3/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back to the agency. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000634634
The scene opens with a close up..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000637237
Billy is meeting with a member of the military. Lee and Francine are there too.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000641341 Man (Colonel McJohn): Until a year ago, a doomsday bug like PD-2 was just a bad rumor. Then, an escapee from Russia wiped out an entire Finnish village in less than a week. It turns out he was a human lab rat for the Scarlet Rose—The KGB’s ultra-secret chemical warfare group….
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000659759
…we’re sure they hit Lee during that mugging. Which means that within 24 hours, he’s going to be contagious…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000672572
…Not sick, mind you, contagious… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000675175
…You see, the difficulty with PD-2 is that, uh…the carrier has no symptoms.

I could have destroyed most of our counterintelligence operation, if Amanda hadn’t insisted on me seeing Doc Kelford, I… I could have taken out the whole agency. [Ouchie!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000686186
Colonel McJohn:
Uh, not really. The bacterium dies after two generations of transmission. The damage would have been substantial, though. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000691891
[Aie. Oh no not the whole agency, just a lot of important people! How does a bacteria die after only two generations of transmission? anyone know anything about this?! One I could see but two? And why am I even trying to make sense of this? Just go with it Iwsod!]
Francine: What about a remedy?
Colonel McJohn: The Russians have it, of course. We’ve been working on an antibiotic since the Finland incident, but uh… We still haven’t cracked the nut. It’s got to be administered before Lee becomes contagious or it’s useless.
[oh hoorah. someone is talking antibiotics lol. Maybe Billy was supposed to say Antibiotics rather than Antidote in the previous scene.. ]
Billy: What are the chances of coming up with it before then?
Colonel McJohn: In 24 hours?
(The Colonel shakes his head)
{{SARA: Thanks, Colonel Mc-Downer!}}
[Haaa lol Sara, well he doesn’t have much good news to give really! More like Colonel McRealistic?! ]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000723723{Billy stands and offers his hand to shake the Colonel McJohn’s hand.}
If you need anything, anything, let me know. It’s yours.
Colonel McJohn: How are you fixed for miracles?
(The Colonel leaves)
[Okay, sooooo Lee’s got 24 hrs before he’s contagious, and once he is the antibiotics will become useless. Sooooo 24 hrs to get the magical antibiotics/antidote from the Russians. Got it!]
Billy (to Francine): Put us on a magna alpha alert. Code double red…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000731331
[Oh boy, that sad sad tragic music in the background is ripping my heart out here! gah!!!! ugly cry ugly cry!!] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000736269
…Coordinate physicals for all personnel. Then jump on this Scarlet Rose. Find out who runs it, where they are and how we can get to them…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000739973
…If we can’t count on Colonel McJohn’s team to crack this nut—and I don’t think we can—maybe we can beg, borrow or steal it from the Russians.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000745078
[Sounds good!]
Francine: Yes, sir.
{Francine starts to leave, pauses before reaching the door, then goes to hug Lee as he stands up.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000750283
[My goodness they are laying it on thick with the harp and all the feels!! ugly cry ugly cry ugly cry!!! but okay okay, it’s lovely to see Francine giving Lee some comfort here!] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000751384
Lee: Hey… It’s going to be okay, don’t worry. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000757490
{Francine leaves. Lee turns back toward Billy.}
[Oh hang on, what is Lee doing back in those work clothes? He was wearing an 80’s sweater and different pants back at Amanda’s! Why did he have to change back into his dirty work clothes for this meeting?! Looks like they’ve changed up the scene order? or inserted the kitchen scene? Maybe that’s it.. thoughts everyone?..]
Billy: I have to make the call to Mrs. McMurty, Lee.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000764297
[oh boy, that music tells me Mrs McMurty’s is no holiday resort!]
Lee: Yeah. Listen, Amanda is waiting for me up in the Q bureau. I’ll fill her in on this, but… Billy she’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a family, except for my uncle, and… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000778011
…Well, if anything should happen, I’d… I just want, you know, her sons and…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000782115
Billy: Just let me know what you want. It’ll be taken care of.
[Ah Billy, you are a gem!
Err now you are asking, an antibiotic to kill PD2 would be fab!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000797230
Lee: Yeah. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000800433
[Amanda is family! Very sweet Lee is thinking of Amanda and her boys.
Though haaaa I’m guessing he will send Billy a memo and say if anything happens to me I don’t want Philip to get my car. I want Jamie to have it!!! haaa!! This has become my head canon!!]

