who like to walk in front of this glorious sight!
Such a tiny little scene. I can’t wait to hear your take on it! Do tell!
For me, I think this smk scene is referring back to another scene back in season 2 –
Affair at Bromfield Hall. Down by the Thames when Amanda tells Lee Lady Bromfield does not love her husband. Lee scoffs at the idea that understanding someone’s feelings could be relevant to the case and begrudgingly listens to Amanda who asserts her knowledge is valuable.
Here? Lee doesn’t dismiss it, but needs Amanda to spell out why it matters..
So we have a little reminder of the Thames scene. Love it!
Then – to top it all off.. we have Lee ‘s sly reference to romance entering work relationships – i.e. their feelings for each other, and then he puts his arm around her!
Remember the Thames conversation ended with Amanda saying when you love someone you want to touch them?
Amanda was touching Lee and quickly withdrew her hand.. they started walking off only to have Lee put his arm around Amanda – and she tries to get away from it? haaaaa..

Here – it alludes to their romantic feelings – he puts his arm around her.. and she doesn’t try to get away!!!! haaaa Yep for me this is a shout-out to that fabulous season 2 scene. Minus the turtleneck Winking smile ha!
So, while a romance can complicate things, an unacknowledged or denied romance complicates things even more IMHO   Smile tee hee..
Thoughts anyone?
I can’t get enough of flirty playful Lee being aimed at Amanda!!! Smile  ]

Next, we see Sally leaving the university building, getting into her car parked in the VIP section, lol, and drive off.
Francine makes an appearance, seems she’s now on Sally’s tail.. Umm make that university student Francine.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001135669

[CINDY: OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HECK IS FRANCINE WEARING!?! Francine looking very lovely in a salmon coloured shapeless dress covered by a light pink short sleeved mannish top that makes her wider than a linebacker. Her look is completed by white tennies, ankle socks and a tan purse slung across her body. I think she is also wearing nylons for a finishing touch. Oh, I forgot the salmon coloured bracelet. She walks (Oh my GAWD – her lipstick matches her potato sack dress.)]. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001139272
[Remember these Banana clips?! Did you guys call these hair clips that? I haven’t seen these in years!]
(Francine gets in a red convertible and follows Sally.
Uh oh. British baddy is tailing them again too! It’s quite the little convoy!)

Back to IFF, a guy in a white coat is giving Billy, Lee, and Amanda a report.. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001169602
Charles: There’s nothing much out of his house or his dorm room. But, he did play with some pretty interesting toys down in his basement. 64-KZ-80 computer, circuits from portable radios, a microscope, ammonium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, phenolphthalein. It’s your basic toy store chemistry set. Nothing that could pollute the water.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001176209[I’m pretty sure this is Dr Anderson from Unfinished business – only he now wears glasses. He works in the IFF drug dispensary. And loves to ramble about analgesics..]
Lee: And nothing that’ll get us anywhere.
Amanda: What about his dissertation?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001178912
Charles: Well, he’s working with synthetic enzymes, specifically using these organic catalysts as a way of uniting various molecules.
Billy: Charles, we’re not chemists… [yeah speak English man!]
…But could it be used to beat the Omega Triad System?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001188221
Charles: Well, in layman’s terms, yes and no. (CINDY:Bwa ha ha – I love Charles!)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001192125
Lee: How about in non-layman’s terms?
[You can just sense Lee’s lack of patience with geeks like Charles!]
Charles: Well, according to Mr. Davis’s notes, he’s been able to break substances down and then at any given time integrate them back to their basic structures.
[I dunno, Charles, that seems to be a pretty layman way of explaining it to me.]
Amanda: How did he make the water green?
Charles: Okay, well, maybe this will help you.  Imagine I put half the formula for blue dye in this beaker. (We see Charles act this out) [Oh looky, he just happened to be set up and ready with this demonstration lol]
Amanda: Uh huh
Charles: and the other half in this beaker.
Amanda: Yeah
Charles: Now each beaker is harmless, passes though the Omega Triad System without a red flag. Then on the other side 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001221855
Charles: It’s just the combination of two chemicals. Now what Davis’s dissertation suggests is that he could do this with any compound.
Lee: And if he can?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001224557
Charles: If he can, you’re dealing with something akin to a molecular time bomb.

