Iwsod’s alternative tag to A Class Act

Here is my alternative ending to A Class Act.. (As I mentioned in the comments of post 9)
This is a one off.. I am no fan fic writer..[well you’ll be able to see that for yourselves haaa!] This is just for a bit of therapeutic fun! A spoof post! 🙂 I tried an apricot and cinnamon bath, boiling a lemon, an eye mask and a shot of galliano.. but this was the only thing that could help me move on from this episode Winking smile  If you’d like to have a go doing one – I’d be happy to post it for you! It’s been fun!! Go for it!!
Anyway, here goes:

Amanda is confronted by Peggy..
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_0027171502.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_002718151
Amanda tries to fight off Peggy, but trips over a switch and falls to the ground knocking herself unconscious.
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_0027390392.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_002740373

When she awakes, there is no Tanya Pavlova.. She is on the floor of her kitchen!

Amanda rubs her head: Ouuuuuchhhh!!!
1.04 Magic Bus.wmv_0007482471.04 Magic Bus.wmv_000748380
Dotty: Thank goodness you’re alright!..
..Amanda! I think you’ve taken helping Jamie 53with his …first aid a little too far!!







Amanda: Nooo Mother I’m alright!… (Amanda picks up her coffee cup..) Coffee.. do I like coffee??
We hear a ‘bing!’ coming from the oven timer..
Dotty: Yummm! the pavlova is ready!  I nearly forgot about it!!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000353787
( subliminal message: forget! the! Pavlova!  )
Dotty rushes to the oven to rescue the Pav, Amanda in confusion mumbles..: Pavlova???
Amanda realises training at Station One was just a bad dream!
99Amanda: Yeeesss!!!
she does a fist pump! Phew!  Amanda’s relieved she still has her keen intellect, her wonderful memory, her mean mummy (mommy!) driving skills and her dignity! 😆
Though, Amanda is a little wistful that she hasn’t had any training by now..

Dotty: Oh Amanda if you’re head still hurts.. you might want to loosen your headband! Always do what you can to make things better!

Amanda: Great idea! Thanks Mother!! Good to know I have options!!
Amanda gives her mom a kiss and the episode ends with Amanda rushing off to post her 11th request for training with the agency..

and Amanda saying to herself: I still have a chance to be an agent!!!!! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my ridiculous way of coping with the A Class Act tag! Anyone else want to have a go?? feel free.. and we can post it! Smile ha!! byeeee!!

13 responses to “Iwsod’s alternative tag to A Class Act

  1. lielalreadysomeone

    Somehow I missed this post when I did a deep dive into where the walk had gone when I discovered it. This. Is. Amazing! Perfect remedy for this ridiculous and embarrassing episode!


  2. Great job iswod!


  3. Melissa Robertson

    Love it!!! It would explain a lot. Dotty telling her to loosen her head band LOL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That makes so much more sense to me! Love it!


  5. That’s such a great idea, Iwsod!!! 😀


  6. 🙂 🙂 loosen your headband 🙂 Great!


  7. Iwsod, that was awesome! So none of it was for real after all and SMK’s honorable reputation remains fully intact! Sheer genius, and a lovely nod to another iconic show of the 80’s which recovered from far more than a single episode with their dream sequence.

    Actually, all congrats aside, it does make a very fitting ending. In a dream, wouldn’t Amanda imagine the worst from Station One? Including KGB infiltration and her bumbling even the simplest, easiest things for her (such as the memory test). And she would either envision Lee as being really nasty or really sweet. It all fits so beautifully! Fantastic job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Excellent points! Too bad she had to imagine Lee in a track suit rather than swim trunks. It would also explain the weirdness of him wearing a suit to dodge city.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Melissa Robertson

        Yeah that was really weird…I think they have him wearing suits too much anyways!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Melissa Robertson

        Yeah that was weird…but IMO they have him wearing suits too much.


        • LOL! thanks everyone 🙂 You’re very kind!!

          HA! Cindy, swim trunks? Let’s see your version of the tag! LOL that would be something worth seeing haaaaaa!!

          Hey, when you stop and think about it.. the two times Amanda hallucinates about Lee – he is wearing a Tuxedo!!!! 🙂 I hadn’t noticed that before!! 🙂 If err I mean when I hallucinate about Lee – he is always in a tux 🙂 tee hee!

          Hey.. can someone do a spoof post for Artful Dodger??!!! err the whole episode maybe? 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  8. LOVE IT! Your version is much mo’ better!

    Liked by 1 person

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