Next up, it’s back to the Q bureau and Lee is filling in Amanda. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000807340
[Oh look, seems Amanda has randomly decided to put her dirty work clothes on from the day again too.
Definitely looks to me like they’ve inserted the chateaubriand/Dotty/Lee/Beaujolais scene in for some fun and romance, and then to give us a big bam right in the feels.
Ouchies SMK!!! You’re deliberately ramping up the Ouchies!!!! Focus Iwsod..
Okay, I’m glad we have the kitchen scene and that they added it! It’s okay no one can see me ugly cry anyway! ]
Lee: That’s as much as we know so far. McJohn and his people are doing everything they can.
(Billy enters.)
Billy: Francine finally got a line on that Scarlet Rose group. (To Amanda) How are you, Amanda? (to Lee): And guess who’s been the head honcho for the past three years? [Billy’s excited!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000818752
Lee: Who?
Billy: Anatoly Doneck.
Lee: Doneck? When did he drop out of sight?
Billy: Um, 1983, Germany.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000828862
Lee: Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. We shut down the Heinhoff gang in Berlin. I put a bullet in Doneck’s knee… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000836803
[OH MY GOSH!!!!! It really was Lee who gave him that limp??!!!! whahahahahaaa!!! Oh that’s soooo funny!!!!!!
Hang on… the neighbours are wondering what’s soooo funny!!!!!
Okay, I’m back! Focus Iwsod! Whoooooo this is really angst ridden and serious!!! ]
…Wait a minute. Wait a minute. When I was mugged the other night, I saw someone in the shadows. I couldn’t see his face. But he ran with a bad limp and he carried a cane.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000849015
[He ran??? Really?]
It could be him.
And it could be that he’s running a field test on PD-2 and waiting for me to die.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000856022
{Cut to Amanda looking sad.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000856523
Billy: Well, if he’s here, we’ll get him.
{{SARA: Gotta love Billy for his optimism. Take a lesson from him, Colonel McDowner!}
[Agreed!!! I’m loving your comments Sara!!!]
{Billy starts to leave, then pauses by the door to the Q-Bureau.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000862429
Billy: Oh, your escort’s waiting downstairs. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000863830
Lee: Uh… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000864831
(Lee quickly glances at Amanda then back at Billy)
Billy: Amanda, if you’d like to go with him to Mrs. McMurty’s, you may.
(Billy leaves)
Lee: Amanda…
Amanda: What’s Mrs. McMurty’s?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000874541{{SARA: I take it she’s not the woman in the neighborhood who all the kids love, with the great snacks, Halloween treats, etc. lol…j/k}
[yeahhhh!!! haaaa. Does anyone know if there is a reason/significance to this name being used?]
Lee: It’s an isolation facility. They have to keep me there under protective custody. I mean, it’s high security, Amanda…4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000887754 …But they do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible. What do you think?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000890056
We don’t hear Amanda’s answer. Just her facial expression..

[Not that I’m complaining but I always wondered how Amanda could go with Lee when he is supposed to be ISOLATED. Doesn’t it put her at risk of catching the bacterium?! Especially if they are going to be sucking faces.. cough cough.. Hmm maybe they’ll address this as we continue.]

Cut to …{View of the outside of the capital building from a street.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000892359
{{SARA: I think it’s Constitution Avenue.}}
Next, we see another close up on that clock of doom! 4 hours down… 20 hours to go..}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000894761
Billy is in his office, talking on the phone, basically cracking the whip to get Doneck.
Dr Smyth shows up. Uh oh.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000906239
I’m going to skip this scene, other than to say that Dr Smyth questions why Billy is making such an effort, displays his characteristic care and concern for his agents! Err no… his characteristic heartlessness and callousness more like! He then teases Billy with not letting Billy do what he can to save Lee…

I guess it’s important to note that in this scene, Billy clarifies they have 17 hours left to save Lee,..  4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000939272
[Ah you can see the clock behind him is still showing 7 o’clock. so Billy just can’t do maths under pressure. Maybe when McJohn said at 3 am that Lee had 24 hrs, he really meant less than 24 hrs. Whatev. Okay! He has 17 hours! gah!!!!!!]
Billy also tells Dr Smyth that this is not just about Lee, it’s about stopping Doneck and this bioweapon.
As Sara said in her comments for this scene: Go Billy!

Back to the USSR embassy to check in on the baddies.
The Russian sidekick of Doneck updates him that the plot has been discovered. Duh Duh Duuuuuuhhhhhhhhh….
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000963296
Russian guard:
  An agency Magna Alpha alert has been issued. Stetson’s been secreted away. Probably to some medical facility.
[Whoa. They have good information!]
Doneck: No. No, no, no. Our psychological profile indicates that he would never seek out medical assistance. That’s one of the reasons I chose him. How did this happen? [That and his bung knee right Doneck! haa]
{{SARA: rofl… Clearly, Doneck doesn’t know about Amanda!}
[haaaaaa I love this!!! Go Amanda! Good thing Doneck doesn’t know about Amanda! I mean if they were not keeping that secret marriage of theirs so sooo secret he might actually know that they care about each other you know?! 😉 ]
(The sidekick wants Doneck to return to Moscow because he’s the key to PD2, but Doneck isn’t having it..)
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000991224
Doneck: …While I am inside the walls of this embassy, the president himself couldn’t touch me. Besides, Stetson has destroyed my plans—again. This time, I reserve the right to be present at his death. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001014647
[Muahahahahaa!! Oh good. yes do hang around Doneck! I hear the tea is excellent at the Russian Embassy Winking smile  Something tells me that sadistic streak and your arrogance are going to bring you down! Delightful. ]

