10/ Season Three, Episode 20: Dead Men Leave No Trails–Scarecrow and Mrs King

So where were we… Lee & Amanda have found Millicent murdered by Sallee, they’re on the hunt for more evidence that this dead man has actually left a trail.. Lee has headed over to the NSA for research, and Amanda is working through Millicent’s diary for clues.
Francine is busy working security on a high profile function the next night. Which Ohhhh!!!! what a coincidence!!! Sallee seems to have infiltrated as a janitor for his next job! whoooooo!!!!
Moving on.. It’s night time, and the crickets are noisy at IFF! We see Lee join Amanda in the Q bureau. I guess as her family is away she can stay late at work!
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001322655
: Hi.
Lee: Hi. What’s all this?
Amanda: Well, I’m just doing some clues from Millicent’s diary.
Lee: All this is from that diary?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001329996
[Oh Lee. Please go home and change. I am looking forward to a change of outfit!]
Amanda: Well, see these red pins mark the O bus route…
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001332665
Millicent said that Alan took the bus to work every evening, and the O line is the only one that goes through the neighbourhood.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001336002
(Lee pours himself a coffee)
Lee: Yeah, but there’s probably… half a dozen transfer points for that line.
Amanda: No, no. She said it only took him fifteen minutes to get to work, so I doubt if he would transfer.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001346012
Lee: If Millicent is accurate. [Hey! what other lead have you got Lee??!!! May as well go with it!]
Amanda: Right.
Lee: Right.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001350684
Amanda: I know if I work at this long enough, I can get more. Ummm… let me read you a couple of things. “December twelfth. He says it’s not necessary, but I love pressing Alan’s work uniforms.” Right? Work uniforms… 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001364030
[Okay Lee seems a bit more interesting at hearing this fact]
…And then, ah, later on she writes… “He must have noticed his shoes today, he wore them home this morning, soaking wet, and he put them on tonight, clean and shiny.”3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001369369
[Oh my.. she was paying very close attention to Alan!]
Lee: So, whatever he does, he wears a uniform and works near the water. [near ‘the water’? near water no? ]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001371705
Amanda: Mm-hmm…
Lee: Well, he could be anything from a postman to a longshoreman.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001378712
Amanda: Nope… he can’t be a postman, because that would be a government employee and he’s not in the computer….
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001382716
and I doubt if he’s a longshoreman, the O line doesn’t go anywhere near the water.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001387387
Lee: A waiter?
Amanda: Well… he could be a waiter, but if he was a waiter she probably would have mentioned pressing his shirts, you know?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001394394
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: He’s probably a blue collar worker, maybe he works outdoors, maybe he works in maintenance?
[whoa.. is maintenance the same as janitor in the US? He was dealing with light bulbs.. and vaccuming..  I’m thinking she just nailed it and doesn’t know it. yet.]
(Lee quickly brushes over her suggestions)
Lee: Look, assuming you are right, Amanda we would have to narrow it down and we just don’t have the detail. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001404070
[Oh noo! Amanda just did narrow it down! Lee should know by now anything Amanda is involved in will tie back into other cases in play rofl. It’s either the Gaddafi hit, Kowalski’s new baby or the Function Francine is at ha!]
Amanda: I think we might… [I love that Amanda asserts herself here.]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001405405
…Listen.  “On his way to the bus stop, he bought me chocolates, my favourites.” See, so there’s a candy store,…
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001408742
…and then, just last week, she wrote… “He’s too wonderful. How did he know I love Schubert?” So, he’s a music lover.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001416416
[poor Millicent, it seems  to me that she was getting encouragement from Alan in developing feelings for him Sad smile]
Lee: Candy and music. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001419419
Amanda: Mm-hmm…
Lee: It’s not very much.
Amanda: Well, I know. You know, some of this stuff is pretty sad.  “We have so much in common. If I could ever get him away from his inventions, I could teach him violin.” I think she was in love with him. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001432766
Lee: Amanda, all this gives us is a map… full of dots.
Amanda: Well, maybe we can connect the dots. Tomorrow-
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001437103
There is no tomorrow on this case, Amanda. Without a national security angle to hang our hat on, we cannot stay involved. Billy wants the police to handle it.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001447113
[I like that Lee seems to handle Amanda and her enthusiasm here gently. He understands that this has been an upsetting case with Millicent’s murder and all I think..]

Amanda looks sad at hearing this.. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001449449

Does anyone think Amanda is not going to continue to work on this case tomorrow?! lol..
The scene ends here..