4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001241675
[Whoooo did somebody say ‘bomb’?! This bomb has no blue wire to cut! I sense I am about to fall down the rabbit hole here with this whole concept.. soooo … I’m going to just accept this, and move on! Anyone else want to run with it? go for it.. ]

Billy’s phone rings..
Billy: Melrose here4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001247080
Francine: I’m at the Paradise Fountain Hotel. Sally Boyer just went in.
Billy: Did you see Carmine?
Francine: No, but I’m gonna go in now.
Billy:Back-up is on the way.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001253987
Francine: Right.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001255555
(Bed lounging baddie sneaks up on her, takes out scary looking pen which is actually a syringe)
[Any reference to bed lounging baddie tells you this is Cindy’s description Smile  rofl! ]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001259959
Francine exits the phone booth.. and walks straight into British baddie and his pointy pen needle.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001261261
[yeah nothing suspicious looking about this guy standing close to you there huh.. ]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001261961
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001263563
[Francine collapses – that is one fast acting drug. Ummm is she dead?! I know this is really terrible, but the above picture capture is just hilarious!!!]
Bed lounging Baddie: Oops, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001264764
[Whoa.. poor Francine! Bit of a fail for Francine here.. a costly mistake.. okay lol I figure she isn’t dead, but still! – Francine should have picked up that she and Sally were being followed. You’d think with the Syrians, Libyans and whoever else apparently wanting Carmine, she’d be more careful.]

We cut to a close up on the Paradise Fountain Apt/Hotel again, zooming in and transitioning to what’s going on inside..
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001267867
[Before we go there, I’ve just gotta say.. did you notice the smk equivalent of dirty talk with the graffiti?
‘Say no’ , ‘Baby O Baby’ – rofl!!!! that’s hilarious. Ah smk I love it!]
(Sally walks into a really skeevy looking room)
Sally: Carmine. You’re in real trouble.
Carmine: It was an act of civil disobedience, a misdemeanour. I was supposed to have been picked up by the police and had my day in court.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001291391
Sally: You still can.
Carmine: Honeeeeyyyy!  Those are not metropolitan police out there. Those are federal agents. They’re going to bury me!4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001308208
[Is it just me or is this actor pretty lousy?]
Sally: They’re going to protect you. Stay with the plan, turn yourself in.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001310610
Carmine: My pla-? My plan is over. Just like every other plan that I have started… [Aie. Umm this Carmine to me is a real man child wimp! but lol maybe this is partly in the actor’s portrayal.. I don’t tend to find Carmine endearing at all.. how about you? I kinda hope Sally dumps him lol. I’m so mean! haaaaa.. ]
…The world is dying and they won’t listen.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001323823
Sally: Carmine, I care about the world too, but I care about you a hell of a lot more. [meh!]
Carmine: It’ll be all right.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001337637 [Huh? They are just words.. meaningless words..
IMHO a pathetic attempt Carmine.. not good enough for this woman who cares about you and who you’ve put in a difficult position because of your actions.
He doesn’t really deserve her! He’s pretty self absorbed and not really thinking of his girlfriend at all.. ]
Sally: I just don’t want to see you get hurt. That Mrs. King really scared me.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001345745
[I guess random dude who attacked your laundry with a knife was not connected to Carmine’s dumb actions?!!]
Carmine: Come here. Come here…

[They embrace.]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001355955
…So you think I should give myself up, huh?… (Sally nods into his neck) Well, Mrs. King was always pretty straight with me. All right. I’ll get my stuff.
[finally Carmine catches on. lol. better late than never! Good litttle man child!]
(cuts to Bed Lounging Baddie creeping up to room 235).
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001392592
Sally: I’ll go get the car.
(Sally opens the door, and the baddie forcefully shoves it open toward her, knocking her out.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001398598
He enters the room and points a gun at Carmine) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001401601
[who IMHO is up for the worst boyfriend of the year award.
Man he has some making up to do!!!]
Baddie: Mr. Davis. You and I have a little business deal to discuss.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001405205
[Me thinks there won’t be much discussion.]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001406706
UH oh. Look what you’ve gotten yourself and your girlfriend into Carmine! 

