3/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We join Lee and Amanda at the restaurant: HMS Bounty ( which looks to me like the same interior where they filmed the casino scenes in To Catch a mongoose!) – they are meeting with Lord Bromfield to discuss the supposed scandal..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000611311

The exterior shot of the HMS bounty is hilarious! It looks like it was put up in less than a minute- AND!!! we see cars drive past it and they are driving on the right hand side of the road! [the UK drives on the left- just like in Australia Smile] ROFL!!! London is scary!! Smile
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000614547
It looks like these three are doing tea, and cucumber sandwiches (Is anyone keep track of how many English cliches we can fit into this episode?! Is there any James Bond references in this episode? I can’t recall.. but it is ripe for a few! ) .. Wait a minute.. is this the same day? because Lee is wearing the same outfit as the last scene.. and now Amanda is wearing a different outfit!  I don’t get it! Actually, Lord Bromfield is wearing a different outfit also.. so I guess this is the next day? [3 days to plug the leak!]

Lord Bromfield explains he can’t publicly deny the affair.. because it will be printed to sound like it is a lie.. and the british press, where no scandal exists, will simply invent one..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000626559Amanda: why don’t you just tell them the truth. [Ohh Amanda, she is very naive sometimes.. there she goes again thinking the world is fair!]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000620053Lord Bromfield: They wouldn’t believe me. [Hmm they might believe you Lord B, if you wore a wedding ring! LOL!! ]

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000636870Lee: I’m afraid he’s right Amanda. They’d print the denial like it is an out and out lie and they’d rehash the affair.

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000638571Amanda: there isn’t any affair! [ Amanda raises her voice.. Here Lee seems to realise how upset Amanda is.. and he speaks slowly and calmly trying to calm her down.. glad he isn’t laughing at her anymore!]
Lee: I know that.
She lets out a huge sigh and shields her face again. Poor Amanda!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_0006398732.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000640573
Lord B: Look, I spent a great deal of last year in and around the washington area, which is where you live.
Amanda: but we never met!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000648581
Lord B: regrettably no.
[ Oh bless him! he is so lovely!]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000650583
Unfortunately, I took those trips unaccompanied by my wife and the press feels that it is possible that we could have met, that an alliance could have been formed.
[We see the same photographer arrive at the restaurant. Also, we see Lee drinks some of his tea here! Oh dear.. with the spotty tie, handkerchief and tea drinking? he is looking like an SMK baddie!! Winking smile  I guess it’s ok in the UK! ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000663897
Lord B continues: I am terribly sorry Mrs. King, I realise that a woman’s reputation is as dear to her as it is to a politician.
[On saying this… we hear click click!!! photographs being taken.. and the photographer runs off with his photos..

Lord Bromfield is a lovely man isn’t he, he shows empathy towards Amanda here, acknowledging her distress: and this is not a situation where he himself is an uninvolved bystander-  he is also damaged by this situation [he is a politician – he values his reputation also!], and yet he is still able to show care and concern for Amanda, her feelings and her reputation – Take Note Lee!!!!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_0006719052.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000672605
Lord B: Oh NO!!!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000676609
Amanda: oh nooooo it’s the same man that took the picture before.
Lord B: well..that should make tomorrow’s newspapers with a suitable caption.
[not this afternoon’s edition? the time/wardrobe in this ep is confusing me! ]
Amanda: Oh.. Maybe Lee’s right. Maybe I should just go home. But that would look like I was running away and that would really look bad.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000693927
Lord B: I may have a possible solution. My wife and I have invited some guests for the weekend. If you were to join the party, come to Bromfield Hall…
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000709943Lee: yes, but what would Lady Bromfield say about that?
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_0007109442.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000712645Lord B: Well, actually it was her idea. She’s an eminently practical woman..
[ Noooo I think she’s looking for less practicality and more romance 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000719953Lord B.. I don’t think he knows his wife as well as he should! Seems all his travels unaccompanied may have damaged his marriage.. but he will know her much better by the end of this episode.. poor Lord B! Ohhh the irony, we learn later, this is actually Lady B’s Lover’s idea! ] If you were to come, it might appear that you were an old friend of the family. [IMO if they wanted to avoid more scandal, Lady Bromfield should be here at this meeting! ugh.. but what do I know??!! Lord B should never have been near Amanda again without his wife next to him!  but.. this way is more fun 😉 ]
Amanda immediately turns to Lee: Lee?  [She’s no longer calling him Mr Stetson?]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000721955she nods at him, asking if this is okay..
Lee: Ahhh yeah, it could work. It’s not a bad idea..
and then to Amanda: Yeah. Go for the weekend. [Lee’s thinking it’s his lucky day! My problems are solved.. and Amanda is out of my perfect hair! whoo hoo!!]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000728528
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000732665Lord B: err the invitation includes you Mr Stetson. [I am sure Gwyneth was very clear – on her boyfriend’s orders- that Lee be there!!]

well thank you, but I do have some business to attend to.