And.. it’s a new day. Hooray.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001457457
Finally a change of outfit – I thought Amanda looked lovely in the light blue blouse.. but lets get Lee out if his grandpa outfit (agree Jestress!). I loved the comments from Valerie and Morley (post 5) about how Lee is dressing in a more approachable and normal way. But for me – I kind of wish he wouldn’t dress down quite this much! He can be normal and in love with Amanda while still bringin’ the sexy back Winking smile
Hey, YMMV and I love that a blah outfit can be turned into a declaration of love and a sign his character is growing in maturity Smile Nice work!🙂

Anyway.. we see a bus. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001458792
We find Amanda boarding a bus..
She pays her fare, then holds out a picture of Sallee for the bus driver to look at. No longer working on the case huh!!! Yeah that one lasted not even a minute ha! But… Hey Amanda is doing real detective work! no coincidence needed to find a clue??!!! Squeeeeee!!! Just in time, as iwsod was starting to develop coincidentitis!
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001465465
Amanda: Hi. I wonder if you could take a look at this picture and tell me if you recognize this man, he’s about six feet tall and he doesn’t have ah, a beard any more.I think he rides this bus almost every day.
Bus driver: I can’t be sure. I just take the fare and watch the road.
Amanda: Right. Well, thanks anyway.

Amanda takes a seat on the bus..
Hey.. this is the same bus Lee ran after when he saw ‘Dorothy’ on it back in Wizard! ‘102’!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001225058
See! I wonder if Sallee was on it at the time? Head spin! Do you think it’s the same bus driver? maybe.. I don’t know..

Focus Iwsod..
Amanda follows where they are going on the map, viewing the shops they are passing..
She pulls out some cards on which she made notes from Millicent’s diary. And reads it out loud to herself (freaking out the other passengers?! tee hee).
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001495228
“I wish he’d let me fix him a proper breakfast, instead of eating those horrible steak and onion sandwiches.”
As she reads this, we see the bus pass a deli.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001497922
Bus driver: Did you say something, lady?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001499199
Amanda Ah, yeah. This is my stop. Could I get off here, please?
(He stops at the next stop for her)
Amanda: Great. Thank you so much.
(we see a sign.. can someone tell me what’s a Philly Hoagies? is that a type of sandwich?)
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001513546
The camera pans down to Amanda interviewing a staff member, showing him the picture of Sallee. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001521221
Man: That’s right. Uh, we’re open twenty four hours. I come on at six, and this guy comes in almost every morning…and orders a Philly hoagie, with extra onions. Seven AM. Not me,.. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001524557
…but you’d be surprised how many people do….
Friend of yours?
Amanda: Yeah. He’s an old friend. I’m trying to find him.
[Why doesn’t Amanda ask what his uniform looked like??!!]
Man: Well, uh, stick around… he’ll be in.
[Hmm I guess this is before 7am in the morning. go Amanda! Love this girl power initiative!🙂 ]
Amanda: Okay. Ah, could you tell me if there’s a pay phone around here anywhere?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001534901
: Yeah. Right over there.
Amanda: Oh, good. Look, if you don’t mind, it’s a surprise. So if you see him, don’t tell him I’m here, okay?3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001543243
Man: No.
Amanda: Thank you.
Man: Yeah.
Amanda: Bye bye.
Man: Okay. Bye.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001546913

The man chuckles to himself that he’s helping Amanda with her surprise.. and Amanda heads off to make her phone call. The scene ends here. A good place for us to pause too!

I’m slightly concerned that Amanda’s shirt seems to match this guy’s shirt. ugh. No!!!

Anyone care to share their thoughts on any of this? byee! Looking forward to hearing from ya!

9/ Season Three, Episode 20: Dead Men Leave No Trails–Scarecrow and Mrs King

So, while Lee and Amanda are on the hunt for Sallee.. we see a night time exterior of a fancy building. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001169836
Inside, we find Sallee out the back, looking like a janitor? cleaner?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001180347
Cue the baddie music. He has a bag with him and he’s up to no good!
I guess this is his night job?
Sallee opens a cupboard, takes a box from the cupboard and puts it in his bag.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001192926
Oh looky. A light bulb cupboard.. all full to the brim with.. light bulbs.. my oh my..
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001198998
He takes what looks to be blueprints out of that bag before he puts the box in.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001202035
You can sort of see what it is when it’s tucked under his arm.
He then carefully rearranges the cupboard’s contents to hide that he took something. He closes the cupboard and walks away with the bag.
Looks like he is not only alive, but he’s preparing for a job! Gee.. I can’t think what he could be up to…😉

If we hadn’t already guessed.. we immediately cut to two men on a ladder next to a chandelier. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001224591
Doing something with lights. lots of lights. lots of light bulbs.. ahem. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001225892
Ah one of them is Duffy! so that’s how he got out of that boring meeting! Hope he got danger pay, that’s pretty high up!
We hear Francine in the background.

