Get Ready – Suitable for Framing starts Feb 2023


Hi Everyone! Get ready – the next episode ‘Suitable for Framing’ is starting the second weekend in February 2023!!

Who is walking with me??? Anyone out there? 

Peacockdancer- a huge thanks for transcribing this episode for us!!!!

This episode will be three blog posts – I’ll publish one post every weekend till its done (Saturday or Sunday depending on your time zone)…

Does anyone love this ep? I look forward to hearing why as we walk through it! Hope you can join us 🙂

**edited to add: Sorry all I’m going to have to postpone a month -the family is all sick and it’s keeping me too busy for smk at the moment… I’m sure many know what I’m talking about! 😉 I’ll be back as soon as I can.

JWWM – What’s next? *As of 18 Feb 2023-still open to input :) *

Hi Everyone, 
We now have 3 more episodes till the end of the walk through all 88 episodes of SMK. So I’d like to do a shout out and give people who stop by here a chance to share their thoughts on what they’d like to see happen next for JWWM and the walk through SMK episodes.

I will eventually need to make a decision about what to do, and how I will do it – but I value your input and wish to give you all a chance to share your thoughts, ideas, and if you are comfortable explore the pros and cons of the different options. Here is a place for us to do it. Of course, if you wish to share your thoughts off the web, feel free to email me directly your ideas. All ideas and input are enthusiastically needed by me the blog’s administrator to figure out what’s next!!!!

A few ideas I have.. [I’ll set them out as numbered dot points to make it quick to refer to them in your comments]

I did toy with starting a second blog for the second walk, but the $$ for storage problem isn’t solved by that as we like lots of images (of Lee in a tux.. of Lee and Amanda glances, of lip licking.. of bloopers.. of Francine nonsembles. you name it!)

I’m going to leave this post pinned to the top of the blog, till the walk through Season 4 is done. So no hurry, and have a think.. share your thoughts. Like I’ve said before – I will not delete any content from this blog without a warning so please don’t worry I will give you a heads up and time to keep your own copies of whatever okay?!

Be open and feel free to share what you think!!

4/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before you read this post… let’s play a game: no cheatin!!! Hey how many minutes in this episode do you think we see Amanda on screen? Maybe share your answer if you’d like to play… and I’ll share the answer at the end of this post!
Onward! Let’s finish up this episode.

Lee follows McGill to a property where Garrett is hiding out cleaning his shotgun. lol. Love how Lee parks the vette on the entrance road where it would be impossible to miss.

McGill leads Garrett into the house to look inside the suitcase, he follows along and has no idea he’s being played..
Lee sneaks up to the house and finds inside it’s the big bad reveal time.
He watches through the glass as McGill’s betrayal sinks in for Garrett..

Garrett: Thirty-five years in the military and I’ve never been outflanked. Never thought I would be. Certainly not like this, by one of my own soldiers.

She used Garrett’s gun to kill Carpenter, and has a suitcase for him – which carries the Hale jewels, a suicide letter, his dress uniform and some pills.

He can take the pills and make it easy… or he can do it the hard way and have her shoot him..

Garrett: Easy for who? The blood of good people are on these stones. You’re not going to profit by it without the living memory of putting a bullet in me.

McGill lifts the gun.
McGill: That’s really not a problem for me, General. You see, the note works either way. At this close range, the tattooing from the powder will serve as a self inflicted.

(As she’s speaking, Lee uses his gun to shatter the window. McGill jumps and spins to look.)
Lee: Hold it!
(Lee fires and hits her shoulder as she fires back.
She empties her clip, enough to send both Lee and Garrett diving for cover. She drops the revolver and runs out the back door.
Lee stands and comes to the door.)

Garrett: She’s hit. She dropped her gun but she may have another.

Lee tells Garrett to call the agency and Lee starts his pursuit of McGill.. She’s picked up the shotgun… takes a few shots at Lee as he drives right at her in Garrett’s jeep [which is presumably named floozy].

She retreats into a shed, where she is cornered.

Lee thinks she’s given up…She gives Lee a super pathetic expression as he starts to believe she’s given up..
Only when he is close enough she sprays him in he face with something. [I can’t believe he fell for that..]
Anyway, Garrett comes back in time to shoot her dead saving Lee. Hoorah!
It’s pretty funny how Lee’s eyes stop hurting the moment she is shot dead. Haaaaa. [but I’ve also very glad those pretty pretty eyes are okay!] McGill was a pretty decent baddie in the end I think.. but that’s about as much as I want to think about that action finale. Lol!

It’s tag time and we head back to the hospital.. Lee and Amanda have brought… flowers?!
Guys, I cannot wait to hear what you think of this tag!!!
I’m going to rely on Clagjanet’s faithful subscription and then I’ll share my take on it..
(Lee and Amanda step out of the elevator, Lee with a large bouquet)

Lee: Behind all that society glitter and glamour, she’s really a very simple person.
[Not all society glitter is gold!]

