11/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

So, we left Billy making a phone call in his office.. next thing..
Billy is walking down the corridor of IFF.
[Whoooo I wonder who he was calling??!!
LOL there’s now a desk right in front of that corridor that is suspiciously always empty Winking smile  Is it just me or in the shot above- can you totally see a crease in the picture of a corridor that is trying to pass itself off as a corridor?! whooo.. ]
Dr Smyth pounces on Billy. not even saying hello, he just immediately launches into his speech.
Dr. Smyth: I don’t care a fig about your bruised sensibilities, Melrose…
[Billy doesn’t seem to be surprised. lol]
…When you’ve got an infection you don’t put treacle on it, you burn it out. I acted accordingly.
(Billy crosses behind Dr Smyth to his other side.)
Billy: In the field, my agents risk their lives…
…Stetson trusted me. I can’t betray that.Stem-II.avi_001594961_thumb_thumb
[Call me crazy, but I’m starting to think Billy wouldn’t just continue on at IFF and not put his job at risk when Lee and Amanda are being hung out to dry. Seems to me he is drawing a line here with this new assertiveness. Lee’s trust in him has inspired Billy to new heights of loyalty for Lee and Amanda.. ]
Dr. Smyth: Stetson no longer has agent status; Mrs. King never did.  Stem-II.avi_001597263_thumb_thumb[whoa!!!! oh yeah??!!! well.. who would want agent status at this place anyway??!!! and lol I guess she had been a probationary agent rather than a full one. Whatev! Choke on your agent status pal!]
Billy: It’s- it’s not a matter of status.
Dr. Smyth: No, Melrose—it’s a matter of time. Either we grab Scarecrow before he takes a walk on us, or you and I’ll be dusting off our résumés.Stem-II.avi_001610377_thumb_thumb
(Francine joins them and hears the end of this threat)
Dr. Smyth: I find job hunting so déclassé. Don’t you? [KC notes – déclassé : French for lower class/downgraded]
[I think Billy already knew before this conversation that his job was at risk here. This is not new information.. I don’t think Dr Smyth is really concerned that he could lose his job – I think he’s probably far too smug that they are going to get scarecrow to really worry. but just IMHO]
(Billy’s jaw is grinding away at Dr Smyth’s threats)
(Dr Smyth walks off.
Francine immediately goes to jump in and say something to Billy…
…But he cuts her off)Stem-II.avi_001619386_thumb_thumb
Billy: Okay, Francine—don’t give me that look. I won’t blow my top just yet. We can do more for Lee and Amanda on the case than we can off.Stem-II.avi_001626092_thumb_thumb
[Ah! Okay he doesn’t want to lose his job. Fair enough, but I think he is willing to if it comes to that. Francine? ugh.. no comment!

I’m thinking Billy is pretty limited because Dr Smyth will be watching him like a hawk. I’ll be interested to see how this plays out, and if or how Billy can help. If Francine can help I’ll be shocked Winking smile  Anyone else not know what’s ahead?]

Billy walks off.. and the scene ends.