On to Mrs McMurty’s..
A clock tells us it’s 10am. [uh oh. 14 hours to go!]
Amanda and Lee are together in a cold room. Amanda’s pacing, and Lee’s tending the fire.. 
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001039539Lee: Amanda, you saw the film Lawrence of Arabia, didn’t you?
Amanda: Sure.
Lee: Remember the scene where he…he puts his hand over the flame of a candle? He doesn’t move, doesn’t even flinch.
Amanda: Mm-hmm.
Lee: Finally, someone asks him… What is the secret? How do you keep it from hurting?…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001054554
{Amanda opens the window and there are bars over it. She puts her hands on the bars and studies them for a minute as Lee continues.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001071371
And Lawrence says, ‘The secret is not to keep it from hurting. The secret’s not to mind it.’ …I think that’s the way this business is, Amanda. I can’t say I ever learned not to mind the pain. But I sure as hell learned to live with it. As long as I could fight back. And make a difference.
{He throws the fireplace poker down, a little frustrated.}
Lee: And I can’t do it.
{Lee turns and walks away from the fireplace toward Amanda.}
Lee: They MIGHT find Doneck. McJohn MIGHT come up with an antidote.
{He joins Amanda at the window, facing her. He puts his hands on her arms. She reciprocates by putting her hands on his chest.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001084884
Lee: I can’t sit this one out, do you hear me?
Amanda: Well, I knew that before we even came here.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001087587
{Lee puts his hand on one of the bars, then turns back to her.}
(Lee lets out a breath and gives her a look when she says this… lol)
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001089989
Lee: I’m an Omega-class prisoner. Any escape attempt from this place requires a shoot-to-kill response. A D-1 manhunt goes into effect if I do get out. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001103803
[Just what we need. Even higher stakes!! Ramp it up smk. I’m here for it!!!]
(Amanda nods)
Amanda: How do we get through these bars?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001110110
(Lee smiles at Amanda hearing she’s on board with his plan!)
{{SARA: Would she be his fiancée if she said anything but this?}
[Rofl!!! I love this Sara!]
Lee: (smiling) That’s what I thought.
{He leans in and they kiss briefly.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001112812
[Wha? why not on the lips guys??!! Is that cos Lee has germs right now??!! haaaa]
Lee: Watch.
{He draws back from her and begins to remove a wire from his shirt collar. Amanda helps.}
Lee: Now… This thermite wire is state-of-the-art. It’ll burn right through. Here we go. Alright…
(we are treated to Lee doing a macgyver with the bars.)
[It all looks yawn. all really super yawn errr yawn, Impressive!]
Alright, let’s stand back.Because in a few seconds we might have a little spark.
[Yep, sparks, and stuff. The bars are toast.. and they are on their way to freedom.]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001175075
Lee: There should be a silent alarm. We’d better move.
Using his fist, he pushes the bars loose, they fall through and he climbs through the opening.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001184684
[We see Lee start to climb through but don’t actually see him do it. Is it just me or would that have been kind of hilarious to see?!]
Yep. There’s a silent alarm, and guards start their pursuit. 

We see Amanda run toward a guard like she’s chasing Lee too..
Amanda: He’s headed for the far gate.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001193393(Lee hits the guard from behind. Ouchie. He steals his gun, and their off! Heck, that almost seems too easy! Ah but wait! there’s more!!)
Amanda: Go, go, go!
A Jeep with two soldiers approaches with really big guns. Whoooo. they stop next to the unconscious dude and fall for the same trick basically. Surprise! Lee’s around the corner!! haaaa!!!
Lee: Okay, boys. Guns in the back of the Jeep. Now!… Down on your bellies.
They do it. It’s that easy! haaaa.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001219219
Amanda comes out from hiding,  and gets in the soldier’s jeep.
Lee opens the gate for Amanda. Amanda drives through the gate, Lee shoots up the gate operating system, and then runs for the gate and climbs over it.
[LOL I figured the gate would be electrified.
One lousy guard at the gate? Aie. This was all so easy it’s embarassing. I guess they didn’t want to have Lee the good guy hurting fellow good guys. I’ll go with it.]

Lee and Amanda speed off in their inconspicuous army jeep. whahahaahahaaa ..

Sooooo what do you all think? Do tell!!!! Back with more in a week!!
Thanks soooo much for joining me on this walk all!!!

