6/9 Season Four Episode Six: Night Crawler-Scarecrow & Mrs King

This post is a big one. I don’t want to cut it. Enjoy! Sorry for the delay since the previous post.. it’s been holidays and return to work time. Oh well.. at least we always have SMK! Anyway..
Back to Birol’s house of horrors..
{Amanda is in the room that serves as her cell. . She’s resting, but not quite asleep.}
Lee [voice-over]:
(Amanda blinks and raises her head in confusion. Lee’s image appears by the wall again.)
Amanda: Oh, look at you…
..You’re overdressed.4.06NC.avi_001356623
[Oh my gosh. this is hilarious! I love this.. this humour is like an oasis in a desert! was this in the script? anyone?]4.06NC.avi_001357057
Lee’s Image: It’s a special evening, and I’ve got a very special question.4.06NC.avi_001360960
Amanda: Ah, come on. I know you’re not really here. My mind is playing tricks on me.4.06NC.avi_001369669
Lee’s Image: Don’t give it up, Amanda. Remember how much I love you.4.06NC.avi_001374007
Amanda: Don’t give what up?4.06NC.avi_001375308
Lee’s Image: Do you know her?
Amanda sees:
Lee and Birol [voices fusing]: Do you know her?
4.06NC.avi_001381381{Amanda blinks in confusion.}
Then Amanda sees:
( Birol is holding up the photo of Mara.)
Birol: Do you know her? Do you know her?
4.06NC.avi_001386152  I think you’ve seen her before! 4.06NC.avi_001388321
(he crowds in on Amanda.. something cracks.. Amanda jumps)
[– does he hit Amanda? I don’t know what he did but maybe Amanda just jumps at the noise.]
Birol continues: So Night Crawler is my lieutenant, it’s Mara. 4.06NC.avi_001390490[I guess from Amanda’s reaction she gives away that Mara is Night Crawler. Which is quite an achievement given she didn’t know who was Night Crawler. What am I missing her all?!
Okay she could have seen Mara at the airport, but she also saw Phyllis and would have reacted to Phyllis’ image in the same way – with recognition no?! I thought Lee was saying Birol wouldn’t accept that Amanda didn’t know who Night Crawler was. Now apparently she did? umm help?]
{Birol is crouching on the floor next to Amanda and he slides a tray in front of her that holds a glass and a paintbrush in a plastic bowl of white goo. }4.06NC.avi_001394394
[ohhh maybe that’s what the crack was – Birol putting that tray down] 4.06NC.avi_001398298
Disorientation, confusion-
-they can make us betray our best intentions.4.06NC.avi_001403069 …But it’s interesting how you deal with your apparitions.4.06NC.avi_001404804
[for  once, this little moment Birol actually makes him interesting to me. It’s dripping with foreshadowing IMHO. but who is going to be deceived against their best intentions in future? Lee? Birol? or.. both?!]
Amanda: I was dreaming.4.06NC.avi_001411311
Birol: Dream again.4.06NC.avi_001420420
{Birol swipes the brush over Amanda’s eyes.}4.06NC.avi_001423456
[Lots of scary music.. we really don’t know what he is doing to Amanda here!.. I might just go to my happy place too..
here ya go… 4.06NC.avi_001376609
happy happy happy..]