Lord B: I know, no I.. I think it’s important. You see, because if the two of you are seen together, it may appear that you are more than employer and secretary.
Lee’s seems stunned by this!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000744544
Amanda reacts reflexively with a ‘ Hooooo!!’ and a nervous laugh.. [I think Amanda struggles with the idea that it isn’t the truth that will get her out of this situation!] 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000745545
Amanda and Lee –share a look: isn’t this funny! Us a couple? tee hee..
They both start to deny it at the same time.. It’s telling that they forget this isn’t about their relationship in reality – this is about turning this into a cover to downplay rumours of the affair that wasn’t! – Put on the spot and unprepared, they both seem to be affected!! Smile squeeee!! It seems to me for a moment, they are Lee and Amanda – not president of Anacord Electronics and his secretary! Very unprofessional of them both.. and I love it haaaaa!!! 🙂
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000747180
Amanda: Well we aren’t.
Lee: well.. I no..

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000748381
Amanda: I mean, we’re not..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000749315
I love the smile Lee gives here..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000749849
…he seems to realise he is smiling away and he stops himself! (I can hear him telling himself: Ugh! get a grip man!! )  😆
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000750250
Lord B: and neither are we, Mrs King.
[Oh yeah! Winking smile ] However, I’m sure that you’re as anxious to recitfy this situation as I am.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000758291Lee gives Amanda a pointed,  silent look – get me out of this! I have work to do and don’t have time to go rescue your reputation!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_0007584252.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000759559
Amanda’s smile at saving her reputation fades.. as she realises what Lee wants her to do.. get him out of it Sad smile Her reputation doesn’t seem to be his problem.. Ohh Lee!!! Amanda ( sounding very subdued here suddenly):
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000770704 Mr Stetson is a very busy man.

Suddenly calling him ‘Mr Stetson’ again – a moment ago she called him Lee! she’s not happy with Lee here!!

Lord B: How much business can you do on a weekend?
[I love this guy!!! Smile  ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000764698
Lord B continues: I presume Sir, that you errr ( he pauses a second)  have some concern for the reputation of Mrs. King.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000771571
Lee: ah…
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_0007747082.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000776710
…yes. It is of… some concern. [ not as concerning as his job though.. poor Amanda! I do think Lord B shames Lee a little here for his attitude about all this.. hooray!]
Amanda to Lee: Thank you. [Ahh Amanda always sees the good in Lee! she genuinely thanks him for the ‘some concern’ that he has..giving him a big smile- and lots of encouragement to go with them to Bromfield Hall for the weekend! Smile ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000778712
Lord B seems to silently give Lee and Amanda a look between the two of them here.. (is it my imagination or could he be wondering just what is going on between these two??): Splendid!.. Well, I shall see you tomorrow then.
[ That would make it 2 days before the talks..??? ] A nice quiet weekend in the country should put everything to rights.
LOL! we just know it isn’t going to be a nice quiet weekend Winking smile but.. at least we know by the end of the episode? Everything shall be put to rights Smile
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_0007865862.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000787420
Amanda smiles: Yes.
Lee, is looking very worried, and not about Amanda’s reputation I am sure!

I love how Lord Bromfield challenges Lee’s care for Amanda’s reputation.. he knows they are not in reality romantically involved, and that they only work together and he makes the point that Lee should still care! Ohhh bless him!!!

It is lovely to see Lord Bromfield teach Lee a lesson..(or at least give him an opportunity to learn a lesson! Winking smile ) While Lee has kept it out of the papers- I wasn’t convinced it was for Amanda’s sake.. I didn’t think Lee gave much of a hoot for Amanda’s reputation, he doesn’t understand it’s importance to her…. but the classy Lord Bromfield does! He shows Lee how to be a gentleman!
Lord Bromfield’s line: I am sorry Mrs King, I realise that a woman’s reputation is as dear to her as it is to a politician. was lovely.. awhhh… and said with such kindness and empathy. I thought this shamed Lee and his previous anger and jokes at Amanda’s expense- good stuff!!
Lee wouldn’t have been shamed by this- if he didn’t actually care about Amanda, which he does! 🙂 though, I can’t find anyway to watch this episode, without putting this behaviour of Lee’s before Brunettes are in!!!

Also, Lee and Amanda’s little moment of nervous smiles at just the suggestion that there is something more between them? rofl!!! Smile A great moment isn’t it!!! They are both taken by surprise here- they both seem to forget that it is about appearances.. not reality!! tee heee..