Amanda: I’m sure she is. I’ve read about her for years in the society columns.
Yeah, well she might be a little groggy. She inhaled a lot of smoke.

(They stop outside a door, as Elisa walks towards them dressed in haute couture nightwear, a handsome doctor on each arm.)
Elisa: Oh, these young interns have been so wonderful. Miracles cures.
(The interns drop her arms and leave) [Get back to work!]
(To Amanda) We haven’t met.
Amanda (holding out hand): Amanda King.

Lee: Ahh, she’s my partner.

Elisa: Partner… yes. So wonderful to meet you.

Amanda: Yes, well it’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.
Elisa: Well, I haven’t heard nearly enough about you. Come on in. We need to talk. (She takes Amanda by the arm, pushes her into the hospital room and then turns to Lee)

As Lee stands there looking bemused at the flowers… 

The end!!

My thoughts?
Lee doesn’t actually introduce Amanda, she has to introduce himself. I think he’s so confused lol.
nothing about this tag endears me to Elisa Danton at all…
I just find myself questioning why Lee felt it was a good idea to bring Amanda to meet her, and why he had to introduce Amanda to her in the first place. I guess because I wasn’t really sold on Elisa being of any real significance to Lee as a former love interest. Okay…okay okay it made for a cute bookend to the episode.. whatever..

What is Amanda wearing?????!!!!! with the big tie and those massive massive huge shoulder pads it looks like she’s trying to dress as a clown..

The dialogue IMHO is totally loaded and I love it!!! (will translate what I think they were really saying!!)

Of course I’m biased but I think Amanda would do just fine with the likes of Elisa Danton, after all Elisa’s charms won’t work on Amanda (wrong gender) and Amanda is confident that Lee is pretty firmly hooked so Elisa can play her little games but they are unimportant to Amanda! I think Elisa should look out! lol or who knows maybe Elisa wises up and decides to become a spy and Amanda becomes her mentor. cough cough.

So did you play the game? did you guess how many minutes we see Amanda in this episode? I was curious… so yeah.. I added it up! Out of a 48 minute episode? We saw Amanda…. for 3 minutes and 55 seconds! It explains why I miss her.. and in a strange way I find it reassuring! How did you go guessing?! Do tell 🙂
I might try to guess in the next episode before I add it all up too! Sorry I didn’t think to have a guess first before I calculated it!

I remember back in 2008 when first discussing this episode online I did up a little translation of what I thought might be happening in the subtext for laughs. Sooooo I’ll share here my take on this tag again with only minor changes!

Iwsod’s Tag Dialogue Subtext Translation!
Lee: under all that society glitter and glamour she really is a simple person
(Lee subtext: yeah under it all she really is a simple party girl!!)
Amanda: I’m sure she is I’ve read about her for years in the society columns
(Amanda subtext: yeah right and only simple people are in society columns for years??!!! Not!!!)
Lee: Yeah well, she might be a little groggy she inhaled a lot of smoke
(Lee subtext: I hope to dear life she is too groggy.. so I can get out of this unscathed!!)
Amanda: Yeah
(Amanda subtext: I hope she isn’t too groggy I want to meet the trollop errr high society party girl.. )
Elisa: oh Lee these interns have been so wonderful, miracle cures. We haven’t met (holding out her hand to Amanda)
(Elisa subtext: Suffer Lee! you scared Lee?? I’m meeting her!! )
Amanda: Amanda King
(Amanda subtext: MRS Amanda Stetson)
Lee: She’s my partner
(Lee subtext: That stupid secret marriage! She’s MRS Amanda Stetson! Why did I do this stoooopid secret marriage?!)
Elisa: Partner? yes, so wonderful to meet you.
(Elisa subtext: Right. this blue clown is Lee’s partner??? I want to know all about her!!!)
Amanda: Well it’s nice to meet you I’ve heard a lot about ya. 
(Amanda subtext: I want to see what Lee has moved up and on from! Did he take you skiing to Pine Top???!!!)
Elisa: Well I haven’t heard nearly enough about you come on in we need to talk, alone. (grabbing Amanda and pushing her into her room)
(Elisa subtext: I want to know everything so I can know how low Lee has sunk so I can move on to chewing up more men and spitting them out – or maybe the more generous subtext – is she a spy too??? how can I sign up?? tell me more the spy biz sounds like it could keep me entertained!)
Lee: ahhhh…. ????
(Lee subtext: Oh My Gosh!!!!What have I done? What do I do now???? why am I holding flowers again????!!!!!!)

What do you all think of this tag???? do tell!!!!!
So what do you make of this episode? As a whole?
I think once I got into it, it wasn’t so bad… there are some gems here, there’s just a lack of Lee and Amanda scenes and I miss it!

Next up? Suitable for Framing!!!!!! I’ll announce when it’s start date is confirmed. 

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