Back to Birol’s shack..
{Birol is smiling and holding two mugs of coffee. He sits on the edge of a cot where Magda Petrak is sleeping, unconcerned. 4.06NC.avi_001446012
She has a gray wool blanket pulled up around her naked body. He leans forward and kisses her awake. She smiles up at him.}
[LOL Magda makes fast work of getting Birol into bed! Actually, I’m really glad they didn’t try and show us it  – remember Francine and Rollo?! I’m still trying to bleach my eyeballs.. ]
Magda: It’s early.
Birol: It’s late. You’re already American soft.  “Westoxication,” we call it. I have to go back to my “guest.” …4.06NC.avi_001468568
…Don’t raise that curious eyebrow. I’ve hidden Amanda miles away.4.06NC.avi_001473340
[She must be really good in bed. He’s singing like a canary! Or lol. okay maybe the coffee is really good coffee yeaaaahhhh that must be it.]
Magda: Oh, why bother? I doubt Stetson will betray his source. Even to save her life. But, uh, you sure put him in hell with the choice, huh? What are you staring at?
Birol: Your soul. I wonder what kind of deceit I’ll find there.
[rofl. like it’s her soul he is really interested in?! haaaaa good one! ]
Magda: Addi, you never trusted me?
Birol: I never trusted anyone. Why should I change for you? Your sister’s coming. Are you going to explain about our reconciliation?
[I’ll spare us the pics of them kissing!]
Magda: Oh, explain to Mara? She’s as big a fool with you as I was– as I am. [oopsie!!]
Birol: Did my “fool” forget to negotiate a fat fee from the Libyans? [Hey umm so umm is Birol Libyan? is he Hungarian? I’m really confused.. He does like to say Karbala so maybe he is supposed to Iraqi? can someone explain aie my head hurts. and watching all this kissing involving this creep my eyeballs hurt too!]
Magda: A modest fee, for success? They trust me with five million. If I lose it, uh, my fee is a bullet…but you never said if–
Birol: If I wanted your deal. I think I do. Five million for the woman will be something for my trouble.
Magda: And something to rebuild Karbala?
Birol: Now don’t be impolite. I never asked you what the Libyans plan to do with Amanda King.
[oh yes. he is sooooo polite! not!! Soo I guess Magda reached out to Birol with the cover story of the Libyans wanting to make an offer for Amanda King. but err why would they when he was already talking to the Libyans directly earlier? and.. how did she explain knowing how to contact him? Hmm maybe it was okay that she knew where her sister was and that her sister told her how to find him. Maybe? I know some of this stuff isn’t worth thinking about. lol. I just return back to my happy place now..
I’m so soooo happy happy happy…]

Moving on (thank goodness!). Lee is knocking on the King’s front door…4.06NC.avi_001555321
[Call me crazy.. but.. this looks like earlier Lee. It’s very unusual for Lee to approach and knock on the front door. so there are not many moments to choose from.
And it’s kinda ridiculous that I can tell from this far away. I should feel ashamed of how much I pay attention to Mr Lee Stetson.. but I don’t! haaaaa.
found it. this ringing the front doorbell moment is from Odds on a Dead Pigeon!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001563897
It’s just a tighter shot.
There is hope for my memory yet! but.. my concentration and distract-ability are not so good it seems.. Sorry back to Night Crawler!

edited to add: Nope there really is no hope for my memory haaaa. See comments from colorfulangel and Nancy identifying where we’ve seen this Lee at the front door moment before! ]

{Dotty opens the door and the suit-clad Lee steps inside.} [LOL Lee’s suit is way darker than in the wider shot! Oh my goodness. the big moment is finally here – when two of the most important people in Amanda’s life finally finally meet!]4.06NC.avi_001562262
{Dotty immediately puts her hand up in a halting motion.}
Dotty: Uh, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. If you’re the termite man, we can’t possibly afford what you must charge.
[Nice little call back to Mr Shoot Out in A Little Sex, A Little Scandal!]
Lee: No. I’m Lee Stetson, Mrs. West. I work with Amanda…?4.06NC.avi_001567667
Dotty: Oh! Yes!4.06NC.avi_001570704
Lee: We’ve talked on the phone.4.06NC.avi_001571137
Lee: Oh.
Dotty: Oh, I’m sorry!
(Dotty removes her glove to shake his hand)
Hello, how are you? Y-you look vaguely familiar.
Lee: Well…
(As Dotty closes the front door, Lee looks around the home for a second unobserved.)4.06NC.avi_001579813
[BB does an amazing job again – he’s finding it tough to be here in Amanda’s home and needing to hold it together while he meets Dotty. gah!]
Dotty: Oh. Well, I, uh, I was just picking up the den–well, I wasn’t picking up the den, I was picking things up from the den.
Lee: Yes, I-I understand.
Dotty: Yeah, well, um, won’t you come in? Um, what’s the occasion?
(Dotty starts to show Lee into the home)
Lee: Uh, just a social call. It’s a very nice house you have.
[BB does a great job of showing how awkward this is while tryign not to show it lol. The hands in the pockets are a bit of a giveaway to us. Plus, that’s quite the flimsy excuse there Lee! social call?!]