Lee and Amanda drive over to the hotel…. seems they are Francine’s back up lol. The baddie and Carmine leave the hotel right as Lee and Amanda drive past..
Amanda: That man’s got Carmine.
Lee: Hold on.
(Lee turns the vette screeching, the baddie pistol whips Carmine who falls into his car, then he starts shooting at Lee and Amanda. Cue lots of terrified onlookers dodging bullets. The baddies drives off making an escape.)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001466466
the Vette is pretty shot up! Good thing neither were hit!
The scene ends here.
I better pause here.. Anyone like to share their thoughts? Post 5 will be published in about 8 days time.. Hope you are all well!! 

3/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

Back at IFF, and Francine is on the job! She’s talking on the phone hands-free, and acting like she’s the boss! Go Francine!
Francine: I know exactly how many international flights come into Dulles….
[Uh oh seems Francine is getting some mansplaining aimed at her!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000686152
(she waves over some random agent..)
[Francine takin’ charge is a sight to behold!]
Well that is your problem, my problem is finding a terrorist. Now I want every passport and every piece of baggage double checked!
(Francine hands a piece of paper over to an agent)
to agent: … Scramble this, Get it to our Mideast operatives…
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000695161
(Agent does so without question!)
Back to the phone call: And if anybody so much as walks funny, I want them detained until we can question them.
(Francine pulls the thing out of her ear and puts it on her desk. she then addresses the agent sitting opposite her ) [Is this Jill?!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000702669
Jensen, pull Lannier and Davis out of crypto and get them out to the airport, pronto.
(Davis? Hopefully no relation to Carmine Davis! Cindy – were you working in crypto with Lannier?! come on you can tell us we’ll never tell! )
Jensen: Right away.
Billy: Francine, the White House is barking at me for an update on that terrorist angle.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000708675
Francine: Well, fine, we’ll tell them anybody with teeth is hungry for Carmine.
Billy: I think the president would like something a little bit more specific.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000716182
Francine: All right. Well, here is the latest profile…
(We see a close up on a computer screen)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000722489
[Anything smk-kooky here people? Do tell!]
…Syria, Germany, Libya, every terrorist organization is making noises.
(The phone rings..) [given Jill er Jensen is off on an errand, Billy answers the call for Francine haaaaa..]
Billy (on the phone):
Melrose….Where?…All right, we’ll handle it.
(to Francine): The Cubans have boats in the water. Let’s send a unit over to help the Coast Guard please.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000736536
Francine: Billy, I am running out of manpower. Now, you can’t expect me to track down every suspicious move in the Northern Hemisphere.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000741341
[I know it’s tough, but come on Billy, listen to your boss – you’ve got to narrow things down here! lol]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000746146
Billy: Come on. We’ve got to find Carmine Davis. Where are Amanda and Lee?
Francine: They’re blanketing the university. There’s no contact with Carmine yet.
Billy: Do you have anything good I could tell the President?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000753053
Francine: Do you want an honest answer?
Billy: I don’t think so.
Francine: [SIGHS]
Lol when delivering bad news to the president, Francine is all – you’re the boss Billy! haaaaa….

So ummm this is a political act by Carmine to change environmental protections – why are they looking into terrorists? What does it mean when Francine says ‘anybody with teeth is hungry for Carmine.’ Is this they want to use him? or they think Carmine is working for them? Or.. maybe I just need to hang in there and wait for a possible answer. lol. It’s just all put vaguely here and doesn’t really mean much. Or maybe I’m just missing the point.]

Moving on again…
(We hear lots of friendly university chatter! and find Amanda wandering down a university hallway. We cut to a shot of Lee in a lab packing thing into an evidence box)
Lee : ‘Kay, get this stuff down to the lab. I’ll seal off the room.
(Lee hands the box over to a random agent who does what he’s told. With no handbag no less)
Amanda: Sorry, excuse me. How’s it going?
Lee: Hi! It’s taken us two hours to clean this place up, I hope it pays off. How about you?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000805672
Amanda: They’re working on Carmine’s dorm room.
Lee: What about his professor?
Amanda: Oh, bad new, it’s still semester break. He’s in the Brazilian Rain Forest. They’ll try to track him down.
Lee: The Brazilian Rain Forest? That a big place and there’s no time.