2/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back to IFF, and it looks like Amanda has quite literally dragged Lee to the Doctor’s!{Lee is with Dr. Kelford. Amanda is standing behind a counter. Dr. Kelford is checking his eyes with an ophthalmoscope.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000354988

Dr. Kelford: Now relax, Scarecrow. We don’t let blood using leeches any more.
{Dr. Kelford laughs. Moves on to the next eye.}
Dr. Kelford: Besides, you hot shot agents got to realize that you get the ouchies just like everybody else.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000361695
{Pats his shoulder and sets the ophthalmoscope down.}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000363396
[the ouchies? I love this guy! Lee totally deserves this haaaa]
Oh, come on, Doc. I don’t have any ouchies…4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000364998
…I told Amanda that.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000367300
Dr. Kelford: Now, don’t drag her into this…4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000368101
[Lee gets a talking to. Excellent!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000368501 …Mrs. King was following agency procedure when she phoned. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000370603
{{SARA: Soon-to-be Mrs. Stetson…wink wink}}
[whooooo nice one Sara. Gosh, if the marriage is ‘secret’ that means they are going to need to continue to use ‘Mrs King’ ugh… I’d prefer she return to Ms West!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000373506
Dr. Kelford: Besides, you ought to be glad that there’s somebody out there in the world who thinks enough of you to drag you down here.
[Literally! Awh. Kudos to Dr Kelford for calling out Lee and his ouchies.. and defending Amanda!]
{Dr. Kelford pats Lee on the shoulder and gets up from his chair.}
Doc, I’ve got a very important meeting in approximately forty-
Dr. Kelford:
-Yeah, I know. Melrose phoned. They postponed it for an hour.
{Lee looks over at Amanda.}
Lee: Oh? How’d Billy know?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000386619
(Amanda avoids eye contact…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000386920
then,) {looks sheepish. Shakes her head. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000388021
Kelford chuckles.}
[Her expression is too funny! KJ has the best facial expressions! ]
Dr. Kelford: Hold your arm up there.
{He prepares a needle to draw blood, then sticks him. Lee groans.}
[Most awkward posture for taking blood no?! haaaa I mean his arm is raised?! haaaa]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000389622
[I love how Amanda silently watches on with a quiet smile, as super tough Lee is all ouchie over getting his blood drawn. haaa]4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000392726
Dr. Kelford: Well, I’m finished here. You say goodbye. Make the standard donation in the john.
{Dr. Kelford hands him a cup in a sealed bag.}
Dr. Kelford: Meet me next door.
{More arm patting.}
(To Amanda) Thanks again, Mrs. K.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000402535
{{SARA: Doctor Arm-patter sure does like Lee.}
Amanda: Thank you, Doc.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000404637
{Dr. Kelford leaves. Lee stands up, puts down the cup in the bag, and rolls down his sleeves.}
Lee: Well, are you happy now?
Amanda: I’m happy as long as you’re well.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000411344
Lee: Mm-hmm. Well, you don’t know Doc Kelford. I’m going to be in here for hours while he rediscovers the human body. And meanwhile, I have a room full of agents sitting on their thumbs.
{{SARA: Lee, stop being such a crabby pants!}
[Purlease Lee!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000419252
Amanda: When is your meeting over?
Lee: Depends on when I get it started. Why?
Amanda: I thought maybe I would fix you a little dinner to reward you for your heroics down here, huh?
{{SARA: Don’t forget the lollypop, Amanda.}
[Wahahahaha.. yeah seeing a doctor= heroics. Genius Amanda.]
Lee: Really?
Amanda: What do you say? It’s kind of practice for the real thing.
[Practice? Real Thing????!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaase tell me Amanda is not referring to how once they are married she will be cooking for her husband?!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000428361
{{SARA: Both look smitten. Too cute.}
[Amanda plays Lee so well. He totally buys it and quits his complaining]
Lee: Well, I’m a firm believer in practice making perfect.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000433867
Amanda: Me too. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000434668
{They both lean in for a quick kiss.}
[Mwah! That was a noisy one haaaa]
The scene ends there..
[by the way, one more thing.. I’m quite worried for this Carrie lady that Joe is planning on marrying (revealed in Promises to Keep) – if she becomes ‘Mrs King’ she could be in danger because of mistaken identity no? And.. haaaa her name would be Mrs C.King (seeking) do you think that’s on purpose to go with Joe King (joking)?!
Oh and Amanda is A.King. (aching!!!) flipping hilarious!!!! Err sorry I digress]