Dotty: Well, it is a little cramped.
…Amanda’s sons, Jamie and Philip, had a sock hop here this afternoon. Forty-fives all over the place.
4.06NC.avi_001597163{Lee looks at her kitchen…
He sees…
{kitchen-based images of Amanda. The first clip is Amanda wearing her nightgown and overcoat and reaching for the coffee cup Philip offers her from The First Time. The second is Lee and Amanda preparing drinks and snacks for their guests from There Goes the Neighborhood. The third is Amanda, with her arms full of clothes, walking past Dotty as she rushes after the boys, also from There Goes the Neighborhood. NOTE: The first and last clip Lee didn’t witness, and the middle clip didn’t take place in her kitchen. BETA’S NOTE: Each of Lee’s imaginings highlights the domestic side of Amanda. Ironically, the images of Amanda that he found foreign and even threatening when he first met her now provide him with a sense of comfort. Standing within her home, looking into her “cheery kitchen”, feeling her presence, Lee is able to clearly and comfortingly picture Amanda as mother, daughter… and wife.}
[Jaemie you have gone to town with sharing your thoughts on this little spiritual connection between Lee and Amanda here! It’s weird he sees moments he wasn’t there to witness. I figure they are trying to convey the spiritual connection here: meaning not remembrance of actual moments he witnessed but a connection to the core of who Amanda is and what she values: her family, her heart – you know?
It’s not really supposed to make literal sense.
What do you think? ]
Dotty continues chatting away as Lee spiritually connects with Amanda.
Dotty: That, uh, drop dancing they do, I’m surprised they don’t… …break something… Why is it that you said you were here?
{Suddenly, Amanda appears to actually be there and she turns around, is surprised to see him.
He reacts..
She then smiles at Lee. 4.06NC.avi_001610610
Amanda’s Image: I’m okay.
{Her image fades out with her smiling at him reassuringly. }
[For me, the take away is that connecting with Amanda like that, Lee is able to receive strength and comfort to continue on and do what he can to get them out of this situation they are in right now – for Amanda and her family (who are unaware there is a danger). Amanda will hang in there while you work out how to get her back! What do you think this little connection is conveying?]
{Dotty is watching Lee. She clears her throat.}
(Lee’s head snaps back around to Dotty lol)
Lee: What?
Dotty: I was– why is it that you said you came by?4.06NC.avi_001617984
Lee: Oh, 4.06NC.avi_001618418
I’m sorry, I was, uh…4.06NC.avi_001620587 I was just thinking.
Dotty: I was just staring.
You have no idea how many times I’ve wondered about you.4.06NC.avi_001626226
[BG’s delivery here is – genius! It must have been a real treat to finally have a scene together for these two actors after being in close proximity at times but never actually sharing any dialogue!]
Lee: Well, it’s, uh, it’s mutual.
(Lee’s hands are back in his pockets!)4.06NC.avi_001632298
…Listen, Amanda, will be at least another day. Uh, she didn’t… (The phone rings) Well, she didn’t call or anything like that, did she?4.06NC.avi_001634034
Dotty: Well, that-that might be her.  I mean, she usually calls when she goes out of town…fact is, she’s…usually with you. 4.06NC.avi_001638371
Hello? Uh… Oh! Yeah, just a minute. Mr. Stetson, it’s for you.
Lee: Oh.
Dotty: Wonder why that doesn’t surprise me.
[whoa!!!! Dotty sooo knows that there is something curious about Lee and Amanda’s work!!]
Lee [into phone]:
{Francine, dressed as Magda, is on the payphone. Two Libyans are standing in the background in front of a black sedan.}
Francine: How’s Amanda’s mom?4.06NC.avi_001652686
Lee: Ah, a lot cooler, uh…than I am…
4.06NC.avi_001656156(He clears his throat trying to get a grip) …Uh, did you find a buyer?
Francine: Uh, yeah. A couple of real Libyans, in fact. The Habib brothers.
Their cover’s pressed dates, but, uh, they’re really shopping for airplane parts. [Yum I love dates. took me a second to figure out what this reference to pressed dates was haaa]
Lee: What’d they offer?
Francine: Well, I had to throw in a couple of, uh, F-15 fuel pods and a Xerox machine, but I did get them up to a hundred grand.
[rofl at the Xerox machine!]
Lee: Well, don’t tell Amanda, huh? Uh,…..
.…it’s just the office party.4.06NC.avi_001676543
Dotty: Oh.
Lee: Ha ha, just some crazy people here. ….
Uh…do they know Birol?
Francine: By reputation. He’s gonna hear that they’re dealing him out. And they’ve got the bank credit to go the deal in case Birol does his homework.
[my my.. this does actually kinda make sense. Kudos for the plot smk!]
Lee: Uh-huh. How do they like Magda?
Francine: Oh-ho, charmed darling.4.06NC.avi_001692592
Lee: Well, that’s great, huh? You go for it! Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Bye-bye.
(Lee hangs up and we see Magda rejoin the Habibs..)
Francine as Magda: Gentlemen, I think we have an arrangement.4.06NC.avi_001707774
handshakes all around…