Lastly, I just wanted to mention again, as I did in the To Catch a 2.01 TO CATCH A MONGOOSE.avi_001889622mongoose episode, that I think Lee is wearing the same outfit in both episodes! He wears this double breasted blazer with the blue shirt to see Amanda off as 2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_000678912she catches the bus to the airport ( very weirdly, he wears it only for that scene in TCAM) – I think in this episode, he just changed the tie and handkerchief so it was not 100% the same, but the rest is the same.. including the slacks.. Also, in TCAM when Lee is explaining good guy/bad guy to Amanda? you can see clearly that  Lee doesn’t have on the double breasted jacket, but he appears to have on the same shirt, tie and handkerchief!!! as in this scene of AABH!  check it out if you’re interested! 🙂

Anyway, this scene ends there.. [I didn’t want to split it, and I love this dialogue so wanted to transcribe it! sorry for the long post!! Raffie will get an extra long workout today as she reads it Winking smile LOL!!]
I shall finish there, before they are off  to the country the next morning for a nice quiet weekend! Smile 
What do you all think? do tell!! back with more soon!!

13 responses to “3/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. HMS Bounty tea rooms?! LMAO are we expecting mutiny? Maybe because Amanda is rebelling slightly by her insistence of a retraction and ends up having Lee play ball.
    LB is soooooo sweet. Makes you wonder why his wife chose a chinless wonder over such a lovely caring man 😦 I can’t help but hear in my head him say in Indiana Jones “bad dates” lol
    Anyway I love how Lee and Amanda look all bashful at the suggestion they could be more than just employer and secretary. Lee looks as though he’s smiling as he considers the idea of the two of them together woo hoo!
    Nice one LB, back Lee into a corner and make him tag along 😉 Makes me laugh when LB refers to politicians reputations being dear to them……only because British politics became synonymous with sex scandals!!


  2. Lord Bromfield is such a lovely gentleman. One of my favorite co-stars.

    I have to laugh at Lee everytime I watch this scene. He really just wants Amanda to go home to keep his cover intact, but she’s messing up his plans every time he turns around. She’s actually reached a point where she’s beginning to speak up and have her say. It’s so much fun!


  3. LOL, long work out indeed! Some stints on the treadmill seem longer than others and this one was draaaggging so I was happy to have a nice long recap to read this morning. Unfortunately, I see I’ve fallen behind in my reading over the holiday (sigh) so will push onward while I still have 15 minutes left.


  4. Christy Mckinzie

    Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful SMK friends! It’s going to be a balmy 55 degrees here in Colorado. Hope everyone has a lovely day! May your Turkey be moist and your stuffing savory. Hugs 🙂


  5. AWWWWWWW! I have always loved Lord Bromfield. Even though it takes awhile, I think the lessons he tries to show Lee do eventually sink in.


    • Hi Cindy!! I am surprised (though delighted!) to hear from you!! Isn’t it Thanksgiving time in the US??
      I am expecting things to be rather quiet on the blog this week!

      Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating and giving thanks! I think a day of gratitude is a fabulous thing!
      Thanks for stopping by, reading and sharing in the smk goodness!! 🙂


      • Canucks celebrate thanksgiving in October, I think because of the shorter growing season. It’s currently -14 C outside. BRRRRRR!


        • Hi Cindy.. oh yeah! I forgot you are in Canada! oopsie.. it’s still really quiet though 😉

          -14degrees? that isn’t too bad.. Canadians can handle that! 🙂

          I’m currently enjoying lovely 22 degrees.. lovely spring weather!

          Hey Cindy have you watched Bromfield Hall with your girls? I’d love to hear what you and your girls think of Lee’s behaviour!! and Lord Bromfield’s!! 🙂 byeeeeee


          • Gaah! You guys and your Celsius. Now I have to sit here and translate that to Fahrenheit. Let’s see, 0C=32F. 17C=Paula’s blue and making you turn up the thermostat. That’s about all I know.

            I personally have always enjoyed Bromfield Hall. I haven’t had time to watch lately, and tomorrow I’ll be separated from my online access, so I haven’t much meaningful commentary to make. I’ll be checking in every night, though, so keep the posts coming. Happy Turkey Day from Illinois!!


            • Haaa don’t worry Paula.. its roughly 70 degrees farenheit here.. a lovely spring day! 🙂

              I would love to hear what you love about it Paula, I haven’t counted it as a favourite – but I am surprising myself while I am going through it.. and finding – there is lots to enjoy! Why did I not see it as one to rewatch? I’m not sure! Maybe by the end I’ll have worked that out! 🙂

              Look forward to hearing from you Paula, when real life permits 🙂 Enjoy the turkey time!


            • I think -16 C is about 3 F. But ’tis a dry cold. *wink*


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