(A woman appears at the doorway)
Sally: What are you doing?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000809876
Lee: Ahhh, I’m Lee Stetson, This is Amanda King.
Lee shows her his ID)
Amanda: Hello.
Sally: You’re federal agents?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000818284
Lee: Yeah, that’s right.
Sally: Sally Boyer, I’m the next door down. What did you do with Carmine’s papers?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000820453
(We see out in the hallway the Baddie with the English accent approaching.. we can hear what Amanda is saying.. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000830196
[CINDY: Evil bed-lounging baddy walks by in hallway.]
[Yep, he’s walking funny. arrest him!]
Amanda: Well, we’re trying to figure out how Carmine polluted the water.
Sally: He didn’t pollute the water. He was making a point with some harmless dye.
Lee: We know what he did. Maybe you could tell us how.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000835135
Sally: Yeah, well, maybe I couldn’t.
Amanda: Look if you know something and you’re not telling us, you’re not doing anybody any good.
Sally: I told you all I know. Okay?
(Sally stonewalls them and walks off in a bit of a huff. All observed by Mr British baddie out in the hallway).

Amanda: Never trust anyone over 30.
Lee: What?
Amanda: Remember we used to say that in college? “Never trust anyone over 30.” [did you say that? I didn’t!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000851951
Lee: Yeah, you think she knows more than she’s telling us?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000857057
(Lee takes a photo off the noticeboard and shows it to Amanda. We see a close up of it)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000859159
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: I think we better put a tail on her.
(Lee picks up the phone… We see British baddie hearing this and leaving to tail Sally himself.)
[Man oh man, why do Lee and Amanda have to talk so loudly?!]
Outside we see Sally exit the building and walk to her car – lucky her, she gets to park right out the front of that university building.. I’ve never managed that at a university ever!
(Sally opens her car door, a lump in the back moves, revealing Carmine)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000879279
Carmine: Sally.
Sally: Carmine?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000880480
Carmine: Get me out of here.
Sally: Oh, you really did it this time.
Carmine: Not now, Sally. Just get me out of here. [what, no ‘please’?!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000881614
(Sally gets in, dumps her coat on him on the back seat and drives off.)
[lol is it just me or are you getting a sense that this Carmine is a dopey boyfriend who keeps needing his girlfriend to get him out of trouble?! Me thinks Carmine has some making up to do to a lot of people!!!]

Of course, the soon to be rich baddie sees her leave..
The scene ends here.

Back at IFF. Billy, Francine and Amanda exit the closet elevator.
Francine: Lee’s coordinating surveillance on Carmine’s apartment, his office, his parents’ house, every place he’s been in the last 3 months.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000933566
Billy: Good.
Amanda: Excuse me, Sir, but if he knows there’s a whole army out there after him, he’s not gonna come out.
Francine: Amanda, this is a 25-year old walking time bomb…
(A random agent hands Billy a piece of paper.)
[LOL that’s happening a lot this episode!)
…What is it, Billy?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000946780
Billy: We just intercepted this transaction on the international bank wire. Someone in Libya just deposited a million dollars in an individual Swiss Bank Account.
Francine: Oh that fits. The Libyans need to do something really soon to embarrass us, otherwise their generals are gonna lose a lot of face in empty threats.
[Is it just me or is this a lot of detail? I mean do we really care? SMK short hand is Libyans do bad stuff. Nuff said!]
Billy: We’re working with the Swiss to try to get a name on the account, but that could take days.
Amanda: Don’t Swiss accounts mean professionals?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000962062
[And don’t Swiss accounts mean there is no name attached to it? only a number?  maybe I’m not understanding this but it seems a stretch for the USA to know a Libyan put money into a Swiss account? lol]
Francine: Oh, yes. Unfortunately, the worst kind.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000966866
Billy: Damn that kid! If we don’t get them before they do, some madman will have a weapon that could kill a city.

[‘that kid’ lol I do get the vibe that 25 year old Carmine behaves like and is seen as a bit of a man child!]
Billy and Francine walk off.. leaving Amanda to let out a big sigh (a lot of big sighs at the end of scenes in this episode lol!)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000978511
Cue the intense look.. this is a really really really really really serious situation everybody!!

Soooo what do you all think? and hey, did you notice how serious this situation is getting?!