Sooo it seems like Magda is quite the little deal maker on the side – If Francine has to pose as Magda to make a deal with these Habib Brothers.. rather than making the deal as Francine no? Why didn’t Magda go make the deal? I’m a bit confused.. but then I know I’m finding it hard to focus on smk at the moment.. boooo sorry smk deserves better I know!
Anyone got a craving for pressed dates?!
So what do you make of Lee’s little visit to Amanda’s?? which seems to me to be pretty unplanned.. spontaneous and not thought out at all. Like he was acting on pure instinct!
Do please share your thoughts on this part of the episode!!!

46 responses to “6/9 Season Four Episode Six: Night Crawler-Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. I think they needed the real Magda because of seducing Birol. He’d see a fake easily. Plus I remember a twist later on that I can’t say but if you watch the climax I think it answers the question.


  2. I love the scene with Lee and Dotty. I am sure it brought great comfort to him – to be in her house, surrounded by her things. I wish the conversation would have been longer. I liked that they both admitted that they’ve often wondered about each other. Here are the two people Amanda loves the most!!!

    And the “you’re overdressed” line was adorable!


  3. *Actually, I’m really glad they didn’t try and show us it – remember Francine and Rollo?! I’m still trying to bleach my eyeballs.. *
    Iwsod, somehow that made me want to puke and crack up simultaneously.

    I think another comment may have eluded to this also, but I hadn’t ever really thought it until just now. Interesting that of all times throughout the series, Lee chooses this time to visit the house, just as he is thinking of proposing. As if maybe in a way, his introducing himself to Dotty was the closest thing he could do to asking her blessing, if you will. Yes, it made him feel closer to Amanda, but at least he also could have a foot in the door connecting with her family before he asks her the big question ?…Just a thought to ponder.

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  4. First of all, that “you’re overdressed” line cracks me up every time. It is such a typical thing for Amanda to say. Secondly, I thought that Birol hit Amanda. I was not happy about that and felt that this episode went a little too far with some things. I felt some parts were unnecessary to moving the plot forward, at least whatever plot I could understand.

    Loved the scene with Lee and Dotty. Being in Amanda’s home is helping to ground and center Lee a bit. Amanda has been such an anchor for him and he has been drifting without her. This visit is helping to anchor him again. Maybe Amanda’s home is starting to feel like home for him as well.

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  5. This… ” Each of Lee’s imaginings highlights the domestic side of Amanda. Ironically, the images of Amanda that he found foreign and even threatening when he first met her now provide him with a sense of comfort. Standing within her home, looking into her “cheery kitchen”, feeling her presence, Lee is able to clearly and comfortingly picture Amanda as mother, daughter… and wife.” YESSSS!!
    I love this scene at Amanda’s between Lee and Dotty! And these comments make it even better.
    I love it that he needs to be there, to talk with Dotty, To connect with Amanda in her home. And that bit when Dotty says that she has wondered about him and he says that it was mutual, especially because we all know that he is about to propose marriage and that means Dotty as mother-in-law… and not remotely! He knows this. Lee has done a lot of thinking about all of this. And, of course, all of this life altering thought also coincides with his beloved being kidnapped etc…

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  6. Hahaha – love Amanda’s you’re overdressed line!