On to Amanda’s place. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000436169
(Amanda arrives through the back door with a bag of groceries calling out that she’s home.
The boys rush in already arguing and not acknowledging Amanda.)
[Amanda, there’s still a chance to sneak out the back door before they notice!
I tire of the boys’ bickering, and really don’t find it amusing like I use to in earlier times, occasionally! It’s just plain nasty. Kudos to Sara for transcribing this – we thank you for your sacrifice haaaa– ugh!]
Phillip: And while we’re there, I want you to leave me and Nancy alone.
[Nancy! Are you dating Phillip and you didn’t tell us??!!! haaaa] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000446513
Jamie: Huh, don’t worry.
{Jamie pauses by the refrigerator, takes the milk out, then joins Phillip near the sink.}
Jamie: That means I’d have to get close to her and I haven’t had all my rabies shots.
[Oh. I’m sure Jamie is not referring to you Nancy. It must be a different Nancy! haa]
Phillip: Do you know why you’re saying that? Cause she called you Zorba the Geek.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000449716 [Cough. Yeah Phillip, this Nancy sounds like a real catch. Not.]
Amanda: Fellas, you’re going to have a great time. Can’t you be nice to each other?
[Iwsod is trying really hard to not comment on Amanda’s parenting. Reeeally hard.]
{Amanda starts taking items out of the bag she brought in and sets them on the kitchen island. Dotty enters.}
Dotty: It’s very difficult, they’re brothers.
[set the expectations low – and this is what you get. zipping my mouth. zipped. totally zipped.. ]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000457223
(to Phillip and Jamie): Look, you two. You go upstairs and get your stuff. I’m not going to be your Sherpa this time.
Phillip: Alright, come on.
{Jamie and Phillip leave the kitchen and go upstairs. Dotty reaches for a box of rice Amanda set on the counter.}
{{SARA: Why are these boys constantly taking stuff out of the refrigerator and leaving it on the counter?}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000465732
[just my guess – but it makes the scene less boring for them to be moving around and doing stuff.]
Dotty: Oh, my, look at this. Wild rice…
{Dotty laughs, then picks up another item.}
Truffles… Ah, and chateaubriand.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000471938
{She picks it up and looks at it.}
Amanda: Well, yeah, I thought I’d kind of fix myself a special meal and see if there’s a good old movie on television.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000475742
[Okay peeps, why is she lying? at this point, why not just say Lee’s coming over for dinner?!]
Dotty: Popcorn used to do just fine. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000478745
[and goes well with a good dictionary! haaa]
Well, I decided I’d go for a change. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000482048
Dotty: Hmm, yeah, well… I can certainly understand why they serve chateaubriand for two. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000486252
Amanda: Yeah, it’s big, isn’t it?
{{SARA: lol…forget it Amanda, your cover’s been blown.}
Mmm… Oh, wine. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000491257
{She picks up the bottle and looks it over.} {{SARA: Dotty’s thinking about inviting Capt. Curt over to ‘watch a good ol’ movie’ sometime? }
Yeah. Mother you have a great trip.
{Amanda kisses Dotty on the cheek.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000494561
Dotty: I will, darling.
{Dotty picks up her things and prepares to leave.}
Dotty: And you say hello to Lee Stetson for me. He’s such a charming man.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000499065
{Amanda looks sheepish. Dotty grins back at her and leaves.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000501267
[Honestly, what’s the big secret here?! Don’t get me wrong, I find these ‘Dotty knows even if Amanda isn’t telling’ scenes charming, but it honestly doesn’t make sense at this point. At least not to me. I wonder if any of you guys think this says something about episode order for season 4? I’ve not participated in any of those discussions yet sorry as I’m blank on what is ahead for the rest of the season, but I would like to come back to this. Eventually!!]

Back to the agency. {Lee enters the bullpen.}
Scarecrow… You feeling alright?
Lee: Yes, I’m feeling alright. How’d you hear?
Billy: Amanda told me.
Lee: Ah, that figures.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000517984
{{SARA: He already knows she did, why is he asking?}
[So true, he knows Amanda called, and he knows that ‘Melrose’ knows! I think the script editing was being done by a work experience kiddy that week. ahem.
Then again, maybe Lee’s concentration and memory are starting to be impacted by PD2 haaaaa..]
Billy: Well, she knew you wouldn’t mention it. She also told me that she made an appointment with Dr. Kelford. What did he say?
Lee: Not much. He prodded a little, he poked a little, grunted a little. He took some blood and says I’m going to be fine.
Billy: You sure?
Lee: Yes, I’m sure. [No need to wait for blood test results!! Lee’s sure! lol] I’m fine, okay? Now, I’ve got a meeting to get to. Thanks for covering me.
{Lee starts to leave and Billy follows.}
Billy: Amanda was in my office at 7:00 this morning.
{Lee turns back.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000537303
Lee: Oh, Billy. You know the way she is.
Billy: She was worried about you. Yeah, I’m beginning to get the drift.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000544144
{Lee chuckles and Billy is grinning. Lee steps away and enters the meeting room.}
[I figure this is Billy saying – I notice things are serious between you two.. but. I gotta say – Amanda has always been like this when it comes to Lee!]