2/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

On to the agency…
Looks like Billy has called a meeting.
Billy: In 1972, John Kinnerman, a love-in freak, was caught trying to dump a barrel of hallucinogenics into the District’s main water reservoir.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000350083
[oh rofl! go watch this – as Billy delivers this line, the camera pans out – too far – and you can see the boom mike above moving around!
Also it seems the lack of water means people can no longer sit in chairs. They have to sit on the board table now lol. ]
…You were on that case, weren’t you, Scarecrow? [lol has there ever been a case Lee wasn’t involved in?! For those of you who think about dates – does 1972 fit with Lee’s work history?]
Lee: Yeah, the guy was a burnout. He thought if he could turn on Capitol Hill, they’d get out of Vietnam.
[Is it just me or would you love to see the smk episode where hallucinogens get into the Washington water supply?! whahahaha]
Francine: If that stuff ever got in the water system—
Billy: It would be a nightmare. [no it would be kinda fun for an episode actually haaaaaa..
I just love how they have this little exchange worrying about what would have happen if hallucinogens got in the water system from an event back in 1972. Um maybe they should worry about the problem here and now!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000360126
[The extra behind Francine is totally not interested.. lol. I’m going to guess she loves to dabble in hallucinogens, her parents were hippies and she resents the characterisation of Vietnam vets who wanted peace as love in freaks-  rofl. Rather judgemental description from Billy…]
Lee: I thought the White House initiated a safeguard system after that scare.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000363363
[Lee is lookin good in that pale suit with that tan. sigh I have to laugh at the extra behind Lee – I think she has been sitting there with her neck crooked for an hour and she’s realising her head is now stuck. She’s wondering if her health coverage will cover a chiropractor.
So what’s the story with the extra behind her guys? do tell! Smile  Okay okay. there is a plot or something going on here.. something to do with um water. focus iwsod! ]
Billy: Well, a tactical force of chemists, army engineers and top Pentagon computer specialists were assigned to develop and install, on a need-to-know-only basis, the Omega Triad System.
Francine: Which is?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000374541
[‘Omega Triad System’ whooo sounds like a secret group of three superheros! lol.
Is it just me or is this camera angle weird?]
Billy: Well, basically, it’s a computerized lab which randomly samples the water for inert gases, toxins and about a hundred other impurities.
[hmm 3 superheroes sounds much more interesting!]
Lee: You’re not supposed to get a flea’s whisker (CINDY: wth?through that system without a lot of red flags popping up everywhere. [rofl. a flea’s whisker Lee?! What does that mean?!]

(we see a blue print of this super complicated system)
Billy: This is the most technically advanced grid system in operation today. It never shuts down and it constantly monitors itself. We just checked the system with a chlorine flush. All the pumping stations shut down. The purification plant started an automatic backwash, the White House instantaneously switched to reserves. So the system’s working.
[Aie. why soooo much detail about how this flipping water system works. enough already. My eyes are glazing over..
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000405171
I’m like the lady behind Francine! She’s still out of it! ]
Francine: Somebody beat it. [lol therefore um technically it’s not ‘working’]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000411478
Billy: People, I don’t have to remind you that Washington, D.C. is a prime target for every two-bit extremist…
[Cue an intense close up on Billy. This is serious business people! rofl!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000415382
…It won’t be long before they find out that our water is vulnerable…
[rofl. Umm they already know now don’t they? so yeah it won’t be long!]
…Now I want this guy ID’ed and picked up today. Move it out.
[ID? just ask Amanda! If Lee doesn’t already know the guy, Amanda will Smile]
(We cut to outside the boardroom as the people file out.)