    I definitely think we’re supposed to think he hit Amanda. Definitely NOT very SMK! I think Birol is making quite the leap here that Mara is Night Crawler. Amanda did not know. This is the beginning of my real confusion. I was confused before, but now it’s kicked up a notch. And I really don’t get why he’d paint something over Amanda’s eyes. What the heck is up with that? How does painting something on her eye put her back to sleep? What am I missing?

    ISWOD!!! I can’t believe you brought up Rollo!!! Excuse me while I go lose my dinner….

    Francine/Rollo is perhaps the single most disgusting, vomit-inducing scene in SMK for me. Ultimate Ick!

    The talk about the Libyans and fees and Karbala left me completely confuzzled. I still can’t really follow it. Thank you for taking us to your happy place. I feel like Ernie watching the road runner….

    It’s just a tighter shot.

    Bwahahaha!!! Is it a coincidence that this “tighter shot” is of Lee’s backside? Hahahaha!

    I love love this scene with Lee and Dotty and Lee “seeing” Amanda in her kitchen. I don’t care that Lee never witnessed any of it. It stirs up good emotions. Dotty is the best! She cracks me up in this scene. I’m kind of surprised she doesn’t say, “Oh, I thought your name was Stedman?” BB does a fabulous job in this scene! I think Lee was there for two reasons – give Dotty some info so she’s not worried about her daughter, and to connect with Amanda in some way. I think it’s been a very long time since Lee and Amanda have gone this long without seeing each other.

    And the yes, I-I understand line makes me laugh. Lee has come sooo far!! What would S1 Lee have thought of that comment?

    I was just staring.

    ROFLMAO!! Aren’t we all, Dotty? Aren’t we all….

    Francine as Magda and this whole converstaion is back to the confusing part. I want more of Lee in Amanda’s kitchen with Dotty!

    I have no idea what a pressed date is and why anyone would want one. I do lig Fig Newtons though. 😀

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  7. Hey if you have time – you want to try and track down if we’ve seen that shack before?! no pressure! byeee

    I tried a couple possible episodes scrolling through shots in jwwm, but no luck. I think the best idea is to just fire up the DVD and start watching every evening. Let you know when/if it appears elsewhere.


  8. I just love this scene between Lee and Dotty. The scenes with the two of them are some of my favourite parts of S4. Yes, BB does a great job but BG is even better. She’s gloriously over the top but doesn’t go too far. Love it!!

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  9. No Thanks for the Memories has Lee walking to the door exactly as posted above. Same trees & colors, etc.


    • Oh yeah good catch!
      In this post HERE

      It looks to me like Lee’s suit is still lighter at the door but darker once inside. I wonder if it’s from another episode, or maybe OOADP? I dunno.
      What I’d really like to know is where have we seen the little shack before?
      Anyone able to help out?
      Hope you are all well!


      • I agree with you about the suit looking different than once he inside in any episode.

        Have to think about the shack.

        BTW, loving this walk through. DD and I just finished this ep and it’s a lot less fun to watch the rest of season without walking with all of you. Hoping you choose to continue walking through S4.


    • Lee is knocking on the King’s front door…

      The two shots are very similar with one exception. Here a black chair is next to the front door, but there isn’t a chair in the “Odds on a Dead Pigeon” picture. Maybe Dotty set it outside while she was cleaning?


      • Oops! Forgot to add I agree that the shot of Lee at the front door here is identical to “No Thanks for the Memory” (6/15) … verified by Lee’s posture, the black chair and the beam of light on the tree’s white bark.


      • oh cool thanks for your input Nancy. I love that you can colorfulangel can take this up and run with it because (boo) I just don’t have the time for it anymore – so more help looking into this stuff is very welcome. I’ll edit the post to add a note to see notes about this.

        Hey if you have time – you want to try and track down if we’ve seen that shack before?! no pressure! byeee


      • I think I found the same shot of Lee knocking on the door in Car Wars at 34:50.