Francine: We’ll be sweeping the room with dogs at 1100, 1400, and uh, then one hour before the reception at 1800.
[Reception. 1800 so the reception is tomorrow huh. okay!]
Mr Red Carnation is watching proceedings closely.. and he’s not happy!
Agent: Yes, ma’am.
Francine: Ah, Nesheim, I want you and Bachman to cover the-
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001233700
Van Kleef : Excuse me, Miss Desmond. My staff has spent the entire afternoon buffing the crystals of each chandelier…3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001238038
Francine: Oh.
Van Kleef: And now your men are covering them with their fingerprints!
Francine: Hah, I’m a little less concerned about the crystals of your chandeliers than I am about the security problem.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001244544
[Ah there are those fab people skills we’ve come to know and love]
Van Kleef: I’ve been doing parties in Washington for twenty years. I understand about security. But, this… is excessive.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001248448
Francine looks down at her clipboard.. : Excuse me, Mr. Ahh… Van Klef… 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001251918
Van Kleef: Van Kleef.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001253953
Francine: Whatever… 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001256623
[Whoa! the guy is annoying but he’s not being too demanding. Francine’s not even attempting to placate or reassure him. Squash him is more her strategy I think!]
…Eighteen months ago, a terrorist group in Beirut replaced the window of a hotel skylight with a transparent explosive that crashed through the ceiling, killing fifty-four people.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001264864
[Um is this for real? an explosive that doubles as a window?!]
Van Kleef : Yes, but-3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001268335
Francine: Tomorrow night, in this very room, there will be senators, ambassadors, congressmen, and the Vice President of the United States. Now, my job is to make sure that they’re still around to notice the fingerprints after the reception. Understood?3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001279612
Van Kleef: Of course. [Ouchie. You’ve been squashed!!!]
Francine: Good.
Van Kleef: And, if there’s anything I can do. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001284384
Francine: Ah, yes, as a matter of fact, there is. We’ll need a list of every staff member you have who’ll be in or near this room during the reception. And, of course, anybody who’s involved in any sort of food preparation.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001290890
Van Kleef: Everyone?
Francine: Yes.
Van Kleef: That’s well over three hundred people!
Francine: Well, then, let’s get started…
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001296096
…The Agency will be doing a thorough background check on everyone, including yourself, of course. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001297397
[Ouchie!!! you’ve been squashed again!!! Pancake!]3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001301735
Van Kleef: Of course… Miss Desmond.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001302602
[Great fake smile he gives her. It screams I loathe you!]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001304771
We see Francine give a smile back, hers IMHO screams I love to squash people and love that you are powerless – all you can do is loathe me! ha!
She seems to enjoy emasculating men who dare to ask her a question.
I might be alone in this, and that’s okay – but her approach here bugs me!  I think she relished his fake smile and defeat here.
Francine turns back to the agents to get on with her work while Van Kleef walks off.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001305638
: Alright, let’s see, now, where were we… okay. Ah, Bachman, you and Nesheim will be covering the front ballroom door.  Alright? Now go check it out.

3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001309976
[Why does Duffy go with Bachman? is he ‘Nesheim’ this week? I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this Agent Bachman before. But I can’t think where.. and these agents aren’t listed in IMDB, the actor playing Duffy isn’t credited in all his eps. or.. I wonder if he becomes credited.. Hmm I don’t have time to get into that, if someone would like to check please feel free and share with us what you learn please?! ]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001313446
The two agents walk past Sallee who is vacuuming the floor. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001315181
LOL how observant! They all must have slept through Zowalski’s orientation slideshow about the first lone wolf assassin Steve Sallee!!!
Francine included!
Francine is too busy enjoying her power here to remember a valuable lesson we heard come from her own mouth!
Remember what she said about who is the leak in
The textbook tells us in situations like this, it’s always someone obscure…
2.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_002196546
…One of those little people that hardly anyone notices like waiters, servants..
And.. Janitors! I notice what Francine asked Van Kleef for probably won’t include the Janitor who is currently in the room. She did say everyone – but I think the janitor from the night before wouldn’t naturally be included.. But maybe it’s just me.
And given the way she treated Van Kleef I don’t think he’ll go out of his way to be helpful for her.