We cut back to the King house.. Jamie is trying to do his homework I guess, but Phillip throws a ball at him without warning.
Phillip: Ho.
(of course, not knowing it was coming, Jamie doesn’t catch it)
Jamie: Oh. Good shot, moonhead…. Mom said no playing basketball in the house.Stem-II.avi_001633266_thumb_thumb
Phillip: Thanks for reminding me.Stem-II.avi_001634467_thumb_thumb
(Phillip thwacks Jamie with the ball.)
[Charming this Phillip.. ahem.. Hey had Phillip’s voice broken before this scene? I never noticed it before. Time to grow up Phillip! Winking smile ]
Jamie: You’re welcome.
Phillip (under his breath and tossing the basket ball in the air): Geek eyes. [Yep. Real Charmer..]
(Joe and his sexy cardy surprise Phillip and grab the basketball.)
Joe: Hey…. Just ‘cos your mom’s not here, doesn’t mean you can break the rules.Stem-II.avi_001642575_thumb_thumb
[Interesting to see Joe back and needing to be the disciplinarian!]
Joe: You know, I’m gonna give her a full report when she gets back. [lol okay so he’s not a disciplinarian, he’s a note taker!]
Phillip: Ah—I was just putting it away, Dad.
[Yeah right!]
Jamie: What? So you could actually do some homework for a change?Stem-II.avi_001647480_thumb_thumb
[Is it naughty of me to cheer for Jamie getting a dig in at his brother?! Winking smile ]
Phillip: Why don’t you- Stem-II.avi_001650583_thumb_thumb
(Phillip gives Jamie a shove)
Joe: Hey, hey, hey… (more quietly)… Come on, guys, come on… (Joe bends down to their level behind the sofa) …
Now—no fighting….
…Look, we gotta stick together. Look, uh… I’m not supposed to say anything, so you can’t ask me how I know…  but your mom’s okay.
Jamie: Did you talk to her?Stem-II.avi_001666499_thumb_thumb
[I’m wondering myself! Smile ]
Joe: I said no questions. Now, you’re just gonna have to trust me on this.
Jamie: Mmm… we trust you, it’s just… Well, I don’t know about Phillip, but I’m a little scared. Not much; just a little.Stem-II.avi_001677210_thumb_thumb
[Something would be wrong if you weren’t! So yeah, haaaa maybe Phillip isn’t scared haaaa!! Kidding!! ]
Joe: You’re doing a lot better than I am, ‘cos I’m a whole lot scared.Stem-II.avi_001680714_thumb_thumb
[lol umm that’s so reassuring! not!! haaaa.. especially to two non adults! .. Lee said something similar to this to Amanda didn’t he.. haaa and didn’t she make a crack about it? or am I remembering wrong? I’m not going to look it up, I’ll rely on you guys correcting me!]
(Group hug time!!)
[lovely to see them together]Stem-II.avi_001687520_thumb_thumb
Joe: We can be scared together, okay?
The scene ends here..
[Sweet! I wonder if this is something of a one off scene, or if we will be seeing more of Joe in future. Not sure I want to see a lot of Joe in future. LOL.
You know it just struck me how husky Joe’s voice is.. Amanda must have a thing for men with husky voices! Winking smile ]
What do you all think??!!! No Lee and Amanda in this post – but they are very, very present!! 

10/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

So where are we… Lee (the daily delight) picks up Amanda (the walking pineapple) by the side of the road..
Lee leans toward Amanda.