We move on to Amanda’s that night..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000548548
[Lee parks out front these days huh.
Way to go keeping things secret but not keeping it secret. Am I bitter about this? yes I am!]
{We find Lee looking at a bottle in his hands.}
Amanda, this is a fabulous Beaujolais.
Amanda: I’m glad you like it.
[Oh my. love this call back to Remembrance of things past! Back then Lee offered to get a Beaujolais from her cellar as it goes great with hamburgers! Now? Amanda actually provides the Beaujolais, and something more eeerrrr refined (?) than hamburgers! Oh how far she has come!]
{Amanda is tending to dinner. Lee twists the cork and opens the bottle to pour the glasses.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000554154
Lee: Someone once said that a good relationship is like a fine bottle of wine…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000560960
(Lee checks out Amanda hooo haaaa)4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000561561
…The older it gets, the better it is. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000562162
Amanda: Now, that’s very wise. Who said that?
Lee: Me.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000567067
[Smooooooth. Unlike that sweater – which screams the 80s!]
{She smiles back at him.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000567667
Lee: It was just a theory, though.
{Lee leans in and kisses her on the cheek.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000570270 Lee: Until now.
[Curse whoever decided on this camera angle and a kiss combined!!]
{Doorbell rings.}
{Lee and Amanda exchange a glance. She goes to answer it.
Lee looks at the glass, then takes a sip of the wine.}
Lee (calls out to Amanda in the next room): Ooh, Amanda, this wine is to die for!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000584384
{{SARA: Not funny, Lee.}
[Oh come on writers! You’re killing me with all this angst/irony!!]
{Amanda returns to the kitchen with Billy.}
(The mood is subdued and sombre)
Billy: Sorry to bother you, Lee, but when I didn’t find you at home, I… We have to talk…Alone.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000601201
Lee: Well, is it business?
Billy: No.
Well, then…
(Lee moves over and to stand beside Amanda.
Billy seems to take in the wine, and that they were probably having an enjoyable evening together.. that he’s about to really interrupt!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000605605
They both face Billy.)
Amanda doesn’t have to leave, right?
Billy: Dr. Kelford phoned in the results of your blood tests. They’re not good.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000610010
{Amanda peers over at Lee, then back at Billy.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000610610
Lee: Meaning? 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000613413
Billy: You’re carrying something called PD-2. A bacteria. The chemical warfare people think it’s Russian.
[I’m not an expert but this seems super fast to get a bacteria identified isn’t it?! Given how fast it acts that’s probably lucky for Lee!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000620720
Lee: Well, cut to the chase. What’s the damage estimate?
Billy: Death is certain within 72 hours…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000626726
[Billy does not sugar coat this! Holy cow.. Whhhaaaaaa???? ]
…And we don’t have the antidote.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000628728
Shock.. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000629629
Disbelief.. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000631231The scene ends here.
[Nice touch that it fades right here to a commercial break! Lee’s life is fading away too.. but good to know if they had an antidote that it could work.
Not really following the whole antidote vs a bacteria lol.
Wouldn’t that be more of an antibiotic? Whatev. What do you know about fictional russian biological warfare anyway Iwsod.

GAAHHHH  1bawling cry1bawling cry[8]1bawling cry[18]1bawling cry[21]1bawling cry[24]
It’s a good thing you can’t seem me. I think I’m gonna ugly cry!

The performances here from BB and KJ are totally heartbreaking. I guess I should buckle up because this is gonna be a really bumpy ride. I might go grab myself a nice Beaujolais to drink for what’s ahead! Who’s with me!??
I bet Jule will join me- right Jule???

Okay well, let’s stop here, consume some booze and pick up where we left off in a week. tee hee…

1/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hi Everyone! All set to walk through another SMK episode together?! Here we go!!!!
Thanks so so much to Sara for transcribing this episode – for JWWM, but also for Operation Sandstorm.
We salute you Sara!!!
Formatting reminder as we get started:
Sara’s descriptions are in this format- {xxx}.
Sara’s comments are in this format- {{SARA: xxx}}.
My descriptions are in this format- xxx or (xxx).
My comments are in this format- [xxx].

Whoo hoo!!! Now is a good time, for some bad timing haaaa..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000076576_thumb

{Opening scenes of the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Capital. Next, a view of a DC street circle, and a park with an equestrian statue in the background.}

{{SARA: My best guess is that it’s General Phillip Sheridan and that’s Sheridan Circle.}} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000078978_thumb
[Whooooo anyone else able to speak to this?]
A close-up view of a gate with a sign..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000084684_thumb
The gate is guarded. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000092492_thumb
Inside, there’s a meeting going on.
{On the screen, a magnified image of some bacteria.}
Man (Doneck): PD-2 is a genetically altered form of the bacterium that causes pneumonic plague. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000098798_thumb
[He says as the bacterium is projected onto his mouth- ewwwwww. To this day, I can’t watch this scene without wanting to wipe my face.]