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  10. Iwsod, good pic of Amanda—first pic in this post. Thanks.


  11. Iswod, my guess too would be that Addi is from Iraq based on the mention of Karbala, but I doubt he has a “home base.” He ‘works’ for the Libyans and I don’t think they have a very good benefits package. lol

    I second Janet’s remark that this should have been a two-parter. They clearly had enough suspense and material for it. Nothing except for Addi kissing ANYONE would need to be cut. I’d even be happy if they had left us with a cliffhanger sort of like with the Stemwinders. More time to explain background and even some of the struggles and daydreams of Lee and Amanda.

    Speaking of daydreams, I like these two scenes. Interesting that Amanda’s includes Lee arriving and maybe even proposing. Lee showing up would be all she needs. Sad that as soon as she starts to doubt, Addi appears.
    Lee just goes to where he can feel as close to Amanda as anywhere else. Wondering if he’s having a fantasy of his own, that she’s somehow back at home and safe from any harm. But simply seeing her in his mind is what keeps him going.

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    • But, I have always thought that Amanda’s imaginings of Lee were a bit cheesy. Maybe she didn’t really connect the idea of lee proposing as real. What Lee does to connect with Amanda and the images that he has that go with that are much more grounded in reality. Granted, he hasn’t been drugged, but I still find the difference interesting. Amanda is still envisioning Lee as the suave lady’s man smooth operative in her hallucinations. Even though he asks her to remember how much he loves her, now that is lovely.

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      • Yes – cheesy – the giant bottle of champagne and roses. Although Lee is looking good in his tux, it is my least favorite tux picture because of the context.

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        • Whe was the last time we saw Lee in a tux? It seems like the more Lee falls in love with Amanda the less tux. So it makes me wonder about this hallucination of hers. That isnt the Lee that loves Amanda, that is season one Lee. But the hallucination where Lee is telling her that he loves her and not to give it up? That is season 3 Lee, isn’t it? In a leather (ish) jacket and an opened button down shirt. The difference interests me.

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      • Interesting thoughts from both of you. I’m kinda glad she didn’t imagine Lee in the white tuxedo jacket (i.e., Ship of Spies) when they were last ‘married’. Not my favorite tux there. Yes, the tux is a bit cheese and over the top. I don’t think that’s how she wants nor expects it. I wonder if she has picked up on how serious Lee is and thought that he would plan such an event. Really, he could show up in jeans with a bucket of chicken, plan a romantic picnic and propose and she’d be just as happy.


  12. For a show that spent an incredible amount of time every episode laying out all the little plot details with endless exposition, this episode just has so much going on and so often manages to not explain any of it. I find it so frustrating – it should have been another two parter!

    So Magda went into the lion’s den when Francine hadn’t even set up a Libyan swap yet? Amanda may or may not recognize Mara even though we’ve been told she absolutely doesn’t know her? Lee can psychically see things he was never a witness to? (I’ll give them a pass on imagining seeing each other – that’s just sweet.)

    So confusing and so unnerving but all is made right by Lee and Dotty finally getting a chnace to size each other up. The orignal script does have some really cute dialogue that got left out though and I wish they’d included:

    Dotty: Next time I want to hear all the details of the grand adventure you went on with my daughter.
    Lee: It was all a big mistake
    Dotty: You sound like Amanda. She hasn’t told me enough about her job in three years to fill a postcard.
    Lee: It’s pretty routine
    Dotty: But, what routine? She comes home soaking wet, scorched, sometimes she doesn’t come home at all. (beat) I tell her: get married again, put on a few extra pounds. There’s a routine…. Not a thrill a minute but you don’t get scorched.
    Lee: Sounds pretty good.

    Good for Dotty for wanting the Stemwinder details! And how nice to see Lee looking forward to a nice bit of domesticity!

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    • Yeah, I wonder why they cut that part of the script out? And for years I would have sworn season 4 had 2 two-parter episodes – the Stems and the Nightcrawlers. Another universe, maybe.

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  13. Just a quick question… can’t recall the rules of the walk but are we permitted to discuss items in the script that did not make it to the final cut?