[at least I hope it is Amanda. With those sunglasses I can’t be sure! Winking smile ]
Lee: I’m clean since Kenilworth Gardens.
Amanda: So am I. We lost ‘em.Stem-II.avi_001413179_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
[Hoorah!!! well done you two!]
Lee: We deserve to be nailed. I’m a jerk to think that we could’ve walked right back in. And I never figured Billy for a double crosser.
[Lee’s mad at Billy. Can I just say – the directing here in this scene? a mistake. why is the camera so far away? What’s with this view we see here???!!!! with the arm like that? it’s weird! It’s like we are eavesdropping on them. but I don’t like it! Anyone like it? for a second I thought this was KJ directing.. I’m getting confused with Unfinished Business – but no! It’s not KJ and I think KJ wouldn’t stuff up such an emotional moment!]
Amanda: I don’t think he is. I think he was just as surprised as we were.
Lee: Yeah, maybe…Stem-II.avi_001427394_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
[Finally!!! we get a flipping close up!]
… Amanda, someone has changed the rules and we don’t have a copy of the new rule book. A final appeal has always been a truce; it was an agent’s right!Stem-II.avi_001433600_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
[Hmm I think they are at the point where they can pretty much make up their own rules! Dr Smyth changed the rules – and agents have no rights!!
So surprised to hear this from Mr Rules Breaker himself haaaaa. I guess this final appeal was a sacred rule even Lee wanted to follow..
Interesting point about agent rights. All and any of Lee’s and Amanda’s rights have been tossed away by the agency!]
We cut to Amanda..
[At least I think it’s Amanda.. I’m really not sure.. ahem.. I think Colleen in Flight to Freedom had smaller shades than Amanda here!]
Lee: Rostov is the only one we can count on now because he needs us as much as we need him.
Amanda: We have each other; that’s something.
[Yeah. I’d find that really touching.. if I was sure this was Amanda.. and if I was sure she meant it. haaaaa.. these sunglasses are just beyond bizarre and ruin this scene for me. A scene that should be a very touching connection between these two. Why??!!! Why???!!!!]Stem-II.avi_001441708_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Lee: Yeah. It’s more than most people in this business will ever have…
[Awh. how lovely!]
…I didn’t think we’d have to go through anything like this to find out that we’ve got it.Stem-II.avi_001449916_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
[how interesting.. I thought they already knew they had this.. maybe now they know it more deeply than they thought possible? Can’t wait to hear what you all make of this statement!!]
Here’s Lee with his heart on his sleeve.. and we see this:
Amanda (at least I think it’s Amanda Winking smile ) gives a quiet smile. without the eyes? it’s a guess what that smile means to me! Stem-II.avi_001451418_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Lee: Hey.Stem-II.avi_001453420_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Uh oh back to that weird wide shot!
Lee leans in to give Amanda a kiss.
(At least I think it’s Amanda. I can’t be sure Winking smile  One thing I am sure of: I wish it was me 😉 )
(Amanda lets out a sigh..)
[hey.. wouldn’t you?!]
(Lee picks up a newspaper and shows it to Amanda..)
Lee: Look at this.
Lee: “Confirmed. R.“ That’s it. Rostov’s set my defection for tomorrow morning. Now, if we can just dodge ‘em until then.
Amanda: Wait a minute, this is from Joe.
Lee: What?Stem-II.avi_001470403_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Amanda : “Panda, Debbie Ann can’t come home but we got the message, and we miss her. J.J.”Stem-II.avi_001470904_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Lee: W- wait a minute. Now, your mother called you Panda when you were a little girl—who- who’s Debbie Ann and J.J.?Stem-II.avi_001481614_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
[I love that Lee knows Amanda was called Panda!]
Amanda: Well, J.J.’s Joe—that’s like Jolting Joe. Jolting Joe DiMaggio, you know?
[Not really, but I’m not interested enough to care!]
Lee: Yeah. Right.Stem-II.avi_001492125_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Amanda: And- and Debbie Ann is Debbie Ann Macabie—she was my best friend when we were eleven and she ran away from home and I hid her in the attic only she wanted to go home and she was scared of her daddy, so I snuck a note to her mom.Stem-II.avi_001492926_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
[LOL we get quite the Amanda ramble here. At least I think it’s her – maybe it isn’t because she suddenly sounds quite southern talkin about her daddy!
Okay, I’ll assume it’s Amanda lol.. she’s excited.. but I love how Lee stays with her, and at some point smiles glowingly at her and that she is rambling and he just wants a simple answer!]
Lee: Well, at least the home front’s with us.
[oh my gosh. Lee is so happy for Amanda and so understanding – it’s very swoony!!]
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: You feel better?Stem-II.avi_001498131_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Amanda : Yeah. [I’m not sure.. because with those massive glasses I can’t tell!]
Amanda: Boy… it was the worst trouble I ever got in when I hid Debbie Ann Macabie in my attic.
Lee: No, it isn’t…Stem-II.avi_001505038_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
… This is.Stem-II.avi_001509242_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Amanda: Damn right.Stem-II.avi_001509642_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
[Not sure why Amanda smiles when saying this.. is this nervous giggles? Bit weird.. and.. Amanda just said ‘damn’?! ]
(Anyway, Lee and Amanda get a move on and the scene ends there.)
[At least.. I think it’s Amanda.. I can’t be sure! I would have preferred that Amanda stay in her cover as a pineapple during this scene.. but.. it is what it is Winking smile ]
I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this scene!!! Do tell!!