Doneck steps away from the front of the room, the camera pans to show others in the room. We see that he uses a cane and walks with a limp between all the seated men. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000111111_thumb
[whoooo did Lee Stetson give him that limp?! whahahaa. and no I don’t remember anything about this ep’s baddies! which based on my comment could be really obvious haaaa.]
Doneck: Once introduced to our host, it matures in 48 hours and then remains contagious for another 72 without any physical manifestations.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000117117_thumb
[I’ve gotta say, this whole premise takes on a new edge when watched in the times of Covid19]
{New slide of bacterium appears close up on the screen.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000117417_thumb

Doneck (off screen): Death to the carrier is certain soon thereafter….
{Camera returns to Doneck and others in the room, then to a new slide on the screen of a graph.}
The bio-dissemination curve and contagion profile reflect the lethal potency of PD-2…
(Doneck sits in a chair next to the dude operating the slide show with great flair!)
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000132732_thumb
…Estimated kill is limited only by extent of exposure… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000140240_thumb
[Whoooo a scary looking bio-dissemination curve which isn’t actually a curve!]
…However, with such a situation as this, I am less concerned with numbers than with individuals…
(Cue the scary music)
…Which is why I have so carefully chosen the subject for this particular field test.
[Oh my, the suspense builds.. just who could this individual be???!!! Rofl.. this is all so over the top it’s really quite droll!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000155555_thumb
Doneck gestures to another man at the meeting who is controlling the slide projector. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000156156_thumb
He clicks for the next slide and Lee’s picture comes up on the screen. In the image, Lee is holding a newspaper, glancing over the top of it. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000158258_thumb
The camera zooms in for a closer shot of Lee.

{{SARA:Oh, does Lee look GOOD! The words on the back of the newspaper, ‘Besser leben’ translate to “Live Better.” Interesting choice.}}
[These Russians are pretty good, getting hold of an image of Lee while he was in Germany like that. And so polite of them to choose Lee with his (in my view) peak Lee Stetson look! Which, lol, I was only opining on last episode!!!
This is the best slide show ever. Lee’s looking so good!!! Oh wait, no hang on, this is an I want to kill Lee Stetson slide show. This slide show is bad!!! really really bad!!!!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000161861_thumb
But.. well here’s one more image of the close up on it, before we move on.. ahem. iwsod reaches for the smelling salts!!]

The scene ends there, and we transition to a restaurant exterior shot.. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000163363_thumb


Lee: (Off camera) Anyway, the axle finally blew somewhere between Jidda and Medina… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000173273_thumb
(Inside we are treated to quite a Loooong view of a fancy shmancy restaurant full of patrons while Lee talks.. Soft music is playing.. and candles! whooooo smk code for – romance!!)
Lee: (Off camera)…and there we were, surrounded by a band of Bedouin pirates who thought we’d be a big deal in the local slave trading bazaar.
(Lee laughs.)
Amanda: (Off camera) Is this the truth?
Lee: (off camera) Is this the truth?

(Off camera) Mm-hmm.
Lee: (Off camera)
My word of honor, I swear.
Amanda: (Off camera) Hmm.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000181981_thumb
(Lee and Amanda come into view. He’s holding her hand at the table.) 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000184617_thumb
Lee: Listen to this. Luckily, Dave Sax was packing a copy of Nature Life. It’s his favorite Scandinavian nudist colony mag… I’m telling you. What can I say? The guy is weird… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000189789_thumb
(Amanda looks sceptical!)
[Oh my this is hilarious!!! ‘Nature Life’ Magazine??!!! whahahaahaaha I like how it’s the guy’s favourite. I mean how many nudist colony mags are there in the world?! Err don’t answer that!]
…But believe it or not, we traded it for two camels, 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000197297_thumb
an old Mauser and three day’s worth of dried sheep stomach.

(Lee finishes his story with a chuckle..)
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000198798_thumb{Amanda makes a face and shakes her head.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000200300_thumb
Wh— You’re not buying any of this, are you?
Amanda: Not very much of it.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000205105_thumb
[which bit Amanda?! Nature life?! the stomach?!]
All right, all right. Enough of my convoluted stories. What do you say we…uh… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000207507_thumb
(Lee shifts gears into sexy mode! grrr. Lee moves straight from dried sheep stomach to sexy times. I’m impressed haaaa)
{Cut to a close up of Lee holding Amanda’s hand, which shows her engagement ring.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000210810_thumb
:…just go back to my place and um have some dessert, huh?
[Ohhhh hang on.. now this episode is coming back to me.. without giving anything away I’ll just say that I now remember this episode would often spur the whole did they/didn’t they debate in smk fandom! haaaa]
Amanda: It’s awful late. We have to be at work early.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000213947_thumb
I know, I know.
Amanda: What are we going to do?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000220053_thumb
The same thing we always do…
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000223256_thumb
…Go home alone. Again. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000226459_thumb
{Cut to Lee holding Amanda’s hand and tapping her ring with his finger.}
[Ohhhh the longing!!!!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000226860_thumb
Lee: But only for one more week.
Alright. I’ll give you a lift.
Lee: No, no, no. Um, listen. I’m only a couple of blocks away. Uh, I think I’ll take a walk. I need to do some thinking. Hmm? 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000237070_thumb
{Cut to Amanda looking a little disappointed.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000239272_thumb
(The scene ends there on a bit of a sombre note.)
[So, one more week and they won’t go home alone? They will be married? Not sure I understand how this mystery marriage is supposed to work. Especially when there they are in this super romantic restaurant all lovey dovey for anyone to see..]