What do you guys think of Francine and how she handles Van Kleef here?
I’ll give my opinion, but it’s just my view, and don’t expect others to agree. I’d be surprised if we all did Smile
I can see: yeah you go girl! You’re an expert in your field and your work is serious and he should know that!
I think I’m usually all for girl power moments. I think Francine’s authority is great.
But here? this is not authority, this is gleeful squashing for the sake of it. I’m not seeing this as a girl power proud moment!
The way she treated Van Kleef was like using a sledge hammer to ring a doorbell. She could have managed the situation without needing to win a power struggle.
To me, a better agent would not care about power struggles or ego, they’d care about what’s best to get the job done. Francine could have tried negotiating with the man or reassuring him first, but she didn’t bother with this little nobody. And IMHO I think she enjoyed it. And enjoyed it way too much.
I don’t think he was being so obnoxious that he deserved this. But.. YMMV..
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001304771
Maybe the guy reminds Francine of her father. For me, I see her as taking way too much pleasure in squashing him. When it was unnecessary, and it would have been smarter and more useful, where possible, to keep him on side and working with her.

She’s humiliated him, and turned him against their security work. And maybe because of that she will have lost any chance Van Kleef could have offered to help her fill the gap in her list of employees request.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001301735
Heck, I don’t know what’s coming, I may be way off track! lol. but I was struck by Francine’s over reaction here, and her glee at winning this moment seemed pretty unprofessional and ego driven. The woman has daddy issues I’m telling ya!!! and lol anyone who remembers what is ahead probably can’t say yes or no booooo. I wish you all didn’t remember either! What if we finish this walk and meet back here in 10 years? shall we try again? haaaaaa! Smile Okay, make that 20 years Winking smile

Sorry I’ve rambled on about Francine. She is fascinating. I do enjoy her character. To me this moment here for her was:
a professional fail.
Anyone care to share their thoughts?

Anyway, I better pause here so we can chatter about this post’s events.. Anything you’d like to share? can’t wait to hear from ya!