We’ll continue on.. and I’ll publish the next post with a bit of a delay…
Back to IFF later that day..
Billy: You know, this could be a bullpen full of CPAs or an ad agency….
[Whoa, Billy sounds really low Sad smile ]
… Except that these perfectly normal folks come to work…
(Billy walks over to look at the monitors)
… to spy on people, to kill them, to topple their governments.
[Yeah it’s all pretty intense!! Looking out at the bullpen, it looks normal- but this is certainly no normal workplace!! And.. here is that theme we started with back in Emilio’s and being a normal couple.. but there is nothing normal about them. So too with this workplace! What do you all make of this theme? ]
Francine: -Billy, please. Billy. Don’t go getting all moody on me, okay?..
…It’s just a setback. Why don’t you try giving yourself some of your own best advice? I mean, you do it to me all the time.Stem-II.avi_001541007_thumb
[Francine isn’t on my favourites list after her behaviour so far in the stems! But.. I’m glad she is able to try and support Billy here. Try. I love that this doesn’t come naturally to her, but she gives it a go..]
Billy: Yeah… Stick to what you know instead of what you think you know. Fine. Stem-II.avi_001547514_thumb
Billy: What do we know?
[You know Lee and Amanda!!! Smile ]
Billy: That shouldn’t take long.
Francine: Okay, so we don’t know a whole hell of a lot, but let’s add this to our short list. I asked my, uh, snitch at the task bureau to do me a drawing of the man who tipped him.Stem-II.avi_001558324_thumb
Billy: The tip we followed to find Lee at the gourmet supermarket?Stem-II.avi_001562028_thumb
[lol thanks for the reminder of the events of the last episode! Winking smile me forgot it all!]
Francine: Right. A lot older, a lot grayer.
(Francine hands over the sketch.. and a photograph)
[whooo he was quite the moody hot model when he was younger this Alexi! Winking smile  A Russian version of Lee! ]
Billy: Alexi Makarov. Right here in DC.
(Francine nods)
[Okay, um good job Francine actually doing a little investigating! are you forgiven? no way!]
Billy: Chalk one up for Lee.
[Billy is back in the saddle!! Smile He’s suddenly more upbeat and back on the case!]
Billy picks up the phone to make a call and the scene ends there. So we shall pause here also! I’ll be back with the next post in 3 or 4 days (sorry real life is keeping me busy- but do chat away and I’ll get back here when I can!)

9/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Sorry for the delay in publishing this – and eek! At such a tense moment!! Gah!!!
Has Billy betrayed Lee? Will Lee think Billy has betrayed him??!!! Will Lee and Amanda be captured and D-1’d and G-1’d?! On with the show!

(Amanda tosses a smoke bomb down on the ground floor.)
Agents: Move in!.. Come on, come on!… Cover the exit!
(Amanda tosses another smoke bomb as the agents all move in..
Billy stays where he is while these agents scurry around.. [he’s certainly not going to help them!]
Lee runs around with his gun in the smoke, Amanda tosses another smoke bomb, agents scurry around some more..
More running and scurrying through smoke. Lee reaches a winch of some kind that raises him up to the next level to join Amanda.. [Ahhhh there is some kind of wonderful metaphor in that I just know it.. 😉 ]Stem-II.avi_001286019_thumb_thumb
[rofl is that winch hilarious or is it just me? It’s soooo slow it’s like Lee is a sitting duck on that thing! But.. ] The agents are not fast enough, and Lee makes it up to the next level.. Stem-II.avi_001301735_thumb_thumb
Lee reaches out to take Amanda’s hand and they start running..
[What a shame it’s so blurry! but.. they are in a hurry! ]Stem-II.avi_001308942_thumb_thumb
An agent spots them upstairs..
He yells out to the other agents that they are upstairs..
We see Lee and Amanda making their way across a bridge outside..
Downstairs, in comes Dr Smyth and his cigarette [adding to the smoke levels!]
[Dr Smyth looks all smug at having destroyed Billy’s plans here.. Billy? He can’t even look at him!