    • hiya HappyBaby! Yes it’s fine to discuss what was in the script but doesn’t make it into the actual episode, Thanks for being so respectful and considerate. I’d personally love to hear more about the scripts! I use to look at them but nowadays I just don’t have time – so I always squeal when someone can contribute to our discussions in this way. I.e. go for it! 🙂

      Since you asked.. let’s do a little rule recap..
      The main rules here are simple:
      1- be respectful of others. Behind our handles are real people 🙂
      2- try not to jump ahead of where the walk is up to – this is mainly because I write the blog posts no longer remembering what’s ahead in the story and prefer to keep it that way.


  14. You know, I always thought it was Francine dressed as Magda that slept with Addi. I thought Lee was pumping Magda for info on behalf of Francine. I always wondered how a) Francine could stand sleeping with Addi and b) how Addi didn’t notice Francine was not Magda. Now that I know it’s Magda sleeping with Addi and Francine making the deals, I am indeed more confused by the plot. I’m with Colorfulangel on this one, I focused more on the romance.


    • rofl iluvbert I know what this kind of confusion is like lol..
      Yeahhhhh seems Magda is a great deal maker – or Addi seems to think so. But really she is not making the deal Francine is. For some reason. lol. maybe it will become clearer as the story plays out?! lol I honestly don’t remember it’s been literally years since I’ve seen season 4 smk.

      Yeahhhhhhh @iluvbert & @Colorfulangel – I can see why you’d prefer to focus on the romance lol.
      this is a lingering memory of season 4 – try not to linger on the plot too much and just go with it lol.


    • Agreed, thought it was Francine with Addi. Oooh, Yuck!! Second viewing, I couldn’t tell if it was Francine or Magda. Happier to think it is Magda. Unhappy to think ANY woman would get within a mile of him.


    • Yeah, me too. This episode was so confusing to me.

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  15. I always thought Addi hit Amanda when that loud noise happened. And the paint brush over the eyes is the stuff of nightmares for me. That might be my most vivid memory of being scared by a TV show from my childhood. That totally freaked me out. (And I always wondered why Amanda never had a white streak on her face afterwards but that’s beside the point.)

    Speaking of the stuff of nightmares, Magda in Addi’s bed and well, that whole scene – gag!

    Moving on as quickly as possible to one of the best ever SMK scenes…I could watch Lee and Dotty in this scene a million times! Love it so much. “I was just staring…” is the best line ever and pretty much sums up my entire experience with Lee Stetson. 🤣🙋🏻‍♀️🤣🙋🏻‍♀️ BB is positively brilliant in this scene, just unbelievable.

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    • I too remember being petrified when the brush crossed Amanda’s face. All of the scenes of Amanda in the “white paneled room” as I remember it were seared into my childhood TV memory.

      The interaction between BB and BG was just lovely from start to finish. Wish there was a thought bubble over Dotty’s head. It would have been amazing to know what was going through her mind with the infamous Lee Stetson in her midst.

      As for Lee’s memories of Amanda… also lovely and comforting. We have affirmation that L & A are on the same wavelength and that he was paying attention to her from the start. .. even when, on the surface, he didn’t want to.

      So well done.

      Liked by 2 people

      • We have affirmation that L & A are on the same wavelength and that he was paying attention to her from the start. .. even when, on the surface, he didn’t want to.

        whooo I love this! He didn’t want to?? My 2 cents: Deep down, buried waaaaaaay down deep, I think Lee actually wanted what Amanda offered – I see his story as realizing this, accepting this, and welcoming this.
        Here in this little scene he is cherishing this…

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    • Yep. I hear ya! good idea to move on. rofl!

      I could watch Lee and Dotty in this scene a million times! Love it so much. “I was just staring…” is the best line ever and pretty much sums up my entire experience with Lee Stetson. 🤣🙋🏻‍♀️🤣🙋🏻‍♀️

      same!!!! It’s a good thing Lee Stetson isn’t real or I’d be in big trouble haaaa

      BB is positively brilliant in this scene, just unbelievable.

      He can do sexy and emotionally moving. He’s got it all!


  16. I’m a bit confused by the plot, but maybe because I’m so focused on the romance.

    Pressed dates? Pray, do tell.

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