8/ Season Three, Episode 20: Dead Men Leave No Trails–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at IFF in Billy’s office..
Lee: Amanda saw the guy, Billy.
[Squeeee! I love how this is enough for Lee!! Smile Good man Lee!!! Such a contrast to Over the Limit, where no one thought Amanda’s having seen the bomber with the stroller was reliable enough]
Amanda: Yes, Sir!
Lee: She’s sure it was Sallee. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001008408
Billy: Alright. No offense to you, Amanda, but I’ve checked every agency—national and international—that keeps tabs on terrorists. Even the Soviets. They’re all unanimous. Sallee is dead!3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001016649
[Whoa. you know things are serious when Billy consults the Soviet’s Winking smile I wonder if he asked Gregory😉  )
Amanda calmly responds: No, Sir. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001017951
Lee: What about the strangulation marks on the McDonald woman’s neck? They could’ve been made with la touche de la veuve.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001020987
[whoooo is that the touch of the widow? Widow Touch? anyone? whooooo. I did suggest maybe Millicent was a widow! Hooo haaaa.. speak French to me Lee.. Oh wait.. his French was the name of a deadly weapon? yeah nah.. doesn’t matter.. still.. speak French to me Lee! hoo haaa!!!]
Amanda: What’s that—a garrotte?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001023590
Lee: A garrotte takes two hands. This is the new, improved version that the French Resistance developed during World War Two… 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001027494
[whooo relatively recently?! Winking smile haaaaaa.. actually this demonstrates the value of knowing your history. take that Miss snippy! Great to see Lee happily filling Amanda in.]
… It’s a wire noose with a handle. It’s easy to conceal—all you need is one free hand for la touche de la veuve.  The widow’s touch. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001033566
(Lee reaches out toward Amanda like he’s using it on her, and Amanda jumps back slightly. Oh boy. careful Lee she just saw what one did to Millicent! Then again, this is the reality of working at the agency I guess.. and it’s interesting that Lee directly addresses Amanda about this, he doesn’t coddle her. I like this, it shows his respect for her. She’ll cope. )
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001034000
[I’ll call it a garrotte.. I’m not fussy about the semantics of lethal weapons! Just.. get it away from me!]3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001035735
Billy: It was Sallee’s trademark.  [This explains Lee’s semantics. phew. glad there’s a reason or it’s just a bit random]
Amanda: Still is. [good call!]3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001038338
Billy: The pathology report is not conclusive. It could’ve been anything. [A pearl necklace maybe?! Winking smile]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001042242
[Ah Billy, he’s so expressive. Billy – no body was found!! Amanda saw him!!! I guess it’s his job to be the sceptic, the objective view here. Lee doesn’t seem to be fulfilling that role here.]
Amanda: Sorry, Sir. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001043109
Lee: Alright. Did you get any of the evidence that the police found in Sallee’s room?3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001046579
Billy: I called Dick Abney over at Justice. He pressured the Chief of the DC police, who pressured his lieutenant, unfortunately… we didn’t get much.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001056122
(Billy gets out a box and inventories it’s contents)
Billy: One thumb tack. Two rubber bands. A burnt out lightbulb. … and a broken pencil lead.
[Billy hands Amanda the light bulb]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001060026
Lee: That’s all he left?
[He left Millicent. Does that count?! Apparently with Billy, it does not!]
Billy: We just got this stuff because it fell behind a built-in bureau that he couldn’t take time out to rip apart!3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001072605 [A burned out light bulb fell behind a bureau? really??!! come on!!]
Lee: Well, what about prints? 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001073039
Billy: Some, but they were sanded…
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001074341
Lee reacts wordlessly to this – well! see!!!! How normal is that?!
..I agree… Sanded prints, no clothes, no personal effects… [Shame Amanda doesn’t have any of those bank notes that Sallee handed to her still.. they could have done finger prints and found the same thing.]
…Damn suspicious…
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001077377
[yeah! I’ll say! given last episode, sanded finger prints were a sure sign the John Doe was an assassin!]
We found this under a loose board in the woman’s closet. Now, he’d been through her place with a fine-tooth comb, but he missed it….3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001084751
[Billy gives it to Lee] 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001086486
It’s a diary. Crypto has been through it, but they didn’t find anything! 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001089089
Amanda: Sir, what about the picture of the man sleeping? Millicent showed me the picture of Sallee-… well,… of a man, sleeping. Did you find that?3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001096896
Billy shakes his head and Lee responds: Nah, he probably took it with him. Billy, this guy is covering his tracks like somebody who has had practice.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001101668
[I think we can see here, Lee has more practice at convincing Billy of something. He goes back to what they know. This is the moment Billy is swayed by this argument! IMHO]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001103837
Amanda: Yes, Sir. And dead men leave no trails.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001105572
[whooo. Amanda finishes off the winning argument! and.. inserts the ep title while she’s at it Winking smile tee hee..]
Billy: Okay. You two spend the rest of the afternoon, and see what you can come up with,..
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001110777
[whoo hooo!!! They are going to do some spy/detective work??!!! fun!!]
…and I want a full report at the end of the day. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001112946
[They’ve convinced Billy it’s possible.. but he’s not fully convinced I guess.. more work to do here!]
Amanda hands Billy back the light bulb.
Amanda: Yes, Sir.
Lee: Okay…
Both Lee and Amanda shoot up out of their seats at the same time, super keen to get going on drumming up some more evidence I think!
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001114247
Seeing their shared eagerness.. Billy rolls his eyes at these two. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001115115
The children are excited to get to work!
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001117283
[Is it just me or has this day been exceptionally long?! Amanda has been very busy today!]  Seems Billy thinks it’s been a long day Winking smile ha!

Oh well moving on.. we head back to the Q bureau. Lee walks in to find Amanda at work at his desk.
Lee: How’s it going? 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001128128

Amanda: Well, in the last sixty months, Steven Sallee has not applied for a driver’s license, passport, credit cards, … bank account, or a job requiring a background check or fingerprints. That is, if he even has fingerprints still—we’re not sure. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001132954[whoo hooo! Amanda is actually working! and not umm just lucky! or intuitive or a coincidence!]
Lee: So, he either is dead, or he’s acting exactly like what he is… a real pro. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001136803
Amanda: How’d you do? 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001138972
Lee: Ah, I just spent an hour with the inter-agency cross-check file and nothing that even sounds remotely like Sallee popped up, so…3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001144866
[do we know Alan’s last name? did they check Rupert Andretti.. or heck did they ask Mario about his brother?! Winking smile]
Amanda:What about Millicent’s diary? 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001150617
Lee: Well, hmm, you heard what Billy said—that Crypto struck out with it. And I haven’t had time to look it over.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001151818
Amanda: Yeah. You mind if I take a try? 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001155221
Lee: Oh, would ya?
Amanda: Mmm.
Lee: Look, I’m due over at NSA in fifteen minutes for another international ID scan.
Hah. It’s like chasing the
wind, but… you never know. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_001164831
Amanda: See you later.
Lee: Mm-hmm.

Lee walks out.. and the scene ends here.. I love how Amanda’s head is in the diary before Lee has even left the room!
They split up to follow their respective leads. I’m liking this! just.. don’t be apart too long you hear! Smile 

Okay, well here’s a good place to pause. Anyone reading who’d care to respond or share their thoughts? byee!