You know when this is over, Dr Smyth should lose his job! ]
Dr. Smyth: Ç’est la guerre, Billy.
Finally, Billy turns to look no glare at Dr Smyth.

[All things said and done, Dr Smyth seems to be at war with himself (aka his own side. but then I think Dr Smyth only has his own side-himself!) – and it’s a war of his own creation. If they’d cancelled the stemwinder games or at least changed the flippin radio frequencies, none of this needed to happen. Stem-II.avi_001332098_thumb_thumb
[I do wonder how Billy is going to respond to this double cross!]
(Billy doesn’t answer. He just walks away.)
[Me thinks Dr Smyth may have won this battle, but he has lost the war!]

(Outside the building, Amanda climbs down from the pipes with Lee’s help. They sneak behind the boxes etc. Stem-II.avi_001343510_thumb_thumb
they look around being super careful..
Lee sees Billy talking to an agent-
Amanda sees too. Stem-II.avi_001346513_thumb_thumb
Lee quickly, silently, motions to Amanda to take cover. Stem-II.avi_001347514_thumb_thumb
Which she does..)
[I think Billy sent the agent inside.. to help Lee and Amanda? I don’t know..]
(Lee takes cover also.
[Billy seems to have guessed Lee and Amanda are there somewhere.. and the scene ends with Billy looking in their direction, but not seeing them – all alone, and looking pretty bereft.]

The scene ends here.
[I’m left with the vibe that Billy can’t help them much.. and they are on their own.. and Billy looks really sad about this 😦 what do you all think?
Maybe Billy was trying a low key tactic to win Lee’s trust and then nab him? Dr Smyth here could have ruined everything – when Billy fully intended to bring Lee in! [I don’t think that’s what Billy was doing, but it could have been is my point]. I don’t know if this is true, it’s just the vibe I get at this point.
Boooo to Dr Smyth! I hope he becomes the dog the President kicks after all this! Winking smile ]

We see a shot of downtown DC.
[LOL is that a guy parked on the side of the road selling melons?
Random! And.. is that Amanda’s car in the middle there? have we seen this shot before?!]
(We find Lee walking along a street incognito..
Whooo nice baseball cap!)
[Is this still part of their escape from Dr Smyth and his agents? did he have the jacket/cap stashed somewhere and the tshirt under his shirt? me confused.. then again, maybe Lee’s tactic is working perfectly: iwsod is confused! ]
(Lee sees something concerning..
So he ducks down behind a rubbish dumpster. Stem-II.avi_001371037_thumb_thumb_thumb
We cut to Amanda walking down a street,)
[seems she’s undercover as a walking pineapple.
With a massive handbag Winking smile]
(Amanda ducks into a driveway..
We cut back to Lee now wearing a different kind of cap, and a rugby shirt.)
[Did he hide that there in advance? Nice! whoooo he’s that good!! Smile 
He pops up and tries to look casual.
Behind him, another guy pops up wearing Lee’s baseball cap and jacket. lol. Um did Lee plant that guy there? or randomly approach him? seems like a strange outfit to swap. I’m going with it was a set up and this decoy Lee dude is part of Lee’s ‘family’. Stem-II.avi_001385051_thumb_thumb_thumb
Decoy Lee turns and walks in the opposite direction.
Amanda steps out of the gateway,
[me thinks she still looks the same.. it’s not like her head was covered before. different handbag? whooo who is she?!
lol. okay I exaggerate, but I think the grandpa outfit she wore passing on the message to the boys was better.
It’s great fun watching Lee and Amanda do their spy stuff here regardless!]

A garage door opens and the Delano daily delites food truck pulls out with Lee at the wheel…

Amanda walks down an alley way, and the food truck stops in front of her.. Nicely done! Smile She was looking a bit peckish! Winking smile Amanda gets in.

Before we join the truck, we’ll pause here! Any thoughts you’d like to share??