Francine: Metropolitan P.D. has already screened 1600 anonymous tips positively identifying the man in the video.
Billy: Well, follow up on every one.
[Aie, lets have a conversation with all our backs to the camera! rofl!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000434734
Francine: ugh!
Lee: That could take weeks!
Billy: You’ve got hours. We’re already getting reports from the Mideast. Everyone with a grudge against us wants this guy.
(Amanda intercepts them in the hallway)
Amanda: Excuse me Sir, I know I should have followed procedure and gone through the proper channels, but I thought you would want to see this, right away.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000440740
[Why is Francine still giving Lee that look when Amanda interrupts?! Seems she is still fighting the reality that is Amanda the agent, and Amanda and Lee the close work partnership – leaving aside the romantic partnership. Honey, Lee is no longer going to side with you about Amanda – move on! Great performance by MS here – these little moments keep the characterisations alive and really add to the scenes!]
Lee: What is it?
Amanda: Well, it’s a positive identification of the man who was on television. I’ve got his last known address, last known phone and next of kin.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000447842
[haaaa Lee is curious, Billy is super pleased, and Francine? I think she is grinding her teeth! Smile]
Billy: Well, what are you waiting for? Go get him!
Amanda: Yes, Sir.
Lee: Come on.
(Lee and Amanda quickly leave.
Billy, still grinning, hands Francine the piece of paper)
Francine: Oh, tip number 1601.
(Billy is unimpressed with Francine!)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000460126[eh? it was a positive ID. not a tip.
I think Francine comes off here looking like a sourpuss. She was just complaining it was too much to check and when Amanda provides the answer it’s basically made fun of. Love Billy’s reaction. He doesn’t respond to her other than to hand her the piece of paper and walk off. ]
(Left alone, Francine lets out a massive sigh.)
[She looks positively dejected and lost!
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000461928
A tight deadline of 1600 tips to check in a few hours that is basically impossible? Francine can handle this.
Amanda being right? Oh no way. Not okay, can’t handle it!!!! whahahahahaaa!!]

Moving on to suburbia…
Man 1: This is point one, we are 10-20 at the Davis house.
Woman over radio:
Roger, point one.
A car pulls up out the front of a house, three agents get out and star running around the side of the house.
[lol. Nothing suspicious looking going on here!]
2 male agents and one female agent carrying a purse (LOL!) run up the street)]
[Oh my gosh!!! you are right! that’s hilarious!!! A handbag and heals!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000478945
(Another car pulls up out the front of the same house. Three male agents get out.)
[None of them have handbags, nor manbags Winking smile]
(Lee’s corvette pulls around the corner, while the three agents all walk around to the boot [trunk for you north Americans!]. Seems the agents have retrieved some kind of two person battering ram. The three agents rush across the lawn and down the opposite side of the house to the original three agents.)
Man 2: This is point three, we are in position and the block is secured.
Man 3 over radio:
This is point two. We are 10-20, in position.
Woman over radio:
Stand by point one and two. All agents move.
Man 2: I’ve got it.
Woman over radio:
Suspect is considered a priority one.
Man 4: Let’s go.
Woman over radio: No gunfire, suspect is to be taken complete.

(Lee and Amanda get out watching all this activity unfold.) [Right in front of the Davis house. That they are suppose to be covertly approaching. Hilarious. oh and rofl how the agents can’t get the gate to open properly haaaa.]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000502369
Amanda: Somebody really called out the militia.
Lee: Yeah. This guy is the most wanted man in D.C.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000509876
Amanda: He was a nice guy when I knew him a couple of years ago. I mean, I guess he could have changed… (Amanda looks up to see a helicopter in the sky) …Helicopters are a nice touch.