Next thing, we see Lee walking along the street…
{two men jump out from behind it. They grab Lee. They fight.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000249182_thumb
A third guy joins in with a punch to the guts.
Subdued Doneck appears behind Lee.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000251184_thumb
Lee is lowered to the ground.
Another man injects him with the syringe.}
needle phobia? Look away!!! gah!!!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000254387_thumb
Doneck stands over them all watching on as his evil plan unfolds. Muahahahaahaaa.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000256389_thumb
The three men… {appear to be checking his pockets. One of them takes his wallet. The headlights of an oncoming vehicle approach.}
Doneck: Come!
The baddies flee. {The vehicle blows its horn a few times and pulls over to where Lee lies on the sidewalk.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000264698_thumb
It’s Amanda. Further down the sidewalk, we see Doneck limping away quickly.}
Amanda: LEEEEEE!
[I swear they have a recording of that which they pull out whenever needed. rofl!]
{Amanda gets out of the car and runs over to where he is. Lee gets up slowly, holding the back of his neck. Groaning a bit.}
Amanda: Are you alright?
{Lee groans again. She helps him sit up a little.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000271204_thumb
Oh my gosh!
They came out of nowhere. I don’t know…
{He checks his pockets.}
(Lee is a little out of it)
Lee: They got my wallet. They got—

Alright, we got to get you to the hospital. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000281815_thumb
Lee: No, I don’t want…I don’t…Amanda, I don’t need to go to a hospital.
Amanda: You got a bump on your head. You might have a concussion.
Lee: No, I don’t want to go to a hospital. I don’t like doctors, okay? [Especially after the whole The Eyes have It plot! Ohhh and the whole If Thoughts Could Kill plot!!! gah!!!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000284417_thumb
[Lee is as grumpy and belligerent as he always is when not well haaaa]
(He groans and leans toward her.)
Amanda: You alright?
Lee: I will take a ride home, though.

4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000290123_thumb
Yeah, okay.
{Lee groans. She helps him get up and guides him toward the car.}

[Sooooo what was the timing?
Doneck: “matures in 48 hours and then remains contagious for another 72 without any physical manifestations….Death to the carrier is certain soon thereafter….”

Hmm sounds specific but is really actually quite vague! I guess we at least know that he will be contagious in 48 hrs..]

The next day, and it’s on to the agency..
Lee and Francine are talking as they walk along the hallway.
Well, that’s a pretty impressive list. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000302535
Francine: Merchants from Paris, Agrei from Istanbul. Duktor from Berlin, Brossin from D.C.
Lee: Some of the best people in counterintelligence. It’s really exciting having them under the same roof.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000305438 [This episode is crazy to watch in Covid times!!! Lee is being set up to be basically a super spreading bioweapon and take out all the best people in counterintelligence??!!!! All under the same roof.. gah! I had to google pneumonic plague and learn a little more about it. my curiosity got the better of me…I’m curious to see how all this plays out.]
{Amanda joins them.}
Good morning, Francine.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000312445
(to Lee): I need you…
(to Francine) Business.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000313580
(to Lee) now!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000314381
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000314581
…I’ll go set up that conference room.
[My goodness, after the tag in Promises to Keep – just what does Francine make of these two these days?!!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000316082
{Francine gives Lee a smug look then leaves. Amanda grabs Lee’s arm.}
(Amanda pulls him along the hallway)
Amanda: Come on.
You need me, huh? My place or yours?4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000320387
Amanda: Neither.
(Lee plays it all light hearted and flirty, trying to divert Amana. But she’s not having it. She’s serious!)
Well, wait a minute… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000322088
I’ve got a very important meeting in an hour.

Amanda: What happened to my place or yours?
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000322889
[LOL too funny! Good one Amanda! I love how deadpan this is!! ]
The scene ends there with Amanda dragging Lee along off the screen.

We cut back to the Russian embassy for some good old baddie gloating.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000325392
Let’s together recap my evil genius plan!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000338705
Doneck gloats that Lee is about to have a meeting and infect people – in less than 30 hrs, Lee will have spread PD2 to the best of the best in counterintelligence..
Mr Slideshow operator seems to be Doneck’s partner in gloating..and remarks that Moscow will be impressed.
but.. Doneck does one better – the World will be impressed!! MUAHAHAHAAHHAAH!!!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_000347113
The scene ends there.

[So over the top, I find this baddie pretty funny!
Seems somewhere in amongst Lee’s allies there’s a mole keeping track of when meetings are happening. Uh oh.]

Time to pause… what do you all make of this episode’s opening??? do tell!!!! I’m soooo glad the walk is back!!