(Lee and Amanda walk up to the front door and Lee rings the doorbell – door opens to reveal a man, late 50s to early 60s)
[whooo both Lee and Amanda are showing their ID!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000525191
Mr. Davis: Mother, they’re here! You’re here about Carmine, right?
Lee: Yeah.
Mr. Davis: I told you they’d be here, but nah, you wouldn’t let me call.
(Both Mr Davis and Mrs Davis- aka ‘mother’ [that’s her rap name] meet Lee and Amanda at the door.)
Mrs. Davis: He’s not here.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000534801
Amanda: Hello Mrs. Davis, I’m Amanda King. Do you remember me? Carmine helped me set up an ecology group a couple years ago.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000537203 [rofl. do you remember me?! Do you remember Lee and Me? we were newlyweds when we first met you.. and you um called yourself Mrs Craddock back then haaaaa.. oh yeah no you wouldn’t ‘remember’ us because you couldn’t see us very well anyway!
Man I wish we’d seen another assignment of Lee and Amanda playing newlyweds later in their relationship!]
Mrs. Davis: Oh, I’m sorry, Carmine set up so many of those things.
Amanda: Yes, I know. We need to talk to him.
Mr. Davis: Talk to him? Hell, I’d like to wring his neck.
Lee: Uh, I’ll have to have a look inside, if you don’t mind.
Mr. Davis: Sure. Come on, I’ll show you around.
(They invite Lee and Amanda inside..)
[Put away that battering ram agents! I see Lee and Amanda have taken a friendly, non-threatening approach here.. Lee seems to be taking a leaf out of Amanda’s book here with this approach. I can’t imagine him talking to people like this in season 1.]
Mrs. Davis: How much trouble is he in?
Amanda: Well, he broke the law. He scared an awful lot of people. The water supply is a pretty sensitive thing. We need to find him.
[How ironic. The water supply is a pretty sensitive thing. Yep, that’s why Carmine is doing what he is doing!]
Amanda: Thank-you.
(The four of them head down into the basement to check out Carmine’s space.)
[Is this is the same basement that was in Lee’s childhood home?!]
Amanda: When was the last time you saw Carmine?
Mr. Davis: Well, he was home this weekend, wasn’t he, Mother?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000587354
Lee: And he didn’t say anything he was up to?
Mr. Davis: No, he just did his laundry, cleaned out the refrigerator and went back to school, Just like every other weekend.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000594561
Mrs. Davis: He’s been pushing hard to finish his Ph.D. dissertation. We barely see him anymore.
Lee: What’s all this stuff?
(The camera pans over a really messy bench covered in old computers, wires and stuff)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000601167
Mr. Davis: It’s his play bench. He’s had it ever since he was a kid. [rofl. ‘play bench’ ah maybe its time to update the name!]
Amanda: Well, we’ll have to have someone go through it.
Mr. Davis: Yeah, I understand. Carmine’s done something really stupid and he’s gonna have to pay for it.
Lee: Yes, he will.
Mr. Davis. Umm… Could you kind of make sure they don’t make it too hard for him and sure make his mother feel better.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000624591
Lee: Uh, I can’t promise anything.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000624891
(Lee isn’t sure how to respond.. but he is trying to be sensitive here.. as he replies he looks at Amanda)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000626693
(The Davis’ are stunned at Lee’s reply..) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000629696
Amanda: We’ll do our best. We can promise that.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000632999
Lee: Yeah.
(Lee and Amanda smile nervously at the Davis’
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000634501
It’s small comfort!) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000637504
[at least they can see an effort to comfort here, when there is little that can actually be given because of their dingbat son and his actions!)
Moving on!
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000638405

(Cut to outside shot with Capitol Hill in the back ground and boat parked on the street.
[I was certain that boat would have been towed by now haaaaa]
Cut to exterior of 417 Grand hotel in run down area of town)
Female TV reporter: It has been confirmed here, at the Davis home, that Carmine Davis, a 25 year old Ph.D. candidate at the University of Georgetown, is responsible for the greening of Washington’s water.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000653119
[my my, where is this reporter’s handbag?!]
(We see a man laying on the bed watching, a phone to his ear.)
Man with accent: I know your government’s anxious for an opportunity…Well, of course I can, he’s in my back yard.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000655522
[Hmmm dodgy hotel with weekly rates?
A foreign (British?) accent?
This has gotta be a baddie!
Where’s the tea?!
oh hey, this actor is doing double duty as an smk baddie! Do you remember where we’ve seen him before? I’ll reveal this at the end of this post in case you want to have a go remembering before I give the answer! ]
Female TV reporter: Any information on the whereabouts of this man.
Man with accent: For that amount, your government can have exactly what they want.
(The baddie hangs up the phone and forms a pistol with one hand, he points the pistol at the tv, where Carmine is now appearing..)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000672639
[The above image is just begging for a meme!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000674741
(We see Carmine on the tv straightening his tie.)
…Carmine – you are going to make me a very rich man.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000678345(the baddie clicks his fingers.)
[He’s understatedly gleeful at the amount of cash that is about to head his way. lol… and uh oh. One of those greedy unscrupulous baddies!
Carmine seems to be a pretty naive guy who is already in way over his head, but he just doesn’t know it yet. This predator is going to hunt you and your green water down Carmine!]
The scene ends here.
So this baddie was ‘Levic’ one of the bad guys who tried to kidnap Raul and Scotty in Filming Raul!

Here he is!
Did you guess? I didn’t.. I had to look it up! lol.

So we shall pause here… any thoughts or comments you’d like to share?!